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Fark Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Redesign 2011 Questions

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Redesign 2011 Questions

Where did the Music Tab go?

The tab went away, but the content will still be available. Most everything that was in the music tab was already being cross-posted to the video tab or the showbiz tab anyway, so it'll still be in those places. But we won't have to reach for any music-related story just to keep the tab full anymore.

Where did the All Tab go?

You can still get to the same page via the "All Latest" link on the right-hand side. There just wasn't enough traffic to that tab to justify keeping it in such a prominent position.

Why do I get a horizontal scrollbar now on my 1024px screen?

More than 80% of our users have screens wider than 1024 so we optimized for a screen width a little wider than that.

Why did the tagline "It's not news, it's Fark.com" change?

The old tagline didn't clearly communicate what the site is really all about. For Farkers who've been around awhile, it made perfect sense. However new users would invariably ask, "So... you make up your own news? Like The Onion?" We needed something more straightforward. TotalFarkers, who obviously know what the site is about, see humorous rotating headlines.

Why do a redesign anyway?

We know that those of you who've been with us for awhile got used to the old design, and don't understand why it had to change. It changed to stay current and to be more attractive to new users. We looked dated, and not in a we're-trying-to-be-retro way, but in a we're-just-old way. Our community is fluid, and we're balancing the demands of meeting the wants/needs of our current Farkers, and still entice new folks. It also changed to be easier to read and easier to find things. Not everyone will agree that we succeeded, but we think we did a decent job of it.

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