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Sun January 27, 2008
(Some Guy) Cool Incredible Hi Res 3D Motion Photo Panoramas (49)
Telegraph Cool An electronic contact lens has been developed that will allow wearer to view maps, videos, search for Sarah Connor (25)
CSMonitor Interesting Measures to save Pacific coral reefs include banning dynamite fishing (15)
Discover Cool Robots evolve, learn how to lie, deny seeking Sarah Connor (41)
Live Science Obvious How to tell if you are addicted to technology. Clue #1: You're reading this online on a Sunday (128)
Discovery Interesting By studying old foot bones, scientists determine people started wearing shoes 40,000 years ago; study on first condoms expected soon, as they work their way up (23)
Reuters Obvious The WHO recommends ways to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol, then trashes their hotel room (62)
(National Geographic) Cool Scientists yesterday announced that they have successfully created an entire synthetic genome in the lab and have given it the worst name ever: Mycoplasma Genitalium (26)
(Health24) Unlikely But what about all the good things smoking does? (30)
(ScienceDaily) Interesting Giant Chinese salamanders, ghost frogs, and Chris Crocker included on World's Weirdest Creatures list (10)
(AutoBlog) Interesting GM introduces revolutionary new form of biodiesel, which it will then promote, test, monopolize, and bury in a desert somewhere (39)

Sat January 26, 2008
Network World Interesting NFL "radio cops" scheming to eliminate wireless interference at Super Bowl (13)
(Some Gamer) Followup Dear gamers: I'm sorry I made false statements based on biased rumors and information I pulled out of my ass. Please stop Amazon-bombing my book (98)
Yahoo Dumbass 10 tips for buying a Super-Bowl-worthy HDTV. In other news, people apparently buy new HDTVs to watch five hours of programming (65)
Yahoo Interesting Google announces it will take steps to help stop the practice known as "domain name tasting", in which people buy up hundreds of domain names and drop all but the one that generates the most revenue for a full refund (15)
MSNBC Interesting Drinking heavily in youth increase risks of heart disease, having sex with ugly people (11)
(Some Guy) Interesting Women who eat chocolate daily may have weaker bones, fatter asses (16)
BBC Interesting Asperger's syndrome produces many geniuses, being single-minded, it gives them the chance to focus primarily on something which interests them and not be distracted from the everyday awwww look, a video of kittens on a trampoline (61)
Toronto Star Interesting 76% of teens use condoms. The rest just use their hands (41)
(Some Guy) Obvious Half of all people found to suffer from "winter depression." You would have submitted this with a better headline, but it's January and what's the point anyway? (40)

Fri January 25, 2008
(Planetary Society) Interesting NASA probe takes its first picture of former-planet Pluto 7½ years before it gets there. Article discusses plans to use the probe itself to discover the Kuiper belt object it will visit after Pluto (44)
The Scotsman Interesting Four-year-old girl with rare ilness kept alive by Viagra. Doctors hope they can keep it up until they find a cure (31)
(Some Guy) Scary Congressionally mandated energy "octopus" to swallow western landscapes. It's 6,055 miles long, 2.9 million acres big, and cuts across numerous national parks (68)
Network World Cool Small military robots gain advanced "sight" for more challenging roles, such as pushing the elderly down flights of stairs (20)
Telegraph Interesting CIA claims hackers have broken into power systems' computers and threatened to cut off electricity to entire cities unless they're paid a ransom (93)
Wired Sick Pouring lemon juice on open wounds is for amateurs, true experts mix it with crack cocaine and inject it straight into their legs (18)
AZCentral Unlikely Bill Gates decides to take up farming to help feed the poor. Poor reportedly not excited about prospects of eating "blue wheat of death" (14)
(Some blog) Dumbass Sony, in a dashing attempt to rid the world of backwards compatibility, discontinues the 80GB PS3 (138)
MSNBC Obvious Multi-core chips make computers run faster. Quick, to the Romero-mobile (20)
Gizmodo Cool Next-generation HDTV will be so clear, it'll make you hurl. And that's before you watch "American Idol" on it (62)
Network World Cool As much as William Gibson is credited with popularizing cyberpunk, Charles Stross' novel "Halting State" may be the first that speaks directly to I.T. security specialists (55)
CNN Cool Bluetooth technology can do more than just enable that asshole yakking into his cell phone next to you (19)
(Some Comic) Cool The sky is clear, the planets have aligned, and XKCD has referenced Jonathan Coulton, thus creating the most perfect geek-artist combination ever known to man. I, for one, welcome our new half-pony, half-velociraptor monster overlords (75)
(Some Guy) Cool Computer processers as art (16)
(Some Guy) Interesting A look back at the Internet of 1996 (111)
(Some Guy) Scary Flipper the Ripper (24)
Canada.com Interesting Birth-control pills reduce unwanted growths in the uterus. Cancer too (80)
Wired Spiffy Scientists map brain, hoping to understand the female compulsion to ask for directions (59)
BBC Interesting Researchers claim that infra-red light helmet may be key in treating Alzheimer's. More details as soon as they can figure out where the hell their test subjects wandered off to (22)
The Register Obvious Apple patents the idea of something lighting up when you touch it because the clapper was already taken (41)
UPI Obvious If there ever is a nuclear war or the world is hit by an asteroid, Norway has a bank of 200k varieties of crop a d plant seeds in a vault in the arctic permafrost. Alrighty, but... where would we plant them, Sven? (71)
Mercury News Ironic Homeowners ordered to cut down redwoods because the trees block their neighbor's solar panel (64)
(NASA) Scary Antarctic ice loss speeds up, causing a rise in global sea-levels, according to those hippie nutjobs at NASA (80)
CBC Interesting ♫ O Canada / Our unmanned aerial robots stand on guard for thee ♫ (11)

Thu January 24, 2008
Slashdot Unlikely Because crap has no moving parts: Microsoft claims that Vista has fewer flaws than most other operating systems in its first year of release (66)
ABC News Interesting Scentists say there is no chance of an asteroid smashing into the earth next Tuesday BUT EVERYBODY PANIC ANYWAY (123)
MSNBC Interesting Lonely people more likely to believe in God, vote Republican (55)
(Some Guy) Amusing Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. A comprehensive list of EVERY reason why Bill Bixby changed into Lou Ferrigno (96)
(via Reddit) Asinine Yahoo Answers censoring suggestions to use open source software (58)
(InformationWeek) Obvious White House wants immunity for telecomm companies who spy on Americans. "They weren't doing anything wrong, so they have nothing to fear" cliche wanted for questioning (41)
Entertainment Weekly Silly Entertainment Weekly's arbitrarily-chosen seventeen sexiest aliens in sci-fi. Yes, Worf makes the list (107)
(nzherald.co.nz) Obvious Smoking pot worse for your health than tobacco. You dog wants a lung transplant just as soon as he gets his Doritos (110)
Network World Asinine Mark Cuban is to whining what Duke is to suckiness (10)
(military.com) Cool World's most powerful rail gun delivered to US Navy (with pic) (114)
(Some Guy) Interesting List of top ten weird science stuff you didn't know. Post-death erection stands out (so to speak) (164)
(Truemors) PSA Jan 30th is International Delete Your Myspace Page Day (147)
Yahoo Cool Shout Factory has secured worldwide home entertainment and digital download rights to the cult TV series "Mystery Science Theater 3000." Mitchell (132)
CBC Interesting Here comes the science with the reason for your stinky, leathery skin: a U.S. researcher says he has discovered smoking can disable a gene that protects against premature aging (11)
MSNBC Spiffy Marine archaeologists discover 2300 year old sunken ship loaded with bottle of pi-buck-Chuck (12)
CNN Dumbass Kids shocked to find out that their parents know how to read and respond to their MySpace pages. In related news, Drew's mom added him on Facebook last night (no joke) (96)
Kotaku Asinine Video games are the source of all that is evil (56)
Wired Obvious 33 things that suck, with Sarah Silverman (62)
(Bloomberg) Cool Nintendo beats Sony in units sold after implementing crafty plan to make better stuff than Sony (96)
(Some Guy) Interesting Design genius Edward Tufte, demonstrating the cleverness of the iPhone’s UI (with video) (6)
USA Today Interesting Anti-inflammatory patch makes U.S. debut. Scientists test it on Bill Clinton's mouth (32)
UPI Cool SCI FI channel to air 'Jericho' re-runs. Nuts (35)
Kotaku PSA 4/29/2008 Is the official release date for Grand Theft Auto IV, Jack Thompson's due date (56)
USA Today Interesting Math professor says, "Fractions have had their day, being useful for by-hand calculation, but in this digital age, they're as obsolete as Roman numerals are." Students raise their abacus' in agreement (107)
Valleywag Obvious Drew on Digg. "Fark is a benevolent dictatorship... [Digg] is like Soviet Russia" (82)
Breitbart.com Obvious Not to be outdone by the impending dirt crisis, Al turns up the heat on climate change (8)
Aint-It-Cool-News Spiffy Ain't It Cool News has an early description of the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Prunes trailer that will debut on February 15th (19)
(Some Old Gamer) Spiffy The top undiscovered websites every gamer should visit, including where to find that old DOS game you played before getting interested in lawns (41)
Wired Interesting A virtually unknown bunch of scientists are working to make the United States grow by 386,000 square miles, and the oil, gas, and other resources contained in that area could be worth about $1.3 trillion (61)
Canada.com Interesting Scientists say humans have changed Earth so much, that we've moved into a new epoch, called the "Anthropocene Era." (12)
BBC Obvious Bird-like dinosaur found, forces scientists to rethink so-called "theory" of evolution (194)
Winding Road Spiffy Toymaker Corgi partners with the "Yanni of Car Design" to create line of hydrogen fuel cell R/C cars (6)
Wired Spiffy The Mac is 24 years old today. First model ran at 8MHz, had 128k RAM, a 9-inch grayscale monitor, and sold for $2500 (78)
Wired Scary Scientists say their genetically modified mosquitos can control the spread of dengue fever, a deadly disease common in the developing world. Don't these scientists ever read novels or go to the movies? (16)
News.com.au Spiffy Teenage liver transplant recipient no longer needs anti-rejection drugs after her body spontaneously switches blood types to match new organ (131)
News.com.au Spiffy Astronaut to throw boomerang in space to see if it comes back. No word on if the boomerang will be named Fry (49)
(AlleyInsider) Cool Good news for Mac users: Netflix will offer its unlimited Web movie streams for Apple's computers this year (35)
AFP Sad The world's largest snow cap has gone missing (148)

Wed January 23, 2008
Reuters Spiffy Iceland introduces the world to the first hydrogen-equipped commercial vessel. Björk, Björk, Björk (17)
Newsweek Unlikely Men aren't more smarterer then women (278)
(Some Guy) Cool Java Junkies ~ meet the Lamborghini of coffee makers. The $20K Siphon Bar (35)
(Science!) Obvious Study indicates that gaydar exists; work on homosexual stealth fighter begins (44)
MSNBC Spiffy Southwest Airlines to offer in-flight internet. Joining the Mile High Club by yourself has never been easier (19)
(Some Guy) Cool Virgin Galactic releases drawings, scale models of spacecraft. Confirms cost of spaceflights at 200K, including all the Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters you can handle (25)
Valleywag Ironic Google founders Larry and Sergey lost $10 billion in the past month without noticing (24)
(Some Guy) Misc Creator of online "Star Trek New Voyages," James Cawley (aka Elvis T. Frankenkirk), lands role as Starfleet officer in new J.J. Abrams movie (27)
Daily Mail Interesting Why having a screaming fight with your wife can help you live longer. You submitted this with a better headline but it got rejected BECAUSE YOU'RE A STUPID WHORE COW (137)
MSNBC Spiffy Scientists discover part of brain which allowed them to discover part of brain which allowed them to discover part of brain which allowed them to discover part of brain (23)
Network World Interesting Four things you should know about mainframes and SOA (28)
SeattlePI Unlikely Today's media scarejob: Disappearing topsoil rivals global warming as an environmental threat. Yes folks, we are facing a fatal shortage of dirt (167)
(Some Guy) Obvious Of all the iPhone accessories on the market, this one is GUARANTEED to make you look like a total geek douchebag (58)
(WDTN-TV) Spiffy If you think the energy crisis is a bunch of crap, you may be right (27)
London Times Cool The 20 greatest concept cars (68)
(Some Guy) Misc Scientists discover that women have thicker skulls than men. You aren't telling this married submitter anything new (42)
CTV Sick H5N1 kills one in Vietnam. PANIC? (22)
Network World Cool A wave of Dilbert widgets is about to wash over the Web (14)
Detroit News Interesting You want an ashtray in your new car? It's an option that will run you up to $100, you filthy smoker you (307)
IOL Sappy Accidentally cryogenitized Japanese toddler wakes up with no soul, introduces himself as "Walt" (24)
Wired Amusing Finally, what the geek world has been waiting for: Guidelines on movie spoilage (50)
(Some Guy) Interesting Don’t fork the web. The IE8 meta switch may get ugly (42)
(Some talented and bored guy) Cool Coolest mspaint-ing you will see today, maybe ever (35)
(Some Deleted User) Dumbass Charter Cable Deletes "about" 14,000 email accounts, tells users to pound sand. Not to worry, they use AT&T as an upstream so the feds still have a copy of yours (43)
(Some Guy) Cool Best. Stephen. Hawking. Quotes. Ever. (With bonus Lego-Hawking pic) (89)
(How To Split An Atom) Weird Prince Charles sends a hologram to Abu Dhabi to stand in for him at an Energy Summit. In related news, it took five hours for anyone to notice (19)
AP Stupid Due to climate change, NOAA researchers confidently predict that hurricane numbers in US may decrease, or may increase, or may stay the same. And you can take that to the bank (23)
(Air Force Times) Stupid So long Area 51, the Air Force has officially renamed you "Homey Airport." Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot (130)

Tue January 22, 2008
(YTMND.com) Amusing Radio host pwn3d by Gordon Freeman live on the air. Hilarious for nerds, nobody else (48)
MSNBC Cool Surgery to reduce your stomach in order to lose weight has a new side effect: curing Type 2 diabetes (48)
(VGB) Cool If the World of Warcraft were a nation, it would be the 82nd most populated country on Earth above Hungary, but behind Serbia (65)
Wired Interesting How the iPhone blew up the wireless industry. Terrorism not suspected, unless you count the contracts (31)
(LeMar Sentinel) Interesting If you have an analog cell phone, you have less than a month to go digital. And while you're at it, toss out your buggy whip, your "Joe Biden for President" sign, and any whale oil you still have (45)
(WFAA.com) Cool Company figures out how to use saltwater to transform carbon-laden factory exhaust into chlorine, hydrogen and baking soda. Bonus: The process is profitable (41)
(Gerry Canavan) Interesting It's not just "Cloverfield." This photo gallery shows that in science fiction, the Statue of Liberty gets taken out a lot (122)
Network World Interesting Juniper dumps DX application-acceleration gear (28)
Real Tech News Interesting The iPhone sells out to the man (60)
Yahoo Cool Container ship uses high-tech kite to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 20 percent, help find Dryland (36)
Live Science Interesting Alfven waves make the sun's atmosphere hundreds of times hotter than its already superhot surface. They also eat cats. Haaa I kill me (21)
Network World Interesting Toyota cars to monitor driver's eyes for safety (26)
(Universe Today) Strange Strange things are happening to our robotic space explorers. A new study suggests the answer may lie in a bizarre characteristic of universal physics (80)
(Your PC) Sad OS/2 isn't getting open-sourced, ever. Which is a shame, since it's still better than Vista (63)
(Ars Technical) Unlikely Charging net users for bandwidth will cause porn addicts and music thieves to give up and stop downloading, ending the Internet as we know it (72)
BBC Interesting Sure, the hallucinations are bad, but the worst part of spending 48 hours in a pitch-black bunker for a sensory-deprivation experiment is emerging into a world of zombies (51)
New Scientist Strange Scientists discover that cockroaches conceived in space develop mutant superpowers. As if the damn things weren't already tough enough to kill (41)
UPI Obvious People who eat broccoli less likely to suffer heart attack, cancer, interesting lives (44)
BBC Interesting "Safe Ebola" created for research. And by "safe" they mean, EVERYBODY BLEED FROM YOUR EYES (23)

Mon January 21, 2008
UPI Cool NASA publishes 2008 calendar, with hot fold out of diaper-clad Miss July (15)
(Some Guy) Obvious So Sony was all "we're killing HD-DVD" and Toshiba was like "yeah, but what if you don't count PS3, then we're doing great" and sony was like "girlfriend, we have 90% even without the PS3" (100)
SFGate Weird Swedish researchers awarded $590k to measure greenhouse gases released when cows belch. Wait, what? (24)
(TechWorld) Obvious Over ten thousand Linux sites attacked by virus. Security through obscurity score = FAIL (61)
(Tech Digest) Amusing Ten ways to become the ultimate fanboy/fangirl. 1) Show up to every Steve Jobs keynote dressed in exactly the same clothes as him (23)
(CinCity2000) Asinine An advanced look at the Wachowski Brothers' latest movie reveals something you probably already knew, though you didn't want to admit: Speed Racer is going to suck (76)
SeattlePI Interesting A detailed technical overview of the Xbox360 "red ring of death" fiasco from a Microsoft insider (77)
Forbes Interesting What secretly bugs Apple fans. Including: secret knowledge that Macs aren't that great (307)
(Some Guy) Interesting Survival of the "hey, don't look at me, what about that guy?": Elephants evolve smaller tusks in response to poaching (74)
UPI Scary Latest intelligence suggests that harmful bacteria are evolving faster than scientists can create new antibiotics (42)
(Blasphemes) Cool Finally there's a reason to have GPS - presenting NUDAR - which catalogs all the nude points of interest in the US (21)
ABC News Interesting New study shows two cups of coffee a day can double your chances of a miscarriage. What the story doesn't say is this study was funded by Big Juice (25)
SMH Spiffy Japan to start licensing cellphone "sommeliers" to guide consumers through complicated functions on new mobile phones (13)
Wired Cool Messenger probe sends back new photos of planet Mercury during fly-by (30)
Gizmodo Cool Holy Home Theater, Batman (28)
SFGate Stupid Not news: Breast implants are increasing in popularity. News: Among men. Fark: Thread filled with pictures of Ren Hoek (77)
BBC Interesting The genes involved in the devastating immune system disease Lupus have been identified. Sometimes, it is Lupus (29)
Gizmodo Cool DARPA is working on cigarette-sized, unmanned aircraft that utilize plasma thrusters for power (31)
Yahoo Asinine Access to YouTube in Turkey once again blocked due videos with insults to the country's idiot douchebag of a founder, Mustafa Kemal "Assface" Ataturk (35)
(Some Guy) Interesting Cell phone company's own scientists find use of product at bedtime leads to headaches, confusion and depression, even when you're not using it to talk to your girlfriend (13)

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