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(Corporate Mofo)   Farker Corporate Mofo gets medieval on the Society for Creative Anachronism (boobies pic, not safe for work)   ( divider line
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12559 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Jan 2002 at 12:42 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-17 12:43:25 AM  
Good night.
2002-01-17 12:47:38 AM  
Needs more chicks in chainmail.
2002-01-17 12:48:23 AM  
"Screw Ectasy and all the other chemicals people put in their bodies -you haven't lived until you've galloped a horse on a cool fall day. (Needless to say, unlike the actual Middle Ages, there isn't too much equestrian activity in the SCA. The Humane Society just won't let people that heavy get on a horse.)"

LMAO! Nice article.
2002-01-17 12:48:49 AM  
that chick in chainmail was hot, but when u go to that site... not good... not good at all. im scared mommy, hold me... mommy why are you wearing chainmail? mommy? mommy???
2002-01-17 12:48:58 AM  
We have one of those societies at my university, they go swordfight (saberfight? They're big swords) in the middle of campus some afternoons. really neat to watch.
2002-01-17 12:52:40 AM  
Man, and I thought that too much starch in your shirt made nipples raw. I'll bet that chainmail is a killer.
2002-01-17 12:55:46 AM ive never seen so much ugly in metal in my life.

Boobies are all fine and dandy, but make sure the face wasn't beat with some kind of ugly-club to begin with. Fark, I hate Geeks.
2002-01-17 12:56:16 AM  
I just went for the boobies. I didn't read the article... Mmmm... Boobies... *Drool, drool, slobber*
2002-01-17 12:58:24 AM  
Even though Im not really into this shiat, I have never played D&D in my life and dont intend to, I have a fairly good feeling I would kick all sorts of ass within the Fark community. Just as long as I had a really big sword, I would be invincible.
2002-01-17 01:00:07 AM  
just in case you don't want to read the article but do want to see the Boobies hehe
2002-01-17 01:04:31 AM  
Corporate Mofo is gonna have 3 thousand emails challenging him to a duel tommorow.

I can bring a machinegun and help trim the membership rolls.
2002-01-17 01:05:18 AM  
That chick needs a metal helm or something. Everything from the neck down is okay though.
2002-01-17 01:12:51 AM  
AHAHAHA! Me and Slofut have been out all night drinking... I just can't stop laughing, dude! OMFG! This shiat is double-extra funny when your drunk... Rock on Mofo!

BTW, WTF with the purple tights man? AHAHAHA!
2002-01-17 01:25:59 AM  
Oh shiat! I think I killed the thread...
2002-01-17 01:28:12 AM  
yes, i'm touch typing because I gouged out my eyeballs with a fork
2002-01-17 01:31:32 AM  
can we photoshop this??? please???
2002-01-17 01:33:41 AM  
Why Chime, for the love of God why??
2002-01-17 01:40:38 AM  
The article: very very funny.

The chick in the chainmail: pretty damn hot, regardless of what you guys say about her face.

Chime's picture: Wrong. So very very wrong.
2002-01-17 01:46:08 AM  
butter face
2002-01-17 01:47:50 AM  
I've seen that picture on at least three links from this site, I'm sure of it. This site has even linked to that chainmail fetish site. I'm afraid that for some admin, this may be becoming an obsession. Turn back from the dark side before it's too late.
2002-01-17 01:50:51 AM  
I used to love playing D&D. that is how I passed almost 3 years of being a teenager. That an excessive drinking.. Go out to coffee, roll up a level one character, get the power up and win the game! Well the DM usually killed me off cause he was a biatch... wait where was I going with this?
evertything I have heard about SCA has been really creepy and I decided never to go. Now I have grown up. The End
2002-01-17 01:55:56 AM  
not bad... not bad at all..
2002-01-17 02:35:09 AM  
we have too many boobies on fark.

i demand weiners.
2002-01-17 02:42:54 AM  
That's funny shiat!

"Basing your wardrobe on Highlander or telling people you're a druid is apparently perfectly OK; pretending you're a vampire isn't. Apparently, it's the line between pathos and complete lunacy."

2002-01-17 02:46:24 AM  
Oh.. and I'd like to say that the chick in the article has nice boobies.
2002-01-17 02:54:37 AM  
For those too lazy/non-web-savvy HERE is a link to the chainmail boobies. But beware, for every hot Angela, there's a pregnant woman in chainmail, or a beergut-touting man in a 'male chastity device'. I won't link these so I don't have to go back and see them again. ARGH MY EYES!!!!

Oh wait, what was article about again? whatever....
2002-01-17 02:55:02 AM  
shiat, a MANOWAR reference! haha, HAIL AND KILL!

btw, nice boobies.
2002-01-17 03:43:42 AM  
I am gonna show those boobies to my girl... wonder if she'd dress up for me :)
2002-01-17 04:05:17 AM  
Man thats got to hurt, or at least be very COLD!
2002-01-17 04:22:07 AM  
Mofo, so this is Pennsic (sp?) we're talking about here? I have a ton of friends who go religiously, never been myself... been meaning to. Forgot what clan they're in. My friend Anthony says he started the Painting T&A party.. his pictures are quite amusing.

Here at Cornell the SCA beat the crap out of each other on the front lawn of my former dorm every Sunday. They dance, too. Nice people.
2002-01-17 06:52:38 AM  
Yeah, I had (and still have) lots of friends who were involved with Markland in Maryland. Markland is a particularly hardcore group in SCA. Barony? Feifdom? I can't remember what the designation is.

Mofo, you are right on. Everything you say about these folks is true. But you know what, I really respect them in a way. They do what they genuinely like to do. They know it's uber-geeky. They know they are going to be ridiculed. And they don't care. They do it anyway.

Rock on, Baldric!
2002-01-17 08:03:39 AM  
Marland is a parallel organization. They come over and play at several events.

Now, as to the 300 lb losers that hit each other with a stick, several of these guys are far stronger and faster than pro football players. And wearing better protection.

Recently, a friend in my local group got to study armor at the British Museum of History. He doesn't make stuff out of carpet and "pickle barrels".

Feasts? Can be good can be bad. Some are better than fine dining. Some around here are prepared by professional chefs that just happen to be in the SCA.

Personal opinion? Corporate Mofo is the loser.
2002-01-17 08:07:10 AM  
Besides the boobie pic is from a Rennaisance Fair vendor site. Not the SCA.

2002-01-17 08:21:54 AM  
Bahahahaha Tripper is a DORK! Want some cheese with that wine in a goblet?
2002-01-17 08:46:45 AM  
Super-boobies! What did the article say?
2002-01-17 08:50:05 AM  
Funny noone mentions the Civil War reenactors(sp?) When I was in pennsic I met several who did BOTH Civil War and Medieval.
Tripper is right about the fighters. But you also have 300lb people who are quite tall and use what looks like barn doors as shields! I've seen men old enough to be my grandpap on the field in armor totally kicking arse!
The vampire and d&d wanna-be's are usually discouraged because its supposed to be recreating history. Ok, on what I heard was called "Marti Gras Day" during the second week, people really go all out with costumes and such.
(Marti gras day= Merchants have specials, and stay open for as long as there are customers which can be anywhere up to 1am or so)
I've even met some people who are NOT star trek geeks.

SCA events are great sources for books,gifts,historical research, meeting new people and just plain having fun!

And sadly yes, as in any major gathering, you will always have the ones that cause trouble and ruin it for everyone else.
As for the chainmail tops, those are normally aluminum(sp?) links. Light weight, strong, and as for cold....only at night from what I'm told.
(Pennsic takes place in the first 2 weeks in August....VERY hot so those are worn usually indoors or after sundown. I'm not going to get into the infamous rain that pennsic is well known to expirence!!)
Noone, and I do mean NOONE makes armor from pickel barrels.
The highway barrels....*maybe*....
2002-01-17 08:50:53 AM  
Oberon Maybe, but I am well adjusted without chemicals.
2002-01-17 09:21:47 AM  
cliff yablownski would definately have a lot to say about these pictures...
2002-01-17 09:23:58 AM  
Stripe, Tripper and anyone else who enjoys the SCA:

The SCA may be a good place to go and hang out, do fun things, and all around be sorta silly and have a good time, but be careful not to confuse it with real medieval history. :)
2002-01-17 09:34:42 AM  
I have a feeling FLA Chickie would look good in chainmail ... just a feeling..
2002-01-17 09:35:23 AM  
Vicious Yeah, it's Pennsic. The Risely Hall thing is cool, because Mac, the armorer who works in the basement there, is like the #1 armorer in the U.S. He makes incredible stuff. Even if you think the SCA is totally dumb, you have to appreciate him as an artist...

Everyone else As for duels, bring 'em on. What I didn't mention in the article is that even though I quit playing dress-up, I still fence...
2002-01-17 09:55:22 AM  
CM Sorry for the kneejerk reaction. I re-read it and it's pretty balanced. I just get ticked at the "loser" attitude most folks take when seeing the SCA. I live in Atlanta and most of the SCA members here tend to work in very professional occupations, so I see a lot of the high-achievers in the SCA. Membership-wise, Atlanta (Barony of the South Downs) could qualify for a Kingdom on it's own. Needless to say, we have a *lot* of peers.

And yes, there are a few who live in their own little world.

Oh yes, you did say you still fence: "Secondly, it got me into some hobbies I still enjoy today. For starters, I took up fencing."

Slippy I know it's not real history, but when the guy who corrects me on the Battle of Hastings has a Phd in Engligh History, well...
2002-01-17 09:58:06 AM  
Tripper Ah, but what I didn't say is that I fence with REALLY BIG SWORDS under AEMMA rules.
2002-01-17 10:00:52 AM  

Y'know what we call the fencers down here in Meridies? "Swishy-pokes".
2002-01-17 10:02:15 AM  
BTW, where the fark is Slayerswine?! I want his opinion! (Or flame.)
2002-01-17 10:10:08 AM  
Tripper By "really big swords," I mean this.
2002-01-17 10:11:05 AM  
Oh, I know which one you're talking about. The fencers here use nothing bigger than schlagers.
2002-01-17 10:11:28 AM  
Tripper: a Phd in Engligh History

No comment. :) j/k

As one who's studied the medieval period extensively, I see no problem with the SCA - in fact, there's a substantial benefit to be had in that it at least encourages interest in the history of the middle ages. The trick is to make the line between fantasy and history hard and fast.
2002-01-17 10:37:49 AM  
Wel, well, well.

Jeebus, where to start?

Pennsic is not the SCA. Chainmail bikini's are not the SCA, hell the word Chainmail is not utilized in the period we study. Maille is maille is maille be it rivited or butted. And it is not made out of aluminum and one does not wear it over bare skin unless one wants to have one's nipples ripped off. I do not know where this person is from but the SCA is an international organization and making broad statements about an organization based solely upon one's narrow experience is Asinine.

Yes, there are fringe elements. As with any large organization you get out of it only what you put into it. And if all you put into it is farking, drinking, and swing a FAKE sword then all you will get is VD, hangovers and big bruises.
2002-01-17 10:43:59 AM  
Slippy I do not know what portion of the SCA you have come in contact with, but the portion I am involved with is very much about understanding the real history. I have spent the last 4 months researching, testing and discarding "recipies" from sources from the middle ages through rennisance in preperation for a feast that will be served to 175 people.

We acknowledge that we are in a modern hall, using modern cooing methods ect... but we try our best to foster an atmosphere of the middle ages.

There are no jumbo turkey legs, there are no mashed potatos and for my feast - one of my pet peeves - there will be no sweet tea.
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