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Sun November 07, 2010
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(Think Progress)   Now that we have a little perspective, what are we to think of Meg Whitman spending $140M of her own money to become a Governor, as opposed to using that insane amount of money for philanthropy?   (yglesias.thinkprogress.org) (288)
(Slate)   Joe Mcginnis, the reporter who moved next to Sarah Palin to spy on her, is now upset that he's now on her "Mama Grizzly" reality show  (slate.com) (95)
(Politico)   Centrist Dems rip "tone-deaf" White House, ignore that the President is a Centrist Dem  (politico.com) (209)
(The New York Times)   United States now has a more unequal distribution of wealth than most banana republics, Gaps and American Apparels  (nytimes.com) (433)
(Washington Post)   Jim Demint says that the GOP sank Christine O'Donnell's chance of election and that it's silly to say that the tea party caused the republicans to lose the Senate  (voices.washingtonpost.com) (63)
(Some Wage Slave)   Americans will not drive across state lines to save five cents on a burger for lunch  (sensen-no-sen.blogspot.com) (64)
(The New York Times)   President Obama, in a New York Times op-ed piece, admits his socialist plot to export more Asian jobs to America  (nytimes.com) (179)
(AL.com)   Some voters were so angry when filling out their ballots, the machines that count the votes couldn't read their scribbles  (blog.al.com) (53)
(The New York Times)   Senator John Cornyn of Texas asks people to send in money to Joe Miller's campaign to pay for a lengthy recount because, you know, bootstrappiness costs money and such  (thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com) (121)
(Politico)   You know who else likes Obama's Afghanistan strategery?  (politico.com) (157)
(CNN)   Sen. Lindsey Graham proposes bomb bomb bombing Iran's navy to stop them from developing nuclear weapons. Apparently blowing up speed boats will have a ripple effect on underground bunkers or something  (cnn.com) (209)
(Daily Kos)   John Boehner's tan is costing America $200 million a day  (dailykos.com) (183)
(YouTube)   MADTV making fun of the Tea Party. Fark: Ten years ago  (youtube.com) (183)
(Yahoo)   Defense Secretary Gates urges lame-duck Congress to repeal lame-ass law before newly elected lame-brains take their seats  (news.yahoo.com) (118)
(Yahoo)   The GOP's 2010 comeback strategy relied heavily on ensuring that the economy did not prosper under the Obama Administration  (news.yahoo.com) (353)
(Huffington Post)   Sarah Palin complains about her lack of privacy on her reality show. Her privacy is important to her, she said on her reality show. Privacy...reality show  (huffingtonpost.com) (144)

Sat November 06, 2010
(The Hollywood Reporter)   TV viewers in America were exposed to approximately 1.48 million political ads, 1 million of which were from Christine O'Donnell denying she was a witch  (hollywoodreporter.com) (30)
(CBC)   Canada is the world's #1 "brand" among countries  (cbc.ca) (302)
(Texas Tribune)   Texas GOP proposes plan to make health care more bootstrappy than ever  (texastribune.org) (185)
(Yahoo)   GOP Governors Association Chairman says if they can't repeal universal heathcare for all Americans, they'll turn it into a useless, expensive boondoggle  (news.yahoo.com) (101)
(YouTube)   Coolest video you'll see this election cycle of what a 60+ seat changeover in the House look like?  (youtube.com) (88)
(Balloon Juice)   "Why do Republicans hate trains? Is this really just a situation in which Democrats and Europeans find values in trains, so therefore it is un-American to ride trains?"  (balloon-juice.com) (338)
(NW Florida Daily News)   If you guessed 'four days after the election' as the first moment the Tea Party claims the newly-elected Republican Party just doesn't get them, step up to claim your prize  (nwfdailynews.com) (101)
(NewsBusters)   Sarah Palin's decision to resign as the governor of Alaska is "like Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick", only with fewer fatalities  (newsbusters.org) (95)
(Google)   In the first 100 years of its existence, the Indian Parliament has never seen a speech given using a teleprompter. Then along came Barack Obama  (google.com) (436)
(Fox News)   One legitimately awesome side effect of the Republicans taking the House: Ron Paul to oversee Federal Reserve  (nation.foxnews.com) (170)
(IBN)   Obama gets $10 billion trade deal; 54,000 US jobs. Obviously, yet another sign of how out of touch he is with the American public  (ibnlive.in.com) (127)
(Washington Post)   Republicans plan to cut the deficit by making the Bush tax cut permanent and exempting the Department of Defense from budget cuts. Surprisingly, just about everyone has a problem with this  (washingtonpost.com) (227)
(Talking Points Memo)   The hope of Net Neutrality took a major blow on Tuesday as 95 of the candidates that pledged support for it lost in the elections   (tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com) (233)
(Fox News)   "... con derpo y wharrgarblos para todos"  (foxnews.com) (125)
(Politico)   Think you've seen the last of Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell? Think again  (politico.com) (110)
(MSNBC)   Rachel Maddow skullfarks MSNBC  (maddowblog.msnbc.msn.com) (477)
(ABC News)   Having solved all of America's problems a few days after taking over the House, the Republicans start turning on each other. "If the moderates in the Republican Party want war, they're going to lose"  (blogs.abcnews.com) (124)
(Washington Post)   Former Dem Senator Bob Kerrey thinks the US needs a COO to actually run the government (suggesting NYC Mayor Bloomberg), in addition to the inexperienced pols we pick as President  (washingtonpost.com) (53)
(Huffington Post)   George W. Bush not only thinks Palin is unqualified for the presidency, he also thinks she lost the race for McCain in 2008  (huffingtonpost.com) (216)
(Slate)   Did health care reform cost the Democrats the House? Yes, but it was worth it  (slate.com) (152)

Fri November 05, 2010
(Daily Kos)   $3 trillion tax cut package: Obama signs. $3.7 trillion tax cut package: Obama vetoes  (dailykos.com) (265)
(Pensito)   GOP propagandists caught on video lying 200 million times about cost of presidential trip  (pensitoreview.com) (237)
(Politico)   John Boehner (R): 'The will of the people is to end earmarks, so lets end earmarks' Mitch McConnell (R): 'No chance in hell'  (politico.com) (153)
(Talking Points Memo)   Hey, anyone notice that cries of 'vote fraud' have disappeared?   (tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com) (209)
(Hot Air)   Keith Olbermann donating thousands of dollars to three Democrats in the midterms violates NBC's stated ethics code for its journalists. Oops  (hotair.com) (671)
(Fox News)   If Fox News is denouncing your ads telling Hispanics not to vote, you've probably gone too far  (foxnews.com) (78)
(Some Guy)   In response to the oft-asked question, here's $343 billion the GOP can cut from federal budget right now  (heritage.org) (532)
(Mother Jones)   If you're an older white Catholic living in the Northeast, you probably swung the election  (motherjones.com) (85)
(Gawker)   Sarah Palin favorites a tweet that links to a picture of a sign about "The blood of Jesus against Obama," our "Taliban Muslim illegally elected President USA: Hussein"  (gawker.com) (416)
(Fox News)   The UN plans to send the US a strongly worded letter  (foxnews.com) (238)
(Yahoo)   AARP was instrumental in securing passage of health care reform. To celebrate, they're hiking their employees' health care premiums due to the law  (news.yahoo.com) (121)
(Philly)   Columnist watches a week's worth of "Countdown" and "O'Reilly Factor" episodes, then smacks his forehead with a hammer to numb the pain  (philly.com) (274)
(The New York Times)   Rasmussen Polls Were Biased and Inaccurate; obvious tag rips the fabric of spacetime and emits a high pitched drone that grants early hominids the ability to create tools   (fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com) (45)
(Some Guy)   The Connecticut governor's race may or may not hinge on recently "discovered" missing ballots that may or may not be authentic  (nbcconnecticut.com) (38)
(WorldNetDaily)   White House: India trip costs about same as Bush and Clinton trips. WorldNetDaily's White House correspondent: "Could you specify which trip President Bush ever took which cost $200 million a day?"  (wnd.com) (628)
(Boston Herald)   George W. Bush reveals his worst drunken moment, which wouldn't even make the top thousand in Ted Kennedy's worst drunken moments  (bostonherald.com) (122)
(Forbes)   Biden's motorcade has been involved in five crashes in the past year - since the Obama administration issued new orders against distracted driving  (blogs.forbes.com) (34)
(wnct.com)   Hawaii is now the state with the highest percentage of single party rule with an 88% Democratic Legislature. Now there's your Blue Hawaii  (www2.wnct.com) (139)
(Some Guy)   Third time is not the charm for Rossi as he concedes to incumbent Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), giving Democrats their 52nd seat in the Senate  (theolympian.com) (105)
(Yahoo)   Obama: "Ok GOP, let's work together on major issues, and get shiat done in the next two years." GOP: " Haha no, our only goal is to not get you re-elected"  (news.yahoo.com) (706)

Thu November 04, 2010
(The New York Times)   If you invested $100k on Obama's Inauguration Day, today it would be worth about $177k if invested in NASDAQ. But nevermind that, Obama is destroying capitalism and he must be defeated   (opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com) (183)
(American Conservative)   New fiscally responsible GOP chair of House Armed Service Committee ready to make difficult budget cuts mandated by voters. Just kidding, he wants to raise military spending across the board and reopen previously closed pork projects  (amconmag.com) (143)
(The Register)   US census takers find that Americans are much bigger assholes than they were ten years ago  (theregister.co.uk) (100)
(BBC)   If Israel won't come to the Hague, the Hague will come to Israel  (bbc.co.uk) (159)
(Talking Points Memo)   Take one made-up fact about Obama. Add a crazy Republican. Rinse. Repeat  (tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com) (358)
(MSNBC)   American Crossroads and other outside groups enabled by the Citizens United decision spent $38 million on ads attacking Democrats, and are now gloating about their ability to influence elections  (today.msnbc.msn.com) (217)
(Telegraph)   For our edification: the origins of the word "shellacking" that the President used yesterday  (blogs.telegraph.co.uk) (68)
(Politico)   The New Zealand Prime Minister was very happy to get to hang out with American President Hillary Clinton  (politico.com) (16)
(Daily Kos)   This stat says it all: Percent of Dem losses: Progressives 5%, Blue Dogs 45%. Percent of members returning: Progressives 95%, Blue Dogs 46%  (dailykos.com) (449)
(Wall Street Journal)   Republicans are crazy. Crazy like a fox. A retarded fox in the middle of traffic while everyone else is looking for a wolf, but you get my drift  (online.wsj.com) (118)
(Komo)   Washington State voters will learn the hard way that actions have consequences  (komonews.com) (462)
(RealClearPolitics)   The real reason the Democrats had so many losses in the election - you're racist  (realclearpolitics.com) (100)
(Politico)   What Russ Feingold said: I have "no interest" in challenging Obama in 2012. What Russ Feingold means: I want Biden's spot  (politico.com) (69)
(Politico)   Eric Cantor lays out gameplan for GOP House Majority, fails to realize his gameplan will only work in the magical world of rainbows, unicorns, and leprechauns with pots of gold  (politico.com) (189)
(National Journal)   Obama invites Boehner over for Slurpees. 7-11 goes wild  (nationaljournal.com) (51)
(The Next Right)   "In the House, there was a tactical realignment, as seats Democrats held for personal reasons now give way to natural conservative Republican-held strongholds we'll hold for a long time"  (thenextright.com) (169)
(Talking Points Memo)   Republicans managed to elect some new congressmen who make Michele Bachmann (R-Crazytown) look reasonable   (tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com) (80)
(Telegram)   Candidate sues opponent for calling her a member of a corrupt government, in the pocket of unions, and creator of high-paying patronage jobs. Defense will rest after pointing out she is an admitted Massachusetts Democrat  (telegram.com) (13)
(Bloomberg)   Obama quickly tosses 'cap and trade' under the bus, "cap-and-trade was just one way of skinning the cat"  (bloomberg.com) (305)
(Washington Post)   Relax, citizen. Pay no attention to the Pentagon giving over $3 billion in contracts to companies that nobody can say exactly who owns  (washingtonpost.com) (163)
(MSNBC)   The new GOP majority faces a tough choice: To go with whargabal or derp  (msnbc.msn.com) (219)
(AccessAtlanta)   Bristol Palin forgot to send in her absentee ballot. She's in trouble now, sorry mom  (accessatlanta.com) (222)
(CBS News)   No winner in Alaska Senate election until Thanksgiving because write-in candidate Murkowski's name may not have been spelled properly  (cbsnews.com) (173)
(CNN)   While they were busy saving Oklahoma from Sharia law, state legislators may have also invalidated the use of the Ten Commandments as a political tool. Hero, Follow-up tag look at each other, confused  (news.blogs.cnn.com) (378)
(Chicago Tribune)   Blago's successor will most likely win by a hair. Bonus: picture of Quinn volunteer giving poll worker a creepy look  (chicagotribune.com) (23)
(LA Times)   Connecticut Sec of State: Dem wins Governor's race. AP: Rep candidate got more votes. Connecticut Sec of State: Uhm, let me get back to you on that  (latimes.com) (48)
(Daily Mail)   Remember that we've gotta tighten our belts to get through this economy. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to book the Taj Mahal  (dailymail.co.uk) (359)
(MSNBC)   If the reason the midterms went to the right is because of the tea party, why did only 32% of their candidates win  (firstread.msnbc.msn.com) (166)
(AEI)   Europeans mystified by Tea Party, can't conceive of protestors pushing for less government, not burning things  (blog.american.com) (328)

Wed November 03, 2010
(Some guys on facebook)   This election, in a nutshell (Pic)  (i.imgur.com) (297)
(CBS News)   Obama before election: We're never going to restore all the Bush tax cuts. Never, never, never. Obama after the election: Extend the Bush tax cuts? What a swell idea  (cbsnews.com) (141)
(Huffington Post)   Carl Paladino surprises everyone by giving a quiet, thoughtful and contrite concession speech. Just kidding; he threatened to hit Governor-Elect Cuomo with a baseball bat  (huffingtonpost.com) (85)
(CBS News)   Aides to Rep. Michele Bachmann (Real-american) confirm that the two-term Republican is going to make a run at GOP leadership when Congress returns and hold leadership elections later this month  (cbsnews.com) (135)
(Some Guy)   Did yesterday's election results depress you but not quite cause you to lose all faith in the lectorate? Then this'll help: Ben Quayle, Dan's idiot frat-boy son, is now a member of Congress  (azfamily.com) (215)
(Hot Air)   Alan Grayson (D-feated) concedes to GOP opponent with class and dignity...ah, just kidding, he blames "gerrymandering"  (hotair.com) (153)
(The Atlantic)   The first test of the new GOP House will be whether they will raise the debt ceiling. Will this be the first Congress in history to force a US bankruptcy and send the global economy into an apocalypse?   (andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com) (380)
(Boston Herald)   Alaska's LT. Governor says write-in votes for "Joe Miller" won't be counted towards GOP senate candidate Joe Miller, because Joe miller was on the Ballot, but NOT on the list of approved write-in candidates. Got that?  (bostonherald.com) (274)
(Rasmussen Reports)   The electorate is trolling itself. 59% are already disappointed in who they voted for  (rasmussenreports.com) (139)
(New York Magazine)   MTV Real World cast member now a Member of Congress  (nymag.com) (60)
(The New York Times)   Only 460 shopping days to the Iowa caucuses   (fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com) (27)
(The New York Times)   And the worst attempt to defeat a Democrat goes to Cam Cassavo (R-HI), who had a Rasmussen poll showing him only down 13 points against Senator Inouye, enough to make a possible upset. In reality he lost by over 50   (fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com) (106)
(Reason Magazine)   Three reasons this election didn't change a thing  (reason.com) (135)
(Talking Points Memo)   Senate minority leader admits the next two years' legislative strategy will be identical to the last two years': Do what Republicans want or else  (tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com) (137)
(CNN)   O'Donnell claims victory. That word does not mean what she thinks it means  (cnn.com) (126)
(Minneapolis Star Tribune)   There are two seasons in Minnesota: Election Season and Recount Season  (startribune.com) (31)
(Washington Post)   You know what happened after the last time Republicans had a House majority of this size? The Great Depression   (voices.washingtonpost.com) (179)
(Think Progress)   Last night wasn't a repudiation of 'liberal overreach' so much as a collective 'get off my lawn'  (yglesias.thinkprogress.org) (127)
(Yahoo)   Chris Matthews calls Michelle Bachmann on her BS, asks her if now that her party has subpoena power she'll open that investigation into the "Un-American attitudes" of her colleagues like she promised in 2008  (wsapi16.g.ent.ac4.yahoo.com) (118)
(Yahoo)   Pundits differ on how bad last night's Democratic losses were, specifically whether they were a bloodbath, a massacre, a hurricane, an earthquake, a tsunami, a mass extinction, or the Apocalypse  (news.yahoo.com) (410)
(NYPost)   America's most pissed-off Democrat today? Chuck (Normally I Love The Mic But If You Ask Me About Harry Reid I'll Cram It So Far Up Your Keister You'll Start Making Peter Frampton Sound Effects) Schumer  (nypost.com) (68)
(The Atlantic)   The GOP plans to hold high profile hearings examining the alleged "scientific fraud" behind global warming, a sleeper issue in this election that motivated the base quite a bit  (andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com) (315)
(Flickr)   Caption what President Obama is saying to presumptive Speaker-elect John Boehner  (flickr.com) (123)
(Huffington Post)   Old & busted: dead voters elect a Democrat. New hotness: voters elect a dead Democrat  (huffingtonpost.com) (76)
(CQ Politics)   John Kerry says Harry Reid is both Dracula and Lazarus, making him the first vampire resurrected by Jesus to win re-election as Senate Majority Leader  (blogs.cqpolitics.com) (76)
(Palm Beach Post)   Election results delayed due to worker error in Palm Beach County. This is not a repeat from 2000  (palmbeachpost.com) (93)
(Fox News)   While you were drowning your sorrows with a cheap bottle of whiskey, Nancy Pelosi was picking a new seat in the back of the room  (foxnews.com) (388)
(Yahoo)   Blue Dogs get neutered, currently considering Neuticle options  (news.yahoo.com) (200)
(The Newspaper)   Another big loser at the ballot box: robots  (thenewspaper.com) (10)
(LA Times)   Prop 19 puffs, puffs, doesn't pass  T-Shirt  (latimes.com) (371)
(New York Daily News)   Cuomo (D) elected governor of New York. This is not a repeat from 1982  (nydailynews.com) (70)
(Huffington Post)   Obama: My agenda 'all at risk' if GOP wins the House. Yeah duh, that is the point the voters are making  (huffingtonpost.com) (548)
(The Daily Beast)   Five best moments from MSNBC's apocalyptic, tingle-free election night coverage  (thedailybeast.com) (111)
(SacBee)   Whitman outbid by Brown  (sacbee.com) (108)
(Some Guy)   Oklahomans can rest easy tonight knowing that no local judges will be stoning people in the near future  (ksdk.com) (85)
(Chicago Sun-Times)   Not news: Fire dept posts "Time for a change" sign reminding you to change your smoke detector batteries along with your clocks this weekend. FARK: it gets reported as electioneering  (suntimes.com) (17)
(LA Times)   Nevadans decide Angle too obtuse  T-Shirt  (latimes.com) (202)
(MSNBC)   In his new memoir, former president Bush reveals he seriously considered changing VPs before the 2004 election-but when he checked with Cheney to see if that would be okay he said "no"  (today.msnbc.msn.com) (33)
(Mediaite)   Obama is okay with Jon Stewart calling him "Dude", would also accept "His Dudeness", "Duder", or "El Duderino", if you're not into the whole brevity thing  (mediaite.com) (80)
(Providence Journal)   Lincoln Chafee wins Rhode Island. Well, that's not a very nice prize  (wpri.com) (29)

Tue November 02, 2010
(CBS News)   Republicans regain control of House, vow to fire Robert Sean Leonard (Election thread III, late night edition)  (cbsnews.com) (lots)
(MSNBC)   Looks like we've got a Boehner in the House  (firstread.msnbc.msn.com) (212)
(WIVB)   VOTES... IN... SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE  (wivb.com) (21)
(LA Times)   "If indications hold true, voters Tuesday will deliver a powerful rebuke to the Obama administration and its plans to transform America. Also, "Toy Story 3" will come out on DVD. These two events are not unrelated"  (latimes.com) (204)
(Power Line)   Your tax dollars at work: NEH-sponsored conference focuses on war as a tool of American imperialist agression. Fark: World War II  (powerlineblog.com) (65)
(Huffington Post)   Michelle Bachmann defies all odds and comes up with a new way to humiliate Minnesota  (huffingtonpost.com) (106)
(Examiner)   Peace activists from Quaker Peace Center denied entrance to the United States. HA HA  (examiner.com) (77)
(Houston Chronicle)   I'm neither a witch nor a US Senator  (chron.com) (101)
(MSNBC)   That's Senator Aqua Buddha to you. Suck it Marcos Moulitsas and Keith Olbermann  (firstread.msnbc.msn.com) (218)
(Politico)   Remember the "Don't Vote" ad targeting Hispanics pushed by Hispanics for Reform? I'll give you three guesses what the creator of the advertisement did by absentee ballot  (politico.com) (33)
(The Atlantic)   Blogger assembles a bunch of examples of Democrats cutting the deficit to argue that Democrats don't cut the deficit. This is how Republicans actually debate  (theatlantic.com) (18)
(Daily Caller)   Members of New Black Panthers Party seen standing outside of Philadelphia polling place. I would say this is not a repeat of 2008, except it seems to be the same guy and polling place  (dailycaller.com) (151)
(Washington Post)   Breitbart Breitbarts himself out of ABC election coverage  (voices.washingtonpost.com) (83)
(Some Guy)   Dear California, before casting your vote on Prop 19, please remember the real victim of legalization... British Columbia  (ottawacitizen.com) (140)
(NPR)   Will Meek inherit America's wang? Will teabagging your opponent prove to be useful, or just a little gay? Will the anti-masturbation witchcraft jokes end? Will Boehner finally swell in the ranks of the Senate? (Closed thread)  (npr.org) (¾)
(National Review)   Detailed analysis shows the Stimulus didn't do jack. Warning: Math  (nationalreview.com) (77)
(National Review)   Democrats getting slaughtered in Wisconsin. "At this point it seems the question is not if Johnson can send Feingold packing, but by how much? "  (nationalreview.com) (105)
(Reason Magazine)   "It seems neither party can help itself from going on benders. It needs the other party to lock up the liquor supply." So vote Redrunklican or Demoplastered  (reason.com) (17)
(Politico)   Hispanic candidates are poised to make historic gains Tuesday - on the Republican ticket  (politico.com) (47)
(Washington Post)   On election day 16 years ago, Bill Clinton was freaking out and completely demoralized in the face of a Republican wave. Obama? Calm and cool and ready to move forward  (voices.washingtonpost.com) (88)
(Fox News)   Should the17th Amendment to the constitution be repealed? Some Republican candidates think it should  (foxnews.com) (189)
(The Tennessean)   Medi-Share, a faith-based alternative to health insurance, relies on socialism and telling members what they can do with their bodies  (tennessean.com) (74)
(The Digital Journal)   "Those who rely on Fox News are more inclined to believe rumours"  (digitaljournal.com) (65)
(USA Today)   Obama: OK, maybe "enemies" was the wrong word to use to describe Republicans. How about "douchebags"?  (content.usatoday.com) (94)
(Vanity Fair)   Thanks to Cher, it is now possible to say Sarah Palin is dumb without being a woman-hater  (vanityfair.com) (73)
(Talking Points Memo)   Rosanne Cash to John Boehner: "Stop using my dad's name as a punchline, you asshat"   (tpmlivewire.talkingpointsmemo.com) (67)
(The Weekly Standard)   A tale of two countries. One tried to spend its way out of the recession, one didn't. Let's see who is in better shape  (weeklystandard.com) (164)
(Daily Kos)   When watching exit poll data tonight, keep in mind that the results were already decided  (dailykos.com) (89)
(Yahoo)   Leading GOP figure promises that all those independant, mavericky TEA party candidates will magically be transformed into obedient, party line-towing Republicans if they win today  (wsapi30.g.ent.ac4.yahoo.com) (81)
(LA Times)   Actual headline: "Election will test accuracy of polls"  (mobile.latimes.com) (46)
(Pensito)   Un-Enthusiasm Gap: At least 5% of voters disapprove of, but plan to vote for, Republicans - means GOP may get majority but no mandate  (pensitoreview.com) (124)
(Some Guy)   Glenn Beck jumps on the Jon Stewart bandwagon. Wait, what?  (politicususa.com) (88)
(Talking Points Memo)   Minnesota teabaggers love America so much they're telling their followers to ignore a Federal Judge's anti-electioneering ruling   (tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com) (383)
(Daily Caller)   Sarah Palin on Politico criticism of her: "They're a bunch of child-molesting, anti-dentite, chain-smoking porn producers." Gold, Jerry. Gold  (dailycaller.com) (148)
(Washington Post)   "The fierce stupidity of this woman is hard to comprehend." Go ahead, guess  (washingtonpost.com) (152)
(SMH)   Way down under they have a tradition, it's the election night Limerick mission. There will be political duels, between rhyme making fools, and it is certain that there will be no contrition [Fark election Limerick thread]  (smh.com.au) (222)
(USA Today)   You know how the Rally to Restore Sanity had three times the attendees of Glenn Beck's Derpathon? Well, throw another two million television viewers on top of that  (usatoday.com) (276)
(Reuters)   Bomb goes off at Swiss Embassy in Athens, injuries remain neutral  (reuters.com) (49)
(Washington Monthly)   "I vote for the person and not the party," suggests you're not concerned with policy differences, policy visions, or agendas, but rather, are principally concerned with "personalities"   (washingtonmonthly.com) (72)
(Some Guy)   NAACP to watch Tea Party to watch NAACP to watch Tea Party to watch NAACP at polls  (wiod.com) (37)
(SacBee)   If you live in California and were planning on using your state-issued welfare debit card to finance your bachelor party, it's time for Plan B  (sacbee.com) (25)
(Fox News)   Fox News warns that Jon Stewart shiat upon Fark.com. LOL WUT  (foxnews.com) (π)
(The Daily Beast)   The Republican Party has corrupted the last good and noble profession left: Game Show Hosts  (thedailybeast.com) (45)
(Yahoo)   Democrats' last hope: Sarah Palin  (news.yahoo.com) (26)
(Huffington Post)   Keith Olbermann is not The Worst Person In The World tonight, as he announces he's shutting down that segment in the wake of Jon Stewart's rally  (huffingtonpost.com) (131)
(Washington Post)   "There isn't a single Republican leader, in Congress or among the party's 2012 hopefuls, who has the power to disobey an order from Beck - or Rush Limbaugh, O'Reilly or Hannity"  (washingtonpost.com) (254)

Mon November 01, 2010
(Washington Post)   We need to publicly finance our elections. Not because of bribery or influence or corruption, but simple because our legislatures spend so much time raising money they don't have any time for governing  (voices.washingtonpost.com) (103)
(Daily Kos)   NH Democratic phone lines not working: This is not a repeat from 2002  (dailykos.com) (71)
(Some Guy)   Morgan Freeman: 'I am victim of Shawshank Deception'  (abclocal.go.com) (64)
(The New York Times)   A 16-year study shows that minimum wage laws do not lead to greater unemployment, but do lead to real income gains and lower employee turnover  (economix.blogs.nytimes.com) (228)
(The Daily Beast)   Tomorrow's GOP landslide will be built on "the big lie" that the Stimulus didn't work  (thedailybeast.com) (183)
(Wall Street Journal)   So if the "Crossfire" guys stopped, stopped, stopped, stopped hurting America 5½ years ago, why didn't sanity come back?  (online.wsj.com) (63)
(CBS News)   GOP: We made a monster now we must kill it before it kills us  (cbsnews.com) (295)
(Washington Post)   TV station "forgets" to air Christine O'Donnell's bought and paid-for, 30-minute infomercial. Twice. Now be a good little citizen, move along, and follow the narrative  (washingtonpost.com) (129)
(Reason Magazine)   26 of California's 30 biggest newspapers have run editorials on Prop 19. All 26 are opposed. Which puts the liberal media to the right of National Review and the Economist  (reason.com) (117)
(OTB)   Remember how unpolled cell phone-only voters were going to save Democrats from electoral disaster? Yeah, about that  (outsidethebeltway.com) (87)
(Huffington Post)   Sure, he's not very bright, but he's attractive, has great hair, and he won't commit to a full term as Governor. Is Rick Perry the next Sarah Palin?  (huffingtonpost.com) (49)
(Slate)   Republican congress will deliver for the Tea Party just like they delivered anti-abortion, anti-spending, and anti-gay legislation for the social conservatives  (slate.com) (82)
(NPR)   Family Research Council on the "It Gets Better" campaign: It only gets better if you stop doing butt stuff  (npr.org) (159)
(Some Guy)   7 reasons you shouldn't vote for Christine O'Donnell, according to a sex doll. Includes gems like, "she reminds me of a semi-shaved Monchichi, and it creeps me out" (Not safe for work)  (parisintimates.com) (25)
(Politico)   Joe Manchin (D-esperate) feels very strongly that West Virginia voters should know what good friends he is with Sarah Palin  (politico.com) (25)
(NPR)   "Independents just vote for whoever is out of power." Voting for lulz as it were  (npr.org) (229)
(Daily Kos)   Beware, GOP: Tomorrow's voter is 14, half-Jewish, apparently gay for Jon Stewart, and loves kitty litter cake  (dailykos.com) (30)
(CBS News)   Since 1985, the top five percent have gained more wealth than the whole human race had created prior to 1980  (cbsnews.com) (120)
(Daily Kos)   Obama's revenge upon Nevada for dumping Reid will be dumping nuclear waste in their backyard. Not a bad deal  (dailykos.com) (62)
(Philly)   A lot more people will biatch about politics as usual than the number who show up to actually vote  (philly.com) (105)
(Daily Caller)   Most of the attendees interviewed at the weekend comedy show don't know who they are voting for but whoever it is it will be a Democrat  (dailycaller.com) (60)
(Yahoo)   Sarah Palin proclaims "you blew it, President Obama", presumably referring to his failure to follow her example and quit halfway through his term and make millions criticizing other politicans while offering no real solutions himself  (wsapi13.g.ent.ac4.yahoo.com) (367)
(Boston Globe)   Democrats: "We've got way too much spending from secretive anonymous donors." The Media: "But what about all the spending from open and transparent donors?" Democrats: "You're not even on topic?‼"  (boston.com) (85)
(Crooks & Liars)   Dick Armey accuses Colbert and Stewart of "militant vilification" of everyone they disagree with. Strangely, this accusation was not delivered in a power-point, because he was certainly projecting at the time  (videocafe.crooksandliars.com) (100)
(Huffington Post)   Just in time for the holidays The Album "Rent is Too Damn High" FINALLY Releases tomorrow  (huffingtonpost.com) (11)
(Washington Times)   Between them, FOX News and CNN have 62 correspondents covering Election Night. This still does not mean they will get anything right  (washingtontimes.com) (21)
(YouTube)   Fox & Friends unbiasedly report on the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Just kidding, they make fun of Jon Stewart  (youtube.com) (514)
(military.com)   DoD's Dept of Blindingly Obvious Studies suggests that younger generation of troops is more tolerant of homosexuals  (military.com) (29)
(NPR)   Clowns offended at being compared to politicians, even though both scare adults  (npr.org) (32)
(Some Guy)   North Carolina house candidate Randy Wolfe (D-runk) takes his campaign web site offline after getting a DUI arrest Saturday and another Sunday  (www2.journalnow.com) (125)
(CNN)   Brazilians wax ecstatic over their first female President  T-Shirt  (edition.cnn.com) (158)
(The New York Times)   Sen. Reid promises immigration vote after mid-term elections. It's good to know he's been planning his life after retirement   (thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com) (216)

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