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Penn State to honor Dick Lippin--again, Triumph out of service after being pooped on, and a new Chinese keylogger called Wa Ching Yu: some of Fark's favorite Headlines of the Week for 3/17 - 3/23 
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Nothing new to report this week, enjoy the headlines.

Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2013-03-17 to Sat 2013-03-23:

img.fark.net  Man born without a penis getting one made from his arm - he should have asked for a foot at least    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Child trapped in pizza machine suffers broken knuckles, hopefully does not have to have his hand tossed    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  England slated to get six inches, encouraged to lie back and think of itself    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  EA CEO steps down, will drive home to the first available unoccupied house    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Half of all Americans have more credit card debt than savings. The other half are childless    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Penn State to honor Dick Lippin. Again?    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Carnival cancels cruises after taking Triumph out of service for being pooped on    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Jane Goodall tramps all over the rights of other authors, plagiarizes bits of their work for her own book    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Woman gives birth to baby on highway during rush hour, marking the first time a project on the PA Turnpike was completed in nine months    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Voice coach says that using a sex toy gives singers an extra octave. Possibly two, depending on where they use it    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Fetus found in hospital trash bin, officially kicking off prom season    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  Miami Heat makes it 23 in a row, send Kevin Garnett a case of Honey Nut Cheerios to get well soon    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Paternity suit dropped against Michael Jordan. It looks like there will be no heir Jordan    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Getting hit with a track and field projectile can be fatal. Discus    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  Apple applies to patent phones that know they're falling and turn in mid-air to avoid breaking their screens. Subby can't decide whether to fasten one to a cat, or to a piece of buttered toast    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Chinese to use computer operating system with pre-installed keylogger to be named Wa Ching Yu    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Pentium turns 20.006086033530565    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  Lindsay Lohan sees rehab as the answer. But not very clearly    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Hacker with exquisite taste deletes all of Soulja Boy's videos off YouTube    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Kiefer Sutherland to play the villain in "Pompeii," so add Volcano to his impressive list of roles    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  Bill Clinton urges another Democrat to challenge McConnell. Clearly, he wants Judd all to himself    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Mexican politician sues her opponents for claiming she likes to be polled by the electorate    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  March Madness continues: St. Ronnie's Budget Hawks upset by Washington RINOs 59-40    img.fark.net


img.fark.net  New 787 Dreamliner batteries will totally not catch fire says Boeing Engineering Vice President Hindenberg    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Carnival Cruise Lines says it will spend double on repairs in 2013. Of course, anyone doing the math knows that two times nothing is still nothing    img.fark.net

img.fark.net  Nike 3Q profits top estimates, despite paying out $23 for total labor costs    img.fark.net
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2013-03-26 05:53:59 PM
The first 2 are HOTY material. Good stuff
2013-03-27 05:30:35 AM
Loved the Penn State one, but the Triumph one was one of the best of all time...

/for me to poop on!
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