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Fark Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Fark[edit]

What is Fark?[edit]

The first thing you should know is that Fark.com isn't a Weblog. Fark.com, the Web site, is a news aggregator and an edited social networking news site. Every day Fark receives 2,000 or so news submissions from its readership, from which we hand-pick the funny and weird notable news -- and not-news -- of the day.

Fark isn't an acronym. It doesn't mean anything. The idea was to have the word Fark come to symbolize news that is really Not News. Hence the slogan "It's not news, it's Fark." Fark was originally a word Drew became known for using online back in the early 1990s. He can't remember why, but his guess is that it was either to replace another F-word or that he was just drunk and mistyped something. He tells everyone it was the former since it's a better story that way.

Four letter domain names were getting snapped up quickly, so on a whim in the summer of 1997 Drew checked to see if Fark.com was available. It was, and he grabbed it. At the time the only thing you could do with a Web site was put up what was then called a vanity site. This was almost all the Internet consisted of back in 1997. Think of vanity sites as poorly coded MySpace pages. Yes, MySpace pages look pretty bad, but these were worse. Drew didn't want to use the Fark.com domain name for a vanity site, so he decided to wait until he had a better idea.

For the first two years of Fark.com's existence (1997-1999), all you got was this picture of a squirrel with big nuts:


He spent the next couple of years drinking and promptly forgot all about the domain. One day in February 1999 he had an epiphany - or a really good buzz - who knows.... He was sitting in his living room, thinking long and hard about starting Fark. He decided that if he was going to do it, he would have to do it every single day. He took a deep breath, grabbed a fresh beer, and jumped in. His friends evidently told other people about Fark and it caught on like a house on fire (or that weird ass rash you don't want to tell anyone about) and that's how it all started.

The first year Fark received 50,000 page views. That's a respectable number for a site started from scratch. The second year it was a million. The number one highest-traffic corporate Internet hitting Fark's servers was CNN. Number two: Fox News.

What is Fark exactly? Fark is what fills space when mass media runs out of news. Fark is supposed to look like news... but it's not news. It's Fark.

What is TotalFark?[edit]

Totalfark is your key to the part of Fark that most people don't get to see. When Fark first started, the links were fewer and put up exclusively by Drew. As Farkers began to submit their headlines with stories, there were more than would fit on the front page. When Drew picked a headline he liked, there was natural curiosity of what wasn't picked. So in 2002, Drew created Totalfark, which gave Farkers the behind-the-scenes view of Fark. All of the headlines, all of the comments that didn't make the front page were visible here.

Over time, Totalfark has evolved, and in addition to communities on Totalfark--such as the Totalfark Discussion area and things like cafes and the various Last Post threads--Totalfarkers (TFers for short) also have a lot of side benefits:

  • Only Totalfarkers get to upvote and downvote headlines
  • Totalfarkers are the first to get Fark-related updates on proposed changes, for input and opinion before site-wide launch
  • No duplicate URL blocking for TotalFarkers - There's nothing more frustrating than having a great headline and finding out that someone already submitted the link, which was redlit. TotalFarkers bypass that block
  • Participate early in Photoshop, Caption and other contests: Photoshoppers in particular get to post their submissions early, meaning the get maximum attention (and votes)
  • TotalFark Discussion - Only a portion of TotalFarkers are found in greenlit threads. Most of them are on the TotalFark Discussion (TFD) tab, which is more freeform and discussions are about anything and everything.
  • Smaller community - With fewer TotalFarkers, it's easier to meet people and be known. It's a smaller community that's tremendously more active as a community. If threads on Fark are like a giant house party, threads on TF are like hanging out with your friends at a bar.
  • If you sign up for a 6-month or longer subscription to TotalFark, you can get your username on an ultrafark email address

And don't forget, when you're a TotalFarker, you're directly supporting our community, and in a small but important way, you're helping Fark thrive. Anything Fark gets in terms of subscriptions helps reduce our reliance on outside advertising. Every TF subscription brings us closer to that goal.

For more info on these features, see the TotalFark Questions section.

Click here to sign up for TotalFark!

What is Foobies?[edit]

Foobies is where all of the adult-oriented links go. Posting Rules for Fark and TotalFark apply to posts on Foobies as well. To post comments, you must be a TotalFark subscriber.

Foobies Submission Rules

The linked site and its content, goods, and/or services offered via the web site can NOT contain or promote:

  • content violating any law, statute, ordinance or regulation or promote illegal activities.
  • any material depicting bestiality, rape, torture, or slaughter/murder
  • harmful and/or indecent matter to minors
  • depictions of persons under the age of 18 in actual, simulated, or suggestive sexual situations
  • material which constitutes child pornography or matter which involved depictions of nudity or sexuality by an age inappropriate-looking, made-up, or costumed performer
  • material that infringes upon or violates intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademark rights, privacy rights or any other rights not specifically mentioned in this FAQ
  • discriminates against race, religion, gender, or is defamatory, slanderous/libelous
  • contains malware, spyware, or other programs designed to compromise the computer/s of site visitors

Fark, the Book[edit]

Fark has a book called "It's Not News It's Fark: How Mass Media Tries to Pass Off Crap as News". Click for details on the Fark Book.


Fark Services[edit]

What is FarkIt™?[edit]

The FarkIt™ button is an easy way to get news articles on your site linked to Fark. By including either our easy-to-install script (which includes a button image), or manually using your own image, you can link directly into Fark's submission service. More Info on FarkIt™

What is Fark This®?[edit]

Fark This® is just another way to refer to FarkIt™.

What is the Fark Email Notification service?[edit]

Fark Email Notifications keep you apprised of new developments on Fark, whether they be News Flashes, Fark Parties, greenlights, replies to your posts, or new threads in comments that you're interested in.

To enable or disable these email notifications, go to the Notifications pane of your MyFark profile.

On this page, you can specify an email address where you'd like us to send the notifications (by default the email linked your your account), and what type of notifications you'd like to receive.

Be sure that your spam filters allow email notifications from Fark, and that your email address in your profile is up to date.


A few notes:

For Fark Party notifications to work, the party host must submit this party using the Fark Party submission form (http://www.fark.com/party).

Watching a thread is different than Favoriting a thread. When you Favorite a thread, you want to keep a link to it in your profile for all time; when you Watch a thread, you're interested in new comments in that thread until the thread is closed to new comments. You can both Favorite and Watch a thread. Watched links will automatically remove themselves a few days after a link is closed; Favorite links are permanent. Watched links will always send emails notifying you of new comments.

What is Fark Mobile?[edit]

Fark Mobile is Fark, formatted for mobile devices. [Obvious]

You can get to it by going to http://m.fark.com or http://m.total.fark.com

What devices are supported for Fark Mobile?[edit]

  • iPhone/iPod Touch Safari
  • Android native browser
  • Opera Mini on Android
  • Opera Mini on iPhone/iPod Touch
  • BlackBerry 4.6 and above
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 and above
  • Palm Pre/Pre 2/Pixi

Fark Mobile looks really weird on my device - what do I do?[edit]

First, check to make sure you're on a supported device/browser. In particular, Blackberry 4.5 or below does not render even simple HTML very well.

If you're on a supported device, and things still look strange, check your settings. For example, Blackberry has a setting to view a page in either Page View or Column View. Fark Mobile must be viewed with Page View to be seen correctly. Windows Mobile has settings for 'One column', 'Full Page', and 'Fit to Screen'. For Fark Mobile to be viewed correctly, choose 'Fit to Screen'.

If things still look strange, please take a screenshot (or just take a photo with a digital camera), post it somewhere, and send us a Farkback with a link to the image.

What is a Fark Preferred Partner?[edit]

A Fark Preferred Partner has first dibs on traffic for identical (or at least nearly identical) articles out there on the web.

The important stuff:

  • It doesn't change the way we choose links for the main/category pages.
  • After links are greenlit for the main/category pages, we look to see if one of our Preferred Partner sites has the same story (AP/Reuters, write-ups on press releases, etc). If so, we switch the link to the Partner site.
  • It's great for our Preferred Partners (they get more traffic), great for Fark (we get more revenue), and great for our users (we keep the same great quality of content).

If you're interested in becoming a Fark Preferred Partner, please contact Drew via our feedback form.

So you'd like to do a headline swap...[edit]

Fark Headline Swaps are easy to implement. For our side, we need from your organization a logo 30px high by up to 275px wide (but no smaller than 100px wide). We also need the URL of the RSS feed you'd like us to publish.

To include Fark's headlines on your site, simply use the following RSS feeds:

Main Page: http://www.fark.com/fark.rss

Sports: http://www.fark.com/sports/fark.rss

Business: http://www.fark.com/business/fark.rss

Geek: http://www.fark.com/geek/fark.rss

Entertainment: http://www.fark.com/entertainment/fark.rss

Politics: http://www.fark.com/politics/fark.rss

Video: http://www.fark.com/video/fark.rss

And our logos: fark-minilogo.gif fark-minilogo_BLK.gif fark-minilogo_PRP.gif fark-minilogo_WHT.gif

Quick Answers[edit]

I want to create an account[edit]

  • To confirm your account, you need to respond to the email sent to the address you provided during creation.

If you do not receive that message, check your junk/bunk folders in case it was accidentally marked as spam.

If you lost the confirmation email, you can still confirm the account by doing this:

  1. click on MyFark link (or go directly to http://www.fark.com/users).
  2. click on the Recent link at the top.

You'll see the system message about the account not being confirmed. You can re-send yourself the confirmation email by clicking on the blue text.

If that address is incorrect - or has changed - you can correct it by clicking on the Edit link at the top of the page and replacing the old address with the new one (don't forget to re-enter your password at the bottom of the page before you click the 'Save profile changes' button)

Then go back to Recent and it should issue a new confirmation email. After you reply to the confirmation email, you will have to wait 6 hours before posting. Spammers and trolls are why that policy had to be put in place.

I lost my Farking password.[edit]

If you forget what yours is, all you have to do is fill out the Forgot Password form. If you have any problems, contact Farkback and let us know.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • If your email is provided by an anonymizing service or requires approval before delivery you will not be able to recover your password.
  • Always choose a secure password. If your password is easily guessed and someone comes along and steals your account, you will not be able to recover that account - even if it's a TotalFark account. You will not receive a refund for a stolen TotalFark account. Stolen accounts are locked-down permanently, so keep that in mind when choosing a password.
  • Change your password often. Just click on the My Fark tab and fill in the blanks.
  • Be sure that your spam filters allow email notifications from Fark.

I want to submit a link.[edit]

Use our submission form.

I submitted a link and I don't see it on Fark's main page.[edit]

Only a small percentage of the submitted links are hand-picked for Fark's front page. See the Submitting Links section for some hints on how to improve your chances.

I want to buy a banner ad.[edit]

Use Farkback to contact our sales staff.

I want to know what's OK to post and what isn't.[edit]

See our Posting Rules.

I want to post images and links in my comments.[edit]

See our Basic HTML guide.

I want to post a Photoshop.[edit]

See our Photoshop FAQ.

I want to post my Farktography entry.[edit]

See our Farktography FAQ.

I want to sign up for TotalFark.[edit]

Try the TotalFark Signup form.

I'm short on beer money and have to cancel my TotalFark subscription.[edit]

The TotalFark Signup form is also the cancel form.

I can't post a comment.[edit]

If you are having trouble posting or submitting links, check the Technical Questions section of this FAQ or fill out the Farkback form.

Is your account new? Has it been confirmed via email? New accounts must wait 6 hours before posting and must be unlocked by replying to the confirmation email sent to you at sign up time. If you did not receive a confirmation email, check your Junk/Bulk mail folders first just in case it was filtered out as spam.To have a confirmation email re-issued, simply click on the My Fark Tab and then click on "re-send the confirmation email" to have another confirmation message sent to your address.

I tried clicking on comments for a link and it said it was for TotalFarkers only.[edit]

Most of the time, this is because one of us wasn't paying attention (or was drunk) and posted two links to the same story to the front page of Fark. Once we take the duplicate link down, it takes a few minutes for the link to disappear from the page. If you're using our RSS feed, it may not disappear at all. That's normal.

I can't log in to TotalFark.[edit]

If you are having trouble logging in, check the Technical Questions section of this FAQ or fill out the Farkback form.

Does Fark have an RSS feed?[edit]

Yes. It's here.

  • The RSS is intended as a convenience only. Attempting to create a duplicate of Fark will result in the issuance of a C&D.

How do I search for old Fark articles?[edit]

We now have a headline search feature. Just enter some words out of the headline and it'll find everything that matches. TotalFark subscribers can search redlit links too.

Only headlines are searchable. We have no plans to make comments searchable.

Search terms can be individual words, a double-quoted phrase, or you can build combinations using parentheses and boolean operators. A plus sign in front of a word means the word must appear in the results, a minus means it must not. Common words like "and" and "the" are ignored. In general, it works pretty much like Google does.

Searches can be limited to specific topic tags, dates, or URL's by using search terms like +topic:amusing +date:2007-02-14 +url:google.com. Those are the only three fields currently searchable like that, though. Ranges of dates are not yet supported, but will be in the future. Sorting results by date is also planned for the near future.

For the advanced users wanting tips on more obscure search syntax, the query language is pretty close to what Apache Lucene uses. (KinoSearch is what we're actually using.)

I don't like my login anymore and want it changed/deleted.[edit]

We can't help you out with that one, unfortunately. We don't delete logins and we don't change account names. Unused or seemingly abandoned accounts are not available for "recycling."

How can I get Fark's links to my site to say something other than just "Some Guy"?[edit]

See the very next question... :-)

I want to submit a source icon for my website.[edit]

Tired of being "Some Guy"? Improve your image by submitting a source icon for your site. There are only three requirements for this:

  • Your image must be exactly 154 pixels wide by 54 pixels high and under 10k in size. Acceptable formats are .png, .gif, and .jpg.
  • You must include the full URL of your site. If there's more than one URL, list them all.
  • Your image must comply with the rules listed in the posting rules.

Submit your source icons to Drew at Fark dot com. Put "source image" in the subject line and be absolutely sure to include the full URL (or URL's) for your site. All source icons are subject to approval and/or modification. Not all source images will be approved, so don't take it personally if yours is rejected.

Fark looks weird in my browser.[edit]

This is covered in our Tech FAQ.

Why is there a red horizontal line above certain posts, especially my own?[edit]

The red line marks the boundary between new posts you haven't read and old ones you have.

Immediately after posting a new comment, the only new post is the one you just made, so the red separator line appears above that.

You can turn it off or change its color in your profile.

Where did the HTML assistant buttons for posting comments disappear to?[edit]

Most likely you have disabled Javascript in your browser, or are using a browser blugin that selectively blocks it (like NoScript for Firefox). If Javascript is working, you may have simply disabled it in your profile; there's a checkbox to enable/disable it in your MyFark profile.

Why can't I link images on home.comcast.net?[edit]

We're still looking into this. As best as we can tell, Comcast migrated some customer websites from an older setup to a newer setup at their end, and if your site hasn't been migrated yet, it issues a redirect that requires cookies to work. The link validation tool we use ignores cookies, so it just redirects in an endless loop and eventually gives up. This is something Comcast is going to have to fix for you, probably by migrating your site to their newer setup. Maybe that just means re-uploading it to a different FTP server. We don't know for sure as none of us are Comcast customers. But if you do know, please tell us so we can update this FAQ entry.

Why can I only submit some New York Times articles and not others?[edit]

Some URL's on nytimes.com redirect to other nytimes.com URL's, and for some reason, their redirect script requires cookies. The link validation tool we use ignores cookies, so the redirect fails and the link gets rejected. We don't yet know what the pattern is as far as which URL's work and which ones don't.

I want to ask a question that's not on this list.[edit]

Contact Farkback

Does Drew have a contingency plan for Fark in the event of zombies?[edit]

No plans in the event of zombies, we're just all screwed

Is there a Fark app for the iPhone / iPod Touch?[edit]

We do have an HTML widget that works great as an iPhone Web Clip: simply bring up http://www.fark.com/farkWidget.html in the iPhone's browser, hit the + button, then "Add To Home Screen". Voila. Simple. Use two fingers to scroll through the widget.

Fark doesn't have its own official iPhone app yet, but one is being worked on.

There is at least one third-party unofficial iPhone app for Fark that we know of, and we do have a work-in-progress API to support such apps. (Contact us via Farkback for details if you're writing something.)

Why do I see a thread split into multiple pages, even when I have pagination turned off?[edit]

Once a thread gets past a certain size, it forces pagination mode, because loading a huge comment thread all on one page is waaaay too slow.

Aside from database load (at our end), once you get past several megabytes worth of HTML and images, browser memory consumption (at your end) increases, and starts to cause performance problems if your PC doesn't have enough memory... and even if it does, 32-bit browsers will crash once memory usage goes past a certain point.

If you know you have enough memory to handle it, you can raise the number of comments per page in your MyFark profile to maximize the number of comments that appear per page.

How can I help track down a bad ad?[edit]

We work very hard to keep Fark clean of bad ads. However, we don't hand-pick all our ads. We sell some ads directly, and the rest of our inventory goes to remnant advertising networks. Google Adsense is one, but we work with a few others. Remnant advertising networks will often fill some of the inventory with their own ads, but also pass some ad impressions on to their own advertising networks, and so on down the line. This is why bad ads are sometimes hard to track down.

When a bad ad does slip through, we want to be able to track it down and kill it as fast as possible (and punish those responsible). So we've added small 'Report' links next to each ad. These links will capture the ad trace for the ad in question and send it to us. In the window that pops up, please also provide the following:

  • Your location (e.g., Lexington, KY):
  • Destination URL of the ad:
  • Description of the bad ad (i.e., what's it doing wrong):
  • A URL of a screenshot (like imageshack, imgur, etc) - or just let us know if you have a screenshot and we'll ask you for it in a follow-up email.

For reference, here are the types of ads that are allowed and are not allowed on Fark.

NOT allowed on Fark:

  • Expandables - ads that expands when you roll over it.
  • Audio ads - ads that starts playing audio without an explicit "click" from the user.
  • Pop-ups/Pop-overs/Pop-unders - ads, including surveys (with the exception of the Scorecard Research survey - see below), that pop up new windows on top (or under) the current window, or slide across your screen.
  • NSFW ads.
  • Malware - anything that tries to get you to install anything on your system.


  • Click-to-do something ads: If you have to click to expand an ad, play audio, open a window, etc., those are allowed.
  • Video ads: Video ads without audio are fine. At times we've had reports of these slowing down a user's system. If this happens to you on a specific ad, report it.
  • Interstitial ads: An intermediate ad that appears when you click a link that takes you off of Fark to another site. We run these very rarely, and when we do, they show up once per day for non-logged-in users. If you see one multiple times a day, there's something wrong and you should report it.

THANK YOU for helping us keep Fark clean of bad ads.

What is this Scorecard Research pop-over survey I'm seeing?[edit]

Short version: It's legit, safe, and the collection of this information is extremely important to keeping Fark operational long term.

Long version:

There is one pop-up/pop-over that's allowed. This isn't from an advertiser - it's from comScore, which is an Internet marketing research company that tracks information on websites in terms of each site's overall traffic, demographics, etc. Fark's ranking on comScore is the major criteria used by every advertising agency that is considering Fark for an ad buy, which is the primary way that Fark makes money to stay operational. This survey is important because it's the only way for comScore to collect accurate data about Fark users. This, in turn, not only helps Fark stay in business, but also means you see better ads (think Venture Brothers vs. teeth whiteners). Your data is safe with comScore. They have been around 10+ years as a reputable data company and work with several major privacy organizations. Your survey answers will never be identified with you, but only used in aggregates about Fark users in general. For more information, see the Scorecard Research privacy page.


The pop-over survey is from Scorecard Research and in big letters says, “Tell Us About Your Online Usage”. This will let them gather a bit of data to form a better view of who Farkers are. It's up to you whether you take it or don't take it, but it is helpful in terms of raising Fark's profile.

What's the difference between a moderator and an admin?[edit]

The short version is that moderators deal with comments, and admins deal with links.

Admins do the approving and removing of links. Moderators can't do that; they can only remove comments.

Why are you asking me to whitelist you in my adblocker?[edit]

The majority of Fark's revenue comes from showing ads to our users. It pays for bandwidth, servers, bug fixing, and new development. If you're seeing a message from us asking nicely that you whitelist us in your adblocker, it's because we've noticed that you're not seeing ads. This could be because you've installed Adblock Plus or one of a number of other tools that blocks you from seeing ads. Or you might have installed a program that blocks ads by default, such as avast! Internet Security, and you might not even be aware this is going on.

We wish we could run Fark with no ads at all, but ads pay our bills. Bottom line: without ads, we couldn't exist. It doesn't matter if you never click on an ad; we get paid on the number of times we show an ad.

We work very hard to make sure that our ads are unobtrusive. We could make a lot more money if we allowed ads that were pop-ups, expandables, auto-playing audio, and the the like. Instead, a lot of effort goes into making sure those sorts of ads never make it onto Fark. Very rarely, one of these ads has made it through, so we spent months setting up a one-click reporting system that grabs the ad and runs an ad trace so we can remove it from the stream immediately.

So we're asking please...help us pay our bills. Whitelist us in your adblocking plugin. In Adblock Plus, you can select "Disable on fark.com" from your Adblock Plus menu. For more detailed instructions on how to whitelist us in other tools, and for information on allowing ads without being "tracked", please see our FArQ entry on Allowing Ads on Fark.com. If you still need help whitelisting Fark, please send us a "Tech question" Farkback and we'd be happy to help.

If you can't (or won't) whitelist us in your ad blocker, please considering signing up for TotalFark. There are many more benefits to being a TotalFark member. For more information see our TotalFark FArQ.

How do I use the Favorite Links feature?[edit]

At the very top of each comments page, right under the headline, TotalFark subscribers will see an add to favorites link. Clicking that will put the link on your favorites list.

Or, if you already know the link number, you can add it from the 'Tools' pane of your MyFark profile page. For example, entering link number 99999 would add the TotalFark Forum to your favorites list.

Links on your favorites list are listed on the 'Tools' pane of your MyFark profile page. Next to each favorite link is a counter of how many new comments have been posted since the last time you looked at the link, so you can jump directly to just the new comments and skip the old ones.

To remove a link from your favorites list, just hit the checkbox next to the link and hit "Submit Changes". Or, you can return to its comments page and click the remove from favorites link under the headline.

Favorite links are different from Watched links. If you Watch a link, you're saying you want email notifications when there are new comments posted in that thread. See also the entry on the Fark Email Notification Service. Favorite links are permanent. Watched links disappear when the thread is closed.

How do I highlight (favorite) or hide (ignore) posts from specific users?[edit]

Fark has a feature for highlighting posts from your favorite Farkers, and hiding posts from your least favorite. There are three ways to favorite or ignore a user:1) When reading comments, click the star icon or the 'no' icon (circle with a slash) in the comment header and favorite/ignore directly from that page.2) From the 'Tools' pane in your MyFark profile.3) From that user's public profile page

Currently there are no limits as to how many users can be on either list.

How do I report a problem with a comment or a link?[edit]

At the very bottom of every comments page, any user who has had an account for longer than a week will see two links:

Notify moderators about this thread is for giving the comment moderators a heads-up about posted comments that are in violation of our posting rules. Sometimes we miss a few.

Notify admins about this link is for giving the link pickers a heads-up about a submitted link that doesn't work, a repeat link, a misspelled headline, and so on.

Clicking either option will bring up a comment box where you can explain what the issue is in detail.

Posting Rules[edit]

What are the posting rules?[edit]

Fark is like a large house party. House parties need to have a few rules to make sure that nobody gets badly hurt or has to call the cops. Being cool about it and following the house rules makes it more fun for everyone involved. We don't mind when you show up drunk at 3AM - chances are we're just as drunk if not more so - but we do mind if you start breaking the furniture and picking fights.

If you don't follow the house rules, we'll ask you to leave for a little bit. Farkback is there to help work it out with you. Following this one suggestion will help the process out immensely: Be polite. Write a draft letter to get the frustration out of the way first. Then write a second letter explaining what happened and send that one instead. The person in the position to help with an issue is more likely to do so if they aren't abused. Chances are that whatever went wrong can be righted, so keep that in mind during correspondence.

It does need to be said that repeated and extreme violations of Fark's posting rules will result in a permanent posting ban. We don't want to ban users from participating on the site - but it can and will happen if we have to. A site ban is 100% avoidable by following some simple rules. Remember that these rules are non-negotiable and Farkback will not embark on a protracted debate over so-called grey areas. These rules apply to link submissions AND user profiles as well. To that end, here they are:

  • Don't repost deleted content/links.
  • Don't post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images or unlabeled NSFW links.
  • Don't post graphic images or links to graphic content.
  • Don't post repetitively.
  • Don't threadjack.
  • Don't encourage others to perform illegal acts.
  • Don't post hate speech.
  • Don't post broken images/links.
  • Don't post private/contact information no matter how easily obtained.
  • Don't troll/harass other Farkers.
  • Don't troll/harass Fark or its maintainers.
  • Don't discuss bans in the threads.
  • Don't try to make the thread discussions all about you -aka Attention Whoring.
  • Don't post TotalFark content/links on regular Fark.
  • Don't attempt to hack, flood, DoS, DDoS, or otherwise compromise Fark.
  • Don't abuse the submission queue.
  • Don't post illegal content of any kind.

These rules are basic, common sense stuff. The following list is the longer version which is boring and detailed because people we ban ask us to make it this way. To reiterate, Farkback will not enter a protracted debate over these rules. If a particular item isn't explicitly listed in excruciating detail here, it still falls under the general "don't be a dick" rule.

Images that are "not safe for work" ("NSFW") in the average professional workplace. If your post (be it image and/or text) is deemed graphic by a Moderator, then it is indeed graphic. This is not a decision open to debate. This includes, but isn't necessarily limited to, the following categories:[edit]

  • Nudity, partial nudity, or adult content: Naked people aren't safe for work in the average American workplace. Exposed breasts, nipples (including ones visible through material), penises and vaginas, and asses aren't permitted. Remember, an image doesn't have to contain complete nudity for it to be out of place at the office. A good reference point is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. It's not nudity, but it is a great deal of exposed skin and minimal fabric covering that most workplaces frown upon. Anything you see in the Swimsuit Edition shouldn't be posted inline. The same goes for the Page 3 girls, you British lot. A more general reference point for the would be to think about what you wouldn't want your boss to find in your browser cache. Pictures of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, Ben-Wa balls, masturbation sleeves, inflatable dolls, RealDolls(tm), and any other sex toys or devices used to penetrate or be penetrated are definitely not acceptable.
  • Graphic image content: Images that would make most viewers feel ill, upset, or uncomfortable. This includes but is not limited to: cadavers, autopsies, surgeries, vomiting, severed limbs, alarming deformities, dead animals, extreme body modifications, torture, and bodily functions are not to be posted in the threads. Images that depict graphic content will be deleted. Images containing child pornography will be reported to the appropriate local and Federal law enforcement agencies. The use of images depicting well-known tragedies such as 9/11 is not forbidden - but is generally frowned upon. Images which depict people actually dying (falling to their death, being killed in various ways - e.g. shot, maimed/tortured, etc.) should never be posted or linked to. The same holds true for such images involving animals.
  • Graphic text content: Graphic language fits right in with content. FARK is not an erotica site, nor is it a clearinghouse for random encounters or potential dates, a place for "who can tell the most disgusting story" contests, or a journal for your (or anyone else's) bodily/biological functions. Using a little common sense and restraint here will go a long way.
  • Borderline Image Posts: If you're posting an image and you're not quite sure whether it falls under the "safe" category or not, we strongly recommend reviewing this FAQ first. If you still aren't sure, ask Farkback. In the case of Photoshop contests, it's best to link it ("a href" instead of "img src") with a very clear warning that it may not be safe to view at work. The reason we have this rule is so that users can make their own decision as to whether they should chance viewing certain images or not. Inline images don't give the reader that choice, so they must always be safe for work.
  • Image swapping: Is disallowed for practical reasons. It's too much of a pain for moderation purposes and is too prone to abuse. Don't post rotating images.
  • Image control: Make sure that any images that you post are under your explicit control. Linking an image from another site that is not under your control can often result in that site changing the contents of what you linked. Sometimes the owner of that site is not particularly nice and will change the image to something that violates Fark's posting guidelines. If you choose to hyperlink an image, you do so at your own risk to your account. By hitting the submit button, you are warranting that you have permission to post an image, even if it is subject to copyright protection. If you submit an image that is later determined to be a copyright infringement, it will be removed; see details in our legal section for more on copyright issues. If that image is illegal (e.g. child porn), Fark will report it and comply with any resulting investigation conducted by State and/or Federal law enforcement agencies.

Aside from "not safe for work" posts, the following are also unacceptable:[edit]

  • Reposting something that was deleted: Posts (and links/threads) are removed for a reason. Reposting a deleted post, complaining about it in the thread, spamming the queue about it, or belaboring the point will result in action being taken. Reposting a deleted inline image as a link instead is generally acceptable as long as it falls within the posting rules. Posting or submitting links on behalf of someone else that was banned will in turn earn you a ban as well. The shorter answer is: Don't do it.
  • Repetitive messages: Cross-posting, flooding, spamming, advertising for a website, etc. In addition, including a sig file in your posts or a link to your site/blog/freeiPod referral page is also considered spamming, and comments containing them will be deleted. Using bots to post comments will result in a ban.
  • Threadjacking and disruptions: Posts like 50 lines of the letter "Z," pictures that have nothing to do with the thread's article, "First Post/Page," "who cares," "Fark sucks," posts that are unrelated to the thread topic, complaints about link quality, unedited non-original images in Photoshop threads, off-topic discussions in Photoshop/Farktography/Audio edit threads, repeated filter evasion attempts, ban talk, and trolling (see below). Linking to sites that have nothing to do with the topic at hand. Linking to sites that hijack the user's browser is considered to be exceptionally malicious and will result in a posting ban.
  • Messages exhorting others to commit illegal acts: Murder, extortion, and any other misdemeanor or felony are expressly forbidden, especially threats on public officials. Don't even imply it. DoS attacks, hacking, flooding, and all other related computer crimes will be dealt with immediately and in fullest cooperation with local and federal law enforcement. Also, posting copyrighted software, music, etc. is forbidden (for example, linking MP3s of bands other than your own) as is discussion of illegal file sharing.
    • Also included in this is harassment -- for example, encouraging people to call someone on the phone, flood a website/mailbox, etc because they were mentioned in a linked article. (See also "messages containing private information" below.)
  • Hate speech: Criticism is not hate speech, but inflammatory comments directed at a particular ethnic group, sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc. are unacceptable and unwelcome on Fark.
  • Messages containing only broken links or broken images: Images that do not load from their image hosts will be removed. Please refer to our list of acceptable image hosts. If you have any free and reliable image hosts with sufficient bandwidth limits - please let us know. You might want to see if your own ISP provides webhosting space; they tend to be most reliable. (Note that in some cases, the general populace of Fark may see a Red X when the image looks OK to you; this is usually because of your browser caching the image.)
  • Messages containing public OR private information: We are aware that most of this information can be found using Whois, or Google, or a phone book - however, posts containing personal names, contact information such as: email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, social networking profiles, credit card numbers, etc. are not allowed.
  • Trolling/harassing other Fark members: Unfortunately, disagreements can and will happen - but there is no need for them to become personal. Don't harass other users with your posts, parody links/threads, or create accounts to harass them with.
    • Fark accounts come with a handy Ignore Feature. Use it to filter out those posters whose comments you'd prefer not to read. Keep in mind that discussing who's on your ignore list is the opposite of ignoring. It crosses the line into trolling of other Fark members and may result in a suspension of posting privileges.
  • Trolling/harassing Fark Admins and Moderators: Fark does not tolerate abuse of its maintainers in comments, in submitted links, or via emailing them directly. If you have an issue with a particular Admin or Moderator, Fark itself, or Fark's moderation practices in general - email Drew directly. The address is Drew at Fark dot com. He is always available. He may not be able to respond right away, but he will get back to you. The comments sections in the threads are not the place for airing grievances, mainly because no one person at Fark reads all of the over 30 million comments on the site. With that much going on all at once, important things can be and sometimes are overlooked. The bartender can't get your drink order right if he can't hear you.
  • Off-site behavior: The short answer is WE DON'T CARE. Off-site melodrama is not our problem. However, we do care when users make it our problem by bringing drama and in-fighting on-site. Never use your Fark account to harass other Farkers. The reverse applies as well. If you've started a fight with another Farker, don't expect the Moderators to become your personal bodyguards. We do not tolerate harassment of Fark Moderators or Admins. If you've got an issue with a particular Fark user or group of Fark users, take it outside.
    • A note on email and user profiles: Email exchanges with persons other than Farkback are considered off-site. By default, the email address field in Fark user profiles is hidden. Fark is neither responsible nor liable for personal/contact information that users choose to make public.
  • Ban talk: Temporary and/or permanent actions taken by Fark on individual Fark accounts are between the user and Fark and should never be discussed in threads. Ban talk inevitably leads to misinformation and misunderstandings. If you have a question regarding actions taken on your account, contact Farkback. Please note that just as Fark Moderators/Admins will not discuss actions taken on other users' accounts, neither should you discuss (on site or in Farkback) actions taken on other Farker's accounts. Simply put: If it is not your account, it is not your business. This includes without limitation: discussing banned Farkers, campaigning for the reinstatement of banned Farkers, posting on behalf of banned Farkers, submitting links regarding bans or banned Farkers, or discussing other user's accounts in threads. Again: don't discuss bans, banned Farkers, moderation, Moderators, Admins or anything else related to moderation in the threads.
  • Calling out of other Farkers (in headlines): As odd as this may sound, not everyone wants attention on Fark. Specifically mentioning a fellow Farker in a headline or post (where the named Farker isn't participating) generates attention to a Farker who didn't intend it. This is not welcome on this site. If you have something to say to a particular Farker (and it isn't abusive), check their profile for an email address and go directly to the source. Comments and headlines about specific Farkers will likely be deleted, as not everyone needs or wants to see their name in bright lights, and most often, the attention is undesired.
  • Attention whoring: This is a little SCOTUS-esque -- that is, we know it when we see it. This includes posting disruptively in threads that have nothing to do with you by means of: directing fellow Farkers to your website, image gallery, or just posting your personal images etc. That is crossing the line into "attention whore" territory. We have a Fark Parties Forum where attention whoring is encouraged. Like all Fark forums, F.P.F has its own community ebb and flow and might not receive you with flowers if you dive straight in without getting a "feel" for the place first. Any picture you post of yourself has to be Safe For Work. If it isn't, label it as NSFW and link it.
  • Posting TotalFark-specific content in non-TotalFark-accessible areas: For example, posting links to upcoming Photoshop contests. If you're interested in getting a head start, a great way is to buy your own TotalFark account.
  • Drinking beer in public: Actually, we just wanted to make sure you were reading all of this carefully. And it depends on what kind of beer.
  • Abusing the "notify moderators" option: The "notify moderators" and "notify admins" options (available to TotalFark subscribers only) are not toys. They are not to be used for false alarms, calling attention to Farkers you dislike, or absurd complaints such as "My headline was better," etc. Cry "wolf" one too many times and you lose that option.
  • Belaboring the point: Attempting to find a possible loophole for something we didn't mention here or trying to find some tricky way around the rules isn't going to work. The posting rules aren't complicated. We are not going to spell them out in legalese or cover every possible interpretation of them. This includes the "don't be a dick" rule. We expect that you can see and understand what the spirit of each rule is. In essence, use your common sense.
  • Submission queue abuse. We define queue abuse as: Submitting links that violate the posting/content rules of Fark. Scroll up for those. This also includes links submitted to complain about the site, cause general disruptions, and spoiler-in-headline threads. Again, the "don't be a dick" rule applies here. If you realize after the "point of no return" that your link submission might be a problem - use Farkback to report it. If you have a TotalFark subscription, just use the "Notify Admins about This Link" option below the comments box.

TotalFark subscribers: These guidelines apply equally to all users, whether or not they are TotalFark subscribers, and these guidelines apply with equal force to TF-only submissions. As mentioned on the TotalFark signup page, no refunds will be issued to people whose accounts are banned from Fark, nor will any refunds be issued for "sponsored" users who break the rules.

The following types of non-message-posting actions will get you banned from Fark immediately:[edit]

  • Attempting to hack, flood, DoS, crack passwords, or otherwise compromise Fark system security, or the security of any site mentioned/linked via Fark. Logs will be sent to the appropriate ISPs and law enforcement immediately.
  • Stealing or guessing other people's passwords, giving or loaning your password to other users (especially TotalFark passwords), or otherwise using or sharing accounts that aren't yours. This includes attempting to create extra accounts or using someone else's account to evade bans. That last one bears repeating - if you create another account while your account is suspended, your new account will be locked and you may be subjected to a longer or even permanent posting ban.
  • Spamming. Worth mentioning twice. This includes spamming us with link submissions.

Hey! on Fark.com iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app[edit]

Where do I get the Hey! on Fark.com app?[edit]

From iTunes

What devices will the app work on?[edit]

The app will work on any Apple device running iOS 4 or later. This includes iPhone 3G, 4, and 4S, 2nd Gen (and later) iPod Touch, and all iPads.

What about an app for Android?[edit]

This first version of the app is only for Apple devices, but if it's well-received, we'll look at creating an Android version. You can still use our mobile site: http://m.fark.com to browse a mobile-formatted version of Fark on Android devices.

How do I log out?[edit]

Once you're logged in, you aren't able to log out. The majority of people have their own phones, and there's no need. However, it's something we will look at for future versions. For now, if you need to log out and log in as another user, you can delete the app (tap-and-hold on the icon until it jiggles, and click the 'X' in the corner), and re-install it.

I don't want notifications to wake me up. How do I tell it to shut up?[edit]

There's a Snooze button at the bottom of the screen. You can give it a start time and an end time to not disturb you.

I'm traveling. Will my Snooze settings know I'm in a different timezone?[edit]

Not automatically. However, as soon as you launch the app once, it will pick up your new timezone and you'll be all set!

It's Daylight Savings Time! Will my Snooze settings know?[edit]

Not automatically. However, as soon as you launch the app once, it will pick up the time change and you'll be all set!

I just got notified for a keyword trigger, but those words aren't in the headline![edit]

We often link a story about something, but that 'thing' won't be a word in the headline. To try to bring you the stories most relevant to your interests, we match on words on the headline, as well as tags that have been assigned to the article by our partner TextDigger. These are the same tags you see on the full site underneath the headline on the comments page.

There was a story on Fark that should have sent me a notification, but didn't. What gives?[edit]

We send push notifications to Apple's servers to send to your device. Apple makes a "best effort" attempt at delivering the notification, but they can't guarantee it, especially if you're in an area with bad cell service or your wireless router is having problems. However, it should be rare.

I just got a screen that said "Couldn't load news item. (The request timed out.)". What does that mean?[edit]

It means that your device wasn't able to connect to the network to load the notification. This could be because there's a problem with Fark servers, or it could be because your cell or wireless connection is bad. This should be quite rare.

I missed a couple notifications. How do I see the ones I've missed?[edit]

You can look at your Notification Center on your device. To find this, tap the top of your phone where the time is displayed, and swipe down. By default, the last 5 notifications from the "Hey! on Fark.com" app are stored here. You can increase this to the most recent 10 notifications by going to Settings->Notifications, tapping the "Hey! on Fark" app and choosing to show "10 Recent Items".

My triggers get synced between my iPhone and iPad. Why don't my Snooze settings and my Sound get synced?[edit]

Triggers are related to you - your personal preferences on what you like to know about in general. However, Snooze and Sound are device-specific. You might keep your phone near you when you sleep, and you want it to snooze during that time, but notify you with a ringing, "Duke Sucks," during the day, while wanting your iPad to just chirp a short "Hey!" any time, night or day.

Whose voice is that on the sounds?[edit]

That's Drew Curtis. You might have heard of him.

What's on deck for future versions?[edit]

Part of it will depend on what you, as users, tell us you'd like. However, we have a few ideas of our own.

  • HD iPad version
  • notifications when someone replies to you or mentions you in a comment (similar to email notifications)
  • notifications on TFD links
  • landscape view
  • a 'reader' for the Fark Mobile view (for now, you can use the "Open in Safari" option, and then click 'Reader')

I have a great idea for the app! What's the best way to tell you about it?[edit]

We would love feedback! Please send it to Farkback.

Where do I report a bug?[edit]

Please report all bugs using http://www.fark.com/feedback/error

What's this I hear about an Easter Egg?[edit]

It's in there, and not terribly difficult to find! Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess?

TotalFark Only Questions[edit]

Where do I sign up for TotalFark?[edit]

Right here.

I'm short on beer money and have to cancel my TotalFark subscription.[edit]

The TotalFark Signup form is also the cancel form.

My TotalFark is about to expire. Where do I go to renew?[edit]

Wait until it expires and then simply sign up again.

I want to change my subscription (payment method, subscription length, etc). How do I do that?[edit]

If you are switching from one subscription method to another, such as from month-to-month to 12 month payments, or want to switch payment methods, cancel your current subscription first! You will need to wait until your current subscription ends and you no longer have TotalFark. Then sign up for the new plan.

What do the different colored headline on the TotalFark pages mean?[edit]

  • Black - links that have not yet been reviewed by an admin
  • Blue - links which have not yet been reviewed by an admin and were submitted in the past ten minutes
  • Red - links which have been rejected
  • Green - links which have been approved to the main Fark page for future listing
  • Bold Green - links which have been listed on the main Fark page

Why don't I see some greenlit articles on the main Fark.com page?[edit]

They are probably in one of our other sections: Sports, Showbiz, Tech, Politics, Foobies.com, etc.

If they are in normal green and not yet in bold green then they have been approved for future listing and won't be on the Fark pages yet. We have a system that lets us approve stuff several hours in advance, or for Photoshops, several days in advance. The actual listing time is somewhat random, so it looks like we're working through the whole day when we're really out drinking beer.

How does Link Voting work?[edit]

TotalFark has a way to vote for your favorite link submissions. This is similar to Photoshop voting, but for the entire article. Unlike Photoshop threads, you can also vote against links you think really suck.

Submissions do not have to be greenlit to be eligible for voting.

To vote for links, go to the comments page for that article. Under the headline, you'll see vote for and vote against links. Just click that and the page will refresh and print a note saying the vote was accepted. Once you've voted for a link, the voting buttons will disappear. If you can't find them, that's probably why.

To see the results, follow the results link on the page. The overall voting results are updated every few minutes. Links will only stay on the results page for 2 days.

Although voting does not automatically make a certain headline or link go green, admins can see the votes, and this often influences their decision when they're picking links. Several great headlines have been rescued from the unapproved links because an admin saw that the TFers really liked the headline.

There is no list of links that got the fewest/negative votes.

Why did I get a cancellation notice when I didn't really cancel?[edit]

Paypal and Stripe will cancel recurring subscriptions if the credit card you were using for the subscription expires or declines charges. Simply sign back up again when the current subscription runs out.

I think someone bought a TotalFark subscription for me (sponsored me). How do I find out who?[edit]

You should have gotten an email about it. If you didn't, check the "TotalFark Tools" section of your My TotalFark profile page, and the sponsor should be listed there. Note that sponsors can choose to be anonymous.

Can I transfer my TotalFark subscription to a different account?[edit]

Paypal and Stripe do not provide a way for us to transfer TotalFark subscriptions between accounts.

What are TotalFark Gift Subscriptions?[edit]

TotalFark gift subscriptions can by used by TotalFarkers to gift a free month of TF to a non-TotalFarker. This is done by going to a non-TotalFarker's user profile and clicking the 'Gift TotalFark' button next to their name.

Anyone who signs up for a 6- or 12-month TotalFark subscription is given TF gift subscriptions to pass out. 6-month subscribers get one TF gift subscription to give away. 12-month subscribers receive 3.

In addition, if someone you gift TotalFark signs up for their own 6- or 12-month subscription within 30 days of their gift expiring, you will get an additional TF gift subscription to hand out. You obviously know how to pick 'em!

You can only gift TotalFark when you're an active TotalFarker. If your TF lapses, the gift subscriptions you've accumulated will be held for you, and you will be able to use them again as soon as you resubscribe to TF.

The gift comes with a certain level of responsibility to help the new TotalFarker navigate their way around TF. TotalFarkers have a limited number of gifts, and they can be given to any Farker who is eligible for TotalFark. If you gift TotalFark to someone, your name will show up in their profile as: “gifted TotalFark by [your name]”. TotalFark gifts are available only to TotalFarkers who have purchased their own TotalFark subscription.

UltraFark Email Questions[edit]

Who is eligible for an @ultrafark.com email address?[edit]

Anyone who purchases a 6- or 12- month TotalFark subscription is eligible to receive an @ultrafark.com email address.

I've been a TotalFarker for YEARS and just let my subscription lapse for 2 days a couple months ago. THIS ISN'T FAIR.[edit]

We know this happens. Contact us at farkback and let us know your situation. We'll make certain exceptions.

Why isn't my @ultrafark.com username the same as my Fark login?[edit]

We had to modify a few @ultrafark.com usernames to be compatible with gmail and to avoid conflicts between logins.

But anyone can figure out my @ultrafark.com email address from my login. I don't want that![edit]

Correct. If you sign up for an @ultrafark.com address, other people will be able to send you emails if they know your login. Gmail provides for filters so that you could trash any unwanted email. However, if this isn't enough, then this service is not right for you.

So-and-so is threatening/harrassing/being mean to me over UltraFark email.[edit]

Consider UltraFark emails to be like your own email account. It is considered off-site activity. We do not moderate, timeout, or ban based on off-site activity. If you feel you are in danger, contact your local authorities. For other bothersome emails, Gmail provides a way to filter unwanted emails to another folder or to the trash. See How do I set up filters?. For more information, see Harassment from a Gmail user.

Okay, okay! So how do I sign up already??[edit]

If you are eligible for an UltraFark email address, you will have a line in your MyFark profile that says 'UltraFark Email'. This will show you your @ultrafark email address. Click the link that says 'Request set up of your UltraFark email account '. This will take you to the Farkback form for "UltraFark email question". Just fill out the form and ask to have your @ultrafark.com email address set up. You should receive a reply within 48 hours with a temporary password. You can use that to sign into http://mail.ultrafark.com.

I forgot my UltraFark password.[edit]

We cannot reset a password for an UltraFark email account unless we can verify that you are the owner of the account. It is important to keep another email address in your profile that you have access to. If you forget your UltraFark email password, send us a farkback and we will reset your password and send you a new temporary password to that email address.

Does my ultrafark.com email address go away if I drop my total.fark.com subscription?[edit]


Any other legal stuff I need to know?[edit]

We hate legal notices but..... This is a service of Fark and any and all terms can be modified or terminated with or without notice for any reason, at Fark's sole discretion. Also, as the service is provided by Gmail, it's also subject to Google's terms of service.

Tech Questions[edit]

Fark looks weird on my computer.[edit]

If you are running Firefox and are having any problems at all, try temporarily disabling ALL your extensions/plug-ins to see if the problem goes away. Many of the issues reported to us via Farkback end up being related to glitches from (sometimes outdated) extensions.

If you are having problems with images or style sheets not loading, try clearing your browser cache first.

If you're only having trouble with some/all of our images loading, and you're on Firefox (especially on Linux), and clearing cache and disabling extensions didn't help, try this:

  • Go to your Firefox Preferences: on most platforms this is under Tools -> Options, or on Mac OS X, it's under Firefox -> Preferences.
  • Find the Content button, look for the "Load Images Automatically" option, and click the "Exceptions..." button to the right of it.
  • Remove any entries in the list containing fark.com or fark.net. On a normal Firefox install, the entire list is blank/empty.

Before reporting any cosmetic issues via Farkback, look here to see a screenshot of what Fark is supposed to look like. Anyone using a current browser on a screen at least 1024 pixels wide (even 9" netbooks have screens that wide) should be seeing something reasonably close to that screenshot.

The following browsers are known to work well:

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10 (see warnings below about IE 6 and 7 problems)
  • Safari 3, 4, or 5 on Mac, Windows, and iPhone
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera 9, 10, or 11

The following browsers are known to have problems:

  • We do not support IE6 or IE7. If you are still running Internet Explorer 6 or 7, PLEASE do yourself a favor and upgrade to at least IE 8, and preferably IE 9 or IE 10. IE 6/7 has many CSS bugs that will never be fixed, as well as numerous security problems.
  • To get IE8 you must be running at least Windows XP SP2 (you must be running at least Vista to run IE9/109=) -- any version of Windows older than that has serious security holes anyway. The point is you don't have to have Vista to have a usable version of Internet Explorer.
  • Sony Playstation (PSP/PS3) devices might want to use the mobile version, though the current Playstation 3 browser seems to (mostly) work well enough.
  • We have not tested versions of Opera older than 9.2. The Nintendo Wii browser is Opera based, and works fine.
  • Netscape 4 will not be supported, given its enormous list of CSS-related bugs -- it's over 10 years old. If you are on an old Mac that can only run classic MacOS 9 or 8, try the iCab browser, which will work far better than the copies of Netscape or Internet Explorer that Apple bundled with those ancient systems. For everyone else running any version of Netscape at all, even Netscape 9, upgrade to Firefox.

I don't want people posting pictures from my website in Fark threads. How do I stop it?[edit]

If your webserver is running Apache put a file on your image host called .htaccess (note the leading dot) and put the following lines of text in it:

   SetEnvIfNoCase Referer "^https?://[a-z]+\.fark\.com" denyimage   order deny,allow   deny from env=allowimage

Or possibly this version:

   RewriteEngine on   RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} ^https?://[a-z]+\.fark\.com/.*$ [NC]   RewriteRule .*\.(gif|GIF|jpe?g|JPE?G|png|PNG)$ - [F]

Other examples exist if you search Google for something like "blocking image linking rewriterule". There are some other tutorials here and an .htaccess generator here.

You can find examples for other webservers, like Microsoft's IIS, using Google. If you have a method for IIS that works that doesn't involve installing new ISAPI filters, let us know.

I have pictures on my own website that I want to post on Fark threads, but don't want other sites posting them. How do I stop it?[edit]

(This is the opposite of the previous question.)

If you want your pictures to show up ONLY on Fark and not be swiped by someone else, and your images are hosted on a web server running Apache, put a file on your image host called .htaccess (note the leading dot) and put the following lines of text in it:

   SetEnvIf Referer "^$" allowimage   SetEnvIfNoCase Referer "^https?://[a-z]+\.fark\.com" allowimage   order allow,deny   allow from env=allowimage

Or possibly this version:

   RewriteEngine on   RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$   RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^https?://[a-z]+\.fark\.com/.*$ [NC]   RewriteRule .*\.(gif|GIF|jpe?g|JPE?G|png|PNG)$ - [F]

Other examples exist if you search Google for something like "blocking image linking rewriterule". There are some other tutorials here and an .htaccess generator here.

You can find examples for other webservers, like Microsoft's IIS, using Google. If you have a method for IIS that works that doesn't involve installing new ISAPI filters, let us know.

When I view the Fark main page, I get a password popup / "authentication required" page for TotalFark every time, even though I didn't click on TotalFark. What gives?[edit]

This is a Firefox specific problem. Recent versions of Firefox have a "prefetching" feature that tries to speed up web browsing by fetching every link on a page before you click on it. The problem is, one of the links on the page is TotalFark, which is a password protected page.

See http://www.mozilla.org/projects/netlib/Link_Prefetching_FAQ.html for instructions on disabling this feature.

We have attempted to work around this on our end, so it's possible nobody's going to run into this anymore...

How come the Google search thingie on the main page doesn't work?[edit]

You probably have Javascript disabled. Try turning it back on and see if that helps.

The popular "Adblock" plugin for Firefox, with Filterset.G, is known to break our Google search tool. The workaround is to try to do a search, then go to Tools -> AdBlock -> Whitelist This Page. You may also have to whitelist the main Fark page. Also, you might try "AdBlock Plus" which may help (or, according to some reports, may not). This may have been fixed in later versions of AdBlock; please let us know so we can update this FAQ entry. :)

My firewall is registering hits from Fark. What's happening?[edit]

Usually this question is about people's firewalls registering "attacks" from img.fark.com when there aren't any. The actual issue is that your firewall's timeout for idle TCP connections is too short. Specifically, it's shorter than the HTTP Keepalive timeout.

Medium-length explanation:

When a web browser connects to a web server and pulls a page, image, or other file down, it can keep the connection open for a few seconds/minutes. This speeds things up if the browser has to get another file from the same webserver -- which is almost guaranteed when you have a webpage with a bunch of images on it -- because it doesn't have to disconnect and reconnect for every single image. But it can't leave it open forever, either, so after a certain number of minutes (or seconds) the server or the browser will close the connection.

Firewalls work by (I'm oversimplifying here) blocking all incoming traffic except what's specifically allowed. Any outgoing connections have to be monitored so that a temporary hole for the return traffic can pass back through. If a connection being monitored goes completely inactive -- like say your computer got powered off while you were downloading a large file -- it doesn't want to leave that hole open forever. So after a certain number of minutes, it removes the connection from its list of what it was monitoring.

If the web server/browser gives up before the firewall gives up, everything's cool, but if the firewall gives up first, then it'll forget about the connection the web server/browser had, and when they get around to closing down, the firewall logs it as an attack (usually a FIN scan) when it really isn't.

This sort of thing happens with DNS lookups all the time. Suppose you've got a computer behind a firewall that wants to look up a name, like www.google.com. Your firewall sees the request go out to your ISP's nameserver, and decides it'll give up after, say, 30 seconds. Now if Google's nameservers are running so slow that it takes 35 seconds to return the answer, then the firewall will log an attack from your ISP's nameserver, on UDP port 53, 35 seconds later. So don't complain to your ISP that their nameserver is attacking you -- they will laugh at you. :-)

Otherwise check the settings on your firewall. On Cisco PIX and ASA 7.x and 6.x for example, look at the "timeout conn" command. On Cisco's IOS firewall, look at "ip inspect tcp idle-time". (And "ip inspect dns-timeout".) It might also help to get the latest version of your firewall software -- Sonicwalls in particular used to be excessively paranoid about this sort of thing and getting the latest firmware from Sonicwall helps cut down on the false alarms.

Anyway, to work around paranoid firewalls like this, we've set our web server's keepalive timeout unusually short, and the complaints about this issue have largely disappeared.

What platform do you run all this on?[edit]

The software is all homebrew stuff, written in-house in mod_perl and back-ended by MySQL, all running on about a dozen FreeBSD boxes. It was cobbled together as a quick hack, which then evolved over the years into an even bigger hack. There are other systems out there with more/better stuff, but, hey, we like being unique. :)

The hardware is co-located at QX.net here in Lexington, Kentucky. (We have a webcam on it, but the lights are usually off...) Offsite backup is co-located at Bluegrass.net in Louisville, Kentucky. They're both very cool ISP's.

Is Fark reachable via IPv6?[edit]

Yep. We participated in World IPv6 Day in June 2011, and have remained IPv6 reachable since then. (This is native connectivity, without the use of a tunnel broker.)

Why do links to external sites use Javascript-based redirects now?[edit]

In mid March 2014 we switched from doing 301-based redirects to Javascript-based redirects, with a "Location:" header as a backup for those with Javascript disabled. This seems strange, but there is a good technical reason for it:

We send a lot of traffic to other sites, obviously. It's generally a good courtesy to let those sites know where the traffic comes from, so they know who to thank (or blame). Usually, that's accomplished by your web browser sending a "Referrer:" header to the target site, letting them know where the click originated from.

We recently discovered that some browsers won't send that if you click from a secure site (SSL) to a standard, non-secure (unencrypted) site, and that hoses the stats pretty badly. This is by design in the HTTP specification (section 15.1.3 in RFC 2616). Sometimes it's also omitted when going from a non-secure to a secure site, as well. While Fark is not yet an SSL-only website, that is a long term goal of ours, and we want to lose other sites' ability to tell who's sending them traffic.

Also, if we share a link on a social media site (Facebook, Twitter, etc), the referrer tends to indicate that social media site instead of us.

Strangely, using Javascript to do the redirect, instead of the traditional approach (a 301 HTTP response code), solves both problems. It turns out Google and Facebook use the same approach, probably for the same reasons. It's a fairly harmless bit of Javascript (literally one line of code, containing just a 'window.location.replace()' call). If you run some kind of browser plugin that blocks Javascript, there's no danger in whitelisting Javascript from the "fark.com" domain. (Doing so also enables voting on comments, and several other bits of functionality that would otherwise be lost.)

There is supposed to be a fallback method in there for those that disable Javascript, which should allow the redirect to happen anyway, after a delay of a second or three. If that's not happening, and the redirect never happens, we'd be interested in finding out why; send the details of your browser config and any plugins you run, to Farkback.

Submitting Links[edit]

Fark.com, the Web site, is a news aggregator and an edited social networking news site. Every day Fark receives 2,000 or so news submissions from its readership, from which we hand-pick the funny and weird notable news -- and not-news -- of the day.

Want to submit a link to Fark? Click on the Submit A Link link on Fark's main page.

Increase the chances of your submission being posted on Fark[edit]

  • Before submitting, please take a minute to review our posting guidelines and our legal/privacy policy. By submitting, you agree to these terms.
  • If you found the link on another link site or weblog etc, credit the source by putting its name in the Or: box on the submission page.
  • Make the tagline funny.
  • Make sure the submission is at least somewhat humorous.
  • When making taglines for Photoshop or caption candidates, describe the picture.
  • Try to make headlines have a noun and a verb. This isn't always possible.
  • Don't link directly to videos. Link to pages where videos can be watched instead.
  • Don't spam the queue repetitively.
  • Don't capitalize every word like news headlines; write normally.
  • Avoid the use of articles, just like news headlines. Instead of "A man discovers that he has two asses" write "Man discovers he has two asses."
  • Did we mention "make the tagline funny"?
  • Articles from the following sites will automatically be rejected:
    • Sites that shut themselves down after getting a lot of traffic, like Geocities did when it was alive
    • Ananova (long story)
    • Any site requiring logins or registration to read articles
    • Any site/user even remotely relating to "SEO" or "social bookmarking" or that's obviously selling something (which we consider "spammers")
  • Don't get discouraged if your link doesn't get picked -- we get thousands of link submissions a day, and less than 5% make it to the Fark main page. However, they all show up for TotalFark subscribers.
  • You do not need to be a TotalFark subscriber to get a submission approved.
  • We may occasionally swap out a source link to another. These occasions can include, but are not limited to the following situations:
    • The original article link becoming unavailable or 404'd ("Farked™");
    • A larger, preferred site we know can better handle the traffic spike;
    • A request by the target site or the link submitter;
    • Swapping to the article's original page instead of a summary or direct duplication on a blog or non-originating site.

Fark is a news aggregator, not a "social bookmarking" site. Submitting to Fark will not affect your ranking in search engines, even if it is in the 5% of links that get hand-picked... and because they are hand-picked by actual humans instead of automatically being selected based on volume or popularity, spamming us won't get your link listed... so SEO/social bookmarking spammers, don't waste your time (or ours).

Basic Farking HTML[edit]

A short HTML reference[edit]

To participate in Photoshop, Audio Edit, and Farktography contests, you will need to know certain HTML codes.Basic HTML is easy to learn, and once you learn it you won't forget it. If you want a more in-depth guide to HTML, click here.

  • To post an image in your comment, use the following code:
 <img src="URLfilename.extension"> 

(Left angle bracket, image, source, quote, URL, name of file, type of file, quote, right angle bracket).Here's an example:

 <img src="http://img.fark.com/images/2007/faq/imagepostsample.jpg">

And here's what the example looks like:


  • To post a URL in your comment, use the following code:
 <a href="URLfilename.extension">Text for the URL</a>

(Left angle bracket, anchor, direction to the destination, quote, location/directory, quote, text, closing anchor tag). Here's an example:

 <a href="http://www.fark.com/">It's not news, it's Fark.com</a>

And here's what the example looks like:

It's not news, it's Fark.com

To have the link open in a new window, add target="_top" to the code:

 <a target="_top" href="http://www.fark.com/">It's not news, it's Fark.com</a>

Using a placeholder image

If you've got an image that is Not Safe for Work and want to use a placeholder image for it, use the following HTML:

<a href="URLfilename.extension"> <img src="URLfilenameofyourplaceholderimage.extension"> </a>

Here's an example of the placeholder in action:


  • To make parts of your comment bold or italics, use the following code:
  This is in <i>italics</i> and this is in <b>bold</b>

And here's what the example looks like:

  This is in italics and this is in bold

If you want to just experiment with HTML, please make your test posts in this test forum instead of posting in other discussion threads.

HTML assistant buttons[edit]

To help you from having to type all of that HTML out, we now have some HTML assistant buttons to help out. The way this works is you select/highlight the text you want to change, then hit the formatting button:


Hitting the leftmost "B" button gives:


If you stop/hover your mouse over each button for a second or two, some text will pop up telling you what it does:


  • Posting links with the HTML assistant buttons:

Links have two parts: the clickable link text, and the URL that the link goes to. The button is smart enough to figure out if the text you highlighted is a URL or not, and will place it in the correct spot in the HTML code automatically. For example, if you highlight the phrase "http://www.fark.com/" and click the "Link" button, you will get:

  <a href="http://www.fark.com/">Link</a>

and then the cursor will move to the word "Link" so you can then replace "Link" with whatever text you want to be clickable. Or, if you highlight the phrase "Here's a cool website" and click the "Link" button, you will get:

  <a href="http://">Here's a cool website</a>

and then the cursor will move to the two slashes so you can type in the rest of the URL.

You'll notice there's actually two link buttons. The second link button with the arrow will make the link open in a new window instead of the same window.

  • Posting images with the HTML assistant buttons:

Simply type in the URL of the image, highlight it, and then click the Image button.

  • Quoting other users' comments with the HTML assistant buttons

The rightmost button that looks like "..." is for quoting parts of other users' comments. Scroll up to a previous user's comment, highlight a section, then go back down and hit the "quote selected" button. It will fill in not only the selected text in italics, but will automatically add the username of the poster for you.

There is also a quote button on the header of every individual message. If you click that button with no text selected, the entirety of the message will be quoted (unless it's huge). If you select some text within that message, only that portion gets quoted (meaning it works just like the normal "quote selected" button in the posting box).

If your text selection spans multiple comments, or is not part of a comment, it will still quote the text but won't put any username in.

  • Finally, if you would rather type all the HTML out by hand and find the assistant buttons annoying, they can be disabled in your myFark profile. Just look for the Preferences section, uncheck the "HTML assistant" option, and click Change Prefs.
  • These buttons also appear when editing the Bio fields in your myFark profile.

If you want to just experiment with HTML, please make your test posts in this test forum instead of posting in other discussion threads.

Known issues/bugs:

  • If you have Javascript disabled in your browser, the buttons will simply not appear at all. Javascript is required for the HTML assistant to work. If you're using, for example, the NoScript plugin for Firefox, you'll need to add an exception.
  • In Safari 2, if you highlight several paragraphs of text at once and use the "quote selected" button, all of the line breaks will be stripped out. This is fixed in Safari 3, which is included with Tiger 10.4.11 and Leopard. MacOS X 10.4.10 and earlier have Safari 2.
  • This has been tested in Firefox, IE7, IE6, Safari 2 and 3, and Opera 9.2. We haven't tested anything else. Anything older (IE 5.5, for example) is not supported.

Photoshop Contests[edit]

How do I enter Photoshop contests?[edit]

Before you get started, make sure to read the Posting Rules. Entries that invite or could result in unwanted legal/law-enforcement attention will be deleted as well.

To participate in Fark Photoshop contests you will need only the following five things:

  1. A Fark account
  2. Image Editing software compatible with your OS (Adobe Photoshop/Creative Suite, The GIMP, Corel Draw/Painter, etc.) Fark.com does not endorse any specific product. These are just examples.
  3. A reliable image host. Chances are you already have one - your own ISP. File hosting is included with your monthly service charges. Fark.com does not promote any of these hosting providers in particular, but a couple of examples are Flickr and Photobucket. You'll need something that can handle at least 5 to 10 gigabytes of transfer per month.
  4. An understanding of Basic Farking HTML
  5. An image that is within Fark's file size limits. (The exact numbers are at the bottom of this document)

Most image editing software comes with helpful tutorials. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, try the following links. Some are free, some are not. Your mileage may vary.

There are help and tutorial sites provided by software creators/vendors themselves:

Other informative sites include:

The Fark Photoshop/Audio Edit Forum is also an excellent source for advice. If you have questions regarding your Photoshop such as "Is it within the boundaries of acceptable?" drop in the Photoshop Forum and ask. At least one mod is there most of the time and they'll be able to answer your questions. When in doubt, especially about Safe For Work/Not Safe For Work entries - ask before you post.

Additional Photoshop requirements that are not covered by the Posting Rules:

  • Unmodified results of image searches (Google et al) that you have not altered do not count as "Photoshopped" images and are not valid entries. This includes images that are merely resized using the Photoshop program (but are otherwise unmodified).
  • Images created with text generators do not count as photoshopped images. The same applies to text-only changes (or things like text balloons).
  • Images that do not include the original contest image (or parts of it) will be removed.
  • Place-holders for NSFW images are fine, but are not for commentary on Fark's posting rules or policies.
  • Images that are broken (or break at a later point) will be deleted.
  • When you post your image, don't forget to click the enable voting button for your entry.

Additional Photoshop etiquette items:

  • It's a good idea to test your ability to link images before you post your contest entry. Use the Scratchpad to test in.
  • Please note that it is frowned upon to enable voting on an entry that builds on a previous Farker's work (whether it's in a "Photoshop tennis" or not.)
  • Refresh threads before submitting. While nothing prohibits you from posting an entry that is visually similar to one already posted by someone else, you may wish not to enable voting as a courtesy.
  • While "taste" is not a prerequisite for participation, it's still a good idea to check these guidelines every time you consider posting something that might be offensive.

File sizes:

  • Tip - In newer versions of Photoshop the "Save for Web" option under the file menu is your best bet for keeping file sizes manageable. Most posted images are between 40-60 KB; please consider linking your image if it's larger than 70KB. Our viewers still stuck with dial-up will thank you.
  • Images which exceed 500KB will be automatically rejected. Entries larger than 850 pixels wide or 1500 pixels tall will be scaled proportionally to a maximum of 850 x 1500... but it will look far better, and will much more easily fit in the file size limit, if you rescale it yourself first.

Farktography Contests[edit]

How do I enter Farktography contests?[edit]

These guidelines and rules apply to all Farktography contests unless otherwise stated. Read the Posting Rules before submitting entries.

Here's what you need:[edit]

1. A FARK account

2. A camera:

It doesn't matter whether you're using a disposable film camera, a cell phone camera, a point and shoot digicam, a Holga, or the latest and greatest digital or film Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera. Be it digital or film, medium format or 35mm, RAW or jpg, are all acceptable.

3. An image editor:

You will probably need at least a basic image editor to handle things like cropping, resizing, color corrections, etc. Even if you are scanning from film, there will still be basic adjustments you will need to make to your image before you submit it to Farktography. You can use any image editor you want: Photoshop, Aperture, Paint Shop Pro, Picassa, etc. For you Linux/FreeBSD users (or Windows users that want a no-cost image editing solution), feel free to bring out The GIMP. Those folks looking to work across multiple platforms might want to check into Bibble, which works on Mac, Linux, and Windows. Fark.com does not endorse any specific product. These are just examples.

4. An understanding of Fark's acceptable posting guidelines

5. An understanding of the Farktography Rules for Acceptable Modifications:

A more detailed explanation of the Acceptable Modifications is handled later in this document, however the overarching ideal behind Farktography is that image corrections are acceptable, while adding or removing elements in the image (e.g. removing telephone poles, adding Elvis) is not acceptable. HDR, stitching, or otherwise combining exposures in post processing are not allowed unless specified for a particular theme (multiple exposures done in-camera are acceptable, however). Absent any specific exceptions for individual contests, you should always follow the standard Farktography rules for your submissions. Entries which do not conform to the rules of the contest are subject to deletion by Moderators.

6. An image host:

Many ISPs, broadband and dial-up alike, provide web storage space for their customers. While there is usually a storage limit on this space, there is often no bandwidth limit. This should be the first place you check. It's probably going to be the most reliable option, and you may as well get your money's worth. If that's not an option, or you need more space than your ISP's hosting offers, check out Image Host Advisory. This Farker-run resource has lots of information and links about finding a reliable image host to fit your budget.

NOTE: your image will be loaded thousands of times, so we don't recommend using your own server. Let one of the suckers that allow image linking take the hits for you. If you're silly enough to try to host your own images and you're trying to gauge how many GB/month you might need, count on at least two days' heavy traffic, at least 10,000 hits per day, or at least 2 gigabytes per day, per image. This is a rough estimate (as of March 2004) so your bandwidth pain may vary.

Make sure you test the ability to link images BEFORE you try it on FARK. (Try new hosts out in the scratchpad test thread.) Images that disappear into red-X land after posting will usually be deleted by our generous, demure, and talented moderators.

Here are some things you don't necessarily need, but possessing them can be an advantage:[edit]

1. An eye for composition

You don't have to be Diane Arbus, and you don't have to use the most expensive photography equipment available in order to participate and do well in Farktography. However, a good eye for composition goes a long way. If you are not already familiar with the Rule of Thirds and other ideals behind good composition, spend some time reading up on these concepts; there are lots of free online tutorials available. None of this is to say that every photo should rigidly conform to some academic formula for a "good photograph," however, learning some basics about composition can only make you a better photographer and will likely increase your votes.

2. A basic understanding of photography concepts

Not all cameras give you unfettered control over your aperture or shutter speed. However, many of today's most basic digicams do give you some level of creative control over exposure variables. If any of these terms are completely foreign to you, there are many photography 101 tutorials available online that can help clarify things. If you have a camera that allows for manual controls, learning the way shutter speed and aperture relate to exposure and depth of field can take you from merely snapping a grab shot to intentionally photographing your subjects.

3. A sense of humor

This is FARK, after all. Sometimes the most stunningly artistic photograph wins the contest, but other times a photograph that is quirky, funny, or in some other way stands out from the rest of the entries gets the big votes. Pay attention to the theme and its description, and stretch yourself to find an angle that might be outside of the expected. You can submit up to three photographs, so feel free to experiment with your photography. Themes are posted to the Farktography forums well in advance, so you have plenty of time to prepare. Above all, have fun with Farktography. It isn't a pretentious art competition, though there is plenty of excellent art submitted. The vagaries of Fark voting are well known, so if an entry of yours doesn't do well, it isn't necessarily a judgement on the artistic merits of your photograph.

Now that you're ready to begin, here's the 10 Step list:[edit]

If you've got all the above items going for you, then you're golden! Follow these simple instructions and you'll be on your way to fame and fortune in no time:

1. Check http://www.farktography.net 's list of upcoming themes for any that interest you.

2. Get out there and take some pictures! Alternatively, you can dig through the files on your hard drive or your shoebox of prints and negatives for something that would fit the theme.

3. Download your photograph from your camera's memory card or scan it in from film.

4. Edit the picture with your image editor.

5. Upload your work of art to your image host.

6. On Wednesday evening at 8pm Eastern (US), the Farktography thread will be posted to Total Fark. Liters will need to wait until the thread is greenlit. Click on the comments link of the Farktography thread to post your pictures.

7. Scroll to the very bottom and enter your FARK User ID and password.

8. Now here's the tricky part. It involves the use of basic HTML and it separates those who have read this page from those who haven't.

Type this into the comment box: <img src="http://URLHERE.jpg">, replacing the (URL HERE) with the URL to your picture.

Note that some image hosts require linking back to their site in order to comply with their TOS. You should familiarize yourself with the requirements of your individual image host.

9. If you want others to be able to vote for your entry, select the "Enable voting for this entry?" checkbox.

10. If you want to preview your post before submitting your entry, select the "Preview before post" checkbox. You will then see your submission and be given the chance to edit it, or submit it as is. Otherwise, click "Add Comment" and you're done!

If you followed the directions correctly, your photograph is standing proud with the rest of them. If you'd like to track your overall performance in Farktography, be sure to check out the Farker-run Farktography Statistics Manager ( http://www.schneeworld.com/fsm/ )


  • FARK's Posting Rules apply to all Farktography entries.
  • Entries that could be considered Not Safe For Work (NSFW) should be linked to. If you're ever in doubt, it's always safer to link. Moderators can and will delete NSFW entries that are displayed inline. Do it like this <a href="http://URLHERE.jpg">link text here</a>, replacing the (URL HERE) with the URL to your picture.

Example: <a href="http://URLHERE.jpg">Warning, boobies ahead! Click to see NSFW picture!</a>

  • You'll notice that "Taste" is not listed above as a prerequisite for participation. Still, the use of images depicting well-known tragedies such as 9/11 is not forbidden, but usually frowned upon. Images which depict people actually dying (falling to their death, engulfed in flame, being blown up) should not be used. Besides, it's a Farktography contest, not a "let's see who can find the most upsetting image to use" contest.

  • The first post in a Farktography thread contains the week's Theme and description. You should wait to post to the thread until the Theme/Description has been posted. Entries which are submitted before the Theme/Description post are subject to postdating by mods/admins so that the Theme/Description post will fall properly at the beginning of the thread.

  • You may have an internet connection that operates at twice the speed of light, but many of your co-Farkers still rely on the trusty old 56k dialup routine. Do them a favor and compress your images! In newer versions of Photoshop use the "Save For Web" option under the file menu. As an added bonus, this feature also prevents the embedded XML nastiness that makes IE go balls-up. Most of the images you post will be between 40-60KB. There are a lot of photographs entered into Farktography threads, so consider linking rather than displaying an image if it is larger than 70KB. Entries larger than 200KB will be automatically rejected. Entries larger than 640 pixels wide or 1100 pixels tall will be scaled proportionally (via width and height img tag attributes) to a maximum of 640x1100.

  • You can't vote for a picture more than once, but you can vote for as many pictures as you like. You are allowed and encouraged to vote for any photograph that you thought was particularly artistic, that made you laugh, or that you thought took a lot of effort, etc.

  • And finally... Have fun!

What are acceptable and unacceptable modifications?[edit]

These are the submission guidelines for all Farktography contests, unless otherwise stated in a theme description.

  • Submissions must be photographs; screen captures do not count as photographs.
  • You must be the original photographer of your entry. Do not submit anyone else's photography as your own.
  • You are only allowed to enter a photograph once. Do not submit the same photo to another contest later.
  • Up to 3 photos can be entered into each contest, as long as each photo is of a different composition. Please post each photo separately so they can be voted for individually.

General Photographic Guidelines (The number of the counting shall be 3):[edit]

  • Compositional changes that involve adding or removing elements of the photo are bad. No adding Elvis, no erasing utility lines. Cropping is fine, however.
  • Image corrections are accepted. Color or value correction? Perspective? Pin cushion? Unsightly blemishes? Stray hairs falling over your model's alabaster face? Fix these. That's cool.
  • You should strive to keep your results in the realm of the realistic. Cartoonish results from turning the saturation up to 3000, selective coloring (we can see your boyfriend's pretty green eyes without turning everything else black and white), and the use of "artistic" filters that turn your photos into paintings or drawings are not what we're going for here. Such use of these otherwise acceptable tools is discouraged and may subject your photograph to disqualification.

Unacceptable Modifications (These are right out):[edit]

  • Combining exposures in post-processing is not allowed (e.g. HDR, stitching, stacking negatives, etc.--not allowed). However, multiple exposures produced in-camera are always acceptable.
  • Removing or adding compositional objects or textures via cloning or copying. Cropping is fine, but no removing the branch that seems to be growing out of Aunt Edna's head. No giving Spot an extra leg.
  • DO NOT divide by zero

If you have any questions about the acceptable modifications, or if you'd just like to chat and learn more about photography, feel free to drop by the forums at http://www.farktography.net or email questions@farktography.net.


Tastes like chicken[edit]

Damn near every movie you've ever seen uses this phrase. So does Fark.

France Surrenders[edit]

This is a variation of a theme found in The Onion's "Our Dumb Century," which is a collection of fake newspaper articles supposedly published all across the 20th century. One of the jokes is that every time there's a war (World War I, II, Vietnam, etc) the words 'French Surrender' follow the headline.

Study: after years of research scientists come up with obvious conclusion[edit]

Such as beer makes you fat, or students use free laptops from schools for porn. Those are real studies we've listed. Apparently there's an entire wing of the US government working hard on studying things that just don't need studying.

"First Post" time warp[edit]

For whatever reason message boards on sites like Fark are forever plagued with morons posting "First Post" anytime a link is posted. Fark automatically turns the words "first post" into the word "boobies" and resets the timestamp on the message to some time in the future so that it isn't the first post anymore. Attempts to evade that sometimes result in it becoming "weeners" instead of "boobies".

The "Boobies" line item in your MyFark profile is the date of the first post you ever made to Fark.

Ugly-ass baby animals[edit]

It started with a picture of an ugly-ass baby rhinoceros born at the Cincinnati Zoo. The thing was seriously ugly. As it turns out, ugly-ass baby animals are born all the time. We usually post them when they show up in the queue. There's no good explanation for this.


Wil's a regular reader of Fark. We attracted his attention one day after linking to his website, he came here, and keeps on coming here. The night he appeared on the Weakest Link with other Star Trek actors, Slashdot linked to his website and crushed it out of existence, so he hung out on Fark instead and answered questions. We were glad to have him and he even has his own tag: wheaton.gif


As you can see, he's a man to be reckoned with. It also turns out that Wil's a nice guy who has been living under the shadow of that horribly-written Wesley Crusher character that he played as a paying job for several years. He seems well on his way to overcoming the stigma however, and we're happy to support him in that endeavor.

"Killing" kittens[edit]

A reference to a Photoshopped picture that originally appeared on Fark. It was a picture of a kitten being chased by two Domo-kuns with the caption "Every time you masturbate... God kills a kitten." Usually used in reference to boobies links, e.g. "Wow she's hot, I'm going to go kill a few kittens."

Hollywood is out of ideas[edit]

Seems like they're cranking out nothing but sequels and live action cartoons.

Duke sucks[edit]

Drew lives in Kentucky and like many, many people in Kentucky, doesn't like Duke basketball. He normally refrains from injecting his personal opinion into link titles but can't help himself on this one.

For those of you that don't live in Kentucky and don't know the background, most of it has to do with the March 28, 1992 game.

Still no cure for cancer[edit]

Attached to taglines on articles about useless research, implying that researchers shouldn't be wasting their time on studies that conclude that drinking a lot will give you a beer gut (That was an actual study.)


Farkers just started using this one day.

Your dog wants steak[edit]

This was tacked on to the end of an article about a Japanese device that allows you to communicate with your dog. The joke being anyone who has had a dog can tell you that dogs are not incredibly complex creatures. You can tell what they want just by looking at them.

Here comes the science[edit]

A line out of an incredibly bad shampoo commercial that Ben Affleck did overseas. His contract stipulated that it never be shown in the US. Obviously you can find a dozen copies of it in under three seconds on YouTube.

Sharp knees[edit]

Farkers just started using this one day after seeing the phrase in Fun Reports (the site has since closed). The joke is that the poster judging the desirability of a woman (or lack thereof) is not much of a specimen himself and therefore in no real position to make that call.

Ric Romero[edit]

Reports the obvious, usually long after everyone else knows it's obvious.


Dates back to 2002. The media loves whipping people up into a panic over nothing. We love to mock them for it.

No, you can't have a ________. Not yours.[edit]

Appeared in a Photoshop contest.

LGN / DIT[edit]

Abbreviations for "Link Goes Nowhere" and "Details In Thread", used for discussion/advice links where the link doesn't actually go to an external site.


Die In A Fire. It comes from Carolyn Beck of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission who once said: "I don't really understand the hateful outrage. I don't understand, 'Die in a fire'."

Farked ™[edit]

When a site is linked on Fark, it sometimes leads to unintentional server overload and eventual failure. This isn't necessarily a bad thing since traffic = ad revenue and the Farked™ site often gains new long-term readers.

TLA'a and other stuff[edit]

These didn't originate on Fark, but you've probably seen them here and everywhere else. Use Google if you want more information.

  • FTW: For The Win
  • QFT: Quoted For Truth

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Opportunities For Contribution[edit]

If you'd like to help out Fark and don't want to buy a TotalFark subscription or a banner ad campaign or a shirt, you can donate here.

Random Stuff[edit]

April Fools pages[edit]

Fark has a long tradition of doing fake front pages and other bizarre stunts on April 1 of each here. A list of all of them by year can be found here.

Fark though the ages[edit]

Someone suggested it'd be cool to see how Fark's evolved over the years. So here goes:

farkv0.thumb.png This is all Fark had for its first two years, from mid 1997 to early 1999. Some would argue this is better than what we have now...
farkv1.thumb.png The original Fark, launched February 1999. No logo, no topic tags, no comments.
farkv1a.thumb.png Introduction of the first logo and the topic tags (Amusing, Stupid, etc).
farkv1b.thumb.png At some point, we decided to tell people how to dry their hands after submitting links.
farkv2.thumb.png 2nd version, June 2000. Drew finally starts putting links in a real database and creates the Comments sections.
farkv2a.thumb.png November 2000. We're starting to get some sponsor/friends links.
farkv3.thumb.png 3rd version, first major redesign, January 2001. This is the first appearance of our logo. One sidebar added on the left for all the sponsor/friends links.
farkv3a.thumb.png The logo's shifted to the left because this is the week of September 11, 2001 and we shaved all the non-essentials off the page to save bandwidth.
farkv4.thumb.png 4th version, late September 2001. Right sidebar added for the then-new Classifieds section.
farkv4a.thumb.png Banner ads are in place by December 2001, though most of them are dummy/joke placeholder ads at first. By early 2002 we have moved our hardware to a new ISP that we have to actually pay for, so we need to start running real ones.
farkv5.thumb.png 5th version, second major redesign, June 2002. Cleaned up the fonts and colors. We stuck with this design for a long time -- too long.
farkv6.thumb.png 6th version, early 2006 -- first appearance of tabs for subpages; banner ad moves up.
farkv6a.thumb.png More tabs were added during the first half of 2006.
farkv7.thumb.png 7th version, third major redesign, late April 2007. Numerous tweaks were made thoughout May and a few in June. Some right sidebar sections were removed in April 2011.
farkv8.thumb.png 8th version, 4th major redesign, June 1, 2011. Submit a Link »