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Sun March 16, 2008
(kos) Interesting Why Obama's pastor isn't nearly as much a burden when you compare him to another radical preacher, who happens to have the initials JC (120)
NJ.com Weird Aide to former NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey says his wife's claim she didn't know he was gay was BS. How does he know? They used to have "Friday Night Special" threesomes (26)
Fox News Dumbass Obama's "inflammatory" pastor turns the other cheek. Just kidding -- he fires off a press release about how his church is oppressed (41)
(Some McCainiac) Followup Remember when Obama said he wasn't anywhere near Jeremiah Wright when he went all crazy uncle on the "United States of White America?" Well, it looks like the title of Obama's next book will the The Audacity of Lying My Ass Off (216)
(Hot Air) Obvious Clinton supporter dares to criticize cable TV's hero of the left: "(Keith) Olbermann is now the Bill O’Reilly of MSNBC. A big giant head railing against the first viable female candidate in U.S. history" (105)
(Think Progress) PSA A year ago, McCain travelled to a Baghdad market with a security detail of 100 soldiers and five helicopters. Today, the US won't even go into the market. SURG'D (29)
MSNBC Obvious Three fourths of those polled believe federal government is secretive. Federal government's response to poll falls under executive privilege and will not be released to the public (18)
Washington Post Obvious Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-VA): "(Bush) just killed the Republican brand." Dr. Watson to inform Professor Holmes on the non-existence of excrement (47)
YouTube Amusing John McCain vs. John McCain: Can you count the flip flops? (82)
Seattle Times Followup Remember how Hillary hinted that pledged delegates didn't necessarily have to vote for their pledged candidate? Perhaps she didn't think her cunning plan all the way through (97)
Newsweek Cool McCain visits Iraq to see how well the surge, his candidacy is doing (96)
Seattle Times Obvious Remember how we were going to pay for the Iraq war and rebuild the country with oil revenues? Seems we're not the only ones that thought of that (22)
(The Nation) Interesting What kind of Commander in Chief would McCain be? Let's ask one of his supporters: "The thought of his being President sends a cold chill down my spine. He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper, and he worries me." (114)
(Zogby) Interesting Nader is at 6% and climbing in the polls as people realize that Obama isn't perfect and Hillary is unelectable (182)
Washington Post Interesting O'Bama picks up another twelve delegates -- seven in Iowa, five in California. Tis Luck O’ the Irish (61)

Sat March 15, 2008
Fox News Interesting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the role of superdelegates in the Democratic nomination contest: "If the votes of the superdelegates overturn what’s happened in the elections, it would be harmful to the Democratic party" (171)
Fox News Obvious In a rare moment of tactfulness, Hugo Chavez weighs in on the United States' list of countries accused of supporting terrorism: "Let them make that list and shove it in their pocket" (47)
(dkos) Amusing Clinton: Obama--Release your Rezko documents. Obama: I already did that. In fact, they're on my website. But since we're on the subject of releasing documents, how's those tax returns coming? (129)
CNN Asinine Sirius launches radio station called 'Client 9 Radio' dedicated entirely to the Spitzer sex scandal. Siriusly (31)
Guardian.com Obvious In a shocking surprise from out of nowhere, Zimbabwe's police and army chiefs say that they will not allow Robert Mugabe to be defeated in the upcoming presidential election (61)
Fox News Obvious Fox news comes right out with why men won't vote for Hillary. Men: If your wife is in the room, put on your best "that's ridiculous" game face before playing the video (173)
Yahoo Obvious Yeah, you know all that stuff the Bush Administration said about Pervez Musharraf being an "indispensible" ally? They'd kind of like you to forget all that (23)
CNN Obvious Hardliners surge ahead in Iran elections. US calls elections "cooked" as they do not offer a full spectrum of candidates. Hear that? It's the sound of Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Mike Gravel's heads simultaneously asploding (80)
Comedy Central Sad Nothing eats itself quite like the Democratic party. Stephen Colbert explains (111)
Seattle Times Silly George W. Bush answers questions about Iraq, the economy, and auto repair (23)
London Times Interesting "I fought for my land against the US. Now I fight alongside them" (50)
(blogs 4 brownback) Amusing "This is the why decent women strap their chest down in public, and why indecent women are fit only to be pilloried and pelted with rotten vegetables, ridiculed, scorned, and mocked by decent society" (25)
(Some Guy) Followup High school senior and son of Oklahoma City bombing victim writes a letter to Rep. Kerns, who claimed that gays were more of a threat than terrorists. Spiffy tag has something in its eye (832)
(Haaretz) Obvious Condoleeza Rice has what alcoholics refer to as a 'moment of clarity,' states that both the Israelis and the Palestinians aren't doing enough to meet their obligations under the 2003 US road map for Mid East peace (83)
Guardian.com Interesting "Evangelical atheists never doubt that human life can be transformed if everyone accepts their view of things, and they are certain that one way of living - their own, suitably embellished - is right for everybody." (422)
Reuters Amusing Just so you don't forget McCain is still running, he came up with a spectacularly idiotic claim (72)
(Media Matters) Sad With all the talk about Obama's pastor, why aren't people talking about McCain's spiritual guide, shall we? (122)
Chicago Tribune Stupid Obama reveals Tony Rezko played a bigger fundraising role. Oops (79)
Fox News Unlikely Despite attending church for over 15 years, Obama claims that until a few days ago, he didn't realize that his white-hating, America-damning pastor was a white-hating, America-damning pastor (313)
TBO Obvious The three people who have the final say on whether Florida delegates are seated are all former Clinton administration officials (52)

Fri March 14, 2008
(Some Guy) Asinine The cause of current conflicts with the US's commitment to Iraq? White House: "Poor Arabic translation." Now, if only they hadn't fired all the Arabic translators due to their commitment to the same gender (36)
(Der Spiegel 60609) Interesting Europeans decide Obama best thing since JFK (95)
(Volunteer TV) Obvious 3rd Grader becomes mayor for a day, resigns in shame after accusations of cooties (20)
BBC Interesting British conservatives look to win next election, have already captured the important goat vote (7)
Canoe Interesting Dan Brown, the guy who agreed with Drew on the media, weighs in on the U.S. election. Paraphrasing: Hillary Clinton is... not a woman, McCain... may... but... his ... cock, and Obama is dead (51)
Chicago Tribune Silly Chicago Tribune says the only person who can help the Democrats now is Yoda. End well, this will not (60)
(Voice of Amurica) Sad Tibetans set fire to their country to protest Chinese rule. You're doing it wrong (64)
(dkos) Interesting Turns out the Abramoff scandal *was* bipartisan after all -- and it involves two of three current presidential candidates (88)
CNN Interesting US House of Representatives votes 213-197 to strip immunity from phone companies for domestic surveillance. President Bush reportedly has narrowed veto choices to Tangerine, Burnt Sienna and Aquamarine (341)
CNN Hero Glenn Beck: "What would it say about personal responsibility in this country if we allow the two states that broke all the rules to end up having the biggest say of all?" (413)
Washington Post Amusing Actual headline: "Politicans spanked by virgin." Article much less interesting than you would think (11)
ABC News Followup ABC News posts another article about ALL the cantidates 'controversial advisors', but mainly so they can bring up Obama's pastor again (Did ya know he blames us for 9/11?) (492)
(The Daily Show) Amusing White House Press Secretary Dana Perino goes on "The Daily Show." This should go well. It's not like Stewart mocks her every day (77)
Salon Interesting Bill Clinton, Osama bin Laden and the pope are part of a new global power elite which runs the world. Group also includes Gettys, Rothschilds, the queen and The Colonel before he went tets up (124)
(Some Guy) Scary The law says truck drivers in the USA must speak English. The Bush Administration is letting Mexican drivers take their English proficiency tests in Spanish. The Constitution seen coughing a death rattle (183)
(The Huffington Post) Ironic John McCain: "Vote for me. The surge is working." General Petraeus, architect of the surge: "The surge is not showing sufficient progress" (146)
Examiner Cool Jesse "The Body" Ventura ain't got time to bleed... red, white and blue (23)
Yahoo Silly Huffington Post: Boxing is not as popular as it used to be, which is why Hillary's waging a dirty campaign and political writers are usually older than sports writers. Or something like that (12)
CBS News Obvious Presidential candidates: "You know, Congress should really take a break from pork barrel spending during this election season." U.S. Senate: "Snerk, snerk -- BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA" (28)
I Heart Chaos Amusing Time Magazine gets their inevitible stupid post-election covers scooped (18)
Yahoo Amusing Huff Post writer: "Bush is an arrogant douchbag to say invading Iraq was the right thing to do, and the fact that it actually seems to be working is irrelevant" (197)
USA Today Stupid The way Clinton and Obama are handling themselves makes it likely that Democrats will once again prove their mastery at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory (180)
NYPost Obvious Earmarks in a Democratic-run Congress's budget? It is as likely as you'd think (65)
(Palm Beach Post) Florida "As a Floridian-American, I do not have to play by the rules that the majority of Americans have to follow. I do not have to wait in line. Get used to it, America" (98)
Yahoo Obvious The AFL-CIO researched McCain's record on "working family issues" and is not happy. In related news, "working family issues" is the new way to say "politicians that are owned by unions" (93)
(politico) Obvious Hillary and Barack agree to an April 16th debate in Philadelphia, but Hillary rejects a proposed debate in North Carolina. This is no surprise, because NC is not part of the United States That Matter (78)
AP Interesting For the first time in 25 years, Congress will meet in the super secret tree fort to discuss super secret documents (53)
USA Today Obvious And so it begins... Democrats vote to raise taxes (293)
(Some Guy) Obvious Illinois politician on assault-weapon ban: "How many shots are you going to need to kill a deer or pheasant? If you can’t shoot your target in a matter of three or four rounds, put the gun down" (269)
(Some Guy) Amusing Mike Gravel endorses the Green Party candidate for president. Obama and Clinton both breathe a sigh of relief (19)
(HuffPo) Dumbass Bush is envious of soldiers serving in "romantic" Afghanistan. Kandahar is for lovers (72)
(AnnCoulter.com) Weird Latest Ann Coulter column manages to combine pimps, Paris Hilton, frenzied masturbator and Monica Lewinsky into one article on Spitzer (33)
CNN Obvious What do you call days when a financial scandal rocks the Republican party? Thursday (26)

Thu March 13, 2008
(Moonbattery.com) Amusing News : Legislators protest against US policies that will result in hordes of unskilled peasants pouring into their country, burdening social services to the breaking point. Fark : They're Mexican legislators (19)
Time Unlikely Plan underway for Democrats to split Michigan's 156 delegates, party, country (180)
(Gothamist) Interesting "Why is it ok for Oprah to repeatedly endorse Obama on her show and at rallies, but it is an 'obamination' for Tina Fey to endorse Hillary in a short fake news brief?" (158)
(Politico) Spiffy Further proof that the Obama campaign has nothing to hide: Obama releases his Senate earmarks. Team Hillary will get around to it eventually, along with her tax records, Clinton Foundation donor list, White House documents, etc. (158)
Fox News Obvious Inspector General is shocked, SHOCKED, to learn that the FBI illegally obtained data on Americans (46)
CNN Obvious FBI misused letters to snoop. Letters to Dre, Fitty used properly (24)
ABC News Followup Penthouse wants Eliot Spitzer's hooker to appear in their magazine, despite the fact the issue will cost $5,000 on the newsstand (68)
(HuffPo) Dumbass Who does Dr. Laura think is at fault for Spitzer having sexual relations with that woman, Kristen the wannabe singer? Well, Mrs. Spitzer, of course (434)
AP Florida It's looking less likely that Florida will get to screw up another election (76)
Denver Post Strange Secret Service agents who detained man for telling Cheney off are changing their story. Not to hide anything, but because Cheney is too lazy to testify (22)
National Review Interesting Poll shows 13 percent of Americans think Barack Obama is Muslim. In related news, Obama legally changes name to Barry Whitebread Smith (79)
MSNBC Obvious Democratic budget blueprint would allow tax increases for all those rich bastards who make $31,850 a year (210)
(Politico) Cool "Fifty-three percent of Americans now believe 'the U.S. will ultimately succeed in achieving its goals' in Iraq" (87)
ABC News Dumbass The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor for the last 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ, has a long history of what even Obama's campaign aides concede is "inflammatory rhetoric." Blames U.S. for 9/11 (523)
LA Times Obvious Another day, another apology from Hillary about something stupid Bill said (108)
(Some Guy) Amusing Obama staff replies to email chain, forwards to 10 friends, granted a wish (143)
Wired Stupid Dittoheads who voted for Clinton in Ohio may have broken the law to do so, as the culture of "Do as I say, not as I do" continues to erode what is left of true conservatism in this country (260)
AP Spiffy Sure, it has been over a month since New York and Colorado voted. But Clinton just picked up five of Obama's delegates there (111)
NYPost Obvious Gold futures hit $1,000 an ounce for the first time on news that the dollar ain't worth the oil it's printed for (98)
(The Economist) Interesting Hillary Clinton did not have a security clearance during her husband's presidency. In other words, the only 3:00 a.m. calls she was getting were for sammiches (137)
Wall Street Journal Asinine Farm income is up a whopping 44 percent thanks to higher food prices, but farmers are ready to hoover up a record level of taxpayer dollars in this year's farm bill pending in Congress (149)
USA Today Interesting "Spitzer faces backwash" (29)
AFP Interesting Ed Norton preparing documentary on Obama campaign in which we find out in the end that Obama is actually Ed Norton (70)
CNBC Interesting On 9/11, George H. W. Bush was meeting with a member of the Bin Laden family over Carlyle Group business. If the Carlyle Group now has serious financial problems, are we headed for another terrorist attack/war? (105)
(Some Guy) Sad Metzembalm (62)
(DailyKos) Spiffy Keith Olbermann comes forth with his Special Comment on the Clinton campaign: "This is not a campaign strategy. This is a suicide pact" (494)

Wed March 12, 2008
The Smoking Gun Spiffy Photos from The Smoking Gun of the girl who brought down Spitzer. (Probably safe for work) (634)
MSNBC Obvious Clinton spin: Obama can't win Ohio or Penn in the fall if he loses in the primary. Historical reality: Primary resaults have no correlation to general election results. Here comes the facts (46)
(Some Guy) Silly Former Polish prime minister opposes online voting, dismissing internet users as a bunch of beer-swilling, porn-watching suckers. Hey we aren't all suckers (12)
USA Today Florida Florida poised to mess up another election by announcing a June 3 mail-in Democratic primary (90)
(Think Progress) Dumbass "Allah was a demon spirit", and other classics brought to you by John McCain's spiritual advisor. None of this will get any traction however, because of Hillary's 24 hour flail-o-thon (74)
(The Field) Interesting Why Barack Obama can't win Pennsylvania, and why he shouldn't even try (124)
SLTrib Obvious Romney to McCain: PICK ME... PICK ME (58)
ABC Action News Florida In 2008, Ben Stein and conservative lawmakers introduced a bill in Tallahassee in an effort to challenge the teaching of... Anyone? Anyone? (834)
(Daily Show) Hero Daily Show goes to Berkeley and does what the Daily Show does (127)
AP Sick The U.S. Government has racked up a $263.3 billion deficit in the first five months of the fiscal year. It's a good thing those tax and spend Democrats aren't in charge (72)
(Some Guy) Obvious Why Canadians never have political sex scandals like Spitzer's: "We're far less inclined to make judgments about moral behaviour." Oh look, a front of smug is rolling south (92)
Newsweek Obvious Newsweek shows us why we will never run out of Spitzer, Craig, or Foley submissions (23)
CNN Unlikely Geraldine Ferraro quits Clinton campaign after backfire from her remark. That should end all the debate (207)
Sign On San Diego Sad San Diego Unified School District slashes $80 million from its $1.2 billion operating budget. Laying off 600+ teachers, you know for the kids (89)
(Some Guy) Obvious "Saying that Hillary has Executive Branch experience is like saying Yoko Ono was a Beatle." (60)
ABC News Obvious In a stunning surprise to absolutely no one, the Bush Administration tries to quash a military report proving there was no direct connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda (75)
National Review PSA If you just pumped two bullets into your sister's head in a Muslim "honor killing," don't call emergency services and brag about it. Unless, like you're this guy, you're Palestinian, in which case it's A-OK (801)
Rolling Stone Interesting Rolling Stone puts Barack Obama on the cover, giving him the same loving care the magazine gave former cover-messiah Jar-Jar Binks (300)
CNN Stupid House votes to create an independent, outside, unswayable Ethics Committee to police itself, with members specially appointed by its the two most powerful congressmen. So this should would perfectly (49)
AP Ironic Muslims protest reprinting 2006 cartoon in story about how cartoonist has gotten death threats...because the cartoon depicts them as intolerant. Ironic tag narrowly edges out Dumbass (506)
(Some Guy) Strange Jack Kevorkian to run for Congress. He could really do a lot of good there (52)
(TPM) PSA Barack Obama's 20 point wins in two small states have just wiped out all the gains Clinton made in her single digit wins in two big states (167)
(Albany Times Union) Followup Spitzer resigns. Patterson to take over Monday, as soon as he can find his way to the Capitol (268)
ABC News Interesting If you don't think Hillary has a chance at winning the nomination, think again (120)
Seattle Times Scary Remember all that tainted beef from last week that you thought only went to schoolchildren? Funny thing about that (20)
(dkos) Obvious The end times, they are a-comin'. Republicans are coming out in droves to support Hillary Clinton (167)
NYPost Followup Is this Eliot Spitzer's "Kristen?" Not safe for work-ish pic, but really nice choice, Mr. Horny Governor (382)
Fox News Followup House can't muster enough votes to override waterboarding veto. Our freedoms stay protected (728)
Baltimore Sun Strange Not news: CNN trots out former U.S. Attorney to comment on the Elliot Spitzer scandal. FARK: The same U.S. Attorney was forced to quit after paying for strippers on his government card, then biting one of the strippers (23)
1010WINS Followup "Sources" say Spitzer is scheduled to announce his resignation at 11:30 a.m, make it effective Monday. 5 more days of Spitz submissions (86)
Village Voice Interesting David Mamet: "Why I Am No Longer a 'Brain-Dead Liberal'" (195)
TampaBays10.com Florida State Department of Transportation plans to raise price of the toll road to a popular beach park from $0.35 to $7.25. Let's see if anybody notices (28)
Yahoo Ironic US drip blasts drip China drip for drip torture drip and drip abuse drip (53)
ABC News Dumbass Detroit mayor, enmeshed in sex scandal, puts his finger on the problem by blaming media for "lynch mob mentality" after they wrote about it and stuff (68)
Miami Herald Florida Gov. Spitzer's bust sheds light on bigger problem: Miami's drastic shortage of high-priced call girls (68)
CNN Followup Geraldine Ferraro: "They're attacking me because I'm white," as the MAN tries to keep her down (286)
Kansas City Obvious "It’s the new American Gothic: A husband and wife stand behind splayed microphones, the politician apologizing for a sexual scandal and his wife standing stoically beside him" (70)
YouTube Asinine President Bush makes fun of Katrina, Scooter Libby, Executive Privilege, and the press eats it up (200)

Tue March 11, 2008
MacWorld Asinine The problems with having a woman president presented for your review courtesy of Bill O'Reilly (95)
(Helsingin Sanomat) Amusing Finland's foreign minister admits sending text messages to erotic dancer, denies sending five-euro notes via Paypal (15)
MSNBC Obvious Obama wins a primary in some other unimportant state (866)
CNN Scary Man reputed to be the only person keeping Bush from attacking Iran just resigned. How do you say "Oh, crap" in Farsi? (260)
Wall Street Journal Amusing DNC to Hillary: No, you can't have Spitzer's superdelegate vote. Not yours (111)
National Review Interesting National Review writer endorses legalized, regulated prostitution. With bonus Firefly reference (166)
(World Net Daily) Silly American Family Association ends Ford boycott as automaker insists their tailpipes are exit only (102)
ABC News Hero John McCain tells Hillary and Obama to stop whining about NAFTA, saying isolationism and protectionism are only ideas embraced by union workers earning $58 an hour for mopping floors in car plants (828)
CNN Interesting The booking agent for Governor Spitzer's favorite warned her that freaky Eliot "would ask you to do things that, like, you might not think are safe" - "Run an under capitalized hedge fund for me, baby, yeah" (220)
Wonkette Followup A pictorial tour of Eliot Spitzer's favorite online brothel (186)
(Some Guy) Asinine British government deports gay Iranians, where their sentence would be death, using the excuse of "Well if they're discreet, they'll be fine" (404)
Washington Post Sick From March 2004 to February 2006, KBR inappropriately distributed chlorinated wastewater to 5,000 U.S. troops. Which begs the question, when IS an appropriate time to serve sewage? (93)
Globe and Mail Interesting The Taliban in Afghanistan continue their War on Cellphone Towers (27)
(Philadelphia Magazine) Cool Philadelphia Farkers sure to develop an intense interest in politics once they see Fox 29's political reporter (153)
(The Local.de) Stupid Germany's national railroad, which profited from shipping Jewish children to concentration camps, decides to charge shipping fees for traveling exhibition documenting the fates of children shipped to concentration camps. Godwinilarity ensues (229)
USA Today Unlikely "His Superfluous Excellency," AKA Dick Cheney, jokes about the insignificance of the role of a vice president as another few soldiers die in Iraq (73)
National Post Followup U.S. may exempt Canadian oil from new environmental rules (34)
AP Followup Many people now pressuring NY Gov Spitzer to resign for patronizing hookers. Everybody else always kinda figured that was a poltician's job description (193)
Wall Street Journal Obvious Bill being offered on the Senate floor to severely limit the use of earmarks. Hillary and Barack sign on as 11th hour co-sponsors. McCain will only show up to vote. But wait There's more (109)
London Times Followup Hillary refuses to take a position on the Spitzer sex scandal until focus groups and overnight polling tell her what her opinion should be (75)
(Harpers) Followup Your leftwing pro-Spitzer talking point: The Bush Justice Department was out to get him, so he's entitled to all the hookers he wants (148)
NJ.com Followup Dina Matos McGreevey reminds us that she, too, married an important person who had sex with other people (14)
(NY Times) Followup IRS thought they were going after simple corruption when they started investigating Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s (D-Dumbass) finances last year. Oops, guess they got caught with their pants down (or at least someone did) (428)
Breitbart.com Interesting Al Franken's Democratic rival for U.S. Senate drops out because he wasn’t good enough, smart enough and doggone it, people didn’t like him (62)
SMH Interesting Madame Tussauds rejects wax figure of British PM Gordon Brown on the grounds that Brown is already a wax figure (6)
LA Times PSA Obama says Clinton trying to hoodwink, bamboozle Americans with her tomfoolery, flimflam, poppycock and monkeyshines. Clinton's reply: "Shenanigans" (100)
Washington Post Obvious Hillary: "The best job I ever had in preparation for running for office was a job I had sliming fish" (62)
CNSNews Hero Who can improve vegetative relations between the United States and Muslim communities around the world? Cue Cumber (70)
LA Times Silly Alabama becomes battleground for Beer vs. Baptists (59)
(kos) Amusing Irish town claims O'Bama as their own (60)

Mon March 10, 2008
AFP Amusing Wild elephants block Sri Lankan polls. Democrats seen taking notes for future excuses, lawsuits (56)
CBS News Asinine Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) repeats claim that al-Qaeda will dance in the streets if "Hussein" Obama elected President, recalls his own election with the dancing werewolves, dead cats, and a 58 Plymouth Fury (139)
MSNBC Hero Clinton campaign: Obama is not ready to be commander in chief? Secretaries of Army and Navy: Obama would be one billion times better than Hillary (108)
YouTube Asinine Oklahoma representative secretly taped giving a speech in which she says gays are the "biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam". Which means the Gay Islamic Terrorists are the worst (133)
(Daily Beeze) Dumbass Geraldine Ferraro, nominated for Vice President based almost solely on her gender, says Obama is "lucky" to be black, since it's much easier for him than for a white person or a woman (201)
SFGate Dumbass You find $500K surplus in obscure county account. Do you: A) give the money to wretched local schools? B) fill potholes on wretched local roads? Or C) demand transit authority paint brand new parking garage? (15)
(HuffPo) Amusing Obama addresses the question that has been plaguing many people: In what bizarro world does the second place candidate ask the first place candidate to be her Vice President? (with video goodness) (660)
(The Local.de) Strange Angela Merkel says there should be "no uncertainty" that Germany's armed forces will remain in northern Afghanistan. So they're moving south, right? Or are they staying put? Damned German double negatives (72)
(Some Guy) Hero Barack Obama finally discovers a practical use for Twitter, making fun of Hillary Clinton (77)
Reuters Interesting USA pledges to help modernize Polish military, replace screen doors on submarine fleet (192)
(Southern Poverty Law Center) Interesting Number of hate groups in America up 48 percent since 2000. Reasons for increase include: Election of George Bush, premiere of "Gilmore Girls," and launch of Netscape Navigator 6.0 (112)
Wonkette PSA If you've donated money to the Clinton campaign using a credit card, you might want to check your statement for fraudulent charges (57)
Yahoo Followup Governor Elliot admits he spritzed 'er, but doesn't resign (577)
LA Times Obvious Turns out, the White house may have fudged some facts in the leadup to the war. Oh well, no harm no foul (73)
Wall Street Journal Amusing Florida and Michigan both suffering from a severe case of sandus vaginus (48)
CBS New York Followup "Sources" say NY Governor to quit over sex scandal (261)
BBC Obvious "If Obama is forced to argue that he has more delegates while Clinton has more votes, his position is dramatically weakened, given the history of the party that was forced to put up with the Bush administration for eight years." (81)
11 Alive Unlikely Georgia city commissioner pushes ordinance that outlaws firing a gun to celebrate holidays after his cable box is shot up by party-goers (68)
SFGate Obvious "If Hillary Clinton wants to challenge the narrative that she's inauthentic and a control freak, a good start would be to make herself more available to journalists' questions" (123)
(Politco) Asinine Clinton camp: Super Delegates are smarter than average voters, that is why they have them. Hell, maybe we should have super wise men to decide everything for us. Democracy is such a sham (188)
Slate Interesting Unlike their Vietnam war predecessors, Iraq war veterans have so far been consigned to the margins during this presidential election (28)
Mediabistro Amusing Less than a week after lecturing a Scottish journalist that releasing the "monster" quote would hurt her career, Tucker Carlson's show gets cancelled (108)
CNN Silly Ron Paul says "It ain't over til the fat lady sings." And by Fat Lady he means "Psychiatric Doctors," and by sings he means "lock me away in Arkham Asylum." (177)
Local10 Obvious Iraq war will cost $12 billion each month in 2008. We're spending it over there so we don't have to spend it over here (434)
The Sun Sad One in 10 children in Britain thinks George Bush is their ruler (59)
(HyerStandard) Interesting A look at the "Republicans For Obama" movement. Yes, this group actually really exists (123)
Reuters Obvious Clinton to Obama: you're inexperienced, too liberal, wear scary Muslim garb, and you're all talk. You're perfect to be my running mate (146)
(ThinkProgress) Dumbass Bush said to be pressuring McCain to pick the Mittster as his running mate; Obama/Clinton respond "Eeeeexcellent." (145)
AP Obvious US troops are getting sick from contaminated water in Iraq. Symptoms include skin abscesses, cellulitis, skin infections, and diarrhea, among others. Is the guilty party (a) Halliburton, (b) Halliburton, or (c) Halliburton? (119)
Reuters Ironic President Bush rejects easing of US embargo on Cuba, arguing that they nepotistically replaced one dictator with another (60)

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