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Fark.com Top Ten Links (past 24 hours)


(Daily Mail) Scary King Tut's newest body recreation shows he was OMG KILL IT WITH FIRE (168)


(Vox) Cool Here's what 9,000 years of breeding has done to corn, peaches, and other crops (257)


(Daily Mail) Followup Will everyone who doubted the claim that Jack the Ripper has been unmasked please step forward and take a bow? (78)


(BT.com) Amusing Man drives the wrong way down expressway. Because it gets him to work faster. And he's been doing it five days a week for five years (132)


(Mirror.co.uk) Dumbass Pilot continues to fly passenger jet dangerously low on fuel for fear of losing his job (86)


(Some Guy) Interesting A major musical and anthropological mystery is finally solved as Billy Idol comes clean on all the dirty lyrics the crowd sings whenever "Mony Mony" is performed. We can now all move on with our lives (101)


(Slate) Photoshop The GOP's 404 Page makes a "funny." So, let's Photoshop some other 404s for both parties (35)


(New York Daily News) Cool Paralyzed man uses exoskeleton to walk down the aisle on wedding day. Skynet expresses disappointment, promises next model will find Sarah Connor (65)


(Opposing Views) Silly Husband refuses to wake up wife unless she signs an agreement (59)


(Yahoo) Weird "This is your captain, we've now begun our descent into the UK, and if you look out on your right, you can see a flying man outside our airliner" (58)

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