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Sun June 24, 2007
(Some Guy) Cool Motorbike uses all surface area as solar battery (17)
(Some Guy) Cool The world's most powerful diesel engine pumps out 108,920hp (26)
(Engadget) Unlikely In another attempt to pull an excuse out of their collective asses, NBC now says P2P piracy hurts corn growers (32)
Yahoo Spiffy Scientists dream of building a powerful telescope on the moon to give them a better chance to see if there's anything on Uranus (13)
(Strange Maps) Interesting Where on Earth was Middle-Earth? (144)
(Some Doomsday Enthusiast) Interesting The fact that the Milky Way is seen in the sky at an angle has always puzzled astronomers (41)
St. Pete Times Interesting There's been a surprising lack of nutjob conspiracy theories about the giant, nearly perfect hexagon they discovered on Saturn. Wait, what? (40)
Discover Amusing Paleontologists name stegosaurus tail-weapon "thagomizer" after Gary Larson "Far Side" cartoon (125)
(Some Guy) Amusing A computer with some real horsepower (14)
St. Pete Times Sad Bird watchers complain about "Wal-Martization of the American skies" (15)
Discovery Cool 3rd century Roman hippie found preserved in salt. Tastes like ham (10)
Wired Ironic Not news: People want their photos taken off of Google Street View. News: Google demands photo ID and a sworn statement. Fark: This anti-Google story was in the news thingy in my Gmail account (27)
Wired Scary Monstrous book machine will crush bookstores, terrify children (23)
( Cool From my high-resolution space camera to your earthbound monitor here's a spectacular, gorgeous, swoonable Pacific Ocean sunset -- with a thunderstorm thrown in to spice things up (29)
(Some Guy) Obvious "Nintendo's Wii gaming console could be the best consumer electronics product ever. In contrast, the Sony PlayStation 3 is shaping up as one of the industry's biggest flops" (102)
(Stars and Stripes) Interesting Isolated in Greenland, 30 or so people monitor outer space with powerful radar. Keeping us safe from invasion, UFOs, falling asteroids (13)
MSNBC Cool Scientists discover giant mammoth eating wolves that once roamed the Arctic. Holy crap (32)

Sat June 23, 2007
(Some Guy) Cool C|net's first hands-on review of the iPhone (56)
The Register Cool Department of Defense planning to simulate the entire world in order to develop better ways to screw with people (34)
(want to buy) Spiffy The most breathtaking and awesome computer mod that you’ll see all week; this guy made his in a home work shop. Look at the bottom four or five photos. Will someone please make one for me? (43)
(Some Dom) Strange Scientists discover that whipping therapy can cure depression, suicidal thoughts. So go beat up (and cure) an emo kid today (111)
(Funhouse) Interesting Coolest calculator you'll see all day (49)
(Some Guy) Cool The first robot that gives perfect head (13)
London Times Unlikely It's the 21st century - I want my flying car, robot maid, and cup of tea in a pill. Well, one out of three ain't bad (29)
Yahoo Stupid Young Britons would rather give up sex than live without their mobile phones (19)
Seattle Times Interesting Some people are paying $2,700 for bamboo bicycles (20)
Yahoo Cool Now hiring: Someone who wants to pretend to go to Mars. Who knows, you might just run into a woman with 3 foobies (13)
(Some Guy) Obvious Future moon jobs may be high-stress. However, here on the moon, our weekends are so advanced, they encompass the entire week (49)
ABC News Interesting Oregon surgeon removes gall bladder through patient's mouth. Who knew orfices were a two-way street? (10)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Creepy ASIMO is back, now has an unexpected characteristic of following young boys named John Connor (31)
Yahoo Obvious New scientific study shows that men like to have sex with as many women as they can, while women prefer clinging and nagging (23)

Fri June 22, 2007
New Scientist Interesting Private company plans CO2-sequestration experiment dumping powdered iron into the ocean, could probably double the effect by using ground up Ford Explorers (14)
(St. Catherines Standard) Obvious 59% of Canadians accept evolution as scientific fact, but 42% of them also believe dinosaurs and humans co-existed. Which means that a good percentage of Canadians are just plain stupid (80)
London Times Cool Old & busted: molecular gastronomy. New hotness: molecular cocktails (62)
Yahoo Stupid Robot pronounces couple man and wife, indicates bride is holding thermal detonator (16)
(engadget) Amusing Report: Vista more secure than OS X and Linux. In other news, attempts to start flame wars at all time high (89)
YouTube Interesting "The World's Most Mysterious Number," a discussion and video about the ubiquitousness of pi (91)
CNN Cool Japanese firm tests mind-controlled toys. Here comes the science (26)
(NASA) Cool LIVE: Coverage of the Space Shuttle Atlantis landing (651)
(Some Guy) Obvious Men are 12 times more likely than women to get bitten by another person. The conclusion is beer and the little-known "what the fark you lookin' at?" syndrome (67)
Fox News Obvious So running the Safari browser on Windows can be summarized in one word: Meh (73)
(Some Guy) Interesting Patent application process to be opened for Internet peer review, because we all know the best source for unbiased, accurate, reasonable arguments is from the Internet (19) Cool The coolest concept car you'll see until this time next year (35)
Yahoo Obvious French company claims to be developing "CO2 absorbing plant." Hey, wait just a damn minute... (141)
(Some Guy) Cool Artist recreates Disneyland's Main Street in Lego (10)
LA Times Interesting Global warming actually good for fighting against global warming. Suck it, manbearpig (62)
(Some Guy) Interesting Scientists are altering a common childhood respiratory virus, the adenovirus, to destroy cancer cells (19)
Yahoo Obvious The Senate votes to raise fuel economy standards by 2020. Which is moot because we'll all be using flying cars powered by Mr. Fusion by 2015 (68)

Thu June 21, 2007
MSNBC Interesting The latest innovation in fuel-effecient vehicles? The steam engine (86)
Sun Sentinel Strange AMA to vote on "internet/video-game addiction" as medical condition. If successful, submitter plans to file ADA complaint seeking World Of Warcraft access at work (37)
(For Beer?) Interesting Magnetocalorics: A better refrigerant? Only if you think using magnetic fields to manipulate the degree of ordering of electronic or nuclear magnetic dipoles to reduce temperature is "better" (132)
( Scary "Our country is rapidly aging and it is an urgent task to develop robots that can perform tasks only done by humans now," the statement said. And so it begins (34)
(Some Guy) Interesting Will Google buy Apple? iPhone to be renamed gPhone (38)
AFP Stupid According to poll, "blog", "netiquette", "cookie" and "wiki" voted among the most irritating words. Submitter wonders why "poll" isn't there (50)
Reuters Obvious Apparently, men have been asking women if they want to come in and see their etchings for at least 8,000 years (12)
Wired Stupid Wired declares war on teh intrawebs by stating that all indie news writers, indie news sites, and bloggers suck -- this can only lead to bloodshed (35)
(Some Guy) Interesting Top 25 video game heroes of all time. Duke Nukem would've made the list, but submitter couldn't wait any longer (130)
( Amusing The Top Ten Things I Hated About Steve Jobs' Keynote for WWDC 2007 (17)
( Interesting From boring to bizarre: the weird world of congressional websites (7)
(Some Guy) Dumbass Tuberculosis patient mistakes himself for a wishing well, swallows 117 coins in a search for a cure. It's not exactly science, but he's got guts (44)
(ECN) Cool Things are going from bad to worse for Perez Hilton as his main webhost has dropped after numerous warnings against Hilton's use of copyrighted celebrity images (28)
Network World Strange Even Apple doesn't know why time stands still on the iPhone (59)
(Some Guy) Cool New stainless steel alloy is developed. Denser alloy. My father gave it to me. I think he wanted me to kill you (31)
(Some Guy) Interesting I guess, robot (10)
(Some Guy) Silly Shatner turns eyes to heavens and screams after learning Nimoy gets part in new "Star Trek" film, but he doesn't (316)
(Some Guy) Misc First glimpse of new "Incredible Hulk." Or maybe that's a giant crab (19)
(Some Guy) Cool Cool flashlight hacks that might be useful (16)
London Times Sappy Gorillas 'wash their faces after a messy meal' - Which is more than most Farkers do. (+caption-friendly pic) (50)
CNN Florida NASA clears Atlantis' heat shield for landing in Florida....Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas (75)
YouTube Amusing Parody of the Microsoft coffee table computer (21)
Yahoo Interesting Just a spoonful of cinnamon helps the blood sugar go down, the blood sugar go down, the blood sugar go down (10)
Fox News Interesting Herpes No. 1 human disease killing corals. PETA to seek injunction keeping Britney Spears off the beach (6)
(Some Guy) Interesting The Internet is shaped like a bonbon with a yummy nougat center. Mmm porn nougat (10)
Stuff Scary Something must be done right now to stop hot chicks like this from getting aspartame poisoning. Like a bumper sticker or something (24)
BBC Sad ) ° o o o ░ Ο -Θ- Ф ο Plutpwnd (57)
Telegraph Interesting Scientists turn sugar into a fuel with as much energy as gasoline and 40 per cent more than ethanol. Sweet (33)
(Suicide Girls (possibly NSFW) Wheaton Wil inducts Gene Roddenberry into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. Set your phasers to "Awwwww" (31)
YouTube Video Shocking video of Super Mario Bros. theme song done entirely with Tesla coils (26)
BBC Cool Brain scans can tell if a woman is faking an orgasm. So, how does one sneak an MRI into the bedroom without your girlfriend noticing? If one were inclined (20)
Yahoo Silly Stan Lee gets his own action figure, which apparently is really good at making cameos in videos about other action figures (12)
Wired Interesting Nicotine, the wonder drug of tomorrow. No, not a repeat from 1940 (7)

Wed June 20, 2007
Starpulse Obvious Michael Bay got death threats from Transformers fanboys (78)
C|Net Spiffy Army reveals ten greatest inventions of 2006 that will help protect the troops. Suck it, IEDs (44)
(InformationWeek) Amusing Next generation of corporate employees will demand access to blogs, wikis, and social networking sites. Status of Fark still undetermined (27)
CNN Obvious Mr. Wen, tear down this firewall (49)
(Some Guy) Amusing Amazon's Best Seller's list has OSX Leopard pre-sales kicking Vista and XP's ass. Before all you Windows fanboys start foaming at the mouth, looking to bash Apple, "SpongeBob Squarepants Typing" is ALSO outselling Vista (126)
Click On Detroit Interesting Nissan designing a $3,000 car. $100 laptop guy unavailable for comment (127)
(Some Guy At An Undisclosed Location) Scary All your data are belong to us: How a California lawmaker is fighting RFIDs, and why the tech industry is fighting him (19)
Yahoo Unlikely Scientists discover that women want sex just as much as men. They even managed to say it with a straight face (628)
(Some Guy) Interesting Don't throw out your scrap metal, send it to this guy (7)
Flickr Cool World's fastest margarita machine powered by 400 small block car engine: Just needs a solid-fuel rocket powered barbecue grill for a perfect summer (22)
Yahoo Amusing In just two years, the Homeland Security Department has suffered more than 800 hacker break-ins, virus outbreaks and other computer security problems (15)
London Times Unlikely New medical research: 'Fat people live longer after heart attacks'. Still no cure for Chimichangas (39)
ABC News Obvious Asian fish dominate American fish in Illinois River, math (21)
( Interesting Scientists show a functioning brain consists of right and left halves working toward a common goal. So it's unlike politics, where the halves try to exterminate each other in the belief that it will somehow make them smarter in the end (6)
ABC News Interesting Researchers identify first gunshot victim in the Western Hemisphere. Surprisingly, skeleton not found in Detroit (29) Interesting Will the world's biggest CO2 emitter please step forward? Not so fast, United States (69)
Reuters Interesting China's "professional noses" sniff out polluters, would like you to lay off the curried egg and blue cheese sammiches for lunch, kay? (5)
Discover Interesting Against all odds, tiny mites re-evolve sexuality after hundreds of millions of years of asexual reproduction. Complain there was nothing good on TV (59)
The Sun Obvious Family wins £1.63 million on lottery - as predicted by a tarot card reading. Suck it non-lotto-winning scientists and your bogus probability theory. Suck it long and suck it hard (14)
(Some Guy) Obvious Canon tops list of environmentally friendly companies thanks to its tactic of making goddamn printer ink so expensive that no one uses it, thus reducing its carbon footprint to nothing (19)
(Some Guy) Sad AMD may be getting out of the microchip fabrication business. Darth Vader at Intel overheard saying "There's nothing that will stop us this time." (20) Sappy Why Flickr loves you: Couple married after meeting through site (49)
(Bad astronomy) Interesting Black holes don't exist because they would take infinite time to completely form. Luckily for bad movies, holes will still gobble up anything and wacko captains can still turn their crews into zombies in order to enter one (38)

Tue June 19, 2007
ABC News Obvious Space shuttle Atlantis leaves ISS, prepares for touchdown Thursday in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida (40)
The Register Amusing If you thought defence overspending was ridiculous, wait until you read about the $120 million wi-fi card the US military is testing (65) Unlikely Greenpeace says there will be 200,000,000 “climate refugees” by 2040. They also say they're having a hard time sitting down after pulling that number out (28)
LA Times Interesting Tuscany was Etruria, now it's Tuscany, not Etruria. Why did Etruria get the works? New DNA evidence suggests that it's nobody's business but the Turks (21)
CNN Obvious Small Business: I has patent reform? Congress: No. Not Yours. Big Business: I has patent reform? Congress: Yes. Yours (40)
CNN Obvious Father of the PlayStation leaves Sony after paternity test shows the PS3 isn't his (27)
CNN Obvious Google pushes 100-mpg car. Well, yeah, if you're pushing it, it's gonna get great gas mileage (37)
Wired Cool Microsoft pays $50m for exclusive "Grand Theft Auto IV" downloadable content (61)
(Some Guy) Dumbass "Most people, I think, don't even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it?" and other great quotes from Sony (36)
(Some Gamer) Amusing Church of England to Sony: You need to apologize longer, harder (22)
BBC Amusing Parents worry their kids might be spying on them and seeing who their friends are by monitoring the parents' Facebook pages (14)
C|Net Interesting Google launches local YouTube sites in nine different countries, so soon we'll be seeing comments like "Merde, cette vidéo suce l'âne" (45)
CNBC Interesting Yahoo may buy MySpace in exchange for giving equity to News Corp. Search functions may be farmed out to Google (9)
(Some Guy) Interesting Google's newly announced Iowa datacenter to be powered by corn, meth (14)
Austin Spiffy You won't see it advertised anywhere, but AT&T has introduced a $10 monthly DSL plan as part of concessions to FCC over recent mergers (111)
YouTube Video "The dawning of the age of Colossus." Trailer for the 1970 sci-fi classic, "Colossus, The Forbidden Project," which is to be remade by Universal Pictures, with Ron Howard the likely director (46)
(Autoexpress) Cool Audi R8 to get diesel version with 350bhp, 590 lb-ft of torque (31)
ZDNet Dumbass Remember when that professional ZDNet blogger said Mac OSX was a ripoff of Vista? Now she's claiming it was a misunderstood opinion piece (36)
InfoWorld Interesting I.T. firms are deliberately not posting job postings in places American workers can find, and finding any excuse they can to hire a foreign worker over a domestic one (97)
Sci Fi Cool A computer so small, it fits in a wall socket (86)
C|Net PSA EA planning to split into four groups so there will be four times the suckage (12)
BBC Interesting "Manhunt 2" banned in the UK, so no kids to be killed by idiot friends who borrow the game (21)
NPR Obvious In New Zealand, the solution to all Earth's problems are buried deep inside a sheep (15)
MSNBC Cool Keep a VERY tight handle on your Wii controllers. In other news, *drool* (39)
C|Net Interesting Apple's "Jawbone" peripheral for the iPhone. Will it make you look like an ass? (33)
The Scotsman Obvious Scientists, Fark admins call for increased support for bizarre research on topics such as why women can't read maps and how woodpeckers never get headaches (74)
Boston Globe Interesting April, 1851: Man sends message in bottle reporting that he is in danger because of huge storm. June, 2007: Coast Guard launches rescue mission (8)
MSNBC Obvious The intertubes be dumbing us down (40)
Stuff Interesting Russians plan on opening museum dedicated to Tetris and funny backwards Rs (4)
(Some Guy) Cool Are these the coolest car commercials ever? (19)
AFP Obvious First, they're performing our weddings. Then, they're powered by the souls of our children (6) Amusing News: Russia deploys 6-foot tall "Robocop" to serve and protect the eastern city of Perm. Fark: Designers forgot that rain and Robocops don't mix (14)
(LiveLeak) Video NASA blows up 145-foot-tall launching tower. No, on purpose (14)
(Some Guy) Scary Hundreds of earthquakes have most of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park closed (8)
Google Interesting Next on Google's agenda: The gCar (25)
Boston Globe Cool AT&T was hoping that no one would notice their court-ordered $10/month DSL plan (23)
Telegraph Obvious Rise of texting and email causes number of postcards sent by people on vacation drops 75 percent in the past 10 years. HVNG WNDRFL TM, WSH U WR HR (8)
(Some Guy) Interesting Global warming to cause droughts in China (70)
(Some Guy) Interesting Global warming to cause floods in China (25)
BBC Cool Brazilian scientists have extended the Amazon to make it the longest river on earth. Bush says anything's possible if you have that many scientists working on it (5)
(Some Guy) Amusing "World of Warcraft" addict spazzes out when parents tell him to get a life (133)
Yahoo Cool Apart, they're just two seperate entities, but with their powers combined, Brazilian Indians and Google can take over the world (28)

Mon June 18, 2007
Reuters Interesting Your brain gets a thrill from charity, according to new study by group of underfunded scientists (10) Spiffy Mattel launches Barbie-themed social networking website, claims it's already filled with 700 members (48)
SFGate Spiffy Scientists develop new laser so intense that it can vaporize matter without creating heat. So they're thinking tattoo removal. Submitter is thinking more along the lines of the dog that keeps defacing his lawn (24)
(Brisbane Times) Cool FBI in pitched battle with zombie horde (16)
(NASA) Spiffy The coolest picture of the known universe you will probably see all year (70)
(The Economist) Spiffy Biology going through its biggest shakeup in 50 years after biologists discover that RNA is a teensy bit more complicated than they originally thought (38) Cool Six foot wide giant manta ray born in captivity (with link to birth footage) (9)
Gizmodo Cool Taiwanese father and son are both magnetic, will spend a lifetime finding other people's car keys and hunting down Wolverine (7)
Yahoo Interesting 25 arbitrarily-chosen websites to watch. Sadly, nowhere on the list (6)
TechnologyReview Spiffy Mmmmm... nanocurry (4)
(Some Guy) Cool DARPA scramjet hits ludicrous speed. Aircraft was piloted by one Major Asshole (26)
(Some Guy) Cool Ferrari 360 limousine hits the streets. Because what we all need is an ungodly expensive vehicle that can go 150 mph but can't turn a corner at more than 5 mph (19)
Rotten Tomatoes Cool From the people who brought you "300," here comes "Diablo." (44)
Yahoo Interesting So I went into this gavone tourism website. Badda-bing, badda-boom and my computer was all fuhgeddaboutit (4)
(Some Ferm) Cool Cascade B Particle discovered at Fermilab. In related news, cascade resonance detected at Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman to assess the situation (21)
(Tech Digest) Video German girls in bikinis destroy Macbooks with hammers. Ich would like to bin ein Berliner (46)
(Some Guy) Interesting "Father of Climatology" says global warming is just a money scam and bad science. Click the number to the right to join the outraged shrieks that he doesn't know what he's talking about (108)
C|Net Followup Dell apologizes to for threatening email. Calls for comment were placed on hold for hours before being routed to some guy named Sanjay (6)
MSNBC Interesting Initial tests of Dick Cheney's Earthquake Machine(tm) a success (7)
LA Times Interesting Christian ministries who see homosexuality as a treatable disorder are starting to think that choice may not be a factor...not that there's anything wrong with that (28)
(Some Guy) Cool Woman claims Nintendo Wii cured her breast cancer. Nunchuks-- is there anything they can't do? (19)
Philly Cool Philadelphia could soon be largest US city to have citywide wi-fi, enabling residents to access scores of their favorite crappy Philadelphia sports team anywhere (25)
CNN Silly Ebay entering "middle age", expected to start driving a muscle car and comb its hair over its bald spot (15)
The Register Amusing America aimed to put a brace of new secret spy satellites in space on Friday. Unfortunately they missed (17)
The Register Obvious Not content to just screw up your PC network with it's printer drivers, HP is now looking to bring your browser to its knees (32)
London Times Cool The weirdest looking landline phone you're going to see until teatime (12)
CNN Asinine Im from ur sperm, Im 1 of ur doodz (24)
The Virginian Pilot Cool It's like google but you can win prizes while searching for porn (18)
CBC Misc Yet another major news website adopts a new image. How do you say "you'll get over it" in French? (25)
ZDNet Obvious For some reason, IPTV isn't quite taking off like its proponents suggested. DVR, BitTorrent whistle, look innocent (14)
NCBuy Interesting Miss America teams up with Symantec to push Internet safety. Can I have her for a free 30 day trial first? (15)
Yahoo Cool Old & Busted: hotness. The New Hotness: coldness (7)
CNN Followup Forget about Pluto being reinstated as a planet anytime soon (13)
BBC Interesting Pureed food for babies "unnatural". Suck it Gerber. Baby wants steak (22)
Examiner Interesting I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if a couple hundred thousand recently purchased HD-DVD players cried out in terror and were suddenly obsolete (122)
( Video I give you... the iUnit. No, it's a car (29)
UPI Cool Computers create own musical compositions that sound strangely like the "Safety Dance" (22)
(ECN) Cool Germany, France and Russia are building a giant particle accelerator, 3.4 kilometres long, which will use super- brilliant flashes of X-ray light to probe how matter is pieced together atom by atom (14)
The Sun Asinine Harry Potter book with adult cover selling more than kids edition. In related news, kids from Earth Bizarro disappointed with new Dostoiévski book. "Too juvenile for my taste", one of them says (43)
(Some Guy) Obvious New "slim pill" only works with low-fat food. In other news, oxygen only helpful if you inhale (57)
(InformationWeek) Ironic Outsourcing is destroying Indian culture by exposing young workers to American values, forcing them to adopt "Joe" and "Peggy" as given names (196)
BBC Spiffy 600 Chinese Siberian Tigers will be released into the wild. Impotent men in China rejoice (7)
(Some Guy) Cool The coolest picture of a shuttle launch taken from the international space station you'll see all day (36)
Live Science Interesting Study: People literally feel the pain of others. Bill Clinton unavailable for comment (11)

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