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Sun May 25, 2008
(The Consumerist) Asinine The $1,632 copy of Windows Vista (33)
(Some Guy) Interesting The dirty little secret of inkjet printers (56)
(Houston Chronicle) Sad After 10 years of planning and billions of dollars spent, Congress axed the Superconducting Super Collider, relegating the United States to the bleacher seats in high-energy physics (103)
(Fox News) News Those seven minutes of terror, it is time (720)
(Some Guy) Cool IBM to offer it's employees "Second Life" avatars for collaboration, teleconferencing, flying around aimlessly looking for cyber-sex (18)
(Engadget) Cool Man creates world's largest drawing by shipping a GPS suitcase around the world (with pic) (37)
(News.com.au) Spiffy Half of the world's population has a mobile phone, the other 60% are too stupid or poor to own one (43)
(Some Guy) Interesting Too much beer may prompt pancreatic cancer onset. Farkers unimpressed as their livers and kidneys will cease to function long before the pancreas is even an issue (8)
(Some Guy) Interesting Microsoft confirms Windows 7 for 2010 (with 17 screenshots) (143)
(Slashdot) Cool Giant floating windmills to launch next year. Don Quixote said to be in the market for a 40-foot yacht (15)
(CTV) Scary Audio ads can be tuned for an individual's ears only in a crowd of hundreds. Hold on to your wallet and don't listen to the voices (30)
(WebUrbanist.com) Cool Gallery of paper constructions that really push the envelope (7)
(Fox News) Scary The freaking coolest tornado video EVAR (46)
(UPI) Obvious Canadian cancer doctors are offering free diagnostic tests to Jewish women to determine if they have schpilkus in their ganecktizigoink (21)
(YouTube) Hero Mr. Awesome (as alluded in 'The King of Kong') (21)
(LostBrain) Cool Behold, the electric car of the future, circa 1973 (22)
(Gizmodo) Cool Samsung show a laptop so thin it makes the MacBook Air look like your mom (35)
(Independent) Sad Your grandchildren will not know what a banana is. And here's why (78)

Sat May 24, 2008
(Yahoo) Interesting The voice actors union is about to find out what we already know. Don't screw Niko Bellic out of his dues (74)
(Google) Cool Scientists create swarms of solar powered locust-like drones that can leap 27 times their body length. Sweet dreams, paranoid android (13)
(BBC) Cool The Mars Lander to set down on Monday, is equipped with a robotic arm to dig for ice, Ray Bradbury novels (29)
(CNN) Interesting What would the $6 Million Man cost today? (40)
(Some Guy) Cool New Firefox add-on replaces ads with art. No word if pretentious artist's statements will follow (85)
(TechEBlog) Cool Portable helicopters that actually fly (38)
(RCR News) Obvious Wireless carriers launch intensive project into how to improve customer service. Not mentioned: Providing accurate bills, easy-to-read rate plans, clear terms, accurate coverage maps, reliable service, decent equipment, customer-friendly stores (49)
(Reuters) Strange FDA warns of nipple cream that can harm babies. Good, those little bastards are bogarting boobs anyway (36)
(MSNBC) Interesting Finally ridding themselves of that pesky Roy Scheider, the NYPD acquires super sophisticated helicopter (49)
(International Herald Tribune) Spiffy On Sunday a body will enter the atmosphere of a planet with an eight-minute free fall of terror. Suck it Mars Phoenix, this French guy's got you beat by a minute (48)
(Free Press) Cool WA locksmith cracks 159-year old safe that's foiled everyone, including an expert from MIT (56)

Fri May 23, 2008
(CBC) PSA Ama.Ze H3r with UR secshual PWRZ. Wrning: m4y k1LL U (12)
(New Energy Times) Interesting Cold fusion? In my DeLorean? It's more likely than you think (51)
(New Scientist) Spiffy Hidden biomass found off coast of Newfoundland potentially 111 million years old. Raptor Jesus unimpressed (35)
(MSNBC) Scary Astronauts may face bumpy reentry if they have to use ISI's Soyuz escape capsule. Astronauts release statement: "Bumpy is okay. Burny is not" (27)
(Science Daily) Scary Robot walks like human, has flame for a head, lights up Sarah Conner like a five cent cigar (5)
(Some Rocket Surgeon) Dumbass When conducting pre-delivery tests in a passenger jet, remember to RTFM (42)
(Popular Mechanics) Cool Scientists build mechanical spiders that can scale walls using static adhesion, search for Tom Selleck (27)
(Some Skeeve) Sad Robert Asprin has died. He will be sorely Mythed (35)
(Newsday) PSA Awesome: Imminent sex party. Not awesome: For cicadas (37)
(Science Daily) Interesting Scientific understanding of the Grand Unified Theory of Sandwich Making takes another leap forward (51)
(CNN) Interesting NASA braces for seven minutes of terror, or as submitter's wife calls it, "Wednesday night" (46)
(Seattle Times) Followup Eat all the seafood you can today, so you can tell your grandchildren what it was like back when we could pull things to eat out of the ocean (91)
(Popular Science) Cool Any article that starts with "The only thing better than beer is more beer" is full of win (24)
(The New York Times) Stupid Old and busted: Testing althetes for performance enhancing substances. New hotness: Testing chess players (20)
(NASA) Interesting Global climate change results in increased hurricane activity... on Jupiter (186)
(News.com.au) Interesting One in 20 patients want to kill their doctor. And that's before they've seen the bill (140)
(News.com.au) Interesting Fears new "brain boosting" drugs will be used by forces of evil to create supervillains, exam-cheats (54)
(Science Daily) Obvious High school females who viewed themselves as attractive had a 35 percent higher risk of receiving hurtful anonymous notes, being socially excluded or having rumours spread about them (75)

Thu May 22, 2008
(AZCentral) Interesting Accidental discoveries in Science: Antibiotics ... hot springs on Mars ... X-Rays (21)
(Globe and Mail) Dumbass Bell Canada decides that it's a really good time to start really high bandwidth video service while under investigation by regulators for traffic shaping everybody else (24)
(YouTube) Cool Coolest DIY full motion racing simulator you will see all day (36)
(Sign On San Diego) Spiffy Research finds wine can be beneficial to liver, especially if you ignore the fact that this research hold about as much water as a cork (10)
(News.com.au) Obvious Your Facebook habits may unintentionally reveal secrets about your personality (30)
(artinfo) Cool O/ (][>>========================<<][) \o (28)
(The Record) Interesting "This is a huge, huge step forward . . . We're using nature to solve a man-made problem." Student finds a microbe that digests plastic bags (153)
(NASA) Cool Gravitationally speaking, the moon is a strange place. A new NASA mission named GRAIL aims to map the moon's quirky gravity field and thus pave the way for future exploration (18)
(Science Daily) Spiffy Researcher develops new robot with a more human-like walk than any previous robot. Meh, wake me when they make one that walks like Seven of Nine (23)
(Network World) Amusing Bill Gates' dad delivers commencement speech, says to grads' parents: "I never could get my son to finish college. How did you do it?" (23)
(Network World) Interesting Is the FAA losing battle of flight delay hell? (68)
(Science Daily) Obvious Canberra has three times as many kangaroos as people, and worse, it's nearly impossible to tell which are which (13)
(Science Daily) Interesting Astronomers discover mysterious x-ray pulses being emitted by giant magnetar, almost as if the universe was sending a secret message via Morse code. So far, they have received "what is six times sev..." (64)
(Gawker) Dumbass If a popular website posts a link to your ridiculous Craigslist ad, it's probably not a good idea to call them up and leave a ranting phone message, as they will post that too (1234)
(Yahoo) Dumbass Woman pissed that her favorite MMORPG was shut down for an hour to honor the victims of the Chinese earthquake; posts a video of herself mocking quake surivivors online. Apparently she forgot she lived in China. Jailiarity ensued in a big way (182)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Amusing CEO of Zappos takes photo of himself giving Bill Gates bunny ears, brags about it on Twitter (22)
(UPI) Asinine In a complete waste of taxpayer money a study conducted by scientist has defined premature ejaculation (218)
(BBSpot) Amusing Microsoft tries to corner the giant "video gamers who want to stay fit" market. Get ready to Xbox-ercise (48)
(Internet News) Interesting Support for ODF over OOXML in SP2 has some saying OOH, others OOF (21)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Interesting A research firm peers into Apple's product future and finds it...boring. Wireless clock radios and universal AppleSound remotes? If this is the best Steve Jobs can come up with, it's time to start shoveling Apple stock out the door (53)
(Engadget) Cool Rock Port, MO Celebrate being 100% Wind Powered (50)
(AZCentral) Sad Fuel prices force farmer to ditch tractor in favor of mule. "It's the way of the future." (97)
(Science Daily) Interesting Study finds cat ownership may have a protective effect against the development of asthma symptoms in young children (27)
(MSNBC) Scary Top 7 medical myths that can KILL you. Submitter is not a doctor, but he did surf WebMD for 25 minutes (64)

Wed May 21, 2008
(Some Guy) Interesting The sun may be entering a 'dud' of a sunspot cycle. The last time this happened was called the Little Ice Age. Subby plans to wax his skis with SPF 45 (45)
(Wired) Cool Making moonshine has gone from a backwoods black art to a high-end hobby practiced by "whiskey geeks" with a taste for top-shelf hooch. Don't try this at home (32)
(Some Neil Armstrong) Cool The one, the only, photograph of Earth. Take a look at the picture we've all seen at least once, and some of the ways it has been used (and abused) by companies over the years (45)
(Scientific American) Interesting ?sesrevinu rehto ni drawkcab nur emit seoD (175)
(NASA) Interesting NASA has confirmed visible explosions on the surface of the moon (61)
(io9) Interesting Or ancestors may have come from outside our solar system, flung up from a distant planet (perhaps Caprica?) billions of years ago and migrated to Earth. No frakkin way (47)
(Some Bad Astronomer) Cool Astronomer captures the exact moment of the birth of a supernova -- AKA the death of a star. That's one stellar accomplishment (28)
(Discover) Interesting Evidence suggests humans may have been travelling across vast distances by boat at last ice age, long before men could walk on water and part seas (74)
(TTAC) Interesting Remember when Nissan posted the second fastest production car time at the Nürburgring with the GT-R? Ya, well they might have cheated a little bit (127)
(Boeing) Cool U.S. military successfully tests airborne "transformational directed energy weapon." Translation: A big-ass laser on a C-130 (127)
(MSNBC) Interesting First dinosaur tracks found in ancient Arabia, right where the Bible says Jesus® rode his brontosaurus (780)
(BBC) Interesting AoC takes on WoW, but who wants to play a game about a late-night TV chat show? (127)
(KPTM) Cool Is the FCC talking to cell companies about ridiculously high contract cancellation fees? (48)
(TechEBlog) Interesting Homemade self-balancing vehicles that actually work (20)
(Gizmodo) Weird It could happen any day, but someone will eventually come up with an invention which will fundamentally change the very way we live. Until then, there's this guy, and his "virtual woman" thing (26)
(PCWorld) Interesting Top 10 Google flubs, flops and failures (48)
(Kotaku) Silly Microsoft bans gamertags with sexual terms. Mr. Richard Gaywood of the UK is not pleased. Penis (53)
(SeattlePI) Stupid Microsoft's new Google-killing ploy: Paying you to use their search engine (26)
(TechEBlog) Stupid Face it, you're just not a real Apple fan unless you drop $6,000 on a gold plated iPhone (77)
(News.com.au) Interesting Study finds that Australians "excel in smoking cannabis." Crikey... crikey... crikey... cri..key.. Dude, that word has lost all it's meaning (30)
(Science Daily) Interesting It's never Lupus, but in case it is, there's a new treatment in the works (18)
(Some Guy) Misc King of the World James Cameron talks about technology behind his long-awaited directorial follow-up to "Titanic": "'Avatar' is the single most complex piece of filmmaking ever made" (81)
(Guardian.com) Cool Monaco, the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican, has decided to annex the ocean (56)

Tue May 20, 2008
(Wired) Interesting 10 inconvenient truths for greenies: The path towards a better environment may well be the exact opposite of what you'd expect (110)
(LiveLeak) Cool Time-lapse history of the portable cell phone, 1985-2007. Submitter probably still has at least 5 of these out in the garage (48)
(PCWorld) Interesting 26 tricks to help you tame Google Calendar, make it appear as if you're very important with lots of things to do (6)
(io9) Interesting The 10 most important satellites currently orbiting Earth and what you should know about them (37)
(LA Times) Asinine LA Times columnist rails on LOLspeak, complaining that is makes her MS Word autocorrect go into overdrive. Back in my day, professional journalists didn't need autocorrect at all, biatch (49)
(Reuters) Weird In a move akin to giving them five asses, scientists make genetically modified monkeys that have Huntington's disease (18)
(Game Politics) Followup New Mexico court throws out Jack Thompson's lawsuit against Take-Two and Sony (30)
(USA Today) Obvious Greenpeace Hippies claim that all game consoles contain huge amounts of toxic chemicals and that they could totally kick your ass at Rock Band (16)
(New Scientist) Interesting Five vestigial things you've got but don't need. Suck it, intelligent design (407)
(Scientific American) Hero ...and that kids is how the zombie apocalypse started (91)
(Gizmodo) Interesting 3G iPhone "confirmed" for June 9 launch (52)
(Kotaku) Amusing The latest videogame threat to snowflakes: Meat Shields (29)
(WorldNetDaily) Cool 31,000 scientists would like to have a word with Al Gore (477)
(Boston Globe) Interesting New study says that fewer women go into math and science because they prefer working with people to working with tools, which the authors of the study say was just a mean thing to say about them (23)
(Some galaxy, far far away) Sappy 4.6m tall holographic Bill Gates appears in front of audience in Malaysia, scares bejesus out of Ewoks. All while his Sith Lord is being egged in Hungary (18)
(ABC News) Strange "Raymond says that when he changed his Facebook status to single, he inadvertently hurt his ex-girlfriend. She was barraged with phone calls from several of his 400 friends" (36)
(Reuters) Asinine Good news: you have an account with T-Mobile & they're now going to carry the iPhone. Bad news: only in Germany (26)
(New Scientist) Scary 16% of American Science teachers don't have the faintest clue what Science actually is (294)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Obvious The problem with Netflix's movie-streaming box: Its selection is like the "bargain bin at the 99-cent store" (65)
(Local6) Cool Intricate antique grooming tool made of gold and ear wax found off the coast of Florida (13)
(TechRepublic) Obvious 10 things you can do when Windows won't boot. "Install Linux" and "Buy a Mac" absent (144)
(The New York Times) Obvious Amanda Congdon's got a new business venture going, but all the New York Times cares about is the puppies (37)
(Anchorage Daily News) Strange Alaska's largest caribou herd declines in number by 20 percent, disease may be a factor. Still no cure for Prancer (15)
(Some Guy) Unlikely Chlorine-resistant parasite found in public pools. EVERYBODY PANIC (44)
(New Scientist) Strange Phase 1: Invent blood-pressure-sensing underpants (10)
(Science Daily) Interesting With age comes a Sense of peace and calm, study shows. Submitter kindly asks that you remove yourselves from his lawn (17)
(Wired) Sad "Gears of War 2" will be more "girlfriend-friendly," says designer Cliff Bleszinski. Tweaking the Xbox 360 shooter for casual gamers means adding new weapons -- and downsizing female characters' breasts (64)
(CBS 2 Lost Angeles) Stupid What happens when you improperly mix potassium chloride and sugar? Anyone? Guy with second-degree burns? Anyone? (31)
(NASA) Cool Earth and the Moon as seen from a telescope on Mars (39)
(Science Daily) Cool Copilot to pilot: Uh, the bad news is the wing is broken. Pilot: EEP. Copilot: But the good news is, if we fly around for a while, it'll get better (20)
(LA Times) Stupid With the current security issues surrounding Gmail, Google opens free website for storing your medical records (21)

Mon May 19, 2008
(Fox News) Interesting Homosexuality common in the wild, claim baby-eating liberal scientists who will burn in hell (141)
(RCR News) Interesting US cell phone market experiences first slowdown, ever (30)
(Silicon Alley Insider) Ironic Google hands out consolation prizes to losers of its Android app contest: The ability to compare themselves to other losers (7)
(Yahoo) Spiffy "Gears of War 2" raising eyebrows for graphic violence, including chainsaw attack. Because the world has never before seen anything as violent as a chainsaw attack in a video game (73)
(Independent) Scary In a stunning attempt to promote Al Gore, the British Parlement votes to create the ManBearPig (18)
(Popular Mechanics) Cool MythBusters hack five different vehicles and find electric beats gas every time (105)
(News.com.au) Spiffy Two beer fans have launched a video game named Place to Pee, which allows players to fly down ski slopes or kill aliens while relieving themselves at urinals (43)
(Yahoo) Cool Hitachi unveils "Wooo" Blu-Ray DVD recorder that can record up to 250gB of HD programming (21)
(AFP) Sad Tasmanian Devils recieve endangered species designation, because if there is one thing the world needs it's more devils (16)
(PCWorld) Spiffy Top 50 tech visionaries (42)
(The Register) Sick Mozilla foundation wants to add a wonderful new feature to your browser that tells Mozilla everything that you're doing. Won't that be awesome? (74)
(Some Mac Guy) Obvious Two-thirds of laptops sold in the US are Macs. Recession? What recession (197)
(AJC) Interesting Professor claims that today's students are "lazy and deficient" because of their dependence on technology. Students shrug, send him a friend request on Facebook (349)
(techlib) Amusing Tandy computer ad from 1989. $8500 for "our most powerful computer ever" (47)
(Fox News) Interesting UCLA: Pregnant women who regularly use mobile phones are more likely to have children with behavioral problems (50)
(Guardian.com) Stupid Today's manufactured controversy comes from the National Society for Epilepsy who is shocked, SHOCKED, that people would post seizure clips on YouTube (28)
(Telegraph) Interesting Scientists discover vast colony of tentacled creatures living on underwater mountain. It's not Cthulhu, it's Fark.com (17)
(Telegraph) Interesting Clunky brick to all-singing sensation: the MP3 is 10 years old (67)
(Telegraph) Interesting Google introduces 'face-blur' technology in Street View (13)
(News.com.au) Weird Environmentalist proposes turning the sky green to beat global warming (65)
(Telegraph) Spiffy "Wonder pill" that could increase sex drive in women and men and outsell Viagra is being developed by scientists. Need a Stiffy tag (52)
(BBC) Stupid Remember how global warming caused extremely violent hurricane seasons a few years back? Forget that, it's fewer hurricanes now, see, and we're already seeing the effects. EVERYBODY PANIC (123)

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