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Sun February 27, 2011
Source     Fark Headline Comments
(Daily Kos)   I don't want to be a teacher anymore  (dailykos.com) (515)
(AJC)   Newt Gingrich pledges to help Obama win re-election in 2012  (ajc.com) (141)
(Politico)   Gov. Walker says "collective bargaining has a cost", which will likely be a recall election for most Republicans in Wisconsin  (politico.com) (315)
(Some Guy)   Fox News head Roger Ailes about to be indicted for lying to federal prosecutors  (businessinsider.com) (172)
(CNN)   Arizona Senator claims 'legislative immunity" when arrested for domestic violence. Fark: Cops can't charge him  (cnn.com) (74)
(Daily Kos)   Cue the freakshow: Photos of the unamerican hippies fomenting socalism in Wisconsin  (dailykos.com) (508)
(JSOnline)   Constant shouting matches between Wisconsin asshats and dickheads forces bartender to forbid politics in her bar. Cliff Clavin opens his mouth, then reconsiders  (jsonline.com) (273)
(Newsweek)   Do we still need unions? Yes  (newsweek.com) (105)
(Newsweek)   Do we still need unions? No  (newsweek.com) (75)
(Slate)   Obama is a secret Swiss  (slate.com) (127)
(Wikipedia)   Worried that no-bid contracts of government assets may lead to politicians playing favorites? No need to fear citizen, nothing bad has ever happened with this practice before  (en.wikipedia.org) (74)
(Politifact)   Politifact points out that Rachel Maddow repeatedly made an error. So she offers a graceful, remorseful retraction. Just kidding... she "artfully" edits the video of her remarks  (politifact.com) (170)
(National Review)   Two days ago, Harry Reid (D-ingy) called GOP's short-term budget proposal "extreme." Now he's trying to take credit for it  (nationalreview.com) (74)
(Daily Kos)   Anonymous to start targeting Koch Industries. Shiat just got real  (dailykos.com) (338)
(Washington Post)   After four years of biodegradable paper cups in the dining room, House GOP majority reinstates styrofoam coffee cups. Why not use washable reusable cups? Because the Tea Party feels threatened by china  (voices.washingtonpost.com) (198)

Sat February 26, 2011
(Chicago Tribune)   Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel wastes no time proving he's the man for the job, loses a member of his transition team to ethics violations  (chicagobreakingnews.com) (31)
(MSNBC)   The Obama administration has just been busted collecting bank records, credit card records, flight times, phone records, and credit report files of journalist in the United States who write articles that have unnamed sources  (msnbc.msn.com) (172)
(Daily Kos)   Do you have to work 70 hours per week for poverty pay? If not, thank a union. Is your workplace fairly safe? If so, thank a union. Got benefits? Thank a union. They are the only powerful organized force against the likes of the super rich  (dailykos.com) (413)
(Some Guy)   Your move, Gaddaff...I mean, Walker   (redantliberationarmy.wordpress.com) (721)
(The New York Times)   US officials suggest the recent murder of missionaries by pirates might just perhaps require sterner measures, starting with a blue-ribbon panel to study the future draft findings of the preliminary commision on strongly-worded-letter issuance  (nytimes.com) (60)
(Some Guy)   Keith Olbermann is back. Sort of  (foknewschannel.com) (52)
(Chicago Sun-Times)   Rahm Emanuel celebrates his victory by teaching classes at an inner-city school and putting up with terrible amateur rap  (suntimes.com) (51)
(Washington Post)   Obama signs extension of Patriot Act, the same Act he railed against during his campaign  (washingtonpost.com) (298)
(Washington Post)   Crazy people don't think Glenn Beck is crazy. See comments  T-Shirt  (voices.washingtonpost.com) (108)
(Breitbart.com)   Rand Paul hands Letterman his ass in an economic debate  (bighollywood.breitbart.com) (313)
(The New York Times)   Defense Secretary Gates: "Any future defense secretary who advises the president to again send a big American land army into Asia or into the Middle East or Africa should 'have his head examined,"  (nytimes.com) (93)

Fri February 25, 2011
(Political Wire)   The world's shortest political sex scandal just got longer  (politicalwire.com) (113)
(Yahoo)   In what must have been a cruel hoax, George W. is forced to pull out of Global Leadership Conference in Denver because Julian Assange is invited as well. The organizers must have been setting some sort of Bush trap  (news.yahoo.com) (65)
(Some Solidarity loving guy)   "Union membership is a basic right." Who said this? A. Barack Obama B. William Clinton C. Ronald Reagan. (Bonus points if you can remember which union this person used to be the president of)  (joemygod.blogspot.com) (320)
(Some Guy)   Gaddafi pops up in Tripoli, no word on whether he saw his shadow or not, but it could mean 6 more weeks of protests  (english.aljazeera.net) (34)
(Chicago Sun-Times)   The Wisconsin legislative derp fest has spread to Illinois as Illinois State Rep. Michael Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) will sponsor legislation to impose Illinois state tax on the paychecks of the run-away Wisconsin Democrats  (suntimes.com) (89)
(Wall Street Journal)   Obamacare already ruining health care system  (online.wsj.com) (149)
(Mother Jones)   "America will be a Muslim country by the end of Obama's second term." This is what Teabaggers actually believe  (motherjones.com) (139)
(Talking Points Memo)   Pro-life Harry Reid is as liberal as self-described socialist Bernie Sanders  (tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com) (23)
(Washington Post)   White House set to name openly gay male as social secretary for the first time ever, not that there's anything wrong with that  (voices.washingtonpost.com) (68)
(New York Daily News)   A politician named Weiner, is bothered by a semi-nude NYC statue, which has been standing for more than 50 years  (nydailynews.com) (34)
(CNN)   Presidential hopeful Indiana Gov . Daniels admits to 1970's Princeton drug bust, with confident look that it proves to all his buddies he wasn't always a nerdy dweeb  (politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com) (79)
(WorldNetDaily)   The Christian way to sell a book : 'What do you say we go start slaughtering people so Jesus will come back'  (wnd.com) (75)
(Politico)   Nancy Pelosi edits a DNC honorary resolution on herself for her years as speaker of the House, because there wasn't enough praise of her  (politico.com) (42)
(National Review)   "Democrats have become the party of no. Real cuts to the federal budget? No. Entitlement reform? No. Tax reform? No. Breaking the corrupt and fiscally unsustainable symbiosis between public-sector unions and governments? Hell no"  (nationalreview.com) (193)
(Some Guy)   When the Constitution was ratified, "Interstate Commerce" meant interstate commerce. Case law has effectively changed the meaning of "interstate commerce" to "anything the Supreme Court doesn't reject"  (tenthamendmentcenter.com) (129)
(Some Guy)   Well guess what? EVERYONE is wrong about Wisconsin because nobody knows a farking thing about tax policy. Here is a lesson and you're welcome  (tax.com) (154)
(Some Guy)   Maddow responds to Politifact - I'm right and you just think I'm wrong because I'm gay  (businessinsider.com) (145)
(Think Progress)   Gov. Walker on the campaign trail: "nothing good happens after midnight. That's even more true in politics," Gov Walker today: Congratulations to the Assembly for passing the bill at 1:17 AM  (thinkprogress.org) (78)
(Washington Post)   Remember that guy that asked Rep. Braun who was going to shoot Obama? The Secret Service investigated and closed the case saying it was merely an "elderly person"  (voices.washingtonpost.com) (71)
(People's Republic of Moronia)   No, no, it can't be true (but it is): Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are AFL-CIO members  (naplesnews.com) (169)
(Daily Kos)   Walker goes on Fox News to address the fallout from the "Koch" tapes, manages to insert a Favre-sized boot into mouth  (dailykos.com) (83)
(Yahoo)   Viewing the unrest in Wisconsin, Republican lawmakers in three other states decide that, on second thought, just right now may not be the best time to attack their own unions after all  (news.yahoo.com) (30)
(Outside the Beltway)   We must stop those evil Koch brothers from helping expand individual liberty  (outsidethebeltway.com) (74)
(Politico)   Miracle Whip has a well known liberal bias, according to new ad man, James Carville  (politico.com) (19)
(Vanity Fair)   Proof that Sarah Palin is fiscally conservative, her trip to India will not cost $200 million a day like Obama's did  (vanityfair.com) (27)
(Salon)   How the influential rich steer the government away from real solutions for the economy  (salon.com) (46)
(Some Guy)   Liberals: Poor unions stand no chance against the Koch Brothers political machine. Reality:Since 1989, unions have donated over $500 million to political campaigns, Koch Industries a palty $11 million  (opensecrets.org) (402)
(Washington Post)   Bush's articulation of a freedom agenda for the Middle East was a powerful and essential shift in American foreign policy and deserves credit according to noted fascist right wing Neocon teabagger Republican racist, Fareed Zakaria  (washingtonpost.com) (90)
(The New York Times)   Next we bring back debtor's prison and that will solve all the rest of our budget and unemployment problems  (nytimes.com) (59)
(Yahoo)   While all eyes are on Wisconsin, Montana quietly moves towards secession  (news.yahoo.com) (79)
(Wisconsin Reporter)   Someone took a poll of Wisconsin voters and they mostly agree that they like cheese more than unions or Gov. Walker  (wisconsinreporter.com) (28)
(Some Guy)   Bobby Franklin (R-eally hates women) introduces bill that calls for death penalty for abortions and miscarriages. Also wants rape victims to be called "accusers"  (newser.com) (320)
(WorldNetDaily)   Victoria Jackson: "Clippy, clippy, paper clippies fake rubber sword handstand stolen bird's nest my beautiful fake daughter Muslims Globalists Communists 4 to 40 small business owner Gone with the Wind Obama enemy within"  (wnd.com) (72)
(Yahoo)   Rand Paul confirms that the Tea Party was essentially a sham that would allow people to vote Republican without having to confront what an awful mess the GOP made the last time they were in charge  (news.yahoo.com) (48)
(CNSNews)   Average cost of stimulus jobs allegedly "created or saved": $228,055  (cnsnews.com) (63)
(The New York Times)   "The man who is the GOP's strongest candidate for the presidency" is a guy who took billion dollar surpluses and turned them into billion dollar deficits as governor  (nytimes.com) (37)
(Talking Points Memo)   Not news: Man asks a question. News: At a GOP town hall meeting. Fark: "When is someone going to shoot Obama?"   (tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com) (518)
(The Daily Show)   Jon Stewart interviews Donald Rumsfeld. Interview goes about how you'd expect  (thedailyshow.com) (162)

Thu February 24, 2011
(Bloomberg)   Libya may be kicked off the UN Human Rights Council. In other news, Libya is on the the UN Human Rights Council?  (bloomberg.com) (88)
(Talking Points Memo)   WI GOP senate leader's wife gets layoff notice from Governor Walker  (tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com) (336)
(Daily Kos)   Democrats surrender preemptively on major policy decision. This is not a repeat from always  T-Shirt  (dailykos.com) (77)
(FamousDC)   THE HORROR: Government Shutdown means Congressional staff won't have blackberry service  (famousdc.com) (24)
(Daily Kos)   Somebody call the Pinkertons; General strike planned for WI  (dailykos.com) (258)
(CNN)   New Hampshire Republicans are upset that Sarah Palin chose to go to India before New Hampshire. But how the hell is she going to hunt a snow leopard in Manchester?   (politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com) (28)
(The New York Times)   What 'life on the lam' is like for Wisconsin and Indiana Democrats  (nytimes.com) (62)
(Arizona Star)   Frustrated by hard-right trend of Arizona politics and obsessive focus on anti-abortion and anti-Mexican laws, southern Arizona considers secession to become 51st state of "Baja Arizona" and remain allied with Washington D.C  (azstarnet.com) (88)
(Reason Magazine)   Martin Looney (D-efinitely using his head) proffers bill that would allow citizens to video tape officers with added bonus  (reason.com) (45)
(The Raw Story)   FNC chairman may go to PMITA prison  (rawstory.com) (62)
(BusinessWeek)   Chicago Mayor Rahm Daley announces his transition team  (businessweek.com) (22)
(YouTube) Video The only defense PBS needs or has ever needed  (youtube.com) (271)
(Media Matters)   3 words Subby never expected to hear in a row: Glenn Beck apologizes  (mediamatters.org) (117)
(Courier Press)   Anytime a politician uses the word "elite" you should prepare for a derpstorm, but a governor calling unions "the privileged elite?" Yeah  (courierpress.com) (273)
(Yahoo)   Well, I'll be damned, It looks like Obama IS gonna pay your mortgage, or at least, force the banks to do it  (news.yahoo.com) (148)
(NPR)   Wisconsin spends money for Troopers to hunt down missing Dems and... well, ask them nicely to come back, because they can't be arrested  (npr.org) (331)
(YouTube)   The Community Organizer has not met with 6 of his cabinet members in the first two years of his Presidency. Want to take a stab who has daily access?  (youtube.com) (98)
(Politico)   One more from the "it was only evil when Chimpy McHitlerburton did it": Lobbyists meet with White House bigwigs *near* the White House, so they don't have to go on any official records  (dyn.politico.com) (102)
(Chicago Tribune)   "Emanuel's wife prefers life outside spotlight," exclaims the Chicago Tribune on the front page of their newspaper  (chicagobreakingnews.com) (18)
(Yahoo)   One fo the reasons Obama shifted his stance on the Defense of Marriage Act? Polls shows that wide majorities of voters under 60 don't really give a damn who marries whom anymore  (news.yahoo.com) (129)
(Some Guy)   Perhaps we're asking too much of the White House to take an actual stand on the Libyan violence. Maybe we should expect more modest first steps. Like learning how to spell Libya  (fox40.com) (32)
(Yahoo)   Sarah Palin announces she's planning a trip to India because she's deeply concerned about the plight of Native Americans and plus, she's always loved the movie "Hoosiers"  (news.yahoo.com) (192)
(Pajamas Media)   "James Madison would recoil in horror at the scene now playing out in his namesake town in Wisconsin." I think he'd probably be too horrified at how we're treating New Orleans, or possibly obsessed with playing Angry birds  (pajamasmedia.com) (53)
(Talking Points Memo)   Further proof that our government is run by 2-year-olds. *La la la la la... I can't hear you*  (tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com) (47)
(Colorado Independent)   Colorado introduces bill to reduce the numbers of mentally ill and developmentally disabled prisoners in solitary confinement, presumably because watching them go Mortal Kombat on each other in one big room would be more fun  (coloradoindependent.com) (29)
(CNBC)   Republican plan to slash government spending could reduce US economic growth by 2% this year, according to Soros-backed, Marxist, anti-capitalist, libtard OLIGARH at Goldman Sachs  (cnbc.com) (56)
(Some Guy)   Black Tea Partier taunted by racist SEIU members. Video to the left. Fark liberals' rationalizations to the right  (bigjournalism.com) (255)
(Seattle Times)   Thailand's prime minister admits that he's also British, refuses to answer questions about his Kenyan roots  (seattletimes.nwsource.com) (13)
(Huffington Post)   Actual Headline: Targeting Unions May Cost State $46 Million. Put that in your collective bargaining and smoke it  (huffingtonpost.com) (37)
(YouTube)   Shep Smith and conservative NPR-slaying hero Juan Williams explain how the Democrats and Unions are entirely right about Wisconsin  (youtube.com) (286)
(BBC)   Because it's worked so well as an excuse for other countries in the past, Gaddafi blames Osama Bin Laden  (bbc.co.uk) (66)
(IndyChannel)   "Indiana would look like Illinois if they were still in charge -- flat broke, can't pay its bills, crumbling infrastructure and a business environment everyone wants out of instead of into." Oh snap  (theindychannel.com) (143)
(Yahoo)   Most Amusing revelation to date from the new tell-all book about Sarah Palin: When a phony nude photo of her first surfaced during the 2006 campaign Todd's first reaction was "Is it real?"  (news.yahoo.com) (204)
(Some Guy)   TX Gov. Perry then-"Keep your stimulus money" Now-'''Scuse me, could'ya spare a few shillings fer a crust of bread to fill me tummy and a bit o' coal to warm m'self?"  (wfaa.com) (70)
(Crooks & Liars)   "Is Ethixvai there? Last name Olation"   (videocafe.crooksandliars.com) (24)
(Wisconsin Politics)   State Senator Tim Carpenter (whom I think used to be Captain of Serenity) calls for Gov Walker to resign over Koch block  (wispolitics.com) (388)
(Madison.com)   "The lobbyists for Koch Companies Public Sector registered with the state on January 5, two days after Walker's inauguration." Hm. Hmm. Hmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmm  (host.madison.com) (311)
(Fox News)   If you're wondering why Barack Obama has been so weak on the Libya front, it's because Jeremiah Wright has ties to Quadafi  (nation.foxnews.com) (235)

Wed February 23, 2011
(Politico)   Santorum thinks liberals are being too anal about Christianity's role in the Crusades  (politico.com) (217)
(Talking Points Memo)   Boehner: "The President will have to explain why he thinks now is the appropriate time to stir up a controversial issue. Let's refocus back on undercutting women's reproductive rights and attacking net neutrality laws"  (tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com) (116)
(Some Guy)   Problem: Angry constituents disrupt commissioners meeting. Solution: cut them off every time they get snippy with you  (kdge.com) (36)
(Some Guy)   The great liberal haven of California stands with Governor Walker. Suck it, commies  (sanluisobispo.com) (211)
(Some Guy)   Indiana Deputy AG under investigation for telling the National Guard to kill protesters  (theindychannel.com) (240)
(Providence Journal)   Teacher's union president compares possible layoffs with Pearl Harbor, because they're the same thing  (projo.com) (72)
(The Raw Story)   Fox News reverses poll results to imply anti-union sentiment. Apparently their "zero-tolerance" policy on errors actually consists of multiple zeros following another number  (rawstory.com) (199)
(The Hill)   Tea Party Leader says that it's necessary to "get a little bloody when necessary" in politics. Oh, did I say Tea Party? I meant Democrat  (thehill.com) (362)
(NBC Montana)   Montana Republican doesn't want to disenfranchise anyone, he just wants to take away the Election Day holiday, so the working class won't have time to vote  (nbcmontana.com) (202)
(Yahoo)   The CIA was recently caught top-secretly arming Al-Qaeda to strike US forces to provoke all-out war in the Middle East  (in.news.yahoo.com) (124)
(Crooks & Liars)   Worried about that no-bid sell-off of WI power plants to private industry? Well, don't. The Koch brothers are already hiring new managers for them, so everything will go smoothly  (crooksandliars.com) (102)
(Telegraph)   Ronald Reagan: Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. Barack Obama: Mr. Gaddafi, do you have any Gray Poupon?  (blogs.telegraph.co.uk) (175)
(Examiner)   "Public employee unions are a mechanism by which every taxpayer is forced to fund the Democratic Party"  (washingtonexaminer.com) (219)
(Huffington Post)   Let's cut all funding for drug and alchohol treatment....What could possible go wrong? - Illinois DEMOCRATIC governor  (huffingtonpost.com) (59)
(Mother Jones)   Handy charts, and graphs showing the income inequities in the US. Both real, and perceived  (motherjones.com) (88)
(The Hill)   Following in his father's footsteps, Rand Paul promises to vote "no"  (thehill.com) (13)
(WorldNetDaily)   Obama to create all-transgender army in advance of the Battle of Easter and the War on Christmas. All 4th of July fireworks have been cancelled, and Matlock and Mama's Family have been stripped of their syndication rights  (wnd.com) (47)
(The New York Times)   Nate Silver parses the polls about the Wisconsin union protests. This is bad news, for Governor Walker   (fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com) (32)
(Political Wire)   It's hard to imagine Rick Santorum's "Google problem" getting any worse but the man who started it is going to try  (politicalwire.com) (25)
(Ars Technica)   Glenn Beck: Google and the US government are a force for spreading democracy around the world. And that's a bad thing  (arstechnica.com) (27)
(USA Today)   Tennessee bill that would jail Shariah followers for feet washing and prayers was drafted by Arizona based Society of Americans for National Existence. Cool acronym bro  (usatoday.com) (33)
(IndyStar)   Meanwhile, in Indiana  (indystar.com) (26)
(NewsBusters)   Newsbusters is upset about CNN smearing Santorum  (newsbusters.org) (28)
(USA Today)   Rep. Steve Womack (R-eally?) withdraws amendment attempting to defund Obama's teleprompter  (content.usatoday.com) (51)
(Daily Iowan)   Clearly a Fark-inspired column: "Award the most artistically uninterested child captainship of the red-rover team, and persuade him that his future in the sport is very bright"  (dailyiowan.com) (18)
(Mother Jones)   Indiana Deputy Attorney General on Wisconsin protestors: "Use live ammunition"  (motherjones.com) (316)
(National Review)   National Review asks: "Since Republicans have refused to compromise in Wisconsin, they should refuse to compromise in Washington D.C.?"  (nationalreview.com) (34)
(Breitbart.com)   Wheelchair bound, Purple Heart winning Iraq War vet who was shot 11 times in combat returns to Columbia University to a hero's welcome. Just kidding, his fellow students scream in his face, laugh at him, and call him a racist  (bighollywood.breitbart.com) (159)
(LA Times)   Chris Dodd (R-eally huge jerk) will be paid $1.5 million per year to ruin movies for the foreseeable future  (latimesblogs.latimes.com) (22)
(Boston Globe)   Massachusetts governor reassures public union members that no matter what their minor differences over details of compensation, he will ensure they remain overpaid leeches on society  (boston.com) (75)
(Mother Jones)   Welcome to Georgia. Please listen to the following. For having the child no matter what, press 1. To abort the baby, press 2 and wait for the gas chamber  (motherjones.com) (43)
(YouTube)   WI protesters mock "Faux News" for pointing out Socialist involvement in demonstrations just as Socialists march by... Doesn't get any better than this  (youtube.com) (118)
(YouTube)   Someone prank calls Gov. Walker (R-WI) pretending to be one of the Koch Brothers. Hilarity ensues  (youtube.com) (780)
(Oregon Live)   Oregon Rep. David Wu (D-ude, I'm so farking high) airs regrets, owns up to taking prescription painkillers  (oregonlive.com) (39)
(Some Guy)   Anyone failing to show up for work will have their pay withheld. This includes you Wisconsin Senators  (channel3000.com) (137)
(Politico)   Student: "Mr. Gingrich, isn't it hypocritical to preach family values while screwing around behind your wife's back? Several times." Gingrich: "I believe in a god that absolves me while condemning others"  (politico.com) (136)
(Commentary)   What if Libya had giant, penis-shaped nuclear AIDS weapons of mass WMD destruction that could kill your children and then turn them into gay zombies? You can thank none other than George W. Bush that they don't. Miss him yet?  (commentarymagazine.com) (190)
(Huffington Post)   Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has enjoyed the protests so much he's proposing to make 1,500 people full-time paid protestors with 6,000 more to follow  (huffingtonpost.com) (160)
(Times Union)   Chuck Schumer's latest nanny-stating camera-hogging it's-for-the-children bullshiat stunt: cutting the federal excise tax on small breweries by 50%  (timesunion.com) (25)
(Yahoo)   2011 Word of the Year candidate: Fleebagers. As in, cut and run Democrats. Not so funny now, is it, libs?  (news.yahoo.com) (244)
(Las Vegas Review-Journal)   Senator Harry Reid says ending legal prostitution will bring businesses to Nevada. Doesn't he know capitalism only flourishes when someone is getting screwed?  (lvrj.com) (196)
(USA Today)   Obama: Cleveland is the "tech belt". Also, Youngstown is paradise on earth, Toledo is lovely this time of year, and let us not forget the wondrousness of Akron  (content.usatoday.com) (74)
(Yahoo)   "Requirement that all Americans have health insurance violates the religious freedom of those who rely on God to protect them"  (news.yahoo.com) (86)
(National Review)   Sarah Palin to Miramar Qaud-Daffy: "Tear down your tent and scadoodle, doncha know"  (nationalreview.com) (96)
(Yahoo)   Christine O'Donnell conjuring how to use 'Dancing With the Stars' to pay her rent  (news.yahoo.com) (75)
(CNN)   Libya's interior minister quits to join resistance. By this time Friday, Libya's government to be Gadhafi, some cardboard cutouts of cabinet members, and a janitor being held at gunpoint  (cnn.com) (169)

Tue February 22, 2011
(TwinCities.com)   Take away the glasses, boobs, and down-homey accent and Sarah Palin is really... *pulls off mask*... RICHARD NIXON  (twincities.com) (184)
(USA Today)   Emanuel elected new mayor of Chicago with 107% of the vote  T-Shirt  (usatoday.com) (257)
(CSMonitor)   Yo dawg, I heard you like immunizations. So we immunized immunization companies from immunization lawsuits  (csmonitor.com) (92)
(Some Guy)   Step 1: Citizens United. Step 2: Bust Unions so they can't take advantage of the ruling too. Step 3: You know  (opednews.com) (133)
(Some Guy)   Despite having normal vision, Sarah Palin continues to wear glasses. Why? She thinks it makes her look smart  (politicalwire.com) (170)
(Houston Chronicle)   Zombie Castro says America plans a NATO invasion of Libya to take their oil  (chron.com) (41)
(CNN)   Website used to rally government protestors blocked in: a) Saudi Arabia, b) Jordan, or c) Wisconsin?  (cnn.com) (79)
(WorldNetDaily)   Barack Hussein Alinsky: Secret Russian Jew. And surprisingly, Pat Buchanan has a problem with that  (wnd.com) (31)
(Boston Herald)   Governor of Wisconsin is going to shut. Down. EVERYTHING  (news.bostonherald.com) (395)
(Economist)   Fiscally-conservative House fails to close loophole that gives oil companies $53 billion over next 25 years  (economist.com) (80)
(Some Mistake)   Just in case you haven't lost every last ounce of hope you had in our political system, Michele Bachmann says that Glenn Beck could solve the budget deficit  (minnesotaindependent.com) (80)
(CBS News)   Mike Huckabee: "I may run for president. But if everyone thinks I'm nuts, I may not". So ... he's not running, then?  (cbsnews.com) (61)
(WorldNetDaily)   The best way to battle radical homosexuals is to invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity  (wnd.com) (100)
(MSNBC)   "What's happening in Wisconsin right now is not about a budget. This is about elections. This is about the Republican Party going after the institutions that make it possible for Democrats to win elections in America"  (msnbc.msn.com) (279)
(IndyStar)   Afraid that Wisconsin is getting all the Midwest street cred, Indiana House Democrats flee state in order to stall anti-union legislation  (indystar.com) (420)
(Some Guy)   Hey, remember that mystery missile from last fall? Neither does the US Government, citizen. Move along  (aim.org) (99)
(Mercatus Center)   The federal government straight-up pissed away $190 billion last year, not counting (insert your least-favorite program here)  (mercatus.org) (42)
(Wonkette)   Meet Lou Sarah, Sarah Palin's biggest fan. Who just happens to know all the same people, and like all the same things  (wonkette.com) (145)
(Yahoo)   The massive popular uprising in the middle-western region known as "Wisconsin" seems to be spreading to the neighboring regions of "Ohio" and "Michigan"  (news.yahoo.com) (367)
(Des Moines Register)   Did we overreach in attacking the only group that stands between the working class having nothing and corporations everything?  (desmoinesregister.com) (183)
(Pajamas Media)   "When asked to pull together for the good of the mean, the liberals, the ones who pay the greatest lip service to equality, say NO. When the chips are down, our modern liberals are overcome by their own sense of entitlement"  (pajamasmedia.com) (258)
(Albany Times Union)   If you can't figure out your own cheats, take heart: Charlie Rangel is still sending out tax tips  (blog.timesunion.com) (14)
(VOA)   UN Chief tells Ghadaffi to stop slaughtering Libyan citizens, or he won't believe how strongly worded his next letter will be  (voanews.com) (72)
(Reno Gazette-Journal)   The Reno-Gazette Journal asks the question: Does Harry Reid want to shut down the happiest place on earth?  (rgj.com) (24)
(Chicago Tribune)   Zombie apocalypse begins in Chicago as unknown number of dead arrive at polling places  (chicagotribune.com) (75)
(Fox News)   Depending upon your political affiliation the list to the left is either "the boldest move in the past two years" or "more idiotic drivel from an out of touch GOP"  (foxnews.com) (115)
(Examiner)   "To Democrats, the fight has touched a core issue; anything is justified to preserve union benefits"  (washingtonexaminer.com) (151)
(Talking Points Memo)   Beseiged leader struggling to maintain power in the face of overwhelming popular protests cuts lines of communication in middle east ... er, middle west  (tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com) (61)
(NYPost)   In New York, Republicans and Democrats join in glorious bipartisan harmony...to fark over any chance at budget reform, keep taxes high, kickbacks flowing and cronies fat and happy. But only the side that disagrees with you is bad  (nypost.com) (15)
(Daily Mail)   Looks like Fark is about to get a whole bunch of new members from Illinois  (dailymail.co.uk) (23)
(Washington Post)   Five Myths About Ronald Reagan: #1 "He Was A Bad Actor" Oh come on, I know you want to re-write history, but really?  (washingtonpost.com) (97)
(The Daily Show) Video The Daily Show covers the Wisconsin protests. Suggests that the American workforce is going to get a makeover. They just have to want it enough  (thedailyshow.com) (131)
(Powerline)   Millionaires funding liberal blogs still can't find one person with a rudimentary understanding of how federal judges get their jobs  (powerlineblog.com) (48)
(National Lampoon)   What will happen to PBS if it loses public funding? Expect a mix of clown-car vaginas, Michael Bay science shows and pandering history documentaries  (nationallampoon.com) (162)
(Examiner)   Rush Limbaugh to Michelle Obama: WHAR LETTUS? WHAR?  (examiner.com) (323)

Mon February 21, 2011
(Economist)   Politicians, both liberal and conservative, are of the rich, paid by the rich, and enact policies for the rich. And so far, the rest of the disenfranchised fight amongst themselves instead of trying to change it  (economist.com) (223)
(Daily Kos)   The small print in Governor W's "crush the unions" bill? A huge giveaway of state assets to his corporate backers  (dailykos.com) (310)
(The Atlantic)   Andrew Sullivan, an Obama supporter from back in the day: "To all those under 30 who worked so hard to get this man elected, know this: he just screwed you over. He thinks you're fools"   (andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com) (172)
(Daily Kos)   You know the conventional wisdom that public sector employees are overpaid leeches? Yeah, about that  (dailykos.com) (586)
(Townhall)   Of the 25 members of the Hawaii state senate, meet the one Republican  (townhall.com) (53)
(Washington Post)   "Elections have consequences and so does math. Pretending that public employee unions are the victims and not a major cause of states' fiscal problems is not going to wash"  (voices.washingtonpost.com) (339)
(SFGate)   With GOP sponsored cuts to public radio, many stations will be forced to shutter their doors. Fark: Most are right leaning  (sfgate.com) (70)
(CNN)   Wisconsin Governor: I will not negotiate with my constituents  (cnn.com) (218)
(Huffington Post)   George Soros on Glenn Beck: " Beck projects onto me what his boss Rupert Murdoch is doing with his media empire"  (huffingtonpost.com) (107)
(USA Today)   From the war room: new "Civility Institute" is launching a campaign for civility. The bullet points: they're aiming for a more civil poltical enviornment and targeting those who shoot off their mouths  (content.usatoday.com) (10)
(Politico)   Fundie doesn't like Mormon  (politico.com) (31)
(Some Guy)   Legislation on the table Indiana that would allow you to not be forced into a union and pay dues. You already know who has a problem with this, comrade  (theindychannel.com) (268)
(The Raw Story)   Think that "I'll fight for you in (insert legislative body here)"is a trite campaign line? Not for this guy. (Video)  (rawstory.com) (22)
(Some Guy)   Obama anxious to downplay involvement in Wisconsin protests. Unfortunately, the DNC let the cat out of the bag days ago  (directorblue.blogspot.com) (280)
(Daily Kos)   Teabaggers plan to breitbart Wisconsin  (dailykos.com) (377)
(The Weekly Standard)   Democrats support state senators not showing up for a vote, and then are against Republicans trying to shut down the government. You can't explain that  (weeklystandard.com) (352)
(Geni.com)   Fun President's Day trivia: George Washington is related to every other U.S. president. Him too. And him. Yes, him too. Look, when I said "every president", I meant "every president", OK?  (geni.com) (138)
(USA Today)   Texan Republicans find solution to stop school shootings: Give guns to kids so they can shoot their classmates  (usatoday.com) (733)
(Vindy.com)   Ohio legislator Robert Hagan (D-ipshiat) calls black tea partier "Buckwheat." Was that wrong? Should he not have done that?  (vindy.com) (203)

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