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Sun May 23, 2010
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(ESPN) Obvious San Jose Sharks win the Western Conference finals in 6  (scores.espn.go.com) (62)
(ESPN) Spiffy Can the Suns light up the court, or will the Lakers move one step closer to the Finals everyone outside of Arizona and Florida want to see? (8:30ET/5:30PT)  (espn.go.com) (205)
(Life.com) Misc Does Josh Beckett really belong on a "best big-game pitchers" list alongside legends like Koufax and Gibson and Lolich and Catfish Hunter? Well, actually, yeah. He does  (life.com) (46)
(ESPN) Amusing Sharks and Hawks. Will the Sharks win at least one? Will the Hawks finish the San Jose choke? It's hockey, 3pm  (espn.go.com) (458)
(MSNBC) Sad Former MLB pitcher Jose "Lima Time" Lima dead at 37 after massive heart attack  (hardballtalk.nbcsports.com) (104)
(NASCAR) Cool Kurt Busch is the million-dollar man. The Blue Deuce wins the 2010 NASCAR All-Star Race  (nascar.com) (31)
(Google) Ironic French midfielder Diarra missing World Cup due to a severe bout with diarrhea. His fifth grade classmates are laughing hysterically  (google.com) (46)
(The Sun) Silly England finally wins a world sporting event. They beat out Germany and South Africa to be crowned World Custard Pie Throwing Champions  (thesun.co.uk) (39)
(ESPN) Amusing Rajon Rondo, playing in the Eastern Conference Finals, gets a pony. Well, he didn't actually get a pony, but he was getting pretty much anything else he wanted against Orlando  T-Shirt  (scores.espn.go.com) (70)

Sat May 22, 2010
(CBS Sports) Cool Start your engines. NASCARs All Star race showdown discussion  (cbssports.com) (387)
(ESPN) Interesting Can the Magic make this a series, or is a Celtics victory inevitable? Game 3, 8:30 ET  (espn.go.com) (165)
(ESPN) Asinine ESPN's new Tim Tebow Tracker finally provides this criminally underexposed young man some overdue media attention  (sports.espn.go.com) (61)
(Daily Mail) Fail Under-fire Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez has another press meltdown. "Does Liverpool have to win the league, as everybody demands, every year?" asks the man who has yet to win it once in six seasons  (dailymail.co.uk) (16)
(The Scotsman) Obvious World Cup fever has struck in Scotland, and hence the insane booze-sale season has begun. "I was just going to buy one box of beer - but at this price I think I will buy two"  (news.scotsman.com) (13)
(ESPN) Interesting Can Cinderella tie things up, or will the Flyers reassert their NHL dominance over the pesky Canadiens? Game 4, 3:00 ET  (espn.go.com) (282)
(ESPN) Cool FOX doesn't care if you call it "soccer" or "football," they just hope that you watch. It's Inter Milan. It's Bayern Munich. It's your 2010 Champions League Final discussion thread. (2pm EDT, FOX)  (soccernet.espn.go.com) (273)
(Surper 14 Rugby) Cool The Waratahs face the Stormers and the Crusaders take on threepeat champion Bulls. It's your Super 14 semi final discussion  (super14.com) (18)
(ESPN) Cool In today's warmup match to the Champions League Final, Blackpool and Cardiff battle on Wembley's biatch of a pitch. Winner gets promoted to the Premier League. (10am EDT, Fox Soccer Plus)  (soccernet.espn.go.com) (39)
(ESPN) Interesting Bosh tells Raptors he will only play with Kobe in LA, Wade in Miami, Rose in Chicago or LeBron in NYC  (sports.espn.go.com) (78)

Fri May 21, 2010
(Some Guy) Obvious Mike Ditka agrees with Gale Sayers: Jay Cutler sucks  (chicagobreakingsports.com) (55)
(Some Guy) Sad Sometimes, there is crying in baseball  (cbssports.com) (37)
(Sports by Brooks) Fail Wal-Mart apparently now offering free t-shirts to customers after midnight. At least if this video of two college football players is any indication  (sportsbybrooks.com) (17)
(New York Daily News) Sick Former NY Rangers player charged with high-sticking his 21-year-old daughter  (nydailynews.com) (47)
(CNN) Obvious Sharks in 6. Hockey. (8pm ET)  (sportsillustrated.cnn.com) (447)
(Fox Sports) Cool Tomorrow's Champions League final will be broadcast 2:30pm EDT tomorrow on FOX, marking the first time the game has been shown live on a major US broadcast network. Well, if you consider FOX major  (msn.foxsports.com) (91)
(Goal.com) Obvious Philadelphia tells soccer player that he's not exactly eye candy either  (goal.com) (18)
(AFP) Cool Sagan wins fifth stage of the Tour of California, billions and billions of picoseconds a head of his nearest rival  T-Shirt  (news.yahoo.com) (16)
(BBC) Cool US could once again host a Formula 1 race, perhaps even one with more than six cars competing  (news.bbc.co.uk) (55)
(Some Guy) Unlikely The Knicks and Nets have the most assets to lure top FAs. Here comes the statistics  (basketballprospectus.com) (49)
(ESPN) Stupid And the dumbest sport in the world is: The Sauna World Championships  (sports.espn.go.com) (39)
(Some Soccer Lovin' Guy) Video Nike's "Write the Future" soccer commercial featuring Ronaldo, Drogba, Rooney, Kobe Bryant, and Homer Simpson proves to be the most epic World Cup commercial of all time  (nutmegradio.com) (142)
(CBC) Asinine IIHF director, whose job involves sitting in office chairs, drinking at cocktail parties and flying in private jets lambastes NHL players for saying they're tired  (cbc.ca) (35)
(ESPN) Unlikely What the Big Ten should do is ...not listen to Pat Forde  (sports.espn.go.com) (54)
(TMZ) Misc Lance Armstrong in stitches after bike crash; he must have landed on his funny bone  (tmz.com) (42)
(ESPN) Stupid In your dreams Mark Cuban, in your dreams  (sports.espn.go.com) (77)
(Honolulu Advertiser) Cool Pro surfer Kelly Slater honored by US House of Representatives. Your mom points out that even surf bums get House Resolutions these days, asks when you're moving out of the basement  (honoluluadvertiser.com) (13)

Thu May 20, 2010
(Major League Baseball) Fail Cincinnati Reds better not get used to being in first place after allowing 7 runs in the bottom of the 9th to the lowly Braves. Bonus: walk-off grand slam off the left fielder's glove (video in link)  (mlb.mlb.com) (54)
(IndyStar) Cool Dear NFL: Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational Colts team  (indystar.com) (71)
(Some Sports Guy) Stupid Brett Favre return depends on... *shakes magic 8-ball* ... Ole Miss Baseball  (sports.insidepulse.com) (34)
(CNN) Interesting Your Flyers at Habs thread. Perhaps some Canadiens will show up in the thread, since they haven't been showing up on the ice (7pm ET)  (sportsillustrated.cnn.com) (436)
(ESPN) Hero Why exactly is Andre Dawson in the Hall Of Fame? "I'm not going to say a lot, because if you say the wrong thing to me, then you might wind up on the floor on your rear end"  (sports.espn.go.com) (86)
(Some Soccer Guy) Dumbass After accidentally running over a journalist's leg, Diego Maradona stops and renders aid to the injured man. Just kidding, he calls him an a--hole and drives off into the sunset  (lastangryfan.com) (18)
(MSNBC) Sad Cheerleading is most dangerous sport for girls, since many of their routines involve abnormal positions, spread legs, being upside down  (msnbc.msn.com) (77)
(SacBee) Cool After an abusive relationship and a messy divorce, the Raiders are starting their life anew  (sacbee.com) (48)
(CBS Sports) Dumbass Top HS recruit changes commitment from Washington to Kentucky after John Calipari promises tutors to take his classes, lots of free booze, and tons of slammin hotties  (cbssports.com) (115)
(CNN) Sad Nets Russian owner on Vandeweghe: "If he dies, he dies"  (sportsillustrated.cnn.com) (32)
(Wall Street Journal) Fail Floyd Landis: I didn't dope, I didn't dope, I didn't dope. OK, I doped  (online.wsj.com) (130)
(My Fox Dallas) Spiffy Tony Romo may never be as good as Troy Aikman  (myfoxdfw.com) (46)
(MSNBC) Cool Pagan hits HR and has triple play, gives all praise to oak tree in post-game interview  (nbcsports.msnbc.com) (46)

Wed May 19, 2010
(CNN) Silly London exposes its one-eyed monster to the world  (sportsillustrated.cnn.com) (137)
(ESPN) Cool Get your phil of NBA Playoffs tonight as the Suns-Lakers series carries over to Game 2 (9pm ET/6pm PT)  (espn.go.com) (141)
(Deadspin) Amusing The Boston Red Sox are now the new Boston Bruins who just were the new, old Boston Red Sox a week ago. Got it?  (deadspin.com) (15)
(Some Guy) Obvious Why Blackhawks fans don't deserve the Cup  (blogs.vocalo.org) (148)
(ESPN) Obvious Jarrod, you look at Playboy all time? "I look and read the articles, I do. "I especially like it when they mention the girls' interests, like Betsy loves surfing." You even memorize them? "Yep, I guess I do." Bingo  (sports.espn.go.com) (18)
(ESPN) Amusing How bad are the Browns? Jake "Interception" Delhomme is bringing them a winning mentality  (espn.go.com) (31)
(Daily Mail) Asinine Turkish soccer fans handle disappointment by setting fire to their stadium. Your move, Philadelphia  (dailymail.co.uk) (59)
(Kansas City) Sad Former NBA player and overall great humanitarian Manute Bol in critical condition with illness  (kansascity.com) (44)
(CNN) Sad NFLPA President's SI interview delivers the opening blow to any chances of a 2011 season. "Chad Ochocinco asked me at the draft, on a scale of 1 to 10 where do you see the possibility of a lockout? I'd put it at about a 14"  (sportsillustrated.cnn.com) (111)
(Some Culé) Scary La Liga promises to be even more boring next season as Barcelona signs David Villa from Valencia for 40 million Euros. Tag is for Barcelona's starting XI  (fcbarcelona.cat) (71)
(USA Today) Followup Federal judge black flags Jeremy Mayfield's lawsuit against NASCAR  (usatoday.com) (23)
(USA Today) Interesting Big Ten Conference, which currently has 11 teams, wants to add another school, possibly one from the Big 12... which would completely screw up both conference names  (usatoday.com) (53)
(Better Off Red) Cool Cincinnati Reds are quickly getting the hang of this first-place thing. This is not a headline from 1970 through 1981  (ramsey.mlblogs.com) (89)

Tue May 18, 2010
(Chicago Sun-Times) Amusing "Cup Fever on the Horizon." Try some Cruex on that  (suntimes.com) (51)
(ESPN) Cool After dropping Game 1 at home to the Celtics, the Magic have something to prove tonight. Tuesday night NBA playoffs thread  (espn.go.com) (312)
(TSN) Cool Which is better -- hoagies or smoked meat? It's your Tuesday NHL Playoff thread  (tsn.ca) (959)
(ESPN) Obvious Duante Culpepper gets promoted from the NFL's Detroit Lions to the UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions  (sports.espn.go.com) (51)
(USA Today) Interesting What has 132 wheels, 66 eyes, and 10 boobs? Well, it could be the 2010 Indianapolis 500  (usatoday.com) (68)
(Bengals.com) Sappy Cincinnati Bengals celebrate birthday of late, oft-troubled, former teammate Chris Henry. No word if they put a ceremonial file in the cake  (bengals.com) (21)
(Mercury News) Obvious Tedd Ginn Jr. stuns his new 49er team mates with his speed and athletic ability during his first training session, before dropping every pass that was thrown at him  (mercurynews.com) (73)
(Sports by Brooks) Amusing There are more people in this thread right now than there were at the Orioles-Royals game Monday night (pic)  (sportsbybrooks.com) (58)
(ESPN) Amusing Hanley...You lollygag the ball around the outfield. You lollygag your way down to first. You lollygag in and out of the dugout. You know what that makes you? Lollygagger  (sports.espn.go.com) (54)
(Denver Post) Strange Williams and Williams both showed up for Denver Broncos minicamp, while Williams and Williams were both no-shows. Wait, what?  (denverpost.com) (14)
(ESPN) Stupid USC reportedly paying Lane Kiffin $4M/yr which is right if you figure $3.2M for his wife  (sports.espn.go.com) (33)
(The Standard) Cool Best soccer league ever: "The liquor is readily available on the touchline, courtesy of a mobile bar that is managed by two waitresses who run up and down the pitch serving players."  (standardmedia.co.ke) (22)
(ESPN) Cool First Pie Of The Season At Yankee Stadium  (sports.espn.go.com) (65)
(Detroit News) Amusing If there's one thing worse than losing by 14-0 after three innings, it's losing 15-14 in ten  (detnews.com) (20)
(ESPN) Asinine Excuse train to Failsville pulls into Jackson Station  (sports.espn.go.com) (33)

Mon May 17, 2010
(ESPN) Cool NBA playoffs discussion: Phoenix Suns visit LA Lakers at home for Game 1. Home crowd expected to be raucous in the second quarter when it finally arrives  (espn.go.com) (170)
(Fox Sports) Obvious A twelve-step program to rejuvenate the career of JaCarcass Russell. Step 1: buy a scale  (msn.foxsports.com) (63)
(ESPN) Interesting Uncle Wes reportedly floating a LeBron/Calipari package deal to NBA teams. Let's see how bad the Knicks really want The King  (sports.espn.go.com) (104)
(Globe and Mail) Dumbass CBC's HNiC Habs introduction montage causes controversy and panty twisting amongst, well, pretty much only the author  (theglobeandmail.com) (36)
(Major League Baseball) Sad What's sadder: The Royals having a softball game with members of the '85 team to celebrate the last time they mattered, or that they actually talked some '85 Cardinals into doing this as well?  (kansascity.royals.mlb.com) (24)
(Yahoo) Asinine You'll be pleased to know, that despite having earned a spot in an upcoming PGA event, Tony Romo has decided to be self-sacrificing and noble and actually show up for work at his actual job that day instead  (news.yahoo.com) (70)
(CNN) Amusing Peter King releases his preseason NFL rankings. You won't guess who #1 is. No seriously, you won't  (sportsillustrated.cnn.com) (175)
(Mirror.co.uk) Obvious 12% of UK soccer fans say they'd give up sex for a year if England wins the World Cup. Remaining 88% still harbor delusional hope of getting laid in the next year  (mirror.co.uk) (74)
(NYPost) Obvious If it's the second half of May, it's time for the semi-annual "Mets must fire their manager NOW" article  (nypost.com) (27)
(Boston Globe) Cool Gay breaks 44-year-old mark. Mark inconsolable  T-Shirt  (boston.com) (17)
(NHL) Cool Blackhawks jumped the Sharks  (nhl.com) (41)
(MyFox Twin Cities) Cool Two-year old girl reels in 20-lb fish with Barbie fishing pole  (myfoxtwincities.com) (45)

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