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(CNN)   9/11 Commission: "No credible evidence" of link between Iraq and al Qaeda   ( divider line
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2004-06-16 11:14:07 AM  

John Kerry and the environmentalist are the 2 reasons why gas prices are where they were last month. You can't have it both ways.

Could you supply even a shred of evidence to support such a claim? Or is it "cuz I says so". Maybe it wasn't JUST Kerry and the environmentalists. Maybe the Reverse Vampires were in on it too!!!!
2004-06-16 11:14:18 AM  
The bullshiat neocon artists can just stop now.

"We've only been saying the two met."
"We never claimed Iraq was in on 9-11."

Lies. Complete lies.

The ONLY reason Iraq and AQ are used in the same sentence now is because the neocons wanted to tie Iraq into 9-11. By pointing out any possible meetings, etc, the inference was that Iraq helped AQ on 9-11.

That's the ONLY reason these ties were ever discussed.

Further, that inference was the entire basis for popular support of the war in Iraq. It wasn't that Saddam might have WMDs; it was the inference that he had them, and would work with AQ to use them on us. THAT is what everyone was all paranoid about.

So don't claim that this report is a moot point. It goes against the very basis of this war and just about every anti-terrorism inititative the current administration has come up with.

Disturbingly, I supported this war a year ago or so. Now, with all these revelations, I don't know what scares me more: the prospect of these liars getting re-elected, or the fact that people who so actively support them might be on the bus with me tonight.
2004-06-16 11:14:19 AM  

"Me personally I am waiting for a Land Rover that runs on liberal scum"

I would never put that shiat in my car.
2004-06-16 11:14:34 AM  
No that simply bumped the cost of doing business. The real issue lies in the inflated taxation and unrealistic regulation of the refinery industry on the whole.

So did this unrealistic regulation just pop up all of a sudden around Memorial Day when the prices went through the roof?

And if you want to deregulate the refinery industry, ask someone who lives in California about deregulation and their energy bill in the summertime.
2004-06-16 11:15:04 AM  

Owned indeed.

Yes I fogot that if we would have provided air support that Saddam wouldn't have murdered children. Interesting that it is our fault. What a unanticipated shift of blame you have managed.

Well, we did tell them to rebel, and that we would support them, then left whistling quietly... so yeah, I'd say some blame falls on the US...

History should have taught you that we pulled out of Iraq last time because we were losing the PR battle. Much like this time, the countries inability to defend itself against our massive well trained millitary looked bad on TV. (Russian tanks in reverse)

And here I thought it was because Bush I and Cheney didn't see an easy way to occupy and rule the country

George Herbert Bush explained in his memoirs why he decided not to go to
Baghdad and try to take out Hussein: Trying to eliminate Saddam ...would
have incurred incalculable human and political costs. Apprehending him
was probably impossible ... We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad
and, in effect, rule Iraq ...there was no viable exit strategy we could
see, violating another of our principles. Furthermore, we had been
self-consciously trying to set a pattern for handling aggression in the
post-Cold War world. Going in and occupying Iraq, thus unilaterally
exceeding the United Nations mandate, would have destroyed the precedent
of international response to aggression that we hoped to establish. Had
we gone the invasion route, the United States could conceivably still be
an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land.

"Once you've got Baghdad, it's not clear what you do with it. It's not clear what king of government you would put in place of the one that's currently there....How much credibility is that government going to have if it's set up by the United States Military when it's there?... I think to have American military forces engaged in a civil war inside Iraq would fit the definition of quagmire, and we have absolutely no desire to get bogged down in that fashion." -Dick Cheney, 1991
2004-06-16 11:15:16 AM  

Why do you think that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction?
2004-06-16 11:15:18 AM  
This is definitely gonna be the place to be on election night. Can't wait to hear the whining and witness the heads a 'sploding.
2004-06-16 11:15:25 AM  
cyansis: about that time report, I don't know when they did the numbers but things move kinda fast nowadays. The last Gallup Poll (please tell me how the Gallup Poll is not a credible ref) has bush at 44%, Kerry 50%. If you don't believe me go to
2004-06-16 11:15:37 AM  

Taxation you say? What tax increases related to oil/gasoline prices has Kerry voted for? I still don't see how environmentalists are involved in gasoline prices.
2004-06-16 11:16:08 AM  
Partisan Democrats Suck.
2004-06-16 11:16:46 AM  

Yeah I could support it but when it is true why should I waste my time. You go look up John Kerry's voting record and lemme know how he voted when it comes to gas tax. Then we will talk.
2004-06-16 11:17:03 AM  
2004-06-16 11:12:37 AM tylerdurden217

And history should have taught you that Gulf War I was to get Sadaam out of Kuwait (for INVADING A SOVERIEGN NATION) and nothing more. UN approved as well.
2004-06-16 11:17:05 AM  
Partisan Republicans Suck Too.
2004-06-16 11:17:16 AM  
I should clarify that:

Why do you think SH had weapons of mass destruction when we invaded?
2004-06-16 11:17:40 AM  
2004-06-16 11:02:30 AM barjockey

"In September, after Cheney asserted that Iraq had been "the geographic base of the terrorists who have had us under assault now for many years, but most especially on 9/11," Bush acknowledged there was no evidence that Saddam's government was connected to those attacks."
2004-06-16 11:17:49 AM  
I'm betting there is a connection between Iraq and al Qaeda. We just had to invade Iraq to create it.
2004-06-16 11:17:50 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-16 11:18:03 AM  
Do you think that Saddam was a corrupt dictator and a murderer? If so, why are we debating.

Yes, he was both. But there are other dictators in the world who make him look like Mr. Rogers. Claiming that the entire fiasco was run on humanitarian grounds doesn't vindicate Bush, it implicates him, if by any other simple fact that if you're sweeping up despots acting incongruently of modern human rights laws, Iraq wouldn't be at the top of your shopping list.

Here's something to ponder: Doing right isn't necessarily always right.
2004-06-16 11:18:09 AM  

[You go look up John Kerry's voting record and lemme know how he voted when it comes to gas tax. Then we will talk.]

When did it become our job to verify YOUR claims? The burden of proof lies upon the one making the claim.
2004-06-16 11:18:16 AM  

The only problem we have is arrogance.

But I guess it's easier to say that having a bad cell phone signal is a real problem.

I think you're right. one of our biggest problems and main reasons for starting this iraq war is arrogance. We assume we know better than everyone else. Our complete lack of understanding of the regions sensitivities has left us scratching our heads among the flames. The tax money spent on this failure would have been better used on our own infrastructure.
Of course saddam was an ass. want me to name 10 more just as bad or worse? you know I can easily. why don't we fix all their peoples woes? I think it's because we now know that we are not capable of changing countries in this way.
Iraq is a disaster.
I hope you're right and everything turns out like w. said. You remember, iraq is going to be so successful all the middle-eastern countries will be overwhelmed by a popular movement toward democracy. anyone here ever read the koran?
read literally it demands a political system quite unlike democracy. But hey, maybe we need to teach them all a better way of worshiping god too, that's gonna go over well.

/just my opinion. I know everyone's got 'em.
2004-06-16 11:18:19 AM  
All you mindless drones who believed Bush just because he's in office can suck my schlong.

/looks for marshmellows
2004-06-16 11:18:23 AM  
Hebalo, well the thing is environmental regulations in many states and counties make gasoline more expensive by requiring certain purity standards and by requiring extra chemicals in it to make it burn cleaner, also because different types are required during different seasons, and all this diversity in the laws make gas-refining much more expensive because of all the different blends they have to concoct.

What Cyansis didn't hit on was our refining capacity. America hasn't built a new refinery in like 25 years. I remember hearing the a Saudi diplomat cite our environmental laws and our refinery capacity as reasons we have high gas prices.
2004-06-16 11:18:26 AM  

You got me wrong, pal. I love the truth more than anything. At best, this report only completely answers the questions about Iraq and 9/11. The ties between Iraq and al-Quaeda are still being investigated. The world will probably never know the whole story there. I just want concrete proof of things. I would stop supporting Bush in a flash if there was concrete evidence against him that resulted in treasonous acts and so on. I just think the Bush haters are reading waaaay too much into this.

You claim to want concrete proof of things. So how can you still support a war that was justified with evidence that has prooved to be so wrong (yellowcake, WMDs ready to fire, ties to AQ etc etc)?
2004-06-16 11:18:29 AM  
Read up on the billS (plural), you WONT be able to leave your country after the draft.

You may also discover that these bills have no there an echo in here. Here's some more specific facts for you to ignore:

H.R. 163 - Universal National Service Act of 2003
Currently has 15 Democratic co-sponsors, but the bill has gone nowhere since it was introduced.

S. 89 - Universal National Service Act of 2003
Currently has 1 Democratic co-sponsors, but the bill has gone nowhere since it was introduced.

Ahh, I just got an email telling me that there's a bill about to pass that will allow Congress to tax email!! Call your representative!! Did you know Congressmen don't pay taxes!! Chemtrails!! Genetically modified food!! The sky is falling!!!
2004-06-16 11:18:29 AM  
2004-06-16 11:16:08 AM HagarTheHorrible

Partisan Democrats Suck.

Damn Right!

/Partisan Liberal
2004-06-16 11:18:35 AM  
Yellow Number Five

See post to Hebalo on Kerry's record. In response to the environmentalist question our refineries are running at 95% capacity but oh wait the tree huggers will not let us build any more to increase production.

//still waiting for my Land Rover that runs on liberal scum...
2004-06-16 11:18:42 AM  

Since gas prices are only recently high, and were pretty much normal just a few months ago, that would imply that some new "taxation" has come about that caused the price bump.

What new tax was passed? And if this new tax was passed, wouldn't it have had to have the support of a lot of members of the GOP to make it through Congress?
2004-06-16 11:18:49 AM  
2004-06-16 11:13:30 AM Dinki

Thank you Dinki for pointing that out.

Oh, and shut up Barjockey, you cock
2004-06-16 11:19:52 AM  
You go look up John Kerry's voting record and lemme know how he voted when it comes to gas tax.

Gas prices didn't shoot up over 50 cents this year because of TAXES. Bad argument.
2004-06-16 11:19:54 AM  

Cheney Claims al-Qaeda Linked to Saddam
Vice President Dick Cheney said Saddam Hussein had "long-established ties" with al Qaeda, an assertion that has been repeatedly challenged by some policy experts and lawmakers.

So obviously somebody's not telling the truth. Right? So let's have a look at how Cheney's previous statements on the subject panned out:

Saddam's aluminum tubes could only for a nuclear reactor - FALSE

Mohammad Atta met an Iraqi agent in Prague - FALSE

Two truck trailers in Iraq were "conclusive evidence" that Saddam had a biological weapons program - FALSE
2004-06-16 11:19:54 AM  
DR. Toast; read my post.
Sorry, couldn't resist the rhyme.

dr_worm_md: "Where is the source for the 10,000 dead?"
how about...
Although there are plenty of other estimates floating about, you can google it yourself, amigo.

"And remeber, car bombings, terrorist attacks, these are not the fault of America, they are the fault of TERRORISTS."

Bullshiat. WE invaded, WE disbanded the army and police, WE drew the terrorists into Iraq, WE provide the targets that make them come, WE are running the show, thus WE are farking responsible. The terrorists aren't flooding into Iraq because they heard the women were easy.

Also, way to ignore the rest of my post. I have yet to see anyone even come close to refuting the assertion that these assholes can't do anything right when it comes to encouraging democracies around the globe.

cyansis; Bush says Afghanistan is a victory. So does nis puppet Afghani. No one else seems to think the country's doing so hot.
2004-06-16 11:20:03 AM  

Are you just showing us that the administration is so inept, that they can't even keep a story straight?
2004-06-16 11:20:22 AM  
Do you think that Saddam was a corrupt dictator and a murderer?

If you don't like Bush, simply vote for someone else. That's easy.

Kerry will lose, it will be close though, can't wait!
well, I agree it will be close....
2004-06-16 11:20:25 AM  
I thought Saddam had WMD because there was a somewhat convincing argument by our government. NOT JUST BUSH! Remember that both parties believed this. Only the few far left did not.

Also Saddam clearly has the cash flow to afford WMD. He had the money and I believed he had the motivation.
2004-06-16 11:20:29 AM  
OK, did some homework and I'm satisfied the draft won't be reinstated. Two bills, both sponsored by Democrats, both requiring females to register. Oh yeah, that'll fly through Congress faster than crap through a goose. :P

/fully aware no one else cares
/all done now
2004-06-16 11:20:47 AM  
Three types of posters on this (and every political) thread:

- Asshats for Bush (dumb and ignorant)
- Asshats for Kerry (like me)
- REALLY BIG farkING asshats who think it's cooler to hop on the fence and adopt the hell-in-a-handbasket all-politicians-suck position
2004-06-16 11:21:11 AM  
I never thought Iraq was responsible FOR 9/11. I don't think Bush did either. Sadaam had enough against him despite 9/11 to get his ass removed. Ever heard of the U.N.? What good are resolutions with no intention of ever enforcing them? We didn't have to tie Iraq to 9/11 to go there. Fark it, just go on rciting the same old bullshiat; I don't care anymore.
2004-06-16 11:21:19 AM  
Yellow Number Five

What scares me is you have not even taken the time to look into the record of the man you are going to cast your vote for. Thank God for the electoral college...
2004-06-16 11:21:44 AM  
You've missed the point entirely, the numbers are irrelevant. It was war (supported by the US, no less) that produced "mass graves". Not some sort of Hitler-esque genocide like some would have you believe.
2004-06-16 11:21:45 AM  
People, please don't let that cock-tard Cyansis turn this into a gasoline price flame war. He is trying to distract you.
2004-06-16 11:21:55 AM  
Just Ignorant,

Hey man, is the war on terrorism succeding? I think it's failing. What do you think?
2004-06-16 11:22:13 AM  
Yeah I could support it but when it is true why should I waste my time. You go look up John Kerry's voting record and lemme know how he voted when it comes to gas tax. Then we will talk.

Game. Set. Match. Hebalo.

You COULD support it. But you WON'T. Because you CAN'T. I could give a flying crap about Kerry's voting record.

You spouted off about how Gas Prices were coming down. I mentioned that they were previously very high, and that this didn't seem like a big victory.

You told me that Kerry and environmentalists were to blame. I asked you to prove it. (btw One senator's vote hardly makes gas prices skyrocket.) You told me it was true, so why should you have to prove it.

So now, you're not only wrong, but your evidence is "cuz I say so".
2004-06-16 11:22:13 AM  
Fark it, just go on rciting the same old bullshiat;

Well, at least you're following your own advice.
2004-06-16 11:22:36 AM  
2004-06-16 11:15:18 AM Benjamin

This is definitely gonna be the place to be on election night. Can't wait to hear the whining and witness the heads a 'sploding.

You got something planned have you? Its almost as if you were 100% sure of winning. What makes you so sure? Do you have a contingency plan? Like last time?
2004-06-16 11:22:38 AM  
Where are Weaver95 and cyansis? I would love to hear their points of view on this.
2004-06-16 11:22:43 AM  
barjockey and TheConvincincingSavant

In September, after Cheney asserted that Iraq had been "the geographic base of the terrorists who have had us under assault...

[image from too old to be available]

Could he be any LESS specific?
2004-06-16 11:22:54 AM  

When did I say I was voting for Kerry? You've proven time and again that you make wild claims about shiat you know little about.
2004-06-16 11:23:03 AM  
Yellow Number Five:

Please don't take this as support for Cyansis! but Kerry did propose gas tax and price hikes, not actually voted because it never materialized (which I'm relatively sure he's thanking his lucky stars for right about now)
2004-06-16 11:23:13 AM  
Hey, neo-cons. Even your beloved FOX News has this as its link to the story ...

9/11 Panel: 'No Credible Evidence' of Al Qaeda-Iraq Link
Bin Laden, Saddam's people talked, report says, but that was about it

Granted, they kind of buried it to the side of some silly Bush satellite speech to troops ...
2004-06-16 11:23:18 AM  
Its been done, but just to remind everyone why we are in Iraq:

-Weapons of Mass Destruction
-In cohorts with Al Qaeda
-Closing Rape and Torture Rooms
-Liberating the Iraqi People

-It distracts everyone from (Economy, Tax Cuts, Enron, CIA leak probe, Stem Cell restrictions, abortion restrictions, civil rights restrictions, Osama's disappearence, Cheny's shady dealings etc. etc. etc.)
-Bush gets a nice popularity boost for being a "War President".
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