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Fark.com Top Ten Links (past 24 hours)


Silly Texas mayor arrested for official oppression by blocking a woman in her own driveway and suggesting she trim her grass. And by "trim her grass," I mean, "you know exactly what I mean" (102)


Sad Giving oral sex to your boyfriend in a parking lot at Walmart in Louisiana is obviously OK, as long as you don't leave your kids locked in a hot car while doing it (152)


Amusing Nothing like 'White Pride' tattoos for eyebrows to show how good you are at life decisions (107)


Scary True or false. You can have a key made and shipped to you by emailing a picture of any key (149)


Spiffy The only thing classier than getting married in a Superman costume while your bride wears a Wonder Woman costume are the wedding photos from your special day (122)


Interesting University of Delaware announces mandatory threesomes for incoming freshman class. University of Delaware trifecta now in play (43)


Fail It's the goddamned bat goatee in this week's Mugshot Roundup (79)


Hero Concealed carry permit holder shoots at fleeing bank robber, forcing legitimate cop to take cover and cease pursuit (242)


Interesting Massive hole found in the US border, and it's not our immigration policy (48)


Cool Ebola is nothing to get worried about (87)

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