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Sun November 07, 2010
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(Radar Magazine)   Finally, some good news for Lindsay Lohan  (radaronline.com) (34)
(Huffington Post)   The tradition of stupid, goofy celebrity baby names continues as Kelly Preston and John Travolta say they will name their son Benjamin  (huffingtonpost.com) (44)
(Slate)   Joe Mcginnis, the reporter who moved next to Sarah Palin to spy on her, is now upset that he's now on her "Mama Grizzly" reality show  (slate.com) (95)
(Examiner)   NBC orders up two extra episodes of "Community", which is either really great news or really ominous, depending on how you wanna look at it  (examiner.com) (205)
(Some Guy On TV)   Hijinks ensue when tv actors union compromises member's security & banking info to hackers. Will Charlie Sheen ever figure out which charges aren't his?  (sagactor.blogspot.com) (5)
(Coming Soon)   "Zombieland" writers to make film adaptation of "Cowboy Ninja Viking." What, no pirates?  (comingsoon.net) (33)
(io9)   Morgan Freeman is in talks to play The Colonel in the upcoming Akira adaptation. No matter how cool this sounds, remember, Zac Efron is in talks to star as Kaneda  (io9.com) (67)
(Examiner)   After weeks of speculation, an online poll, and months of meticulous planning, it appears that Conan O'Brien's first "Conan" guest will be...a woman who owns 6,000 nutcrackers? Actually, that sounds about right  (examiner.com) (92)
(Deadline)   Will Ferrell manages to get the number one film at the box office this weekend with $47.5 million. However, it's the animated Megamind, so he's not nearly as annoying in this one  (deadline.com) (48)
(Contact Music)   Robert Downey Jr. thinks he'll win an undeserved Oscar because he wasn't awarded one for his role in Chaplin. Well, he can be certain he won't win one for portraying Sherlock Holmes  (contactmusic.com) (82)
(Guardian.com)   New film about the invention of sex toys is creating quite a buzz  (guardian.co.uk) (31)
(Some Big Bush Supporter)   Not news: Woman known for her naked pictures on the internet gets giant skull and rose tattoo. Fark: It's Dr. Laura  (drlaura.com) (59)

Sat November 06, 2010
(Examiner) Video Adam Sandler tests his box office invincibility by adding Jennifer "Box Office Poison" Aniston to his next film, "Just Go With It". If the trailer's any indication, Sandler may have finally found his Kryptonite  (examiner.com) (102)
(Starpulse)   If you're responsible for rumors about Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown getting back together, Whitney Houston would like to take this time to convey the following: "KISS MY ASS"  (starpulse.com) (19)
(Pop Matters)   Just out on Blu-ray, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" is like cramming two pieces of a pre-school puzzle together with the hope that no one notices the misaligned edges and inconsistent images  (popmatters.com) (79)
(Examiner)   With Steve Carell leaving "The Office" at the end of this season, shouldn't the show's writers be spending more time dealing with that rather than, say, more scenes wherein Jim and Pam act obnoxiously cute with their baby?  (examiner.com) (105)
(FilmDrunk)   Something for absolutely everyone: Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake in various states of undress for their new movie "Friends with Benefits" (Not safe for work language - red band trailer)  (filmdrunk.uproxx.com) (50)
(The Sun)   Hermione wants to be "more naughty." The Sun is there  (thesun.co.uk) (104)
(People Magazine)   Katy Perry would rather 'tease' than pose nude. Subby inconsolable  (feeds.people.com) (93)
(Cracked)   Coulda, woulda, shoulda....20 plot twists famous movies should have had  (cracked.com) (55)
(io9)   Man responsible for Hot Tub Time Machine will direct a Toxic Avenger remake  (io9.com) (31)
(Gizmodo)   Chewbacca breast-feeding Macaulay Culkin... in Space {EOT}  (gizmodo.com) (29)
(Daily Mail)   Madonna is 8 years older than her new boyfriend......'s mom  (dailymail.co.uk) (70)
(The New York Times)   RIP Mrs. Darling  (nytimes.com) (42)
(Contact Music)   What's worse than three Michael Bay-directed Transformers films? How about a fourth?  (contactmusic.com) (40)

Fri November 05, 2010
(NME)   Simon Pegg hates running zombies. There. Discussion over  (nme.com) (163)
(Gamma Squad)   Mega-Shark versus Crocosaurus versus Steve Urkel. Place your bets now  (gammasquad.uproxx.com) (38)
(Contact Music)   Good news, Will Ferrell: you won a Hollywood honor for the second year in a row. Bad news, Will Ferrell: you've been named Hollywood's Most Overpaid Star once again  (contactmusic.com) (58)
(Examiner)   Expectations were running high for the Robert Downey Jr./Zach Galifianakis comedy "Due Date", but according to 58% of critics, it's no "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles". Captain Hindsight unavailable for comment  (examiner.com) (54)
(Contact Music)   Martin Sheen signs up to play Uncle Ben. I don't know if Hollywood is ready for a rice-cooking blockbuster, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt  (contactmusic.com) (69)
(St. Petersburg Times)   Five biggest lies about reality TV. Term "reality TV" oddly not included  (tampabay.com) (32)
(Comics Alliance)   If Cookie Monster looked like an actual monster, he'd look super freaking scary  (comicsalliance.com) (54)
(Den Of Geek)   Welcome to Earf: a brief history of the alien invasion movie  (denofgeek.com) (16)
(Huffington Post)   "The Daily Show" No. 1 late-night show among adults. If only they'd give due credit to the Tonight Show, and acknowledge the emergence of comedy news  (huffingtonpost.com) (201)
(People Magazine)   Jennifer Lopez to Idol contestants: Stop singing my songs. World to Jennifer Lopez: Ditto  (people.com) (38)
(Daily Mail)   Anne Hathaway wearing a tight white dress and do you know how I know you're gay? Because you are still reading this  (dailymail.co.uk) (135)
(Contact Music)   Susan Boyle says her temper, appearance are eerily similar to that of The Incredible Hulk  (contactmusic.com) (3)
(Philly)   To celebrate his early release, Lil Wayne's friends are planning an "elegant, extravagant evening of celebration and strippers to welcome him home." Because nothing screams elegant quite like strippers  (philly.com) (66)
(Some Guy)   Shuttle explosion delayed until Monday, something about a space gas leak of some sort  (spaceflightnow.com) (56)
(Engadget)   Cable TV subscriber count drops for just the second time in history. So naturally cable execs are looking to lower prices to lure people back. Just kidding, prices going up to maintain profit trajectories  (engadget.com) (149)
(The Hollywood Reporter)   Tim Johnny Burton Depp's next film project? Dark Shadows  (hollywoodreporter.com) (73)
(io9)   Is summer 2011 going to be the nerdiest movie summer ever?  (io9.com) (50)
(io9)   Marvel is already nickel-and-diming The Avengers into mediocrity  (io9.com) (63)
(Guardian.com)   Clever game show contestant leaves producers spell bound  (guardian.co.uk) (82)
(Cinematical)   It's bad when someone obsessively analyzes a film frame-by-frame. It's even worse when it's an M. Night Shyamalan film. And when it's an analysis of his worst film, there's really no going back  (blog.moviefone.com) (87)
(411Mania)   And now, William Shatner sings Cee-Lo's "Fark You" (video)  (411mania.com) (33)
(FilmDrunk)   The new James Bond film has a release date. Not bad for a studio that's $4 billion in debt and filed for bankruptcy  (filmdrunk.uproxx.com) (53)
(Daily Mail)   A lot of people think those guys on the show Storm Chasers are suicidal. A lot of people were right  (dailymail.co.uk) (77)
(ABC News)   John Gosselin's girlfriend sues Taco Bell over 'humiliating' treatment. In Taco Bells defense, you'd think somebody who dates John Gosselin would actually like being humiliated  (abcnews.go.com) (29)

Thu November 04, 2010
(LA Times)   Fiddler in the grave  (latimes.com) (22)
(Gamma Squad)   Zach Snyder's Sucker Punch appears to have everything a 12 year old boy would want in a movie  (gammasquad.uproxx.com) (81)
(10news.com)   Contestant on "The Bachelorette" found dead, presumably of shame  T-Shirt  (10news.com) (46)
(The Hollywood Reporter)   On the set of a TV show, the people are represented by two different groups: those who left a semiautomatic handgun on a rock and those who found it. These are their stories. *DOINK DOINK*  (hollywoodreporter.com) (22)
(Sun Sentinel)   Keith Partridge arrested for DUI. What? You think he'd let Danny drive the bus?  (sun-sentinel.com) (36)
(Nerve)   When Ozzy Osbourne tells you to put on a fake beard and bang your significant other in a hotel room, YOU DO IT  (nerve.com) (17)
(Cinematical)   How are the "James Franco as Jason Bourne" rumors? Sooooooooooooo good  (blog.moviefone.com) (24)
(SPStudios.com)   Last night we learned that South Park has had a super hero in their midst for 14 seasons, and he's somehow tied to the Cthulu mythos  (southparkstudios.com) (169)
(Some Luthor)   Zack Snyder says his Superman will be "different." Just like Christopher Reeve's Superman. And Dean Cain's. And that idiot from Superman Returns. And the emo douchebag from Smallville. We've seen different. Give us iconic  (digitalspy.com) (183)
(MTV)   Queen of Vampires Anne Rice takes a chunk of Queen of the Sparklepires Steph Meyer. THERE WILL BE BLOOD....or possibly a disco ball  (hollywoodcrush.mtv.com) (107)
(Daily Mail)   Nick Cannon (Pornstar name or Euphemism) says it still works, after his wife, Mariah Carey, admits to using little pricks to get pregnant  (dailymail.co.uk) (24)
(Onion AV Club)   An interview with the second funniest Sedaris, Amy, star of the hilarious and oft-maligned Strangers with Candy and author of a great homemaker parody  (avclub.com) (61)
(Contact Music)   Sofia Vergara wants Al Pacino to play her father on Modern Family. Difficulty: she wants him to channel his Scarface persona  (contactmusic.com) (54)

Wed November 03, 2010
(Coming Soon)   Scarlett Johansson to play an alien who "scours remote highways and desolate scenery looking to use her greatest weapon to snare human prey - her voracious sexuality." I'M THERE ON OPENING DAY  (comingsoon.net) (103)
(TMZ)   Actor Gary Collins completes his very own DUI quadecta in spectacular form, piling on a hit-n-run arrest warrant in the process  (tmz.com) (28)
(Some Guy)   David Arquette cried after sex without Courtney Cox, so that's one thing subby can relate to  (theblemish.com) (48)
(Cinematical)   James Cameron: "We are 8-10 years away from glasses-free 3-D." Who gives a crap, where is my "True Lies" sequel?  (blog.moviefone.com) (92)
(TMZ)   Todd Palin wants everybody to know that is not a purse he is holding, it's a European shoulder bag  (tmz.com) (82)
(Yahoo)   Kevin Spacey honored in UK for services to drama. I guess they haven't gotten around to watching "Fred Claus" yet  (movies.yahoo.com) (25)
(Some Guy)   Sasha Grey handed job in new Danny Trejo film. Hopes to double penetrate the NC-17 and mainstream markets by sneaking in the backdoor  T-Shirt  (movieline.com) (181)
(Some Guy)   "Batman 3" villain of the week rumor goes to ... Clayface  (digitalspy.com) (113)
(Starpulse)   Keira Knightley's laptop was stolen from in a home break in. Leaked sex tape in...3...2...1  (starpulse.com) (133)
(Contact Music)   After thirty-three years, Mary Tyler Moore and Betty White are reuniting on TV. Hopefully, it won't be a nude scene  (contactmusic.com) (32)
(FilmDrunk)   Hollywood's version of Gulliver's Travels includes Jack Black getting wedgied by a robot  (filmdrunk.uproxx.com) (43)
(Moviefone)   Bad News: Wolverine won't be in X-Men First Class. Good News: Wolverine won't be in X-Men First Class  (blog.moviefone.com) (59)
(Daily Mail)   Gordon Ramsay's restaurant empire slowly collapses like a flan in a cupboard. "You f&%@#%^ donkey"  (dailymail.co.uk) (162)
(Digital Spy)   Remember that duet Miley Cyrus did with Bret Michaels? Turns out she wasn't the only one dueting with him that night  (digitalspy.com) (86)

Tue November 02, 2010
(Some Guy)   Gorillaz and Blur frontman Damon Albarn: "X Factor and American Idol are malignant tumours"  (neonfiller.com) (49)
(Monterey Herald)   What is best in life for the Schwarzeneggers' teenage son? To drink crushed grapes, see friends drunken before him, and enjoy the fermentations of the liquor cabinet  (montereyherald.com) (33)
(Reuters)   Julianne Moore talks about how awesome it is to be lesbian or something along those lines and I'll be in my bunk  (reuters.com) (47)
(CNN)   Sarah Silverman wants you to lower your expectations on her upcoming full frontal nude scene, claims it will be all floppity  (marquee.blogs.cnn.com) (101)
(Some Director)   Taking a cue from Christopher Nolan's approach to "Inception" and "The Dark Knight Rises," Guillermo Del Toro reveals that he doesn't want to shoot his "Frankenstein" movie in 3D  (digitalspy.com) (51)
(UPI)   Syfy plans James Bond marathon for Thanksgiving weekend. That's better than their usual turkeys  (upi.com) (85)
(Some Stalker)   Uma Thurman stalker calls her again. KNOCK IT OFF, QUENTIN  (digitalspy.com) (11)
(Chud)   Leonardo DiCaprio to dust off his collection of old-timey hats and play a charismatic murderer in "The Devil in the White City"  (chud.com) (53)
(Entertainment Weekly)   Should Iron Man rescue Charlie Sheen?  (popwatch.ew.com) (27)
(Contact Music)   Kiefer Sutherland is heading for Broadway. YOU'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME to buy tickets  (contactmusic.com) (6)
(Some Gandalf)   Sir Ian McKellen is sitting by the phone and waiting for someone to call him about "The Hobbit"  (digitalspy.com) (37)
(Vanity Fair)   Thanks to Cher, it is now possible to say Sarah Palin is dumb without being a woman-hater  (vanityfair.com) (73)
(Yahoo)   Actress Emma Watson says she had no idea how much money she was making starring in the Harry Potter movies and that she "felt sick" when she found out. Probably because her stingy-ass father was only giving her $50/wk in allowance  (news.yahoo.com) (60)
(Hollyscoop)   Something bit Katy Perry on her honeymoon, and it wasn't Russell Brand  (hollyscoop.com) (64)
(Ad Age)   You are what you watch; if you watch The Office, you're smug; Glee, you're overly sensitive; Fox News, a complete f*cking idiot  (adage.com) (119)
(Pop Matters)   Watch Stan Lee reinvent the future once again, this time teaming up with BOOM Studios rather than Marvel to create an entire superhero universe  (popmatters.com) (47)
(Washington Post)   Charlie Sheen files for divorce from his third wife. Word has it he's seeking sole custody of the hookers and cocaine  (voices.washingtonpost.com) (32)
(TMZ)   Dancing With the Stars has joined the Bilderberg Group, the Free Masons and the Illuminati to influence our elections with the hypnotic dancing of Bristol Palin  (tmz.com) (32)
(Some Guy)   O for a muse of fire: Michael Caine, Ray Winstone, and Gerard Depardieu to star in Shakespearian sci-fi thriller reboot "Henry5"  (thehollywoodnews.com) (60)
(Some Guy)   New hi-res shots of Captain America, his dirty nemesis Red Skull, and his bare chest. Helllloooo soldier  (joblo.com) (76)
(Daily Mail)   Immigration official to Rachael McAdams: "stop making stupid movies"  (dailymail.co.uk) (43)
(New York Daily News)   Ricky Martin says he cried like a baby when he came out. You got to use lube back there, dude  T-Shirt  (nydailynews.com) (34)
(Yahoo)   Demi Lovato joins Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus as yet another perfectly normal and well-adjusted product of Disney's pop princess factory- as long as you overlook the eating disorder and the cutting  (news.yahoo.com) (76)
(USA Today)   You know how the Rally to Restore Sanity had three times the attendees of Glenn Beck's Derpathon? Well, throw another two million television viewers on top of that  (usatoday.com) (276)
(Some Guy)   Stop calling movies 'torture porn' or your genitals will be cut off and fed to a cat  (filmschoolrejects.com) (125)
(Some Guy)   Jennifer Love Hewitt is developing three new TV shows, which will be huge hits if they develop like she did  (tvguide.com) (60)
(Contact Music)   How the mighty have fallen: Vince Neil will star in Skating With the Stars  (contactmusic.com) (42)
(Washington Post)   Wh__l of Fortun_ announc_r Charli_ O'Donn_ll d_ad at ag_ 78  T-Shirt  (washingtonpost.com) (49)
(I Heart Chaos)   South African actress Tanit Phoenix offered the role of Wonder Woman for TV. Tanit who? Oh. My. Farking. God. She can lasso me any day  (iheartchaos.com) (95)

Mon November 01, 2010
(MTV)   "The Walking Dead" shambles to best ratings for an AMC series ever. "It's a good day to be dead"  (splashpage.mtv.com) (203)
(Some Guy)   Morgan Freeman: 'I am victim of Shawshank Deception'  (abclocal.go.com) (64)
(Gawker)   Josef Fritzl, convicted of raping his own daughter for 24 years admits in an interview that his favorite show is Two and a Half Men. He truly is a monster  (gawker.com) (20)
(Some Guy)   The most disturb...ahh forget it. Shaq dressed as Beyonce for Halloween  (y100.com) (24)
(Starpulse)   Tila Tequila is now BFFs with Lindsay Lohan's dad. We all know where this is going  (starpulse.com) (47)
(News.com.au)   If Indonesians accept money from Pamela Anderson, God will smite them with floods, volcanoes, and...wait....those already...never mind  (news.com.au) (8)
(Time)   Pro: The voice of Andy in Toy Story grew up with the character, and seems pretty cool. Con: He has a Bieber haircut  (techland.com) (20)
(Some Guy)   First look at Steven Spielberg & Peter Jackson's Tintin. Your mind will asplode  (joblo.com) (44)
(CBC)   Tom Cruise demands Mission Impossible IV remove the numerals from the title, because he has "never done sequels to films". Litigation pending for anyone who mentions Mission Impossible II and III  (cbc.ca) (78)
(Celebslam)   A huge gallery of celebrities in their Halloween costumes over the weekend  (celebslam.celebuzz.com) (46)
(New York Daily News)   Sirius satellite radio will be fine if Howard Stern leaves, says the same radio expert who destroyed CBS radio when he let Stern leave K-Rock  (nydailynews.com) (78)
(Wall Street Journal)   Roger Ebert hates slideshows  (online.wsj.com) (48)
(some site)   Octomom says she wants to stay off public assistance, go back to school and get a master's degree in counseling. And let little gnomes pay her bills  (parentdish.com) (90)
(Entertainment Weekly)   28 TV reunions you'd like toOH COME ON, FULL HOUSE and THE O.C.?? REALLY???  (ew.com) (319)
(Comics Alliance)   Tim Burton's chromed out Superman that never was  (comicsalliance.com) (66)
(Orlando Sentinel)   Oprah Winfrey set to Rick Roll her entire audience  (blogs.orlandosentinel.com) (21)
(Canoe)   Being Draco Malfoy is a terrible cross to bear  (jam.canoe.ca) (102)

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