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Sun July 06, 2008
(Gizmodo) Scary Hearing voices in your head? Now it may be a conversation (36)
(BBC) Obvious Scientists determine that men have biological clocks too, and it makes them want to have sex with women when they're in their 30s (37)
(Some Guy) Scary Mercury's shrinking. Everybody PANIC (36)
(NASA) Interesting The coolest picture of fireworks, lightning and a comet you'll see today (22)
(Daily Mail) Stupid Thousands of Dr. Who fans angered because his mobile phone number seen in the last episode didn't actually work. Bunch of retardis (98)
(Some Guy) Cool The coolest cockpit photos you'll see today (32)
(ABC News) Spiffy Greenland ice sheet not throwing itself into the ocean as fast as originally thought (56)
(The Register) Weird Google figures out what the meaning of "is" is. Is there anything they can't do? (19)
(Space) Interesting Scientists envision robots thinking for themselves, exploring other worlds, watching attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. (What could possibly go wrong?) (20)
(Gizmodo) Spiffy The coolest thing about the Batpod from "The Dark Knight"? It actually works (39)
(BBC) Interesting Ancient Peruvian tomb unearthed, some flake found inside (13)
(Boing Boing) Wheaton Some guy (and his GTA obsession) profiled in GEEK (19)

Sat July 05, 2008
(WFTV) Florida Ancient relative of the manatee discovered in Florida. OH THE HEREDITY (22)
(Some Guy) Dumbass Noted social scientist Noel Gallagher blames violent video games, marijuana for rise in violent crime in Britain (39)
(Daily Mail) Obvious "There are times when I hate the internet. I hate that anyone born in 1990 or later is incapable of forming lasting friendships and has a tenuous grip on any form of reality at all" (71)
(Network World) Amusing Nitwit looking for illegal hacker help gets hit over the head with Holy Grail (20)
(Seattle Times) Unlikely Scientists claim Americans are completely unprepared for Los Angeles to be wiped off the map. Well, some of them, anyway (70)
(Ars Technica) Obvious Approximately 100% of broadband use is piracy. RIAA complains. ISPs cap bandwidth. RIAA complains (85)
(Daily Yomiuri) Obvious Japan panicking over possible introduction of genetically modified soybeans from USA into its tofu, soy sauce, and miso paste (40)
(C|Net) Misc In an attempt to beat Google, Ask.com buys the English language (10)
(Can you hear me now?) Sick "OMG11 Teh new iPhone 3g is, like, so mine because i <3 it" Lines already forming for Apple's new release a week early (91)
(The Sun) Strange Not news: man receives spam emails. News: he receives six million of them a year. Fark: he ENJOYS it (14)
(Some Gilligan) Hero Professor finds way to create bird flu antibodies inside ostrich eggs. Or coconuts, when the radio's off (12)

Fri July 04, 2008
(Canada.com) Obvious Men with hot girlfriends have more sex, according to researchers at the Ric Romero Institute for Studying Things (521)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Sometimes you just want to ride without standing in line. This guy took it to the next level, though (84)
(ABC News) Obvious Researchers warn that fireworks can cause seizures, brain freeze, natural selection (23)
(BBC) Cool Scientists build punk-rock loving robot which can pogo along to the beat. Still no cure for the Stranglers (9)
(edmunds.com) Interesting Thinking of trading that F350 in for a Prius? Here's a calculator to figure out how long it will take to break even (108)
(Breitbart.com) Interesting Study of pulsars proves the theory of general relativity, scientists say. Ghost of Albert Einstein says "Thanks," rolls eyes, makes jerking-off motion (27)
(BBC) Ironic Nanny State questions Google over Streetview privacy issues. Irony tag goes critical in ten, nine, eight (24)
(Fox News) Scary Your flat screen TV contains a gas that is 17000 times more potent than CO2 and hangs around for 550 years. And you thought having your in-laws over for the holidays was bad (140)
(Gawker) Interesting The 15 most useless internet euphemisms (39)
(Crni) Cool It took approximately two years to design this spectacular magical art of V12 four-stroke engine made of paper with origami technique (18)
(Some Guy) Interesting The 10 most stubborn people in tech (Drew is #3) (56)
(Newsweek) Interesting Why scientists think some people are mosquito magnets (102)
(MSNBC) Interesting Mysterious cave under Teotihuacan pyramid opened by archaeologists. They insist we shouldn't worry about the sky momentarily darkening, or the unexplained crescendo of ominous music that ensued (30)
(Planetary Society) Cool NASA finds water on the planet Mercury. Hottest "cool" tag ever (31)
(Live Science) Hero For a few million years, humans apparently stuffed themselves with raw meat. And then somewhere, somehow, somebody offered it up cooked (59)

Thu July 03, 2008
(Washington Post) Interesting Compound in red wine fights ravages of age; compound in beer fights person's ability to determine attractiveness of opposite sex (16)
(Some Blog) Silly Microsoft bans Ben Dover from XBox Live. Amanda Lamey and Mike Hunt said to be furious (71)
(IT World) PSA If you're browsing the French version of Google Streetview and are wondering why everyones' face looks a bit weird, that's intentional and not actually what French people look like (17)
(Marketwatch) Followup So Yahoo and Microsoft were getting all hot and heavy, but then Yahoo's mom came in and was like, "OMG WTF?." And Yahoo was all embarrassed and told Microsoft to get out, but now she totally wants him back in her life (9)
(SFGate) Weird Lone Wolf and Cub found and apprehended in New York. The Yagyū clan are unavailable for comment (23)
(Houston Chronicle) Stupid If you're too fat to fit into attractive clothes, do you: C) Spend real money buying attractive clothes for your online avatar? (108)
(Popular Science) Scary Top 10 Deadliest diseases. The Black Plague, Third Pandemic and Spanish Flu wiped out hundreds of millions; they have nothing on today's worst diseases (41)
(Network World) Spiffy Go ahead and make fun of ham radio guys, at least they'll be able to send e-mail in a disaster (43)
(Yahoo) Obvious Remember when you were told not to make fun of nerds in high school because one day they would make more money than you? Here comes the science (136)
(Radar Magazine) Obvious Gawker slashes pageview rates for its writers. Too bad they didn't have thousands of people who contribute content for free. You could probably make a pretty good website built on that model (23)
(Some Guy) Amusing Latest PS3 update comes with a cool new feature: Destroy your PS3 (72)
(Daily Mail) Unlikely In an effort to one-up the moving skyscraper guy, architect dreams up a floating city that follows ocean currents and is home to 50,000 "climate refugees" powered by renewable energy (35)
(News.com.au) Scary Watched YouTube lately? Or ever? Viacom will soon know your user ID, every video you've seen, exactly when you saw it, and your IP address at the time. Happy 4th of July, freedom lovers (252)
(Guardian.com) Interesting Extinction models fail to account for the "wouldn't have sex with you if you were the last person on the Earth" phenomenon (17)
(Wired) Spiffy Wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka (91)
(National Geographic) Interesting ♬For the pictures of the bison were drawn on the art-cave wall♩Concert hall ♫And echoes with the sounds of cavemen ♬Of cavemen♬ (18)
(Some Globe) Cool From the "I want one" files -- the interactive Google Earth hologram (66)
(Science Daily) Interesting Mass extinction of animals and humans in North America 12,900 years ago could have been started by a comet exploding over Canada and igniting prehistoric poutine farts (22)
(Some Guy) Cool Projectors? In MY cellphone? It's more likely than you think (27)
(SMH) Silly Unwanted relatives at your wedding? Move it to space and solve all those hassles (13)
(ABC News) Followup Most people with dial-up Internet access have it because they like it and don't want broadband. You submitted this with a better headline that will arrive in the queue 23 hours from now (80)
(Livenews) Obvious Big juicy melons have a similar effect to Viagra (191)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Hot on the heels of the "hipster" paper-based PDA, it's "Twitter - Hipster Edition" (19)

Wed July 02, 2008
(Fox News) Interesting Sleep Sex Disorders? Isn't this just a nice way of saying drunken sex? (111)
(Computerworld) Asinine Big headline: Mac OS X market share surges by 32% Small headline: Vista grows by 256% in the same period (85)
(Local6) Interesting Engineer gets 110 mpg out of '87 Mustang. Next week's headline: Engineer found dead with 3 self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head (346)
(BBC) Followup It's official -- Firefox makes it into the Guinness Book of World Records (117)
(Valleywag) Amusing Nine ways foreigners are having more fun with Facebook, including flash mob parties, murder, prostitution and even clashes against the government (5)
(Ars Technica) Misc Apple iSued (38)
(UPI) Interesting Subby 100 percent certain this link will get a green light (41)
(Canoe) Interesting When viewed from the rest of the galaxy, our solar system appears dented, as if God's giant hand is pushing one edge of it inward (57)
(Some Guy) Interesting New Mexico Supreme Court rules arbitration provisions in Dell computer contracts are invalid and unenforceable (33)
(Valleywag) Interesting The mystery of Boing Boing's disappearing blogger has been solved: It's a steamy lesbian love affair (45)
(Slashdot) Obvious By using Fourier analysis, E. Bombieri's refinement of A. Weil's positivity condition has been proven, which implies the Riemann hypothesis for the Riemann zeta function in the spirit of A. Connes' approach to the Riemann hypothesis (61)
(New Scientist) Cool Hubble telescope snaps images of supernova that exploded over 8000 years ago (pic) (66)
(Charlotte) Interesting Global warming pushes Charlotte, NC temperature to 123-year low (71)
(PC Magazine) Stupid Texas law to require private-investigator license to repair computers. Dick (66)
(Fox News) Interesting Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon (13)
(Telegraph) Obvious Scientists record sound of jello wobbling for first time in history. "It is refreshing to explore the sonority of a much neglected physical property: The wobble factor." Still no cure for cancer (15)
(The Register) Spiffy Microsoft lowers Xbox prices in Australia and New Zealand, hopes to lure potential gamers away from other consoles, beautiful sheep (28)
(Gizmodo) Video Woz explains the two geekiest watches that he wears simultaneously (51)
(DailyTech) Interesting Quantum computing takes another leap forward with the latest discovery by researchers: Atoms that are so flat you could even squeeze them into the space between a chair and a WOW player's ass (42)
(G4TV) Amusing If you ever wanted to play the "Top Gun" theme on "Guitar Hero III," we have two things for you: Derisive laughter and good news (43)
(TechEBlog) Interesting When you can't afford a Ferrari, build your own (22)
(Some Guy) Silly "Fallout 3" developer complains about conservative look of "Diablo 3" (99)
(Seattle Times) Sad Scientists: "Penguins are 'marine sentinels,' their decline is a blunt message that their marine environment is in trouble." If only there was some common metaphor about a bird signaling a dangerous change in environment... (33)
(Computerworld) Interesting If you thought Google would top Computerworld's "Top 100 places to work in IT," you'd be wrong (34)
(C|Net) Unlikely AT&T to begin charging iPhone users a higher rate for text messaging due to the rising cost of oil (38)
(Reuters) Interesting Now my cancer, it went downtown. It bought some ber-ra-ccoli. It'll fight some ber-ra-ccoli. It's fightin' broccoli. It's fightin' brocco-li. It's fightin' brocco-la. It's fightin' brocco-laaa (26)
(The New York Times) Obvious You can add "but... but... but underwater volcanoes" to the scrapheap of bogus claims rejecting the science behind the record Arctic sea-ice loss (79)

Tue July 01, 2008
(News.com.au) Amusing British man baffles scientists as he slowly turns into a woman. He's already developed breasts and smooth skin. On the upside he's now always right (180)
(The Industry Standard) Interesting The company that brought the world Betamax, Minidisc, and UMD tries its magic with streaming media (49)
(Network World) Amusing What would happen to you if you turned off all your spam filters and responded to every single piece of junk email you received? "Penelope Retch" found out (51)
(Wall Street Journal) Interesting Turning single-celled pond scum (algae, not politicians) into fuel may be getting closer -- except for a few problems involving bird poop and oil (38)
(Slashdot) Interesting The UK government approves creating hybrid embryos that are half man, half pig. Still attempting approval for bear (53)
(The Tennessean) Obvious As the Google StreetView program expands, so does the biatching (82)
(LA Times) Obvious BoingBoing undertakes a major purge of user content without saying why. The users haven't gotten over it (85)
(Damn Interesting) Spiffy The most interesting article you'll read today about Cycler orbits, the most economical way to get to Mars (104)
(Yahoo) Interesting Earth is broadcasting a shrill "cry" into space. Not because of the rapidly-deteriorating environment, it's just tired of hearing about the presidential election, too (26)
(MSNBC) Sad Crohn's blows through 32 pairs of genes (41)
(Popular Mechanics) Interesting Reporter calls up the NSA and asks to interview a member of their elite "Red Team" hacking squad. NSA agrees. That was easy (28)
(Some Biloxi Guy) Spiffy Picayune, Mississippi scientist unveils system to filter formaldehyde from FEMA trailers (21)
(syracuse.com) Amusing "Apple is perceived as a cool company; Dell comes across as a grandfather clock with arthritis" (82)
(Newsday) Interesting Johns Hopkins study indicates tripping balls can make your life better (74)
(Telegraph) Unlikely British inventor claims that "flying cars will become reality," speaking into his wrist-radio while flying his jetpack back to his undersea kelp farm (20)
(Network World) Scary "Laptops lost like hot cakes at U.S. airports." In other news, airports are losing their hot cakes in startling numbers (37)
(Some Guy) Obvious Physics teaching under threat because of a growing lack of qualified staff and the fact that physics is so boring it makes paint peel off classroom walls (94)
(Radar Magazine) Amusing An in-depth analysis regarding the sexuality of pop culture's most famous robots. Sprockets (18)
(Daily Mail) Cool Prince Charles mods his Aston Martin to run on wine. And this is a guy who knows a thing or two about horsepower (60)
(The Register) Amusing Dell introduces Windows Vista Bonus package. The bonus is a copy of Windows XP (62)

Mon June 30, 2008
(Telegraph) Obvious 'Eco-towns' predicted to fall victim to economics. Like how the only people who will live in them are hippies whose idea of commerce is "Hey man, I saw you throw half that sandwich in the garbage. You mind if I eat it? Groovy" (21)
(C|Net) Obvious Apple upgrades typically cost 400% more than the average of other computer manufacturers, often for identical hardware (178)
(ZDNet) Asinine There's a famous evil browser out there that broadcasts your list of plugins, IP and schedule to their headquarters on a daily basis. There's also IE if you don't want any of that (102)
(Jalopnik) Cool Tesla reveals plans for four-door sedan with 225 mile range, $60K price tag and a promise that this time they really will build an electric car. Seriously. For real (38)
(The New York Times) Interesting How much power does the Nissan GT-R really have? Some measurements and estimations, and speculation on "why would Nissan underestimate this?" Also, Tower 7 (37)
(Some Guy) Amusing Rhapsody, in an attempt to completely ruin themselves, will allow customers to preview whole songs. This cunning plan has not been thought through (19)
(Arizona Star) Interesting In a Farnsworthian way, Tucson has solved the problem of triple digit temps heating water (56)
(CBC) Interesting Higher rates of STDs lead to epidemiologists encouraging the elderly to wear condoms when yelling at people on their lawns (28)
(Rian.Ru) Strange 1908 Tunguska asplosion researchers confirm meteorite theory -- if it had just waited four hours, 47 minutes longer, it would have wiped out St. Petersburg with devastating force (230)
(e flux media) Interesting A rundown of the interesting astronomical events you would be able to see if you didn't live in a smog-choked megalopolis (31)
(Boing Boing) Cool One of the best car chase ever, Steve McQueen's "Bullit" has been geocoded, so you can now watch it with a GPS tracking system (30)
(Reuters) Interesting Fungus that accidentally contaminated lab experiment which showed promising signs of curing cancer, destroying Fark cliche (60)
(Washington Post) Interesting Google announces a new media server app. As with all Google apps, it will either be a quickly forgotten novelty or completely revolutionize the Internet (39)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Interesting "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane strikes side deal with Google, keeps his $100 million day job (65)
(CBS Green Bay) Scary Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP at the end of the day Monday. EVERYBODY PANIC (194)
(Wired) Cool Dude, cool: Marijuana contains a chemical that is proven to treat pain, inflammation, atherosclerosis and osteoporosis. Dude, bummer: The chemical doesn't get you high (41)
(TechEBlog) Interesting Fast three-wheeled vehicles you can actually drive (40)
(Ynetnews.com) Strange Orthodox Jews declare war on MP4s (81)
(Economist) Interesting You people act like you've never seen a voorwerp before (15)
(CSMonitor) Cool Microsoft buys Powerset, a truly natural language search engine, for $100 million (24)

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