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Sun September 09, 2007
Reuters Interesting Whe n w e re ad ou r eye s lo ck on to d iff e rent l et ters in the same word inst ead of sca nnin g a page sm oothly fr om le ft to rig h t (14)
(Engadget) Interesting Japanese are the first to develop a solar-powered Laser Death Ray in Space (97)
MSNBC Sad World's largest radio telescope in peril, not from aliens, but from lack of good Congressional representation (62)
( Video The most amazing lifelike kinetic sculptures built from plastic tubes and lemonade bottles you'll see today (33) Cool Shipwreck from 1600 found in Norway. Photos detail its bountiful treasure (20)
(Some egghead) Interesting Easy-to-grasp explanation of the largest number ever conceived and used in a mathematical proof (79)

Sat September 08, 2007 Interesting Researcher hopes to detect plants' cries for help. Finally, vegetarians get to enjoy the unique satisfaction of hearing their salads scream in pain (32)
(Some Guy) Interesting 9/11 conspiracy theories debunked (457)
How Stuff Works Interesting Spam, spam, spam, spam... how spam works (25)
Newsday Asinine The autoupdate feature of the iPhone is great, until you go on a cruise and it costs you $4800 in data charges even though it was powered off (106) Interesting Researchers have identified a gene that helps determine whether your steak will be tough or tender. Your dog wants a biotech assistant (3)
MSNBC Interesting Scientists talk to owls on cell phones. Ya, rly (11)
London Times Interesting Dr. Aubrey de Gray wants to end human aging so we can all live for 1,000 years—you decide if he really does “drink too much beer.” (24)
The Sun Sad In latest proof someone should just stick a fork in the ass of civilization because it's farking done: A stretched Ferrari (pic) (33) Interesting Email outage strikes Blackberr (27)

Fri September 07, 2007
(vunet) Unlikely China introduces Pb-DVD in effort to compete with Blu-ray and HD DVD (30)
(Mental Floss) Interesting 10 Things you might've been better off not knowing about your body (58)
CNN Obvious Actual CNN headline: "Battery-like device could power electric cars" (26)
Aint-It-Cool-News Cool Hollywood out of ideas, but this time possibly in a good way: A new "V" series maybe in the works (75)
AFP Obvious Recent news: Depression feels worse than other diseases. In other news, women have boobs and tall people are good at basketball (285)
(DailyTech) Interesting Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD "war" is more like a slap fight, with both sides nearing exhaustion. Sony inadvertently reveals how badly sales are declining (64)
( Video Just like how hamsters are used to power New York's electric grid, horses are now being strapped to treadmills and locked in the trunk of your car so you can save the world (13)
BBC Scary NASA evidently consulting for Russian space program; Borat outraged (15)
(Some Compromised Server) Scary Storm worm now more powerful than world's top supercomputers. Skynet runs off, crying for its mother (224)
Network World Obvious Cisco consumer move afoot (9)
(Some Guy) Amusing After over a week of debating creation vs. evolution, the comments have come down to "my god's balls are bigger and tastier than your gods" (131)
(Some Guy) Hero Apple considering cutting TV show download prices in half. Suck it, NBC (35)
New Scientist Cool Scientists develop thought-controlled wheelchair. Somewhere out there Davros is rubbing his hands in glee as his plan starts coming together (15)
Network World Obvious Vista’s IPv6: Not an easy upgrade (34)
MSNBC Spiffy Tiny dinosaur was ready to fly, but God flooded the world before it had a chance (19)
( Scary Mac feature No. 413: Holding down the "T" key while booting gives full access to hard drive. (This scares the uninitiated) (107)
Reuters Cool U.S. free of canine rabies virus. Your dog wants to celebrate (74)
The Register Cool Swiss invent invisible plane, complete with fold out scissors and utterly useless saw (41)
CBC Interesting New software checks the truthiness of Wikipedia entries (17)
New Scientist Cool Nuclear fusion and this link now have something in common (25)
Yahoo PSA If you are going to share files on Limewire or other P2P sites, you might want to make sure your tax returns or other sensitive financial documents aren't in the share folder (22)
(TV Shows on DVD) Cool Phasers set to awesome as Toshiba unveils "Star Trek" phaser remote control (25)
Yahoo Cool Tremble, puny humans: Proteus, a "wave adaptive modular vessel," is coming to destroy your pathetic race (27)

Thu September 06, 2007
AJC Interesting New clues in the case of the disappearing honeybees. It was iust Old Man Jenkins in a costume trying to scare away people and lower the value of the land so he could buy it dirt cheap (17)
CNN Cool Biologist maps his own DNA code, discovers he's genetically pre-dispositioned to never go on a date (15)
CNN Interesting MySpace sales to top $800 million next year. That's a lot of "first-timer" webcam porn (7)
Yahoo Silly Comic books available for download to cell phones. Worst. Idea. Ever (18)
(Some Guy) Interesting Electric guitar made of hemp: Keith Richards reportedly anxious to fire it up (15)
(Bloomberg) Obvious For the first time in history, farming is no longer the world's dominant occupation, having been surpassed by the service sector. Would you like fries with your headline? (13)
(Some Troughton Fan) Cool The legendary lost 1960s Doctor Who story The Web of Fear, starring 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton, may have been found after over 30 years (42)
Time Interesting Babies shown to be smarter than chimps - would still rather have apes on plane (10)
MSNBC Interesting Oh my God, there was this study where kids ate lots of food colors and preservatives and they were all like "WEEEEEEEEEE." Gonads and strife, gonads and strife, gonads and strife (166)
PCWorld Sad The Summer of Spam is upon us (22)
Philly Interesting The stereotype of nerds in popular movies. "...nerds aren't the only group who get the broad treatment like that. Cheerleaders are all of a sort. Jocks, too. And lately goth kids" (20)
New Scientist Spiffy Ice on a diamond can stay frozen at 100 Fahrenheit (27)
Reuters Interesting Billionaire Richard Branson enlists Google Earth in the search for missing adventurer Steve Fossett, hoping that his habit of wearing a giant pushpin on his head will finally pay off (27)
InfoWorld Obvious McAfee predicts Windows Mobile OS will have problems with malware. Obvious tag imbedded with malicious code (9)
MTV Interesting A look at the correlations between pro-wrestling fans and video-game fans. "I think wrestling just attracts a lot of nerds" (24)
Houston Chronicle Asinine Justice Department supports tiered Internet access. Suck it anywhere but the middle, net neutrality (40)
ZDNet Stupid Pop quiz: What article did the following appear in? "OK, Larry Craig is not gay. We're winning in Iraq. Global warming is a hoax." If you guessed "a tech article about OOXML," you win a cookie (8)
Network World Interesting Open-source proponents deem Microsoft's licensing program a flop (30)
CNN Interesting Headline: "Mind-controlled prosthetic arm plays the piano." Article: "...could conceivably play the piano" (50)
Network World Interesting Why .pdf spam went pffft (14)
(WTAE 4) Asinine Verizon charging cell customers $2 fee for NOT calling long distance. "The minimum spend charge helps to spread that charge out so that the long-distance network can remain affordable and viable in the face of growing competition" (20)
Yahoo Cool A raptorial maw with a pharyngeal jaw; that's a moray (45)
Sci Fi Cool The goggles -- they do something (28)
(NY Times) Obvious Old and busted: Prostitution on Craigslist. Hot and new: Paedophilia on MySpace. Still playing catch-up... NY Vice Squad (9)
Boston Globe Interesting But being that this is a solid state laser, the most powerful green light in the world, and would blow your prostate clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel cancerous?" Well, do ya, punk? (11)
Telegraph Cool Old and busted: Bridge bungee jumping: New hotness: Asteroid bungee jumping (8)
AFP Interesting Chinese hackers cyber-attacking British government networks. Rumored to be searching for lead-free paint formula (17)
ABC News Stupid Doctors warn global warming could lead to more heart disease. Unlikely? Yes. Is the media on this one like a fat kid on a pastry? Check (18)
CBC Interesting Knee pain may be a sign of lung cancer. Knee pain may also be a sign of knee pain (11)
Yahoo Cool From the How the Fark Can They Know That? Department: Collision of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter 65 million years ago sent dinosaur-killer earthward (34)
(Some Blogger Guy) Cool Blogger creates "If I Blog It They Will Come," a site dedicated to getting Kevin Costner to send a picture of himself reading the blog. Success (71)
Discovery Cool New base being moved to Antarctic in November and will contribute "decades of 'sexy' scientific research" (19)

Wed September 05, 2007
Wired Cool 30 years of the Voyager spacecraft (37)
Reuters Followup Court rules in favor of Suck it RIAA (48)
(Some Guy) Stupid Hacked iPhones being sold in China. They can't recieve calls or voice mails. They're probably dipped in lead, too. And they kill babies (25)
Denver Post Amusing A study led by University of Colorado researchers says an effort to restore the endangered greenback cutthroat trout has been using the wrong fish for two decades. Somewhere, Ward Churchill is laughing his ass off (80)
Network World Interesting Google denies their employees prefer Microsoft (12)
Wired Dumbass Scientists pay crackheads to do lines of coke along with an ADHD drug. The ghost of John Belushi is not amused (16) Interesting Scientists identify ancient anti-fat gene, liken it to volume control that can be turned up to 11 (21)
Network World Asinine Terrorists win again as Homeland Security kills never-used, $42-million data-mining project, but not before abusing people's privacy (70)
MacWorld Amusing That Great Disturbance in the Force you heard? 1 Million Apple Fanboys being bilked out of $200,000,000 for being first (147)
Network World Interesting Cisco to offer 802.11n access points... Duke tries to suck less (8) Followup After 800 days in jail, mentally-ill former-SNL comedian will finally get the help he needs. Bonus: "satanic sexual pedophilic abuse" (21)
(Some Cockney) Interesting London's SE18 postcode is the "Card Fraud Capital of Europe." In other words, don't accept eBay buyers from Plumstead (7)
(Endgadget) PSA No Touch Screen iPod. NOT YOURS...oh, wait a moment, what's this in my back pocket? (108)
Network World Interesting Wi-Fi iPod? A closer look at the next-gen iPod (60)
Reuters Interesting Man-Animal hybrids approved, gaining leverage over Psychlos only a matter of time (28)
Salon Amusing Microsoft cuts price of Zune, to $199 more than any sane person would pay. Also, they claim 94% satisfaction by the four people who bought a Zune at the higher price (52)
New Scientist Cool Doctors discover use for the human navel. You cut an inch-long hole there and pull an entire diseased kidney through it (19)
AP Interesting Cigarette smokers more likely to flip burgers on the Hindenburg with Cary Grant and Skeletor (142)
Yahoo Amusing South Korea selects it's first astronaut. No word on when they will build their first manned spacecraft however (19)
Yahoo Cool "Millions of inventions pass quietly through the U.S. patent office each year. Patent No. 7,033,406 did, too, until energy insiders spotted six words in the filing that sounded like a death knell for the internal combustion engine" (62)
Yahoo Scary If you're a cunning linquist you might want to get a vaccination (56) Obvious Scientists discover scary movies scare small children, still no cure for Teletubbies (42)
Reuters Obvious Nine-year-old math prodigy complains university math classes are "too easy." C'mere, Brainiac – you ever wanted to study the fluid mechanics and cavitational dispersion of a flushing toilet bowl from the inside? (61)
(Some Guy) Stupid "Dog walking is harming wildlife," say evil, cat-owning scientists (28)

Tue September 04, 2007
Wired Dumbass The FBI's billion dollar push-button universal wiretapping system runs on Windows computers and allows passwords such as "password" (42)
BBC Interesting Dr Moreau, paging Dr Moreau, please report to the lab (39)
(Weather Underground) Cool Best picture of the moon taken from a plane inside the eye of a category 5 hurricane you'll see all day (19)
PCWorld Obvious Microsoft pondering iPhone killer? Yes, because ponder is all they can do (53)
Newsweek Unlikely IPod to release the sixth generation, with speculating "fact" goodness on things like the iCar, iVibrator or even the iPC (73)
Fox News Interesting Russia announces plan to build sound stage and fake its own moon landing (109)
YouTube Video Magnetic mystery. Stabilizing a frictionless position control loop with inherent metastability. My head asplode (33)
BBC Cool Ninja surgeons cut woman's heart out and show it to her (105)
Gizmodo Cool Nerd builds supercomputer for $2,500, now able to play "Quake 4," withstand Dell XPS ads on Fark (74)
C|Net Interesting New "Great Pyramid" - which will take 30 years to build and become world's largest structure, ten times larger than orginal Great Pyramid - to be built in Germany (with CGI pic) (50)
Kotaku Amusing Wii outselling PS3 4 to 1, take that Sony BTW, Wii outselling Xbox360 22 to 1, nothing to see here (186)
MSNBC Obvious Apple's iPhone outsold all other smartphones in its first month of sales reports (33)
Yahoo Obvious Nearly nine percent of American children have OMG PONIES (84)
(Groovy Green) Spiffy Excess nightly energy already available in the energy grid could power 73 percent of America's light cars and trucks if they were converted to electric, without constructing a single new power plant. The problem? Is there one? (80)
Reuters Scary WHO investigating deadly illness in Congo. Roger Daltrey won't get fooled again (15)
(Some Guy) Amusing Sony caught editing "Halo 3" Wikipedia page. Still no cure for shiatty consoles (95)
( Strange On their official website, NASA says comet dust is a hazard to "man working on the Moon" (65) Scary Report says that China hacked into Pentagon computers. But according to the "Transformers" movie, China doesn't have this capability. I don't know who to trust anymore (24)
Telegraph Scary Deodorants "may be linked to breast cancer." Maybe all those smelly feminists were on to something after all (35)
Telegraph Obvious Most people support the creation of early part-human, part-animal embryos for research into life-saving medical treatments, destruction of their enemies (36)
MSNBC Amusing After spending years complaining that Google is leeching content, major news agencies may soon get their wishes fulfilled (11)
Toronto Star Spiffy Wireless device created to allow major electrical appliances to communicate with each other at a very basic level (32)

Mon September 03, 2007
Wired Spiffy Do-it-yourself Segway is as fast as the real thing. Segway trifecta complete. Or is it? (57)
(Medical News Today) Obvious First experts say too many children diagnosed with ADHD, now they say half the children with ADHD are undiagnosed. These doctors need to pay attention (61)
(SB Sun.Com) Cool Ray Bradbury is still working, has about 500 short stories in his literary vault. State-employed book burners eye him warily (68)
(Some Guy) Interesting Harvard student claims to have invented Facebook; Al Gore chuckles (31)
(Some Guy) Interesting Archaeologists discover ancient beehives. Now looking for ancient pompadours, mullets and perms (4)
(Star Bulletin) Unlikely The creative scientists who once brought you the 'octosquid' introduce the micro catshark (pic) (14)
BBC Interesting New camera optics system makes photos taken by 200" Palomar telescope twice as sharp as ones from space telescopes. Suck it, Hubble (23)
Gizmodo Cool With Sony's Cybershot T200 "smile shutter" feature actually seeming to work, can a "nipple-slip" feature be too far behind? (w/ video) (20)
BBC Interesting Ever wonder how pyrotechnic experts get 100,000 fireworks to choreograph with music? Here's how (12)
(Some Guy) Interesting How much do you like the zoom feature on your camera? Enough to appreciate this 13,400 megapixel photo? (134)
PCWorld Spiffy Processors the size of a speck of dust? (12)
Reuters Interesting New schizophrenia drug shows promise. STOP SHOUTING I'M NOT SHOUTING I wanna go play with the puppies. oooooo.... look, a butterfly (32)
(Some APOD Guy) Cool The freakiest animation of the Moon you are likely to see: The Moon completing a full lunation (22)
Aint-It-Cool-News Asinine Final season of Battlestar Galactica will be cut in half with the last ten episodes airing in 2009 (82)
(Some Guy) Obvious Influenza experts claim death toll from seasonal flu is almost as high as if Ireland were in the grip of a worldwide outbreak (6)
(Yao) Interesting Scientists have nearly perfected genetic control of an embryo's future height (13)
(Some Guy) Interesting 7 reasons why Microsoft is doomed (87)
(Some Guy) Interesting Microsoft in head-on clash with archrival Google in "cloud computing" (7)

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