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4979 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jan 2002 at 12:24 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-15 12:26:50 PM  
Me and Farker CaptainTimmy went the next day and had one for our dead homey...
2002-01-15 12:26:55 PM  
I think the whole "Start your mourning with a healthy Wendy's breakfast" as campaign was in bad taste though.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-15 12:27:05 PM  
I took my family to Wendy's after we were pokin' fun at Dave. I figure the best way to honor the guy is to enjoy the food that he really cared so much about.
2002-01-15 12:29:12 PM  
Someone's gotta pay the child support.
2002-01-15 12:29:12 PM  
Many corporations have learned this "trick".
Any publicity, is good publicity.
Don't get me wrong, I liked the image I came to know as "Dave", and certainly didn't wan't any harm to befall him, but MANY of us (at FARK) proposed to eat at Wendy's "in Dave's honor" that day.
2002-01-15 12:29:16 PM  
I went and had a Great Biggie in his memory!
2002-01-15 12:30:36 PM  
I went twice that same week.

And ironically, one of the other local fast food chains here put a message up on all their signs, "expressing their condolences to the wendy's family for the loss of a great man"

Kinda touching.
2002-01-15 12:31:25 PM  
Dave Thomas shared responsibility for the......
.....ah, never mind.
2002-01-15 12:31:31 PM  
Dogbone: Did you pour your soda on the sidewalk for your homey, as well?
2002-01-15 12:34:42 PM  
2002-01-15 12:36:59 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-01-15 12:37:34 PM  
They are taking this death thing too far.

[image from too old to be available]

New Biggie Menu
2002-01-15 12:37:34 PM  
Dave Thomas' pendulous man-boobs make me not want to eat... ever.
2002-01-15 12:38:36 PM  
i dunno- my burger kinda tasted funny...
2002-01-15 12:41:13 PM  
Hell yeah. I poured out a biggie diet coke for my dead hommie!
2002-01-15 12:44:44 PM  
Me: Did Dave Thomas' death affect you?

Hal: I don't like death. I'm afraid of death.
2002-01-15 12:47:50 PM  
This is why I never eat at McDonalds.
2002-01-15 12:52:44 PM  
The day after it happended, it didn't matter if you were East side or West side. You had to pay tribute to the fallen Homey.

Biggie was in da house.........
2002-01-15 12:53:39 PM  
This could become a new marketing strategy. Make someones face familiar on tv associated with your product, then have him killed. Let's try it out on June Allyson, see if adult diaper sales spike upwards.
2002-01-15 12:56:06 PM  
Phxtony: Well, we were inside, so I just dropped a fry on the floor. Then Timmy said, "You gonna eat that floor fry?" and it all went bad after that. He's like that, Timmy is.
2002-01-15 12:58:39 PM  
Dave would've wanted it this way.
2002-01-15 01:00:19 PM  
Well, I was driving home from work the day he died.. Stopped at Wendys, saw how long the line was.. and decided to just go inside and use the urinal.

Here's pissing on you, dave!
2002-01-15 01:00:42 PM  
Why is this tagged "sad"?
2002-01-15 01:00:51 PM  
Why the heck is this sad?

Saw one of the new commercials last night, didn't think they were half bad. Not as good as the Dave commercials, but not bad.
2002-01-15 01:01:14 PM  
Dogbone and Phxtony: TOO GODDAMNED FUNNY!!! ROFLMAO.
2002-01-15 01:04:08 PM  
its funny, i used to eat there a lot, but on the day dave's death showed up on Fark, those bastards farked up my order, and i haven't been back. "NO TOMATOES!" jebus.
2002-01-15 01:04:28 PM  
Walrustoof: No using my comments on your radio show. I copywright all of my shiattalking. :)
2002-01-15 01:11:07 PM  
What ever happened to Herb from Burger King?

I'm not Herb! Where's my free Whopper?
2002-01-15 01:16:56 PM  
Walrustoof: It was scarier to live it, being as this is CaptainTimmy
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-15 01:18:40 PM  
I orderd 2 biggie frys and a biggie coke the day Dave died. I think im gonna write a song called The Day Dave Died.
2002-01-15 01:21:53 PM  
Leg0z: You could base it on "Ms. American Pie"

"Bye Bye, Mr. Biggie Fry Guy"
2002-01-15 01:24:27 PM  
Leg0z: o/` And they were singing, Bye Bye Mr. Bi-iggie Size. o/`
2002-01-15 01:26:28 PM  
I was pretty pissed when, to celebrate our weekly Meat Day, my friends and I went to Wendy's and didn't see anything in commemoration for Dave. You'd think black armbands would be in order or something.
2002-01-15 01:27:55 PM  
Dave?.... Dave's not here
2002-01-15 01:29:24 PM  
"It's me...... Dave....... let me in , man."
2002-01-15 01:31:39 PM  
Fffffffffffffarkkkkkkkk Mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee!!! Alex!!!

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu Fuuuuuuuuuu farkkkkkkk Me!! Alex!!
2002-01-15 01:31:40 PM  
I went the day he died. I saw this on AZ news to.
2002-01-15 01:32:19 PM  
Frankee-Frank-Frank = Obvious newbie.
2002-01-15 01:32:28 PM  
I didn't know your name was Alex, man.
2002-01-15 01:33:04 PM  
Why is this so bad? It means people are showing support for Dave and his family. What's wrong with that?
2002-01-15 01:34:13 PM  
kan someone post a link to the Cliche kitty Pic?

Or just post the pic here? I need it really bad!!!
2002-01-15 01:34:22 PM  

Not really, just bored.
2001-10-24 10:44:36
2002-01-15 01:37:55 PM  
Grivas: You are too damn funny! Between the Hamburglar and Biggie, etc., you never fail to have me laughing
2002-01-15 01:39:34 PM  
"Nubian's gotta eat...."
2002-01-15 01:41:17 PM  
So what's the statute of limitations before Wendy's Corporation (TM) can turn Dave into a bumbling, jumping happy cartoon character (ala The Colonel)?
2002-01-15 01:44:06 PM  
Ejzardus: Did you notice how the colonel suddenly became an expert in Ebonics?
2002-01-15 01:48:45 PM  
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img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-01-15 01:48:51 PM  
Phxtony: Go Colonel, go colonel (does the white man version of the cabbage patch). Ever notice colonel has the word colon in it?
2002-01-15 01:49:22 PM  
Phxtony: Deal. BTW -- GREAT pic of Ogre!

Dogbone: That pic is downright disturbing. CaptainTimmy looks like Sully from Godsmack. Question: if ya couldn't spill the soda for dear ol' Dave, couldn't you have at least tipped your Frosty??? I mean, throwing a fry on the floor in a fast food joint is SO white trash. I prefer to take the pickles off of my burger & throw them on the window. Make those sumbeeeetch's EARN that $6/hr!!!
2002-01-15 01:50:07 PM  
My local Wendy's had a large picture of Dave that said "Thanks for visiting" or sumsuch. They had a black ribbon across it.
A&E had a good Biography on him. He really did grow up with nothing, not even a family.
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