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(Sun Sentinel)   New film about al-Jazeera shows it's the Arab equivalent of Fox News   ( divider line
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2004-06-16 01:50:35 PM  
I do have to wonder, why we didn't see ANY wounded or dead civillians on American TV - War is war, if we have the stomach to start it, we should have the stomach to look at the results. The reason there wasn't rioting in the streets over this fiasco is that the media wanted a good war just as much - if not more than- the Bush administration.
2004-06-16 01:50:47 PM  
Great post. Fox News is rapidly increasing it's market share at the expense of CBS, CNN, MSNBC. For people who watch it, it is indeed more fair and balanced than the others. Why is that so hard to understand?

No matter how much you want it to, no matter what your political beliefs...

Fair and balanced != Agrees with my worldview
2004-06-16 01:51:56 PM  
Oh and its The Daily Show and Fark...lighten up.
2004-06-16 01:53:31 PM  
As possibly the only Farker in this thread who a.) understands and speaks Arabic and b.) watches Al Jazeera on a daily basis, I just want to say that this article has it exactly right. I find it incredibly amusing that self-proclaimed Al Jazeera experts like the asshats in this thread, spout off on the network as some puppet of Al Qaeda despite have no access to it, and with no comprehension of Arabic. And it is incredible that the U.S. goes out of its way to oppose the lone independent news network in the Arab world, while it claims to be fighting for democracy.

Fark all of you haters.
2004-06-16 01:53:50 PM  
Geotpf-- that's a shame! I was hoping that there might be a subtitled version or something. I wonder if they have a website in English.

modernhamlet-- that's why I'm interested in it. Actually, everything the Emir of Qatar is doing is very interesting. I don't think most people on Fark know that the Emir started al-Jazeera and bankrolls it on the condition that it have total editorial freedom. I think of what he's doing as top-down democracy, it's such an odd mix of policies.
2004-06-16 01:54:53 PM  
"Some day, my son, a liberal will admit to also having biased media. But I may not get there with you..."
2004-06-16 01:55:11 PM  
This is why I hate film reviews: people form opinions based on someone elses opinion or explaination, then ya'll go ahead and argue about a film youve never seen. Instead you should judge for yourself and go see this.

It was the best film I saw at the Philly Film Fest. I dont care if you go to the theater or rent it months from now, but it is a damn good film.
2004-06-16 01:55:55 PM  
So, habraham, is there an English version of some kind?

/everyone on Fark is an expert on everything
2004-06-16 01:57:05 PM  
2004-06-16 01:53:31 PM habraham

I watch Al-Jazeera whenever I'm at my parents' house. Most of the people who comment on Al-Jazeera have never actually watched it.

Ana bahkee rrabi camman. Min wain inta? Ana min philustine bes waladed bi sardea. That's my best phonetic spelling effort. I hope you can understand it.
2004-06-16 01:57:10 PM  
Jimmy Thrash,

Did you see "Some Kind of Monster" at the Film Fest? I thought that was equally good, but in a different way.

/movie dork
2004-06-16 01:58:05 PM  
"I am sorry, they can't have their cake and eat it. I mean, yeah, OK, you are the most powerful nation on Earth, I agree. You can defeat everyone, I agree. You can crush everyone, I agree. But don't ask us to love it as well."

2004-06-16 01:58:59 PM  

They are working on an English-language service for North America. It was supposed to come out last year, but they had some set backs. Apparently, they make most of their revenue in Europe and North America, as there are tons of Arabs living in the West who subscribe to it (it's free in the Arab world).
2004-06-16 01:59:54 PM  
Habraham, do you watch any Al-Aribyaa or LBC?
2004-06-16 02:00:10 PM  

Realistically, yes it does. People watch and listen to things that agree with their world view.

It's a freakin slogin. Deal with it. It's called A-D-V-E-R-T-I-S-I-N-G. It's a catchy phrase.

CBS - It's all here.
CNN - America's new choice (or whatever it is today)


Quite being such a sphincter.
2004-06-16 02:01:16 PM  
Al Jazeera goes beyond bias, it's pure propoganda. I remember reading their article headlined "Isrealis Killed In Resistance Strike". Oooh, goody, a resistance strike! Go Palestinians!

What happened was that a mom and her four young children were in a car, were ambushed, and the attackers killed the mother, then 8 months pregenant. The attackers then systematically slaughtered the remaining 4 children, ages 11, 9, 7, and 2. And what does Al-Jazeera do? They described it as a glorious resistance strike by Palenstinians.
2004-06-16 02:01:18 PM  
saw this movie, saw that movie, see this movie.....
2004-06-16 02:01:41 PM  
mc frontalot

salam! ana isme hussein min detroit. ana libnani min ba'albek. atsharafuna. falasteen al hurriyah inshallah!
2004-06-16 02:03:52 PM  
New film about al-Jazeera shows it's the Arab equivalent of Fox News

And CNN is the television equivalent of The Daily Worker. So what?
2004-06-16 02:04:27 PM  
Actually, I saw this movie last week, and heard the director speak afterwards. I realized that my image of Al Jazeera was a caricature of the truth. The news we get in this country is SO sterilized. In fact, the whole theatre reacted positively to the comments from their manager.

Interesting note, Marine Lt. Josh Rushing was ordered to not speak about his opinions of the Iraq war, so after 16 years in the Marines, he's leaving to speak his mind.
2004-06-16 02:04:30 PM  
mc frontalot,
I don't get Al Arabeeyah--it isn't offered on my programming package. But I do get LBC, and Hezbollah's Manar as well. If you want to talk about an Arab Fox-News, Al Manar is it. But LBC is alright for news, I find it boring myself (and frankly, they try to be too PC because of the sectarian strife in Lebanon)
2004-06-16 02:05:02 PM  
Habraham, isme Ahmed min Florida. abouy walad bi libnan la en harabu min philustine bi '48! Bard fi shway min ralti raysheen bi sido, jumb beirut. Inta Muslim?
2004-06-16 02:06:14 PM  
Yup they are both right wing mouthpeices for theocracy.
2004-06-16 02:06:42 PM  

mc frontalot:

Being against Israel does not equal being against Jews.

Thank you for pointing that out. So many people see them as the same thing.

I'm a jew and I hate whats going on in Isreal. So do many of the jews I know. We see it as no better than what the Nazis did.

I feel no connection to isreal, I wasn't born there, and neither were most of the jews I know. It's not our home.

I've said it before, but I'm gonna repeat it. My people already have a holy land, it's called "Palm Beach".

We don't retire and move to Haifa, do we?

2004-06-16 02:08:58 PM  
Habraham, my father fought in the '60s - '70s Lebanese civil war. We visited Beirut, Lebanon in 1998, right when they started rebuilding a lot of the country. It was very sad to see all the destroyed buildings with bomb craters and bullet holes right inbetween the newly erected buildings. My current roommate is from Lebanon too.
2004-06-16 02:09:26 PM  
Clark C

I had sex with a 14-year-old once, about 15 years ago
...when I was 15.

/It wasn't that good.

Actually, ADRipper, I've found that having liberals on his show usually makes O'Reilly look like a fool. They often expose him for the conservative spin-doctoring idealogue that he is. Remember when he had that kid on who was the son of a 9/11 victim? He put words in the kid's mouth, called him a terrorist (in so many words), made assumptions about what kind of man the kid's father was, cut the interview short, and then threatened him with violence. And don't tell me he didn't, you can read the transcript on any O'Reilly fan site. It's all there in black and white (much like the way Chimpy McSmirk sees the world.)

Back to the issue at hand. I recently went to an open discussion forum/dinner on this very topic. One of the speakers (who is also an Egyptian-American educated abroad) is the co-author of a book on Al-Jazeera. He said the exact same thing. It is precisely because the American media has no frame of reference (Donnie!) when it comes to the Middle East that Al-Jazeera appears anti-American. When, in fact, Al-Jazeera is merely contextualizing to their core audience.

Sorry, but as much as Bush & Co. would like to control Al Jazeera like they effectively control American media, they simply can't. Al-Jazeera is not on the bandwagon, they call 'em like they see 'em, and that makes Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, Rove, O'Reilly, Coulter, and the other rad-cons hopping mad.
2004-06-16 02:09:34 PM  
2004-06-16 02:05:02 PM mc frontalot
Habraham, isme Ahmed min Florida. abouy walad bi libnan la en harabu min philustine bi '48! Bard fi shway min ralti raysheen bi sido, jumb beirut. Inta Muslim?

All your base are belong to us!

/couldn't resist
2004-06-16 02:10:04 PM  
mc frontalot
nayam, ana muslim alhamdullah. sidon jameelah katheer, wa beirut kaman. zurtu libnan?
2004-06-16 02:10:04 PM  
2004-06-16 01:57:05 PM mc frontalot
2004-06-16 02:01:41 PM habraham

What's with the kids these days? It's like they're speaking a different language!

/grumpy old man
2004-06-16 02:10:38 PM  
Not Hate Speech

All Arab media is distorted with slants and half-truths. It is widely known through out the world that credible news sources among Arab media simply does not exist.

Go figure.
2004-06-16 02:11:25 PM  

The word "resistance" is no more propaganda than the word "terrorist." Of course they're both propaganda. "Terrorist" is a word that our leaders and media use to characterize asymmetric warfare. The reality is that there is no other possible way to fight a super power when you have no budget of your own. You must use the only means available, which would more neutrally be described as "asymmetric warefare" than "terrorism" or "resistance." Please don't think you're on any high ground if you're trying to paint AJ as more biased than our media with this little point.

2004-06-16 02:11:33 PM  
I saw it last week. It was interesting and well produced.
The producers were actually very funny and it was pretty shocking to see some of the footage they showed (lots of dead and maimed women and children).

I think the reference to Fox News is valid - Fox was the one that played classical music during the first few nights of bombing with 'reporters' jumping around like children. totally unprofessional. I stopped watching after that.
2004-06-16 02:12:50 PM  

Just because Murdoch and his marketing minions co-oped the phrase, doesn't change its real meaning. Believe it or not, there are news organizations out there that care about unbiased reporting and analysis.

The sad thing is.... I'm running out of actual "fair and balanced" news sites that I respect.

Here are the last remnants, if anyone is interested:


The Economist

and one I just ran into and think may be good...

NewsHour Online

If anyone knows other worthwhile sites, please let me know...
2004-06-16 02:14:47 PM  
mc frontalot
Was your dad PLO? My family fought with the PFLP in Beirut in 1982, as well as AMAL when it was first starting out (before it became a Syrian puppet), I lost one uncle in the Israeli siege. I lived there from 1999 to 2000. My neighborhood in Beirut was bombed once, very close to my block. The Israelis used to run sorties over my neighborhood almost daily, scared the shiat out of my ex-pat family.
2004-06-16 02:15:13 PM  
"I am sorry, they can't have their cake and eat it. I mean, yeah, OK, you are the most powerful nation on Earth, I agree. You can defeat everyone, I agree. You can crush everyone, I agree. But don't ask us to love it as well."

Did anyone else catch that this guy's whole statement boiled down do "I know it pisses off the Americans when we do this, but it's okay, becausewe hate them."

Al-jazeera panders to anti-americanism for profit, fox news sold out to 'glass over the arabs' mounth breathing american morons, NPR to the 'please don't hate us, we're liberals' self-styled elites and CNN is too afraid of losing their corporate sponsors that they toe every party line. Media is salesmanship.
2004-06-16 02:17:34 PM  
My people already have a holy land, it's called "Palm Beach".

Isn't there a famous shrine there to the great god of Real Estate?
2004-06-16 02:19:02 PM  
mc frontalot I have a serious problem with the apartheid state that is Israel.

except that non-jews can vote in Israel so it's not really apartheid. Can jews vote in Egypt or Saudi Arabia?
2004-06-16 02:19:10 PM  

Al-jazeera panders to anti-americanism for profit

You don't know what you're talking about. The network barely funds itself. It obviously doesn't attract much foreign advertisement, and it would go under if it wasn't for periodic grants from the Qatari Prince.
2004-06-16 02:19:45 PM  
I thing is for sure Fox news or any other American news, does not promote "Anti-Arab" sentiments in it's news cast...But al-Jazeera sure promotes "anti-Americanism". Which to me, is pure hate.

And yes, powderpuffgurl is one nasty girl!!!
2004-06-16 02:19:53 PM  
O Reilly is only one show on foxnews thesenuts and that kid was busy foaming at the mouth about his line on O riellys time.
2004-06-16 02:21:54 PM  
No, toraque, I think what he was trying to say was that America has the capability to crush other states, but don't expect us to love it when you flex your military might. It's not hating America, it's more disliking the way America sometimes acts in its foreign policy.

At least, that's how I interpreted it.
2004-06-16 02:22:34 PM  
Can jews vote in .... Saudi Arabia?


Saudi Arabia?

Error. Does not compute.

/sounds of Nomad self-destructing
2004-06-16 02:23:58 PM  
Habraham, yes, he was recruited from the Palestinian refugee camps back when Arafat was in Beirut (and an effective leader). He actually got to meet Arafat since my dad's uncle was pretty high up in the PLO back then. But that uncle passed away almost 20 years ago. My dad was captured by the Christian militias and held as a POW for a couple of days. That's when he decided it was time to get out of there. Luckily he left for the United States in '76 and was able to escape the Israeli invasion. I didn't lose any family to Israeli forces, but my father's cousin's entire family was wiped out in the Sabra massacre. My aunt's family moved from Kuwait back to Sido, Lebanon because of the Gulf War. They told me a lot of similar stories about Israeli missle and air strikes hitting very close to home. Sido isn't that far from the old Israeli "security" zone in south Lebanon. I'm glad you brought up the Syrians because I remember when I was in Lebanon we would drive past an Israeli checkpoint, Lebanese checkpoint, and Syrian checkpoint all within 2 miles on the same road. It's sad and kind of funny at the same time.
2004-06-16 02:24:08 PM  

Okay, say it like this then:

'Al-Jazeera panders to anti-americanism to cling as close to the thin shred of profitibility that they can, along with periodic grants from the Qatari Prince.'

And no, I don't watch Al-Jazeera as I can't speak arabic (yet) . . .
. . . but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!
2004-06-16 02:24:12 PM  
modernhamlet -

How about

(That's a joke.)
2004-06-16 02:25:45 PM  
Note that I could have also said

(To be fair and balanced)
2004-06-16 02:28:24 PM  
2004-06-16 02:19:02 PM enave

Except I have family that live in Israel-proper and the West Bank. My family in the West Bank live in horrible, horrible conditions and I don't even want to discuss it. My family that lives inside Israel-proper and hold Israeli citizenship can't own property, can't get a permit for a landline phone, can't find employment, can't ride the buses, can't visit "Jew only" areas of Israel, and have to carry special cards identifying them as "non-terrorists." But they can vote, so good for them!
2004-06-16 02:31:40 PM  

I understand that the word resistance is often used by Arab media in the same manner Fox News would use, say "insurgants", or possibly even "terrorists". The difference here is, though, is that Al-Jazeera fully supported the systematic slaughter of a pregnant mother and her 4 young children. These Israelis did nothing, they were innocent, and they weren't just killed by a hail of gunfire, the children watched as their mother was killed, and then they were forced to watch their silbings get executed, one by one, until it was their turn. Even Fox News, with all their bias, would not praise this sort of willful execution of Arab children.

But I may be wrong, I may be on some moral high ground that thinks the systematic execution of a mother and her four children should not be glorified by Arab media as acceptable means of resistance.
2004-06-16 02:33:44 PM  

Give it up dude. You don't know what you're talking about--you don't understand the dynamics at work behind Al Jazeera's success. You're like the typical American, supremely confident in your black-and-white, good and evil, view of the world. It makes it a lot easier if you can just explain away Al Jazeera's success if they are labeled "anti-American"

Al Jazeera was not started to make money. The Qataris royal family (the network's founders and benefactors) have more money and more profitable investments than they will ever need! The network is successful for one simple reason--it promotes an open dialouge on controversial issues. This was unheard of in the Arab world before Al Jazeera.
2004-06-16 02:35:34 PM  
Actually in the Arab world where state run tv is the norm Al Jazeera is know as a Zionist /American slanted news source. It's all about perspective. If Americans would watch CNN International they would see a huge difference in what the world sees and what we see here in the states.
Matter of fact the British Broadcasting oversight committee censured Fox just the other day for being too biased in their reporting.
2004-06-16 02:38:10 PM  

I know The O'Reilly Factor is just one show out of many on Fox News, you're the one that brought up O'Reilly to begin with. I just thought I'd put him in his place since I'm sick of all the hero-worship of that hypocritical jingoistic blowhard. "No Spin Zone" indeed. He's no better than any other punditainer out there: Michael Moore, Ann Coulter, Al Franken. The main difference is, he actually thinks he's the unbiased voice of reason, whereas at least Coulter/Franken/Moore make no bones about where their hearts lie. (As much as I hate Ann Coulter, she doesn't try to hide the fact that she's a raving conservative harpy. It's practically a point of pride.) Franken and Moore have never denied that they are liberal/progressive Americans. O'Reilly claims he's registered "Independent", but we all know who he'll vote for in November.

Sorry, bro, but I've also heard the audio from the O'Reilly episode in question (I admit I have not SEEN the episode) and you can almost hear the steam shooting out of Bill's ears, whereas the kid (dammit, I wish I could remember his name) remains calm and collected throughout. He barely raises his voice at all, and then it's only to be heard over O'Reilly bellowing ad hominem attacks.

O'Reilly sucks, and that's just the way it is.
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