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Sun March 07, 2010
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(Some Console Gamer) Obvious If you ever wondered what would happen if Ubisoft's DRM authentication servers went down, today's your lucky day  (escapistmagazine.com) (192)
(AZCentral) Strange Archaeologists ponder discovery of 18,000-year-old hobbit skeleton in Indonesia, speculate hobbits evolved separately from Homo sapiens and likely had tastier diet than po-ta-toes  (azcentral.com) (28)
(Seattle Times) Strange Seattle unveils real-time weather forecasting system that tells citizens exactly where and when rain is falling, beyond simplistic and low-tech "outside" and "right now"  (seattletimes.nwsource.com) (32)
(Seattle Times) Spiffy Retired biologist coauthors book on his life's biggest obsession, the giant Pacific octopus and its tragic sex life. "There's no such thing as safe sex for octopuses"  (seattletimes.nwsource.com) (18)
(Wired) Cool The question isn't why would you turn your Android phone into a truckbot. The question is, why wouldn't you  (wired.com) (7)
(Some Guy) Interesting What do a love of Star Wars, 2 years, and 30,000 Legos get you? Only the coolest Lego spaceship you'll see all day  (bitrebels.com) (70)
(Kotaku) Spiffy Just in case Portal 2 and Civ 5 don't destroy any social life you had left, Nintendo announces Scribblenauts 2  (kotaku.com) (56)
(Springfield Republican) Spiffy You know it's spring when the Cedar Waxwings return to the crabapple trees of Turners Falls. Eat your heart out, San Juan Capistrano  (masslive.com) (14)
(sr-71.org) Cool The ultimate in aerospace geekery: the actual SR-71 Flight Manual  (sr-71.org) (99)
(Some Guy) Interesting Is there hope for the future ... books outnumber games in Apple App store downloads  (lawprofessors.typepad.com) (27)
(AnandTech) Stupid Now introducing THX certified televisions. Just don't forget the solid gold HDMI cables  (anandtech.com) (87)
(Kotaku) Cool This 80's style Mega Man 10 ad is, well, it's awesome  (kotaku.com) (70)

Sat March 06, 2010
(LA Times) Cool Great White Sharks vs. Giant Squids. Cool tag beats out dumbass tag for shark tagging technique  (latimes.com) (28)
(Network World) Cool 20 kickass network research projects  (networkworld.com) (22)
(UPI) Cool Japanese professor invents completely painfree water-soluble micro-needles for medical injections  (upi.com) (70)

Fri March 05, 2010
(TechFlash) Followup Microsoft sends flowers and a card to IE 6 burial ceremony. Aaawwwwwwww  (techflash.com) (44)
(Clark Howard) Dumbass AOL still has 5 million customers paying for dial-up  (clarkhoward.com) (113)
(Scientific American) Sad As with the whole "Vaccinations cause Autism" thing, people jump on controversial papers when they are published, but pay no attention when they are retracted. There goes the science  (scientificamerican.com) (53)
(Some Guy) Video The cure for cancer can suck it; here's a water-powered jetpack  (toxel.com) (33)
(Yahoo) Obvious Co-creators of Modern Warfare 2 who were fired come up with a new game for Activision: Biotch better have my money 3  (videogames.yahoo.com) (60)
(Engadget) Spiffy Still think Microsoft can't innovate? Let's see you top THIS, iFeminineHygieneProduct  (engadget.com) (136)
(Some Guy) Unlikely FFXIII On 360 "Isn't anywhere near as impressive" as PS3 version  (eurogamer.net) (238)
(NPR) Scary "They basically go into your nose, into your brain and eat your brain." Seriously, everybody panic  (npr.org) (67)
(PhysOrg.com) Asinine UPenn Bio Professor: "Here I introduce the practice of 'I am sorry about this but I am going to have to beat you'"  (physorg.com) (40)
(Some Guy) Cool This was a triumph. I'm making a note here, huge success. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction. Portal 2 announced  (gameinformer.com) (106)
(Computerworld) Silly FCC official says he doesn't know what broadband means, but he's pretty sure it's faster than dialup  (computerworld.com) (42)
(Discover) Cool A long, sinuous crack with a big hole in the middle of it? Giggity  (blogs.discovermagazine.com) (27)
(YouTube) Obvious Can you make a rocket from bacon?  (youtube.com) (41)
(Fox News) Ironic Climate scientists go on the offensive: 'God, can't we have a civil dialogue here and discuss the truth without spinning everything.' said reasearcher at Pot Meet Kettle AGW Institute  (foxnews.com) (298)
(BBC) Weird In a technological leap forward, African countries are now using the latest in 19th century land mine clearing advancements  (news.bbc.co.uk) (29)
(Scientific American) Obvious "An antistrange gold quark has been identified. It is much heavier than the less unusual up or down quarks. The extra mass of this exotic antiquark is enough to make an antihydrogen isotope heavier than antihelium"  (scientificamerican.com) (82)
(National Geographic) Cool The coolest picture of an all-black penquin you will see today  (blogs.nationalgeographic.com) (84)
(Some Guy) Scary The average person has about 170 different species of bacteria in his digestive tract. At least you know you won't die alone  (mnn.com) (68)
(Engadget) Amusing So someone took the Mattel Mindflex, and hacked in an electric shock device. So calm down and watch...or else  (engadget.com) (50)

Thu March 04, 2010
(Labspaces.net) Strange News: Study finds large differences in people's definitions of "had sex". Weird: 23% of old men don't consider intercourse to be "sex"  (labspaces.net) (118)
(Labspaces.net) Interesting Disease-spreading mosquitos can be controlled by: a) whapping at them furiously b) spraying dangerous chemicals, or c) not letting them pee  (labspaces.net) (26)
(Labspaces.net) Obvious Scientists designing a new robotic helicopter that will fly into nuclear disaster zones, take pictures and readings, be irradiated, become sentient, search for Sarah Connor, and wipe out mankind  (labspaces.net) (14)
(PhysOrg.com) Spiffy Experimental vaccine protects monkeys against chikungunya, but not bananarama, or dynamitosis  (physorg.com) (15)
(Deccan Herald) Interesting People have been living in India for almost 75,000 years. No wonder it's such a mess  (deccanherald.com) (30)
(MSNBC) Scary Come for the article on sleep disorders, stay for "sexsomnia" and "exploding head syndrome", which are surprisingly not related  (msnbc.msn.com) (40)
(PhysOrg.com) Interesting Asteroid impact 65 million years that caused mass extinction, then didn't, now did again (with video)  (physorg.com) (36)
(CNN) Asinine It's a great day for web designers. IE 6 finally given a proper burial  (cnn.com) (77)
(PhysOrg.com) Scary Good news: Taking vitamin D can improve your mood and reduce your cancer risk. Bad news: Taking vitamin D can increase your cancer risk, thereby killing your good mood  (physorg.com) (25)
(Guardian.com) Scary "For the first time, Sony and the rest can now go to court and demand that every ISP in the UK blocks YouTube"  (guardian.co.uk) (28)
(Popular Science) Spiffy Popular Science releases its archives. 137 years worth. Online. Searchable. For free  (popsci.com) (147)
(NASA) Cool GOES-P weather satellite scheduled to launch at 6:17 EDT, unless there's a leak in the rocket, which would piss me off  T-Shirt  (nasa.gov) (46)
(InfoAddict) Fail Ubisoft's new uncrackable, intrusive and annoying DRM cracked in under 24 hours, thus ensuring piracy will outnumber sales  (infoaddict.com) (244)
(AOL) Sad Hulu's days of being free, actually used by anyone, may be coming to an end  (aolnews.com) (105)
(Gizmodo) Strange Company releases USB stick guaranteed to melt the first time any of you insert it into your computer  (gizmodo.com) (67)
(Some Science Guy) Scary Kentucky fundies fuse efforts to take on "controversial" scientific theories like evolution, climate change... and probably germ theory or atoms or asteroids or something  (scienceblogs.com) (126)
(NPR) Cool Deaf, dumb and blind armless people now have a shot at pinball wizardry  (npr.org) (31)
(Jalopnik) Cool The 2011 Mustang has 305 hp and gets 31 mpg. Your pony car is now an economy car  (jalopnik.com) (228)
(CNN) Cool In response to his grandmother's untimely death, graduate student develops the iShoe  (cnn.com) (23)
(New Scientist) Interesting Cool: "Everything that can happen will happen in the multiverse - an infinite number of times" Fark: In an infinite number of other universes, you are getting it on right now with Rosie O'Donnell  (newscientist.com) (183)

Wed March 03, 2010
(CNN) Cool "As I stood there looking like a Roy Orbison impersonator in my specially polarized glasses, I made a mental note to call my wife and apologize for the money we'll be dropping on 3-D televisions in the next few years."  (sportsillustrated.cnn.com) (96)
(Slate) Audio Beethoven's "Moonlight" sonata played on a vintage piano like one ol' Ludwig Van might have used himself. It was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh  (slate.com) (110)
(Kotaku) Sad Even development of green energy system can't save Boom Blox team from job losses  (kotaku.com) (24)
(Live Science) Ironic Anti-drinking ads induce more drinking  (livescience.com) (46)
(Kotaku) Spiffy Video game "Heavy Rain" has glitch that lets you play as nude woman. Not nearly as frustrating to unlock as "Tomb Raider" nudity mode (Not safe for work)  (kotaku.com) (89)
(io9) Obvious The brain of a shark in a battleship? Why, that could defeat even the Bear Cavalry  (io9.com) (42)
(Some anthropologist) Interesting The new Whole Foods nutrition rating system ignores the entirety of human evolution in favor of political considerations. Unlike Twinkies, which are awesome and will eventually grow wild in couch-shaped bushes  T-Shirt  (livnaked.com) (180)
(Discover) Interesting Will the Intertubes continue to deliver porn at exponentially greater speeds, as promised by Moore's glorious law? Researchers hope these 8 technologies will make it happen  (discovermagazine.com) (25)
(DNT) Interesting It's a goat. See it in the sky?  (duluthnewstribune.com) (17)
(Discover) Amusing Female dung beetles evolved elaborate horns so they'd win fights over precious, grade-A, top-quality poo  (blogs.discovermagazine.com) (20)
(Space Daily) Spiffy NASA attempts to discover if thar really be dragons out there  (spacedaily.com) (12)
(Popular Science) Interesting Almost a quarter of Germans have no problem with being microchipped, reasoning that it's a lot easier than having to show your papers all the time  (popsci.com) (32)
(ABC News) Interesting Severe drought has Mekong river at twenty year lows, but it's not due to climate change because New England had snow in the winter  (abcnews.go.com) (48)
(Popular Mechanics) Spiffy Debunking the bad software explanation for Toyota sudden acceleration and putting the blame where it rightly belongs--driver error  (popularmechanics.com) (120)
(WIS) Spiffy It takes two years and the help of three other gamers to help man beat N64 Zelda game. Difficulty: he's blind  (wistv.com) (53)
(Some Cake) Cool Valve appears to be announcing Portal 2 in just about the most awesome way imaginable  (forums.steampowered.com) (145)
(ABC News) Spiffy Last week Microsoft brought down Waldec, today Spanish authorities will announce arrests and the end of Mariposa. It looks like running a botnet has suddenly become a dangerous occupation  (abcnews.go.com) (19)
(Toronto Star) Interesting Noses could become the next fingerprints, with a picture of what Nicole Kidman might look like  (thestar.com) (40)
(The New York Times) Interesting To meet the Obama administration's targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, Americans may have to experience gas at $7 a gallon. No comment from Al Gore, but he's looking a little nervous after hearing that  (dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com) (618)
(Abc.net.au) Interesting Geneticists trace origins of small dogs to the Middle East, proving it's always been a breeding ground for terrierists  T-Shirt  (abc.net.au) (37)

Tue March 02, 2010
(Network World) Scary Wi-Fi finders provide latest harsh lesson for dumbasses who leave laptops in their cars  (networkworld.com) (64)
(Fox News) Obvious Fox News totally debunks Global Warming theory, negating 100 years of science and p'owning you tree huggers. They even have a Global Warming "critic" to back them up  (foxnews.com) (235)
(Some Guy) Strange The next time you need a surgical wound sutured, it might be done by an underwater basket weaver  (mnn.com) (19)
(PCWorld) Cool Researchers discover crystals that could lead to super security chips and materials that expand the capacity of electronic storage devices by 1,000 to 1 million times. With no trans-fats and one-third the calories of regular chips  (pcworld.com) (35)
(Slashdot) Cool Tastes great, less hangovering  (science.slashdot.org) (51)
(LittleAbout) Cool Nun finds rare flowers that only blossom every three thousand years, growing under her washing machine. Flowers proceed to bloom. Must be divine reward for taking care of her dirty habits  T-Shirt  (littleabout.com) (52)
(PhysOrg.com) Cool Researchers develop technology to make touching yourself productive  (physorg.com) (19)
(Den Of Geek) Amusing The 10 most ridiculous costumes in comic books  (denofgeek.com) (149)
(CBS Sacramento) Unlikely Obnoxious California slang word proposed as unit of scientific measurement. That's hella lame  (cbs13.com) (156)
(The New York Times) Interesting For the past 20,000 years, human culture has been shaping our evolution. In another 20,000 years, expect future Americans to have an enormous tolerance for watery beer and bad reality shows  (nytimes.com) (51)
(SMH) Spiffy Apple is proud to announce that from now on, its devices will not be maufactured by any child laborers or other abused workers  (news.smh.com.au) (64)
(The Atlantic) Interesting The dog is dead but the earbuds still dangle: Now that every phone and electronic gizmo plays digital music, the iPod is history  (theatlantic.com) (98)
(NYPost) Interesting Al Gore: The heavy snowfall in the Northeast actually proves global warming. In related news, every incident of extreme weather proves global warming, so shut it  (nypost.com) (141)
(Kotaku) Strange Thanks for the fastest selling video game of all time. You're fired  (kotaku.com) (184)
(Daily Mail) Interesting Polar bears turn out to be a bad mascot for global warming alarmism as they've already battled global warming once and made it their biatch  (dailymail.co.uk) (87)
(CBC) Cool A dinosaur-eating snake. F*ck yeah  (cbc.ca) (30)
(SMH) Followup NASA reports additional discovery of 600 million metric tons of water ice on North pole of Moon, or roughly the equivalent of 6.72 Kirstie Alleys  (news.smh.com.au) (47)
(Last Starfighter) Spiffy Do alien ships really drop gold and jewels at you when they asplode? Probably not. But this game's pretty fun all the same  (awfulgames.com) (21)
(Scientific American) Ironic Does the U.S. produce too many scientists?  (scientificamerican.com) (166)
(io9) Fail Because rebooting one established franchise isn't enough for Marvel, they're retooling the X-Men. As long as Bendis isn't around, it might be good  (io9.com) (55)
(PhysOrg.com) Scary Common pesticide shown to turn male frogs into females. Manufacturer currently overloaded with orders from NOW and Lilith Fair organizers  (physorg.com) (28)

Mon March 01, 2010
(Kotaku) Spiffy Power Girl, AKA Kara Zor-L, brings her super powers to DC Universe Online, and no that's not a euphemism for her gloriously huge rack, although it's there too  (kotaku.com) (66)
(Gizmodo) Cool What do you get when you combine Robin Williams, Stewie Griffin, and a preprogrammed urge to find Sarah Connor?  (gizmodo.com) (22)
(Discover) Interesting Should NASA extend the Shuttle program?  (blogs.discovermagazine.com) (125)
(GoGo Mob) Amusing Finally headphones designed for eskimos  (gogomob.thekartel.com) (17)
(Ars Technica) Spiffy Dancing toddler: 1, Greedy corporation abusing copyright law: 0  (arstechnica.com) (43)
(Science Daily) Cool Breakthroughs in understanding water molecules' tetrahedral structure, hydrophobicity, and solubility of protein folding and degradation. Umm...I read water in there, so presumably this affects beer in some way  (sciencedaily.com) (28)
(Some Guy) Cool Stephen Hawking will soon be able to tweet  (empowher.com) (29)
(Wired) Amusing Sorry iPhone haters, but your "Droid" can't be upgraded to Windows Mobile 7 after all  (wired.com) (97)
(Yahoo) Stupid Things to spend $40,000 on: a new car, a couple of years in college, a down payment on a house, or maybe a crappy old Nintendo game  (videogames.yahoo.com) (68)
(Gizmodo) Cool Take one Avatar fan with too much time on his hands, give him a large box of Lego, and the result is surprisingly awesome  (gizmodo.com) (31)
(Philly) Stupid Nintendo, which is officially in "Milk it for all it's worth" mode, has a new version of the DS. This one has the added advantage of being too large to comfortably carry around  (philly.com) (90)
(InfoWorld) Spiffy 21 apps Apple doesn't want on your 3.0 iPhone  (infoworld.com) (100)
(io9) Interesting The 75 books you should own for DC comics' 75th anniversary. List fails because, well it's DC  (io9.com) (59)
(Some Guy) Interesting Question: What do you call 50 million people packed into an area the size of Kentucky, 95% of whom have high-speed internet? Answer: South Korea  (hplusmagazine.com) (66)
(C|Net) Interesting How the Internet has changed the news consumption landscape  (news.cnet.com) (22)
(Yahoo) Obvious Marijuana use can up the risk of psychosis, according to some scientists THAT I WANT TO KILL  T-Shirt  (news.yahoo.com) (497)
(Fast Company) Spiffy The ten most addictive sounds in the world  (fastcompany.com) (113)
(Engadget) Fail PS3 fanboys, welcome to your RROD  (engadget.com) (342)
(The New York Times) Scary There are now bacteria so powerful, the only antibiotics strong enough to kill them (maybe) will also shut down your kidneys. Thanks a lot, Purell  (nytimes.com) (278)
(BBC) Stupid Today, Microsoft plans to begin asking users if they want to use Internet Explorer or another browser. Apparently, no one in Europe has heard of downloading Opera, Firefox, Safari or lynx  (news.bbc.co.uk) (55)
(PhysOrg.com) Spiffy Beewolves protect their young with natural antibiotics. In other news, BEEWOLVES  (physorg.com) (32)

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