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Hey! on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app

Where do I get the Hey! on app?

From iTunes

What devices will the app work on?

The app will work on any Apple device running iOS 4 or later. This includes iPhone 3G, 4, and 4S, 2nd Gen (and later) iPod Touch, and all iPads.

What about an app for Android?

This first version of the app is only for Apple devices, but if it's well-received, we'll look at creating an Android version. You can still use our mobile site: to browse a mobile-formatted version of Fark on Android devices.

How do I log out?

Once you're logged in, you aren't able to log out. The majority of people have their own phones, and there's no need. However, it's something we will look at for future versions. For now, if you need to log out and log in as another user, you can delete the app (tap-and-hold on the icon until it jiggles, and click the 'X' in the corner), and re-install it.

I don't want notifications to wake me up. How do I tell it to shut up?

There's a Snooze button at the bottom of the screen. You can give it a start time and an end time to not disturb you.

I'm traveling. Will my Snooze settings know I'm in a different timezone?

Not automatically. However, as soon as you launch the app once, it will pick up your new timezone and you'll be all set!

It's Daylight Savings Time! Will my Snooze settings know?

Not automatically. However, as soon as you launch the app once, it will pick up the time change and you'll be all set!

I just got notified for a keyword trigger, but those words aren't in the headline!

We often link a story about something, but that 'thing' won't be a word in the headline. To try to bring you the stories most relevant to your interests, we match on words on the headline, as well as tags that have been assigned to the article by our partner TextDigger. These are the same tags you see on the full site underneath the headline on the comments page.

There was a story on Fark that should have sent me a notification, but didn't. What gives?

We send push notifications to Apple's servers to send to your device. Apple makes a "best effort" attempt at delivering the notification, but they can't guarantee it, especially if you're in an area with bad cell service or your wireless router is having problems. However, it should be rare.

I just got a screen that said "Couldn't load news item. (The request timed out.)". What does that mean?

It means that your device wasn't able to connect to the network to load the notification. This could be because there's a problem with Fark servers, or it could be because your cell or wireless connection is bad. This should be quite rare.

I can't upload a photo when adding a comment

Unfortunately, photo uploading is broken in the Hey! on app at this time. We're not sure when a fix will be out. You can workaround this by opening the page in mobile Safari and uploading your photo there. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I missed a couple notifications. How do I see the ones I've missed?

You can look at your Notification Center on your device. To find this, tap the top of your phone where the time is displayed, and swipe down. By default, the last 5 notifications from the "Hey! on" app are stored here. You can increase this to the most recent 10 notifications by going to Settings->Notifications, tapping the "Hey! on Fark" app and choosing to show "10 Recent Items".

My triggers get synced between my iPhone and iPad. Why don't my Snooze settings and my Sound get synced?

Triggers are related to you - your personal preferences on what you like to know about in general. However, Snooze and Sound are device-specific. You might keep your phone near you when you sleep, and you want it to snooze during that time, but notify you with a ringing, "Duke Sucks," during the day, while wanting your iPad to just chirp a short "Hey!" any time, night or day.

Whose voice is that on the sounds?

That's Drew Curtis. You might have heard of him.

What's on deck for future versions?

Part of it will depend on what you, as users, tell us you'd like. However, we have a few ideas of our own.

  • HD iPad version
  • notifications when someone replies to you or mentions you in a comment (similar to email notifications)
  • notifications on TFD links
  • landscape view
  • a 'reader' for the Fark Mobile view (for now, you can use the "Open in Safari" option, and then click 'Reader')

I have a great idea for the app! What's the best way to tell you about it?

We would love feedback! Please send it to Farkback.

Where do I report a bug?

Please report all bugs using

What's this I hear about an Easter Egg?

It's in there, and not terribly difficult to find! Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess?

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