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Sun May 15, 2011
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(Formula One on ESPN)   Austrian Grand Prix could return to F1  (en.espnf1.com) (16)
(ESPN)   LeBron himself declares the Eastern Conference Finals unwatchable. They can still be discussed to the right, along with a much more watchable Game 7 between Memphis and OKC  (sports.espn.go.com) (456)
(NHL)   Hockey 8 PM ET  (nhl.com) (651)
(Some Guy)   Will one of the main eventers go the ring high as a kite? Will Ric Flair denigrate his legacy even more? The answers and more in tonight's official discussion thread for TNA...er, Impact Wrestling...er, WCW 2K11 Sacrifice PPV (8 PM EDT)  (411mania.com) (58)
(Globe and Mail)   Finally. Toronto wins a sports championship  (theglobeandmail.com) (37)
(Some Guy)   Mexican soccer fans hit social networks to protest introduction of American-style five-minute TV timeouts disguised as water breaks, force network to apologize  (fmfstateofmind.com) (28)
(ESPN)   70 years ago today, Joe Dimaggio went 1-4 with an RBI single. 56 games later, he had set an untouchable record  (sports.espn.go.com) (37)
(NASCAR)   Its the Autism Speaks 400 from Dover. Which wise guy will finish first in the First State and which driver will catch the Dover downs?  (nascar.com) (320)
(AJC)   Uno Point Cinco  (blogs.ajc.com) (53)
(BBC)   Manchester United's coronation day, Manchester City & Stoke in the FA Cup final and a bunch of also-rans try and stay up. Your weekly EPL thread (bumped for Sunday)  (news.bbc.co.uk) (124)
(YouTube)   From bad to worse: Clint Bowyer gets flipped coming to the white flag at Dover and showers his own pit crew with parts from his car  (youtube.com) (38)
(YouTube)   Fan runs onto field at Mets / Astros game, gets away. Most exciting thing Astros fans have ever seen. Bonus Mario Bros. content  (youtube.com) (36)
(The New York Times)   Rugby star and all-American wrestler combat homophobia, ufia  (nytimes.com) (16)
(ESPN)   Pete Rose says he still wants to manage a MLB team. In other news, Rae Carruth would like to play wide receiver somewhere other than a prison cell  (sports.espn.go.com) (38)
(NJ.com)   Girardi ejected, Posada decides not to play, A Rod and Jeter slumping, team shows no desire to win ... Yeah, the wheels are coming off the Yankee train  (nj.com) (92)
(ESPN)   Not news: Dodgers 1-hit Diamondbacks. Fark: Diamondbacks win  (scores.espn.go.com) (11)
(NHL)   Lightning strikes Boston, takes Game 1  (nhl.com) (81)
(Yahoo)   There is one secluded corner of Las Vegas not covered by security cameras and ex-NBA star Charles Oakley claims he had his snot beat out of him within it  (sports.yahoo.com) (19)

Sat May 14, 2011
(NHL)   Have the Bruins have really come out of their 39 year hibernation? Can Lightning really can strike twice? It's day 30 of the NHL Playoffs and the game starts at 8  (nhl.com) (762)
(USA Today)   With six no-hitters thrown last season and another two already this year, the question isn't so much "will another one happen this year?" as it is "who will be the next to do it?"  (usatoday.com) (76)
(NBC Sports)   Troy Polamalu finally gets his degree from USC, although the real story should be the picture of him in cap and gown and where all his hair went  (profootballtalk.nbcsports.com) (39)
(YouTube) Video 35 years ago today...also a Friday the 13th...the final game of the final ABA Finals was played. Nuggets-Nets, for all the red-white-and-blue marbles  (youtube.com) (15)
(Globe and Mail) Video Finn and finished  (theglobeandmail.com) (11)
(TSN)   28 year old hockey player Derek Boogaard found dead in his apartment. Goodnight, Boogeyman  (tsn.ca) (94)

Fri May 13, 2011
(ESPN)   Only one playoff game in the NBA tonight, and that's the underdog Memphis Grizzlies trying to overachieve and beat the OKC Thunder. Again  (scores.espn.go.com) (74)
(NBC Sports)   Hello Omaha, I'm disgraced OSU running back Maurice Clarett. You might remember me from such mugshots as "Robbing Folks In an Alley" or "Driving Drunk and Getting Tasered." Let's play ball   (collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com) (15)
(Some Guy)   NFLPA head goes on rant saying the owners are duping the players: 'They resent being lied to. They resent being tricked.'  (newyork.cbslocal.com) (75)
(SeattlePI)   FIFA President Sepp Blatter states that if he is defeated in his bid for re-election, the world's governing body for soccer will cease to exist  (seattlepi.com) (38)
(TSN)   Czechs czoke on Borks  (tsn.ca) (20)
(Yahoo)   Former UFC Heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar pulls out of fight, claims that a recurrence of diverticulitis has become a real pain in the ass  (sports.yahoo.com) (78)
(Some Guy)   Overhyped MLB prospect Bryce Harper flaming out in the minor leagues. Just kidding, he's putting up the best numbers for an 18-year-old since Ken Griffey Jr.  (fangraphs.com) (26)
(BBC)   Old and busted: Getting fined for complaining about the officials. New hotness: Getting fined for saying something nice about the officials  (news.bbc.co.uk) (4)
(Yahoo)   Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew said Friday he will no longer fight his esophageal cancer and is settling in for the final days of his life  (sports.yahoo.com) (52)
(Yahoo)   When reporting sudden death of college football player, it may not be the best time to generate buzz for the high school recruit that may take his place  (rivals.yahoo.com) (10)
(Minneapolis Star Tribune)   Los Angeles Vikings consider a move to suburban Minneapolis  (startribune.com) (56)
(The Daily Press)   Former Cowboys RB Ron Springs, father of long-time NFL CB Shawn Springs, reaches the end zone after a 54-year run  (dailypress.com) (15)
(IndyStar)   Juan Pablo Montoya says no NASCAR driver can try for the $5 million purse offered at the Vegas IndyCar race  (indystar.com) (17)
(New York Daily News)   NY Knicks coach Doc Rivers says he thinks he will stay in Boston and not get the rug pulled out from under him by Isiah Thomas  (nydailynews.com) (30)
(Boston Globe)   There stupid, and then there's "asking the judge for 33 years instead of 30 because you're a Larry Bird fan" stupid  (boston.com) (77)
(Some Guy)   Saint Hosmer leads Royals in vanquishing the Evil Empire in their first home series loss  (cbssports.com) (32)
(espn 1070 the fan)   Jackie Stewart, Jim McGee take the checkered flag at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame  (1070thefan.com) (2)
(NHL)   I'm a shaaaaark. I'm a shaaaaark. I'm going to the conference finals. I'm a shaaaaaark  (nhl.com) (236)

Thu May 12, 2011
(Deadspin)   If you side with the NFL owners, then you are an idiot  (deadspin.com) (125)
(Some Guy)   Columnist thinks Serena Williams invites stalkers by being sexy (with dat ass pic)  (gregcouch.com) (28)
(Bitten and Bound)   In Atlanta to cover Game 6 between the Bulls vs Hawks, an NBC 5 Chicago sportcaster was found dead  (bittenandbound.com) (8)
(IndyStar)   Good news, Colts fans. No more running it up the middle on 3rd and 10  (indystar.com) (21)
(SFGate)   Tim Lincecum opens up on winning the Cy Young Award. Then he took a massive rip off a bong shaped like Barry Bonds' head  (sfgate.com) (24)
(TSN)   In a display of North American hockey supremacy, Canada and USA both lose in quarterfinals  (tsn.ca) (31)
(ESPN)   Roger Federer blows a Gasquet  (sports.espn.go.com) (23)
(The Big Lead)   The Miami Douche made another appearance at the Celtics/Heat game last night  (thebiglead.com) (48)
(ESPN)   Will the Chicago Bulls take their place as the Anybody But Miami candidate in the Eastern Conference Finals? Will the Atlanta Hawks send it to a decisive Game 7? The answers and more in tonight's NBA playoffs thread (8 PM EDT, ESPN)  (scores.espn.go.com) (266)
(Some Guy)   A little love for the Nashville Sedatives, er, Predators  (pegasusnews.com) (33)
(ESPN)   Tiger Woods pulls out of Players Championship after 9 holes  (sports.espn.go.com) (84)
(Some Guy)   While the NFL Players Union fights to keep money in the pockets of millionaire athletes, team employees making less than $50k are being forced to take 10% pay cuts  (940winz.com) (49)
(Yahoo)   Oprah 1, NBA playoffs 0?  (sports.yahoo.com) (21)
(NHL)   Sharks in 7. Book it. Done. NHL Play-offs Day 28. 9PM EDT  (nhl.com) (¼)
(ESPN)   Major leagues rocked by the biggest scandal since steroids--Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols gives Cubs GM Jim Hendry a hug  (sports.espn.go.com) (26)
(The New York Times)   Stem cells to the Colon, elbow and shoulder are the new steroids  (nytimes.com) (17)
(USA Today)   Kendrys Moranes to miss entire 2011 season. News: Due to injury that caused him to miss 2/3 of last season. Fark: Sustained injury while celebrating a home run  (usatoday.com) (31)
(Fox Sports)   The least controversial man in sports finds himself in the middle of a controversy. Again  (msn.foxsports.com) (87)
(Huffington Post)   Former Kings center Scott Pollard (0 rings) says that Phil Jackson (11 rings) is "one of the most overrated coaches of our time"  (huffingtonpost.com) (90)
(BBC)   Lennon attacked by crazed fan. This is not a repeat from 1980  (bbc.co.uk) (22)
(Guardian.com)   Pole dancers push to be recognized as an Olympic sport. With pic of a different kind of pole dancer  (guardian.co.uk) (134)

Wed May 11, 2011
(Chicago Tribune)   Former ESPN personality Jay Mariotti charged with felony stalking, assault, being a douchebag  (chicagotribune.com) (44)
(Yahoo)   Robert "Tractor" Traylor finally conquers his weight problem  (rivals.yahoo.com) (23)
(Fox Sports)   Radio voice of Oregon State athletics finally admits he has a drinking problem after a co-worker makes him watch the widely circulated YouTube video of him drunkenly eating a napkin at Denny's  (msn.foxsports.com) (22)
(ESPN)   50 reasons the NHL rules, or how I learned to stop worrying and let's drop the damn puck already  (sports.espn.go.com) (46)
(Some Guy)   900-lb statue of Shaq set to be unveiled on LSU's campus this summer. Weighs half as much as the real Shaq, but is twice as accurate at the FT line  (2theadvocate.com) (26)
(Bay News 9)   NHL playoffs 3, "Disney On Ice" 0  (baynews9.com) (31)
(ESPN)   First we have the possible end of Boston's reign atop the East by the Miami Superfriends. Then, we'll all be entertained by the Combined Circuses of Oklahoma City and Memphis. NBA playoffs, right here (7 PM EDT, 4 PM PDT, 11 PM Guam)  (scores.espn.go.com) (290)
(Bleacher Report)   20 ways to improve the WWE right now. IT'S STILL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM TO ME, DAMMIT  (bleacherreport.com) (108)
(Yahoo)   One at-bat in last night's Mets-Rockies game took over one hour, required two pitchers and two batters, and ultimately ended in a walk. And who says baseball is a slow-moving game?  (sports.yahoo.com) (34)
(WPIX 11)   Nassau County voters to decide the fate of the Islanders on August 1st. NHL relocation trifecta in play  (wpix.com) (37)
(ESPN)   ESPN asks: what to make of these Boston Celtics? The answer: "Any takers on two O'Neals for the price of zero?"  (sports.espn.go.com) (69)
(NHL)   Bs, Bolts, and 'Nucks waiting in the wind for winner of Game 7 Sharks/Wings...tomorrow. In the meantime, discuss game 7 predictions, conference finals matchups. NHL Playoffs No Hockey Games Day 1  (nhl.com) (109)
(New York Daily News)   Pacers agree to extend streak of sub-40-win seasons and second-place finishes in the Central Division for at least one more year  (nydailynews.com) (9)
(Sporting News)   Mets' Ike Davis reminds everyone that baseball is a sport for out-of-shape guys who aren't too proud to sit out because of a "strain"  (aol.sportingnews.com) (15)
(Washington Post)   Slow News Day: Cuyama Valley High ekes out one-run victory over Coast Union in girls fast-pitch softball. Fark: 48-47  (washingtonpost.com) (9)
(ESPN)   NCAA president is so mad at Ohio State and Auburn for cheating that schools like Arkansas State are really going to start paying the price  (sports.espn.go.com) (64)
(Omaha World Herald)   A look back at the longest softball game in NCAA history, a 31-inning, six-hour WAC tourney game that ended just after midnight. Fark: it was double elimination, so at 12:45 a.m. they had to play a six-hour, 25-inning championship game  (omaha.com) (18)
(Formula One on ESPN)   Johnny Herbert: "I would not be surprised if my old team-mate Michael Schumacher retires for good at the end of the season"  (en.espnf1.com) (18)
(SFGate)   How did Qatar get the World Cup? It took about 6 million Qatars slipped into the right pockets  (sfgate.com) (48)
(Globe and Mail)   Glendale to pay $25 million to keep the Coyotes suckitude local. Not a repeat, just repetitious  (theglobeandmail.com) (31)
(Daily Mail)   Second place Kentucky Derby jockey found dead at Churchill Downs, proving once again that second place is just the first loser  (dailymail.co.uk) (20)
(FrogSoda) Video That hat looks cool until you're shown on the jumbo tron  (frogsoda.com) (23)
(USA Today)   Favre to tutor Cam Newton on the proper technique for throwing soul crushing interceptions. Favre  (content.usatoday.com) (18)
(Daily Mail)   Nicole Kidman spotted yawning at Nashville Predators game. As do we all Ms. Kidman, as do we all  (dailymail.co.uk) (17)
(NHL)   Joe "Regular Season" Thornton rears his ugly head to force a Game 7 between the Sharks and Red Wings  (nhl.com) (84)
(Some Guy)   Bynum suspended for the first give games of next season, which should dovetail nicely into his annual ACL injury   (eye-on-basketball.blogs.cbssports.com) (90)
(Daily Mail)   Anna Kournikova's Miami mansion for sale. Hoping a bounce in house market will insure good return, although high overhead costs rule out making an unforced error  (dailymail.co.uk) (29)
(ABC 4)   Deaf pitcher defies all odds, ignores most sound advice  (abc4.com) (7)
(Some Guy)   Beloved PNC Park vendor passes away suddenly Monday, presumably because the Pirates broke .500 in May  (plus.sites.post-gazette.com) (18)
(Some Guy)   "Of course, the (Royals) starting pitching remains a lovable disaster, on par with a three-year-old's first stab at Mother's Day breakfast in bed. Doesn't matter. Hosmer is here. He'll know what to do"  (cbssports.com) (18)

Tue May 10, 2011
(Yahoo)   La Russa to have eyes checked. Apparently he was bitten by an umpire  (sports.yahoo.com) (9)
(The Sun)   Italian soccer star claims he and Zinedane Zidane have made up after 2006's Head-butt Heard around the World  (thesun.co.uk) (18)
(NYPost)   Phil Jackson could coach Knicks in 2012. Somewhere, Patrick Ewing is wishing that he came to that decision much, much sooner  (nypost.com) (21)
(SeattlePI)   Out of the ashes of the Metrodome will rise ... the Favredome  (seattlepi.com) (37)
(WBAL TV)   Kindle pleads guilty to drunken driving charge, being inferior to Nook  (wbaltv.com) (16)
(ESPN)   Think power rankings are pointless? Wait till you see these power rankings  (espn.go.com) (52)
(ESPN)   Is Derrick Rose just the next Allen Iverson, or is he actually a legitimate NBA superstar? Discuss that and more with the Game 5 of Hawks-Bulls (game starts at 7 pm local, 8 pm Eastern, 2 pm Hawaii)  (espn.go.com) (222)
(NHL)   Sharks in 6. NHL Play-offs Day 27. 8PM EDT  (nhl.com) (lots)
(Bleacher Report)   Friday Night Smackdown gets smacked down in the ratings  (bleacherreport.com) (68)
(Yahoo)   High school baseball player honors his dead mother by pitching a no-hitter and hitting four home runs in consecutive games to win league title. Why is this baseball diamond so dusty?  (rivals.yahoo.com) (18)
(ESPN)   You want a sure sign that the Apocalypse is less than two weeks away? The Indians, Royals and Pirates are all above .500  (espn.go.com) (33)
(Washington Post)   I'll see your length-of-court basketball shot and raise you a length-of-field lacrosse goal  (washingtonpost.com) (59)
(NYPost)   Dennis Rodman has somehow survived long enough to soon turn 50  (nypost.com) (15)
(Yahoo)   Cycling community puts aside its hatred of Lance Armstrong and drug testing, unites to mourn loss of racer Wouter Weylandt in horrible crash at Giro D'Italia  (uk.eurosport.yahoo.com) (33)
(NBC Sports)   NHL files a brief siding with the NFL in lockout case. That's like OJ Simpson appearing as a character witness for Charles Manson   (profootballtalk.nbcsports.com) (19)
(Yahoo)   Pittsburgh beats LA, 4-1, sending statisticians scrambling to find the last time the Pirates were a game over .500 this late in the season  (sports.yahoo.com) (38)
(NHL)   Catfish don't even like ice (sorry for the commercial - bonus cute skater chick)  (video.nhl.com) (71)
(ESPN)   NBA fines Phil Jackson $35K for Mavs sweep of Lakers, loss of huge West Coast TV share  (sports.espn.go.com) (21)
(Baltimore Sun)   Orioles outfielder Luke Scott has torn labrum, stupid opinions. Expected to play through both  (baltimoresun.com) (7)
(NBC Sports)   Maybe this isn't the best time for Reggie Bush to tell pissed-off New Orleans Saints fans to "cry me a river"   (profootballtalk.nbcsports.com) (25)
(ESPN)   Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo plays about as well in a US Open qualifying tournament as he does in an NFL playoff game  (sports.espn.go.com) (39)
(New York Daily News)   Yankees owner George Steinbrenner: Undercover boss for the FBI  (nydailynews.com) (8)
(Sporting News)   ♪ Like a Turgeon, coaching Maryland for the very first timeeeee, like a tur-ur-ur-ur-geon, here's the contract for you to sign ♪  (aol.sportingnews.com) (29)
(Some Leg Spinner)   Professional cricket team in India kicks cheerleader off squad for blogging about naughty players. In other news, professional cricket has cheerleaders. (w. chubby cheerleader pic)  (badjocks.com) (15)
(ESPN)   LeBron James apologizes for calling a postgame news conference question "retarded". Secretly, he still feels that the reporter who asked the question was retarded  (sports.espn.go.com) (37)
(NBC Sports)   Tampa Bay DE Alex Magee arrested on drug charge. This makes 10 Buccaneers arrested since 1/10/10, thereby proving that the Cincinnati Bengals do not have a monopoly   (profootballtalk.nbcsports.com) (6)
(ESPN)   After performing poorly in the spring game, Blaine Gabbert's younger brother loses QB battle, transfers out of Missouri  (sports.espn.go.com) (4)
(NESN)   NHL Eastern Conference final may face schedule crunch, since previously booked "Disney on Ice Presents Toy Story 3" has first dibs on Tampa Bay Lightning arena  (nesn.com) (41)
(NBA)   Memphis manages to stave off the tide for 3 OTs only to succumb to the ebb and flow of the Thunder. Plan to rise to the occasion in the next game  (nba.com) (21)
(Seattle Times)   Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Milton Bradley released by the Mariners  (seattletimes.nwsource.com) (40)

Mon May 09, 2011
(ESPN)   Celtics try and stop the Heat with or without Rondo, and the Grizzlies see if they can put the Thunder up against the ropes. It's your NBA playoffs thread  (espn.go.com) (368)
(NHL)   Nyucks vs Preds, Game 6. Will Vancouver put Nashville away to keep a Canadian team in the playoffs, or will the Predators pull out a victory and force a game 7? NHL Playoffs Day 26. 8pm ET  (nhl.com) (463)
(YouTube)   Best. Boxing. Entrance. Ever. (Fun starts at 1:25)  (youtube.com) (77)
(ESPN)   Tiger Woods the best....... number 8 golfer in the world  (sports.espn.go.com) (29)
(Sportsnet.ca)   Jays' Juan Rivera told Tigers' Justin Verlander he was "getting lucky" during his near-perfect game no-hitter in which no spectacular fielding plays were needed  (sportsnet.ca) (40)
(The Score)   MLB has never had an openly gay player, but it has had Ernie McAnally  (blogs.thescore.com) (22)
(Google)   In what seems to be a bunch of typos, Djokovic might replace Nadal  (google.com) (8)
(Mirror.co.uk)   Wayne Rooney attacked by baboons. Mostly because he stole one of their babies  (mirror.co.uk) (53)
(USA Today)   NBA ref waves off crucial late-game foul call in Bulls vs. Hawks game, so play is resumed with a tip-off after an "inadvertent whistle". After watching the play, ref concedes that he made a bad non-call  (usatoday.com) (70)
(NBC Sports)   While a ruling on the stay of a lockout could either prolong or end the NFL lockout, there is a third alternative that is worse. Much worse  (profootballtalk.nbcsports.com) (108)
(UPI)   Best highlights of the NBA playoffs so far. Difficulty: slideshow  (upi.com) (4)
(SFGate)   For the first time in 18 years, all seven American League games on Sunday included a team that scored exactly five runs. In other news, there are actually people who keep track of that stuff  (sfgate.com) (29)
(ESPN)   How to fix the all the Dodgers problems. Step one: Move back to Brooklyn. Step two: ?????? Step three: Profit?  (sports.espn.go.com) (54)
(ESPN)   The University of Nebraska-Omaha is dropping football and wrestling so they could go to Division I in college basketball. In a related story, the University of Nebraska-Omaha had a college football team  (sports.espn.go.com) (41)
(NYPost)   Pitcher Chris Young on disabled list, or as we call it, the New York Mets roster  (nypost.com) (27)

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