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Sun June 29, 2008
(Seattle Times) Sad David Caminer, the first person to use computers in business, dead at 92. Bonus: Used it to make the perfect cup of tea (18)
(Some Guy) Interesting Doing the MPG math or how replacing a 12 MPG car with a 14 MPG car saves more gas than replacing a 28 MPG car with a 40 MPG car (116)
(The Register) Interesting Some super-genius runs the numbers on what would be needed to eliminate fossil fuel use entirely, just for the U.K. Short version: You need nukes (50)
(Wordpress) Interesting Is The Weather Channel coloring their maps to push an agenda? Inquiring tinfoil hat wearers want to know (42)
(Wired) Spiffy Miracle material stops gamma radiation? Bruce Banner heard to remark, "Where the F@%$ were you when I NEEDED YOU YOUBASTAAAARRRGGHHH HULK SMASH" (18)
(Newsweek) Unlikely "User-generated content makes Internet the new sweatshop." Hey Drew - today's Sunday. Could I work just an 18-hour day? (23)
(AFP) Interesting Buzz Aldrin thinks the US could fall behind Russia and China in the space race. Urges NASA to build another "moon landing" in a warehouse. (With pic of big sexy himself) (44)
(Yahoo) Interesting Most tech-savvy states. Massachusetts leads, California makes top five, Texas still trying to figure out indoor plumbing (72)
(Wall Street Journal) Interesting Worlds collide as this year's Pulitzer Prize winner in literature reviews GTA IV for the Wall Street Journal. Bonus: He's disappointed it's not more "hardcore" (31)
(Discover) Cool Gallery of amazingly tiny microsculptures that sit on the head of a pin or in the eye of a needle (30)

Sat June 28, 2008
(Wired) Video Do not taunt super happy hexaarylbiimidazole solution (video) (19)
(CTV) Hero Finally. A cure for cancer. All cancers.....That's it. Move along (309)
(Some Guy) Spiffy NASA's next heavy launch vehicle, Ares V, will be 20 feet longer then the Apollo era Saturn V rocket and be powerful enough to lift the equivalent mass of 10 male African elephants (46)
(NASA) Cool The best picture of the Milky Way you'll see today. My God, it's full of nougat (16)
(New Scientist) Interesting Tropical ocean sucks up vast amounts of ozone. Climate models hardest hit (107)
(Some Guy) Obvious Now that the PS3 has lost $3.3 billion, Sony finally willing to admit that maybe they did not think their cunning next-gen plan all the way through (162)
(Some Guy) Cool The nine most extraordinary human abilities, including tetrachromacy, synesthesia, and the ability to not argue with people on internet who are wrong (87)
(TechEBlog) Interesting Tech demos running on 1980s IBM PC, packaged into 180KB file (35)
(News and Star) Ironic The "British" red squirrel, which authorities are protecting by killing the "invasive" American gray squirrel, is actually an immigrant itself because humans killed all the real British red squirrels (20)
(The Register) PSA You call it "sharing," but a federal jury calls it "felony copyright infringement" and it's illegal (71)
(AP) Interesting Gates bids farewell with tears, wipes them away with a million dollar bill, which he then uses to light a cigar with before diving into vault filled with money. Or was that a Scrooge McDuck comic? (30)
(Stuff) Cool Christian group sends creationist material to 400 NZ high schools requesting distribution in science classes. The Education Ministry sends a giant "suck it" back to Christian group (97)

Fri June 27, 2008
(London Times) Interesting Conference in Moscow to discuss what caused the Tunguska blast, equivalent to 1000 Hiroshimas. Dr. Raymond Stanz still working on the "undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration." (52)
(Gizmodo) Cool Old and busted: Sharp's 108" LCD. New hotness: NASA's 23'x10' grid of 128 LCDs, connected to 128 GPUs with a massive 74 teraflops of processing power. WANT (58)
(The New York Times) Dumbass Bush administration puts freeze on large-scale solar energy projects. The sun is there (161)
(Scientific American) Cool Scientists discover that an existing drug can reverse mental retardation in mice. K-Marts in Cincinnati adjust their boxer short inventories accordingly (51)
(Wall Street Journal) Interesting The brain appears to make up its mind 10 seconds before we become conscious of a decision (62)
(National Geographic) Interesting Turns out Scandinavians are way more inbred now than they were 2,000 years ago. Locals insist that if you had a cousin who looked like a member of the Swedish bikini team, you'd understand why (26)
(Wired) Scary American bioscience labs working to identify and fight dangerous germs are having more and more accidents. If only there were some way to graphically illustrate this crisis, perhaps in novel form (35)
(BBC) Stupid Astronomers renamed Asteroid 6137 as "John." Hey, great imaginations there Poindexters (27)
(AL.com) Stupid Alabama scientists determine that rainfall this summer will be either below or above the average rainfall (29)
(Mark's Technology News) Interesting Good news: Peugeot introduces their rolling fuel-cell concept car called the Ozone. Bad news: it looks like a toilet paper roll crossed with a gerbil exercise wheel (44)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Interesting Google hiring corporate concierge to further pamper staff (15)
(Oregon Live) Strange When it rains, it pours. Pacific NW has so much wind and hydro electricity that utilities are actually paying customers to use up power. Can't we get anything right anymore? (161)
(U.S. News & World Report) Spiffy New migraine device shoots magnetic pulse into the back of the head, upgrade from older method using lead and powder (24)
(HotHardWare) Interesting Another inventor of the Internet wants to gag it. Apparently he saw the Mini-Me sex tape, too (41)
(ZDNet) Ironic "What happens when the official domain names of the organizations that issue the domain names in general, and provide all the practical guidance on how the prevent DNS hijacking, end up having their own domain names hijacked?" (11)
(Breitbart.com) Interesting .advertising in top level domains? Its more .likely than you think (31)
(Health Journalism) Obvious No story on dental care in West Virginia is complete without the words "moonshine" and "pliers" (10)
(VillageSoup.com) Interesting And in today's not news... The male luna moth has no mouth so it does not eat. Its sole purpose in life is to mate in its seven days of life (42)
(TechEBlog) Cool Pop-up hotel rooms are portable, collapsible (17)
(Ars Technica) Obvious Voter apathy a matter of genetics. Experts suggest it may be an evolutionary defensive mechanism against Idiocracy (20)
(Some Guy) Asinine Lucasarts: "We're proud of the work our team has done on the next Star Wars game. So proud that we have fired most of the key members of the team." (62)
(Jalopnik) Cool New VW diesel/hybrid makes Prius look like a gas pig in comparison (85)

Thu June 26, 2008
(Some Guy) PSA Blogger reveals simple tweak to dramatically speed up Firefox 3. In other news, loud sucking sound now identified as Microsoft's single sign of life (52)
(New Scientist) Cool Tuurniiiiiipssss iiiiiiinnnn spaaaaaaaaace (21)
(Independent) Obvious Ice will disappear entirely from North Pole this year for first time since global-warming zealots started making crap up. I mean, it's not like you're going to walk up there to check, right? (107)
(AP) Interesting Important dates in Microsoft history. The day they stole everything from Xerox strangely absent (42)
(London Times) Spiffy British university student develops the $30 cardboard bicycle. Just don't ride through any puddles, and you'll be OK (37)
(InfoWorld) Asinine IT guy finds secret to making Vista work -- use a 'ridiculously powerful workstation' and increase your tolerance for rebooting (59)
(Some Guy) Cool The coolest pictures from a space shuttle mission you'll see all day (56)
(Phoenix New Times) Interesting "It's being hailed as 'the new absinthe' by some, 'the new Jägermeister' by others, and being celebrated as everything from an alleged booster of sexual prowess to a substitute for illegal drugs." (61)
(C|Net) Interesting How vinyl records are made. Also, media blame "sterility" of iPod for encouraging vinyl records to make a comeback amongst audiophiles (74)
(India Daily) Interesting Super-smart biogenetic computer algorithms have determined that there are extraterrestrial intelligent living beings in the form of ion, gas or even dark matter (50)
(London Times) Interesting Research proves the safest seats on an airliner when it is crashing are in the aisle, if only because it makes it easier to trample other burning passengers as you scramble towards an exit afterwards (34)
(AP) Asinine Global warming linked to *shakes magic 8-ball* increased terrorism... wait, what? (36)
(Network World) Spiffy Microsoft ships Hyper-V... early. Beat August '08 deadline, but took five years to get here (37)
(Metafilter) Amusing Something Awful and other forums get PWN3D by elaborate hoax. Metafilter smug levels reach new heights (52)
(CNN) Dumbass ICANN considers allowing domain names using Chinese, Arabic or Cyrillic letters. Not mentioned: it can cause мטсh өaѕїеr ďомаіп fгацd (94)
(The Register) Obvious Intel jumps on the Vista bandwagon, giving the much-maligned operating system a welcome boost. Just kidding - they say there is "no compelling case" to install the giant bloated turd on their company PCs (69)
(www.pcpro.co.uk) Obvious '(london (:cctv 452 :alert 'mugging :sarah-connor [0/100] :action nil) (:cctv 234 :alert 'dissident :sarah-connor [0/100] :action 'alert-party) (:cctv 873 :alert 'lone-woman :sarah-connor [3/100] :action 'send-kill-team)) (27)
(London Times) Cool New bid to go faster than any steam powered car has ever gone before. Previous record holders Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear in the Arkansas Chuggabug. (w/ video, pics) (50)
(Science Daily) Cool Mars Reconnaiscance Orbiter discovers really big crater on Mars. Really, really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is (71)
(Boing Boing) Spiffy One-of-a-kind Blade Runner spinner made just for Syd Mead by LEGO (34)

Wed June 25, 2008
(News 8 Austin) Cool Scientists identify Alzheimer's gene. It's the one that doesn't recognize the other genes (33)
(Telegraph) Scary Design flaw in Britain nuclear missiles means that they could "blow up like popcorn." On the plus side, this would make a pretty cool YouTube video (36)
(DailyTech) Stupid Why does Apple hate women? (82)
(Science Daily) Interesting How children respond to the smell of alcoholic beverages is related to their mothers' reasons for drinking (20)
(InfoWorld) Cool Slideshow: Top 10 Firefox add-ons you can't live without. Bonus: two number ones. Because you can never have too many number ones (123)
(InfoWorld) Asinine Senator Brownback (R-etard) wants every U.S. citizen's laptop and phone searched at the border... well, except for his BlackBerry. "You'd have to have pretty strong thumbs to scroll through my porn," he forgets to add (65)
(Some Guy) Obvious "Battlestar Galactica" writers do not expect any Emmy nominations, because "the vast majority of voters don't understand the show" (218)
(UPI) Interesting New brain penny bork injury therapy is antelope scour created (28)
(BBC) Cool Scientists find 365 million year old fossil that proves evolution's water-land link. That's a lot of year-old fossils (206)
(Wired) Amusing If the aliens are really out there, we better hope they like retro vinyl, Atari 2600 games, and human porn (28)
(Daily Mail) Interesting World's first motorized anti-gravity suitcase unveiled -- and it will even text you when the airlines lose it (31)
(Science Daily) Cool When threatened, frogs can morph into Wolverine, but without the healing stuff (17)
(Gizmodo) Amusing Leaked memo finds Bill Gates ripping his staff over Windows XP: "They told me that using the download page to download something was not something they anticipated" (139)
(IGN) Unlikely Regarding rumors of the PSP's early demise, Sony claims, "it's absolutely not dying." Also notes that it doesn't want to go on the cart, feels happy (81)
(LA Times) Cool Watching porn while you drive just got easier (26)
(Some Moderate) Hero It set the telcos back almost $25k to bribe Nancy Pelosi to let FISA immunity pass the House. Their luggage costs more than that (98)
(3TV) Spiffy For $700, you can buy a device that will turn water into fuel for your car (159)
(AP) Ironic Kentucky attorney general who recently set up a special anti-cyber crimes unit discovers through iTunes that his own identity has been stolen (22)
(Fox News) Interesting For rent: One-bedroom apartment in Dubai, seventh floor, attached parking. Wait, what? (110)
(TechEBlog) Cool Gamer turns Simpsons home into Quake 3 map (46)
(Conservapedia) Hero Young earth creationists valiantly expose an evolutionary biologist for the fraud that he is. No, wait... Evolutionary biologist rips apart young earth creationist who tries to pretend he knows what he is talking about (340)
(Pharyngula) Interesting "The Scientist" magazine writes an article about things creationists are right about. Seriously (170)
(Science Daily) Interesting Scientists plan to use ultraviolet light to illuminate organic matter on Mars. Martians everywhere seen scrambling to wash their sheets (15)
(Some Guy) Interesting The 730-ton ball that keeps the world's tallest building earthquake tolerant is pretty big, heavy. Watch it in action as it reacts to last month's Chinese earthquake (44)

Tue June 24, 2008
(TG Daily) Cool Sharp's 108" LCD will only cost $1,712 per inch, only slightly more than Tera Patrick charges (64)
(The New York Times) Interesting Now we have drug resistant high blood pressure. You can not has cheeseburger, tubs (55)
(informationweek) Interesting Microsoft pledges Windows XP support through 2014. Suck it, Vista (210)
(Live Science) Followup Amazon tribe that was not a hoax, that was a hoax, is not a hoax. Carry on (200)
(Slate) Spiffy Can your breasts power an iPod? "It turns out the physics of breast motion have been studied closely for the last two decades by a gamut of researchers," and for the last two millennia by boys in junior high (564)
(Network World) Obvious When a celebrity croaks, those who care wouldn't be caught dead on Google News (13)
(Topless Robot) Amusing There's an Island of Misfit Comic Books somewhere, and these ten are on it (57)
(G4TV) Spiffy Forget Facebook and MySpace, David Hasselhoff has a social networking site (29)
(Wired) Cool June 24 marks the 61st anniversary of the first US sighting of swamp gas, weather balloons, and the planet Venus (54)
(Bloomberg) Misc Google's Android phones are on track for release during the second half of 2008, take over SkyNet by 2009 (31)
(io9) Spiffy More proof to how William Shatner changed the world: Tricorders are on their way (26)
(USA Today) Stupid Q: What do you get when you cross a self-absorbed, petty asshat and skyrocketing gas prices? A: The Hypermiler (527)
(TechEBlog) Cool Next-gen Wii might use brainwave-controlled headset (38)
(Computerworld) Amusing Bill Gates' top five dumbest moves ever. The legend of Bob still alive and well (58)
(Some Guy) Dumbass After studying 70,000 nurses over several decades, scientists at the Harvard School of Facepalm have concluded that eating fruits and vegetables can extend your life (15)
(CBC) Interesting Polar bears could survive - as brown bears: scientist, KIWI shoe polish company claim (13)
(AP) Scary NASA scientist: Mass extinction, ecosystem collapse only a couple of decades away (709)
(AP) Strange Scholars have pinpointed the exact day that Odysseus capped some homies for mackin' on his girl (14)
(The Local (Germany)) Stupid Google 0, German domain grabber 1 (16)
(CBS Sacramento) Cool Busting the Mythbusters (42)
(Reuters) Unlikely If elected McCain would propose awarding a $300 million prize to the auto company that develops a next-generation car battery that weans America off oil. Followed by a $250 million prize to any company that makes the best batter for PANCAKES (204)

Mon June 23, 2008
(Gizmodo) Silly Toaster shoots toast 7+ feet using CO2-powered ram. Pic and video goodness included (19)
(BBC) Cool Earth not at risk from Large Hadron (except first thing in the morning) (197)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Obvious Not News: Google's Android phone is delayed yet again. Fark: Even if it was released, it would have to take down 10 million iPhones (34)
(Discovery) Interesting Turns out Neanderthals were smart. Not Stephen Hawking smart or even Regis Philbin smart, but maybe more than Paula Abdul but less than Paris Hilton smart (60)
(Science) Amusing Scientists hold conference in World of Warcraft. Topics for discussion: virtual economies, the nature of identity, the awesomeness that is Chuck Norris (58)
(Neil Gaiman) Sappy Neil Gaiman stumbled upon some baby raccoons today and was nice enough to blog about it. With pics (50)
(Defamer) Amusing Kiefer Sutherland tries to flex his star-power muscle in order to squeeze the new iPhone from a manager: "I'd gladly give a phone to one of The Lost Boys, but we don't have any yet" (39)
(io9) Obvious Could you really "bend" a bullet's trajectory as in the upcoming movie "Wanted," which looks really cool? Answer: No, you gullible dumbasses. Signed, Isaac Newton (179)
(Reuters) Cool Baby crocodiles start chatting to one another before their eggs are hatched. With cute baby croc pic goodness (62)
(CNN) Ironic CDC expert on West Nile virus gets infected with West Nile virus (121)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Followup Under $1 billion lawsuit threat, YouTube's anti-piracy system takes weekend off (28)
(Network World) Unlikely Study finds MySpace not just for goofing off (18)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Scary Wikipedia updater fired for scooping NBC on Tim Russert's death (49)
(AlterNet) Spiffy Out of the basement and into the street: "Nerdy girls have attained sexy status" (20802)
(The Register) Hero Pirate Bay wants to give Swedes some help with their wonderful telephøne system (30)
(Guardian.com) Unlikely Top NASA global-warming scientist James Hansen demands those who disagree with his scientific opinion to be put on trial for high crimes against humanity and nature (243)
(PhysOrg.com) Interesting Believe it or not, our understanding of glass is extrememly limited. With that said, scientists are working on a plane with glass wings (24)
(Ars Technica) Scary "FCC moves ahead with plan for smut-free wireless broadband" (57)
(Some Guy) Scary Microchip goes WHERE? (37)
(Telegraph) Interesting Scientists create a new drug that can help people overcome shyness and reduce anxiety. Apparently they've never heard of liquor (32)

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