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Sun October 14, 2007 Interesting Across-the-pond reporter tries to wrap his head around America's fascination with guns (55)
(crooksandliars) Asinine Fox and Friends: General Petraeus should have won the Nobel (81)
(WLWT) Interesting "Hi this Fidel Castro, long-time listener, first-time caller..." (14)
BBC News Plot uncovered to assassinate Putin in Iran this week (296)
(Daily News) Asinine Problem: Los Angeles Unified School Distract's worst schools are dragging scores down. Solution: Put all the crappy schools together into their own super-crappy district (16)
MSNBC Stupid Black women torn between Hillary and Obama. In case you thought platforms and issues might be important (35)
(Some Guy) Amusing Stephen Colbert writes an Op-Ed piece in the NY Times (50)
(crooksandliars) Obvious Tucker Carlson: "I'll be glad when this whole Bush era is over" (73)
The Raw Story Followup The Lapel-Gate discussion continues with Bill Maher: "Show me a man wearing a flag pin, and I'll show you an a**hole" (123)
Newsday Ironic Man, it's embarrassing when you're a huge opponent of illegal immigration and get busted for hiring illegal aliens. Funny, but embarrassing (56)
Yahoo Obvious Latest poll shows Hillary with "commanding lead" over Obama in New Hampshire. So when is Al Gore going to join the race and finally makes things a bit interesting? (90)
(Celsius) Asinine Metric System a plot by liberal communist anti-american immigrants. So now you know (128)
Miami Herald Interesting How a relatively small business in 2001 named Blackwater grew to receive $1 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars on the back of Iraq's disasters (58)
(Some Guy) Silly John McCain: "A lot of people don't know that 50,000 Americans now make their living off eBay." Apparently eBay or anyone else didn't know it either (19)
Slate Obvious Don't take this the wrong way, but everything you know about the link between business and politics is incorrect (41)
UPI Amusing "If you like oral sex, vote Caragol for council" (66)
Salon Asinine Seven countries in five years (52)
UPI Interesting U.S. military seeks alternatives to Turkey. Submitter recommends mutton (48)

Sat October 13, 2007
London Times Sad In both Washington and London are leaders who have so little confidence in democracy as to regard it as vulnerable to a few madmen, and who have so little respect for democracy’s freedoms as to suspend them at the bang of a bomb (25)
Yahoo Interesting Barack Obama campaigned door-to-door in Iowa on Saturday. In other news, Des Moines police report that they have received a large number of calls from frightened residents claiming there is a black man standing on their porch (20)
(Crooks and Liars) Asinine "Can you believe it? They actually drew their weapons on U.S. soldiers," says Army colonel, describing an event involving Blackwater mercenaries in Iraq (71)
(NY Daily News) Spiffy Head of NYC's teacher's union comes out of the closet, which was promptly taken over by a 5th grade art class happy to find some extra space (9)
Washington Post Interesting President Bush's warrantless wiretapping program, put in place because of the need to stop the terrorists after 9-11, was actually started 6 months before 9-11. Looks like that worked out well (75)
Yahoo Followup Democrats determined to override Bush's veto on children's health bill, failing to realize that crayon is really hard to erase (41)
Washington Post Scary Former Qwest CEO claims that NSA approached him about warrantless domestic wiretapping six months previous to 9/1****NO CARRIER**** (32)
(Some Guy) Obvious Government contractors can often do work better than government bureaucracies at a lower cost. But most of them are not truly private in character in that their only customers are governments (13)
(Some Guy) Asinine Rush Limbaugh, who was also a nominee for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, considers filing an objection with the Nobel committee over Al Gore's "unethical" campaigning for the award (92)
Yahoo Ironic Condoleezza Rice is concerned about the growing concentration of power in the Presidency and questions the independence of the media and judiciary (20)
Yahoo Followup Is the House actually spending time on something worthwhile? Dems schedule a vote against Bush's SCHIP veto (101)
Yahoo Dumbass From the President who's never been wrong: "Protectionism will cost U.S. jobs" (30)
(Zombietime) Dumbass Cindy Sheehan and Cynthia McKinney get together to remind people, yet again, why liberals are insane (86)
Fox News Interesting Rice appeals to Turkey. Either a story about diplomatic relations or a Thanksgiving recipe. You decide (10)
CNN Sad Burmese military junta orders citizens to spontaneously march to support government. Next will order rest of world to again wring their hands impotently (48)
(Kingston Daily Freeman) Cool 97-year-old Doris "Granny D" Haddock proves you can be a successful liberal activist without being a pompous douche about it (19)
NYPost Sad New Yorker wins Medal of Honor so the NY Times buries the story on page A45. Just kidding, they didn't even mention it (65)
IndyStar Amusing Romney debate joke gets him the Fred Thompson slap-down (25)
AP Obvious America-hating retired general calls Iraq a "nightmare with no end in sight" (95)
St. Pete Times Interesting Why Al Gore wins by not being President (44)
Yahoo Sad French President Nicolas Sarkozy's hot wife about to wave the white flag on their marriage (11)
BBC Strange Georgia deploys Boney M in bid to gain control of South Ossetia (12)
The Sun Obvious The Sun rates the boobs of Britain's female politicians, or as they like to call it, "The Best of Breastminster." Nice to see that quality journalism is not as dead as people like Drew claim it is (SFW pics) (18)
Telegraph Obvious "The British National Health Service is not, morally, or in any other way, the best system of healthcare in the world. Each new patient is just an added cost and each dead patient is an administrative convenience" (51)

Fri October 12, 2007
CNBC Followup CNBC vs. Ron Paul supporters- Round 2. FIGHT (111)
CNN Amusing "I've called Al Gore and urged him to run for president so many times," Carter said. "He finally told me the last time, 'President Carter, please do not call me any more.' " (227)
Des Moines Register Interesting McCain: Buddhist monks should have won Peace Prize, not Al Gore (82)
Fox News Obvious This Friday's retiring GOP congressman is Rep. Ralph Regula of Ohio (42)
(DailyKos) Satire Supreme Court reverses Nobel Committee decision, declares Bush the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner (265)
(Some GuyuG emoS) Weird CIA probes conduct of office that probes CIA conduct. Inspectors Mobius and Escher on the case (18)
WTOP Asinine Reporter asks First Lady about D.C. residents not having Congressional representation, is immediately taken out of the White House to a "free speech zone" (87)
(Follow-up trumps Dumbass) Followup Palestinian Authority: "With our ponies and roads made of solid gold, any settlement will have to include giving us complete control over Jerusalem and Jewish holy sites. Yes, including the Western Wall" What's arabic for Chutzpah? (513)
The Tennessean Weird Suicidal Tennessee State legislator flees rehab. Then things get weird (72)
(The State) Hero Congress reinstates God. Suck it, atheists (181)
CNBC Amusing Ron Paul supporters to CNBC: "Quit removing the results of the opinion polls." CNBC: "Your people crapped up the opinion polls. Do you really think that 75 percent of Americans want Ron Paul as president?" (421)
(Some Guy) Amusing New Zealand think tank says Gore should return his Oscar. Gore laughs and points out that they're in New Farking Zealand, so who the hell cares? (80)
CBC Obvious Abortions just as common in countries that ban it as in ones that don't (979)
CNN Stupid Today's "hippies grousing about nuclear power" story brought to you by Bonnie Raitt. "These 'new' reactors are the same as the old ones, with... a proven 50-year track record of catastrophic failure." Blinks (530)
Fox News Obvious July 2007: Obama says he'd meet with Iran and other countries unconditionally. Hillary Clinton says this is ridiculous. October 2007: Hillary changes her mind, says she'd talk unconditionaly with Iran (98)
(Lakeland Ledger) Cool Having ended poverty, secured the border, eliminated taxes, ended crime, and squashed the threat of terrorism, the government is now ready to tackle what really matters: Protecting your children from pepperoni (116)
(NY Daily News) Unlikely NYC councilman feels that all that is needed to police cell-free subway cars is for fellow passengers to say, "Excuse me kind, fellow New Yorker. This is a quiet car, please turn off your cell phone." What could possibly go wrong? (21)
The Scotsman Interesting Bookies start to sweat as Gore hits two out of three conditions set for 100-to-one bet by winning Nobel Prize and Oscar. White House left to go (54)
(NY Daily News) Obvious Plenty more charges coming down the pike for Giuliani crony Bernie Kerik, including ties to, as John Sterling would put it, THE GAM... BINO (19)
Fox News Asinine Google censors articles opposing (344)
Yahoo Sad New IRS report shows the top one percent of Americans now control a record 21 percent of the nation's income, while the bottom 50 percent of Americans control only 12 percent. In related news, Bush nominates Marie Antoinette to head the FDA (167)
CNN Sad You're doing a heckuva job, Blakely (22)
(Project Censored Media) Cool Top 25 censored stories of 2008.... wait, what? (66)
(Some Guy) News Woman who saved 2,500 Jews during the Holocaust given Nobel Peace Prize. Just kidding, it's the guy who emits over a ton of CO2 a year telling us to stop global warming (1619)
Yahoo Cool The religion of peace strikes again. No, seriously (138)

Thu October 11, 2007
(Red State) Obvious Even conservative bloggers are fed up with Ann Coulter (130)
Wired Obvious U.S. Marine Corps Commandant suggests that all U.S. Marines withdraw from Iraq and redeploy to face actual enemies in Afghanistan (115)
LA Times Asinine When satirizes Gen. Petraeus as Gen. "Betray Us," that's free speech. When a T-shirt company satirizes, you'd better believe that's not free speech--that's a suin' (149)
(beliefnet) Obvious Atheist veteran on Christian soldiers having his back: "There is nothing more frightening than a radical fundamentalist with an assault rifle." (103)
Reuters Obvious Bush to host Dalai Lama at White House. The two will not shake hands or embrace as is customary, out of concern they might cancel each other out (61)
Yahoo Obvious Privatizing the military saves money, except that it takes six-figure bonuses to keep experienced military officers from going private (23)
Rocky Mountain News Interesting Documents from QWest CEO's insider trading trial reveal that he was being targeted by the government for refusing to cooperate with the NSA's illegal wire-tapping program (13)
Fox News Unlikely Al Gore cancels fundraising appearance with Barbara Boxer, citing "he needs to travel abroad tomorrow for an exciting and urgent mission that could result in a major breakthrough in the fight against global warming." (76)
(Think Progress) Dumbass Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) behind the GOP smear campaign against the 12 year old boy who needs SCHIP (129)
The Tennessean Interesting Turns out Fred Thompson is almost as rich as John Edwards (51)
(Some Guy) Sad The mystery of Obama: Financial support abounds, but where is the actual support? (105)
(The American) Interesting Western Europe’s most famously socialist country is slowly plodding toward free-market reforms. I Swede what they did there (71)
AP Followup Bush administration appeals ruling by federal judge in Oregon striking down key portions of the Patriot Act as unconstitutional. Suck it you 4th Amendment haters (82)
(Some Guy) Stupid Lawmaker wants kidnappers to be eligible for the death penalty, because the U.S. isn't executing enough people (101)
(Some Sober Guy) Stupid Israel wants Germany not to release Iranian intelligence agent who assasinated Iranian Kurdish opposition members in Germany after serving time because Hezbollah won't tell Israel where missing navigator is (40)
Reuters Obvious U.S. ranks last on environment, first in couch-based technologies (107)
(Some Guy) Obvious "All points of friction between Iran and the U.S. could be resolved with diplomacy save two: Israel’s current level of unflinching hostility towards Iran, and America’s addiction to global energy resources" (198)
CNN Asinine Not to be outdone by the executive branch when it comes to alienating foreign countries, Congress prepares a bill blaming Turkey for genocide 90 years ago (365)
Excite Stupid Having solved all the other problems in the state like poverty, narcotics and edyukashun, Arkansas representative wants to ban chewing tobacco in the state's capitol (9)
LA Times Amusing Disgraced Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu had a helluva wine collection, as well as a memento from Bill Clinton's saxcapades (38) Interesting For Hillary Rodham Clinton to win Iowa, she'll have to get past the state's tradition of turning a cold shoulder to female candidates. In related news, Hillary Rodham Clinton is a woman (22)
(crooksandliars) Obvious Fox News: Obama's flag pin controversy is just like the Monica Lewinski scandal (video in link) (157)

Wed October 10, 2007
CBC Interesting Ontario Liberals win second majority government... EVERYBODY PANIC (110)
SFGate Dumbass California city bans smoking in private apartments. Why do they hate poor people and minorities that can't afford a huge mortgage? (66)
Miami Herald Florida Democratic Presidential candidates refuse to let their spouses campaign in Florida (25)
(Some Guy) Weird CNBC host stunned after Ann Coulter says ideal America would be all Christian, and that Jews need to be "perfected" (w/ video) (232)
(National Enquirer) Unlikely John Edwards is cheating on his cancer-stricken wife with some broad he met in a bar. It's not news, it's the National Enquirer (67)
CNN Obvious Former President Carter: US tortures prisoners. Bush: STFU, do not. Carter: Oh yes, you do. Bush: Nuh-nuh. Carter: *sigh* You do, you know (187)
(Some Gay Old Party) Ironic GOP "Big Tent" for reals: Fred Thompson's lead advisors are a lesbian (Cheney's daughter) and George (Macaca) Allen (33) Obvious Judge says "An Inconvenient Truth" should actually be titled "Convenient Political Indoctrination" and rules that it can't be shown in schools without guidance notes (74)
Yahoo Asinine Clinton calls for national broadband internet to benefit "underserved areas" and help the economy. Fark expected to experience 300% jump in trolls (60)
Reuters Followup Aide to president Ahmadinejad says he was misquoted on gays. Turns out he has a much wider stance on the subject than we thought (44)
CNSNews Amusing Limbaugh: I'm so important and influential that the Democrats are investigating me. Democrats: Umm, not true (63)
(Some Guy) Obvious Ontario election discussion thread: Did you vote for the Kitten Eater, the Cable Guy, Scary Howie or the Tree-Hugging Douche? And how about that proportional representation referendum that would turn Maine of the North into friggin' Italy? (40)
Des Moines Register Asinine Hillary wants to introduce American workers to "the miracle of compound interest" by using government money in 401(k) plans, because such a miracle can only come when the government gives you money for retirement (262)
Independent Interesting Vermont's all like, "Screw you guys, we're outta here" (377)
(Fact Check) Obvious Rudy Giuliani claims he added 12,000 cops to New York City while in office. The real figure was much closer to 911 and paid for by Clinton but but (41)
(balloon juice) Cool John Cole renounces the GOP over attacks on 12 year old kid and his family (179)
UPI Stupid John Edwards feels compelled to explain his absence from TV spots even though nobody noticed (9)
(Doug Thompson) Obvious Doug Thompson about to be questioned by the Feds for pre-Godwinning (39)
Denver Post Obvious Colorado Republicans line up to give cash to out-of-touch north-easterner who doesn't understand western values and issues (18)
Newsday Dumbass Republican candidates finally realize that the nation is desperate for a resolution to the quagmire of... the line item veto (67)
(YNet) Asinine Peace conference: Abbas demands all of West Bank and Gaza, Israeli land to link them, Jerusalem as well as the right for millions of Palestinians to become Israeli citizens. Demands for ponies and roads of solid gold expected in a few hours (863)
Boston Globe Obvious Once again, backers of politician without 9/11 connection are jealous of backers of candidate who has one (11)
AP Followup Mitt Romney inches closer to assuming the mantle of leadership in the GOP, avoids any accountability for issuing fake badges to his campaign staffers (13)
Salon Amusing Cambodia to Iraq, Dem senators are a "pack of vain, spineless, poll-puking, strutting peacocks," Lesbian Bathroom Sex, The Who are a great band, and Brittney will rise again (19)
Yahoo Stupid Hillary proposes plan that would feed billions to Wall Street to satisfy her corporate masters (50)
Baltimore Sun Interesting Bush Administration official trashes Fred Thompson, which probably means he will win, fix everything, be beloved by the entire nation, and ascend to heaven hand in hand with Jesus reborn (153)
Yahoo Interesting Taiwan's military stages their annual "don't even THINK about it, Monkey boy" parade (126)
( Interesting The Gulfstream II jet that crashed in Mexico with 3.7 tons of cocaine aboard was definitely NOT owned by a CIA front company or anything crazy like that (265)
(Some Big White Suit) Obvious Conservatives may ask themselves: “Well, how did we get here?” They may tell themselves: “This is not my beautiful Right.” They may ask themselves: “My God, what have we done?” (103)
Yahoo Interesting Tibetan exiles storm Chinese embassy in New Delhi. Chinese note that the embassy is considered Chinese soil, promptly run over them with tanks (35)
Washington Post Obvious Future President Thompson brings a little law and order to the Republican debates (35)
BBC Ironic US judge blocks release of Guantanamo detainee over fears he might be tortured (24)
LA Times Obvious Republican lawmakers revolt against the President after he vows to slash spending on their pork barrel projects. *oink* *oink* (34)
(Some Guy) Dumbass Guiliani says Hillary's ad near "ground zero" is infringing on his 9/11 copyright or some such nonsense (46)
Yahoo Asinine Supreme Court refuses to allow German man kidnapped and tortured by the CIA to even have his case heard in court (133)

Tue October 09, 2007
USA Today Cool Laura Bush, taking the reigns of power from her husband after he fails to find the country on a map, announces Burma will be hit with new sanctions (34)
Yahoo Asinine Turkey says that their military cooperation with the United States could be at risk if Congress passes a resolution that says what absolutely everyone else in the world already knows (94)
Yahoo Sad Cuban blogger has to to dress like a tourist and speak in German when she wants to update her blog via the hotel internet connection. Am I interested? Nein (37)
Salon Interesting Environmental debate might be more productive if environmentalists stopped assuming that everyone who disagrees with them is a fool (230)
The Raw Story Obvious Sean Hannity tells a real conservative that it's more important to vote for a Republican than to vote for someone who you agree with (88)
AP Interesting Obama, Edwards, & Richardson pull out of Michigan Primary (245)
CNN Stupid With the War on Terror entering it's 7th year, 40 million Americans uninsured, and War with Iran looming; Rudy Giuliani proves that he has his finger on America's pulse: "Mr. Steinbrenner, please don't fire Joe Torre." (129)
CNN Silly It's good to know that CNN is taking 2008 election seriously (25)
(WND) PSA If you missed Larry King last night, you would have seen Vicente Fox confirm the existence of a government plan to create the amero as a new regional currency to replace the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar and the Mexican peso (93) Asinine Columnist hates economic prosperity, wishes for recession that will cost you your job and home (39)
(Some Guy) Amusing Another Republican caught toe-tappin in a public toilet (344)
MSNBC Scary Turkey preparing to invade Iraq. Formation of a fecal-oscillatory rotor matrix is imminent (379)
(Big Head DC) Amusing Mitt Romney, famous for his robotic jogging campaign ad, now caught on tape running from a guy in a wheel chair (211)
ABC News Amusing According to Tricky Dick, Fred Thompson is "dumb as hell but friendly." Oddly, this shouldn't hurt his campaign at all, since it worked so well for President Bush in 2000 (33)
Houston Chronicle Interesting Ron Paul's district takes in more federal aid than any other district in Texas. Ron Paul (85)
(Some Guy) Interesting Mrs. Clinton continues to slog on, gathering about as much interest as a "My Mother the Car" marathon at a MENSA meeting (59)
Reason Magazine Amusing News: Ron Paul winning the black vote in new poll. Fark: in New Hampshire. So, literally, THE black vote (271)
(Gallup Poll) Interesting Poll shows Giuliani leading Thompson by 12 points, with Mitt "A Friend to the Handicapped" Romney bringing up the rear (46)
Fox News Scary Robotic spy flies seen at political rallies in New York and DC. Richard Nixon's ghost nods in approval (236)
(NealzNews) Scary Mainstream Media ignoring Hillary's hiring of convicted classified document thief advisor (86)
(Twin Falls Times-News) Amusing Guess who's on the Board of Directors for the National Rifle Association? Hint: He's not gay and has never been gay (41)
Chicago Tribune Dumbass From the political philosophy that brought you a Congressional investigation into Socks the cat, Conservatives now pissy about a Google logo (512)
Boston Globe Asinine US military asks anthropologists for info on Iraqi tribes to help reduce bloodshed and improve diplomacy; anthropologists delighted to help. Just kidding: Actually they scream that it's prostituting their science (82)
(Some Guy) Obvious Democrats turn out not to mind wiretapping so much as long as they get to listen in, too (70)
(Think Progress) Asinine The right wing noise machine, smelling blood in the water, tears into a 12 year old kid who supports the SCHIP program (350)

Mon October 08, 2007
( Asinine Rush Limbaugh now being monitored by the federal government (124)
FanHouse Amusing In 1993, MLB owners voted 27-1 to realign the divisions and create a new wildcard system. Since then, revenue has quadrupled and ticket sales have increased by the millions. Which owner cast the single dissenting vote? Guess (76)
(Instapundit) Interesting "Top 1% Pay More Income Tax Than Bottom 90%" Suck it, class warfare whiners (256)
(Some Guy) Stupid Left Behind Games HQ: We're about to release an expansion for a game that everybody said sucked. How to generate publicity? I know -- let's sue everyone who said bad things about it (58)
(Spectator) Asinine What do you call people who deliberately use the power of the state to intimidate members of the press who disagree with them? A) Fascists? b) Censors? Or C) Democratic members of Congress? (87)
Yahoo Interesting Mexican leader asks America to "build bridges, not walls." Mainly because bridges make crossing rivers MUCH easier (42)
Newsday Asinine Nanny-state Westchester County plans to force adults to wear bicycle helmets, with kneepads still required for all other interactions with government (36)
(Some Guy) Obvious Remember that "poor" child that whined about W's SCHIP veto? Turns out his definition of "poor" might be different than yours (140)
LA Times Obvious Bush hates black people, sick children, and basically anyone who didn't go to Andover (47)
(FT) Obvious The endless posturing and counter-posturing over automotobile fuel efficiency is Washington in its purest form – something to entertain the voters while failing to confront the actual problem (67) Obvious "Accountability Act draws ire of lobbyists." We're going to need a bigger Obvious tag (19)
(NYT) Interesting In the 1790s, the U.S. Senate approved a treaty which affirmed that "the government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion." Suck it, evangelicals (165)
Wired Spiffy Hillary Clinton has outlined her science policy: Basically, the opposite of everything Bush has done to dismantle and discredit actual science in this country (53)
Wired Obvious New report from the Obvious Institute suggests the FCC is better at communicating with lobbyists than with the public (4)
DFW Interesting Why is Israel's "occupation" of Palestinian land regularly debated in the mainstream media abroad, including in Israel, but not in the U.S.? (348)
UPI Interesting GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson will participate in his first debate tomorrow on CNBC. Will he measure up or fall flat? (68)
(World Net Daily .com) Ironic "An atheist defends Christian values." Wait, what? (210)
CNN Cool After Hillary votes to recognize Iran's Revolutionary Guard as terrorists, Edwards notes, "How many times is she going to get a do-over?" (52)
UPI Obvious Iraqi leaders said they no longer believe the U.S. goal of sectarian reconciliation in the country is attainable (32)
Boston Globe Asinine Massachusetts considers development of so-called "Lexus lanes," or priority access lanes where the state could charge by the mile to those drivers willing to pay to avoid traffic snarls (41)
Fox News Interesting Sandy Burgler now advising Hillary not to hide secret documents in her socks (90)
(Some Guy) Asinine Former U.S Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, in a Czech TV interview, says that war with Iran cannot be ruled out. Isn't her term up yet? (33)
Seattle Times Hero Wisconsin representative James Sensenbrenner is so awful that a Democrat and Republican are teaming up to send him back to the private sector (25)
(Big Head DC) Interesting Bush twin claims that ghosts have visited her White House bedroom (51) Obvious A British think tank has released a report saying the U.S.-led war on terror has been a disaster. Also reports the sky is blue and fire burns (252)
The Raw Story Hero The President says 100,000 troops can leave Iraq by the end of 2008 (122)

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