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Sun February 22, 2009
(Daily Mail) Cool In new memoir, Robert Wagner recounts his youthful escapades with legendary Hollywood milfs like Liz Taylor, Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, Yvonne de Carlo, and Bea Arthur. Well, maybe not Bea (20)
(Oscars.com) Interesting Will Slumdog Millionaire strike it rich? Will Kate Winslet finally get a stiff little man to put between her two Golden Globes? It's your 81st Annual Academy Awards thread (2817)
(Daily Mail) Sad Katie Holmes uses Scientology detox to become even more attractive to Tom Cruise, by looking like a skinny little boy (40)
(Yahoo) Obvious Though ratings went up 44% for "Late Night" during Conan O'Brien's last week, Craig Ferguson's "Late Late Show" has been routinely beating it in the ratings. Even Jimmy Fallon couldn't laugh about that (83)
(Daily Mail) Scary Simon Cowell reveals plans to be cryogenically frozen when he dies 'to do the nation an invaluable service'; Although not as invaluable as if he did it now (15)
(Some Guy) Silly "I would like to thank the Academy for WHARRGARBLE." Top ten most embarrassing Oscar Speeches (48)
(Some Guy) Silly Comic book fans up in arms as new "Wolverine" action figures totally screw up Deadpool (43)
(People Magazine) Amusing The more awards Mickey Rourke wins, the more entertaining his speeches become (23)
(Telegraph) Amusing Whether or not Kate Winslet wins the Best Actress Oscar tonight, she's already won another title: the most-faked celebrity on Facebook. Bonus: Fake Kate Winslet catfights with fake Angelina Jolie (20)
(Now Magazine) Spiffy Helen Mirren should be an inspiration to actresses everywhere. Yeah, we're talking to you, Scarlett Johannson, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Love Hewitt (44)
(AP) Followup Paris Hilton has a three-way... win at this year's Razzie Awards (30)
(Celebuzz) Dumbass In what may be the worst timed really bad idea since the 17 Feb 1945 Grand Opening Sale of the Dresden Fireworks Co, Kim Kardashian gets a chimpanzee (45)
(LA Times) Stupid With just 5 episodes to go, Galactica wastes one of them frakking around with a lot of nonsense and the return of the show's most annoying, unsympathetic character to the ship (spoilers) (65)

Sat February 21, 2009
(Some Guy) Obvious 10 comedians who should have quit while they were ahead; although I would have never referred to Andrew Dice Clay's act as "searing comedic genius" (185)
(YouTube) Cool In honor of Conan O'Brien's departure, the single greatest segment in Late Night history: drunken Norm MacDonald eviscerates Courtney Thorne-Smith (113)
(Stuff) Interesting William Shatner wants. To be. The Prime. Minister of Canada. What sort of. Person thinks that. An ex-actor has what it. Takes to lead. A country (84)
(Chicago Sun-Times) Obvious Second-guessing the Oscars, by Roger Ebert (77)
(Wikipedia) Spiffy "Your birth is a mistake you'll spend your whole life trying to correct." Happy 47th birthday Chuck Palahniuk (83)
(The Hollywood Reporter) Fail Universal bringing Battlestar: Galactica to the big screen. Frak: the other one (156)

Fri February 20, 2009
(UPI) Obvious Fandango invites fans to pick their own best picture. The suspense will surely be *COUGH* *DARK KNIGHT* palpable (36)
(Paste Magazine) Amusing Demetri Martin creates a 224-word palindrome poem, somewhere ee cummings is crying (125)
(CNSNews) Obvious George Lucas doesn't believe in tax raise on people making over $250k, "I get my nickel. I don't get a giant salary" (with vid) (131)
(Bitten and Bound) Interesting Gorgeous CEO millionaire Heidi Cornell has everything but a man. Bravo TV will try to rectify that. (pics) (104)
(Starpulse) Dumbass Now that all of America's problems have been solved, Brigitte Bardot would like Obama to concentrate on saving the seals (29)
(Dlisted) Interesting Mickey Rourke's face explained: "I went to the wrong guy to put my face back together" (30)
(The Local (Sweden)) Amusing Defence attorneys compare the proceedings of the Pirate Bay lawsuit to an episode of an American television drama, which probably means they'll be available for download in a couple of days (32)
(AP) PSA Rosie O'Donnell hopes to film another movie in Detroit. Please, haven't they suffered enough? (17)
(SlashFilm) Cool Hot Toys to release fully articulated T-600 and T-700 collectible figures with light-up red eyes to coincide with "Terminator Salvation" release. Want (54)
(NYPost) Weird DJ Spooky recuts "The Birth of a Nation" with a hip-hop infused soundtrack: "It seemed like some kind of racial comedy" (31)
(Some Wil) Wheaton Wil on Watchmen: "Everyone chill the fark out. Snyder's got this"(Not safe for work language in url) (92)
(Cracked) Video Eight embarrasing Japanese ads by Oscar nominees who sold-out for some quick cash (47)
(NYPost) Obvious Fashion designers used to pay Paris Hilton $50,000 each to appear at their NY Fashion Week shows, but it turns out she's happy to show up for a year's supply of Valtrex and K-Y Jelly and all the McDonald's coffee she can drink (22)
(Daily Mail) Amusing Tori Spelling upset that guard at NY fashion show failed to recognize her, asked to see her invitation. In case you were wondering about the long face (23)
(Reuters) Obvious Networks' new sitcoms reflect recessionary times. For example, if you're feeling suicidal, just turn on "Big Bang Theory" to see how much worse life might be as a writer (122)
(Onion AV Club) Interesting What one book/movie would you require every high school student to read/see before they graduate? Subby would answer, but he has a term paper on "Pump Up the Volume" due in 26 minutes (942)
(Newsweek) Amusing Actor who played the steroid dealer on "The Wrestler" apparently a method actor (30)
(TMZ) Sad Photo of Rihanna's beat down posted on TMZ (288)
(SlashFilm) Stupid EW's top 25 greatest active film directors list forgets to include any women. Also forgets Lynch, Spike Lee, Spike Jonze, Mike Leigh, Cronenberg, Sidney Lumet and Woody Allen. Rest assured, James Cameron made the list (104)
(Spike) Scary Top 7 Craziest Oscar moments. Scary tag is for #6 (42)
(Daily Mail) Interesting Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford may get married just in time for her to start changing his adult diapers (16)

Thu February 19, 2009
(3 News New Zealand) Spiffy Shaun of the Dad (17)
(SlashFilm) Obvious Entertainment Weekly hopes to jump on the Watchmen gravy train with 6, count 'em, 6 collectible covers. The Web article will, of course, be a slide show (29)
(Den Of Geek) Interesting Linda Hamilton enters T4 with very different memories of why she wasn't in T3 to director Jonathan Mostow (76)
(AP) Spiffy The Roots look forward to a steady gig as Jimmy Fallon's house band. Or at least a steady six-week gig until Fallon inevitably crashes like fat guy through a picture window (47)
(Atom) Stupid The Oscar speech generator. Because actors have no idea what to say unless it's scripted (27)
(SlashFilm) Stupid Martin Lawrence slated to play working-class guy from Queens who discovers he's heir to the throne of an African country, sort of like "Coming to America" in reverse. Or "King Ralph" with a black guy (40)
(UPI) Followup Morgan Fairchild mourns loss of Travis the Chimp, her acting career (67)
(Idolator) Sad Announcement for new "Rock Of Love" season starring Danzig is likely a fake. Sadly, there will not be challenges such as "goat entrails soup and chilli cook-off" and "blindfolded nun deflowering contest" (43)
(Contact Music) Cool Lily Allen claims two million users downloaded a game to promote her new album. The flash game consists of drinking as much booze as you can before all your clothes fall off in front of paparazzi (135)
(AP) Stupid Robert DeNiro will be the first guest that Jimmy Fallon interviews awkwardly while cracking up at his own jokes (41)
(MTV) Hero In this age of sequels and remakes, Mel Gibson says 'nay' to one more 'Lethal Weapon' movie (57)
(Cinematical) Audio Watchmen" screenwriter discusses the difficulties of filming the movie, compares Fox with Satan (43)
(Starpulse) Obvious Is TV show "Survivor" still a great show after 19 seasons, or are viewers finally catching on that it's mostly scripted? (104)
(The Hollywood Reporter) Interesting Tupac Shakur's biopic on hold due to legal battle, general population will have to wait a bit more to find out Tupac got started as an effeminate dancer for Digital Underground (72)
(FilmDrunk) Amusing Danny Trejo's New Film May Cause Rectal Bleeding, and other important warnings (57)
(Den Of Geek) Stupid Signs Hollywood is out of ideas #371: "Little Fockers". Because that Fockers joke never gets old, really (46)
(loyalkng) Strange Latest "Watchmen" merchandising includes Dr. Manhattan condoms. Or "water balloons" as hard-core fans call them (49)
(Telegraph) Asinine Not news: Producers of new musical decide against having star appear in blackface, as it might be deemed offensive. Fark: It's the Al Jolson story (27)
(SlashFilm) Interesting "Superman" reboot might not suck after all: Wachowski brothers not offered to direct (98)
(LA Times) Interesting No doubt suffering from massive corporate amnesia, Comedy Central gives the two guys behind "Stella" another shot at making us all chuckle politely while shifting uncomfortably in our seats (44)
(Geno's World) Asinine Sean Young gets drunk and then mocks everybody who lost money in the stock market. Papazazzi tell her they loved her in "Ace Ventura". Winner: Paparazzi (185)
(International Herald Tribune) Spiffy Play about Victorian vibrators has audiences buzzing. Other plays wonder if they're even needed any more  T-Shirt (13)
(Rolling Stone) Misc Activision carelessl oka s new Guitar Hero cover art. Its not a m ster that simpl clicking a button could have easil fixed the mistake accordingl (53)
(RedEye Chicago) Interesting Ten Celebrity twins you never knew existed (93)
(MTV) Wheaton MTV to air exclusive first looks at "Star Trek" and "Watchmen" on Saturday with live guest commentary by Wil Wheaton (26)
(Some Guy) Interesting Boobs producing the "Hannah Montana" movie bust hopes that Dolly Parton will appear in the film, saying disappointed fans are making a mountain out of a molehill. We'll keep you abreast of new developments  T-Shirt (28)
(CNN) Hero Iran to stop religious persecution now that the guy who plays Dwight on The Office asked them to (109)
(People Magazine) Misc Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson to tie the knot in a very poorly acted marriage on Naboo (40)
(E! Online) Interesting Fox working on plan to kill Lost off forever (82)

Wed February 18, 2009
(MovieWeb) Obvious Watchmen will not hit theatres for another 2 weeks and director Zack Snyder is already apologizing to fans by saying the movie is missing an hour of footage the DVD will have (101)
(SlashFilm) Cool Director Kathryn Bigelow talks about the enduring legacy of Point Break and why it's every cop's fantasy to fire his gun in the air and yell "Aaaaaaaah" (49)
(AccessAtlanta) Sad Consumer advice expert Clark Howard diagnosed with prostate cancer, which had to be hard work for his proctologist since he's known for being such a tight-ass (27)
(The Sun) Hero Jay Leno gets Jennifer Love Hewitt to do ten push-ups in a low-cut top. God bless you, Jay Leno (mildly not safe for work cleavage shot) (80)
(The Sun) Fail Paris Hilton tries to rap: "Yo what's up? My name's P Hizzle. I'm chillin' in the clizzle with my homeboy Snoop Dizzle." The Sun is there with the bad, bad vid (60)
(Fox News) Scary Top ten goriest movies ever made: Nice job including "Dead Alive" And "Evil Dead II" but forgets the bloodiest movie ever: The first 30 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan" (126)
(ABC News) Obvious Black community bitter about Chris Brown. White community still bitter about Tom Green (38)
(Starpulse) Silly Tracy Morgan escapes unscathed after his NY apartment caught on fire. Neighbours reported seeing him running in his underwear holding a lightsaber, yelling "IM A JEDI, IM A JEDI" in the middle of traffic (46)
(Wall Street Journal) Interesting Profile of Ivana B. Ondasho, call screener for "Car Talk" (34)
(Den Of Geek) Interesting If you think Uwe Boll is the worst director alive, here are nine contenders who seem to have him beat (115)
(CNN) Stupid In his bid to trash yet another successful franchise, Jerry Bruckheimer planning a fourth Pirates movie (49)
(Guardian.com) Cool Director Ang Lee to film movie adaptation of bestseller "Life of Pi". Upon hearing the news, Jessica Simpson contacted Lee for audition, claiming the movie sounds perfect for her (35)
(UPI) Followup Chris Brown hires Mel Gibson's publicist, which will be a big help when he has to deal with District Attorney Sugartits and all those damn dirty Jewish lawyers (19)
(Starpulse) Interesting A discussion about how this year's Best Picture Oscar nominees completely blow; and how "Transformers" fits into that equation (62)
(Starpulse) Amusing Kanye West designed X-rated video games as a teen: "It was like Mario Brothers, but the ghosts were, like, vaginas" (42)
(Aint-It-Cool-News) Cool Good news everyone, thanks to recent DVD sales and ratings on Comedy Central. FOX is angling to bring back Futurama to network TV (112)
(BBC) Cool Arise, Sir Terence Pratchett (60)
(UPI) Sad Mickey Rourke's beloved 18-year-old chihauhau Loki has died. Ain't that a biatch? (28)
(Starpulse) Interesting Kim Kardashian somehow found out how to airbrush reality (99)
(SlashFilm) Interesting The trilogy meter. It's always that third movie that comes along and ruins everything (160)
(BBC) Followup Court to Roman Polanski: "What, do we LOOK stupid?" (63)
(Daily Mail) Strange Moviegoers celebrate the 2009 Oscar season by donning Victorian costumes and getting into lifeboats to watch Titanic from inside iceberg-filled indoor swimming center. I'M THE KING OF THE POOL (24)
(Den Of Geek) Cool The Clint Eastwood movies that need more love (75)
(Gawker) Amusing Conan O'Brien turns airport tantrum lady into meme (40)
(Aint-It-Cool-News) Cool Having solved all of his state's financial problems, The Governator signs on to portray himself in Stallone's upcoming 'The Expendables' (18)
(Some Skinjob w/ Gelatinous Orbs) Cool Confused by last week's BATTLESTAR GALACTICA? Here' a handy recap + flowchart (162)
(Some Guy) Scary A look at Frank Darabont's shelved screenplay sequel to John Carpenter's "The Thing." So that's what happened to Kurt Russell (26)
(The Hollywood Reporter) Spiffy MC Hammer lands A&E reality series. Let's hope he invests the money wisely this time (31)

Tue February 17, 2009
(The Hollywood Reporter) Cool Star Trek original series (and movies) get Blu-ray release dates. If only Kirk could fight off those black bars on the side of the screen (47)
(AccessAtlanta) Cool Interview with Ed Helms on learning to play the banjo and lifeguarding in Atlanta (9)
(Entertainment Weekly) Obvious This year's list of American Idol contestants who have had "more near-misses with fame than Simon has black t-shirts." (12)
(Yahoo) Unlikely Lindsay Lohan says her weight loss is "not intentional" and attributes the drop to "working a lot," "stress" and "lack of sleep" due to travel. Not cocaine. Definitely not cocaine. Sniff (40)
(TMZ) Strange Chunk from "The Goonies" has really changed (56)
(Starpulse) Interesting Whoopi Goldberg slams social networking sites, tired of people using her picture. In related news, some misguided souls use Whoopi's pictures in their profile (19)
(Yahoo) Amusing And now, in an attempt to prove he is still alive and somewhat relevant, here is part of Joe Rogan's take on Michael Phelps losing his Kellogg's sponsorship. Well played, stoner man (61)
(The Smoking Gun) Dumbass Wonder why actor Terrence Howard jumped to Chris Brown's defense? Well, he knows a little something about beating a woman (31)
(Defamer) Sad Scene from "Watchmen" released. Verdict? It looks like it was made in Tijuana by Senor Spielbergo (video) (200)
(Manofest) Sad Ten hottest female celebrities who got fat (138)
(Starpulse) Scary Something for Chris Brown to fear more than a prison sentence: Roseanne Barr wants to "beat the crap out of him" (45)
(Cinematical) Stupid Leonardo DeCaprio didn't understand the ending of "Wargames" at all: The only winning move would be not to do any crappy reboots (79)
(Telegraph) Silly Old and busted: Jackson family's creepy Neverland Ranch. New hotness: Jackson family's tacky slavery theme park (26)
(CNN) Asinine Even the Academy Awards is being hit hard by the economic downturn since this year's VIP gifts will no longer include a $5k toilet (27)
(Daily Express) Strange Jason Voorhees in hospital after woman tried to wrestle his axe away. He is expected to survive (26)
(Google) Silly Justin Timberlake, who regularly appears in public wearing hats one usually associates with Andy Capp, is named most stylish man in America (23)
(WMCTV) Asinine Florida band "This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb" causes chaos and arrests at airports (76)
(Den Of Geek) Amusing The missing aspect of period drama (a bloodthirsty alien) finally falls into place (33)
(USA Today) Interesting After 16 years at Late Night, and with his last show this Friday, Conan O'Brien reflects on his career (78)
(Daily Mail) Sappy Tom Cruise takes Katie Holmes out for a romantic day at Disney World. "She's an extraordinary woman. She is funny and smart and she likes the same things that I do." Like men (59)
(io9) Silly Star Trek "Red Shirt" fragrance will send all the ladies into Pon Farr (56)
(Den Of Geek) Interesting Could 24 survive without Jack Bauer? (63)
(Fox News) Amusing After showing up two hours late, Kate Moss gets tanked before a photoshoot. "She demanded a beer and then proceeded to finish off beer after beer after beer while she was getting her make-up done." (34)
(Cinematical) Asinine Do you smell what the Brock is cooking? (59)

Mon February 16, 2009
(Celebslam) Fail Lindsay Lohan attends a fashion show with the security tag still attached to her dress (104)
(Time) Obvious Watchmen is such a bad movie that there is a media blackout on reviewing the film until after it comes out (209)
(Entertainment Weekly) Obvious Burning question of the day. "Two and a Half Men": Dumb or smart? (179)
(Gizmodo) Amusing Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to getting a tattoo of Darth Vader holding the severed head of George Lucas (108)
(Contact Music) Stupid You're a comedian annoyed that your performances end up on YouTube because other comedians then steal your material. Do you C): Go all Hulk and smash audience member's cellphones while performing? (35)
(SlashFilm) Unlikely Rise and fall of the drive-in movie theater: Can they survive now that cars are sold with built-in DVD players? (65)
(Some Guy) Interesting Millionaire Salma Hayek overcomes the socio-economic divide and weds French billionaire (85)
(Starpulse) Strange New Jackie Chan movie deemed too violent and will not be released in China, which means it should be a huge family blockbuster in the U.S. for next holiday season (17)
(Some Jedi) Amusing Star Wars nerds who made their own costumes. Yes, there are hundreds of pics. Yes, there are Leias (219)
(Daily Stab) Spiffy Scarlett Johansson to join cast of Iron Man 2 (89)
(Google) Obvious David Archuleta has revealed he hates seeing himself on screen and hearing his own voice. Join the club, pal (17)
(Paste Magazine) Cool Five '90s game shows we wish were still producing new episodes (109)
(News.com.au) Obvious Miley Cyrus forgets her lyrics on UK TV show. You mean to say a pop star actually sang live? (with video) (58)
(Den Of Geek) Interesting The missing monster from the end of Shatner's Star Trek V. It really could have been worse (83)
(Some Guy) Obvious "When I started to look at what's available in adult content for women, I was shocked at how bad most of it was. It was poorly art directed, poorly shot, it wasn't sexy or intelligent and the guys weren't that attractive" (206)
(TMZ) Video Christian Bale is at it again, this time with Peter Griffin (audio is obviously not safe for work) (87)

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