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(Fark) needs a developer for its corporate web site. Details in comments section   ( divider line
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2119 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jan 2002 at 12:44 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-16 12:47:24 PM  
'corporate' site??? wtf
2002-01-16 12:48:38 PM  
developers, developers, developers

you knew someone would post this....didnt ya???
2002-01-16 12:49:24 PM  
I'll do it for a hand job, 12 pack of beer and some pringles.
2002-01-16 12:50:12 PM  
what level of workload would this be?


Payment or probono?



Could I add new stuff to the fark filter?
2002-01-16 12:51:19 PM  
Hell, I'd do it for teh handyob. and an email account.
2002-01-16 12:51:58 PM  
oh, and a bag of pretzels for those 'lonely sundays' where I need an excuse for passing out with a plastic bag over my head.
2002-01-16 12:54:15 PM  
I'd like a shot at rewriting that CGI
2002-01-16 12:55:53 PM  
Spook: Lol! That man is truly an ape. Just one more reason to hate M$
2002-01-16 12:56:34 PM  
Time to cut thru the crap.

Does this mean more boobies or less boobies?
2002-01-16 01:00:34 PM  
Hey all, thanks for the responses. As you know, Fark is getting huge. We are going to be doing some really neat stuff with some other start-ups, a lot of upcoming publicity, etc. We basically need a nice, clean looking site that we can point advertisers, press, etc to when they need information on

Drew and I can't pay you right now, but whomever does this will definitely be highly considered for other paying gigs that we will have later. Plus, if you have your own firm, we can work out something where you get advertising, a nice plug and definitely a fark email address.

If you are wondering why we need to take all these steps, check out for our current stats (updated every morning at 6AM). Last Sunday, we added more page impressions than we had during the entire 1999. Things are growing fast, and we need to grow with it.

This "position" is a great way for you to help Fark out, get yourself some exposure and possibly line yourself up for a cool paying gig later. I wish I could offer more, but this is a shoestring operation and we need to treat it as such.


2002-01-16 01:07:28 PM  
I'm a code dude, someone else can make it pretty.
2002-01-16 01:08:24 PM  
I may be available to do some work on it. Drew has my ICQ number. :)
2002-01-16 01:09:51 PM  
I need a new farking position as well.
2002-01-16 01:11:11 PM  
As far as the look goes, why not have a contest? whip up a homepage and whoevers is best wins.
2002-01-16 01:12:57 PM  
hey I'll be happy to do it. Been doing corporate web dev for years. I always need a challenge and something new for the resume :D
2002-01-16 01:14:55 PM  
how are we supossed to apply? Need more details here
oh well. My email is in my profile.
2002-01-16 01:15:27 PM  
The last thing you want to do is have the developer do the design. that is always a recipe for disaster.
2002-01-16 01:15:41 PM  
Would people like to make this a contest? From the deluge of emails I've gotten, it seems that some of you out there would like to whip something up. I'll set up a poll and we can vote on the one that we like the best. Don't get too far ahead of yourself's in terms of contest, just look-n-feel..
2002-01-16 01:17:39 PM  
If it's a contest, you better specify some rules. Things like max page size, minimal graphics (or not), what needs to be included, etc.
2002-01-16 01:19:13 PM  
i'll take a picture of my ass.. and you can use that
2002-01-16 01:19:58 PM  
Stats are fun! What 471 sick bastards are searching for:

471: olsen twins nude
2002-01-16 01:20:19 PM  
I can't pay you right now, but whomever does this will definitely be highly considered for other paying gigs that we will have later.

No offence guys but I have heard this before.
2002-01-16 01:22:12 PM  
Does this mean I'm not getting my hand job?
2002-01-16 01:24:34 PM  
We are going to be doing some really neat stuff with some other start-ups...

And you thought the days of the dot-com boom were over...

Drew and I can't pay you right now,

See? just like the old days! Beaney, promise stock options in lue of salary! I'm suddenly feeling all nostalgic, and stuff.
2002-01-16 01:27:09 PM  
Coder myself, but it'd be cool as heck. Probably won't compete, but if anyone wants some help in their design, I can do some mean 3D Studio MAX. Plus, two heads are better than one.
2002-01-16 01:27:33 PM  
contest sounds cool. But the best way to design a corp website is with input from the corp itself *shrugs*

sorry I'm getting ahead of myself but I've been doing corp design for years....I think Fark should take the interest applicants and decide who from past work. Kind of like a normal job interview..its just an unpaid job
2002-01-16 01:29:13 PM  
gotta remember to proof read

interested applicants
2002-01-16 01:29:20 PM  
Fb- Does this mean I'm not getting my hand job?

Dot-com hopeful gives birth to callouses, Fb- is the father.
2002-01-16 01:29:24 PM  
3m ta3: That's right. If you do a good job, we will not consider you for future gigs. My goodness. There are some honest people left out here. We are not trying to trick anyone into doing this, but if someone does, we will consider them for future paying work

Anyway, 3m TA3 does make a good point. Don't do this thinking that it will lead to something bigger or a permanent job, we just aren't there yet. Do it for whatever reason you want - support fark, get publicity, hone your skills, etc - but don't do it thinking that we have a job waiting to be filled.

Oh yeah, I will post contest rules in a bit. Actually, here they are.

Host it yourself, until we pick a winner
Must be professional
We are running Linux on Apache.
Don't use a flash intro
Otherwise, I'm open to whatever.

Also, this is what the winner will get. Three pre-approved links on Fark, first dibs on a email address, and access to totalFark (i'll explain that later)


2002-01-16 01:29:59 PM  
I do web design work for a university, but would lot to get more exposure if possible. Especially since this job SUCKS!
2002-01-16 01:32:54 PM  
What's the function of what we're supposed to be designing? After all, function determines layout...
2002-01-16 01:33:34 PM  
I've done a lot of server side sites, HTML, PHP, ASP, Perl... linked to an Access database or mySQL database.

Check it out, contact me if interested. (I'm rewriting my homepage in PHP at the moment too).
2002-01-16 01:33:47 PM  
E.Twig - How do you find out what people are searching for?
2002-01-16 01:33:52 PM  
Who is the Gogi kid? He or she kind of reminds me of one of the marketing people on the Simpsons. Paradigm, proacvtive, this new character needs to be the original dog from hell....
2002-01-16 01:36:17 PM  
I might be able to do this over the weekend... would be a nice change from the 4 sites I maintain at work.
2002-01-16 01:37:37 PM  
Wow! retroCRUSH has finally made a dent on the referring pages list! I'm just below stile now. Can I get my honorary Drew beer bong now?
2002-01-16 01:37:41 PM  

what kind of content will be on the page? Is it a redesign of Fark or just a design for a corp page? Content heavy? Lots of text? And graphics?

I don't know about anyone else but I need info before I can even think about a design.
2002-01-16 01:38:06 PM  
I can't wait to see the 'contest web sites.' Gonna be like a photoshop thread on steroids. (So Gogi, make sure we get to see 'em!)
2002-01-16 01:38:32 PM  
sheeeeeeooot. I'd love to. could easily work it in the spare time.. unfortunately, my development only covers microsoft platforms.. *dodges the slapping*

I've got code ready if you're willing to go asp!
2002-01-16 01:38:46 PM  
Fishbowl - ouch! Just a fan, trying to help Drew out. Nothing sinister.

For everyone out there, I'm just looking for layout ideas. Here are some categories that we will neeed.

Press Releases
About Us
2002-01-16 01:38:59 PM  
Your specs are somewhat vague.
2002-01-16 01:39:22 PM  
i'm a graphics dood.....someone else can crunch the code.
2002-01-16 01:40:28 PM  
He's just saying he's seen this before. In fact, anyone in web development for more than a hobby has seen it before.

In half the jobs that are proposed, the developer is supposed to take a hit because the site is so damn important or high-visibility or will lead to further work or what the fark. Since the dot-com collapse, it would appear that the only change is that the developers are no longer offered free worthless stock options.

The developers who fall for this sort of thing only fall a few times, before they can remember what it's like to get burnt. So Fark's corporate site will be someone who doesn't have much experience. This, in turn, will apparently affect the likelihood of getting more work.

If I hadn't seen it a thousand times, I wouldn't be posting it now. Sure, this could be different; sure, more people want to support Fark, get notice on fark, etc. But the idea that professional, quality design can be had by offering free email accounts (!) after being judged by non-professionals? Let's just say if it were anywhere else, I'd derisively snort.
2002-01-16 01:40:41 PM  
We will definitely have a poll and a huge comments section.
2002-01-16 01:42:23 PM  
What exactly are you wanting on the corporate website? I mean most have statements about themselves, etc. Obviously, we don't want to make this silly and can't go into detail, since we don't know them right off. Just trying to pull more out of your head.
2002-01-16 01:43:08 PM  

what is the function of the site...what are you selling...who is your audience....what content is going to be on the site?

is it a simple brouchure site or are you pushing out much and what is the data?

details,'s fine to just say "design a site", but you won't like the results.

yea, i may be interested in doing depends on your answers to the above questions. i do like Rodalea's idea about submitting portfolios...unless your looking for the monkeys in the PS threads to design a site for you.

2002-01-16 01:43:19 PM  
> Host it yourself, until we pick a winner
> Must be professional
> We are running Linux on Apache.

Ummm. Aren't you running Apache on Linux?

Damn. That probably wasn't professional of me. This is how all my interviews go...
2002-01-16 01:43:21 PM  
Undertoad, the guy says not to do it in anticipation of other work. He's being honest about it.
2002-01-16 01:43:31 PM  
Damn, and I decided to help out a broke friend with his website. Wish I had more time.

My site.
2002-01-16 01:45:07 PM  
And like Bagu, I'm just the graphics dood.
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