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Man robs Waffle House with pitchfork and then bales, a grizzly death, and Packers thrust Dix into secondary hole: a few of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 5/4 - 5/10 
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Fun headlines, enjoy!

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2014-05-04 to Sat 2014-05-10:

img.fark.net  Robin Begins  

img.fark.net  Massive dying 30-foot whale washes ashore in Brooklyn, NYPD Harbor Patrol tows it to the New Jersey side to make sure it dies  

img.fark.net  May 5 - 11 has been announced as Clitoris Awareness Week, will be followed by Loch Ness Monster Day and then Bigfoot Appreciation Month  

img.fark.net  Man uses pitchfork to rob Waffle House, then bales  

img.fark.net  The perv on the bus goes fap fap fap, fap fap fap, fap fap fap  

img.fark.net  Goat born with eight legs has both male and female sex organs. Jeez, kids these days  

img.fark.net  Bear attacks and kills worker at Canadian oil sands plant in what officials are calling a grizzly death  

img.fark.net  Kali Ma...Kali Ma...KALI MA SHAKTI DE  

img.fark.net  Med student, 28, who had planned to auction off her virginity with the highest offer, now just wants to put it behind her  

img.fark.net  Let's have a nice round of applause for...Chlamydia  

img.fark.net  This just in: Kissing your chickens may make you sick and leave a fowl taste in your mouth  


img.fark.net  Indiana Pacers' locker room disintegrated because Paul George posted up Roy Hibbert's fiancée  

img.fark.net  Well... bynum  

img.fark.net  Packers thrust Dix into secondary hole  


img.fark.net  Using a middle initial makes people appear smarter to others. The study was completed in October of 2000, just prior to the election of George W. Bush  

img.fark.net  World's oldest woman, 116, credits longevity to a diet of goat meat, sheep milk, goat cheese and beans, says every meal feels like an eternity  

img.fark.net  Scientists say they can build gamma-ray lasers by mixing antimatter and matter to create a compound called positronium. In related news, who knew Ghostbusters was a documentary?  


img.fark.net  Soap star actually dies while filming death scene, which pretty much eliminates the inevitable 'it was only a dream' sequence scheduled for next month  

img.fark.net  Led Zeppelin hint they may release more previously unreleased material, including the legendary "Hey, I Think the Recorder's On" and "Tolkien Sucks"  

img.fark.net  Hollywood is rebooting *spins wheel* Lethal Weapon. We're getting too old for this shiat  


img.fark.net  Lewinsky opens her mouth on Clinton  

img.fark.net  ♫ Pressure, Pushing down on FCC, Pressing down on youtube, No man ask for, Under pressure, It's the terror of knowing, what this internet is about, Watching some FCC men, Screaming "let me out" Under pressure (dum dum dum dum dadada dum) ♫  

img.fark.net  The latest socialist to back a minimum wage hike: Williard M. Romney (D-MA)  


img.fark.net  4² ÷ 2  

img.fark.net  Tesla shares plunge on Wall Street, disappointing investors who thought they would suddenly catch fire for no reason at all  

img.fark.net  IKEA plans to turn its first Swedish store into a museum. It'll take you eight hours to get through unless you know about the secret shortcuts  

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