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Fark.com Top Ten Links (past 24 hours)


(Daily Mail) Amusing The most obscene, anti-Christian, and hilarious Christmas cards on the market (149)


(ABC 27) Dumbass Awesome-looking doctor gets charged with illegally filling out prescriptions. Really, he looks awesome (62)


(Space.com) Interesting Voyager 1 sends back sound that it's being probed. Won't be long before we're all being probed (75)


(Deslidefied) Spiffy Here are the top 100 photos of 2014, in case you needed new desktop wallpaper or some inspiration to start using that digital SLR that's been gathering dust since you got it on your birthday (Warning: Not safe for work/Graphic images) (79)


(Uproxx) Hero It's still real to her, dammit (54)


(BBC-US) Fail Spice not flowing (48)


(Talking Points Memo) Asinine Head of Cleveland Patrolman's Union: Just shut the f*ck up, listen to a police officer's commands and pray to f*cking God that he's not having a bad day that day. Now, pick up that can, citizen (416)


(Mashable) Amusing CNN: Let's ask people on Twitter to give us questions to ask a panel of cops. There's no way this could backfire (184)


(Press-Enterprise (So. Cal)) Scary Today's law enforcement shooting and killing of an unarmed mentally ill person who was asleep is brought to you by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department (212)


(EventHubs) Fail Good news from Capcom for anyone who always thought being a competitive Street Fighter player required talent, practice, or more than one button (61)

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