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Sun February 26, 2012
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(TMZ) Fail Think The X-Factor can't get any worse? How does "New judge Avril Lavigne" sound?  (tmz.com) (67)
(Entertainment Weekly) Cool Will Billy Crystal bring dignity and humor back to The Oscars? Will The Artist silently dominate? What will Ben Stiller dress up as this year? It's your Official Academy Awards Discussion Thread, 7:30 PM on ABC  (ew.com) (lots)
(io9) Interesting Not news: Oscar winner predictions. Fark: For the next five years  (io9.com) (22)
(Slate) Interesting The sounds of violence in movies have gotten more and more moister and squishier and uncomfortable over the years. Here's why  (slate.com) (64)
(YouTube) Cool Today would have been the 96th birthday of The Great One, and no I'm not talking about Wayne Gretzky or Mark Levin  (youtube.com) (57)
(Yahoo) Obvious Adam Sandler receives a record 11 Razzie nominations. In other news, from now on Sandler threads will appear under the Geek tab, as his movies don't qualify as entertainment  (news.yahoo.com) (100)
(YouTube) Video Johnny Cash would have been 80 today. Here's the famous 1968 performance of Jackson (bonus: June Carter)  (youtube.com) (57)
(Yahoo) Interesting Hollywood has a history of hiring Mexicans to do jobs Americans won't do  (movies.yahoo.com) (18)
(I Heart Chaos) Cool If only Mattel had 1% of this creativity  (iheartchaos.com) (56)
(Sun Sentinel) Interesting This slideshow of 80s Teen Queens may ruin your memories of fapping to Demi Moore and Mia Sara, but on the bright side, Molly Ringwald has only gotten hotter  (sun-sentinel.com) (109)
(Daily Mail) Scary Pamela Anderson proudly displays Spring's latest look - eyebrows painted on a snare drum  (dailymail.co.uk) (66)
(Reuters) Cool Guy asks Taylor Swift to Prom. Not news, she turns him down. Fark: She asks HIM to the ACM Awards instead  (reuters.com) (69)

Sat February 25, 2012
(Rolling Stone) Cool Bruce Springsteen will take over Late Night with Jimmy Fallon next week, finally giving Fallon an edge over Craig Ferguson  (rollingstone.com) (95)
(Some Guy) Amusing In Kirk Cameron's new film, Monumental, the actor retraces "the footsteps of our Founders from England to America in the hope of discovering our true "national treasure."" Obviously he's referring to the Crocoduck  (stopthehype.com) (109)
(Paste Magazine) Cool The 90 best albums of the 90s. #5 really should be at #1  (pastemagazine.com) (479)
(Yahoo) Spiffy Bill Pullman to play the President of the United States. This is not a repeat from 1996  (news.yahoo.com) (54)
(Daily Mail) Hero What did Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, and Padma Lakshmi have in common? This guy  (dailymail.co.uk) (39)
(Entertainment Weekly) Cool The Walking Dead has cast its Governor  (insidetv.ew.com) (109)
(Daily Mail) Amusing Colbert gets revenge on dead Mormons by converting them to Judaism. Fark: He performs a "proxy circumcision", using a hot dog and a cigar cutter. (w/photos & video)  (dailymail.co.uk) (93)

Fri February 24, 2012
(HitFix) Scary Some folks won't prep their kids for Doomsday by training them to fight with tomahawks made from railroad spikes, but then again some folk'll  (hitfix.com) (51)
(New York Daily News) Fail You're not going to believe this but Paris Hilton's new single "Drunk Text" and the accompanying video may possibly be the worst thing in the entire history of ever (w/video)  (nydailynews.com) (119)
(io9) Cool What if The Phantom Menace was a really, really good movie?  (io9.com) (119)
(Gather.com) Sick What's the best way to ensure you DON'T rest in peace? Get buried with a million dollar necklace in a gold casket. There's a rush on at Newark hardware stores--for shovels  (celebs.gather.com) (70)
(USA Today) Cool In what's nothing more than a cheap cash-in on The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul is returning to The Clone Wars. But damn if it doesn't look awesome  (usatoday.com) (70)
(IMDB) Sad Today would have been Abe Vigoda's 91st birthday. Happy birthday and RIP, Fish-man  (imdb.com) (58)
(AZCentral) Strange Contents of Madonna stalker storage locker reveals the usual items: knives, topless Madonna photos, headless dolls  (azcentral.com) (17)
(Den Of Geek) Sad 52 films that unfairly have a 6-out-of-ten rating or lower on IMDB  (denofgeek.com) (168)
(USA Today) Fail The movie "Wanderlust" does not do the authentic hippy justice and instead reduces its hippies to caricature, stereotype, and near parody. C'mon, Hollywood, our hippies deserve better than this  (usatoday.com) (40)
(Orlando Sentinel) Sad Snow White gets the boot from Disney World. Evil stepmother cackles maniacally  (orlandosentinel.com) (48)
(YouTube) Cool Sofia Vergara's first Pepsi commercial ... at age 17  (youtube.com) (82)
(Loop21) Interesting Has the time come for an all black news network?  (loop21.com) (58)
(Some Guy) Cool The best use of a Sesame Street sample you will hear today  (pigeonsandplanes.com) (15)
(Snooki's Crab Basket) Obvious JWoww catches crabs  (thehollywoodgossip.com) (13)
(GalleristNY) Cool Want a nice luxury car custom designed by top artists and with a back seat that can fit a bunch of supermodels? For just $150k, the Maybach from 'Otis' could be yours  (galleristny.com) (12)
(TMZ) Sad Gerard Butler is headed to rehab for pain pills and cocaine. You would too if you were constantly in danger of death by snu snu  (tmz.com) (51)
(Some Guy) Stupid Why don't you little punks get off my lawn and tune your Walkmans to hear what you apparently call "filthy dubstep"  (boxtu.com) (58)
(Onion AV Club) Cool FX renews Archer for a fourth season. Call Kenny Loggins, 'cause we're in the D-D-DANGER ZONE  (avclub.com) (187)
(TV Geek Army) Spiffy Don Draper, having slept with every English-speaking woman in the world, is now using Hungarian to seduce the ladies of Europa  (tvgeekarmy.com) (20)
(LA Times) Strange Dead at 81  (latimes.com) (25)

Thu February 23, 2012
(Spinner) PSA Meat Loaf wants you to know two things: he prefers being called Meat, not Mr. Loaf; and he has had several paranormal encounters in his lifetime  (spinner.com) (67)
(io9) Hero The Internet can sometimes be a beautiful thing. Dying boy gets entire Sci Fi series spoiled--by the author himself  (io9.com) (85)
(Comedy.Com) Cool Every Billy Crystal Oscars opening... this is why he should have never left  (comedy.com) (60)
(Chicago Tribune) Obvious J.K. Rowling to publish book for adults. Intentionally this time  (chicagotribune.com) (60)
(3 News New Zealand) Interesting Xena, Cylon #3 and Lucretia board an Alaska-bound oil ship in protest  (3news.co.nz) (94)
(Starpulse) Scary Sinead O'Connor just made Hugh Hefner throw up in his mouth a little bit  (starpulse.com) (69)
(Wired) Sad Photographer chronicles the locales of famous musicians' deaths, but fails to include site of Spinal Tap drummer John "Stumpy" Pepys' fatal gardening accident which remains, at authorities' behest, unsolved  (wired.com) (20)
(USA Today) Interesting Jennifer Love Hewitt (moderate stiffening) to star in TV show about prostitution (full rigidity) on Lifetime (some softening) with Cybill Sheppard (complete flaccidity)  (content.usatoday.com) (47)
(Some Guy) Asinine R&B singer noted for his even-tempered disposition has playful encounter with a fan taking his picture  (miami.cbslocal.com) (32)
(HitFix) Followup Sacha Baron Cohen NOT banned from Oscars...yet  (hitfix.com) (13)
(CNN) Interesting "My office was set up like a huge living room...the centerpiece of which was a large crystal bowl, filled at all times with a generous supply of cocaine." Damn. I'm still pissed I missed the '70s  (cnn.com) (24)
(TMZ) Followup Weird Al Yankovic: "I would DEFINITELY do the Super Bowl Halftime Show." Make it happen, NFL  (tmz.com) (133)
(Some Doctor) Strange Raxacoricofragilistic expialidocious  (themarysue.com) (9)
(Washington Post) PSA Whitney Houston celebrates seven days of sobriety. YOU GO GIRL  (washingtonpost.com) (42)
(My Fox DC) Interesting Major quake rattles Los Angeles  (myfoxdc.com) (95)
(Huffington Post) Interesting Old and outdated: Hollywood celebrity map of the stars. New and improved: NYC celebrity map of the stars  (huffingtonpost.com) (28)
(Chicago Tribune) Fail Sinead O'Connor's new album recorded in less time than her last marriage  (chicagotribune.com) (24)
(io9) Cool The first extended look at Pixar's "Brave". June cannot get here soon enough  (io9.com) (140)
(Entertainment Weekly) Followup Adele's 21 enjoys its 21st week atop the charts, breaking Whitney Houston's record. 21 had the biggest Grammy sales boost in 21 years. While you're reading this, Set Fire to the Rain is on the radio for the 21st time in 21 hours  (music-mix.ew.com) (80)
(Topless Robot) Strange Ten bizarre real-life events that inspired equally bizarre movies. Yes, The Mothman Prophecies was based on a true story  (toplessrobot.com) (83)
(NME) PSA John Peel's legendary music collection to become an online interactive musical museum. This is seriously awesome news  (nme.com) (29)
(Gizmodo) Cool Introducing the AT-AT for the scruffy, nerf-herding hippies  (gizmodo.com) (31)

Wed February 22, 2012
(Some Guy) Silly Tired of being the butt of jokes, Ice-T's wife Coco gets an ultrasound to prove the junk in her trunk is real. Oh the Hugh-Jassity  (dailytelegraph.com.au) (75)
(Deadline) Asinine Sacha Baron Cohen has been banned from the Oscars. Very nice, not  (deadline.com) (115)
(Fox News) Sad Actor who played Chief Grady in Super Troopers in critical condition after shooting himself in the head in failed suicide attempt  (foxnews.com) (182)
(Mental Floss) Interesting Why Crow T. Robot's wrangler developed major-league biceps and other secrets revealed in an interview with writer, actor, set designer and puppeteer Trace Beaulieu  (mentalfloss.com) (39)
(Yahoo) Ironic Kate Upton's SI cover is "a step away from Playboy" complains Cheryl Tiegs who posed for SI 25 years ago wearing nipple exposing see-thru fishnet suit  (news.yahoo.com) (121)
(CBS News) Followup Lindsay Lohan to play Liz Taylor, future self, in a Lifetime TV movie  (cbsnews.com) (18)
(Some Guy) Florida It's Ron de Jeremy to you, buddy   (downtownstpete.ilovetheburg.com) (47)
(BBC) Interesting John Leguizamo wonders why Only Fools and Horses work  (bbc.co.uk) (26)
(St. Petersburg Times) Amusing Dennis DeYoung on the Mr. Roboto controversy that destroyed Styx: "I should have had that robot mask made larger"  (tampabay.com) (96)
(Comedy.Com) Silly TV doctors that make your mom giddy... gross  (comedy.com) (36)
(Starpulse) Unlikely Adam Levine defends fat chicks in Spandex  (starpulse.com) (45)
(New York Daily News) Cool Badass 'Blaxploitation' stars from the 1970s: Where are they now? (Badass slideshow)  (nydailynews.com) (72)
(The Daily Beast) Spiffy Not to alarm anyone, but there may be a new Barrymore coming soon. Tabloid journalists look forward to several more decades of great headlines  (thedailybeast.com) (25)
(Bitten and Bound) Fail Bam Margera got cuffed and stuffed in New Orleans for Mardi Gras transgressions that were apparently limited to swimming with his clothes on in a pool. #lame, #jackass  (bittenandbound.com) (24)
(Some Guy) Obvious Writer insults zombies by comparing them to American Idol's slow pacing   (theclicker.today.msnbc.msn.com) (22)
(RedEye Chicago) Interesting Here's a list of the 10 worst Saturday Night Live hosts ever, written by someone who obviously has no clue that the show existed before Mike Myers and Dana Carvey  (redeyechicago.com) (112)
(Deadline) Spiffy Don't look now, the fat girl from The Onion just got a pilot  (deadline.com) (50)
(Celebitchy) Dumbass Adam Levine endorses pulling out vs. condoms, which is a dangerous message to send white people in their mid-thirties  (celebitchy.com) (50)
(Yahoo) Hero 'There's just one more thing: Former 'Columbo' star Falk leaves $3M to UCLA, the scholarship's focus will be on aiding undergraduates studying music, those with disabilities and military Veterans  (tv.yahoo.com) (51)
(Spinner) Amusing Adele proves a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush  (spinner.com) (71)
(Entertainment Weekly) Fail Sugarland blame God and their fans for last year's deadly stage collapse  (music-mix.ew.com) (52)
(E! Online) Sad Next week on the Amazing Race: Teams fight for their lives as they try to avoid being poisoned by Uganda thugs. One team member WILL be eliminated  (eonline.com) (32)

Tue February 21, 2012
(Gamma Squad) Interesting Billionaire playboy philanthropist Robert Downey Jr almost played a billionaire playboy misanthropist in McG's Superman reboot  (gammasquad.uproxx.com) (59)
(Bitten and Bound) Obvious Ellen DeGeneres is helping two British tutu shaking cousins to expend their 15 minutes of fame well beyond the point of ad nauseam, failing to realize that 'too cute' sucks the air out of a room. Get the hook (vid)  (bittenandbound.com) (51)
(Den Of Geek) Obvious Answer: Fark themselves  (denofgeek.com) (120)
(USA Today) Spiffy And yet another reason to love Jeremy Lin ... he shoots down rumors about him dating a Kardashian  (content.usatoday.com) (46)
(Short List) Fail Cinema accidentally shows trailer for The Devil Inside to toddlers. Number of angry parents already surpasses those who have actually seen the whole farking movie  (shortlist.com) (60)
(Daily Mail) Strange Anderson Cooper gives Courtney Cox a bowl of his creamy white "dressing" which Courtney proceeds to gulp from the bowl as she tells him how good it tastes. Subby was confused by the lack of Japanese dialogue  (dailymail.co.uk) (64)
(The Superficial) Fail "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" ... Love, Courtney Stodden  (thesuperficial.com) (92)
(Den Of Geek) Scary Eleven moments Disney did its best to traumatize your childhood  (denofgeek.com) (165)
(Boing Boing) Hero Frank Zappa explains the decline of the music industry. Hero tag has a jam session with Spiffy the bassist, Cool on keys and Obvious keeping time on drums  (boingboing.net) (82)
(NME) Cool Kiss, Faith No More, and Queen on the same stage this summer? Sign me up  (nme.com) (86)
(Salon) Misc In the American healthcare system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the TV shows which write plots about diseases, and the viewers who diagnose themselves from them. These are their stories  (salon.com) (24)

Mon February 20, 2012
(Deadspin) Interesting How they made the greatest Simpsons episode of all-time, "Homer At The Bat," which premiered 20 years ago tonight  (deadspin.com) (247)
(HyperVocal) Hero Wanna beat the crap out of Chris Brown? Get in line behind this dude  (hypervocal.com) (98)
(Some Guy) Followup Source reveals why Bobby Brown was asked to leave Whitney Houston's funeral: His guest list had too many new editions  (939mia.com) (75)
(Starpulse) Unlikely Would you pay $20 for a bottle of Pinot Grigio? Drew Barrymore thinks you will  (starpulse.com) (101)
(Daily Mail) Scary Khloe Kardashian installs a sex swing. Happy nightmares  (dailymail.co.uk) (75)
(Starpulse) Obvious Victoria Beckham shoots down rumors of a Spice Girls reunion, says it "won't happen" in 2012. Guess the Mayans had it wrong after all  (starpulse.com) (36)
(The Daily Beast) Obvious Guess what Bobbi Brown was doing when she went missing for several hours after her mom's funeral. Go ahead...guess  (thedailybeast.com) (88)
(SeattlePI) Stupid This list of 20 ugly rock stars seems to equate the natural process of aging with "ugly"  (seattlepi.com) (88)
(Yahoo) Misc Anderson Cooper is struggling to survive in daytime closet...er...slot  (news.yahoo.com) (35)
(LA Times) Amusing The Simpson's 500th episode ends with the line: All we ask is that you go out and get some fresh air before logging on the internet and saying how much this sucked"  (latimes.com) (252)
(IGN) Sad The Phantom Menace passes Star Wars to become the fourth-highest grossing film of all time  (movies.ign.com) (112)
(Short List) Obvious Turns out that men incapable of controlling their bladders are deemed capable of controlling who wins Oscars  (shortlist.com) (44)
(WRCB-TV) Followup Our long national nightmare is over: The Colbert Report to return to the airwaves tonight. So enough with the rioting and looting, people  (wrcbtv.com) (30)
(Some Hipster) Scary I, for one, do not welcome our new robotic musical overlords  (depauliaonline.com) (41)
(Arizona Star) Misc Lindsey Lohan to host "SNL" on March 3 (musical guest, Jack White) assuming she's still alive  (azstarnet.com) (66)

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