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Sun May 31, 2009
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(CBC) Stupid Proposed Canadian law would allow victims of terrorism to sue individuals, organizations or even foreign states that support terrorism  (cbc.ca) (115)
(YouTube) Obvious In a hastily called press conference, Republican leaders announce their opposition to Supreme Court nominee Jesus Christ  (youtube.com) (91)
(Some President) Obvious Top 30 quotes of the man who represented what the term "Republican" used to stand for. Let's all have a moment of silence  (quotationspage.com) (393)
(Baltimore Sun) Sad Toner, ex-aide to Eisenhower and Nixon, dies, will be shaken and reinserted to work a few more days  T-Shirt  (baltimoresun.com) (26)
(Daily Express) Followup Conservative talk show host Michael Savage sues the British Home Secretary for £100,000 after she called him a terrorist  (express.co.uk) (225)
(Some Guy) Interesting The official manual of South Carolina's Legislature continues to label some of the state's former politicians as "Negro" or "scalawag". Surprisingly no one has a problem with this  (wbaltv.com) (32)
(Politico) Interesting Move over Oprah, the new book seller on the block is none other than your pal Barack  (politico.com) (89)
(UPI) Followup Mustard got you hot? TelePrompTers have you seeing red? Get ready for the GOP's next outrage: Obama's Broadway date  (upi.com) (477)

Sat May 30, 2009
(Fox News) Obvious "Berlusconi blocks photos of topless girls at his house." Not "block" in the sense of not allowing photos or topless girls at his house; more like, "No, you can't print photos of topless girls at my house"  (foxnews.com) (62)
(Reuters) Unlikely Obama asks Australia to take Guantanamo detainees. Put another shrimp on the Abu Ghraib-y  (reuters.com) (75)
(Some Guy) Obvious Obama fulfills yet another campaign promise that helped get him elected. Just kidding, he completely reverses himself on a late Friday afternoon  (redstate.com) (185)
(New York Daily News) Asinine Rangel advises Obama not to go to Harlem without ID because of mistaken shooting of lone, plainclothes cop brandishing weapon. Which is, of course, very similar to a Presidential entourage  (nydailynews.com) (63)
(Daily Kos) Cool "You guys are a-holes to the nth degree, driving partisan divisionism to new heights." Daily Kos hate-mail of the week  (dailykos.com) (135)
(State Journal-Register) Unlikely Ted Rall: "It's increasingly evident that Obama should resign"  (sj-r.com) (374)
(Mercury News) PSA Attention marijuana growers: 220 California state parks will be available for planting your crop this year. Don't forget to pass the cost savings on to your customers  (mercurynews.com) (98)
(UPI) Stupid Fresh off the breathless reporting yesterday that Obama bought a cheeseburger comes breaking news that he and Michelle are going to watch a Broadway play. It's like Obama sees the entire media as one big Twitter account  T-Shirt  (upi.com) (70)
(Yahoo) Obvious GOP divided over tone of Sotomayor debate. They can't decide between sounding like "petulant douchebags" and "spittle-flecked raving lunatics"  (fe7.story.media.ac4.yahoo.com) (287)
(Daily Kos) Amusing After Tom Tancredo (R-aving Loon) says he doesn't know if Barack Obama hates whites, DailyKos plays the "I don't know if Tom Tancredo has stopped beating his wife" game  (dailykos.com) (133)
(ABC News) Interesting Bill Clinton's views on gay marriage evolving, especially when it involves two chicks  T-Shirt  (blogs.abcnews.com) (30)
(Jezebel.com) Fail "Young Cons" rap about their principles. Because if there's one thing college-age white boys know, it's how to spit some rhymes  (jezebel.com) (133)
(Huffington Post) Fail Organization dedicated to preserving the traditional definition of Marriage, apparently unable to protect the traditional spelling of "marraige."  (huffingtonpost.com) (58)

Fri May 29, 2009
(Huffington Post) Fail The state of journalism today: Classified ad sumitted to newspaper that says "May Obama follow in the steps of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy". Newpaper: We didn't make the historical connection  (huffingtonpost.com) (201)
(Pravda) Obvious You know you might be doing it wrong if a online Russian propaganda news site alarmingly says your country is adopting Marxism at ludacris speed  (english.pravda.ru) (163)
(Daily Kos) Fail Newt Gingrich says if Sotomayor is confirmed, then the Civil War was meaningless and fought in vain  (dailykos.com) (362)
(Some Guy) Amusing Illinois lawmakers are busy handling the most pressing issues on their scheduled final few days of work. A new state budget. Ethics reform. Bowling shoe safety  (rrstar.com) (16)
(Think Progress) Stupid Conservatives continue to offer up an intelligent, reasoned debate about Sotomayor's nomination. Just kidding, G. Gordon Liddy says he hopes that the key conferences aren't when she's menstruating  (thinkprogress.org) (278)
(NBC Action News) Amusing President Obama is turning into Mayor McCheese  (nbcwashington.com) (230)
(The Tennessean) Interesting The Tennessee legislature is going to let you carry your gun into bars, whether the governor likes it or not  (tennessean.com) (255)
(Reuters) Stupid Venezuelans treated to four day Chavezapalooza on all media outlets  (reuters.com) (69)
(USA Today) Scary In combined federal government and personal debt, every American household is on the hook for $668,621. So get back to work and don't even think about retiring or dying, chuckles  (usatoday.com) (170)
(Boston Globe) Amusing Anarchists terrorize New Hampshire town. Fark: By doing each other's nails and holding puppet shows without a license  (boston.com) (69)
(AFP) Interesting Prospective head of UNESCO, the UN's cultural agency, being opposed because he's not a big fan of Jewish culture. Which is actually the default position for the UN  (news.yahoo.com) (133)
(The Newspaper) Scary Welcome to Texas. This trip may be recorded for quality assurance purposes  (thenewspaper.com) (80)
(Reason Magazine) Obvious How the political-media industrial complex operates: "The scare story is the easiest to tell, and sell. It requires no falsifying, no comprehensive analysis of state spending, just selected horror stories"  (reason.com) (44)
(Media Matters) Dumbass Turd Blossom claims that Alito did not like working with Sotomayor on the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. One little problem there: Alito came from the 3rd Circuit Court  (feeds.mediamatters.org) (157)
(Daily Kos) Obvious Conservative columnist explains why empathy is perhaps the most important quality in a judge, tells his fellow Republicans to STFO and GBTW  (dailykos.com) (398)
(Jerusalem Post) Obvious Abbas would like US to push out Netanyahu, states: "If you change your mind, I'm the first in line. Honey I'm still free. Take a chance on me"  T-Shirt  (jpost.com) (110)
(Gawker) Followup Did Mancow fake his waterboarding, subsequent conversion for free publicity? I ask you, would a radio shock jock do that?  (gawker.com) (221)
(Post and Courier) Ironic President Obama is blasted by the NAACP for honoring racists. Bonus: Godwin'd in the opening sentence  (postandcourier.com) (233)
(CBS News) Spiffy Arnold, what is best in life? To crush your political opponents, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the potheads  (cbsnews.com) (118)
(CNN) Obvious Dubya jumps on board Dick's Happy Fun Time Torture Techniques Party Bus  (cnn.com) (82)
(Google) Scary Top military official suggests there is good reason to build up troops in Korea  (google.com) (251)
(Yahoo) Interesting Top military official suggests there is no reason to build up troops in Korea  (fe16.story.media.ac4.yahoo.com) (31)
(RealClearPolitics) Interesting Did Obama set a trap for the GOP?  (realclearpolitics.com) (366)

Thu May 28, 2009
(ScienceBlogs) Cool Texas legislature does the right thing, refusing to confirm a creationist as the head of the state board of education  (scienceblogs.com) (400)
(Reason Magazine) Stupid Zimbabwe's main consumer rights group working to get GMO food banned as nation starves. In other news, Zimbabwe has main consumer rights groups. In other news, Zimbabwe has consumers  (reason.com) (98)
(The Weekly Standard) Silly In his memoir, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Vegas), a devout Mormon, says he thinks George W. Bush is the "b" word that Fark filters  (weeklystandard.com) (102)
(Think Progress) Obvious In stunning development, Bill O'Reilly turns out to have no clue what he's talking about  (thinkprogress.org) (94)
(NBC Bay Area) Dumbass Georgia reporter forcibly removed from the tarmac after trying to give President Obama a letter urging him to preserve traditional marriage (w/ pic)  (nbcbayarea.com) (371)
(MSNBC) Followup The Abu Ghraib photos the White House doesn't want released? Apparently they depict rape, torture and rape  (msnbc.msn.com) (708)
(LA Times) Obvious Public reaction to Sotomayor is more positive than negative, which isn't that surprising when you consider all the public knows about her is she's a Hispanic woman  (latimes.com) (222)
(Time) Hero Defense Secretary Robert Gates tells members of Congress that their pet projects suck donkey balls and they should focus their attention on the urgent needs of the soldiers in the field  (time.com) (340)
(Five Thirty Eight) Obvious Yes, most of the dealerships closed down in the Chrysler bankruptcy donated Republican. So did most of the dealerships that remained open  (fivethirtyeight.com) (376)
(AP) Unlikely California wants the federal government to guarantee its loans. In other news, Lindsay Lohan wants the government to guarantee her sobriety  (apnews.myway.com) (313)
(Wasilla Frontiersman) Asinine Palin's hometown newspaper isn't afriad to ask the hard questions. Such as will the antichrist be a homosexual?  (frontiersman.com) (691)
(Pajamas Media) Asinine Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner to meet with the Chinese and beg them to keep buying T-Bills  (pajamasmedia.com) (104)
(NPR) Dumbass White House creates Office of Innovation. Expected to be paradigm-shifting and synergistic  (npr.org) (88)
(Fox News) Dumbass Fundraising at the taxpayers expense? That's not change you can believe in  (foxnews.com) (93)
(Mirror.co.uk) Interesting A look inside North Korea, a nation so backward and brain dead that it makes Arkansas look like the Algonquin Round Table by comparison. Don't feel bad that you didn't understand that reference, Arkansas  T-Shirt  (mirror.co.uk) (331)
(BBC) Asinine Israel to continue building West Bank settlements despite US calls to stop them. US last seen searching for the balls to stop paying for them  (news.bbc.co.uk) (559)
(WorldNetDaily) Scary Turns out the complex formula Obama used in deciding which Chrysler dealerships to close was simply to check which political party the owners have contributed money to  (worldnetdaily.com) (357)
(NYPost) Interesting Weiner pulls out  (nypost.com) (19)
(Washington Post) Scary A 10% national sales tax? It's more likely than you think  (washingtonpost.com) (281)

Wed May 27, 2009
(The Raw Story) Hero The SCOTUS says cops can pick you up and interrogate you without a lawyer now. Justice Stevens gets up and reads his dissenting opinion aloud  (rawstory.com) (245)
(CBC) Obvious Canadian Socialism is all Tim Horton's fault  (cbc.ca) (42)
(Rasmussen Reports) Asinine The "Green Movement" has created alot of jobs in Spain. Too bad for every job created 2.2 were lost  (rasmussenreports.com) (120)
(Hot Air) Obvious Comparing the New York Times editorials the day after Clarence Thomas was nominated to the SCOTUS and the day after Sonia Sotomayor was nominated. Some minorities are more equal than others  (hotair.com) (186)
(I Hate The Media) Asinine John Roberts: "I would hope that a wise white man with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a Latina female who hasn't lived that life."  (ihatethemedia.com) (554)
(Mercury News) Obvious After voting spending into the state constitution yet rejecting taxes and loans to pay for it, Californians shocked to discover the state can't afford to do much of anything any more  (mercurynews.com) (126)
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) Fail Pennsylvania wanted to put tolls on I-80 to soak travelers desperately fleeing Ohio. The feds said "Suck it." But, in the spirit of failing once more, the state's trying again  (post-gazette.com) (50)
(Some Guy) Stupid Texas woman is told to take down the American flag in her office because someone thought it was offensive. Wait, in Texas?  (txcn.com) (87)
(Statesman) Video Having solved all state problems, Texas lawmakers partition Senator's desk with yellow caution tape  (statesman.com) (22)
(Fox News) Dumbass We're learning more about Glenn Beck's home planet. There, in baseball, it's possible to hit a game-winning three-pointer on a penalty shot coming off an 0-2 count  (foxnews.com) (75)
(National Review) Obvious "Putting the emphasis on the final syllable of Sotomayor is unnatural and insisting on an unnatural pronunciation is something we shouldn't be giving in to"  (corner.nationalreview.com) (152)
(The Hill) Obvious Rush was right  (briefingroom.thehill.com) (156)
(Some Guy) Asinine Democrats 2001: We can't confirm Estrada because he is Hispanic. Democrats 2009: You better not oppose Sotomayor because she is Hispanic  (newmajority.com) (80)
(Some Guy) Obvious "I'd like to be a liberal because its ever so much easier to allow others to form my opinions for me instead of researching an issue myself"  (michnews.com) (432)
(Gawker) Amusing Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court quoted famous Socialist. EVERYBODY HISPANIC  (gawker.com) (211)
(USA Today) Dumbass Wiretaps show Roland Burris promising to "personally do something" for Blagojevich's campaign fund, if "Rod will keep me in mind for that (Senate) seat." Dude. You are so boned  (usatoday.com) (110)
(Gallup) Interesting Just like President Obama, a majority of Americans oppose gay marriage  (gallup.com) (1841)
(Wired) Interesting Here's one thing the federal government can do to save $848 million a year: eliminate money  (wired.com) (213)
(The Atlantic) Interesting Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-Vegas) now okay with putting Gitmo detainees into US prisons, having found some located in Republican congressional districts  (politics.theatlantic.com) (278)
(Miller-McCune) Ironic World in Chaos? Don't worry, lawyers are coming to the rescue. I feel better already  (miller-mccune.com) (24)
(Seattle Times) Spiffy Drago enters Seattle mayor race, will break you  (seattletimes.nwsource.com) (30)
(My Fox DC) Fail When DC's mayor isn't hoarding donated baseball tickets, installing heated pools with tax money, disappearing and not telling anybody, or having a buddy he's funneled millions to drive him around, he's doing wonders for the city  (myfoxdc.com) (34)
(Yonghap News) Interesting Zerg rush kekekekeke  (english.yonhapnews.co.kr) (449)
(MSNBC) Fail Something the Obama Administration doesn't want to hear from their U.S. Army Chief of Staff: "The Army is prepared to stay in Iraq for the next decade."  (msnbc.msn.com) (110)
(NewsBusters) Fail Bush era: "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." Obama era: "Cheney has no business disagreeing with Obama, because it makes it hard for Obama to do whatever he wants"  (newsbusters.org) (314)
(538) Amusing Nate Silver pwns the world's 23rd best economist and his late grandmother  (fivethirtyeight.com) (60)
(FDL) Interesting Former Bush Adviser: "If Republicans make a big deal of opposing Sotomayor, we will be hurling ourselves off a cliff...Death will not be assured. But major injury will be."  (firedoglake.com) (408)

Tue May 26, 2009
(Talking Points Memo) Unlikely Adorable former senator Norm Coleman says he'll review SCOTUS nominee's record "when [he's] re-elected."  (tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com) (72)
(Washington Post) Amusing There hasn't been a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant put forward in the five nominations since Justice David H. Souter came to the court in 1990."  (washingtonpost.com) (198)
(Wonkette) Ironic Rush Limbaugh weighs in on the Sotomayor nomination, asking for calm from the Republican party, and a straight up or down vote on her nomination. Just kidding, he calls her and Obama racists and warns of the impending race war  (wonkette.com) (595)
(Some Guy) Interesting General Petraeus advocates closing the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and halting the use of "enhanced interrogation techniques." Petraeus to be branded a "liberal extremist" by the GOP in 3...2...1  (rferl.org) (85)
(Politico) Obvious Obama's Supreme Court pick won't find any opposition from the Senate's newest Democrat, as Arlen Specter quickly plants a big fat kiss on the President's butt  (politico.com) (60)
(Washington Times) Interesting Obama breaks promise to post bills online for 5 days before signing. Click the number on the right for a calm, polite discussion about how this doesn't count as a broken promise and besides, Washington Times is owned by Moonies  (washingtontimes.com) (70)
(The Hill) Unlikely Tucker Carlson *snicker* to launch right-wing counterpart to The Huffington Post *snort*  (briefingroom.thehill.com) (195)
(CNSNews) Sad The single-paragraph order issued by Sotomayor and her colleagues ignored over 1,800 pages of testimony and more than an hour of argument--ignoring the facts of the case  (cnsnews.com) (200)
(Some Guy) Obvious "American President Barrack Obama will be rocked by a major event as big as the 9/11 terrorist atrocity during his period in power." Obama's staff already working on TelePrompter scripts  (belfasttelegraph.co.uk) (82)
(Fox News) Followup Pressure on North Korea to increase from the United Nations...Letters to be more strongly worded  (foxnews.com) (270)
(CNN) Followup Seismographic readings place the North Korean nuclear test at 10-20 kilotons. The Hiroshima bomb was 13 kilotons. This is made only slightly less intimidating by the fact that Kim Jong-Il looks like your grandma  (cnn.com) (264)
(WorldNetDaily) Cool "Audit the Fed, Then End It" bill is steamrolling forward. Ron Paul seen doing a jig  (worldnetdaily.com) (181)
(Some Guy) Followup The ABA points out the flaws in the 4 main arguments against Sotomayor that every GOP talking head is going to repeat ad nauseum until October  (abajournal.com) (81)
(CNN) Obvious Montana town makes plea to house Gitmo detainees, saying in Montana they're plenty used to people who speak broken English, have a love of guns and bombs and who hate the U.S. gummint  T-Shirt  (cnn.com) (103)
(NYPost) Obvious Let's face it -- you know you've got serious problems when Dick Cheney is your best spokesman and a slight uptick in his approval rating is the closest thing you have to a heartbeat  (nypost.com) (107)
(The New York Times) Asinine "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life"  (topics.nytimes.com) (236)
(SCOTUSBlog) Interesting Obama picks his nominee to destroy America's courts; read about her liberalness, activist-judgitude, baby-killification, religious-freedom-decimating, and miscellaneous judgery here. Hitler  (scotusblog.com) (199)
(Some Guy) Sad Canada's national broadcaster finds out the hard way that while it was OK to make jokes about Bush, it's not OK to make jokes about Obama  (viewlondon.co.uk) (193)
(Wall Street Journal) Obvious Maryland empirically proves the negative slope portion of the Laffer curve  (online.wsj.com) (200)
(CNSNews) Obvious When the EPA of all people says that environmental legislation will hurt the economy, you may want to rethink your position  (cnsnews.com) (36)
(Townhall) Interesting Obama has chosen a woman who believes that the quality of a judge's reasoning is based on her own subjective "experiences" -- a roundabout way of discounting the importance of judicial impartiality  (townhall.com) (112)
(Wall Street Journal) Interesting New books outline the progressive agenda for the Supreme Court: As an active agency for social change interpreting the Constitution as a "living document" and "incorporating international law into domestic law"  (online.wsj.com) (314)
(NYPost) Obvious We made one great mistake regarding Guantanamo: No terrorist should have made it that far. All but a handful of those grotesquely romanticized prisoners should have been killed on the battlefield  (nypost.com) (295)
(Wikipedia) PSA Many people calling Sonia Sotomayor first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. These people are wrong: The estimable Justice Benjamin Cardozo, nominated by Hoover in 1932, had that honour. Please make a note of it  (en.wikipedia.org) (210)
(London Times) PSA Obama nominates "first Hispanic" Supreme Court Justice. Blind, wheelchair-bound, transexual Scandinavian immigrants still being farked over  (timesonline.co.uk) (318)
(Daily Kos) Fail Obama 2006: To deny habeas corpus to our detainees can be seen as a prescription for how the captured members of our own military, diplomatic, and NGO personnel stationed abroad may be treated. Obama 2009: Yeah, about that  (dailykos.com) (102)
(ABC News) Spiffy On golf course, President Obama pauses for a moment of silent prayer. Now watch this drive  (blogs.abcnews.com) (91)
(Yahoo) Strange Canada's Governor General guts a slaughtered seal, pulls out its raw heart and eats it. What's your head of state done lately?  (ca.news.yahoo.com) (170)
(MSNBC) Followup North Korea shoops two missiles off its east coast. I can tell by the pixels, and having shooped a few whoops myself  (msnbc.msn.com) (149)
(AJC) Unlikely Lawmaker wants to end "birthright citizenship"  (ajc.com) (536)
(Some Guy) Asinine With the embarrassment of impeached Governor Blagojevich fading, Illinois lawmakers tackle the real pressing issues: pigeon-poop and novelty lighters  (southernillinoisan.com) (9)
(Some Guy) Unlikely Jesus is just alright with torture  (librarygrape.com) (122)
(Crooks & Liars) Amusing Andrew Breitbart: Oprah is the real power in the White House  (crooksandliars.com) (27)
(Playboy) Unlikely According to Duff of G n' R fame, "West Virginia is the future of America. And that's a good thing."  (playboy.com) (46)

Mon May 25, 2009
(Yahoo) Stupid Mahmoud Ahmadinejad thinks it will be a good idea to challenge a former Harvard Law professor to a debate  (news.yahoo.com) (182)
(WorldNetDaily) Obvious Definitive proof Obama is a Communist  (worldnetdaily.com) (131)
(Huffington Post) Fail HuffPo derides John Bolton as "still crazy" for "incoherently ranting" that North Korea might test a nuclear weapon. Five days ago  (huffingtonpost.com) (106)
(Boston Herald) Dumbass John Kyl (R) says the only acceptable SCOTUS nominee for him would have to be either a robot or a cold-blooded killer  (bostonherald.com) (53)
(Reason Magazine) Obvious GOP needs to coalesce around powerful idea: Liberty  (reason.com) (177)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Obama tires of waffling, invites Pittsburgh pancake makers to the White House  (post-gazette.com) (86)
(New York Daily News) Interesting Experts say that it would "take a miracle" to defeat Mayor Bloomberg in his quest for another term as mayor  (nydailynews.com) (52)
(Crooks & Liars) Obvious Know why Dick Cheney has been so vocal about supporting torture lately? He's worried about going to jail  (crooksandliars.com) (376)

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