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Jon Stewart to Reddit: you don't matter 
Posted by Drew at 2010-11-01 2:41:26 PM, edited 2010-11-01 4:13:48 PM (5914 comments) | Permalink
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Backstory: Reddit has been pushing support for the Stewart/Colbert rally since its inception, possibly since before its inception.

At the Rally For Sanity press conference on Saturday, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, asked Stewart and Colbert a question: what role did the Internet play in convincing you to hold this rally? The response: "it didn't hurt."

Question at around 1:40
http://www.mediaite.com/tv/jon-stewart-and-stephen-colbert-hold-post-rally-to- re store-sanity-press-conference/

Did you hear that Reddit? All that work you put into getting the word out, organizing meetups, and convincing people to go "didn't hurt". All that initial support in getting the ball rolling on this rally a few months back was great, but it wasn't a factor. Thanks for your meaningless and futile support that Comedy Central really didn't need at the end of the day to get a surprise crowd of 250,000 people to the rally. Did you hear that Internet? You had no role in this either, it was all Comedy Central all the way.

Colbert doesn't get a pass on this either, his "thanks Reddit for raising half a million dollars for our charity but it didn't affect attendence one way or the other" comment is a backhanded compliment at best.

And to say this all live, in a press conference, to the co-founder of a community of millions that did everything in its power to get the word out past its own readers to the greater internet, that is flat out disrespectful and wrong. Alexis is a friend of mine, and he's a super nice guy. He would never dream of saying this to Jon Stewart but I will: you owe Alexis an apology and you owe Reddit an apology. I'll stop short at saying you owe The Internet an apology because honestly I think The Internet owes us all an apology for a number of things, Justin Bieber notwithstanding.

In the clip you'll notice Stewart uses part of his answer to Alexis' question to make the point that Comedy Central had the idea for this rally "months" before Reddit did. Which is really odd considering Alexis didn't ask or imply that Reddit gave Comedy Central the idea for the rally in the first place. Sounds like someone feels a litle guilty about something. Who thought of it first doesn't matter, it is impossible to deny that Reddit's actions encouraged Comedy Central to actually pull the trigger. Except Stewart did, right to Alexis Ohanian's face, in a live press conference.

Why am I so bent about this? First and foremost, because a friend of mine got smacked down on live TV by a guy he helped, and I can't stand by and do nothing about it without at least saying something. But also because Daily Show writers have been doing essentially the same thing to me, every single day for the past 10 years. They use Fark every day to source material, and haven't mentioned Fark on air even one single time. It's the same attitude toward Reddit: "sure doesn't hurt, but not a significant contribution." Thanks to Fark, your writers don't have to go far to fill your shows up with material for you to use. Every writer I've met thanks me vociferously for Fark and tells me how much easier it makes their jobs. Sure that's not worth a daily mention, but I would think at least one in the last 10 years. It has yet to happen. I've learned to live with it, but Alexis is my friend and he does not deserve this kind of treatment. Especially considering the effort Reddit put into promoting the rally.

I'm not implying they owe Reddit or Fark any credit for the success of the Rally, that's definitely not the case. Comedy Central did the bulk of the work, that can't be disputed. This is about common courtesy. If someone does you a favor, a thank you is a kind and appropriate response. In Reddit's case, "it doesn't hurt" is a slap in the face. It discounts all the effort they went through - and they went through a lot. And they weren't the only ones, several other large web communities pitched in as well.

Here's my proposal: Jon Stewart should apologize for discounting the impact that Reddit and other Internet communities had on this rally, or next time The Internet should remember Comedy Central thinks they don't count and should show them what happens when "The Internet" actively works to convince people to not attend. Because if Reddit had put similar effort into convincing people not to attend, the crowd size would have been far smaller than anticipated. And if you don't believe me, let's see how it goes next time if Stewart makes the wrong decision.

PS: pretty sure this post will guarantee that I and/or Fark never get a mention on The Daily Show but that wasn't happening anyhow.
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2010-11-01 04:00:57 PM  
So, what's all this about a rally organized by two semi-humorous comedians?

Actually...I shoulda just typed "meh". It's shorter.
2010-11-01 04:01:13 PM  

Note to self: do not trifle with John Stewart on the internet, even if it's a site you own.
2010-11-01 04:01:31 PM  
obzerver: Maybe they wanted one of these?

2010-11-01 04:01:32 PM  
Ringtailed79: You'll get over it.

Done in one.
2010-11-01 04:01:34 PM  
Donor: Anti_illuminati: Donor

Would you blame Obama or his speech-writers if it happened there?

I'm sorry. I didn't know it was Obama or Obama's speechwriters' responsibility to look up humorous headlines on the interwebs. However, if you're just going for plain old plagiarism, I'd blame his speechwriters. If he continues to employ said speechwriter, I'd blame Obama for a lack of speech-writing integrity.
2010-11-01 04:01:35 PM  
This seems like one of the those things that makes sense late at night after a few beers... and you get fired up and write it and your buddy reads and thinks it's great. IT'S [hic] GREAT! POST IT!!
Then you post it thinking everyone will be on your side, but they ain't....they ain't on your side...

/i will forget it about though, because IDGAF
//just here for the LOLZ
2010-11-01 04:01:37 PM  
Pontius Pilates Class: The very first thing people with weak arguments learn to do is distract from their own failings. Exhibit A, your most recent post directed to me.

I do hate seeing people bury themselves like this, but sometimes it is the only way to teach them not to.

I admit to being initially out of sorts over your response, seeing that you failed to address my question. But on further thought, I do believe you have cleverly hidden the answer in a post designed to seem trite and thin-witted. Merry sport indeed!

By stating that we are in a class of gentles who "bury themselves", I surmise that the hole we are in (above which is your laughing, urinating, image-reflecting self) is indeed dirt-lined!

Let us anew! My next query to you, my merry, over-quenched, shiny fellow: Is the grass surrounding the top of the hole indigenous to a specific region or area?
2010-11-01 04:01:40 PM  

Do me a favor, sport. Take out your pocket watch and remove the smallest cog. Congratulations. You now have a broken watch.

I will assume you are smart enough to get the analogy without me explaining it, despite the fact that this has shown to be a fool's endeavor in the past.
2010-11-01 04:01:41 PM  
Drew, I bet you didn't expect this response to your emo blog.
2010-11-01 04:01:53 PM  
FoxNews supports you Drew. That right there should tell you how wrong you are.

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2010-11-01 04:02:00 PM  
I'm convinced Drew didn't actually watch the video and is instead going off of what his friend said he heard during the press conference.

It's the only reasonable answer.
2010-11-01 04:02:31 PM  
Stewart and Colbert are trying to do a meaningful historic event, and you guys are butt hurt about the lack of a spike in internet traffic you think you should have?
2010-11-01 04:02:41 PM  
mrapier: Whiny biatch.

Princess? What are you doing in the slums?
2010-11-01 04:02:50 PM  

A picture of Drew's post dropped in front of the FARK cave.
2010-11-01 04:02:51 PM  
Pontius Pilates Class: @queezyweezel

You can imagine my surprise when I thought you had finally gotten your head on straight.

I'd be disappointed you haven't, but sometimes it is nice to know that the world is the same as you left it.


Making oneself a fool is always easier than the foolish think.

No kidding. All you had to do was post! ;)

/ I really hope you're not takin' any of this seriously...
// ...because I'm sure as hell not...
2010-11-01 04:02:59 PM  
Wow. Drew was serious.

Hey, Drew -- here's a thought experiment for you:

- Most of the people in the thread watched the videos you so indignantly posted.
- Nearly every last one of them had a drastically different reaction than you.
- Is it likely to consider that maybe you're the one with the out-of-place reaction?

Or maybe you're really just a toolbag. Either way.
2010-11-01 04:03:04 PM  
meh, Done in one
2010-11-01 04:03:04 PM  
Drew: As of right now, I'm not wrong.

Calm down. Listen to it again. Without your own input, have a friend listen and see how they react. I bet they'll be happy for you and not think of it as a slight in the least. I think you're hearing what you want to hear and not understanding that they could have answered the question honestly with a short "no." They gave you time and acknowledgment while answering the question correctly.

/grow up already, I know it's your friend, but listen ffs
2010-11-01 04:03:05 PM  
I'll just leave this here

2010-11-01 04:03:09 PM  
The reason for the rally was to stop this bickering crap. Please, Drew, leave it alone and let's continue to be the reasonable masses.

/sick and tired of all of it.
2010-11-01 04:03:20 PM  
Too much whining. I want my 30 seconds back.
2010-11-01 04:03:26 PM  
Really... who cares... he didn't say "doesn't matter".

/heard about the rally from watching the Daily Show.
2010-11-01 04:03:49 PM  
Political mavens of every stripe, including those on internet forums, regularly eat their young and tell former friends they are beneath contempt. This has not changed and never will change. If you cant stand the heat then simply leave hell and dont involve yourself closely with politicking individuals.

2010-11-01 04:04:17 PM  
One of two scenarios
1) This is some of the greatest trolling I have seen by a site-king since Moot said he was shutting down 4chan
2010-11-01 04:04:22 PM  
Pontius Pilates Class: @Infobahn

Do me a favor, sport. Take out your pocket watch and remove the smallest cog. Congratulations. You now have a broken watch.

I will assume you are smart enough to get the analogy without me explaining it, despite the fact that this has shown to be a fool's endeavor in the past.

whatever, small people don't matter. Never have, that's why we call important people "fat cats".

That's also why that Randy Newman song is so damn great
2010-11-01 04:04:23 PM  
STFU and DIAF: FoxNews supports you Drew. That right there should tell you how wrong you are.

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2010-11-01 04:04:41 PM  
Can't you just put them on your ignore list like most Fark liberals?
2010-11-01 04:04:50 PM  
2010-11-01 04:04:54 PM  
The only thing I want now is for PPC to come back to TFD
2010-11-01 04:05:05 PM  
STFU and DIAF: FoxNews supports you Drew. That right there should tell you how wrong you are.

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Oy Jesus Chrikey.
2010-11-01 04:05:05 PM  
This may be the silliest thing I have seen someone get mad at since my 6 year old neighbor was mad at the Tea Party for taking her nickname for playtime.
2010-11-01 04:05:12 PM  
Joliet_Jake: Backstory:

That was pretty awesome.

If you care (new window)
2010-11-01 04:05:13 PM  
sandmanahoy: - "It didn't hurt" could have been sarcasm? Would that really be out of character for Jon Stewart?
- The Daily Show should mention Fark, I could just see Stewart talking about some politician almost doing something stupid and him being like "That's one way to end up on Fark." or "You don't want to be a Fark headline, do you?" and then cue applause.

Except look at that xkcd map of the internet in the larger scheme of things nobody knows who the fark fark is.
2010-11-01 04:05:22 PM  

With every post you make yourself a smaller man. It is entertaining to see, but in the same way watching a baby being crushed in a hydraulic press is funny.
2010-11-01 04:05:33 PM  
somebody needs a hug. or a boot to the ass.

/I'm torn
2010-11-01 04:05:37 PM  
STFU and DIAF: FoxNews supports you Drew. That right there should tell you how wrong you are.

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Ho-lee shiat. Is that for real.
2010-11-01 04:05:38 PM  
STFU and DIAF: FoxNews supports you Drew. That right there should tell you how wrong you are.

Link (new window)

I bet they had the story before he posted his whine.
2010-11-01 04:05:59 PM  
2010-11-01 04:06:00 PM  
STFU and DIAF: FoxNews supports you Drew. That right there should tell you how wrong you are.

Link (new window)

Did they write that article in like 10 minutes? Damn that was fast.
2010-11-01 04:06:06 PM  
GAT_00: This thread is hilarious.

2010-11-01 04:06:07 PM  
STFU and DIAF: FoxNews supports you Drew. That right there should tell you how wrong you are.

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Holy s***.
2010-11-01 04:06:16 PM  
Hey Drew, myself and lot of other people here send you $5 per month for this shiat. How about THAT for appreciation?

You know, most people would be more than happy to trade places with you. Enjoy your good fortune and the fact that your idea, Fark.com, has afforded you as much as it has.
2010-11-01 04:06:29 PM  
Actually, I've been a little dissapointed with all of Fark lately. No major problems, just a slight slip in quality. Also, the moderation rules aren't clear. Clearly stated and enforced rules are what hold any community together, and I think we're losing that.
2010-11-01 04:06:31 PM  
somebody sponsor me.
2010-11-01 04:06:37 PM  
2010-11-01 04:06:50 PM  
incrediculous: Consider this. Without Reddit's vast and loyal audience, how could have John Stewart have even hoped to promote his little rally?

John Stewart's little comedy act needs Reddit, and he has doomed his career by biting the hand that feeds it.

2010-11-01 04:06:50 PM  

Jon Stewart Slaps the Internet in the Face
Published November 01, 2010 | FoxNews.com
Print Email Share Comments (1) Text Size

In this Oct. 2, 2010 file photo, Stephen Colbert, left, and Jon Stewart appear on stage at Comedy Central's 'Night Of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert For Autism Education' at the Beacon Theatre in New York.
Don't make Fark angry, Jon Stewart. You wouldn't like Fark when it's angry. But unfortunately, it may already be too late.

Fark.com founder Drew Curtis is incensed that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert haven't given the online community due credit for the success of the Rally to Restore Sanity.

The rally, co-hosted by the Comedy Central comedians, drew a crowd estimated at 250,000 this past Saturday on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. -- a crowd inspired and fueled by community activism on Fark.com and online bookmarking site Reddit. Yet when Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian asked Stewart what role the Internet played in convincing him to hold the rally, the response was clear: "it didn't hurt."

Curtis told FoxNews.com that the snub was hard to understand.

"It's not that credit is deserved, it just doesn't make any sense that it's not there," he said.

Yet Colbert similarly abstained from giving the Internet credit for the massive turnout when he thanked users for the half million dollars raised for charity.

"It didn't affect attendance one way or the other," Colbert said. Curtis was so upset by the comments that he submitted an open letter to Fark.com, lambasting what he considered "backhanded compliments" by the comedy duo.

"Did you hear that Reddit? All that work you put into getting the word out, organizing meetups, and convincing people to go 'didn't hurt,'" mocked Curtis in the letter. "You had no role in [the massive turnout] either: It was all Comedy Central, all the way."

A publicist for Stewart and Colbert did not immediately reply to a FoxNews.com request for comment.

It could be indicative of the persistent mainstream dismissal of the Internet's impact, but Curtis explained to FoxNews.com that most parties simply aren't aware -- Reddit included. "Had the mainstream media, who got eviscerated at the rally, jumped on it, it would be a different story."

Curtis conceded that the success of the rally isn't entirely due to Reddit or Fark, yet he feels Stewart's comments were inappropriate. "This is about common courtesy," he wrote. "If someone does you a favor, a thank you is a kind and appropriate response." Instead, Curtis feels Stewart's slight was a "slap in the face."

Stewart also stated that Comedy Central had the idea for the rally months before Reddit did -- which Curtis attributes to a guilty conscience. He wrote, "who thought of it first doesn't matter, it is impossible to deny Reddit's actions encouraged Comedy Central to pull the trigger."

Curtis is now demanding that Jon Stewart give Ohanian and Reddit a formal apology, and he warned that Internet communities could very well pull future support if the Daily Show host didn't right his alleged wrongs.

If not, Stewart may make the Farkers mad. And he may not like what they turn into.


Aww, you got a nice little whiny article on Fox News to go with your biatching.

Congratulations, Drew. You wrote a book about idiocy in the media and now you have completed the process to become just another part.
2010-11-01 04:06:59 PM  
STFU and DIAF: FoxNews supports you Drew. That right there should tell you how wrong you are.

Link (new window)

Holy crap.

That was fast.
2010-11-01 04:06:59 PM  
Drew is obviously pissed at the years of writers' joke mining, but I'm going to have to go with the comedic understatement explanation. OUTRAGE unfounded
2010-11-01 04:07:00 PM  
Nobody cares.

Seriously. I can't count the number of times I've heard morning radio drumming up a Fark post as "Zoo material." If someone's going to butthurt by the Daily Show, they need to whine at the whole of morning radio (I am not sure if it's the same on satellite but I know Stern gets his info from Fark, too) for stealing material. Don't make Fark out to be more than what it is, just as TDS tries to keep itself believing it's still just a comedy show. I started out with the news aggregate services on Fark, and despite the ebb and flow of material I get really tired of the constant stream of trolls fluttering in and out, obfuscating what could otherwise be good discussions. Just once give me an evolution thread without Bevets or SkinnyHead or a political one without Phil Herup or Gato Negro. They are the snot in our otherwise pleasant grande latte.

Does the Daily Show need Reddit/Fark business? Does the revenue stream for advertisement mean anything in the grand scheme? I don't know. I block ads so I don't know if Fark hosts any that produce profit for Comedy Central. Either way the whole piss and moan seems trite. Is giving Fark any credit on national TV going to matter? Will it get Drew laid or gain him admission into Hollywood parties so he has a few Charlie Murphy stories to tell years from now?

It's a popular TV show being asked to kowtow to what is essentially a reasonably-priced, user-driven forum market. If Drew was posting all the threads himself and spending 24/7 creating new content for the site then I could see accusing them of comedic and intellectual 'theft'. Overall let's be happy for what the rally was: Fun.
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