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Sun August 26, 2007
Washington Post Hero New idea to divide electoral votes would make every vote important again (21)
ABC News Obvious Forget the war in Iraq – the real battleground gripping the U.S. is the right to dry laundry on clotheslines, and homeowners associations be damned (65)
(Some Guy) Asinine US government to spend $27 million on bird that no longer exists (35)
Independent Interesting "I am not a conspiracy theorist. Spare me the ravers. Spare me the plots. But like everyone else, I would like to know the full story of 9/11, not least because it was the trigger for the whole lunatic 'war on terror'" (202)
AP Asinine Democratic Party, 2000: "The GOP stole our votes in Florida." 2007: "If Florida holds its Democratic primary too early to suit us, we'll throw the votes away" (66)
(Newshoggers) Unlikely Political rumour du jour: Gonzales out and Chertoff in (18)
(Some Guy) Interesting UCLA study discovers that thanks to affirmative action, we now have fewer black attorneys than we would have had without affirmative action. That's some fine social engineering there, Lou (74) Followup Bush says Iraq offensive in "early stages." (81)
(Some Guy) Obvious OMG Rush Limbaugh said something stupid about blacks. Quick, alert the liberal mainstream media... (crickets chirping) ...well, so much for that theory (55)
(Some Guy) Interesting The Fair Tax: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If it was devised by the Church of Scientology because they hate the IRS for not giving them tax-exempt status, it's probably batshiat loony to boot (77)
Newsweek Interesting Why can't the most powerful nation on Earth capture the most wanted man in the world? (279)
YouTube Video Anthony Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU: "We are a conservative organization" (69)
(My Way) Cool Obama names Republicans he would like to work with when he is President... Suck it Cons and Libs (87)

Sat August 25, 2007
(Some Know It All Blogger) Scary Bush: Economy is thriving. Blogger: Worse than 1929... who's right? (85)
SMH Interesting Solution: Make it extremely difficult for anybody to own a gun in Australia. Problem: Knife, machete and sword stabbings skyrocket (78)
AP Asinine Contractor corruption reported in Iraq. Does military: A. Thoroughly investigate corrupt contractors, B. Ask Congress to look into the matter, or C. Imprison whistleblower for three months? (54)
(The Rude Pundit) Asinine Wanna know what to do about all teh gheys at your school? The ultra-Christian Family Research Council has the Back to School kit for you (82)
Yahoo Obvious Hillary angers Democratic rivals by stating the plain truth. Now now, Hillary... we can't have any of that in THIS campaign (75)
St. Pete Times Florida Televangelist's late-night talk show pulled after he calls Mohammed a "murdering pedophile" (99)
London Times Obvious Ten years after Great Britain banned handguns, the use of handguns to commit crimes has doubled (473)
(US News) Asinine With approval ratings for both parties near all time lows, it's still not the right time for a third party bid (72)
(Some Guy) Florida Radical Islam vs. Christian radio (36)
(awful plastic Amusing Did Fark's favorite gal get a boob job? They suspect, you decide (364)

Fri August 24, 2007
Free Press Ironic Geoffrey Fieger, lawyer for Jack Kevorkian & brother of The Knack's Doug Fieger, indicted for illegal contributions to John Edwards' campaign. He blames all his problems on Bush, or maybe those are Knack lyrics (22)
LA Times Asinine Schwarzenegger eliminated a $55 million program for the homeless while preserving a $45 million tax cut for yacht owners (82)
Miami Herald Unlikely It's official: we can unequivocally declare that it wouldn't be inaccurate to assume that there isn't reason to not believe that Fidel Castro may or may not be dead (maybe) (147)
Houston Chronicle Interesting Offering strong evidence that there may be intelligent life in Texas, State Board of Education members oppose teaching intelligent design in schools (102)
(Political Wire) Sad Poll shows a third of voters are familiar with Fred Thompson's health care plan -- even though he doesn't have one (106)
( Amusing Ted Nugent, the next governor of the Great State of Michigan, makes his first speech since announcing his candidacy (language Not safe for work) (171)
NYPost Amusing Hillary is pandering to the conspiracy theory freaks on the left now, is there anything she won't do? (128)
CBS News Ironic Mother Teresa was an atheist (209)
(Washington Times) Amusing Hillary Clinton's core celebrity support comes out for her: A methed-up ex-porn star, an ex-con madam, and a born-again vampire novel writer (45)
(JPost) Asinine UN appoints Iran at the head of its anti-Racism committee. No, that's not a link to an Onion article. Seriously (218)
(World Net Daily) Obvious Iraqi terrorists are flooding into the U.S. from Mexico. Of course, there's no proof of this and even if there were it would be classified, but rest assured we're all going to die unless we vote straight-ticket Republican in '08 (77)
MSNBC Interesting New documents show that the US has given troops permission to enter Pakistan without permission or notification of Pakistani government. This should end well (236)
CNN Asinine Republican lobbying firm: "You know what would be a really neat idea? Let's undermine the government of Iraq that we spent 6 years at the cost of $500 billion and nearly 4,000 American lives trying to create. Awesome." (72)
Washington Post Dumbass Bush administration claims that its Office of Administration is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, even though the White House website says it does (58)
(Some Penguin) Interesting Newspapers across the country refuse to print Opus comic to avoid offending Muslims (292)
SFGate Scary Old and busted: Crack houses. New hotness: State-sponsored injection centers (23)
Telegraph Interesting French president Nicolas Sarkozy's muffin top was photoshopped out of a picture of him bravely canoeing across some body of water (with pic comparison goodness) (16)
The Newspaper Sad Old and busted: Freeways. New hotness: Charging $25 to drive on a 40-year-old interstate (120)
(Some Guy) Unlikely Ben Stein: There is a vast conspiracy to keep Creationists from publishing their well researched scientific paper (205)
Yahoo Cool Senator John Warner (R-ealist) urges Bush to start pulling troops out of Iraq by Christmas (31)
Fox News Obvious Democrats trying to figure out how to spin the troop surge as a failure even if it is not (90)

Thu August 23, 2007
Yahoo Dumbass Giuliani hires the same GOP media people who made last year's Harold Ford "Where the white women at?" advertisement (95)
(Some Guy) Stupid MTV and MySpace to hold series of "candid, unfiltered discussions" between people who don’t vote and people who don’t care. Stupid nominates Obvious as a write-in candidate (25)
(Washington Times) Dumbass Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez tries to smuggle $800,000 in cash to political friends in Argentina, gets caught. Guess whom he blames. Here's a hint: It rhymes with Benighted Plates (227)
NPR Obvious The bad news: CIA report says "No Stability for Iraq in Near Future." The good news: The CIA has been very wrong about Iraq in the past, so take the report with a grain of salt (82)
(PowerlineBlog) Dumbass Step 1: Write book about insidious Jewish conspiracy. Step 2: Ask synagogues to host your lecture tour. Step 3: Get turned down. Step 4: Point to this as more evidence of the conspiracy. Step 5: Profit (287)
(Congressional Quarterly) Amusing Politicians attack each other in the same way as 12-year-olds -- through bogus Wikipedia entries (69)
(Craigslist) Amusing Having lots of free time now that he left the White House, Karl Rove is apparently looking to start dating again (63)
Boston Globe Obvious College professors have donated $7.1 million to '08 candiates, and almost all of it to Dems. Apparently, smart people are done with Republicans. Suck it, morans (272)
Yahoo Stupid Oil prices climb to $69.68 a barrel on news that: A) David Lee Roth is back with Van Halen. B) The Orioles bullpen has only one more out to go. C) Lindsay Lohan's cocaine charges have been dropped (12)
The Virginian Pilot Unlikely Virginia Republican lawmakers pull a "my bad" and vow to fix the unconsitutional law they passed in the spring (40)
(US News) Cool Public: What's your Iraq position? Dems: We hate Bush. Public: No, what's your position on Iraq? Dems: Uh, what do you want it to be? Public: I'm asking you. Dems: Did we mention we hate Bush? Public: Screw it, I'm voting Republican (292)
(Some Guy) Asinine The Mexican Senate says we need to quit deporting their illegals because it's inhumane to make them live in Mexico (82)
(NY Daily News) Followup Hillary may have picked up the all important Obama Girl endorsement (13)
MSNBC Scary Rudy Giuliani will take your guns and give them to the illegal immigrants he gave your job to after aborting your fetus on 9/11 (109)
(E-Online) Unlikely Al Gore "insiders" say he really is considering a run for President. He really really is. Why won't you believe me? (137)
(Some Guy) Obvious Obama admits, "So much of what we talk about, so much of what we say, it's not true, people know it's not true, all the insiders understand that we're just game-playing" (183)
(No, you're in charge!) Interesting New Jersey to have three different governors in a one-week period. Is it really that bad to run the Garden State? (10)
Washington Post Obvious The Left and the Right fight proxy wars over how to handle Iraq. Meanwhile, the vast majority of centrist-America is about ready to strangle both of them (51)
(kos) Scary White House confirms "clergy response teams" for natural disasters. WTF? (90)
Newsweek Followup Last year, Bill Clinton waved his finger at interviewer Chris Wallace and told him that he authorized the CIA to kill bin Laden. CIA inspector general's report released yesterday says he did no such thing (105)
(Some Guy) Florida Police frustrated that disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley (R-eally Likes Details) and U.S. House refuse to let them examine his congressional computers. What could he possibly have to hide? (15)
(Some Guy) Obvious Contrary to what the media tells you, it is proven that liberals are the true misogynists, not conservatives (101)

Wed August 22, 2007
AZCentral Silly Gore leads in Arizona straw poll, meaning he wins among candidates who aren't actually running in states that haven't had primaries yet (23)
(Some Guy) Asinine FBI sends Seattle Post-Intelligencer photos of three men acting suspiciously on Puget Sound ferry, saying they may be planning a terror attack. Seattle PI refuses to publish them (53)
Des Moines Register Hero Senator Chris Dodd opposes impeaching President Bush (90)
(Some Guy) Obvious Thanks,, for that totally objective headline on Bush's speech that's not at all bitter, snarky or biased (screen cap) (195)
MSNBC Scary In a surprising move, Justice Department argues that the Bush administration is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, says transparency and honesty is no way to run a government (74)
(Some Sane Right-Winger) Interesting Not to be missed: The History Channel's body blow to the 9/11 "Truther" movement (194)
AZCentral Obvious Forget the presidency or even the GOP nomination -- John McCain poised to lose Senate seat (33)
Toronto Star Asinine Peaceful protesters pwn possible police provocateurs (250)
(The Moderate Voice) Obvious On second thought, maybe supporting Hugo Chavez wasn't a great idea (187)
(Some Guy) Unlikely President Bush and the leaders of Mexico and Canada totally insisting that there's no way they're going to create a regional supergovernment like the EU. Totally not going to happen, so stop asking. Never (77)
Salon Unlikely Democrats are unpopular because they haven't launched enough investigations, in much the same way network TV is unpopular because it doesn't have enough commercials (97)
USA Today Spiffy Shallow-gene-pool state gives lots of money to Hillary (42)
(NY Daily News) Silly Old and busted: NY governor (D) uses aides to get dirt on GOP opponents. New hotness: GOP consultant leaves nasty message on governor's dad's answering machine. Coming soon: Graffiti slams on subways? (16)
BBC Interesting The Fight Card for WWIII is begining to take shape. It looks like it'll be a tag team match with China and Russia on one side, and Japan, Australia, India and the U.S. on the other (614)
NYPost Obvious GOP presidential candidates to NYC: Sus leyes del arma y los leyes de la inmigración aspiran (108)
Washington Post Cool White House manual details how to hide dirty, smelly hippies so that the President won't have to see them (158)
Yahoo Misc In Ethipoia, one man's trash is another man's model for a just society (19)
Yahoo Obvious Declassified internal CIA report says the agency missed chances to stop 9/11 and has done a spectacularly bad job of fighting Al-Qaeda since. No word on when Bush will be asking Tenet to return the Medal of Freedom (50)
Salon Interesting Karl Rove thinks he's Moby Dick... and Beowulf... and Grendel. Well, maybe he doesn't know, but he's sure somebody's out to get him (40)
CNN Stupid Bush to invoke Vietnam in defending Iraq. Because that one worked out so well (468)
St. Pete Times Florida With prudish Jeb Bush finally gone, Gov. Crist expected to bet state budget on Indian gambling (13)
(Some Guy) Followup That Reagan Diary entry calling Bush a ne're-do-well and shiftless? It's a load o' crap. The best lies stay near the truth, very near (33)

Tue August 21, 2007
National Review Obvious For a science that's so settled, this is unsettling (132)
Globe and Mail Cool Official wedding photo: First gay MP married (52)
(Some Guy) Amusing Reporter: "You're not a professional heckler?" Woman who heckled Giuliani: "No." Reporter: "You're not a plant?" Woman (points at a plant): "No; THAT'S a plant" (31)
CNN Asinine Evidently an annoying jerk singing a song in a mall last Christmas is a story worth of the front page of long as it provides Victimhood Status for members of the Religion of Peace™ (56)
Yahoo Interesting Why liberals read more books than conservatives: "It's pretty hard to write a book saying, 'No new taxes, no new taxes, no new taxes' on every page" (112)
CNN Dumbass Mitt Romney hops on Tom Tancredo's bigot train. Choo Choo (81)
(Some scared Prole) Scary Gov.Mil: "We're in ur state fake martial lawing ur d00dz" (10)
Wonkette Obvious Popular neo-con "think tank" proposes nuking *Iraq,* making Bush Jr. dictator of the world and killing all Arabs. (Oh yeah: Cheney was on the board of directors of said think tank) (509)
National Review Amusing Libertarians to conservatives: Drop dead (69)
MSNBC Obvious Pentagon says it is shutting down controversial TALON threat database that also tracked peaceful protesters. In other news, the Pentagon announced a new, totally unrelated threat database called ALONTAY (73)
(Some Guy) News The Illinois politician named Ryan that wasn't involved in proposed orgies with a "Star Trek" actress had his prison sentence upheld by Appeals Court (171)
Wonkette Dumbass Preacher prays for death of whoever ratted him out to the IRS (78)
USA Today Obvious Head of the Islamic Society of North America really tired of making "We condemn [insert terrorism incident] speeches" (382)
(Wilmington Star) Obvious If it feels like your income is stagnant, you are not alone. When adjusted for inflation, average income is still lower than it was in 2000, unless, of course, you earn over $1 million per year. It's that wonderful Bush economy (92)
Reuters Spiffy Texas is coming up on its 400th execution. Not as memorable as Fark's three millionth thread, but sure to get similar reaction (301)
Chicago Sun-Times Interesting Michelle Obama to Hillary: If you can't run your own house, you can't run the White House. Claws now visible (74)
(Gallup Poll) Interesting Congress under Democratic control has dropped faster than a paralyzed falcon, approval rate is now at 18 percent, lowest since 1974 (151)
(Townhall) Amusing News from the future: "President Hillary Clinton surrenders America" (140)
Yahoo Followup White House lawyers ask Congress for additional time to respond to subpoenas on the NSA wiretap program. It seems the documents are in Cheney's office and no one has figured out how to withstand his Force lightning (173)
The Raw Story Obvious OH NOES Not another Sen. Leahy threat to actually do something (15)
Salon Obvious Not only did Giuliani barely spend any time at the WTC rubble after 9/11, but he spent twice as much time at Yankees games (76)
NewsMax Obvious Democrats fear success in Iraq (113)
(Some Guy) Obvious Ten questions the mainstream liberal press should ask Hillary, but never will (91)
YouTube Video Sgt. Slaughter hates Ron Paul (59)
LA Times Interesting In 2004, Karl Rove was most afraid of John Edwards, and successfully steered the Democrats into choosing John Kerry as their nominee. In 2008, the strategy is the same - avoid Edwards or Obama by tricking Democrats into choosing Hillary (112)
ABC 4 Obvious From the Same Shiat, Different Day Department: Mine and Health Safety administrator oversaw the most unsafe mines in the U.S. before being appointed by Dubya (235)
Yahoo Asinine White House enacts strict rules to keep health insurance from middle and low income children. Suck it, kids (782)
Reuters Asinine U.S. news media reduce Iraq war coverage by one-third due to lack of Iraq news. In other news, diapernaut / Hillary / Paris Hilton / teacher sex / shark shark shark (29)
ABC News Interesting Fred Thompson may be in trouble with the FEC, and he hasn't even declared yet (31)

Mon August 20, 2007
Independent Scary Putin re-writing Russia's history books. Stalin being included as a hero (71)
Seattle Times Dumbass Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel is a little too honest when asked about God, saying, "many people who pray are the ones who want to go to war, who want to kill fellow human beings" (52)
(Metadish) Obvious Reagan calls Dubya a "ne're-do-well" and loser that is "40 and never had a real job" in his diaries (82)
YouTube Amusing Ron Paul yelling at a fat guy on the Morton Downey Jr. Show (55)
(Some Guy) Obvious Gee G-DubYah - Heck, let's have ourselves a shot gun white, white house weddin' (15)
(The Christian Chronicle) Ironic From the "You're Doing It Wrong" files: while writing book entitled “All the Stupidity of the Bible,” atheist ends up converting to Christianity (191)
National Review Obvious Gen. David Patreus scheduled to testify before Senate on, you guessed it, September 11th (63)
(Reason Online) Interesting Presidential candidate Ron Paul turns 72 today, but it seems he doesn't want voters to know it (62)
Wonkette Stupid Mitt Romney hopes that talking like Gomer Pyle will make people forget he's a multi-millionaire CEO (46)
Wall Street Journal Dumbass The ACLU chapter that sued a coach for praying, calling it "inherently coercive," now wants the same school to install Muslim footbaths in the restrooms. It's not religious because secular people could wash their feet too, you see (491) Followup That Aussie politician who visited the strip club? Did we mention his sister-in-law was a stripper, too? (44) Obvious West is still naive about Islam in thinking there can be moderate Muslims, Muslim says (99)
(Gallup Poll) Interesting Ron Paul surprises pollsters with massive 50 percent boost in voter support in just one week, is now only 29 points behind Giuliani (80)
Independent Scary ♫ Sharif don't like the / Brits in Basra, Brits in Basra ♫ (49)
(Some Guy) Obvious Top US experts say Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are 'allies' that do not serve America's national security interests (166)
(Turkish Weekly) Interesting US: I dare you to attack Syria. Israel: Umm, no. US: I DOUBLE dare you to attack Syria. Israel: Dude, no. US: I triple-dog dare you to atttack Syria. If you don't you're a chicken. Bock bock bock Israel: Die Syria (72)
CBC Sad Mennonites threaten to leave Quebec after government closes their school for teaching creationism. Which is a shame, because they do make some mighty fine sausages (45)
(Some Guy) Obvious Democratic Congress gives Bush new sweeping police powers. When they promised change, this wasn't exactly what we were expecting (133)
Washington Post Amusing President Bush refers to himself as a political dissident in talk with Egyptian democracy advocate who responds, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means" (73)
Boston Globe Unlikely Obama defends himself against those who say he is inexperienced, points out that he has been in the Senate for almost three whole years (185)
(Ademinajihad) Interesting Iranian banker critiques U.S. economic policy. And gets it right (43)
(Some Guy) Sad The results from Kazakhstan's sweeping democratic makeover are in: the ruling party wins all seats. High five (13)
Yahoo Dumbass Rep. Bill Sali (Guess which party-ID) apologizes to Keith Ellison for saying that the Founding Fathers never meant for Muslims to be in Congress. Because, obviously, the Founding Fathers were all fundamentalist Christians. Right? (49)
(Macon Daily Online) Hero Ladies and gentlemen ... introducing the next governor of the Great State of Michigan: TEDDDD NUUUUUGENTTTTTT (422)
Washington Post Amusing Hillary says just because everyone hates her doesn't mean she can't win (57)
(dKos) PSA Pelosi's refusal to impeach Bush is killing the Democratic Party (104)

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