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Sun December 20, 2009
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(Popular Science) Sick A majority of the cocaine sold in the US is cut with a veterinary drug used to deworm opossums, Amy Winehouse  (popsci.com) (85)
(BBC) Florida Thanks to the internet, a mother can announce her son's death on twitter and receive hate messages from around the world at the speed of light  (bbc.co.uk) (65)
(Telegraph) Interesting British scientists say they can't blame Raisin Bran for British teeth  (telegraph.co.uk) (9)
(Guardian.com) Cool Terry Pratchett: in my religion, the building of a telescope is the building of a cathedral  (guardian.co.uk) (174)
(Telegraph) Cool Yeah, it's a slideshow, but this train set is worth the clicking and definitely the best you'll see all day  (telegraph.co.uk) (56)
(CNN) Interesting Scientists testing Phillipine volcano for Christmas eruption are giving Mayon A's  (cnn.com) (13)
(YouTube) Spiffy Scientific party tricks - they probably won't get you laid, but they'll kill some time at your lame office Christmas party  (youtube.com) (72)

Sat December 19, 2009
(YouTube) Cool Deepest underwater volcano eruption you'll see all week  (youtube.com) (27)
(BBC) Cool Scientists plan to explore Titan with a boat. Early estimates say that it'll cost a boatload  (news.bbc.co.uk) (53)
(Daily Mail) Cool Amazing pictures of Antarctic sea life  (dailymail.co.uk) (27)
(Toronto Star) Cool Scientists figure out the secret behind Bea Arthur's beauty. It's the mathematics  (thestar.com) (36)
(Jalopnik) Strange 1985 Dodge Colt: $500. Equipping it to pickup every possible radio, phone and communication broadcasted in the world: $25,000. Never being able to conceive kids, even in the unlikely event you're ever able to to get laid: Priceless  (jalopnik.com) (56)
(io9) Cool The ten advances in science from this decade that changed our lives. Including commercial spaceflight and designer genes  (io9.com) (49)
(NASA) Cool Scientists capture video of auroras colliding over the North Pole for the first time  (science.nasa.gov) (32)
(Daily Mail) Asinine In order to reduce their carbon footprint enroute to Copenhagen, Prime Minister Brown, Prince Charles and their aides all shared one fuel efficient bus...nah, just kidding, they each flew in separate chartered planes, generating tons of CO2  (dailymail.co.uk) (62)
(Newsweek) Interesting One of the most prolific sperm donors may hold the key to understanding genetics, presumably in his free hand  (newsweek.com) (37)

Fri December 18, 2009
(Waco Tribune) Cool Clean burning fuel from cow manure? You gotta be shiatting me  (wacotrib.com) (27)
(Google) Video Science is awesome  (video.google.com) (42)
(Science Daily) Weird Cannibalism shown to boost immunity to swine flu  (sciencedaily.com) (24)
(ABC News) Hero IPhone users to AT&T: 'You're farked'  (abcnews.go.com) (95)
(Fox News) Cool Attention last minute shoppers: "The Wii Supreme" is available only as a limited edition of three and can be yours for only $485,000  (foxnews.com) (40)
(CNN) Cool Stem cell therapy repairs damaged heart tissue after heart attack. Stem cell opponents presumably to opt out  (cnn.com) (72)
(Washington Post) Followup Twitter hacked by Iranians as retaliation for #iranelection. Fark at Defcon 1 or 5 whichever's higher  (washingtonpost.com) (74)
(PDN) Interesting Kids in Uganda are building cameras out of cow dung. Cameras are pieces of crap that take sh*tty pictures, but only cost squat to make  (pdnpulse.com) (11)
(Some Guy) Obvious Scientists discover alcoholic rum-stealing Caribbean monkeys sure seem human  (blogs.creativeloafing.com) (17)
(MinnPost) Interesting Researchers find dark matter at the bottom of a mine shaft  (minnpost.com) (33)
(Discover) Cool What does a solar eclipse look like on Saturn? Titanically farkin' awesome  (blogs.discovermagazine.com) (44)
(Space) Cool The thermosphere, the uppermost level of the Earth's atmosphere, is ten times cooler than it was in 2002  (space.com) (82)
(Some Guy) Cool The mad scientists at DARPA would like you to know that, while they have decided to master the power of lightning, it will be used only to protect good against evil; there will be no death rays. For now  (sphere.com) (55)
(Wired) Interesting Machine-written journalism is the way of the future, so you can expect a raft of stories about Sarah Connor's holiday plans  (wired.co.uk) (28)
(ADN) PSA New Christmas freakyness; Rubbing Orajel on frog's heads  (adn.com) (31)

Thu December 17, 2009
(News.com.au) Amusing Anti-whalers Sea Shepard complain because another ship is following them around, reporting their location and preventing them from closing in on their targets  (news.com.au) (407)
(Discover) Interesting Skeptics skeptical about skeptics skeptical about global warming skepticism  (blogs.discovermagazine.com) (97)
(Discover) Cool Titan wets itself, winks knowingly  (blogs.discovermagazine.com) (41)
(MSNBC) Spiffy Scientists have discovered 419 million-year-old DNA intact inside ancient salt deposits, your mom  (msnbc.msn.com) (78)
(Kotaku) Spiffy The new Mega Man 10 for Xbox and Wii looks exactly like Mega Mans 1-6, which is awesome, and will have an easy mode, which is not  (kotaku.com) (143)
(Niles Star) Interesting Where did the chipmunks go?  (nilesstar.com) (40)
(NASA) Cool The coolest Mohave Desert fireball you'll see this morning  (apod.nasa.gov) (16)
(LA Times) PSA If you happen to be right in front of a very specific seismic monitor in California, you may know a couple of seconds ahead of time before the big one hits. The rest of you are farked  (latimes.com) (18)
(PhysOrg.com) Sad Nancy Pelosi promises to thwart the future of manned space missions. Great. So the Romulans now have time travel too?  (physorg.com) (331)
(Wet Paper News) Unlikely Australian government internet filter expected to be 'great, glorious success'  (wetpapernews.com) (81)
(Independent) Interesting Just 15 cigarettes may be all it takes to turn you into a mutant supervillain  (independent.co.uk) (50)
(BBC) Spiffy Scientists decipher the entire genetic code of skin and lung cancer. Still no cure, but it can't be far off now  (news.bbc.co.uk) (48)
(Break) Cool That not you father's Oldsmobile. It's just the coolest Iphone app ever  (break.com) (33)
(io9) Weird Philip K. Dick's daughter, Isa, may sue Google, claiming they stole her father's idea for their Nexus One cell phone  (io9.com) (65)
(Huffington Post) Unlikely "Can science resurrect God?" But that trick NEVER works. Well, OK. Once  (huffingtonpost.com) (232)

Wed December 16, 2009
(Some Velostat Helmet) Obvious Are you still using tin foil to keep Them from getting at your thoughts? Here's the new hotness for all your thought screening needs  (stopabductions.com) (81)
(CBC) Interesting Astronomers find the most Earth-like planet yet. Or a big-ass space mirror. They're not 100% sure yet  (cbc.ca) (78)
(Live Science) Spiffy Scientists create Tri-Lithium. No, really they created Tri-Lithium  (livescience.com) (111)
(ABC News) Cool Forget fancy instruments, USGS uses twitter to track earthquakes  (abcnews.go.com) (9)
(CNN) Cool Archaeologists find pieces of a shroud that is *actually* from the time of Jesus. They can tell because it's almost completely dissolved, is simply made, and doesn't have an image of someone's face anywhere on it  (cnn.com) (97)
(Discover) Interesting Sunspot, giant black arrow seen on Sun  (blogs.discovermagazine.com) (50)
(ABC News) Interesting Just like porn, you shouldn't buy the newest technology. Just wait a few months and they'll be giving it away  (abcnews.go.com) (48)
(Some Comic Geek) Survey Humpday. What new comics are out this week(Dec 16th)? The answer is always Batman  (downtowncomics.com) (65)
(Science Daily) Scary Puget Sound residents should be preparing for "megathrust tremor swarms"...giggity  (sciencedaily.com) (62)
(London Times) Interesting Scientists discover 97 year old butter at Scott's antarctic base, left uneaten after Captain Oates failed on his quest to find some bread  (timesonline.co.uk) (57)
(Network World) Interesting Chinese Zodiac linked to Internet crime. In other news, every year is the Year of the Asshat  (networkworld.com) (9)
(TechEBlog) Amusing Real men of genius. Today we celebrate you, Mr "Why the hell shouldn't I mount a rocket launcher on my motorbike?" guy  (techeblog.com) (344)
(Guardian.com) Amusing Since showing up in a news photo of Tiger Woods' wrecked SUV, John Gribbin's book "Get A Grip On Physics" has been selling like hotcakes  (guardian.co.uk) (47)
(Some Guy) Interesting Scientists say fate of 1845 Franklin Arctic expedition due to tins of British ox-cheek soup. Oh, and there was lead in it, too  (timescolonist.com) (47)

Tue December 15, 2009
(Ars Technica) Interesting Archaeologist discovers guide to the internet of 1999. "There was an amateur do-it-yourselfness about things that has its own appeal."  (arstechnica.com) (64)
(Yahoo) Cool Boeing 787 makes its maiden flight. A "radical departure" in design, it has two wings, a tail, and legroom  (news.yahoo.com) (88)
(Google) Fail Despite no scientific evidence that radiation from cell phones poses any health risk, San Francisco considers mandating "radiation level" labels on all new phones  (google.com) (69)
(MSNBC) Interesting Humans live longer than apes because we eat meat. Plus we have antibiotics, defibrillators, and the sweet, sweet medicine that is beer  (msnbc.msn.com) (59)
(Ars Technica) Interesting Google may or may not be using quantum computers to provide images for your Schrödinger's Caturday needs  (arstechnica.com) (34)
(Some Guy) Interesting Bruce Lee vs. Spider-Man. Why, no; it's not a cruddy video mashup. Here comes the science  (boundless.org) (72)
(MSNBC) Spiffy The best argument against health care reform? Americans are living longer and costing more  (msnbc.msn.com) (57)
(Discover) Cool Top Ten space pics of the year. Rihanna's tattoo came in at #2  (blogs.discovermagazine.com) (41)
(Fox News) Followup Yesterday we found out that Al Gore predicted that polar ice caps would be gone by 2014 and that he had a large penis. Today we find out that he lied about the ice caps from the scientist he was quoting. The penis story is now also suspect  (foxnews.com) (303)
(Mac|Life) Amusing In protest against AT&T's plan to charge more to mobile users who consume lots of data, customers devise "Operation Chokehold" to bring network to its knees. AT&T confused, thought that was its job  (maclife.com) (104)
(Engadget) Scary You are visiting Jerusalem to see some friends and get stopped by customs. They don't like your answers to their questions, so they C) put 6 bullets in your Macbook Pro before letting you enter the country (w/pic of dead machine)  (engadget.com) (149)
(Some Guy) Amusing PlayStation 3: It only does everything (except make a profit)  (gamepro.com.au) (273)
(NASA) Cool The most awesome fading Moonset over Hong Kong you'll see today  (antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov) (20)
(The Consumerist) Amusing First they tried blaming the customers. Then they hired Luke Wilson. Next they threatened to go back to charging by the Kb. Now AT&T is blaming Apple for their network troubles  (consumerist.com) (109)
(Econlib.org) Interesting Philosophers surveyed over philosophers' philisophies consider themselves adept at describing other philosophers' views. That, along with the sheep dip and the raisin' of the wrist  (econlog.econlib.org) (96)

Mon December 14, 2009
(Science Daily) Weird "I could tell that the octopus was up to something, but I never expected it would pick up the stacked (coconut) shells and run away."  (sciencedaily.com) (94)
(New Scientist) Cool Deforestation uncovers hidden civilization, tick bites  (newscientist.com) (62)
(Some American Idiot) Asinine Let's see, we've had Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Metallica, and Van Halen as well as The Beatles: Rock Band. So clearly, the next step in musical evolution is Green Day  (rttnews.com) (130)
(Forbes) Cool Square Enix releases Final Fantasy XIII screenshots. JRPG nerds release in their pants  (blogs.forbes.com) (241)
(Canoe) Cool Nobel prize winner, former US Vice President, author, film maker, all-around nice guy with a huge penis, Al Gore: "Polar ice may be completely gone by 2014."  (cnews.canoe.ca) (285)
(C|Net) Obvious The decade's most annoying Web offerings. Irony alert: Slideshow  (news.cnet.com) (60)
(National Geographic) Spiffy 3,000 year-old cuneiform tablet decoded, revealing details of Assyrian government's red tape  (news.nationalgeographic.com) (37)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Montana governor says his state blows hard and that passing wind can be a viable power source  (govtech.com) (24)
(Mirror.co.uk) Spiffy Disney special effects guru rigs up Christmas light display to turn his home into a 21,000-bulb Guitar Hero game that passers-by can actually play (pic, video)  (mirror.co.uk) (30)
(Slashdot) Interesting 1900: Electricity should go to people who had money, not hooked up willy-nilly to everyone. 2009: Broadband should go to people who have money, not hooked up willy-nilly to everyone  (hardware.slashdot.org) (98)
(Some Guy) Interesting Scientists trying to figure how to program battlefield robots to feel guilt. Submitter would suggest putting his mom in charge of raising them  (volokh.com) (34)
(AFP) Sad Many species are threatened by global warming...including the "barely able to keep Darwin at bay" Koala, unfunny clownfish, and the Emperor Penguin...which is being downgraded to a Prince Penguin  (news.yahoo.com) (73)
(io9) Cool The trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 is out. It should tide you over until we get the third Nolan movie  (io9.com) (62)
(Some Guy) Obvious Police hope new 'tattoo camera' will help them solve crimes committed by people with tattoos - or in other words, nearly all crimes  (belfasttelegraph.co.uk) (35)
(The New York Times) Obvious "How long have I been Twittering about underwear?"  (nytimes.com) (11)
(The Register) Interesting Hackers decaffeinate Microsoft's cofee  (theregister.co.uk) (55)
(TechEBlog) Weird Gamer builds Nintentoaster, ditches toasting for SNES games  (techeblog.com) (23)
(CNBC) Fail The Palm Jumeirah, crown jewel of Dubai, is sinking into the Persian Gulf. And so castles made of sand, melts into the sea, eventually  (cnbc.com) (106)
(New Scientist) Cool Flat-Earth argument gains new scientific credibility  (newscientist.com) (54)
(MSNBC) Cool This Christmas, you can give the gift that keeps on perplexing: a piece of the sixth dimension  (cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com) (41)
(C|Net) Obvious Consultants compare iPhone owners who defend its shortcomings to hostages experiencing Stockholm Syndrome  (news.cnet.com) (137)
(The Register) Dumbass Good: You receive BIE. Bad: They're your own/ Fark: Thanks to the Dell tech logged into your machine  (theregister.co.uk) (3286)

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