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Sun June 15, 2008
(ABC News) Asinine Looks like the Bush upper class tax cuts are working better than expected as some have cut their tax bill to $0 (16)
(CBS News) Interesting Some latte drinking lefty doesn't think McCain can win on his experience, no surprise there. What's his name? Gingrich? Sounds French (49)
(ABC News) Interesting Someone must've told John Edwards about the SurveyUSA numbers that have an Obama/Edwards ticket winning swing states by huge margins, because he's thrown his hat back into the ring for VP consideration (256)
(Reuters) Obvious Massive flooding in 2005: Bush has birthday cake on a tarmac with McCain. Massive flooding in 2008: Bush has tea and crumpets with the Queen of England. At least his contempt for regular people is getting more sophisticated (88)
(Gawker) Dumbass Gore Vidal doubts John McCain was a POW. The scary part is he's related to two of the last three Democrats to win the presidential election (100)
(Daily Kos) Hero John McCain prays for those impacted by flooding in the Midwest. God answers his prayers, sends Barack Obama with a shovel (195)
(Pajamas Media) PSA A guide to which of your guns Obama wants to ban (262)
(The New Yorker) Obvious "Why did you need to end your commentary by telling the POTUS to 'shut the hell up'," MSNBC producer asks Keith Olbermann. "Because I couldn't tell him to shut the f**k up," Keith replied (192)
(Yahoo) Obvious Many historians see little chance for McCain, although they might just hold a grudge from being tested on his role in the dark ages (49)
(Salon) Dumbass Cindy McCain admitted she stole Percocet and Vicodin from her own charity (241)
(SMH) Followup In another encouraging sign that Afghanistan's government is getting stronger, they're preparing to invade Pakistan. This should end well (75)
(Reuters) Unlikely President Bush contemplates writing his memoirs, plans to begin as soon as he finds his lucky crayon (110)
(AP) Interesting All eight black conservatives are conflicted by the Obama campaign (140)
(Daily Kos) Cool Obama campaign helps recruit and coordinate volunteers to fight flooding in Iowa. McCain campaign orders floodwaters out of neighbors yards (204)
(Asbury Park Press) Interesting Yemen government irritated by a New Jersey blogger, though, in fairness, New Jersey pretty much irritates everybody (21)
(Washington Post) Scary Ross Perot is back. And he brought charts (80)
(Politico) Interesting John McCain - "It's tough in some respects" to be proud of the United States of America. Watch out, John, you're starting to sound a little bitter (179)
(London Times) Obvious Bush begs "get Osama Bin Laden before I leave office" in hopes that his presidency won't end up a total failure (230)
(The New York Times) Obvious Gays and lesbians who fought for the right to get married have found out that being married sucks (186)
(Huffington Post) Hero Bob Barr: "I was wrong about the War on Drugs- it's a failure" (62)
(Israeli Insider) Interesting Obama's half-brother says Obama will be a good president for the Jewish people, despite his Muslim background. Bonus: Photo of the two in 1985, dressed in Muslim attire (117)
(London Times) Cool Dismayed Republicans emerge as Obama supporters. Operation Chaos: successful (87)
(Daily Mail) Obvious New study finds that right-wingers really are nicer people (404)
(Huffington Post) Interesting How Hillary Clinton's attempt to boss Tim Russert around started her demise in the primaries (55)
(Hot Air) Video Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly gets smacked around by, of all people, Geraldo Rivera on the SCOTUS decision to respect the rule of law. Geraldo? Really? Nice work, Megyn (72)
(Some Guy) Spiffy The Louisiana House has voted 94-to-3 in favor of 'critical thinking' about evolution and origins of life. This should end well (264)

Sat June 14, 2008
(YouTube) Obvious General Wesley Clark explains why John McCain's military experience doesn't mean he's any more qualified than Barack Obama (139)
(TBO) Obvious Angry female Hillary supporters starting to come around to Obama. They just needed some cheesecake (198)
(The New York Times) Interesting 54 years ago today, the words "under God" were added to the Pledge of Allegiance. Rational discussion to your right (207)
(ABC 4) Unlikely "We at TheSockObama Co. are saddened that some individuals have chosen to misinterpret our plush toy," says the couple selling the monkey-looking puppet (100)
(Politico) Amusing John McCain releases a list of "prominent" democrats who support his campaign. List includes such notable figures as "a blogger from HillaryClinton.com" and "a former gubanatorial candidate." (69)
(St. Petersburg Times) Ironic Sons of Confederate Veterans embroiled in bitter civil war (57)
(Hot Air) Sad "Will the Democratic Congress keep its promises to reduce earmarks and stop rewarding top donors with frivilous pork-barrel funding?" Reid/Pelosi: "What promises?" (118)
(News24) Obvious Gore Vidal: "It will take 100 years to recover from George W Bush." Which is convenient because we may very well be in Iraq for that recovery period (190)
(Aftenposten.no) Cool Norway becomes sixth country to allow same-sex marriage, provide fertility treatment to lesbians. Can you rapture me now? (59)
(Daily Kos) Interesting Abramoff to be sentenced in September, meaning a whole new slew of testimony and corruption charges against Republicans right before the election. Cue world's tiniest violin (71)
(Crooks & Liars) Cool Finally, the blogosphere comes up with a word for digging through a political candidate's online forum to find scandalous statements by commenters with which to discredit the politician: "Nutpicking" (15)
(YouTube) Hero Barack Obama talks downright lucidly about religion and politics. The Bible "suggests slavery is okay and that eating shellfish is abomination" (551)
(Forward) Interesting Now that we have everything sorted out in Iraq, Congress is pressing Iraq to recognize and establish diplomatic ties with Israel, or else risk losing some of the billions in aid (55)
(The Hollywood Reporter) Spiffy Barack Obama to appear on Jimmy Kimmel's primetime special. Presumably there won't be a "I'm F--king Hillary Clinton" video (20)
(Miami Herald) Florida Florida Democrats rally together for November election; the healing begins. Just Kidding. Obama's finance chairman emails obscenity-laced tirade against former Clinton loyalists (31)
(870 WWL) Amusing Louisiana legislature votes in favor of doubling their own salaries (28)
(Independent) Scary How to free a whole prison? Get a truck, a lot of motorcycles and guns, hire two waves of suicide bombers. Info brought to you by the Taliban (67)
(Newsday) Dumbass Bush mangles facts in speech, states "Your eminence, you're looking good," to Pope. Cue national facepalm in 3...2 (108)
(Houston Chronicle) Unlikely Hit by rising fuel costs, NASA also considers charging $15 for the first checked bag (14)

Fri June 13, 2008
(Townhall) Interesting A Supreme Error: Fred Thompson's response to the Supreme Court's recent Guantanamo Bay decision (158)
(Wall Street Journal) Silly Colin Powell sees McCain-Obama race as a tough choice. Perhaps a Powerpoint presentation would help him choose (31)
(Daily Kos) Asinine Bush AG says SCOTUS decision doesn't apply to Gitmo commissions. There. Problem solved (221)
(Daily Kos) Interesting Obama surges ahead of McCain in the only count that really matters. Once down 205 to McCain's 324, Obama now leads McCain in likely electoral votes 304 to 221 (230)
(Wonkette) Video Great video moments from the late Tim Russert's career at NBC/MSNBC (47)
(The Hill) Dumbass John "fiscal responsibility" McCain has over $100,000 in credit card debt. Sounds like a great guy to put in charge of the national economy (92)
(Talking Points Memo) Dumbass Ohio GOP congresswoman 'Mean' Jean Schmidt reaches a new level of crazy. (Hint: There's no such thing as a malaria virus) (40)
(Politico) Asinine Tennessee Democratic Party official: Obama is a terrorist (41)
(Fox News) Asinine McCain says Gitmo decision "one of the worst in history." He said the same about the invention of fire (136)
(AP) Amusing Bill Clinton has been reduced to giving graduation speeches.... to eighth graders (46)
(London Times) Obvious Europeans are going to miss Bush -- AKA, The Boogeyman -- in ways they are only beginning to understand (124)
(NYPost) NewsFlash Tim Russert has signed off for the last time (1302)
(Huffington Post) Dumbass Taking a page from the Bush playbook, McCain says his townhall meeting will include Democrats, Republicans and independents, but in actuality, audience members are all specially invited guests (151)
(USA Today) Obvious Ohio judge says state's death penalty is unconstitutional. The photo says it all (pic) (216)
(Dallas News) Amusing Republican delegate from Texas shocked, SHOCKED to see statues of nekkid wimmins in our nation's capitol. Wants to remove all nudes from the National Gallery of Art (751)
(NYPost) Followup Sens. Conrad (D-ND) and Dodd (D-Waitress Sandwich) and Bush's former HUD secretary are among those who got sweet loan deals from Countrywide (39)
(CNN) Amusing The recent U.S. airstrike in Pakistan will not hurt their relationship. Admit the U.S. had a rough day and had been drinking a little and Pakistan should be more patient, but the U.S. is a good provider and is really good with the kids (25)
(Huffington Post) Asinine Anderson Cooper promises the "toughest interview" Scott McClellan has faced "like no other," then rehashes all the questions Wolf Blitzer asked McClellan earlier in the day (36)
(Guardian.com) Interesting The fate of 500 million Europeans and 27 countries lies in the hands of Ireland tonight (72)
(Canada.com) Obvious Colombia's government criticizes a new song from French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's new album, which makes reference to Colombia's top export (19)
(MSNBC) Video Keith Olbermann's special comment to McCain (615)
(Newsday) Dumbass Cheney grits teeth, strangles a bunny, admits he lied about China drilling for oil 60 miles off Florida coast (87)
(Think Progress) Hero Sen Martinez (R-Fla) exposes Cheney's lie about the Chinese drilling for oil 60 miles off the coast of Fla and his lie about how U.S. reserves would affect the supply (91)

Thu June 12, 2008
(Daily Kos) Followup Outraged by the SCOTUS ruling on the Gitmo tribunals, Senate Republicans vow to amend Constitution to strip it of habeas corpus (1023)
(Washington Post) Sad Ron Paul ends revolution. RON PAUL (182)
(The Raw Story) Amusing Reporter: Will you send Bush to Iraq as an ambassador? Obama: Are you high? (190)
(SFGate) Followup Apparently under the impression that he has a choice in the matter, Bush generously says he "will abide by" today's Supreme Court Guantanamo decision, even though he thinks it's wrong (184)
(Some Guy) Followup Say hello to your new vice president (143)
(Chicago Tribune) Obvious Fox News (R) adds Mike Huckabee (R) to their stable of fair and balanced contributors. They report, you decided (54)
(Politico) Silly President of Italy adores McCain "for a very selfish reason, and that is that I would no longer be the oldest person at the upcoming G-8 because McCain is a month older than me." (23)
(Financial Times) Ironic UK Tory Shadow Home Secretary Davis resigns unsafe seat to fight byelection as referendum on 42 days detention. Asks people to call him "V" (28)
(Forbes) Obvious McCain campaign says he will cut Defense budget (53)
(Foreign Affairs) Obvious McCain campaign says he will raise Defense budget (39)
(CBS News) Asinine Congressman who hates America wants to outsource all our hotness to foreign models (90)
(Salon) Followup Barack Obama tried to limit the newly overturned Military Commissions Act to five years, and when that failed, he voted against it. John McCain practically wrote it (190)
(Think Progress) Followup Fox VP: Referring to a former dean of the University of Chicago and wife of a presidential candidate as a "baby mama" was probably a bad idea (250)
(Daily Kos) Followup In the interest of fairness, Daily Kos also releases John McCain's birth certificate (119)
(Yahoo) Interesting Over forty percent say Obama isn't "tough enough." Now we know why he's taking up smoking again, since everyone knows that smokers are tough (113)
(Pew Research) Cool How the electoral college is getting eroded away without a Constitutional amendment. PEW PEW PEW (165)
(Washington Post) Obvious America's a nation of voters who take their views on the candidates from humorists: "The right sketch can be worth more than 1,000 words in Foreign Affairs quarterly." Strategery (55)
(The Raw Story) Obvious Ron Paul says that John McCain doesn't embrace Republican values, and instead throws his support behind Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr. RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL (140)
(AP) Spiffy That whole Bush "shop our way out of a recession" plan that pundits have been scoffing at for months? Turns out it's not only working, it's working quite well, thankyouverymuchhaters (136)
(Politico) Obvious Obama releases birth certificate, proving that he is an American citizen and not a Manchurian candidate Islamist African Black Panther Racist Liberation theologist (204)
(ABC News) Strange Obama establishes his own Snopes-like site to dispell rumors about his race, religion, use of spunkballs and JATO-assisted car (178)
(AZCentral) Spiffy Arizona becomes the tenth state to refuse to comply with the REAL ID Act (71)
(CNN) Interesting According to the Tax Policy Center, about 90% of Americans will pay less taxes under Barack Obama's plan than under John McCain's (184)
(Comedy Central) Hero Showing he has big brass ones Jon Stewart puts it out there that John McCain called his wife a c*nt and trollop. No mention of her stealing drugs from her charity to support her addiction (196)
(NJ.com) Unlikely Apparently, there are not enough crooks, liars, and fools in government; Lou Dobbs considers running for Governor (43)
(AP) News The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay have the right to bring their cases in Federal Court. This should end well (786)
(Boston Globe) Cool Congratulations to David Ortiz, U.S. Citizen (58)
(Talking Points Memo) Obvious The Obamas have been married for 16 years, and only to each other. John McCain left his first wife after she was in a car accident to marry an heiress 20 years younger than him. Guess whose marriage Fox News decided to insult? (648)
(Wall Street Journal) Caption Caption Barack Obama pointing something out (277)
(The Hill) Interesting GOP "Gang of 14" says it won't back McCain (50)
(Wall Street Journal) Obvious Sen. Obama lead over Sen. McCain shows he is all but certain to win in November. Just kidding, he's barely winning (256)
(Guardian.com) Unlikely Ari Fleischer whines that he has scars to show how hard the press was (21)
(Wall Street Journal) Dumbass President Bush's next great Middle East idea? I'll take "nuclear plants for Saudi Arabia" for $800, Alex (143)
(Crooks & Liars) Asinine Because, apparently, he was afraid he wasn't getting enough of the dead-ender 28% vote, McCain confirms he'd love to have Cheney in his Administration (41)
(Hot Air) Stupid Having learned from their "terrorist fist pump" mistake, Fox News calls Michelle Obama Barack's "baby mama" (153)
(Huffington Post) Dumbass McCain admits he doesn't know how to use a computer, promises to throw bones at the giant black obelisk until the economy recovers (279)

Wed June 11, 2008
(The Raw Story) Obvious Rice warns Iran that the "world" has lost its "patience." And by "world" she means the "US." And by "patience" she means "before Bush leaves office" (131)
(Independent) Asinine In Britain June 15th is Magna Carta day, a celebration of freedoms from arbitrary rule. House of Commons starts celebrations early by voting to extend powers of detention without charge to 42 days (47)
(Wall Street Journal) Amusing After the 50 State Strategy proved to be a winner in 2006 and Barack Obama won the 2008 nomination using the same ideas, DNC Chairman Howard Dean has invited us all to "come see the softer side of Dean" (41)
(Yahoo) Asinine Poor guy struggling on $300,000 annual salary fears Obama tax - "We're just dog paddling now" (492)
(Bloomberg) Interesting Unwilling just to cut tax rates because that means the rich may actually get some of their money back, Democrats embrace tax plans that are as complicated as stereo instructions written in Urdu (115)
(Daily Kos) Obvious People are SHOCKED that O'Reilly would edit his ambushing of Bill Moyers to make it appear as if his guy was the victim (82)
(CBS New York) Ironic Actor John Cusack accuses McCain of being a Bush clone and profiteer of war. Cusack fails to mention that he is a Hugh Grant clone and profiteer of lonely, middle-aged women with his terrible acting in romantic comedies (112)
(The Raw Story) Followup The House of Representatives votes to send articles of impeachment against President Bush to the Judiciary Committee for review (194)
(Talking Points Memo) Followup McCain campaign trying to defend his statement that it's not important if the troops come home by saying he didn't say it. See, that didn't take long (126)
(AP) Followup Obama VP vetter Jim Johnson, who is not the Jim Johnson that Obama knew or even heard of, resigns from Obama campaign (153)
(Alertnet.org) Scary Pakistan increases military spending to 300 billion rupees, plans to outfit military with large shields and extra health potions (113)
(Reuters) Obvious President Bush says he wants to solve Iran issues peacefully, but all options are on the table, like peace tanks, peace bombs, and peace airstrikes (132)
(Talking Points Memo) Stupid John McCain says today that bringing troops home from Iraq is "not too important." Oh, Johnny, that one's gonna look great in the ads (398)
(Wired) Stupid McCain asks supporters to invade liberal blogs, but few respond. Perhaps that's because his supporters don't know how to turn a computer on, much less what a blog even is (151)
(Crooks & Liars) Silly "I refer to Newt Gingrich as the Mount Vesuvius of ideas." -- Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) (42)
(Huffington Post) Amusing Keith Olbermann is NOT a media friend of the Clintons. Neither is Chris Matthews, everybody else at MSNBC, Matt Drudge, or the "Vanity Fair" guy (60)
(Reuters) Dumbass The President of Peace™ regrets being misunderstood (147)
(Yahoo) Amusing Big cheese GOP Party donors STILL aren't giving money to John McCain (63)
(Huffington Post) Interesting Say hello to your new vice-president (310)
(Mediabistro) PSA Katie Couric says that Hillary has "received some of the most unfair, hostile coverage I've ever seen" (108)
(CNN) Weird Bush has no regrets, gives another neck massage to German Chancellor Angela Merkel (49)
(International Herald Tribune) Misc Europe is getting nervous that once Bush is gone, no one will want to confront Iran on their behalf (234)
(Seattle Times) Amusing George Bush has been so bad for the Republicans that they're changing their name to the GOP Party (133)
(CNN) Followup A day after the story broke, CNN finally reports on articles of chimpeachment (145)
(CNN) Dumbass Some guy suggests moving the presidential vote from Tuesday to a Saturday. Because there certainly is nothing happening on Saturdays in November. Duke sucks (82)
(YouTube) Interesting Now that the primaries are over, MSNBC put together a 10-minute montage of the last 6 months. Looking over it all, there's only one lesson we can learn - America is weird (30)
(Official John McCain site) Amusing John McCain's official website not monitoring comments too well on their golf product page. Now watch this drive (301)

Tue June 10, 2008
(Chicago Tribune) Obvious It looks like a new flavor is about to be served in the Illinois Executive Mansion. Peach-Mint (56)
(Guardian.com) Obvious Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones charging $1.99 a clip to see them reminisce over the Clinton 90's. Smells like ween spirit (22)
(Mercury News) Dumbass Sorry Gov. Jim Gibbons (NV-DA), but it's hard to believe you're "just friends" when you texted her 860 times last month (45)
(YouTube) Dumbass John McCain thinks Putin is the president of Germany. PFANNKUCHEN (140)
(BusinessWeek) Dumbass Just another well thought out plan by those employed by your tax dollars; TV converter-box coupons expiring before they can be used (88)
(Talking Points Memo) Amusing According to a top official from his 2006 campaign, Joe Lieberman "begged" Barack Obama to endorse him (39)
(MSNBC) Sad Ron Paul to throw convention for self; will cry if he wants to (71)
(Daily Kos) Dumbass Kos bravely takes on Microsoft because their racist spell check in Hotmail suggests Osama for Obama (69)
(Houston Chronicle) Asinine GOP blocks tax on oil company profits. But don't worry, McCain is still peddling his "gas tax holiday" plan which might save you two bucks if you're lucky (177)
(CNN) Followup Kucinich's website mysteriously crashes. CNN forced to report that he introduced articles of impeachment (120)
(Politico) Interesting Obama has potential VP list 20 names long. From Webb to Strickland, here they are (169)
(Reuters) Sad Disagreements shake Djibouti. Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake Djibouti (31)
(Guardian.com) Interesting President Bush visits Germany but is keeping a low profile because Germans don't like him and he in turn hates those enormous puppets of him and Cheney they always drag out for their protests (50)
(Think Progress) Dumbass John McCain says people who make $200,000 a year are not rich. Well, certainly not compared to him, anyway (341)
(BBC) Obvious $23,000,000,000 lost, stolen or enron'd in Iraq - and you're not allowed to know about it (853)
(Politico) Obvious Actress Scarlett Johansson amazed that Obama has time to correspond with her via e-mail. Michelle amazed too (127)
(Talking Points Memo) Interesting Barack Obama will field a staff in all 50 states. Looking for experts in not backhanding yokels who know Obama is a muslim because their brother-in-law told them he got an email (78)
(WGAL 8) Silly Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama turned into collectable doll that looks more like a presumptive version of Gary Coleman crossed with Chucky (35)
(Michelle Malkin) Stupid Bored with questioning Obama's patriotism, Michelle Malkin moves on to questioning his citizenship (266)
(Salon) Spiffy It doesn't matter if Obama or McCain gets elected, the reign of the radical right is over either way (265)
(Daily Kos) Interesting Fox News E.D. Hill gets terrorist jabbed off the air (85)
(topshelfdogfood) Interesting Obama can buy 32 bionic legs and 16 bionic eyes with his June fundraising dollars (43)
(LA Times) Interesting Loser of the long Democratic primary? Hillary Clinton. Winner of the long Democratic primary? CNN (23)
(Election Geek) Unlikely Not news: Candidate will regulate excessive CEO pay. Fark: Candidate is John McCain (62)
(CNN) Dumbass John McCain promises to veto every beer with earmarks. Mmmm. Earmarked beer (54)
(NewsBusters) Asinine Matthews: Voting for McCain is like staying on the sinking Titanic (82)
(The Atlantic) Dumbass Conservative writer claims that any marital misdeeds are fair game against liberals but should be ignorned agianst conservatives. Hypocrisy tag much? [Editor loves it] (74)
(Cleveland) Stupid Army apologizes to soldier falsely accused of murdering Iraqi civilians by recalling him and sending him back to the conflict. There's wrong, and then there's Army wrong (32)
(New York Daily News) Amusing Fashion police vote Barack Obama's weekend clothes as dorky (78)
(RealClearPolitics) Obvious "Do the media even care whether Senator Obama knows what he is talking about? Or is the symbolism of 'the first black president' paramount, even if that means a president with cocky ignorance at a time of national danger?" (397)
(Wall Street Journal) PSA McCain is now asking lobbying firms to work on behalf of his campaign and then write down the costs to avoid violating contribution limits. If you realized that's illegal, give yourself a gold star (103)
(Slate) PSA So you think Jim Webb would be an awesome choice for Obama's VP slot? Yeah, not so much as it turns out (150)
(Bloomberg) Interesting After enduring eight years of global scorn, the U.S. may finally see a restoration of its status in world opinion with President Obama (168)
(Some Guy) Unlikely Unnamed billionaire who had a plan to spend $50M to get Ron Paul elected now plans to spend $3M to get Chuck Baldwin elected president (13)
(Election Geek) Dumbass Obama helped create national fingerprint registry, MSNBC to explain how this is good for civil liberties (255)
(MSNBC) Scary How the "American Dream" became a national nightmare: The role of the U.S. government in creating the housing crisis. Fortunately, you get to pay for this disaster. Lucky you (71)
(I wish I hadn't looked) Interesting How the United States Air Force alone is consuming so much oil, they could be increasing the price while bankrupting the government (101)
(MSNBC) Amusing Cheney throws McCain under the bus (50)
(Metro) Amusing Gordon Brown starting to feel heat from within, probably from all the meat pies. (With "I could eat you, too" pic) (7)
(Think Progress) Dumbass John McCain on his VP search: "Well, basically, it's a Google" (74)
(Straight Talk Gazette) Obvious McCain praises Clinton in speech. This does not mean that he "said it." Pancakes (64)
(Crooks & Liars) Asinine The NFL would like to remind you that Pat Tillman played in the NFL. They would also like you to take your questions about the Pentagon friendly fire cover up and cram them up your end zone (62)
(CNN) Amusing Members of the press whine about getting a free plane ride; make some noise about being promised an interview with Obama, then being told Obama wasn't on board after the plane took off. Wussies (37)

Mon June 09, 2008
(Huffington Post) Amusing Dear Lord, give us this day our daily bread. Except Karl. Tell him he's fired. Sincerely, Dubya (39)
(The Raw Story) Obvious If this bill passes, expect to see the longest signing statement in presidential history (44)
(Politico) Unlikely Obama: "McCain is running Bush's third term." McCain: "Obama is running for Carter's second." (117)
(MSNBC) Obvious Obama may have a problem with racist voters making up excuses for why they'd vote for any Democrat except him (240)
(Daily Kos) News Rep. Kucinich (D-Me Lucky Charms) introduces articles of impeachment against President Bush (2327)
(CNN) Asinine Hard hitting report from CNN: Is Obama black? CNN political mathematician concludes: White + Black = Black (104)
(Dallas News) Interesting McClellan agrees to testify under oath before Congress about the role BushCo played in Plamegate, Attorneygate and Torturegate (262)
(WorldNetDaily) Hero Dear Congress: If you don't get us more oil I will personally stomp each and every one of you headfirst into the ground in the Alaska National Wilflife Refuge. Love, Chuck Norris (423)
(CNN) Amusing Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA, and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-TX exchange a terrorist fist jab on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer (25)
(CNN) Stupid McCain calls for a gas tax holiday for the 1,345,691st time this campaign season (110)
(Washington Post) Followup That Senate report confirming Bush lied? Eh, not so much (261)
(AP) Obvious Polls show that an Obama/Clinton ticket confuses the hell out of racists and sexists (25)
(Daily Kos) Interesting Which liberal moonbat is predicting an Obama landslide this week? George Will (63)
(Reuters) Amusing Any joke that senatorial candidate, Al Franken, says is now "off the record." The box-office abortion that was "Stuart Saves His Family" still on the table, presumably (36)
(The Raw Story) Interesting Bipartisan government report shows 485 contacts between the White House and Jack Abramoff, and that Abramoff clients benefited from those contacts and that he had influence on policy. The White House: "Jack who?" (46)
(JedReport) Asinine John McCain, the man who never shuts up about the respectful campaign he will run, has launched the first negative ad of the general election. At least it doesn't say Obama has a black baby (126)
(Political Insider) Unlikely If Obama doesn't "bounce" in polls, Hillary could be back in the mix (116)
(Huffington Post) Obvious Brokaw lays a beat down on Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. Says they have "too much airtime and too little imagination" (58)
(Newsweek) Obvious The economy is going to continue to suck (62)
(CNN) Obvious The economy is going to improve (38)
(National Review) Scary Obama's ascent began in 1968, when a conspiracy of noted Marxists including Saul Alinsky, Facebook's Chris Hughes, and free-money guru Matthew Lesko set in motion a series of events that may lead to the end of the American way of life (300)
(Think Progress) Obvious The instant the Obamas received a few moments of lighthearted, positive coverage for "fist bumping," Fox News knew they had to associate it with terrorism. And they have (231)
(NYPost) Interesting John McCain looking to attract disenchanted Clinton voters, especially the older women, whom he'll get by flashing his dentures and inviting them for a ride to the early-bird dinner special in his Buick (102)
(Wonkette) Obvious Senate votes to privatize their cafeteria food, Halliburton prepared to offer plastic turkeys and Swanson's TV dinners for the low, low price of "no bid contract" (36)
(Tax Prof) Interesting U.S. Supreme Court justices release their financial disclosure forms and what law schools they visited. While Stevens and Souter stay home, Scalia will attend anything above the opening of a new Wal-Mart (22)
(ABC News) Interesting Laura Bush: "I Admired Hillary's Grit." Wait, they still sell that magazine? (32)
(AP) Stupid Breaking news: Obama rides a bicycle. This is going to be a looooooooooong five months, people (152)
(The Nation) Asinine Having done a bang-up job in Iraq, Blackwater moves into fighting the War on Drugs. This should end well (125)
(Examiner) Interesting "For every 10 percent increase in the minimum wage, employment for high school dropouts and young black adults and teenagers falls by 8.5 percent" (288)
(Village Voice) Interesting John McCain wasn't just a POW, he also had a role in making it much harder to find out if POWs were left behind in Vietnam (179)
(Cleveland) Asinine Experts say idling a car "wastes about four percent of a car's gasoline." In case you've been living under a rock, this will probably lead to new and exciting types of traffic tickets (45)
(AZCentral) Unlikely Man has been fasting for 15 days in front of Senator McCain's office in hopes of meeting with him to talk about 9/11 conspiracies. "I'm accusing Popular Mechanics as being part of the cover-up" (507)
(London Times) Interesting Finally, the citizens of Europe will be cheering for Bush (48)
(NPR) Interesting Wondered why the Santos character from the "West Wing" seems so much like Barack Obama? Because they modeled him after Obama (56)
(Denver Post) Stupid Protesters to crap their pants when Denver PD use the Brown Note (110)

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