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Sun January 11, 2009
(The Weekly Standard) Interesting Ten things Bush got right. Eleventh would have been getting Oprah off the air (103)
(CNN) Interesting Cheney says it's too soon declare this the worst economic crisis since the Depression, finds America's lack of faith disturbing (98)
(NCSE) Fail Mississippi state legislators are ignorant idiots. Fail trumps obvious, dumbass, stupid, silly, asinine, scary, and PSA (313)
(Talking Points Memo) Fail GOP math: 37% means a majority (74)
(Some Wingnut) Stupid Old and busted: Obama presidency already a failure. New hotness: Impeachment petition (99)
(MSNBC) Cool Among other things, Obama's election heralds the end of "the Greediest Generation." (143)
(ABC News) Interesting Bush staffer who has been there from the beginning reminisces, says Barney the dog is meaner than Cheney (35)
(Wall Street Journal) Interesting Not News: Republican governor has a plan for saving the GOP. News: It's sane, rational and based in reality (108)
(News.com.au) Interesting George W. Bush reveals his memoir plans. This will mark the first time that a Presidential memoir will be published in a pop-up format (64)
(Minneapolis Star Tribune) Followup Norm Coleman decides if he can't be senator, nobody's gonna be senator (195)
(Google) Unlikely Joe Biden visits Afghanistan, surprising Afghan and US officials who didn't know Amtrak goes there (47)
(Canoe) Scary In his first official international visit as President, Obama will hold unilateral talks with America's arch-nemesis (81)
(The Weekly Standard) Ironic Is it too soon to talk about the failed Obama presidency just because Obama isn't president yet? (173)
(Washington Post) Cool A dinner honoring McCain to be hosted by Obama? It's more likely than you think (35)

Sat January 10, 2009
(SFGate) Asinine Sarah Palin thinks Caroline Kennedy is getting an easy break from media. "There is clearly an urban centric, or urban elitism, attitude that pervades much of the media as we know it on many issues." (286)
(ABC News) Obvious If you had "No" in the "Will Obama keep his campaign pledges" pool - DING you're a winner (155)
(Guardian.com) Obvious What happens when you keep annoying someone who is paranoid, who has gotten his butt kicked forever, but is now strong? You get your butt kicked. Israel is the scared paranoid, Hamas the guy who didn't know when to quit it (295)
(London Times) Sad Only country in the world more dependent on government aid than Cuba? Step on up, Scotland (21)
(ABC News) Asinine Obama works to win over the millions of Americans who voted for his opponent with bipartisan policymaking. Nah, just kidding... He puts a shoe-throwing contest up on his website (202)
(Wall Street Journal) Interesting The Wall Street Journal is shocked...SHOCKED to find that Obama has appointed a lawyer who believes in limiting executive power as the person to defend his powers as President (144)
(Wonkette) Amusing In his first post-campaign misstep, Obama sent e-mail without asking for money (41)
(Politico) Obvious Republicans see Franken as "Public Enemy #1". Well, so much for that "people really like me" routine (299)

Fri January 09, 2009
(The New York Times) Misc Obama's mother-in-law moving into White House. This is bad news... for Obama  T-Shirt (131)
(Yahoo) Obvious During President George W. Bush's nearly eight years in office, a net total of 3 million jobs were created. In President Clinton's two terms, roughly 21 million jobs were generated (158)
(CNN) Obvious Palin angry about Trig rumors. She saw a sine, and took it on a tangent (196)
(Ben & Jerry's) Amusing Ben & Jerry's announces their Obama-themed flavor: Yes Pecan. "Amber Waves of Buttery Ice Cream With Roasted Non-Partisan Pecans." (106)
(Kotaku) Obvious Barack Obama is better at Wii Bowling than real bowling. He probably like Coors, too (105)
(kabc7.com) Stupid Governor Schwarzenegger: Sending kids to school is expensive. We can save money by not doing it as much (106)
(Reuters) Obvious Congress shocked, SHOCKED that its $700 billion no strings attached TARP doesn't have any strings attached (100)
(Globe and Mail) Unlikely Dick Cheney says nobody saw the financial crisis coming, nobody at the CIA broke the law. Lie detectors as far away as Tokyo register 7.4 effect (98)
(CBS News) Obvious Obama in 2008: "We should only sit down with Hamas if they renounce terrorism, recognize Israel's right to exist and abide by past agreements." 2009: Just Kidding (161)
(Politico) Interesting Senate Democrats not exactly treating Obama's stimulus proposal as the second coming of Elvis (27)
(Guardian.com) Scary 'Harvey Milk' movie blamed for California's Proposition 8, presumably because voters got scared at the thought of a world where marrying Sean Penn was not just legal, but mandatory (222)
(Wall Street Journal) Scary Haven't read Atlas Shrugged yet? Don't worry, we're living it (566)
(Chicago Tribune) NewsFlash Illinois House votes to impeach Gov. Blagojevich (337)
(AP) Unlikely Women see Caroline Kennedy's Senate bid as reflecting their own attempts to re-enter the workforce after raising kids, according to latest bogus, media-created observation based on absolutely nothing (60)
(Spiegel) Dumbass Hamas divided between two different factions. Judging on the evidence, these two factions are the "completely batshiat crazy" wing and the "utterly farking insane" wing (58)
(Think Progress) Unlikely Richard Perle claims that he was not an architect of the Iraq war and that neocons had no influence (53)
(Wall Street Journal) Sad House Democrats pass new rules that just happen to make it easier to raise taxes and harder to cut them. How convenient (120)
(Broadcasting & Cable) Stupid Prepare yourself for the comedy stylings of Hannity and Sharpton (54)
(NYPost) Obvious NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I-ndecisive) wants to run for re-election on the GOP ticket. Some party members are against it, but "Let's be real. He's got $20 billion." (20)
(Right Wing News) Asinine The 10 worst quotes from the Daily Kos for 2008 (168)
(Reuters) Interesting Today's 6.7% unemployment would actually be almost 16.5% if unemployment were still measured as it was before 1960s (243)
(CNN) Scary Jets bomb 50 targets in Gaza overnight despite UN call for cease-fire. Sharks reportedly seen sharpening switchblades, practicing dance moves (704)
(IndyStar) Dumbass In this rough economy State Sen. Allen Paul, R(otund) is trying to pass legislation to make Sugar Cream the official pie of Indiana (20)
(Google) Dumbass Meg Whitman spending $200k to grab $10 domain names (40)
(SLTrib) Spiffy The Latter-day Saints name Mitt Romney Mormon of the year. "During 2008, Romney concluded the most credible presidential campaign of any Mormon to date." (39)
(Seattle Times) Followup Larry Craig no longer appealing?? Well, I still think he's cute  T-Shirt (45)

Thu January 08, 2009
(Wall Street Journal) Dumbass Six months ago Chris Dodd promised to come clean and release documents and details of his loans from Countrywide Financial. We're waiting (111)
(CBS New York) Stupid Obama team seeks delay in digital TV transition for Americans who won't be ready, even though submitter's 12-year-old son is younger than the DTV conversion plan (245)
(Yahoo) Stupid Russ Feingold wants Obama to restore Constitutional checks and balances, which is a fancy way of saying "give all Executive Branch power to the Senate" (97)
(Huffington Post) Followup Congress questions Sanjay Gupta's experience, perhaps fearing that a neurosurgeon with a decade of experience in television will accidentally make a pro-heroin PSA (212)
(The Hill) Interesting Nancy Pelosi says there won't be a February recess if Congress doesn't turn in its homework. GOP said to be preparing spitballs (44)
(Politico) Obvious Palin says the media goes easy on Caroline Kennedy because she's not a former beauty queen with no experience, a pregnant teenage daughter and meth addicted in-laws (340)
(USA Today) Cool Apparently not content with becoming POTUS, Obama begins his takeover of the Marvel Universe (114)
(Washington Post) Interesting Barack Obama to warn Americans today that they'll soon be traveling the country looking for fruit-picking jobs unless Congress gives him the authority to use the nation's entire green ink reserve to print money (243)
(NewsBusters) Amusing NBC lets Ann Coulter break out her big brass balls in front of Matt Lauer (495)
(Some Guy) Dumbass French CBC host is in trouble after saying having a black man in the White House will make him much easier to shoot thanks to the colour contrast (120)
(Houston Chronicle) Dumbass The biggest load of bullsh*t you'll read today: "Congress gets 'sticker shock' at $1,200,000,000,000 deficit" (183)
(BBC) Cool Obama to be hung on inauguration day (238)
(Chicago Sun-Times) Spiffy Chicago History Museum will display a version of the Gettysburg Address handwritten by Lincoln; the exhibit will be open four score and seven days before moving on (60)
(Minneapolis Star Tribune) Interesting Senate decision to not seat Roland Burris means we won't be greeting Senator Franken any time soon, either (99)
(Daily Kos) Obvious He was bound to come clean someday. Ann Coulter guilty (321)
(American Thinker) Interesting When did it become the conventional wisdom that paying $800 dollars for a car repair is lamentable but justified, but having a $500 health insurance deductible is highway robbery? (283)
(CNN) Scary Three rockets fired from Lebanon have struck northern Israel, wounding two and opening the dreaded Hamas-Hezbollah-Israel Threeway War (679)
(Yahoo) Unlikely Dick Cheney says he's actually very lovable, these aren't the droids your looking for (42)

Wed January 07, 2009
(CNN) Stupid A projection of how gray Obama's hair may be in 2013. It's not news, it's CNN (165)
(Think Progress) Obvious Remember how Obama couldn't stay in the Blair House because it was full? Yeah, for one night out of two weeks. By the former PM of Australia. Fark: Who was invited after Obama asked (143)
(Gawker) Caption The surviving former presidents met with Bush and Obama today. Caption this photo op (262)
(ABC News) Obvious Inaugural balls will be swollen with newcomers all jostling to see the big O (40)
(SFGate) Obvious Gubernator vetoes $18 billion girly-man budget as promised, tells them to come back "venn zhey get zam bahlzz, ha ha ha" (53)
(Some Guy) Followup 100 Things Americans May Not Know About The Bush Administration. Shouldn't count as 100 when you mention 9/11 thirteen times. 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 (215)
(CNN) Unlikely Time has been good to both Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush, as people think better of their presidencies years later. Does that mean in 20 years we'll all have fond memories of that scamp George W. Bush? (165)
(The Hill) Obvious Pelosi then: We'll work in a true spirit of bipartisanship. Pelosi now: When I said bipartisan, that was pig latin for naked power grab (142)
(KARE11) Dumbass In what can only be described as an attempt to make his 15 minutes of fame end with a bang, Joe The Plumber heading to Israel as a war correspondent (140)
(Some Mad Scientist) Dumbass If you had "Oklahoma" in the pool for introducing first legislation of 2009 opposing teaching Evolution, please step up to collect (504)
(Toronto Star) Interesting Pakistan's intelligence chief, on war with India: "We may be crazy in Pakistan, but not completely out of our minds". With bonus pics of the newest hoodie fashion (22)
(Crooks & Liars) Dumbass Bill O just comes out and says it: Panetta at the CIA means your children will die (138)
(MSNBC) Unlikely Obama promises future budget restraint, possibly beginning in five or nine years... maybe (53)
(Hot Air) Asinine Democrats in Congress don't want to be reminded of the looming Medicare collapse, decide to change rule that forces them to debate it (127)
(Breitbart.com) Obvious Asked to take a position on the seating of the new Illinois senator, Barack Obama says, "Oh, look. Something shiny over there in the corner" (284)
(The Tennessean) Weird Portrait of Obama made out of crayons expected to keep VP Biden coloring like crazy for the next 4 years (26)
(CNN) Dumbass Levi Johnston's father irritated that media scrutiny forces his son to...*GASP*... follow the rules. "He has to do everything by the book now" (230)
(BBC) Cool The coolest graph depicting the rise and fall of G.W.Bush's popularity you will see, ever (70)
(The Hill) Interesting Sen. Harry Reid realizes that the hard, knobby stuff in his back is a spine: "I don't work for Obama" (44)
(Crooks & Liars) Amusing Colbert and Colmes (69)
(First Coast News) Florida Congressman asks House Speaker Pelosi to close Congress early so he can watch college championship game Thursday (143)

Tue January 06, 2009
(CNN) Unlikely Hamas ready to agree to peace, as long as Israel pulls out of Gaza, because apparently Hamas has a huge upper hand in the conflict (247)
(Huffington Post) Interesting Joe Biden says that Obama made a mistake by not consulting with Diane Feinstein on the Panetta appointment. Dude, that's your boss (96)
(Google) Obvious Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush rules out 2010 Senate bid, saying it "is not the right time to return to elected office." Translation: "it's too soon for the country to forget the mess my brother made" (101)
(CNN) Obvious For much of the country's history, the Secret Service didn't even drive the president, evidently oblivious to the dangers of asteroids (94)
(Washington Post) Interesting Obama wants TV doctor for Surgeon General. Unfortunately, he didn't pick House (315)
(Politico) Followup Bill Richardson cites investigation length, corruption for the reasons he pulled his name from Cabinet consideration (35)
(Reuters) Dumbass Treasury says TARP costs $26.55 million through January, but they can refold it and use it next year, so it's all good (25)
(Politico) Amusing More proof that the VP won't be at Cheney levels under Obama: Biden isn't even important enough to force his way into a sold out movie (71)
(Washington Post) Cool If you picked George Bush as the greatest protector of oceans ever in your office pool, you can now claim your prize (104)
(Cincinnati Enquirer) Amusing Boehner is extremely concerned about the size of the package and whether it will provide enough stimulus (28)
(ABC News) Interesting Chronology of Israel's relationship with Gaza: "Get up in the morning, death, death, death, death, death, death, death - lunch- death, death, death -afternoon tea - death, death, death - quick shower..." (361)
(AP) Asinine "There's nothing wrong with Roland Burris and there's nothing wrong with the appointment," Burris said. Nothing other than talking about yourself in the third person (58)
(Geno's World) Video Lost tape of Barack Obama appearing on restaurant review show surfaces. Obama is a big fan of Peach cobler (63)
(Chicago Sun-Times) Followup Senate to Burris: We don't welcome your kind here (238)
(The New York Times) Amusing Hebrew version of Israeli military website: Rugged men fighting, excercising, and praying. English version: Female soldier fashion show (66)
(International Herald Tribune) Interesting Hugo Chavez: "IDK, my BFF, Obama?" (41)
(MSNBC) Obvious Obama receives new presidential limo, because the old one reportedly smelled like pork rinds and horse manure (106)
(Vanity Fair) Interesting Vanity Fair presents a slide show of recent POTUSES. POTUSI. POTI. POTATOES. Presidents (28)
(Cato-at-Liberty) Obvious If spending stops a recession, shouldn't the economy be booming because of the Bush stimulus checks, tax cuts, and massive government spending of the past few years? (187)
(USA Today) Obvious In anticipation of working with the U.S.' oldest Congress ever, President-Elect Obama has purchased 535 of those big cone thingies to help them hear him (47)
(LA Times) Interesting Defense of Marriage Act author Bob Barr: "the law should be repealed." (367)
(The Hill) Followup Obama's recent pick to head the CIA has been criticized by both the Democrats and Republicans. That must mean he's the right guy for the job (137)

Mon January 05, 2009
(New West) Asinine Outgoing Secretary of the Interior Dick Kempthorne spent $235,000 on renovations to his office bathroom, including a fridge, freezer, wood paneling and monogrammed towels. That's a lot of taxpayer money down the crapper (77)
(ABC News) Obvious Former CEO of eBay Meg Whitman considers running for California governor. ++++++ WOULD ELECT AGAIN +++++ (41)
(Google) Unlikely Franken is now the certified winner of the senate election in MN. Coleman will surely heed his own advice and step aside now, right? (611)
(Yahoo) Unlikely Jimmy Carter ranked as best president of the 20th century. Nuts to that (323)
(Huffington Post) Interesting Paul Krugman, who won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences and wrote a book called The Conscience of a Liberal, says Obama's tax cuts are a "bad idea." Where's your eurosocialist now? (79)
(Independent) Sappy Obama's children enjoy exciting first day at new madrassah (75)
(Politico) News Leon's getting LARGER (141)
(KNBC 4 Los Angeles) Obvious Dems usher in new era of dull scandals, no more bathroom foot tapping, sex with hookers, or chasing after little boys. Democrats will just be taking your money (57)
(Some Guy) Cool Obama selects Harvard dean for mysterious new cabinet position of "solicitor general" (37)
(9 News) Obvious Denver school superintendent who was named last week as replacement Senator, and who has not even been sworn in yet, launches his re-election campaign (13)
(Huffington Post) Asinine Roland Burris is going to DC because "the Lord has Ordained" it. Well, it was somebody who demanded vast sums of monies and gave no real returns, but it wasn't God (83)
(CNN) Scary Obama begins push for tax cuts, more spending. No, this is not a repeat from the Regan era (244)
(BBC) Amusing Continuing the sudden craze for electing presidents with awkward Terrorism-related middle names, John Atta Mills is poised to be elected president of Ghana (45)
(Boston Globe) Dumbass Since it worked so well with the subprime loans, Barney Frank (D-estroying the economy) says he wants jumbo loan limits raised (174)
(Crooks & Liars) Dumbass Did your parents get divorced? Anne Coulter would like to know how your stripping career is going (172)
(Telegraph) Interesting "This failure to distinguish between a crime and a wrongdoing has warped the criminal justice system" (52)
(Bloomberg) Interesting Congress may abolish SEC after failing to discover Madoff. If only they would take this approach towards Homeland Security and the DEA (86)
(Bloomberg) Obvious What would've happend if we listened to President Bush and privatized Social Security? Italy is finding out the hard way (141)
(Gallup) Obvious Gallup poll finds people who didn't vote for Obama have low confidence in his leadership (151)
(New York Daily News) Interesting Hola amigos, donde esta la zapateria? Dos cervezas porfavor (65)
(Power Line) Obvious Forget the inauguration, you know Obama is the American President when he's attacked in effigy by the Muslim world (223)

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