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Sun February 15, 2009
(CNN) Obvious Hugo Chavez declares victory on referendum to forever allow him to declare victory (85)
(NYPost) Dumbass NY Governor Paterson plans to impose a tax on people who pay to download porn. In related news, NY Governor Paterson thinks there are people who pay to download porn (59)
(Huffington Post) Stupid The GOP may have thought that the stimulus bill was socialist, but they have no problem supporting the nationalization of banks (80)
(C-SPAN) Obvious The historians have judged the Bush presidency. And the verdict is (154)
(Breitbart.com) Interesting States beginning to realize that relaxing goofy liquor laws benefits consumers and increases tax revenue. Note: Utah residents must fill out a form and pay $2 club fee before commenting in this thread (23)
(London Times) Sad Reagan started it, Clinton finished it, Obama engineered its destruction (222)
(Cracked) Interesting When Politicians Attack: The 17 most violent political brawls. List would have been 18 if only Joe Biden had taken the opportunity to rip a microphone off its stand and beat Sarah Palin with it (60)
(Vanity Fair) Sad "How did one two-term presidency go so wrong?" (209)
(Daily Mail) Asinine Prince Charles embarks on a 16,000-mile Green Crusade on his private jet. Meanwhile, Obama takes the weekend off before signing his "emergency" stimulus bill. Meet the new change, same as the old change (151)
(Washington Monthly) Interesting How's this for spin: the GOP almost unanimously voted against the largest tax cut in American history (268)
(Miami Herald) Hero One wealthy banker in the entire country figures out the proper thing to do with his windfall. One (76)
(Chicago Sun-Times) Followup Remember when Roland Burris said under oath that he was never asked to give a donation to Blagojevich? That's a perjurin' (93)
(New York Daily News) Weird Mayor of Mexico City decides to improve his chances of re-election by addressing government corruption, drug cartels, kidnapping, and poverty. Nah, I'm just messin' with ya, he's handing out free Viagra (39)
(Pajamas Media) Interesting Post-Bailout America, in its political economy, is more akin to literal fascism than socialism (251)
(American Thinker) Interesting The law liberals always break. No, not that tax one. Nor the payoff thing. Nor the voter fraud part (303)
(AP) Interesting Saudi king dismisses chief of the ultra-conservative religious police and appoints a woman as Deputy Minister. What's next, universal suffrage and joining the early 20th Century? (44)
(SLTrib) Obvious Although they were strongly opposed to the stimulus plan, Republicans will not turn down the federal funds headed towards their cash-strapped states (116)

Sat February 14, 2009
(Media Matters) Dumbass Limbaugh: Crazy Democrats reformatted the stimulus bill into a PDF before posting it to the internet because PDFs are impossible to search. Forward this on and Bill Gates will send you money (234)
(National Review) Amusing If you spent $1 million a day, every day since Jesus was born, you still wouldn't have spent $1 trillion. WWJS (137)
(Some Guy) Interesting Parts of California are revolting. But you already knew that (209)
(Yahoo) Sad "Goodbye, America It was fun while it lasted..." (242)
(ABC News) Interesting Obama may reverse invasion of Hague act (233)
(Forbes) Interesting Silicon Valley supporters of Obama thought they were backing an iPhone 3G, but are getting a DynaTAC 8000X that fades when you go into a valley (72)
(The Atlantic) Spiffy News: Politician publicly supports same-sex partnership rights. Newsier: A Republican Governor. Newsiest: Republican Governor of freakin' UTAH (179)
(UPI) Followup Day 137: Minnesota Held Hostage. Court has narrowed the scope of absentee ballots. This is good news... for everyone still paying attention (76)
(Bloomberg) Spiffy President Obama is close to addressing your most pressing problem, reducing monthly mortgage payments. You'll have to take a raincheck on the unicorn (466)
(Guardian.com) Scary Seven and a half years into their Afghan invasion, the Soviets were planning their withdrawal. You know what we're doing? (102)
(Washington Post) Spiffy Cheney's undisclosed location revealed: Starbucks (40)
(Some Guy) Asinine Normal people get fired for being late to work. For Senate Democrats, they just hold voting open for 5 hours (115)

Fri February 13, 2009
(CNN) News Prepare to get stimulated (550)
(Politico) Asinine After losing elections for 2 straight years, the GOP realizes that they must appeal to the center to re-gain supporters. Just kidding, they're releasing new attack ads that encourage voters to kick out all the moderate Republican senators (139)
(Chicago Sun-Times) PSA Can't get enough of Barack Obama? How about an Obama license plate? (44)
(National Review) Ironic The best Conservative movies ever made. You betcha "Red Dawn" made the list (357)
(MSNBC) Obvious Chuck Todd realizes that the First Amendment doesn't apply when it comes to White House press access (136)
(Reuters) Amusing McCain says "that one" has to work on bipartisanship (306)
(Reuters) Obvious Robert Mugabe yesterday: I will work with my new partners in government. Today: opposition "partner in government" arrested on unspecified charges. That works (75)
(CNSNews) Asinine Remember that 48-hours Congress promised you'd have to read over the stimulus bill before they voted on it? Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) says not even the Dems voting for it will have time to read it first. Change you can believe in (709)
(International Herald Tribune) Hero Lech Walesa tells Hugo Chavez that if he wants a Nobel-laureate lapdog he'll have to do what the other dictators do and use Jimmy Carter (83)
(Time) Amusing Time releases 25 names responsible for Wall Street crisis and Barney Frank doesn't make the list. Its as if millions of whars garbled and were suddenly silenced (419)
(Daily Kos) Asinine Not News: Part of the stimulus package is hugely expensive and will do very little to stimulate the economy. Fark: Republicans insisted on it being included anyway (160)
(LA Times) Dumbass Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in public hearing and in front of international press: Aren't we secretly launching attacks from a base hidden in Pakistan? How's that going? (240)
(CNN) Obvious National Intelligence Director: "The greatest threat facing America is economics not terrorism." John Galt named an enemy combatant (249)
(BBC) Scary Mugabe swears in his new cabinet to deal with 90% unemployment, 231,000,000% inflation and a cholera outbreak. (w/ pic of Tsvangirai ready to biatchslap Mugabe) (59)
(Mediabistro) Amusing Wanda Sykes to host annual White House Correspondents dinner. What could possibly go wrong? (120)

Thu February 12, 2009
(Sign On San Diego) Obvious Three respected former presidents say America's war on drugs is failing and the U.S. government should break with "prohibition" policies that have achieved little more than cram its prisons and stoke violence (336)
(ABC News) Asinine Remember when Obama said "that if Congress passes our plan, this company will be able to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off". Well, not so much...they will probably have more layoffs. Change you can believe in (243)
(Think Progress) Interesting Increasing taxes on the very wealthy not only raises tax revenue, but it makes it cheaper for middle-class and poor people to afford basic goods (687)
(The Register) Obvious Dianne Feinstein (D-uchess of the RIAA) wants to insert language into the stimulus bill that would end net neutrality (319)
(CNN) Stupid Obama utters "forbidden word." SPOILER ALERT: It wasn't "Ni" (171)
(NPR) Obvious NPR gets so much hate mail when one of their correspondents goes on Fox News that they've asked him to stop saying he's from NPR (138)
(MSNBC) Interesting Judd Gregg mustt havee taxx problemss (293)
(LA Times) Obvious Intelligence: "Iran might make a nuke sometime in the future." This headline brought to you by the years 1994-2030 (194)
(Chicago Tribune) Strange Castro wonders where Rahm Emanuel's last name came from and how his brains taste (49)
(Chicago Tribune) Interesting Here's what the new economic stimulus package will mean to you, other than having to hear about it in the news for the next six months (525)
(Boston Globe) Interesting Bosworth to be named North Korean nuclear envoy. Kim Jong Il likely to counter with Bo Jackson (45)
(NewsBusters) Asinine Remember how President Bush wouldn't take questions from journalists he didn't like? Change we can believe in (467)
(Chicago Tribune) Obvious Rod Blagojevich would like to remind everyone that there are other corrupt politicians in Illinois, including sex fiends and tax cheats, forgetting we already know about the Jeri Ryan scandal (58)
(Telegraph) Weird Venezuelans add ballot papers to "yellow snow" and "your mom" on the list of things they shouldn't eat  T-Shirt (32)
(Daily Mail) Amusing London's Mayor Boris F*cking Johnson accused of dropping 10 f*cking F-bombs during f*cking conversation with member of f*cking parliament, but f*cking claims he dropped three at the f*cking most. Besides, it's f*cking private (30)
(Hartford Courant) Dumbass Strangely enough, constituants aren't fond of their senators securing sweetheart loans from the banking industry they regulate. Who knew? (47)
(Wall Street Journal) Obvious Memo to Obama: Reagan's ideas worked (483)

Wed February 11, 2009
(Gawker) Stupid Yelling at Bankers: The Movie (89)
(Boston Globe) Stupid Massachusetts govenor appoints "stimulus czar." So there's one job created, 1.2 million to go (48)
(The Big Money) Interesting After a few tokes, California lawmakers are thinking decriminalizing pot might solve the state's fiscal crisis (262)
(LA Times) Amusing Yes, we can (hold enemy combatants indefinitely without charges) (184)
(Think Progress) Hero Florida state rep Nick Thompson (R-eally nice guy) offers to let homeless woman and her son stay in their former home rent free for as long as they need (98)
(Boston Herald) Stupid Massachusetts will pay for highway infrastructure with responsible budgeting. Just kidding, they want to charge a per-mile-driven tax on every driver by putting a tracking chip in vehicle inspection stickers (270)
(Think Progress) Fail GOP Congressman says the stimulus will destroy the economy, says FDR "tried to borrow and spend, he tried to use the Keynesian approach, and our country ended up in a Great Depression. That's just history." (732)
(Politico) Obvious House Democrats decide not to take a their annual pay raise next year. A pink slip would be better but we'll take what we can get (111)
(BBC) Unlikely New Zimbabwe PM promises a new chapter in that country's history books. Which if you buy it right now will only cost $1,008,987 (25)
(Some Guy) Amusing Progressive students want to rename Boulder High School as Barack Obama High (451)
(Boston Globe) Interesting Citing the economic crisis, John McCain vows to win reelection. Sarah Palin reportedly thrilled at the chance to be elected Vice-Senator (79)
(Washington Post) Obvious It's not exactly a vote of confidence when the new Treasury Secretary introduces his financial bailout plan and the Dow falls like a gut-shot pheasant (98)
(Huffington Post) Interesting Bush's first presidential press conference was given at a 7th grade level, while Obama's was at a 10th grade level. Gold star for Obama (155)
(ABC News) Interesting Mayor of Las Vegas wants Obama to apologize for discouraging companies from going to his town to put all their bailout cash on red, and let it ride (73)
(The Daily Show) Followup In a shocking turn of events, someone successfully makes fun of Barack Obama (213)
(CQ Politics) Cool John Dingell becomes the new Iron Man of Congress today, according to the tally kept on that abandoned Michigan warehouse over there (51)
(Slate) Sad "Even I thought I was paranoid. If only for political purposes, I figured, Dems would have to wait a few months or years before sabotaging Bill Clinton's welfare reform. It took them two weeks." (302)
(Huffington Post) Fail Virginia Republican Party Chair uses Twitter to torpedo a Republican takeover of the state senate. Oops (70)
(BBC) Amusing After mistakenly declaring Fmr. President Bush dead, South African TV station promises to only use "gobbledegook" in their banner tests. Will source material from Bush speeches (49)
(Fox News) Stupid Appeals court rules that Miami schools can ban book about Cuba because it's not negative enough, doesn't mention doubleplusungood political repression (67)

Tue February 10, 2009
(YouTube) Amusing Joe Scarborough has an on-air epiphany about the pundit class: "Perhaps... we don't know what we're talking about" (47)
(CNN) Dumbass Civics-challenged man arrested after arriving at the U.S. Capitol and threatening harm to Obama (116)
(Some Guy) Hero Kentucky bourbon tax protestors poured bottles of spirits on the steps of the state capital today. It's like the Boston Tea Party, only higher proof (53)
(Some Guy) Obvious Shepard Smith: "When I hear people say that Fox News is right wing, I know that's not true, because I'm the one doing the news" (142)
(Guardian.com) Interesting Tzipi Livni wins Isriil's ilictiin, will bi nixt primi ministir (283)
(The Atlantic) Scary Think the recession is bad in the West? Japan is contracting at a double digit rate, South Korea is losing jobs, Taiwan's dollar is crashing, and China is so bad a revolution might come soon. 2009 - it's gonna be a hell of a year (143)
(The Atlantic) Obvious Harvard economist: "This [stimulus] is probably the worst bill that has been put forward since the 1930s" (242)
(The Atlantic) Sad "This is a depressing sign that the Obama administration will protect the Bush-Cheney torture regime from the light of day. And with each decision to cover for their predecessors, the Obamaites become retroactively complicit in them" (111)
(State with Balls) Interesting And so it begins: "This act by New Hampshire is a clear warning to the federal government that they could face being stripped of their power by the States through civil war" (304)
(Yahoo) Obvious "If I were on your show 15 weeks in a row and was wrong, you'd probably never invite me back. These guys have been wrong year after year after year consistently and here they are making the same mistakes again" (214)
(National Review) Obvious Gitmo: It's not the prison that's the problem, it's the prisoners (110)
(Senate.gov) Interesting Senate roll call vote on the stimulus bill. Three Republicans voted "yea." Guess which three and win a lifetime of debt for your children (309)
(Breitbart.com) News Senate passes $838 billion stimulus plan, which still needs to be approved by the House and the US's creditor, China (850)
(Economist) Interesting How to manage like Obama. Nice idea, but if 40% of your workforce is openly trying to cause you to fail, you should probably go ahead and fire them (79)
(American Thinker) Strange "I am looking for the silliest, most ineffective method of protesting ever, can you help?" (166)
(Daily Kos) Cool Admiral Obama springs his trap (208)
(Bloomberg) Misc Mugabe agrees to concessions in return for regional support. Will only rape and mutilate Tuesdays, Thursdays and every other weekend (15)
(Washington Post) Obvious While you weren't paying attention because you were at the soup kitchen or watching "American Idol," the $800 billion stimulus bill has become a $1.5 trillion package of bills (116)
(Cato Institute) Obvious "This is the fifth time in my adult life that the president has asked for or asserted unprecedented authority on an expedited basis with little or no congressional review. Each of the prior occasions turned out to be a disaster" (143)
(RealClearPolitics) Obvious "Survival in the market requires recognizing mistakes and changing course before you go bankrupt. Survival in politics requires denying mistakes and sticking with the policies you advocated, while blaming others for the bad results" (78)
(DC Examiner) Cool Freshman congressman crafts alternate stimulus package, scraping off 5/6ths of the waste and making it self-terminating if the economy recovers. The weird thing is, he's a Democrat (122)
(Some Guy) Scary Pentagon auditors concede there is a 'remote possibility' that they cannot account for hundreds of tons of nerve gas. EVERYBODY PANIC (128)
(Some Guy) Florida Commissioner wants his county declared a disaster area due to the economy. This is why this state has its own tag (6)
(The Weekly Standard) Dumbass "If you put a tax cut into the hands of a business or family, there's no guarantee that they're going to invest that or invest it in America. They're free to go invest anywhere that they want if they choose to invest" (155)
(Some Guy) Obvious New polls show Obama's favorable ratings look like a penis (46)
(Crooks & Liars) Unlikely Despite weakening the stimulus bill through bad faith negotiations and walking around screaming about pork in a bill with zero earmarks, Republicans assure us that it's only the Democrats who are being too partisan (281)
(CNN) Obvious Isn't this a shock. The woman that presided over the most capitulating, spineless and nearly useless congress in American history is to blame for loading the Stimulus Package with hundreds of millions in pork (205)
(Some Guy) Amusing VP Biden will attend Special Olympics World Winter Games; hoping for gold in the Gaffe (29)
(SFGate) Silly How many Facebook friends do politicians have? It's not news, it's the San Francisco Chronicle (9)
(abcnews.com) Strange Due to huge demand, toy maker Mattel unveils the Chancellor Angela Merkel Barbie. She comes with a line of frumpy clothes, and she recoils in terror when you try to massage her shoulders (56)
(Daily Kos) Scary September 18th, 2008: The United States is three hours away from economic and political collapse. No, this is not an episode of "24" (254)
(AP) Obvious Fact check: Why, there's actually no pork in Obama's stimulus bill. Oh, there's tons of lard, bacon, ham, sausage, crispers, ribs, shoulder butt and loins. But no actual pork (115)
(Washington Post) Obvious Marion Barry faces possible incarceration for not paying taxes. Democrat tax fraud trifecta...no, superfecta...no wait, septafecta? Subby gives up (37)
(Foreign Policy) Scary Foreign Policy Mag: "Why a return to mass conscription is the only way to win the war on terror." What are the odds the author is over 35? (83)
(National Review) PSA 50 Reasons Why The Stimulus Bill Sucks (302)
(Memphis Commercial Appeal) Cool Grad student dons abaya, heads to Arab, Alabama expecting holy-rolling red-state redneckery and wharrgarrbling; receives Southern hospitality instead. Thomas Frank's head asplodes (158)

Mon February 09, 2009
(Daily Mail) Amusing Hackers hack politician's Facebook profile and use it to send invitations to view webcam sex shows. That's his story and he's sticking to it (19)
(WTOP) Misc Official Presidential Press Conference Thread (1366)
(The New York Times) Amusing Obama: "I'm always good for a beer." You're buying, Hannity (72)
(Washington Post) Obvious Biden to EU: "Since you guys just love Obama we're sure you're eager to help us pay for things in Afghanistan." EU: "Get real" (49)
(Huffington Post) Hero Sen. Leahy is pushing for investigations into the Bush administration. "We fought Revolution in this country so we could protest the actions of government. We should protect that" (244)
(Daily Kos) Amusing Obama uses Jedi mind trick on Gov. Charlie Crist, gets him to formally introduce him at tomorrow's ceremony, tell everyone this really is the stimulus plan you're looking for (62)
(Politico) Asinine Stimulus bill now 44% tax cuts, 41% Senate still whining (429)
(Philly) Interesting Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell called as a defense witness in state senator's corruption case. They didn't need a subpoena -- they just promised him donuts and an Eagles cap if he came (16)
(Wall Street Journal) Obvious Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman exploring whether she can get at least a 51% approval rating in the California governor race (31)
(CNN) Obvious Stimulus will lead to 'disaster,' Republican warns. And if anyone knows a disaster it's Republicans (129)
(Washington Times) Asinine Obama appointee fine with limiting executive pay for bailout recipients, especially since he already snagged his million dollar bonus from CitiBank (41)
(CQ Politics) Dumbass When you approach legislators about changing the rule that allowed them to take office in the first place, don't expect it to go very well (8)
(Washington Post) Obvious Before you get elected as RNC chair , it's probably a good idea to make sure your former campaign finance chief isn't doing a plea deal with the Feds, especially if your name could come up in those talks (44)
(Daily Kos) Cool Mahmoud Ahma... ahma... Ahma not gonna be President anymore, anyway (122)
(Politico) Amusing Finally, America could get a Senator we can all get behind. And in front of. And doggy style. And that thing where she's hanging from a swing (165)
(Newsweek) Asinine We Are All Socialists Now (187)
(Washington Post) Obvious With a wetted finger firmly upraised to gauge the wind, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) explains why he's joining Democrats in voting for the stimulus (121)
(News.com.au) Interesting Scrymgour retires, refuses to betray Harry Potter (8)
(New York Daily News) Interesting It's not easy to waste a mandate and a honeymoon at the same time, but President Obama seems determined to try (390)
(Buffalo News) Obvious "Obama's hand-wringing last week over 'Buy American' demands...ought to leave working men and women wondering if they will ever again see a Democratic president who really cares about them" (150)
(Financial Times) Interesting Guttenberg to be named German economics minister. Well at least we know what he's been up to since the Police Academy movies (30)
(Rasmussen Reports) Obvious Public support for Obama increases as he remains firm in his support of the stimulus package and shows resolve in warning of dire consequences if it isn't passed. Just kidding, his approval numbers dropped 10 points since last week (312)
(AJC) Obvious S. Carolina Governor Mark Sanford: "We're moving precipitously close to what I would call a savior-based economy" (44)
(Michelle Malkin) Silly Michelle Malkin encourages her readers to express their displeasure with Timothy Geithner by stamping their currency with the words "tax cheat" (67)
(Some Guy) Followup Iran is planning to photoshop four more satellites (30)
(Financial Times) Obvious U.S. officials quietly warn that Afghanistan will be a tougher war than Iraq, and not just because Afghanistan doesn't have a dictator who personally oversaw the attack on the World Trade Center and can be arrested for it (157)

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