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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2010-07-11 to Sat 2010-07-17 
Posted by Drew at 2010-07-20 6:49:11 AM (3 comments) | Permalink
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Headlines Of The Week for Sun 2010-07-11 to Sat 2010-07-17:

img1.fark.net  Bristol-Myers Squibb announces recall of anti-clotting drug Coumadin. The first signs were during a transfusion in a Taiwanese hospital, where the patient was receiving Taipei blood    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Ireland is rioting. Could be religious. Could be nationalist. Could be Tuesday    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Dong found guilty of beating man    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Vaseline launches new Facebook app that lightens skin. Users surprised when their credit scores rise, they're no longer pulled over without reason, and their income rises 28%    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Texas cop run over by his own squad car expected to recover. Car charged with attempted murder, resisting arrest, fleeing the scene, and driving without a license    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Horny creature savages young man's groin. But enough about your Mom, this is a story about a British tourist being gored by a bull    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Apple holding an iPhone 4 press conference on Friday. Here's hoping that they hold it correctly    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  The Vatican says ordaining women is as bad as raping children. So it's okay, then?    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Olive oil sold as "extra virgin" often is merely "virgin." Well, yeah, if you want get anal about it    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Elderly couple dies while stuck in a descending elevator; the scene will be tragically reenacted during their funeral    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Vader sought in connection with disappearance of elderly couple, Alderaan    img.fark.net


img1.fark.net  NHRA driver died on Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Stern fines Cavs $50,000 for comments about LeBron and another $50,000 for using Comic Sans    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Landon Donovan's shot in English gal disallowed    img.fark.net


img1.fark.net  Apple Store opens in Shanghai, across the street from the Epple Store, just down the road from the RedFruitComputers Shop and next to the WindowSoft Emporium    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Earth is much younger than previously thought - it just looks older because it spends so much time in the sun    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Houston museum attempting to coax corpse flower with rotting bananas. Don't they know that leading a horticuture is a fruitless endeavor?    img.fark.net


img1.fark.net  RFK Jr is getting a divorce from his wife. Phew, talk about dodging a bullet    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Critically acclaimed series The Hills finally ends. Applauded for its innovative use of cinema verite techniques, the show will be remembered for the way it commanded the youth of America into a new age of enlightenment    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Katy Perry in bikini and now that all the straight men have already clicked the link, we can communicate freely; the revolution starts tonight. Leave no survivors. Triumph will finally be ours over the straight males    img.fark.net


img1.fark.net  Fidel Castro emerged from his den and smiled, guaranteeing six more years of communism    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Federal judge sentences great grandson of Alexander Graham Bell to life in prison without possibility of parole, refuses to reverse the charges    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  WV Governor taps former aide, sister-cousins    img.fark.net


img1.fark.net  Once proudly feminist and independent, the Lilith Fair festival has been sullied by the corporate interests of Big Tampon™    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Creed announced that lead singer Scott Stapp's wife gave birth to a son. Finally, it's the first thing Creed ever produced that didn't sound like second-rate Pearl Jam    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Model on cover of Vampire Weekend's "Contra" sues band, presumably after listening to the album    img.fark.net


img1.fark.net  For $5800, GM will let you come to their factory and help them build your own Corvette engine. Bringing a few mechanics from Ford is optional but recommended    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  Tiny violin sales skyrocket after BP exec says coffee spill parody video hurts BP employees' feelings    img.fark.net

img1.fark.net  First impression of the new paywall around the Times and Sunday Times news sites: "Wow, where did everyone go?"    img.fark.net
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2010-07-21 02:39:32 AM
How come no Candygram for Mongo ? (new window)
2010-07-21 10:19:34 AM
ItsNotButter: How come no Candygram for Mongo ? (new window)

This! I peed myself laughing at that, then made sure I have a booking for the afterlife at the Hellton Garden Inn.
2010-07-21 10:01:04 PM
I now have had four headlines of the week in the past three weeks. Boo-yeah!
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