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Sun March 11, 2012
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(ESPN) Cool Kentucky: We don't care about the conference tournament. Vanderbilt: We do  (sports.espn.go.com) (144)
(TwinCities.com) Interesting Rams could trade the No. 6 pick plus one of their second-round picks to move back up to No. 3  (twincities.com) (58)
(ESPN) Followup The Peyton Manning Comeback Tour opening narrowed to Denver and Arizona  (espn.go.com) (128)
(ESPN) Misc Moss to halfheartedly work out for 49ers  (espn.go.com) (32)
(NASCAR) Spiffy Will Jimmie and Kyle move up after going to back-up cars? Does anyone hope they didn't forget to set their clocks forward? Kasey Kahne on the pole for the NASCAR Kobalt Tools 400 in Vegas, baby 3 PM EDT on FOX  (nascar.com) (649)
(Some Guy) Interesting A look at what became of the Original Six hockey arenas. You know it's bad when the grocery store wins  (theatlanticcities.com) (30)
(Some Guy) Sad Chess Federation to limit how much cleavage players can show. There goes the only reason for watching  (chessbase.com) (39)
(Deadspin) Cool Gerald Green's powerhouse dunk against the Rockets brings back memories of his '07 Slam Dunk victory over Dwight Howard (w/video)  (deadspin.com) (17)
(BBC) Spiffy Can City hold on to the top of the table? Can Arsenal hold on to a CL spot? How many goals will Pavel Pogrebnyak score this week? All this plus two huge relegation battles in this week's EPL thread  (bbc.co.uk) (237)
(ESPN) Florida Duke sucks with a Florida tag  (scores.espn.go.com) (59)

Sat March 10, 2012
(CBS Sports) Interesting Carmelo Anthony is slowly going Linsane  (cbssports.com) (52)
(Some Man In Blue) Sad Harry Wendelstedt makes his final call  (post-gazette.com) (21)
(NYPost) Followup Jets' Mark Sanchez signs three-year contract extension. New York immediately removes all signs of Peyton Place  (nypost.com) (116)
(YouTube) Amusing The Texas Rangers will no longer play the video of Nolan Ryan pummeling Robin Ventura on the Jumbotron. In other news, the Rangers have been playing the video of team president Nolan Ryan pummeling Robin Ventura for the past 20 years. LGT video  (youtube.com) (84)
(IndyStar) Followup While I wasn't able to cut everyone I wanted to, I have cut a lot of you. Manning is cut. Addai is cut. Bullitt is cut. Brackett, you're gone. Dallas, I like your hustle. That's why it was so hard to cut you  (indystar.com) (61)
(ESPN) Dumbass Even in the offseason, Ndamukong Suh is racking up fines  (espn.go.com) (34)
(ESPN) Asinine Redskins fans just got Snyder'd again  (espn.go.com) (204)

Fri March 09, 2012
(Yahoo) Sad Indiana's Jones to miss the rest of the regular season, plans to visit a museum in his free time  (rivals.yahoo.com) (17)
(Bellator) Cool Friday night fight thread for Bellator 60. Featherweight tournament quarterfinals and championship fight between challenger Pat Curran and champion Joe Warren. (8:00 p.m. ET on MTV 2, in HD on EPIX)  (bellator.com) (194)
(CNN) Obvious Losing to Northwestern, Penn State, Iowa, and Nebraska may be acceptable in football, but in basketball, you will probably get fired  (sportsillustrated.cnn.com) (33)
(ESPN) Interesting Colts: Now that the Peyton Manning guy is gone does anyone want Dwight Freeney?  (espn.go.com) (47)
(Some Guy) Followup Franchise me once, shame on you. Franchise me twice, f*ck you guys, I'm going home  (profootballtalk.nbcsports.com) (122)
(Grantland) Amusing Countdown of the 50 NBA players with the most trade value. "I would rather marinate my testicles in sulfuric acid than put Tyreke Evans on this list"  (grantland.com) (20)
(TSN) Fail Atlanta vs. Atlanta for the title of best failed Atlanta team  (tsn.ca) (61)
(Fox Sports) Stupid Player to recruit via Twitter: "Dude, congrats. Welcome to Michigan" NCAA: "Congratulatory message sent via social networking? Rules violation. Investigation to follow"  (msn.foxsports.com) (25)
(Mildly Not safe for work) Dumbass Lingerie Football League player tired of skimpy outfits. May we suggest she take them off?  (network.yardbarker.com) (40)
(Fox Sports) Silly Pitcher injures himself while toweling off. Is forced to admit that he's gay  (msn.foxsports.com) (31)
(CNN) Dumbass How much of a lil biatch is Jon Vilma? He wouldn't even pay the $10,000 bounty on Favre that he pledged  (sportsillustrated.cnn.com) (31)
(Sun Sentinel) Florida "Eight reasons why Peyton Manning and the Dolphins are a good fit." Missing from the list: even with a neck injury, he'd still be the best player on the team  (sun-sentinel.com) (40)
(ESPN) Obvious Jonathan Papelbon says his new fans in Philly are smarter than his old fans in Boston. Prettier, well-dressed Yankee fans agree  (espn.go.com) (75)
(Bitten and Bound) Dumbass According to an old proverb 'He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.' Kris Humphries is about to put it to the test ... representing himself in divorce court. #dumbasaboxofrocks   (bittenandbound.com) (20)
(philly.com) Followup 49-year-old pitcher Jamie Moyer continues MLB comeback, pitches two scoreless innings, tests positive for Centrum Silver  (csnphilly.com) (23)
(Deadspin) Interesting Chart of every MLB player who reportedly lost or gained weight this offseason (and why)  (deadspin.com) (42)
(ESPN) Silly Oakland reworks contract with Philip Seymour Hoffman. Oh, sorry--that's Palmer, Seymour and Huff, man  (sports.espn.go.com) (19)
(PFT) Amusing Help me Darth Hoodie you're my only hope Help me Darth Hoodie   (profootballtalk.nbcsports.com) (9)

Thu March 08, 2012
(WCBS.com) Fail LaDainian Tomlinson introduces Mark Sanchez to the underside of the bus  (newyork.cbslocal.com) (64)
(Yahoo) Cool Extremely hot LSU Homecoming Queen to try out for football team. Scott Bakula seen driving old jeep on I-10 into Baton Rouge  (sports.yahoo.com) (115)
(Some Guy) Cool Skier wins World Cup race on a single ski after terrifying pursuit by tenacious paperboy  (newser.com) (20)
(Some Guy) Obvious Peyton Manning sweepstakes Power Rankings. We've just gone to full retard   (profootballtalk.nbcsports.com) (93)
(Gizmodo) Spiffy Good news: NBC and YouTube team up to stream every 2012 Olympic event live. Bad news: NBC will probably figure out a way to require you to install Silverlight nonetheless  (gizmodo.com) (35)
(NJ.com) Interesting Manning to join Philadelphia  (nj.com) (51)
(STLToday) Misc Irsay Anningmay alloutfay eculationspay  (stltoday.com) (7)
(Some Guy) Florida MLB team owner overheard saying that politicians that approved public funding of his new stadium "aren't the intellectual cream of the crop", which is both embarrassing and embarrassingly true  (940winz.com) (10)
(IndyStar) Interesting Tony Dungy: Peyton Manning's neck injury first caused by Greg Williams' endorsed "BountyGate" hit in 2006  (indystar.com) (65)
(ESPN) Interesting Ryan Kelly's foot sucks  (espn.go.com) (26)
(TMZ) Dumbass Hot female pro golfer arrested for driving after visiting the 19th hole  (tmz.com) (33)
(WTOP) Stupid Admit it. It's been days since you've seen the word "Linsanity" in print and you've been desperately craving a new contrived sports term to fill your meme needs. Well, let the Peyton-palooza begin  (wtop.com) (12)
(ESPN) Unlikely Is Derek Jeter finished? Hey, you can't argue against the evidence, a whopping eight spring training at-bats  (espn.go.com) (31)
(The New York Times) Amusing What would happen if Manning came to your team?  (nytimes.com) (87)
(Jacksonville.com) Strange You think Juan Pablo Montoya converting a jet dryer into a large fireball on wheels is one of the weirder things to happen during a NASCAR race? Hell, it's not even in the top ten  (jacksonville.com) (32)
(Deadspin) Followup Fark's favorite high school basketball announcer rips his vocal chords once again as team advances in playoffs after coming back from improbable 15-point fourth-quarter deficit (w/video)  (deadspin.com) (9)
(Chicago Tribune) Dumbass Stop me if you've heard this before, but Jose Canseco tests positive for banned substance, will not play in Mexican league  (chicagotribune.com) (37)
(ESPN) Unlikely Barcelona wins 2-1 to advance to Champions League quarterfinals, or 7-1 if you count Lionel Messi's goals  (espn.go.com) (41)
(ESPN) Scary USC defensive tackle DaJohn Harris issues holehearted explanation for his non-participation in NFL rookie combine  (espn.go.com) (11)

Wed March 07, 2012
(USA Today) Spiffy "Hey, Temple?" This is the Big East Conference calling, we are sorry that we kicked you out after 2004, but we really need football members so we will let you back in this coming season"  (content.usatoday.com) (34)
(WWL) Interesting Wall Street Journal analysis says NFL claims of Saints "bounties" are a bunch of hooey  (wwl.com) (88)
(BBC) Cool Can Arsenal pull off a miracle at the Emirates? Will Zenit try to sneak Arshavin into the match? Could any of us even find Nicosia on a map? All that, plus some Spanish team plays some German team. It's your midweek Champions League thread  (bbc.co.uk) (242)
(Las Vegas Sun) Stupid You have to play a football team that outscored its regular season opponents 639-156 and won the state championship 72-28. Since practice and grit take effort, it goes without saying you try and get them excluded from post season play instead  (lasvegassun.com) (51)
(NW Florida Daily News) Florida There's people who like to talk football, people who will argue about football, and then there's this guy  (nwfdailynews.com) (27)
(Some Prickly Situation) Scary Holy Jumping Chollah, Batman They just raised the bar on golfing hazards  (yardbarker.com) (32)
(Boston.com) Followup Laser dad will be charged with disturbing the peace at a hockey game  (boston.com) (17)
(Athlon Sports) Followup Now that the Colts have released Peyton Manning, here are 16 teams that he will definitely, likely, maybe-sorta play for  (athlonsports.com) (223)
(EITB) Hero All the Champions League goals of Tuesday's games, including AC Milan's heroic survival at Arsenal, to reach quarter-finals 4-3 on aggregate  (eitb.com) (8)
(Yahoo) Fail New commercial for Playstation's MLB 2012 shows what it would be like in Chicago if the Cubs won the World Series. It's probably the greatest Cubs troll ever  (sports.yahoo.com) (67)
(SanDiegoUnionTribune) Fail Newspaper whines that San Diego isn't taking the Chargers stadium proposal the newspaper commissioned seriously. Putting it on the front page wasn't enough, evidently  (utsandiego.com) (16)
(ESPN) Unlikely For the first time since 1946, Harvard University nets a March Madness berth  (espn.go.com) (61)
(Deadspin) Fail What's worse than getting a red card from the ref? Getting a red card while lying on a stretcher on the way to hospital (w/video)  (deadspin.com) (18)

Tue March 06, 2012
(ABC) Fail England undoes ban on its Olympic athletes shaking hands. In other news, England banned their Olympic athletes from shaking hands  (abcnews.go.com) (12)
(ESPN) Followup Injured Colt taken out of its misery  (espn.go.com) (179)
(NJ.com) Obvious First day of spring training and Picard has already maneuvered to eliminate the Mets  (nj.com) (30)
(Yahoo) Cool 70-year-old qualifies for the Olympics  (sports.yahoo.com) (28)
(ABC) Obvious Lenny Dykstra switches from outfielder to catcher  (abcnews.go.com) (38)

Mon March 05, 2012
(Raw Is Subby) Interesting Subby's going to Raw tonight to watch HBK confront HHH, Rock and Cena face off, and more. USA 9:00 pm EST  (wwe.com) (2356)
(SportsChump) Asinine SportsChump not so proudly presents the Danica Patrick Chart of Ever-Increasing Annoyance  (sportschump.net) (90)
(Toronto Star) Amusing Professional goalie lets in 13 goals on 46 shots. Receives first star of the game and standing ovation. Difficulty: No Andrew Raycroft  (thestar.com) (66)
(Deadspin) Amusing High school basketball announcer shreds his vocal cords to pieces in final minute of championship game call  (deadspin.com) (24)
(Yahoo) Fail Despite Obama's rhetoric, Teheran gets bombed  (sports.yahoo.com) (22)
(SB Nation) Cool Pirates bust out the checkbook, delay Andrew McCutchen's departure a few years  (pittsburgh.sbnation.com) (42)
(ESPN) Followup MLBPA thinks leak of Braun's urine test was isolated occurrence. Gee whiz, I know I'd have been pissed  (espn.go.com) (64)
(ESPN) Scary Giants / D-Backs game delayed by...OH, NO NOT THE BEES NOT THE BEES AAAAAHHHHH OH, THEY'RE IN MY EYES MY EYES AAAAHHHHH AAAAAGGHHH  (sports.espn.go.com) (28)

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