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(MSNBC) NewsFlash Rumsfeld ordered terrorist suspect to be "hidden" from the Red Cross   ( divider line
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37500 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jun 2004 at 7:16 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-16 07:18:58 PM  
2004-06-16 07:19:08 PM  
To infinity and beyond!

/nothing to add
2004-06-16 07:19:13 PM  
Before the flamewar erupts, let me just say that this story definitely does not have a happy ending.
2004-06-16 07:19:16 PM  
He must've ordered the story taken down, too. My page is blank.
2004-06-16 07:19:56 PM  
oh, here we go...
2004-06-16 07:20:02 PM  
What a twit. I'd really appreciate it if you guys elected some other group come November, kay?
2004-06-16 07:20:16 PM  
2004-06-16 07:20:47 PM  
Defend the indefensible in 3...2..1....
2004-06-16 07:20:50 PM  
If this stuff can be illegal depending on how you interpert the law, shouldn't it go to trial so that the law can gain a more strict interpertation?
2004-06-16 07:20:56 PM  
good, F&^* em'
2004-06-16 07:21:06 PM  
Well this will be interesting. Need to start a betting pool on when he'll resign (or if he will..)
2004-06-16 07:21:11 PM  
ooops. moran.
2004-06-16 07:21:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

A picture of the prisoner.
2004-06-16 07:21:35 PM  
Maybe now he can resign for "personal reasosns," or maybe someone can have him "hidden."
2004-06-16 07:21:45 PM  
Was that a bad thing?
2004-06-16 07:21:58 PM  
I got the story here. Deserves
img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-06-16 07:22:13 PM  
"immediate threat" it's gonna heat up.
2004-06-16 07:22:20 PM  
Is Kerry really the best shot at getting Bush and co. out of there? At this point, I'll vote for an inanimate object over Bush.
2004-06-16 07:22:28 PM  
Well he should do that, cause 9/11 blah blah blah.

I can't even act like one of the pinheads that still believes in this administration.
2004-06-16 07:22:34 PM  
2nd post sure to be another flamer!
2004-06-16 07:22:47 PM  
No big deal. It's just like the Easter Bunny - hiding delicious treats about the yard. See? Rumsfeld is a fuzzy bunny! And we like fuzzy bunnies, right? It would be unpatriotic not to like them! Yay fuzzy bunnies! Yay Rummy and George for protecting fuzzy bunnies! Yay!
2004-06-16 07:23:17 PM  
Rummy appears to believe that to beat terrorism it is neccessary to become as brutal as the terrorists. To which i think the most pertinent response is; if that is the case, why do we deserve to win? Civilisation surrenders.
2004-06-16 07:23:19 PM  
"in possible violation of international law."
not that I like him.... but like beheading an American and web casting it is legal in international law.

2004-06-16 07:23:51 PM  
But everything worked out in the end.
2004-06-16 07:24:04 PM  
Fit? Meet Shan.
2004-06-16 07:24:06 PM  
at least gen. sanchez ordered a higher ranking official to come in and oversee the investigation last week. they knew this was gonna break sooner or later.
2004-06-16 07:24:22 PM  
I'm glad he did. The Red Cross has lost it...
2004-06-16 07:24:23 PM  
I think they should fry him.
2004-06-16 07:24:25 PM  
Comments were zero when I clicked the link. Infinity and beyond by 10 pm central.
2004-06-16 07:24:27 PM  
i wonder how long before godwin law is broken
2004-06-16 07:24:34 PM  

What the hell does that have to do with Rummy?
2004-06-16 07:24:34 PM  
Somebody get me something to wipe this shiat grin off my face
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-16 07:24:48 PM  
Why does the Red Cross hate America?
2004-06-16 07:25:00 PM  
I like how they brought him back into Iraq after the Justice Department said it might be illegal to hold him outside of it, as if that minor technicality is something to worry about in the face of all the other illegal stuff going on there.
2004-06-16 07:25:23 PM  
Could the resignation of Rumsfeld be link 1,000,000?
2004-06-16 07:25:47 PM  
sooo...what would Black Jack Pershing do?

2004-06-16 07:25:56 PM  
I have tried to support the Bush Administration throughout the Iraq War, but how stupid can they be? I've about given up. They're under a microscope, yet they keep doing stupid shiat.

/voting libertarian
2004-06-16 07:25:57 PM  
Pentagon officials still insist Rumsfeld acted legally, but admit it all depends on how you interpret the law.

This is getting pretty close to debating what "is" means.
2004-06-16 07:26:05 PM  
As a registered Republican, all I can say is ...someone please get cheney and rumsfeld out. For the love of the deity of your choice. Please get them out. Is there no one as qualified and less shadowy out there? This may be the straw that breaks the camels back. While I think Joe Biden was a little naive in his statment about torture, the United States is better than this. Oh well...fark on
2004-06-16 07:26:07 PM  
The entire administration deserves a nice big Dumbass tag. Can't even cover their tracks properly. If you want to keep this group in power, you deserve whatever you get in the next four years. Why do you hate America?
2004-06-16 07:26:35 PM  
Every time I say to myself "How pervasive can this possibly be?", I read another news story that makes me literally gasp in disbelief.
2004-06-16 07:26:37 PM  
And they all lived happily after.


Who wants to put inanimate carbon rod up for election this November? (easy reference there)
2004-06-16 07:26:44 PM  
uncle, just toss'n out the fact that the media loves to point out the US breaking the "international law", but yet wuestioned how legal it was to behead someone. All the media said was wrong, moraly.... nothing about legally. (see, Ganeva Convention)
2004-06-16 07:26:51 PM  
Sic 'em Biden!
2004-06-16 07:26:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The great rummy detects an impending flamewar!

I can't wait for the spin. He'll find some way to talk about this in a press conference and make everyone feel stupid for even asking questions about it.
2004-06-16 07:27:09 PM  
<b>Gen Turgidson</B>

nah I say infinity by 9:30est.
2004-06-16 07:27:17 PM  
This is no longer a War on Terror.

This is now a War of Terror.
2004-06-16 07:27:58 PM  
Bush press conference tomorrow: "Mr. Rumsfeld, you are doing a super stupendous job. Wow! You are just the coolest! I think so and so does Ronald Reagan. Anyone who says your not is a traitor for the terrorists, and should be dealt with accordingly. You got me?

"Any questions? I didn't think so."
2004-06-16 07:28:02 PM  
Fitting behavior from the man who covered up the statue of justice.
2004-06-16 07:28:14 PM the setup for the 'fallguy' begins. It's wasn't the administration that was behind all this, it was the incomprehensable evil that is Rumsfield!

\waiting for neo-con tards like Cyansis to begin posting links to crap that tries to defend this shiyat.
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