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Sun February 10, 2008
Breitbart.com Stupid Bush: McCain is a true conservative. That sound you hear is the sound of a million actual conservatives facepalming (29)
News.com.au Interesting Bill Clinton loses Grammy to Obama, minimzes loss by pointing out that Gore and Hillary won before (5)
Time Interesting Edwards in super duper secret tree fort meetings with Obama and Clinton (26)
USA Today Interesting Obama takes Maine, making him 4 for 4 this weekend (295)
SeattlePI Interesting Mike Huckabee smells a rat in Washington, sends in a team of people with expertise in that area (50)
STLToday Unlikely "[George W. Bush] respects liberty so profoundly that he has protected it and has safeguarded civil liberties more than any other president in wartime that I know of" (61)
(Some Guy) Asinine Bush: Obama would "attack Pakistan and embrace Ahmadinejad" - according to the guy who bombed Iraq and embraced Musharraf (80)
Yahoo Interesting Candidates thinking of V.P. choices, Obama & Edwards, McCain & Romney, Clinton & Clinton and Cruise & Xenu (90)
(HuffingtonPost) Strange 2000: Karl Rove engineers a smear campaign against John McCain, ensuring his loss for the Republican candidacy. 2008: Rove donates to the McCain fund and is welcomed as among "the smartest political minds in America" (43)
(Third Party Watch) Amusing The Libertarian party congratulates Republican's nomination of John McCain... by delivering a funeral wreath to Republican headquarters (37)
AP Dumbass Another election year, another plan to get rid of the Electoral College (69)
CNN Stupid CNN - "Dems deadlocked after Saturday's contests"...in which Obama won all three states and the U.S. Virgin Islands by margins of no less than 21 points (192)
Fox News Interesting Bush: John McCain is a true conservative. McCain: Mr. President, you aren't helping me. Please STFU (23)
(Politico.com) Interesting Hillary Clinton's campaign manager nearly breaks her ankle jumping off the bandwagon (381)
(Samizdata) Amusing In effect Vladimir Putin is saying "if you do not start respecting me, I will bankrupt my country by producing large quantities of the same weapons that the Israelis consistently turn into confetti using western military technology" (26)
Washington Post Followup Georgia is bone dry and is seriously considering grabbing part of Tennessee to get water (17)
BBC Stupid Nationalist MSP lodges motion in Parliament calling for Berwick-upon-Tweed to go from an English town to become a part of Scotland again. Bonus: town has already switched 13 times (8)
MSNBC Obvious Huckabee declares he does not want to be Vice President, putting him more in tune with the rest of America who doesn't want him to be any kind of President (33)
(Open Left) Sad "How I Could Quit The Democratic Party." Hint: It might have something to do with back door power grabs by a certain NY senator (102)
Chicago Tribune Asinine We should celebrate that white men are looking past race and voting for Obama. Just kidding, we should be outraged the white men are displaying their sexism for voting against Clinton (387)
Telegraph Scary Anti-Putin protester is declared insane and kept drugged in psychiatric hospital. RNC seen taking notes (27)
(Some Guy) Obvious President Bush hates Congressional earmarks, also known as pork. Interestingly, his budget is chock full of similar items (34)
London Times Asinine British Ministers want to force prostitutes off the phones and the internet and out from behind closed doors and back out on the street in front of your house where it is presumably OK (10)
(Palm Beach Post) Florida "Being a Democrat in Florida is like being the coyote in a Road Runner cartoon. Things start out so promising, but in the end you just screw up everything in a comical way. Beep beep" (124)
BBC Unlikely You'll get to vote / In twenty-ten / And we'll keep beating / You 'till then / Burma Shave (16)
Telegraph Silly Clinton reportedly to ask Dem leaders to make Obama campaign 'stand down' (310)
(NewsBusters) Interesting Obama already playing age card on McCain (109)

Sat February 09, 2008
BBC Obvious Countries around the world look forward to outcome of 2008 elections, because for first time in eight years, they won't have to bring colouring books to international summits (205)
WTOP Obvious Dick "Buckshot" Cheney signs amicus brief in favor of Second Amendment (87)
CNN News Obama takes Nebraska, Washington and Louisiana to complete the Saturday Democratic trifecta (off-shore bonus: Virgin Islands) (1121)
(Some Guy) Obvious "Democrats are working overtime to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory." Here's the six easy steps they're following (95)
(Some Guy) Obvious Republican party sues Independence party for refusing to vote for them (17)
Minneapolis Star Tribune Interesting Hillary Clinton tells Democrats not to bring a knife (Obama) to a gunfight: Only she can beat McCain (238)
(king5) Interesting Update from the WA caucuses: Dems shatter participation records, most Repubs undecided (147)
Reuters Interesting Huckabee wins Kansas, evolves into stronger candidate (198)
Guardian.com Followup Clinton team braced for Obama to take them from behind (142)
MSNBC Stupid In case anyone was wondering, there are 158 Democratic delegates at stake today yet no major media seems to be covering it (254)
Kansas.com Unlikely Huckabee: "I'm a Wal-Mart, not a Wall St., Republican." Good to know that he's a smelly, lazy, obese shopper in a motorized cart with 6 illegitimate kids and a spam sucking white trailer trash girlfriend (97)
(Inquirer) Silly Nobel prize winner says Obama will be assasinated if he gets elected. The reason? There's none, except for the fact that she won the Nobel prize for literature and is free to let her ass make up imaginary situations (86)
AP Followup Hillary says she won't debate on MSNBC because an anchor was mean to her daughter. Yeah, it's not at all because Barack is cleaning her clock in face-to-face debates, no, not that at all (108)
NPR Unlikely Hillary casting herself as the underdog to the "establishment" Obama. Wait, what? (164)
AP Silly Headline: "McCain trying to keep it real." Word to your mother (20)
(Ron Paul 2008) News Ron Paul to scale back his campaign, concentrate on re-election to Congress. Thousands of moody loners mourn in their mom's basements (563)
(Some Guy) Obvious Defense Secretary Robert Gates admits that U.S. Iraq policy has cost us goodwill overseas, meaning he won't be Defense Secretary much longer (21)
MSNBC Obvious Pentagon says that war strains the military's capabilities. In other news, the sky is blue, grass is green, and Drew is on his 10th beer as we speak (57)
CNN Interesting Colin Powell says he may support a Democrat or Independent. Is somebody jumping on board the Obama train? (103)
(MichNews) Obvious "Whoever wins this year’s election, the American people are in for a rough four years. The best we can hope for is that at the end of it, we’ll still be better than Canada" (149)
Washington Post Asinine Washington Post correspondent suspended for pointing out a presidential candidate is using their daughter for publicity purposes. It's not news, but dude, quit pretending (66)

Fri February 08, 2008
CNN Cool Jack Cafferty - "The amazing thing about Obama's power to inspire people isn't that he does, it's that he inspires young people to actually vote" (86)
CNN Obvious Polls show Obama has a better chance than Clinton at beating McCain in the general election (156)
(ThinkProgess.org) Obvious Democrats, in a celebration of the diversity of the party, welcome Joe Lieberman back into the fold. Just kidding-they've stripped him of his super-delegate vote (136)
Washington Post Obvious Former DC Mayor Marion Barry, who probably still remembers what a biatch can do to you, endorses Obama (29)
Newsday Interesting New Jersey superdelegate previously pledged to Hillary moves back to undecided column. So that's what the first crack in a dam sounds like? (75)
(Huffington Post) Amusing After claiming to be the *real* candidate of change, Hillary claims to be the *real* candidate of dreams. Will, by the general election, have been the *real* candidate of extreme, awesome, echidnas, brake dust, yarn, and cure for blue-balls (48)
YouTube Interesting Cynic walks up to young black kid supporting Obama and tries to embarrass him by exposing his assumed ignorance. Needless to say, he got served (175)
(townhall) Silly According to conservative columnist, Obama isn't really black and the only reason why anyone votes for him is because he is black (133)
(Some New Mexican) Dumbass Hey, you think they'll notice that we are Clinton supporters and we kept three ballot boxes in our home overnight? (235)
(Hot Air) Amusing In a fair and balanced Freudian slip, Fox News identifies McCain as a Democrat (167)
Wall Street Journal Obvious A big reason health insurance is so expensive is because there are 1,961 state-mandated coverages that must be included in plans, including massage therapists, wigs for cancer patients and coverage for fatties (151)
AP Ironic Bush greeted by chants of "four more years" from a group of conservative constitutionalists. Ironic and Stupid tags in a dead heat (367)
Wall Street Journal Interesting Division and disunity were the GOP watchwords in 2008. But the party with the meat cleaver down its middle is in fact the Democrats (26)
NewsMax Obvious Ron Paul is accusing the Republican Party of acting like a bunch of Democrats (100)
(National Post) Scary The cult of global warming shows its true colors. Jail time for the non-believers (551)
Washington Post Cool The surge is now so successful that even the Washington Post has been forced to notice, saying, "Al-Qaeda in Iraq is an organization in disarray" (54)
Seattle Times Hero Following reports that the NFL was cracking down on churches hosting big-screen Super Bowl parties, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-ahrah) introduces bill to give places of worship an exemption (82)
Time Followup Ten things Mitt Romney could have done differently. No. 11: Win. That would have helped (50)
ABC News Amusing Care to guess which presidential candidate the Japanese city Obama supports? (40)
LA Times Stupid Sen. Thad Cochran -- who once said "The thought of [McCain] being president sends a cold chill down my spine. He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me" -- now supports McCain for president (66)
Wonkette Amusing Hillary is using Chelsea to stump for the great-great-grandparent vote. With pic (44)
(Some Guy) Dumbass Clinton campaigners rent New Hampshire building for five days. Result: Building is left trashed and rent never gets paid (219)
CNN Followup On stimulus plan: "The checks are an advance on next year's refunds, and most, if not all of the money, will be deducted from taxpayers' refunds in 12 months' time." No free money for you (126)
(WOAI) Scary Ambulances put on standby as Cheney returns to hunting in Texas (77)
(Some Guy) Amusing Obama's 86-year old Kenyan grandmother and her pet chicken are thrilled by his 13-state win in the primaries (38)
(Some Guy) Asinine "Mathematically impossible Clinton or Obama will win nomination through regular voting process." All hail our super-delegate overlords (406)
BBC Obvious Politicians do not need to expense receipts for “food.” In related news, “food” can encompass iPods, televisions and fish tanks (36)
WTOP Stupid With nothing better to spend their time and money on, VA Senate bans the term "mentally retarded" in VA laws. Replaces it with "intellectually disabled" (171)
(Patriot Ledger) Dumbass Governor says he doesn't know how testing of older drivers would help safety, but he does know how it will help him win votes (14)
LA Times Strange "Obamaphilia has gotten creepy. Scarlett Johansson called me twice, asking me to vote for him. She'd never even called me once about anything else" (94)
Slashdot Cool Evidence surfaces proving that the Supreme Court is influenced by the Internet Tough Guy Lobby (71)
CNN Obvious Mike Huckabee insists his campaign is not over, uses podium to shield journalists from massive fork stuck in his ass (49)
(Some Guy) Asinine The language used here is the language of evangelical Christianity – Obama volunteers speak of "coming to Obama" in the same way born-again Christians talk about "coming to Jesus" (194)
The Raw Story Asinine Cheney: "Damn right I back Bush use of waterboarding" (247)
AP Ironic Bush says vote Republican because "prosperity and peace" are at stake in November (134)

Thu February 07, 2008
(Some Guy) Amusing Limbaugh: "The Republican Party has attempted to expand by including liberals and independents and Democrats so as to marginalize conservatives." (185)
CBS News Cool Obama: "I won't be spleef-boated" (98)
ABC News Followup That whole "Hillary's campaign is short on money" thing? A cunning stunt (110)
NYPost Obvious Charles Barkley frowns on the Jesse Jackson's Shenanigans (45)
(huffpo) Unlikely The latest complete BS un-factchecked politics rumor: Gore may endorse Obama (146)
(Lileks.com) Interesting Farker James Lileks at his screediest, putting the wood to the overly earnest and self-righteous "b-b-but Amerikka" types we all know and loathe (111)
The Sun Amusing The Sun gets cheeky: "Close but no cigar for Clinton". Ooh err, fnar fnar (21)
AP Followup A day after being declared legal, and hours after the Justice department refuses to investigate, the head of the CIA says that waterboarding is probably illegal... wait, what? (168)
Yahoo News Stimulus plan passes. Spend your money frivolously or you hate America (479)
Yahoo Asinine Democrats stand firm on certain stimulus bill demands. Just kidding, they folded like a slice of warm cheese (23)
Wall Street Journal Followup Romney's Speech on withdrawing from the race. Summary "I want to keep running, but that would only be helping the terrorists" (0)
Breitbart.com Interesting "Roll Call" newspaper launching a new TV show focusing on legislative politics. Because C-SPAN, C-SPAN2, CSPAN-3, CNN, FOXNews, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS aren't enough already (14)
NBC 11 Followup Berkeley: "We are dead set against having military offices here." US Senate: "Enough to lose all your federal funding?" Berkeley: "What are you talking about? We support the troops and we always have" (401)
(Some Guy) Obvious Montana student newspaper apologizes to Ron Paul supporters for not running a single article on him after writing Paul off as an "oddball" : "In retrospect, we now see these may be the very qualities that draw people to Paul" (53)
Slate Obvious Bill Clinton's charity is getting millions from a sleazy Kazakh uranium baron. High five (51)
(NY Sun) Interesting Democrats might return to the smoke-filled room to pick their presidential nominee, which is great news for Obama since he's the only one who'll admit inhaling (111)
(Press Media Wire) Interesting Ron Paul co-sponsors legislation prohibiting the US from collecting debts from surviving families of fallen soldiers (116)
(Outside the Beltway) Cool Ann Coulter told to stay the hell away from this year's CPAC conference. They know all they need to know about the crying game (90)
Yahoo NewsFlash Mitt Romney suspends his Presidential campaign. McCain seen tenting his fingers, mumbling "Excellent..." (880)
Fox News Obvious McCain rivals: "It ain't over." In other news, it's over (41)
CNN Obvious Commentator: "Hatred of McCain makes no sense." Welcome to American politics, sir (69)
(KWGN-TV) Dumbass Colorado representative says teen parents are sluts. Well, duh. Except now he's under fire for saying so (262)
(WINK) Hero Congress acts to make telemarketer Do Not Call Registry permanent (200)
London Times Hero UK columnist Camilla Cavendish: "I admire Hillary's balls" (31)
LA Times Stupid Robert Gates: "Just because Bush is making secret deals for a long-term commitment to Iraq, ensuring troops remain for decades, does not mean we're going to have a long-term commitment with Iraq and troops there for decades." (122)
Time PSA US citizens voted for Democratic candidates almost 2-to-1 over the Republican ones (328)
(NewsBusters) Asinine Shuster: Rush and Hannity Don't Matter (131)
(Bloomberg) Interesting Accidentally leaked internal Obama memo projects Barack to finish with 1,806 delegates to Hillary's 1,789. It takes 2,025 to be nominated, and the missing 366 Michigan and Florida delegates would push Hillary over the top (600)
Free Press Interesting Dems contemplating a "do-over" in Michigan so the delegates will count (92)
(Open Secrets) Unlikely Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson owns $125,000,000 worth of Goldman Sachs stock. So, you can totally trust him to put the overall economy before Wall Street interests. Totally (36)
Wonkette Asinine “To elect Barack Obama to the highest office in the land would be nothing less than spitting on the graves of the victims of 9/11,” Sillett wrote last week. You know you want to read the rest (159)
(Bloomberg) Amusing After hearing Hillary Clinton lent herself $5 million to get through Super Tuesday, Obama campaign challenged its members to match her in the 24 hours that followed; ended up raising almost $6 million (177)
(Tallahassee.com) Florida Mayoral candidate claims teaching evolution in schools will revive the Third Reich (98)
Yahoo Unlikely GAO says that touch screen voting machines worked fine in a Florida Congressional race, and 18,000 voters -- 15% of those voting -- must have decided just to skip that race on their ballots (47)
AP Obvious Ric Romero reports that the next President could come from the Senate (23)

Wed February 06, 2008
Yahoo Sad Republican Senators block economic stimulus bill, thus encouraging more democratic senators in the future (81)
(Some Guy) Interesting Buchanan: John McCain 'Will Make Cheney Look Like Gandhi' (91)
Slate Amusing New tell-all book on 9/11 Commission report contains major bombshells -- like the time Janet Reno made chicken soup for her sick security detail. Wake up, sheeple (55)
Yahoo Cool "Yes We Can" viral video starring a host of celebrities supporting Barack Obama quickly becoming seen as the best marketing of any campaign in either race (314)
MSNBC Scary Bush could authorize the use of waterboarding in the future if certain conditions are met. The conditions? Being brown and named Mohammed (92)
(NY Times) Interesting "Obama Girl" didn't vote for Obama. She didn't vote for anybody, for that matter. Submitter, however, casts a vigorous vote for her knockers (SFW) (84)
Time Obvious Clinton staffers working without pay. Bill reportedly digging up young interns for "alternative pay options" (183)
(Some Guy) Interesting Vermont: Most Likely To Secede? (80)
National Review Interesting NRO editors send a message to John McCain: Start hating Mexicans pronto or forget about our support (264)
AFP Scary 23 year old Iranian sentenced to death for drinking alcohol four times. And they were being lenient, according to the Iranian law he should have been killed the third time (465)
Wonkette Interesting The Mittster has spent $1.16 million per delegate and at his current rate will need to burn over $1 billion to win the nomination. Huckabee, on the other hand, has won 20 delegates for every million dollars he's spent (95)
(State of California) Obvious California county-by-county primary returns show that NorCal supported Obama, but SoCal overwhelmingly went for Hillary. Can we please split the state in two and separate ourselves from those oddball Southerners? (105)
(Huffington Post) Followup Obama's silver tongue and solid exit polling appear to have now penetrated and divided the feminist community; "Vagina Monologues" playwright claims that hardcore feminist rhetoric is snatched from Bush (35)
Rocky Mountain News Followup Fark's favorite evangelical gay pastor Ted Haggard has prematurely ended a "spiritual restoration" process begun when he was fired for sexual misconduct. Guess you can't cure teh ghey (134)
(Variety) Obvious Americans are more interested in who the next American Idol is than who the next Republican nominee for President is. Oh yeah, and they prefer "House" as well (26)
CNN Followup 7,295,400 votes for Clinton = 50.2%, 7,295,400 votes for Obama = 49.8%. That's what happens when people cast their 3/5ths of a vote (90)
MSNBC Followup It's official: Obama now in the lead (314)
London Times Asinine If you don't support Vladimir Putin, you MUST be crazy (38)
Washington Post Obvious "Yesterday's primary voting laid bare a profound racial and ethnic divide among Democratic voters, with African Americans overwhelmingly preferring Sen. Barack Obama and Latinos largely favoring Sen. Hillary Clinton." (91)
(gamepolitics) Interesting Where the major presidential candidates stand on video game issues (47)
(Some Guy) Dumbass Bill Clinton 2007 "self-financing violates the spirit of campaign finance reform" Bill Clinton 2008 "nevermind" (35)
Wonkette Florida "The biggest losers of all were in Florida, which eagle-eyed readers will recall held a primary last week. Just try telling that to the drooling oldsters who called their elections boards yesterday insisting they had a right to vote." (28)
Washington Post PSA "We have a $14 trillion economy. The idea that presidents can control it lies between an exaggeration and an illusion." (56)
Herald-Leader Dumbass Head of University of Kentucky's student government association asked to resign after he forwards e-mail claiming Barack Obama is a radical Muslim. RNC extends job offer (230)
(NY Daily News) Misc It'll cost NY Giants fans XLIII dollars for Super Bowl XLII license plates (20)
Washington Post Dumbass Already known for giving victory speeches when she comes in third, last night Hillary Clinton actually claimed to have won a state that Obama won by 10,000 votes (327)
(NY Observer) Obvious Pundit Chris Matthews is so far in the tank for Barack Obama he echoes when he talks: "This is bigger than Kennedy. [Obama] comes along, and he seems to have the answers. This is the New Testament" (68)
(newshounds) Obvious Hannity, Limbaugh and Coulter all line up behind Romney (64)
CNN Amusing "That this whole Huckabee fight turned into an insane Marx brothers dance was fitting somehow." (11)
(Alternet) Unlikely FemiNazi explains how any criticism of Hillary Clinton is the same as raping and murdering every woman on Earth (106)
(Some Guy) Dumbass Obama wants to give illegals drivers licenses ... Well, Hillary's gonna do him one better: how about just giving them cars? (53)
(Pensito Review) Asinine Super Tuesday’s Biggest Loser: Rush Limbaugh (84)
Chicago Sun-Times Amusing Twenty gullible voters given defective pens, told by officials that pens contained "invisible ink". In other news, Alan Keyes' camp reports they're missing 20 votes (110)
Washington Post Interesting Ron Paul takes 25% of the vote in Montana. Who would have thought a state big enough to drop a nuke without waking your neighbors would have a libertarian strain (192)
National Review Obvious "Hillary has the beer Democrats, O'Bama has the wine Democrats." And Ron Paul, of course, has the Kool-Aid drinkers (99)
Examiner Obvious San Francisco voters prove they aren't as batshiat crazy as everyone thinks, reject plan to convert Alcatraz to "global peace center" by nearly 3-1 margin. Still no cure for Berkeley (153)
(Some Guy) Interesting The evolution of John McCain, from a military realist, to a hopped-up interventionist (78)
(Politico) Followup What happens when you don't care about the small states and just focus on the huge ones? You lose the overall delegate count (474)
CNN Followup Delegate count on the GOP side shows McCain with 615, Romney 268, Huckabee 169, and Paul with 16. Or, as Paul supporters see it, 20 gajillion billion (445)
SeattlePI Amusing Rudy Giuliani featured on 2008 Topps baseball card celebrating Red Sox World Series victory. Stats on back show a 9.11 lifetime ERA and a .000 batting-average in the clutch (9)
NPR Amusing "In California, it is possible to drive an electric car with your third wife for a stop at the holistic tea house run by your gay son and his husband on the way to the polling place, where you will vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger" (58)
(Some Guy) Interesting If Democrats end up having a brokered convention, it will be the first since 1952 - and it won't be good for anyone (32)
MSNBC Dumbass Dutiful Virginians uphold their civic duties this Super Tuesday. Just one small problem (82)
Fox News Dumbass Not News: Republican Family Values Candidate Running for Committeeman. Fark: Candidate is a 'Deadbeat Dad' Who Owes $82,000 in Unpaid Child Support (65)
KNBC News Clinton, McCain winners of California primary (1063)
AP Florida "In Florida, election officials across the state fielded hundreds of phone calls from confused voters asking where they could vote Tuesday, apparently unaware that Florida's presidential primary was last week" (62)
YouTube Cool Listen to the earliest known voice recording of a U.S. president: Benjamin Harrison, in 1889 (46)
Comedy Central Silly Super Fat Tuesday discussion thread. Link goes to Comedy Central Indecision 2008 live blog (2392)
ABC News Amusing "Oprah Resolves Voting Machine Glitches." Is there anything Oprah can't do? (77)

Tue February 05, 2008
Wonkette Obvious Don’t be fooled by the shrewd campaigns being run by perplexingly strong candidates; the Democrats are headed for a total farking meltdown (32)
News.com.au Unlikely Israeli Intelligence agency says that in three years Iran will have nukes, gays (58)
(Send2Press) Stupid Willie Nelson claims twin towers were imploded on 9/11 - also blames terrorists for his tax evasion and permanent hair problems (295)
Denver Post Stupid James Dobson whines that if he can’t have things his way, he’s just not going to play at all (73)
Boston Globe Interesting Obama'yall takes Georgia (402)
NJ.com Obvious With Andy Pettite's testimony out of the way, US Senate gets down to really important work ... starting with passing a resolution 100-0 praising the NY Giants?? Uh, Iraq? The economy? Anyone, anyone? (71)
ABC News Interesting What if Ron Paul drops out after he gets royally spanked on Super Tuesday? Will there be wailing from parents' basements nationwide? How will it affect the blimp and stencil industry? And who will we make fun of? (254)
Guardian.com Obvious "The Republican bench is filled with more McCains than Reagans, which makes the anti-McCain campaigning a bit futile. You can't beat someone with no one, no matter how many bloggers and talk show hosts you have on your side." (43)
Reuters Scary CIA admits waterboarding three times. Translation: we did it a lot more than three times (814)
CBC Obvious Ron Paul needs to take more folic acid (120)
My San Antonio Strange Not News: Democratic delegates up for grabs this Super Tuesday. Fark: 22 will most likely come from Mexico (149)
(City Journal) Interesting Still stinging from the Clinton era of triangulation and his abandonment of liberal ideals, progressives longing for a new Camelot get behind Barack Obama, who, by any standard of measurement, is unqualified for the job (225)
Wonkette Scary Ron Paul supporters in L.A. turf war with Crips (72)
(Some Guy) NewsFlash Huckabee scores first in West Virginia, presumably with a relative (470)
NPR Dumbass And the award for least delegates per dollar spent goes to... (70)
CBS New York Obvious Hoboken plagued by voting machine glitches, giant chickens (87)
Des Moines Register Interesting Businesses in Iowa could be fined as much as $625 for selling U.S. flags made in other countries. "I personally don't want my coffin draped in a Chinese-made flag when I pass away" (204)
National Review Interesting It's not "predatory lenders" that are at fault for the US mortgage crisis, but the liberal left wing PC nannny state ivory tower elitist socialist democrat academic liberal leftists (127)
Yahoo Asinine San Francisco voters to decide whether to destroy famous site visited by millions of paying tourists in favor of building global peace site visited only by hippies with no money (102)
WTMJ Dumbass Bunch of people outside Wisconsin polling place for Super Tuesday forget that Wisconsin doesn't vote on Super Tuesday (134)
CNN Spiffy Barack Obama wins Super Tuesday's first battleground: Indonesia (228)
(C|Net) Interesting The most tech-friendly candidates, plus Hillary Clinton (189)
(Political Wire) Interesting Hillary Clinton raised an impressive $13 million in January, outdistancing rival Barack Obama by negative $19 million (37)
(SurveyUSA) Cool There's no denying it, Hillary is the clear winner in California: SurveyUSA says 52 percent Clinton, 42 percent Obama (193)
Yahoo Cool There's no denying it, Obama is the clear winner in California: Zogby says 49 percent Obama, 36 percent Clinton (321)
Baltimore Sun Amusing Meet the caninedidates -- dog lovers guide to the presidential election (26)
(The Nation) Obvious Every Democratic candidate signed a statement affirming basic Constitutional principles, promising they wouldn't tap into phones and emails, and disavowing torture. Except one (180)
Wall Street Journal Interesting Pessimists have been predicting the decline of American power since 1788. Don't believe them (118)
London Times Amusing Why everyone's really buying retro ring ring ring ring ring ring ring hamburger phones (118)
(Some Guy) Obvious Britain's Prince Andrew says the U.S. sought the UK's advice on Iraq -- and then listened to none of it when it didn't fit the government's preconceived notions. SURPRISE (58)
Rolling Stone Obvious As Republicans still don't listen to the lyrics of songs before using them in campaigns, John Mellencamp is forced to ask John McCain to stop using his songs at rallies (145)
Seattle Times Asinine 9/11 Commission's executive director, Philip Zelikow, made a LOT of phone calls to the White House, but they "weren't political." Did I mention he instructed his secretary to stop keeping phone records about those calls? (81)
Yahoo Interesting According to latest Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released early Tuesday, Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton in California by 13 points (82)
(Some Guy) Video McCain is totally against troop withdrawals, that is unless its a war during Bill Clinton's administration. Cut and run is totally acceptable then (52)
Yahoo Obvious And the award for most lobbyist money accepted this campaign season goes to... Hillary Clinton (67)
Yahoo Cool Ted Danson, Ron Howard, Sally Field and the bad guy in "Billy Madison" for Hillary versus Scarlett Johansson, Edward Norton, Robert De Niro and Kumar for Obama (82)
Yahoo Interesting Romney now: "I'm the new Ronald Reagan." Romney then: "Look, I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I'm not trying to return to Reagan-Bush" (58)

Mon February 04, 2008
(The Huffington Post) Hero 100 Feminists leaders release statement endorsing Obama. Hero tag is for making the head of N.O.W. New York explode (422)
CNN Silly "Party training": Is your kid a "Weepublican" or a "Demoquat"? Dear God, we have another nine months of this? (91)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Super Tuesday weather forecast strongly hints that God is a Mormon (146)
Wall Street Journal Interesting Though Ron Paul may not win unless heck freezes over, you might want to talk to the folks in heck first (74)
Newsday Obvious Newsday announces that McCain is the nicest turd of the bunch (26)
NJ.com Followup Bush calls the Patriots, congratulates them on a perfect season (75)
(Townhall) Interesting He's raised $20 million, has a mouse army of dedicated fanboys, and absolutely rocks the "cool grandfather" look, but Ron Paul's campaign has flatlined like the Patriots (with chart goodness) (240)
(Some Guy with vote necklaces) PSA Tomorrow is Super Fat Tuesday - a day when various candidates vie for our beads (43)
ABC News Dumbass "In 1996, Obama said in a questionnaire that he 'supported banning the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns'" (521)
(Think Progress) Obvious Fair and Balanced Fox News adds notoriously non-partisan Karl Rove to its political team (141)
(NYT) Dumbass New York Times writer shocked to find out that letting her husband cheat on her didn't make her happier (660)
Rocky Mountain News Interesting Denver expects spike in prostitution during upcoming Democratic National Convention, but whores say computer conventions are better for business. "There's a lot of nerds that don't get out much," one notes (143)
(Townhall.Com) Obvious One day before a huge primary election, Hillary cries. No, this is not a repeat (293)
(Some Guy) Weird Hillary's relationship with Rupert Murdoch even more awkward than her relationship with Bill (20)
(Some Guy) Stupid Obama wins all important T-shirt sale race, gaining on bobbleheads (18)
(Politico) Interesting We're going to see more Chelsea Clinton on the campaign trail. She's the designated hot stuff for the lonesome nerd voters (79)
Marketwatch PSA Bush unveils his latest budget. At $3.11 trillion, he has increased the size of the federal budget by 100 percent in just eight years (335)
Yahoo Obvious Facing a government crackdown over predatory lending and a troubled housing-finance system, Wall Street and the real estate industry were among the top political givers in 2007 (14)
ABC News Interesting Obama leading Hillary in California, but everyone knows it's who counts the vote that matters (101)
AP Misc Barack Obama picks up the Lake Wobegon vote (32)
Guardian.com Obvious U.S. troops "accidentally" kill nine Iraqi civilians, illustrating their ongoing failure to win hearts and minds that aren't recently separated from their owners (97)
AFP Cool Maria Shriver, wife of McCain-backing Gov. Schwarzenegger, endorses Obama. Kennedy blood remains thicker than Austrian wine (42)
MSNBC Amusing Actual headline: "Clintons visit black voters, Obama taps Oprah" (24)
(Some Guy) Amusing Hillary Clinton predicts that the Patriots loss in the Super Bowl is a good omen for Super Tuesday. Shakes magic 8 ball: "Don't count on it" (46)

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