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Sun January 04, 2009
(Reuters) Dumbass Cheney: "The iraqi insurgence is in its last throes. No really.....I mean it this time. Hey where are you going? Aren't you going to write this down? Hey come back" (22)
(ABC News) Scary Obama's "American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan" wants to add 600,000 new government jobs (225)
(SeattlePI) Unlikely President Bush (no, the other one) thinks his son (no, the other one) would be a great President (67)
(The Hill) Followup 2005: Republicans in power threaten to end the evil Filibuster if dems use it on Bush court appointees. 2008: Republicans cling to the time-honored Filibuster to stop Franken's seating. The circle of liiiiife (52)
(Miami Herald) Florida To deal with expected 2009 revenue shortfall, Florida legislature set to cut education spending and other pointless expenditures (35)
(CNN) Asinine Apparently still drunk from Puerto Rican rum, Terry McAullife decides to run for Governor of Virginia (15)
(Minneapolis Star Tribune) Followup Franken leading Coleman by 225 votes after latest round of recounts. Once all legal challenges are exhausted, a two-man sack race will be held on consecutive Sundays until a champion can be crowned (89)
(CNN) Amusing Bill Richardson's stint as Secretary of Commerce is about as successful as his presidency (201)
(Reuters) Obvious Now becoming desparate to figure out a way to keep Burris from being seated in the Senate, Harry Reid decides to look at something called the Constitution (65)
(Reason Magazine) Interesting How the Libertarians will make inroads in Obama's Presidency; since they've had such great success with Bush's (74)
(Washington Monthly) Ironic Conservatives are concerned that Obama's advisors are too liberal: "Though Obama is more moderate, that makes you wonder what kind of advice the president is given" (109)
(Yahoo) Stupid Apparently forgetting that Israel is not part of the United States, Dick Cheney miffed that they didn't ask his permission first before invading Gaza (165)
(Huffington Post) Interesting Al Gore owes the world an apology (275)
(Free Press) Obvious G.W. Bush manages to be a uniter amongst expert Presidential scholars: "Obama gets Pearl Harbor and the Depression all rolled into one" (21)
(Foreign Affairs) Cool Def. Sec. Robert Gates lays out, in detail, exactly why President Obama is keeping him around. "Over the long term, the United States cannot kill or capture its way to victory" (25)
(Oregon Live) Dumbass Hello, welcome to Oregon. We'll give your corporation millions of dollars for constructing things you were going to construct anyway (26)
(Washington Post) Obvious "This [Gaza offensive] takes the already slim chance of an early, active and successful Obama engagement on Israel-Palestinian peace and lowers it to about zero" (93)

Sat January 03, 2009
(Some Guy) Ironic Liberal conspiracy to frame and defame TeamSarah gets busted (318)
(MSNBC) Obvious Interest on the national debt will eat up most of the federal budget by 2010. Now might be a good time to crack open your neighbor's skull and feast upon the goo inside (132)
(Chicago Sun-Times) Stupid Illinois Gov's appointee quoted as saying, "We are the Senator." It sounds unpossible, but yes he am (51)
(Huffington Post) Ironic Michelle Obama tries too hard to look like Jackie Kennedy, says Ann Coulter, who effortlessly looks like Secretariat (347)
(OC Register) Scary Hamas votes to introduce Sharia law to the Palestinian territories, including crucifixion. "Next time you're visiting the Holy Land, the re-enactments might be especially lifelike." (85)
(AP) Obvious Senators plan cool reception for Blagojevich's Senate appointee. Starting with Cheney giving him a "greeting" as only Cheney can (49)
(TwinCities.com) Followup He's good enough, he's smart enough, and with a 49 vote lead as the recount wraps up today, he may be the next Senator from Minnesota (137)
(NPR) Silly Lincoln had a stovepipe, Truman a fedora. And now Obama has a ballcap on backwards. This is bad news... for NPR (75)
(Washington Post) Asinine Governors ask Congress to offset budget cuts by spending more money (18)
(Politico) Obvious Like locusts after the destruction of the land, Republicans flee inauguration (47)
(London Times) Obvious With violence raging between Gaza and Israel, blame is put squarely where it belongs: on the United States (171)
(National Post) Obvious Canadian political party vows it will be "the most boring party ever." Way to set the bar high, guys (39)

Fri January 02, 2009
(Some Guy) Interesting Barack Obama's wife calls him a "no-frills guy", saying he's just as happy wearing a run-down and no-name 'Death To America' T-shirt and scimitar as one of those designer brands (98)
(Guardian.com) Unlikely Israel, you better stop attacking Hamas, because you're making Annie Lennox and Bianca Jagger very cross (254)
(Fox News) Cool Son of Hamas leader converts to Christianity and describes the details of the terrorist group (129)
(MSNBC) Dumbass America: Whew--Gas prices are finally going down. Congress: Great--Now we can raise gas taxes on you (137)
(London Times) Amusing Top 5..uhh..annoying, like - er - verbal tics of...um..y'know..politicians (117)
(Cape Cod Today) Unlikely All congressmen should be subject to the same "net worth" test that convicted Al Capone (77)
(6abc.com) Cool Thrift store white shirt: $1. Cuff links: Free. Finding out the cufflinks belong to Vice-President elect Joe Biden: Priceless (52)
(MSNBC) Unlikely Bush's advisors: "Cheney didn't pull the strings, no matter how much we begged him" (109)
(St. Petersburg Times) Florida State senator wants to do away with the Dewey Decimal System in libraries, because it's too frustrating and ridiculous (76)
(Mathaba) Obvious "I am profoundly troubled that the call of this council, issued nearly four days ago, for an end to the violence has gone unheeded," UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said with a straight face (361)
(The Raw Story) Asinine FoxNews ticker: "Let's hope the magic negro does a good job" (760)
(CNN) Obvious Caroline Kennedy clears first political hurdle. Only 3 more steps before the "curse" and inevitable death kicks in (102)
(wisn) Dumbass Senate majority leader Russ Decker (D-umbass) says a 3rd drunk driving offense shouldn't be a felony in Wisconsin. In other news, new tourism slogan is: "Exceed the legal drinking limit, get free cheese" (71)

Thu January 01, 2009
(MSNBC) Stupid Palin says that her possible future son-in-law, who is not in high school despite being of that age, is not a drop-out. He's taking correspondence classes from an undisclosed location (210)
(The Hill) Interesting Top three bidders emerge for Rahm Emanuel's congressional seat (15)
(Providence Journal) Sad Former Rhode Island senator Claiborne Pell, who gave us Pell grants, dies at age 90 (129)
(Some Goy) Followup Israeli PM working on Gaza treaty after Hamas rejects the "We Keep Killing You Till We Run Out Of Missiles, We Run Out of You, or We Get Bored" treaty (424)
(CNN) Interesting Iraqis take control of Baghdad Green Zone on Thursday, plan to have it renamed Red Zone by Friday (60)
(New York Daily News) Dumbass Writer demands Gov. Patterson appoint a replacement for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat now, despite the little detail that Hillary hasn't resigned it yet (46)
(AP) Stupid Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court whines about his "meager" salary of $217k. Its hard out there for a strict constitutional constructionist, yo (163)
(MSNBC) Sad Case against Rod Blagojevich so strong that the prosecutor needs three more months to figure out what Blagojevich did that was illegal (85)
(Washington Post) Unlikely Couldn't score tickets for the inauguration? Just write a winning online essay about what the inauguration means to you. While you're at it, you can also make a donation to the inauguration, but there's no pressure *wink wink* (20)
(Jerusalem Post) Interesting Made in China: Israel latest victim of globalization as Chinese imports rocket in via Gaza (245)
(The Sun) Asinine Obama to be our first president born in a zoo...according to The Sun (60)

Wed December 31, 2008
(ScienceBlogs) Cool Obama might institute a set of national science standards, removing the ability of local school boards to choose to teach creationism (458)
(WNYC) Sad You publish The Village Voice and your newspaper is losing money. Do you: C.) Lay off the only pro-life writer on staff, who just happens to have been with the paper half a century (49)
(The Weekly Standard) Dumbass On December 9th which prominent Illinois politician said "..he (Blagojevich) has no moral basis for appointing the next Senator from Illinois"? If you guessed Bobby "race card" Rush (D,Ill.) you're a winner (21)
(CBS New York) Interesting Clinton may replace Clinton in the Senate. This is bad news ... for Obama (79)
(Politico) Unlikely Nancy Pelosi, and her "San Francisco" values promises that "The 111th Congress will hit the ground running in January with an ambitious schedule." (125)
(AJC) Interesting Nielsen ratings show Fox News tops CNN for the seventh consecutive year. Suck it libs (156)
(ABC News) Strange If you're going to the inauguration, you might find yourself wondering why you see so many men in assless leather chaps. This is why (64)
(ABC News) Interesting Saudi FM criticizes Palestinians; Saudi AM and Sirius more ambivilent (33)
(FARK) Survey Fark's 2008 Headline of the Year contest: Politics (details in thread) (129)
(Yahoo) Unlikely Obama's ticket to turning the country around: More Cuban cigars and rum (91)
(Columbia Tribune) Stupid Missouri lawmakers look to boost economy by increasing the value of novelty lighters (80)
(The Raw Story) Stupid Old and Busted: RNC accuses Barack Obama of embracing socialism. New Hotness: RNC accuses President Bush of embracing socialism (213)
(Washington Post) Obvious Israel takes proposed peace treaty, sets it on fire, shovels manure onto the ashes, burns the ashes and manure pile, douses it with acid, buries the remains with a bomb, and explodes it (380)
(New York Daily News) Interesting Hillary Clinton named the Most Powerful Woman in the World, which is a lot like winning the Tallest Midget contest (61)
(The News & Observer (NC)) Dumbass North Carolina governor complains that the job of newspapers "is to be nice to me", and the newspapers are not doing their job (45)
(LA Times) Spiffy California decides Bush's coverage reduction in the Endangered Species Act is asinine and sues the federal government (73)
(Gawker) Obvious Congress: "Obama's inauguration will most likely kill you, stay away." Crush level crowds expected everywhere in city (315)
(The Smoking Gun) Amusing Vicki Iseman sues NY Times over McCain Affair story (83)
(Wall Street Journal) Dumbass Alberto Gonzales plans to write a tell-all book, presumably because he can't find a job anywhere in this country. Shockingly, no publisher is willing to print 400 pages of "I can't recall." (45)
(Guardian.com) Stupid Welcome to the Guardian's "Worst Americans" list, where being an uncouth junior governor from a rural state is a worse offense than a man who cheats on his cancer-ridden wife (153)
(CBS Sacramento) Spiffy California is a month away from being broke, and elected officials' paychecks are the first on the chopping block. Wait, what? Really? (32)

Tue December 30, 2008
(Politico) Followup As he can now claim martyrdom by the evil media, it looks like Chip Saltsman may have actually IMPROVED his chances of becoming RNC Chairman by handing out "Barack the magic negro" CD's (419)
(AHN) Dumbass Iranian students storm embassy. This is not a repeat from 1979 (426)
(Huffington Post) Amusing Former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski absolutely owns Joe Scarborough (105)
(CNN) Followup Israeli Prime Minister warns that airstrikes in Gaza are only 'first stage.' Admits he doesn't know what the second stage is, but is pretty sure the third stage is 'Prophet' (99)
(Daily Kos) Sick $37M for a Manhattan apartment: Your tax dollars at work (220)
(Reuters) Asinine Step right up, bring the kids. See the noose that hung Saddam Visit our gift shop. Try the Cheese Kurds in our restaurant (20)
(Washington Post) Unlikely George W. Bush read 95 books in 2006, so he knows a lot about "Sweet Valley High" (139)
(MSNBC) Followup Douche now beating Turd Sandwich by 50 votes (184)
(AP) Interesting Illinois Gov. Rod Blowjobovich names Roland Burris to take Barack Obama's Senate seat. Apparently, the check cleared (206)
(Hartford Courant) Followup Turns out some Democrats did actually flee to Canada when Bush was re-elected, and now that Obama is in office, they're still not coming back (120)
(Forbes) Asinine Automakers: "Hey, thanks for the $17 billion. But, golly, now we're thinking that we might have trouble getting people to buy cars unless we can offer financing." Uncle Sam: "Will another $5 billion help?" (77)
(MSNBC) Sad Israel declares "all out war" on Hamas. Because killing Palestinians has worked so well in the past (471)
(kitv.com) Obvious Former aides say Bush never recovered from Katrina or got over Macho Grande (162)

Mon December 29, 2008
(The Hill) Obvious GOP warns against stimulus rush, may get too excited and the economic recovery may be over too soon. They'll swear it never happens, but we all know better than that (163)
(People Magazine) Interesting Sarah Palin's second grandchild has arrived: Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. Who the hell names their kid Johnston? (528)
(Telegraph) Dumbass Caroline Kennedy may be a good choice for NY Senator should the Dems want to filibuster any bill after repeating "You know" 142 times in an interview. (bonus: article contains a "what if JFK had a sex-change operation" pic) (130)
(Reuters) Followup A suprise underdog takes the lead in worst Bush quote ever contest: "I'm still hopeful we'll get an agreement between Israel and Palestine by the end of my presidency" (187)
(Politico) Interesting Top 10 political upsets of 2008. One upset just proves the age old adage of "if one of your advisors appears as the dean of a college in a movie with gay sex in it, you're going to lose in Virginia." (27)
(Salon) Obvious David Gregory is the perfect successor to Tim Russert on "Meet the Press"; a passive, non-confrontational and accommodating 'media' spokesman who doesn't care if politicians lie to him (69)
(Reuters) Obvious Raul Castro calls for fewer worker subsidies, stricter management, ban on hiring zombies (13)
(LA Times) Unlikely Obama staff say he will stick to promise and conjure unicorns and fairy dust out of thin air (170)
(The Raw Story) Unlikely Either the fifth seal was opened or the Aricept is wearing off: Pat Robertson lavishes praise on Obama's cabinet picks (76)
(London Times) Ironic Atheist says only belief in God can save Africa. "Removing Christian evangelism from the African equation may leave the continent at the mercy of a malign fusion of Nike, the witch doctor, the mobile phone and the machete" (184)
(Fox News) Scary Jets pound Hamas, earn spot in playoffs  T-Shirt (712)
(MSNBC) Unlikely Laura Bush doesn't think G.W.'s presidency was a failure. "I think history will judge and we'll see later" (195)
(Wall Street Journal) Interesting Russian professor predicts the U.S. will break up due to civil war by 2010. The good news: Alaska will rejoin the Russian empire (155)

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