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Sun May 27, 2007
Wired Cool New attraction simulates Shuttle launch at 17,500 mph (42)
(Some Guy) Cool Doctors use Krazy Glue to reverse a patient's coma. Dr. Ruby Verde says duct tape would have worked too (8)
SFGate Sad Add "Devil's Hole Pupfish Counter" to list of soon-to-be-obsolete careers (3)
(Some Guy) Interesting Scientists discover link between the evolution of color vision and why Carrot Top is the sexiest man alive (60)
(Seed) Scary Smithsonian toned down exhibit related to global warming to avoid displeasing White House, according to former museum director. Scary trumps obvious (78)
( Interesting From N00B to Nerd: The 4 stages of the internets (12)
(Some Guy) Asinine Another example of why soccer moms shouldn't play videogames; Halo 2 will now receive a label for "partial nudity". Wait, what? (16)
(Some Wolveriene) Unlikely Michigan Governor Granholm believes Google's new Ann Arbor office can offset Big 3 woes and "reshape the next Michigan" (30)
Scientific American Ironic When being irrational is the most rational course of action (52)
Houston Chronicle Cool Texas university creates high-tech solution to predict the proper conditions under which an elusive moonbow might appear. Next efforts to focus on difficult bonghit-to-chip ratio (6)
London Times Unlikely Scientists breed cows that give skimmed milk. Big Whoop. Wake me up when they're giving chocolate milk (48)
London Times Cool Maybe the 'stay awake' guy could try this next: three US medical teams in race to make a man sleep for months (57)
Telegraph Weird In the 1960's, the CIA tried to surgically make a cat into a hi-tech spying machine. They just didn't make it taxi proof (20)
CNN Stupid Japan launches service where a diner can take a picture of food with a cell phone and send it to a nutritionist for analysis. Next up: faxing spoon tutorials (6)

Sat May 26, 2007
(Some Guy) Cool Hands-on footage of "world's thinnest laptop" (20)
AFP Cool World's oldest camera auctioned off for $800,000, with lens cap still in place (61)
YouTube Cool Still waiting to get my hands on this (27)
Google Survey If you had an actual functioning holodeck, what would you do with it? LGN (144)
ABC News Interesting Study shows babies not totally stupid: can tell when people switch languages on them, mambo dogface to the banana patch (72)
C|Net Amusing Brain-eating zombies invade SF Apple store (20)
(Khaleej Times) Sad Father of the LCD dies; coffin will flash "GOBBLES BOOBIES" in Oðblgshezi (38)
London Times Obvious Hey - you with the computer - you're SITTIN' wrong (16)
Stuff Scary Man spends two years wondering what is causing the noise and itching in his ear. Turned out to be mites. Do not want (39)
(LiveLeak) Video RCA Presents the Television from 1939 at the World's Fair, after a commercial for fancy schmancy 16mm film projectors (8)

Fri May 25, 2007
YouTube Video The force is very very very strong with this one and very very very Not safe for work (30)
ABC News Obvious Ric Romero's sweeps-week scoop: "Vista Users Encountering Computer Problems" (134) Unlikely UK company claims to have developed "super-oxidized water" which kills virulent microbes, is safe for healthy tissue cells, speeds wound healing, and can turn horse crap into rubies (30)
(Some JFK) Interesting Why we should actually choose to go to the moon (153)
London Times Cool A TV that fits in your T-shirt (14)
(Some Guy) Sad 3DRealms still trying to hire programmers for Duke Nukem Forever. (w/small new game pic) (53)
USA Today Dumbass Several states want to require sexual offenders to register their email address, because we all know how hard it is to get a fake one to hide your identity on the internet (12)
Yahoo Interesting U.S. stops breeding chimps for research. Will now breed them for organ grinder consortium (17)
Discover Interesting Man with Mammoth Skeleton in his basement discovers what rare comic book owners have known all along; just because it's worth a ton doesn't mean anyone will pay for it (12)
(Electronic House) Sick There's home theater, and then there's HOME THEATER (62)
(Electronista) Stupid Microsoft headquarters install 'iPod Amnesty Bins' encouraging employees to ditch their iPods in favor of the Microsoft Zune. Because employees are likely to ditch their $300 iPod in favor of a crappier Microsoft version (92)
Scientific American Spiffy Fish found with the same genetic program for limb development as land animals. Creationists too busy humming real loud and preparing to go to a fake museum to notice (14)
Yahoo Interesting Researchers find that watching too much TV is linked to lack of diabeetus control in children. Wilford Brimley inconsolable (10)
ZDNet PSA Apple releases yet another large batch of patches for its systems. Apple guy, PC guy last seen at the pub sharing a pint (62)
Daily Mail Interesting Fed up with spam and inboxes containing 2,000 unread messages, growing number of Americans are saying the hell with email and going back to the telephone (152)
Toronto Star Interesting Scientists discover drinking lots of coffee cures gout, leading to that age-old question: What the fark is "gout"? (39)
(Some Guy) Amusing Places where you shouldn't see the "BSOD" (28)
Slashdot Interesting Apparently, this internet thing is so popular, the addresses will run out by 2010 (31)
FARK Strange Does future technology scare you? Genetic engineering, more advanced weaponry, robotics and technological singularity? If so, what? (98)
(The Colbert Report) Video Stephen Colbert Interviews Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales (23)

Thu May 24, 2007
( Spiffy 1. Buy your electricity at night for cheap. 2. Store it in your car. 3. Sell it back to the power company during the day at a higher rate: profit (24)
(Popular Science) Spiffy After a lifetime of making racecars go faster, Bruce Crower's new engine uses steam to squeeze more mileage from gas. That's smoking hot (31)
Scientific American Interesting New study shows that marijuana-like chemicals guide development of fetal brain cells. Which is like, totally biatchin' news for the little guy, man (13)
(Ornithology Press Release) Cool New species of bird named "Millennium Falcon" (30)
Wired Interesting Patent filed for glove that delivers non-lethal electrical shock. Kittens, Joy Buzzer Aficionados, D&D Nerds Rejoice (20)
(Some Guy) Cool Now you too can get your own Star Wars chubby *snicker* (13)
BBC Interesting Bling traced back 4,000 years as archeologists find proof that even the cavemen were sporting it fresh (12)
(Some Guy) Obvious Scientists claim that God baptized His dinosaurs nearly 6,000 years ago (16)
( Cool Good chance of Northern Lights tonight and tomorrow. White Widow, Skunk #1 not as likely (40)
(Some Nuke Geek) Followup Rebuilding mothballed nuclear plant: $1.8 Billion. Shutting down in less than one day due to leaky pipes: Priceless (134)
Marketwatch Stupid "Dude, you've got a trailer trash computer" (31)
(Joystiq) Sappy Blizzard makes a kid's wish; he and his dog in WoW. Your dog wants a tissue (47)
(First Monday) Interesting Peer reviewed article on gender choice in World of Warcraft. 'Farkettes' tuck and run (36)
Jalopnik Interesting Nissan to launch "Cube," among several new compact models. This room is blue (43)
ZDNet Cool Dell officially starts selling Linux PC's (66)
Network World Obvious 'American Idol' is popular, at least according to Google's new 'Hot Trends,' which has idolarity in 11 of its top 16 top picks this morning (21)
Yahoo Interesting Proving creationists correct all along, scientists discover that primitive fish had the genetic ability to grow limbs...if they wanted to. But God said stick to the water (28)
(Some Guy) Cool Nike Air Max Transformer is more than meets the eye (9)
C|Net Asinine Tax? On my internet access? Its more likely than you think (44)
ESPN Silly ESPN VideoGames elaborates on new Tecmo football game. Well..."elaborates" is a stretch. More like rambles on incoherently for 2 paragraphs and falls down. ESPN does video games now? (30)
Reuters Obvious Singapore aquarium puts chips in fish. No, it's not what you think it is (25)
Internet News Misc Learning to live with spam. Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam (56)

Wed May 23, 2007
(Some Car Guy) Cool Sixty-mpg BMW arrives. Toyota Prius is an absolute gas pig in comparison (73)
CNN Interesting The man who pwns the internet (42)
SeattlePI Amusing Group protests King Tut exhibit, claiming he's incorrectly being portrayed as white, does not have a condo made of stone-a and he did not move to Arizona (63)
(ATW) Cool Final assembly of the Boeing 787 has begun in time for the July 8th launch. (Get it? get it?) (39)
BBC Unlikely Google Bans ads linking to essay writing sites to protect academic integrity. Submitter goes old fashioned by bribing the smart kid next door to write it (20)
(MacWorld UK) Amusing IGasm gives Apples's trademark lawyers an iSpasm (35)
(Decatur Daily) Cool Athens, AL all aglow over reopening of accident prone nuke plant (68)
Telegraph Weird Shark's virgin birth stuns scientists, Maury Povich (120)
(Some Guy) Followup Teacher from yesterday's least attractive teacher/student sex pairing claimed to be 15 on his MySpace page (53)
Yahoo Unlikely Today's "statistic pulled from UN Secretary General Ki-Moon's ass": Three species of plant or animal are going extinct everyday (82)
(Some Scientists) Scary Global warming will spread malaria, make flu season run all year, and put Richard Simmons in more shorts in more infomercials. Your dog wants a gin and tonic (93)
Kotaku Amusing Gametech creates Wiimote controller attachment shaped exactly like a giant batarang. What could possibly go wrong? (pic) (16)
CNN Interesting HP wins $5.6 billion contract with NASA, unaware that it will inevitably blow up in their face (18)
Discovery Interesting Has anybody seen the universe? It was there last time I checked (24)
Washington Post Cool Guide to the perfect burger. Mmmmmm, the perfect burger (177)
(China Daily) Obvious Hewlett Packard's success in China is dependent on technology, child labor (7)
(Some Guy) Interesting Ways people waste gas when they think they're actually saving it (163)
(Some Guy) Cool How geeks design elevators (25)
BBC Interesting The end of MANkind as we know it. Thanks for all the fish (17)
Yahoo Interesting Are you addicted to the Internet? Or can you quit anytime you want? (96)
MSNBC Interesting Hammerhead shark capable of virgin birth. No word on whether it will turn up on your grilled-cheese sandwich (11) Interesting New evidence says birds did not evolve from dinosaurs, which is what the creationists have been telling us for years (26)

Tue May 22, 2007
(Some Carl Sagan Guy) Interesting The "Cosmos"-less Science Channel discussion thread (208)
New Scientist Silly A drug which reduces the desire for marijuana and blocks its effect on the brain has been successfully tested in rats. Still no cure for cancer (273)
(The Steel Deal) Cool Not only does this hot car drive all by itself -- it does it faster and better than any human. Behold the future. Video zoomness (19)
NPR Obvious China determined to crash a probe on Mars by 2010 (11)
Scientific American Interesting First the bees started to disappear. Now, potatoes and peanuts may also go (98)
Gizmodo Spiffy "Lost" game for iPod released on iTunes. Lets you control your favorite characters as you explore the mysterious island in search of a plot and meaningful dialogue (22)
(WebMD) Amusing The final psychiatric report on one Anakin Skywalker: Yep, it's borderline personality disorder. Here comes the diagnosis (27)
Yahoo Spiffy New York yellow cabs are to go green. Millions of blue markers on their way to NY (98)
CNN Followup Official: "At this point, we believe the whales are just f*cking with us" (136)
(Some Barefoot Fool) Unlikely "Crocs" are immensely popular plastic shoes, partly because the manufacturer boasts they they might cure cancer, baldness, rickets, shingles, bad breath and dandruff. Oh, and they're good for the diabetus sufferer, too (83)
Yahoo Interesting New evidence suggest that Mars was once wet. The Mars orgasm, however, is still a myth (19)
CBS Boston Stupid Could food coloring be linked To ADD? One family cut artifical dyes from their child's diet, and it seemed to help. So yes, food coloring causes ADD (176)
UPI Interesting New "21st century Internet" will allow users to post lolcatz with their freakin' minds, man (15)
(ExtremeTech) Interesting Lost Planet: Extreme Disappointment (24)
MSNBC Unlikely Eight out of 10 CEOS think their company delivers above-average customer service. Of course, those CEOs didn't have to push 1, 6, 3, 2, 8, 1, 3, 2 and 4 to talk to some guy in India (32)
Yahoo Dumbass Online survey: 64 percent of respondents still buy music CDs, while 41 percent like to download. If you can do math better than these guys, you'll figure out why they're losing money (25)
Wired Cool Dubai to build convention center that looks oddly familiar. Serious design flaw detected around exhaust vent (with pic) (199)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Pricipal . Caught sayof keeping dementia at bay. Is He dead or not. NMN Says drink. St. Pete Times Looking for chads -OR- "hello, I am write single to salute and wearing leather pants" (110)
Yahoo Cool New T-Mobile phone runs Windows Mobile 6. Now you can watch your phone lock up while dropping calls in record time (16)
AZCentral PSA If you are a state official, putting "I am a wild debaucher" on your MySpace page is likely to invite scrutiny. Bonus: "If I had known that the public would see it, I never would have done it" (58)
(Game Pro) Dumbass Sony PR rep talks about the PS3's poor performance. Does he blame: A) The price? B) The sucky game list? C) A vocal minority on the Internet with an axe to grind? (98)
Globe and Mail Interesting Human birth-control pills work startlingly well on minnows (9)
BBC Interesting If you were to get a chance to bang Pamela Anderson, now you would only need to single bag it (27)
(PC Mag) PSA OpenOffice announces first ever worm that will infect the program. Microsoft seen whistling in corner, chuckling to itself (20)
(Engadget) Cool Students create wireless ring mouse that lets you "control and manipulate items on a computer screen just by pointing at the monitor." Ceiling Cat thinks you need one (16)
Kotaku Cool Old and busted: Mario. New hotness: LineRider. Fark geek thread: Both at the same time (10)
(NASA) Spiffy "Houston, we don't have a problem." Updates and information on the upcoming NASA Moon and Mars missions. Warning: Super geeky (11)
London Times Scary I for one welcome our new flying robot police overlords (72)
Wired Obvious "We cannot expect astronauts to spend three years in a spacecraft and not have sex -- of some kind. Probably with each other, and likely in more than one combination" (207)

Mon May 21, 2007
(Some Ugly-Ass Fish) Scary Newly released photos of deep, deep-sea life lend credence to the theory that there are some really ugly bastards swimming around down there (29)
Yahoo Cool Egyptian zoo breeds rare tortoises. Bow-.........chika....................... (we'll update you when the get to the bow-bow part.) (18)
(Some Jittery Doctor) Interesting I'm NOT drinking 6 cups of coffee a day. I don't care if I get diabetes (37)
Wired Strange Virtual hallucination device used in police training. This is some good shiat (27)
(Science Daily) Interesting You look like a Bob (43)
(Some Guy) Scary Turns out Gary Larson was prescient -- the semi-boneless chicken farm is now a reality (43)
Metafilter Obvious "I think 13 years of surfing the Internet has ruined my brain" (64)
Yahoo Spiffy IBM to launch Power6 chip next month: Twice the clock speed of the previous generation while consuming roughly the same amount of power (16) Interesting Diamonds from an exploding comet killed off the caveman... except for the select few who turned to hawking products in television commercials (16)
Globe and Mail Obvious For the three people who didn't already know this, researchers conclude that airbags aren't the safest things in the world (17)
Kotaku Strange God tests our faith, again (21)
(Some Lightning) Interesting Your cellphone could soon OOOWWWW (18)
SeattlePI Spiffy Science gatherings become popular after organizers just add beer (28)
The Sun Obvious Robots could soon replace nurses in hospitals, performing routine tasks such as dispensing drugs, taking temperatures and offering frail elderly patients a surprise helpful shove down the stairs (66)
London Times Silly Over half of parents "spy on kids" using Facebook. Hint: If it's a secret, maybe teh intarwebs ain't the place for it (49)
Washington Post Scary Midwestern farkers: The annoying 17-year curse is nearing its return. The flying satans, AKA "cicadas," return (48)

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