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Sun December 23, 2007
(Celebridiot) Boobies It wouldn't be a weekend without Britney Spears and a see thru shirt ...this one is red (9)
Chicago Sun-Times Spiffy Roger Ebert's ten best films of 2007, and other shenanigans (40)
(Some Guy) Asinine Your new "must see TV" a remade "Password," a celebrity "Apprentice" and a competition for aspiring Pussycat Dolls (20)
I-Mockery Amusing I-Mockery ranks the ten best things about "Scrooged". The biatch hit me with a toaster (22)
Yahoo Ironic Will Smith: "Hitler was a good person" (466)
NYPost Followup The top 10 celebrity meltdowns of 2007 (22)
The Sun Spiffy Lindsay Lohan is an insatiable nymphomaniac addicted to marathon sex sessions (73)
BBC Dumbass Latest Rowan Atkinson vehicle a real hit in the States (24)
MSNBC Stupid K-Fed knew about Jamie's pregnancy before Britney. In other news apparently we are fighting a war in some country called Iran? or Indiana? Maybe Iraq? (34)

Sat December 22, 2007
(Cracked) Interesting The 10 worst fictional products in pop culture history (85)
AP Sad In an attempt to revieve her career, some girl who used to play Topanga on 'Boy Meets World' gets arrested for DUI. Odds of Playboy shoot (1:10); Leaked Sex Video (1:5); Attending Rehab (1:1); Fading Further into Obscurity (1,000,000:1) (93)
News.com.au Strange Although it may be a croc, Teri Irwin hopes psychic John Edward will bring a ray of hope into her life when he tries to contact the spirit of Steve Irwin (31)
Onion AV Club Obvious Hipster Douchebag AV Club Writer opines, "In the public imagination, 1994 [is] the year of Pulp Fiction vs. Forrest Gump." Somehow fails to mention The Shawshank Redemption is better than both (93)
(NewsHounds) Interesting "Bill O'Reilly gets a bit irritable when the Pulitzer Prizes are awarded usually finding a reason to attack one or more of the winners. Alas, poor Bill will have to be satisfied with a P.U.litzer Prize instead." (23)
(Perez Hilton) Amusing Jessica Simpson's new movie earns $384 at Friday's box office. No zeros are missing from this figure (55)
St. Pete Times Amusing VH1's new reality series hits all-time new low. Think "Surreal Life" with the DTs (15)
(Some Gossipers) Sad Katherine Heigl officially goes off the market this weekend; fond farewells to the puppies and statements of disbelief that she's marrying THAT stooge begin to the right (37)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Valerie Bertinelli is finally, officially back on the market. So is Eddie Van Halen, but subby not interested in a guitar-playing Skeletor (33)
Canoe Interesting Darn Mexicans, coming up and taking our jobs, and broadcasting analog television signals across the border when they -know- we're going all-digital (29)
SFGate Misc Winona Ryder furious that J.J. Abrams has banned smoke breaks on set of new "Star Trek" film; looking around set for valuables to stuff in her leotard (57)
MSNBC Asinine Frosty the Snowman is a gay smoker and other ways to overanalyze and ruin your favorite Christmas specials (88)
Yahoo Amusing The Truth about Chuck Norris. Chuck is NOT happy (79)

Fri December 21, 2007
The Scotsman Obvious 2007 confirmed as the year of movie suck. "Norbit", "Wild Hogs" unavailable for comment (33)
MTV Cool The big-budget "Dune" remake is now official with Peter Berg named as director. Let the nerdgasm begin (67)
(Some Guy) Stupid "Doctor Who" slammed by Christian groups (98)
CNN Spiffy Ten of the most stirring moments in movie history -- lost in time, like tears in the rain (213)
Rotten Tomatoes PSA "National Treasure II" comes out this weekend. Rotten Tomatoes rating: 30%. EVERYBODY PAN NIC (61)
AZCentral Spiffy J.K. Rowling may write an eighth 'Harry Potter' book, mentions what the characters are doing in their adult lives (59)
Guardian.com Interesting Stewart and Colbert back in January. "We would like to return to work with our writers. If we cannot, we would like to express our ambivalence, but without our writers we are unable to express something as nuanced as ambivalence." (18)
(thehollywoodnews) Sad Jennifer Love Hewitt turns down Playboy's offer to show off her badonkadonk. Stay strong Jenny (40)
Kansas City Obvious Which movies get everything about war wrong: "Just about anything with Chuck Norris." (66)
(Some Guy) Interesting "The campy faux-brutality of pro wrestling might seem odd during the Christmas season, but the ancient fighting style and the birthday of the baby Jesus actually have quite a bit in common." (31)
Telegraph Interesting Borat is dead. High Five (53)
(Awards Daily) Interesting Having started the wave of Crash support to an upset win for the Best Picture Oscar two years ago by deluging the SAG with DVD screeners, Lionsgate plans to do the same thing for 3:10 to Yuma (30)
(Premiere) Misc John Hurt talks "Indiana Jones IV." On George Lucas: "George is a bit socially crippled really. Not good with people. So I just left him alone" (53)

Thu December 20, 2007
Yahoo Spiffy "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" to return in January. Each show will last about 15 minutes per night (34)
(x17 Online) Cool French model at the center of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria adultery scandal gives and exclusive interv... WITH THE FIST OF AN ANGRY GOD (53)
(Celeb Baby Blog) Interesting Tom Cruise's beard says the artificially-inseminated kids from his previous beard call her "mom" (or "beard") (26)
Yahoo Cool Stephen Colbert is the AP Celebrity of the Year. "In receiving this award, I am pleased that I was chosen over two great spinners of fantasy — J.K. Rowling and Al Gore." (135)
Daily Mail Followup Jamie Lynn Spears paterfamilias may be one attention-whoring DA away from the ol' PMITA (95)
AP Asinine Think VIACOM can't milk some money out of Jamie-Lynn Spears' pregnancy? Think again (52)
Now Magazine Interesting Glamour model Carmen Electra demonstrates how to work out wearing fishnets and killer heels (15)
(Some Guy) Boobies Monica Bellucci's Boobs are Immortal (11)
Starpulse Stupid My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way says he identifies with Britney Spears and that she's his heroine. Britney to date yet another loser in three... two... one... (45)
Starpulse Amusing "It's like there's one or two things the public knows about every famous person. With me, everyone knows I wet my pants onstage and had a crystal-meth addiction. That sucks" (59)
(Some Guy) Followup “Ms. Spears is a devout Christian with a spotless reputation, who lives in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards in accordance with her faith" (122)
Slate Cool "Blade Runner: The Complete Ultimate Visionary Final Cut Collector's Edition" is here. How will its fans defend it now? (79)
(nbc10) Interesting Slideshow of alleged celebrity atheists. Interestingly enough, Barry Manilow makes the list. He may be on to something because why would it have been God's will to give him a microphone and recording deal? (86)
ABC Action News Dumbass Mischa Barton is going to quit acting. In other news, there is an actress named Mischa Barton (32)
Starpulse Spiffy Jaime Pressly named top MILF of 2007 (45)
(Extra) Interesting People's Choice Awards cancelled. Now we'll never know who won "Best Hair for a Bald Guy," "Skankiest Spears Sister" and "Favorite Rachel Ray Show" (11)
(Star 102.1 FM) Cool "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" -- the trippy deleted scene (24)
Chicago Tribune Interesting The worst television shows of 2007 (145)
CNN Followup Authorities not going to enforce statutory rape laws in Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy since celebrities are always whores (78)
(Cinematical) Stupid The MPAA saves the children from seeing a disgusting theatrical poster for "Taxi to the Dark Side," a documentary about the U.S. using torture. You want to see the banned poster? Click the link if you dare (44)
News.com.au Misc Jerry Bruckheimer to form videogame studio. New games expected to allow players to blow stuff up real good (26)
Yahoo Obvious The Vatican is "consoling" itself with the knowledge that "The Golden Compass" ticket sales are disappointing. Being glad for the failure of others? How very Christian of them (311)
(NY Observer) Amusing Hollywood agents with little to do during the strike-shortened season have discovered the awesomeness that is Facebook (8)

Wed December 19, 2007
YouTube Video Princess Bride Trivia - 20 Questions for the 20th Anniversary, but worth 29 points? (45)
(TMZ) Amusing TV's Alfonso Ribeiro ("Carlton" of "Fresh Prince" fame) now dating porn star Ashlynn Brooke. Just how fresh is it, Alfonso? (With pic) (58)
MSNBC Followup An exhaustive and expensive investigation has determined that someone really did sabotage Miss Puerto Rico garments. Now that that is settled, perhaps we can all get some sleep tonight (40)
Yahoo Unlikely John C. Reilly, star of "Walk Hard," feels guilty of being "paid too much" to star in movie (39)
CNN Ironic TMZ does a feature on Julia Roberts telling off the paparazzi, using footage they shot following her down the street (10)
(Huffington Post) Strange Apparently there are nude photos of Marcia Cross showering in her garbage. What? (36)
CBS New York Followup The jury in the who created the 'Sopranos' trial rules for (102)
AZCentral Hero Denzel Washington donates $1 million to Wiley College, is sooo well spoken (18)
(TV guide) Sad The USA Network has canceled both “The Dead Zone” and “The 4400.” Fear over a “Weird Science” sequel has already begun (83)
(Some Guy) Followup Now that Britney's sister is revealed to be pregnant, the media are asking the hard-hitting questions: "Should we blame hip hop?" (335)
ABC Action News Amusing Beyonce reportedly not too bootylicious for Jay-Z, marries him (78)
Starpulse Amusing Jennifer Lopez is freaked out by her pregnancy weight now that her belly is equal to her booty in size (41)
(People Magazine) Stupid Queen Latifah signs on to endorse Jenny Craig, which is like Amy Winehouse signing on to endorse Alcoholics Anonymous (153)
(Radar) Interesting Lindsay Lohan has a new hot girlfriend (53)
Starpulse Amusing CCcoooppp lleeetttss Mmmiccchaaell Jjj.. FFfox gggoo afftterrr puuulllinggg himmm ooovveerr inn ffeerrraarrriii ddooinnng 9999000 mmmiiilles pper hhouurr (299)
Defamer Interesting One of the new "American Gladiators" has a resume that includes "naked pizza boy" and "curious guy at the gym" in gay porn films (119)
Aint-It-Cool-News Cool Tonight's your last chance to see if Al, Sam and Ziggy are reunited on the "Journeyman" finale (48)
Starpulse Followup Lynne Spears' parenting book put on hold now that daughter No. 2 is knocked up at age 16. FAIL (552)
Fox News Stupid That Brad Pitt, always the charmer (49)
(Some Gal) Stupid Jamie Lynn Spears, on a fast track to follow in her sister's footsteps, is pregnant at 16 (767)
(Some Guy) Obvious Nigella Lawson's turkey cooking tips slammed by food safety authorities, who don't realize the woman knows quite a bit about plump breasts and succulent thighs (83)
(Esquire) Hero Michael J. Fox: "Who gives a s**t how it looks? It doesn’t matter. I look like what I look like" (107)
(TMZ.com) Followup Begin to feel yourself becoming as dumb as residents of Kentwood, Louisiana as this latest chapter in the Spears family saga ensues: Britney says Jamie Lynn is not pregnant (30)
The Onion Spiffy Jackie Harvey's 10 Best Entertainment Moments of 2007 (17)
Starpulse Interesting Although not quite as enthralling as the recent Spears family trainwreck, British singer Lily Allen is expecting a child with her long-time beau Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers. The happy couple has been together since September (15)
BBC Interesting The Doctor's daughter will appear in Series 4 of "Doctor Who," but unlike her father, will probably not be wearing a vegetable (31)

Tue December 18, 2007
(Dave Navarro's ghost) Scary What the hell happened to Carmen Electra? (SCARY PIC) (65)
Canada.com Stupid Amy Winehouse arrested, shockingly not for drugs or crimes against backcombing (32)
AZCentral Obvious Christina Ricci tried anorexia, but found it did not decrease the size of her forehead (74)
AZCentral Stupid Tara Reid rushed to hospital after she fell. Bolts keeping abdomen in place were not harmed (43)
(Some Guy) Asinine BBC censors Pogues Christmas song. When asked for comment, Shane MacGowan said: "Furs inna dower muzzer freg." (34)
(TheOneRing.net) Cool 2films1hobbit is a go. Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema to share big cup of green stuff (148)
Starpulse Obvious Sammy Hagar to launch an internet rock radio network called, wait for it... "Cabo Wabo Radio." Things will kick off on New Year's Eve with a live broadcast of Sammy's party from, wait for it... his Cabo Wabo Cantina (35)
(Some Guy) Spiffy Val Kilmer wants sequel for "Real Genius." Says it's a moral imperative (226)
ABC Action News Interesting Jennifer Love Hewitt denies she is pregnant, says she is just big boned (59)
(Metro.co.uk) Amusing Britney Spears decides to... *spins white-trash wheel of wackiness*... get married again without a prenup (88)
Starpulse Hero Ali Larter is getting married. Fiance hoping to get Nikki; but wants Jessica in the bedroom (24)
(NY Daily News) Amusing Leno will be back on the air on January 2nd, without jokes. So no changes, then (25)
(Some Guy) Cool Hayden Panettiere and her Golden Globes (65)
Starpulse Unlikely Kelly Rowland wants to reunite Destiny's Child after seeing the success that the Spice Girls are having. Apparently hasn't noticed the success Beyonce's having without Destiny's Child (21)
Starpulse Weird Another man ended Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson's marriage: Their son (28)
(Some Guy) Amusing The top 10 Christmas ho-ho-horror movies (28)
Entertainment Weekly Interesting Bruce Vilanch puts his foot down, sets off dozens of car alarms (6)
(Some Guy) Obvious From NBC's website: "NBC cannot accept, consider or pay for any unsolicited creative ideas or materials. If you send something anyway, you waive any claims with respect to your submission. So why send it?" (27)
NYPost Sad Family, friends and colleagues remember Chris Farley on the 10th anniversary of his death (68)
(Hollywood.com) Cool Writer/director Judd Apatow loves cock (48)
Onion AV Club Cool 10 movies that use violence to enforce the holiday spirit. Number 1, as it should be - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (53)

Mon December 17, 2007
(Some Janitor) Interesting Remember the sad story of the lunch lady who was demoted after appearing on "Survivor"? Someone's mulleted pants may be on fire (36)
NYPost Silly Dell Dude rescued from bartending gig by New York playwright. "He is a trained actor and real theater person, and should be doing the roles Sean Penn and Johnny Depp do." Dude (27)
MSNBC Followup Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien to come back on the air January 2 (34)
Starpulse Unlikely Jennifer Jason Leigh wants people to stop writing about her age so she can still get roles in films like "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" (36)
NYPost Stupid You know it's going to be a rough week when you lose the lead role in a movie you've been pimping for two years to Ben Stiller (26)
Yahoo Interesting Johnny Depp named the best of the top 10 autograph signers -- the worst goes to Will Ferrell (100)
(Some Guy) Cool ABC's new "Lost" trailer, nearly two minutes of next season Lostie goodness. "Rescuing people, I can't really say that's our primary objective..." (45)
ABC Action News Amusing R.E.M. to release awesome new record on April Fool's Day. Wait a minute (52)
CNN Interesting Food Network signs two-year contract with Rachel Ray. Will involve 60 more episodes of "30 Minute Meals" and change of name to "The Rachel Ray Network" (79)
(TMZ) Scary Michael Jackson seen shopping at a bookstore in Las Vegas. And there is something very, very wrong with his face. Even for Michael Jackson. (With pic) (326)
ABC News Amusing Coolest gallery of celeb lookalikes doing stupid and incongruous crap you'll see in the next 27 minutes (13)
The Sun Video Kylie Minogue will star in the "Doctor Who Christmas Special". The Sun is there with video (22)
(E! Online) Unlikely Cute actress Charisma Carpenter wants ex-hubby to pay her legal fees, even though he makes under $24,000 a year and was making $18,000 when she married his broke ass (67)
(Slice of SciFi) Cool When will the Television and Film writer's strike end? The answer may be in David Letterman's pants (103)
(Some Guy) Cool "I am Legend" breaks December box office record. Suck it, Charlton Heston (93)
ABC Action News Dumbass Brady Bunch star threatens to separate from his wife. Dumbass tag applies to the fact that it's over hot lesbian pics she had taken for his birthday (372)
AP Obvious The AFI released its list of the 10 best films of the year that nobody has seen (136)
Telegraph Interesting "What Emma Watson did next". Sorry, Farkers, it wasn't you (60)
(Think Progress) Scary Now it can be told: Keith Olbermann almost left MSNBC because of Michael Savage and his "splattering invective" (214)
(Some Guy) Hero Happy birthday, Beethoven (28)
Reuters Spiffy Donny and Marie Osmond in talks to return to daytime TV in a talk show format and primetime TV in a reality show, since she's a little bit country and he's a little bit attention whore (11)
(A Taste for the Theatrical) Spiffy Official Dark Knight trailer to the left, Heath Ledger flamewar to the right (124)
(Some Antperson) Video Best. Adam. and. the. Ants. parody...EVAR (some NSFW language) (30)
Retrocrush Cool RetroCRUSH's inaugural Toy Hall of Fame inductees (35)
Starpulse Dumbass Rupert Everett-- you know, that gay British actor with a bevy of classic films and countless awards-- refers to Pacino, De Niro, Clooney, and others as actors who are ruining movies (32)
News.com.au Ironic "Material Girl" cancels Christmas because of the commercialization (29)

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