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3747 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jan 2002 at 10:20 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-16 10:22:02 AM  
when will that mad bastard goerge 'dubyah' bush shut up???
2002-01-16 10:24:03 AM  
"I should have listened when they told me I couldn't transubstantiate tequila into the blood of Christ."
2002-01-16 10:24:11 AM  
"Move the vase.... move the vase..." oh so much for the papal power of telekinesis
2002-01-16 10:25:53 AM  

Damn, that's the last time I party with Buddhists.

[image from too old to be available]

2002-01-16 10:26:24 AM  
"Is Fb- the Father?"
2002-01-16 10:31:23 AM  
"Little. Yellow. Different. Holy."
2002-01-16 10:34:52 AM  
HAL: "Good morning John Paul III, have you taken your ten o'clock break yet?"
JOHN PAUL III: *hmmm, what to ask HAL*
2002-01-16 10:35:58 AM  
Now with a Vote tag:

" . . . those farking scientists . . . why do they keep hitting me in the head?!"
2002-01-16 10:36:43 AM  
" is my handle, here is my spout!"
2002-01-16 10:36:53 AM  
Oh! Ow! Crap, ice cream headache!
2002-01-16 10:37:58 AM  
I hope that little boy doesnt spill the beans
2002-01-16 10:38:17 AM  
"Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow."
2002-01-16 10:39:21 AM  
Let's see if I can hide the bruises I got when I passed out after choking on those damn Communion wafers.
2002-01-16 10:39:42 AM  
A big honking ZIT?? Why now? Sister Mary Ignatius is comming over tonight...
2002-01-16 10:40:53 AM  
I hate Excel. I hate it. I hate it.
2002-01-16 10:41:31 AM  
'it's official - pope looks down on the unemployed'
2002-01-16 10:41:35 AM  
"Jeebus! - I'm getting nothing. How does Ms. Cleo do it!?"
2002-01-16 10:41:45 AM  
"Damn... I can barely hear Him. I'll have to get a larger antenna on my hat."
2002-01-16 10:42:21 AM  
"The voices, the voices... JESUS CHRIST, THE F*CKING VOICES!"
2002-01-16 10:42:25 AM  
"A ship...a cup...a speeder..."
2002-01-16 10:44:24 AM  
2002-01-16 10:44:45 AM  
Pope John Paul listens patiently as a cardinal jokingly suggests for the 1,678th time that he change his name to Pope George Ringo.
2002-01-16 10:44:51 AM  
"Ouch. I guess I can't blow myself."
2002-01-16 10:45:19 AM  
"Thoughts of naked boys entering brain...must push on vein...stop flow of blood and sin."
2002-01-16 10:45:57 AM  
Pope calling Jeebus. Come in Jeebus. Repeat. Pope calling Jeebus. Come in Jeebus. Over.
2002-01-16 10:46:54 AM  
"I feel like such a tool! What are the chances of me and that idiot Bush choking on pretzels and passing out in the same week? Ouch, it's still tender!"
2002-01-16 10:48:05 AM  
Note to self: Tell the new guy to sip the vodka...
2002-01-16 10:48:23 AM  
I just felt millions of voices suddenly cry out in horror, and then were suddenly silenced...

Oh, nevermind, it was just the Taliban.
2002-01-16 10:48:39 AM  
"..and, in other news, Pope John Paull II has perfected the use of the Vulcan mind-meld on himself..."
2002-01-16 10:49:27 AM  
the head bone is connected to the........ oh drool
2002-01-16 10:50:50 AM  
wow... thats was a little to much blood of christ...
2002-01-16 10:50:57 AM  
Must. . . Stop. . . thinking about Altar Boys in drag!
2002-01-16 10:51:08 AM  
"d'ja ever see that movie Scanners?"
2002-01-16 10:52:26 AM  
"Bluuuugughhhhh.. huuuuurrrrghhhh... Uh uh muh.. Uuuuhhhhhhhhhrrrrgh!!"
2002-01-16 10:54:40 AM  
Must ... control ... bowels ...
2002-01-16 10:55:40 AM  
"Oh no, it's that new archbishop, maybe if I put my hand up and pretend I don't see him he won't come over."
2002-01-16 10:56:05 AM  
"Why did I do that last shot of Jaeger? Damn those Germans and there infernal opiates"!
2002-01-16 10:56:09 AM  
Luke, help me take this mask off.
Just for once... let me look on you with my own eyes.
2002-01-16 10:56:52 AM  
with vote thing

oohhhh i hope they didn't find my penis mightier
2002-01-16 10:57:44 AM  
Blah, blah, blah ... salvation this, absolution that, God bless us one and all ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."
2002-01-16 10:57:48 AM  
"Why didn't I make her get the abortion!"
2002-01-16 10:58:45 AM  
"Damn that spicey Thai ass-burn. Next time I'm only getting the three star".
2002-01-16 10:59:00 AM  
Reposted so you can all not vote for me:

The Pope, speaking of a dream he had, cried out "il pretzoli!" and demonstrated where the large bruise had appeared.
2002-01-16 10:59:33 AM  
"Whoa, that's the last time I play the communion game."

now with vote-fu
2002-01-16 11:01:06 AM  
"It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."
2002-01-16 11:03:12 AM  
"I think maybe if I work a "BLING! BLING!" into this weeks Holy Eucharist, the little f*uckers might actually listen..."

"pffft...."Pope On a Rope", that still gets me every time."
2002-01-16 11:04:23 AM  
*tap tap*

"Is this thing on?"
2002-01-16 11:04:51 AM  
"What! You say this isn't the 16th Century? Mamma Mia!"
2002-01-16 11:05:32 AM  
"Godd@mn migraines!! Oops, sorry God. I repent, and shall continue to serve you by lavishing myself in all the riches accumulated from the blood of the ages, from the suffering of others who did not share my ancestors' beliefs."
2002-01-16 11:07:27 AM  
If I'd known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.
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