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Sun May 06, 2007
ESPN Cool In hockey news, Buffalo Sabres defeat NY Rangers, to play Ottawa Senators in the Eastern Conference Finals for a television audience of 6 (24)
SeattlePI Interesting The unwritten rules of major sports (46)
STLToday Interesting Noted mis-speaker Yogi Berra will give the commencement address at St. Louis University on May 19. If you don't learn nothing how can you learn anything? (45)
Kansas City Amusing Panera Bread offers 13 free bagels whenever the Kansas Royals win by 13 hits. 111,000 bagels later, they realize they didn't think their cunning plan all the way through (21)
BBC Cool Arsenal draw Chelsea 1-1, Manchester United wins the Premiership (14)
(Some Guy) Silly So how long before ESPN2 picks this up? (20)
Newsday News Roger Clemens announces to Yankee Stadium Crowd, he's a Yankee (251)
590 KLBJ Weird England's top soccer league is suing Youtube (12)
SFGate Interesting Who needs the NBA or NFL? Town finds attracting Pee-Wee sports can provide bigger economic boost (9)
ESPN Interesting Former #1, Kim Clijsters, retires from tennis at age of 23 (18)
ABC News Dumbass Mariners pitcher Julio Cesar Mateo expected to surrender to NY police after telling his wife to shut her whore mouth when men are speaking (17)
CBS Salt Lake City Video 0-6 in playoff performances, Houston Rockets guard Tracy McGrady too upset to speak with media after losing series to Utah (video) (36)
(Some Guy) Cool Floyd Mayweather Jr. wanted to give Oscar De La Hoya a beating. He had to settle for just getting a win (17)
ESPN Sad Barry Bonds injects some excitement into AT&T Park with home run #744* (20)
MSNBC Silly Yanks' Wang just misses perfection (31)

Sat May 05, 2007
(Sportsline) Spiffy The big fight: De La Hoya vs Mayweather discussion thread (477)
CBS News Sad Cardinals see Wood and Prior, raise with Carpenter and Mulder (13)
ESPN Cool Street Sense goes from 19th to 1st in final 1/2 mile to win the 133rd Kentucky Derby (54)
Free Press Cool Wings 4-1 over Sharks. How's your handicap coming, Av's fans? (46)
(Some Guy) Dumbass Brady Quinn gets a haircut to fend off criticism from Joe Theismann (17)
( Spiffy At a combined 93 years of age, Julio Franco and Randy Johnson become the oldest batter-pitcher matchup in MLB history (12)
The Scotsman Amusing English Premier League lawyers up to stop YouTube from showing clips of Rooney spitting and Drogba putting on his makeup (3)
ESPN Spiffy The Red Sox moving to the top of this week's power poll shouldn't surprise anyone, but if you predicted the Milwaukee Brewers would be the sixth-best team in baseball, there's a job in a Vegas sports book waiting for you (45)
( Interesting NBA round 1/round 2 discussion thread. Rockets/Jazz and Pistons/Bulls. Let's go Rockebulls LGT scoreboard (69)
Yahoo Cool May 5th NHL playoffs thread - Sharks at Wings and Sens at Devils. Insert cheerleading phrase here (401)
ESPN Sad The penultimate official English Premiership Saturday discussion forum (LGT match submitter is watching) (16)
(Some Guy) Cool Place your bets, 133rd annual Kentucky Derby discussion thread (57)
Yahoo Caption Caption what Oscar de la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are thinking, at the weigh-in for tonight's big fight (124)
Sports by Brooks Hero First photo of transsexual sportswriter Christine Daniels published on Los Angeles Times website (42)
Canoe Cool Sabres squeak one out, blame it on the dog (53)
CNN Followup St. Louis Cardinals ban alcohol in the clubhouse after it was revealed Josh Hancock was legally drunk when he died. However, Tony LaRussa doesn't think the team has an alco- (hic) an alcohol problem (17)
(Sporting Life) Spiffy Michelle Wie no longer to take on men, will do girl-on-girl only (24)
(Some Guy) Obvious Jeff Gordon grabs another pole. No, wait, this one allows him to start first in a NASCAR race (16)

Fri May 04, 2007
Sports by Brooks Dumbass Cincinnati Bengals' off-field notoriety safely intact, thanks to Chad Johnson allegedly reneging on prize giveaways (7)
Sports by Brooks Amusing Today's college quarterback homoerotic-themed photo is brought to you by Florida Gator Tim Tebow (22)
ESPN Asinine Not news: Leeds United relegated; News: They go into administration; Fark: Chairman buys club back writing off $70M debt in process (24)
( Cool Fudge it Frenchies Canadian captain Shane Doan scores a hat trick in the IIHF world championship (16)
Deadspin Spiffy Arrrgh...Former Chiefs running back Christian Okoye to be plundering for booty in a new pirate reality show (17)
(Some Hockey Loving Girl) Cool Where's my damn May 4th NHL thread? Its noon on Friday and I don't want to have to work (237)
CNN Followup If you thought Josh Hancock might have been drunk before his accident, you'd be right. Marijuana and a pipe? Oh, there was that, too (70)
Toronto Star Obvious After not making the playoffs for second straight year, Maple Leafs start off-season moves by raising ticket prices (20)
Sports by Brooks Unlikely Bob Costas mentioned as Imus replacement; probably a no-go, since it'd cut into his once-every-four-years work schedule (27)
Deadspin Followup Ron Mexico wants you to know he breeds pit bulls for pets, not for fighting (16)
Yahoo Obvious Today's Official NBA playoff thread brought to you by.LET'S GO RAPTORS V.C. SUCKS (56)
(Esquire (US)) Obvious Going to an Old Firm game makes US list of 60 things worth shortening your life for. "Imagine: Red Sox versus Yankees, if the ALCS involved sectarian hatred, hooligan rioting, and the occasional death threat" (18)
Fox News Interesting Floyd Landis' attempt to lobby for a public Tour de France doping trial has been met with positive results (48)
MSNBC Amusing Sammy Sosa takes another fastball to the head. Welcome back to the big leagues, Corky (21)
St. Pete Times Florida Once-bitter FSU fans decide they want to keep Bobby Bowden after all. Ask them again in November (17)
(WSBtv) Dumbass Internet pics circulating with UGA QB's new strength program which consists of hoisting kegs (15)
Sports by Brooks Dumbass Matt Leinart dumps top marketing firm because Peyton Manning got to host SNL before he did (36)
Yahoo Spiffy There once was team called the Mavericks. Their tall German shot nothing but bricks. It's not just Dirk. The owner's a jerk. Props to the Warriors in six (122)
Yahoo Interesting John Facenda Jr. (i.e. the son of the voice of God on NFL films) sues NFL for illegally using his father's voice in Madden NFL video games (13)
Houston Chronicle Interesting NCAA tentatively approves moving 3-point line back a foot (8)
Yahoo Cool Ducks take Western Conference semifinals from Canucks (47)
ESPN Interesting Glorified towel boy could blow the lid off the MLB steroids controversy (17)
Chicago Sun-Times Interesting Cubs consider banning post-game beer from the clubhouse; over-under on how many players will sober up and be horrified to learn they're playing for the Cubs is 12 (18)

Thu May 03, 2007
YouTube Amusing Joe Sakic, you bastard. You made this kid cry (34)
Yahoo Interesting Louisville gives Rick Pitino 3-year contract extension. Terms are $2.25 million a year and unlimited supply of hair grease (7)
CNN Unlikely A pit-bull breeding website owned by Michael Vick has as its business address the same house where his cousins were, completely and utterly unknown to him, having dogfights (17)
ESPN Dumbass The Ron Artest Interactive Fan Experience will move to PMITA prison for 20 days (10)
FARK PSA New study show Fark doesnt like Blacksketball. In other words can we have an NBA playoff thread??? (315)
BBC Obvious Chelsea's Sheva to have groin surgery at season's end. Doctors hope to relocate his balls, which have been AWOL since he left the San Siro (9)
SFGate Obvious First sentance explains a lot regarding Mike Piazza's goals to stay healthy, homosexuality. Oh and he, like everyone else on the A's, is on the DL (15)
Sports by Brooks Strange Mysterious basketball and bible-versed billboard has Cleveland buzzing (with pic) (65)
FARK Spiffy May 3rd NHL playoff thread. Will the Ducks suck or are the 'Nucks f*cked? (217)
CNN Amusing San Jose Sharks coach Ron Wilson uses "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby," as a motivational tool for his team. Shake and Bake (22)
(Jack's Sports Humor) Satire Kentucky Derby horse names and their alternate sports meanings (13)
IndyStar Interesting NCAA may extend the 3-point line, making Duke suck even more (19)
The Onion Amusing Manny Ramirez asks Red Sox to let him work from home (19)
ESPN Spiffy Kenny Mayne is giving out money left and right. Now would be a good time to ask him to sponsor the Fark Bowling Team (11)
(Buffalo News) Silly Apparently out of real cases to try, New York state supreme court justice issues verdict on Buffalo Sabres controversial no goal. "The circumstantial evidence was overwhelming" (51)
Sports by Brooks Stupid Charlotte PGA Tour event lures top players like Phil Mickelson to play by embroidering his children's names in hotel pillows and towels (4)
(WFAN) Interesting The Yankees should learn from the Tigers on how to handle Phil Hughes (17)
Boston Globe Interesting Judge orders Red Sox ticket scalper to name names (20)
(MyFoxBoston) Amusing Tom Brady spotted wearing Yankees hat, City of Boston calls in airstrike (161)
CNN Stupid After the Lakers exit the playoffs early again, speculation begins on what big-name player can be brought in for Kobe to refuse to pass the ball to and eventually run out of town (43)
ESPN Cool Josh Beckett becomes MLB's first six game winner, receives congratulatory reach-around from Schilling after the game (13) Obvious The Kenyan who slipped and fell on the Chicago Marathon finishing line takes the first step towards US citizenship: he's suing (98)
London Times Cool Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on positively the weirdest tennis court you'll ever see (6)
Toledo Blade Dumbass Former NFL player arraigned on assault charge. Guess his former team (14)
(Bleacher Report) Obvious A breakdown of where Clemens might end up, and why: "Giambi is even constantly texting Clemens to 'hurry up.'" (29)
Deadspin Cool This is the aunt of Cleveland Browns OT Joe Thomas (pic must be seen to be believed) (19)
SFGate Sad 743* (30)
ESPN Interesting The top golfing 100 non-golfers in sports (19)

Wed May 02, 2007
SFGate Amusing Warrior's fans, upset at Charles Barkley's anti-Bay Area rantings, use Photoshop for sweet revenge (18)
Sports by Brooks Spiffy New CBS reality series features former Kansas City Chief running back playing pirate for first time since last Raider game (7)
(Peter Abraham) Followup Lord Steinbrenner: "You have failed me for the last time" Yankees trainer: "Gaaaaaaack" *thud* (76)
ESPN Cool Milan advances to the finals of the UEFA Champions League to play Liverpool. No, this is not a repeat (25)
Sports by Brooks Strange Nike icons Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan play PGA Tour Pro-Am round together; Jordan doesn't wear Nike gear or play Nike clubs (with pics) (13)
Cleveland Asinine MLB denies Cleveland Indians' protest after umpire adjusts score three innings after mistake. Cleveland promptly requests correcting seasons 1949-2006 (18)
Deadspin Spiffy Milwaukee Brewers roll out a 12 person beer bong at the beginning of the season, now they have the best record in baseball. Coincidence? I think not (15)
FARK Obvious Study shows greenlights more headlines about "white" sports than "black" sports. Study also shows there are NBA fans on Fark. Can I get an NBA discussion thread? LGN (139)
ESPN Interesting Dolphins may keep Daunte Culpepper. After all, that clipboard ain't gonna hold itself (16)
ESPN Spiffy Official May 2nd NHL playoff thread (697)
Seattle Times Followup Remember 64-0 softball massacre from March? In rematch, loss is only by 2 touchdowns instead of 9 (17)
(The Courier-Journal) Obvious Unbeaten Curlin installed as morning line favorite for this year's Kentucky Derby (7)
Deadspin Silly No one from ESPN will talk to Harold Reynolds about why he was fired, and his case against them doesn't come up for trial untill 2009. Maybe by then, Mel Kiper Jr. will have a new hairstyle (24)
CBC Obvious NHL playoffs may be disrupted in Ottawa due to striking arena workers being torn apart by a mob of Sens fans (29)
Globe and Mail Asinine Having solved all other problems facing the country, Canadian Parliament opens investigation into selection of captain of the national hockey team (68)
( Obvious Study shows white NBA refs call more fouls on black players than white players. Study also shows there are white players in the NBA (196)
BBC Sad Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina comes home late after celebrating his team's Champions League semifinal victory, only to find his house ransacked and his Porsche SUV stolen. At least he'll never walk alone (13)
BBC Cool Official 5/2 Champions League Thread: Man United and their tenuous 3-2 lead travel to the San Siro to face AC Milan in the second leg of their semifinal. Kickoff 2:30pm EDT. Winner plays Liverpool in the final May 23 in Athens (226)
Fox News Dumbass If you've been banned from Talladega... for the rest of your life... you might be a redneck (34)
Sports by Brooks Weird NBA-branded area of "Second Life" is the real thing, with David Stern saying, "Anyone who misbehaves will be subject to discipline by the commissioner’s avatar" (9)
Mercury News Obvious Warriors topple top-seeded Mavs in a thrilling triumph for the little guy. Just kidding... they blew a late lead and the Mavs are still in contention (45)
CNN Sad Apparently, "reversing the curse" meant putting it on the Yankees -- 20-year-old phenom Philip Hughes injures hamstring during no-hitter (35)
ESPN Amusing The Sports Guy ruminates on the upcoming awkwardness of presenting Dirk Nowitzki with the 2006-2007 MVP Award when his 67-15 team loses in the first round to an No. 8 seed (13)
The Smoking Gun Asinine San Antonio Spur falls for the old hard-drive switcheroo. The Smoking Gun is there (14)
(The Age) Weird Federer, Nadal to settle who's better on clay/grass (14)

Tue May 01, 2007
Miami Herald Weird Not News: Man gets out of jury duty. News: It's former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson. Fark: He got off to go fishing with Bill Parcells (5)
Yahoo Cool No Papelbon, you cannot go the whole year without a blown save, not yours (38)
Yahoo Interesting There's no "I" in "team". There's no Me-shawn Johnson in the Carolina Panthers, either (37)
Sports by Brooks Dumbass One month after getting suspended by ESPN for telling Jim Rome to "suck my d---", Eric Wynalda calls Rome "Kim" on DC morning show today (45)
ABC News Followup NTSB releases final report on Corey Lidle's plane crash last October, blaming accident on the fact he couldn't fly any better than he pitched (9)
AP Followup Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was part of a two-hitter 3 days before his fatal accident (10)
YouTube Cool Top five NHL playoff coaching tantrums (38)
(Some Pundit) Interesting Kentucky Derby predictions beyond "I'll be drunk all de doo dar day" (20)
(Some Cheeky Guy) Cool Today's "newspaper editor decides to get a little cheeky" headline brought to you by "Royals to Get a Taste of Angels' Colon" (24)
Chicago Sun-Times Dumbass Not 24 hours after the NFL draft, the character issues start coming out: Bears' first-round pick records offensive rap song, and not in the Vanilla Ice meaning of offensive (90)
FARK Cool Official 5/1 Champions League Thread. Reds vs Blues at Anfield (183)
FARK Spiffy May 1st NHL Playoff thread. Will the Rangers or Canucks tie it up, or will subby's picks continue to look better and better? (315)
CBS Philadelphia Dumbass Here's the TV hottie who sent steamy emails to NFL Network's Rich Eisen... and his rather annoyed wife (38)
NYPost Sad Former NY Giants receiver Johnny Perkins passes (4) Scary Manchester Utd fans travelling to Milan for Champions League semifinal warned of security threat from AS Roma's Ultras (15)
NYPost Amusing If you're sports anchor Rich Eisen and you want that hot reporter from Philly to send bikini pics, don't give her the email address you share with your wife. Wife's email response in TFA (39)
Sports by Brooks Strange Minnesota Twins executive on hosting "peanut-free" night: "If you're allergic to peanuts and you're trying to enjoy the game and the gentleman next to you is eating that bag of peanuts, it could be fatal" (141)
Yahoo Amusing Soccer mascot thrown out of game because he was confusing the referee (20)
Sports by Brooks Unlikely Mariners second baseman can make $625,000 by skipping Dairy Queen drive-thru (7)
Yahoo Stupid Home-plate umpire gives Albert Pujols first base after Pujols draws ball three. In other news, if umpires keep doing this, Pujols is due to draw 300 walks in 2007 (16)
Yahoo Asinine Italian authorities ban sale of alcohol in shops throughout Milan because of threat of trouble between Manchester United and AC Milan fans. Try doing this during the Super Bowl, and you've got an instant riot (10)
Sports by Brooks Asinine University of Kentucky athletic director wants school to buy private plane for recruiting trips; budgets $300,000 this year for chartered air travel (22)
(Some Guy) Cool If you build replicas of eight famous ballparks, they will come (10)

Mon April 30, 2007
STLToday Followup Customer at St. Louis bar says Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock could 'barely put a sentence together' and refused a cab ride before his fatal crash later that night (48)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Cincinnati Reds to retire Dave Concepcion's number 13 (30)
(NFL) Spiffy Meet the this year's Mr. Irrelevant (9)
(Some Guy) Obvious Brady Quinn's girlfriend plans to stay with him for awhile. Translation: "She won't be single until at least November, at the earliest" (31)
ESPN Caption Caption Cool Big Papi and his little fan (79)
ESPN Asinine Steinbrenner gives Joe Torre the dreaded vote of confidence (21)
(The Desert Sun) Unlikely Female amateur golfer, just a regular local duffer, makes 8 witnessed holes-in-ones in 14 weeks. Even Kim Jong-Il is impressed (19)
ESPN Interesting The NHL may have saved half of its viewing audience and even may have gained some fans with the thrilling 2-1 2OT Rangers win on national TV (93)
ESPN Stupid Hoping to build on a tidal wave of recent success, the Chicago Bears sign another U of Florida system-made QB with trouble reading defenses (31)
CNN Obvious Even Peter King agrees that the Browns having the best draft day is one of the signs of the Apocalypse (36)
(Fox Sports) Interesting Former Seattle TE Stevens to drop easy passes in Tampa Bay this year. Says he's ready for the brutal heat and longer happy hours in Florida (13)
( Hero A-Rod finishes historic April with .355 average, 14 HRs and 34 RBIs, all while leading the Yankees to the bottom of the AL East and the third-worst record in baseball (55)
ESPN Cool "We needed the win like a pig needs slop." The unassisted triple play didn't hurt either (w/ video) (12)
ESPN Cool World Cup 2010 contingency plans include the possibility of moving the tournament to the United States (48)
FARK Cool April 30th NHL playoff thread. Senators hosting the Devils, Sharks hosting the Wings, and the 19th Hole Bar & Grill hosting the Leafs (457)
Sports by Brooks Scary NFL Draft day drop costs Brady Quinn $17,000,000; On the bright side, at least he gets to live in Cleveland (77)
Yahoo Hero Arsenal Board of Directors to Stan Kroenke: We will not sell you the team (13)
MSNBC Cool Mark Cuban officially on suicide watch as 8th-seeded Warriors take 3-game-to-1 lead over top-seeded 67-15 Mavericks (94)
( Cool Troy Tulowitzki of the Colorado Rockies turns the 13th unassisted triple play in MLB history (14)

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