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(Canoe)   Woman suing for $50 000 after boobies scalded by McDonald's hot chocolate; was unable to wear a bra for several days   ( divider line
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10127 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jan 2002 at 12:24 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-15 12:28:16 PM  
2002-01-15 12:29:07 PM  
ATTN: ANNOUNCEMENT: NEWS FLASH: McDonald's Coffee is hot. Handle with care.
2002-01-15 12:29:08 PM  

Coffee is hot. If you spill it on yourself you will get burned.

Get a farking clue!
2002-01-15 12:29:08 PM  
Sounds like the Seinfeld Episode with Kramer.... This lady is farked in the head.
2002-01-15 12:29:25 PM  
Well if her boobies hurt I'm sure several Farkers would be willing to massage her back to health.
2002-01-15 12:30:12 PM  
That's just pathetic.

On the other hand, if people can't make a living off being complete idiots, then the pretzels have already won.
2002-01-15 12:30:38 PM  
$20000?? Her husband got to rub salve on her tits for 5 days, for farksakes. Isn't that payment enough?
2002-01-15 12:30:41 PM  
Yeah but did anyone notice this? WTF?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-15 12:31:10 PM  
And then the Hamburglar stole her anal virginity.

[image from too old to be available]

Rubble Rubble!
2002-01-15 12:32:19 PM  
So if the cocoa "spewed" out of the cup, is that like a "pearl necklace" since it landed on her teeters???
2002-01-15 12:32:30 PM  
Grivas: ROTFLMAO. Awesome.
2002-01-15 12:32:59 PM  
I, for one, don't see what's so "amusing" about this. Looks like the employee farked up the lid, and the woman has a legitimate complaint.

On the other hand, the "dangerous and defective" pickle in the next-to-the-last paragraph is hilarious.
2002-01-15 12:34:40 PM  
01-15-02 12:31:10 PM Grivas
And then the Hamburglar stole her anal virginity.

Funny. farking. Post.

2002-01-15 12:34:41 PM  
Fuggin lawsuits...pretty soon you're going to have to sign a waiver just to be allowed inside a McDonalds.
2002-01-15 12:36:43 PM  
If I were rich, I'd hire someone to follow the biatch around, shouting 'Be careful!' at her every time she encounters something potentially hazardous. 'Careful! The door is closing!' 'Careful! Don't stab yourself in the face with that fork!' Just as a public service. You never know when she might sue again.
2002-01-15 12:40:31 PM  
She is suing for a reasonable amount at least. Not like 10 million or something. Granted she is the dumbass that burnt herself. But what if it was a drive thru situation?
2002-01-15 12:41:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I don't really have a comment to go along with this. I just like seeing women blow clown statues. USA!!! USA!!!
2002-01-15 12:41:33 PM  
Wymyn shouldn't be wearing bras anyway!! Girl Power!!
2002-01-15 12:43:13 PM  
From the article
"Last year in Knoxville, Tenn., a woman who claimed she suffered a second-degree burn on her chin from a hot McDonald's hamburger pickle in 1999 settled her lawsuit against the chain. Contending the pickle was defective and unreasonably dangerous to the customer"

WTF? Sounds to me like these people are dangers to themselves. It must be McDonald's responsibility to protect everybody from their own incompetance. I work at McDonalds and I can see whats gonna happen next. After you pick up your food, an employee follows you into the dining room, newly outfitted with 3' of foam rubber padding on the walls and floor, making sure you are absolutely safe. I bet if the pickle or hot chocolate wasn't as hot as it was, these biatches would have come back ,complained, and biatched until they got a refund and a ticket for a free sandwitch. Whores.
2002-01-15 12:44:18 PM  
"When I raised the drink to my mouth, the lid flew off and the entire contents spewed out." She must have been drinking that new carbonated hot chocalate. You have to be careful when drinking that stuff becasue it spews everywhere. What an idiot.
2002-01-15 12:44:22 PM  
"Corbin, who is representing herself..."

Oh, whew... she IS a stupid biatch. I think I'll show up for the court date so I can punch her in the face myself.
2002-01-15 12:46:40 PM  
It was 11 o'clock upon a Friday night,
you know the girl and me was feeling outta' sight
We had twenty reds and a big ol' pile of weed,
you know she drank some wine and then she LSD'd.

Chrissy puked twice and jumped on my bike,
she yelled "fire it up, 'cause you know what I like!"
She burned her leg on a tail-pipe then
and yelled "shiat-a-ree!", and puked again.
2002-01-15 12:50:21 PM  
If I saw her in the street, I'd tell her to

"BE QUITE you Bloated Museum of Treachery."
2002-01-15 12:51:11 PM  
Wise man say, he who represents himself in court, have fool for client.
2002-01-15 12:52:46 PM  
Nobody told me that slamming my car into a tree could kill me. There should be a device put on the car to protect me from doing this. Im suing GM for not realizing Im too stupid to handle that thing.
2002-01-15 12:55:54 PM  
What I don't understand is how the hot chocolate got from her boobies to her navel. Unless she has tiny titties that don't meet in the middle and it formed a scalding river. If that be the case, she must have a sizeable belly to have absorbed the liquid before it made it to her crotch.
2002-01-15 12:57:42 PM  
I'm no fan of McDonald's, but I really hope they counter-sue her for unfairly attempting to tarnish their image of being a fun, safe, family-oriented place.

She probably doesn't have a lawyer because she figures the worst that can happen is that McD's settles for a few thousand bucks, and it will be enough to cover her court fees and buy her a delicious lobster meal.

Maybe if she sees that there's a potential downside to her ridiculous action, she'll reconsider and drop it.

Then again, she's a complete and total idiot, so maybe not.
2002-01-15 01:00:47 PM  
"...centre of my breasts down to my navel,"
"...her jeans could not be pulled up to her waist for five days"

2002-01-15 01:01:51 PM  
I don't know about anyone else, but from previous experience (and having actually worked for McD's in my high school years), I ALWAYS check the security of any lid when I get something from fast food. Force of habit now.
2002-01-15 01:05:30 PM  
I think the telling part is the line about "She says her husband bought some salve that she applied to her burns for five days, allowing her skin to heal without blistering or scarring."

If you've been burned/injured by a product the first thing you do is take pictures. It shouldn't go over well when you walk into court and say "well I was really hurt, but I got completley better."

Only a complete idiot would spill enough of a liquid that hot over a large portion of their body in that situation. The statement "at a McDonald's restaurant" implies she was sitting in the dining area, so she wasn't driving around. If a liquid is hot enough to burn you, it's too hot to do anything more than sip, so she shouldn't have been slamming it down quickly to begin with.
2002-01-15 01:06:55 PM  
Ummmmmmm chocolate covered boobies
2002-01-15 01:07:05 PM  
I thought because of the New Mexico scalding a few years ago, all McDonalds' coffee & hot liquid cups contain the phrase, "CAUTION! LIQUIDS ARE HOT!"

She was warned. Fools go where wise women & men fear to tread.

BTW, if any other unfortunate ladies have experienced this unfortunate accident, I foruntately have a jar of salve, and my hands are ready, willing and able!
2002-01-15 01:07:19 PM  
Given the quality of boobies posts recently here at Fark, shouldn't this have had a tag?
2002-01-15 01:07:26 PM  
I wish these motherfarking assholes who make frivolous law suits would die choking on dildos after their lawyer gets a perpetual anal rape device surgically fused to their asses.
2002-01-15 01:08:05 PM  
What I meant to say was...

Given the quality of boobies posts recently here at Fark, shouldn't this have had a [image from too old to be available] tag?
2002-01-15 01:10:48 PM  
Rosiemark, how do you know she didn't "accidently" force the lid when she picked it up? It could have been compromised then. The thing is, damn things probably never used to be served with a lid. Then the company adds a lid to minimize injuries, then idiots like this frucking go and biatch about something that's supposed to be hot.

I like the fact that she has no discernable marks from it. Oh, yeah, that happened to me too ... please, throw this crap out of court.
2002-01-15 01:10:50 PM  
Sperm is good for burns? I guess we have a new rationale for tity farking!
2002-01-15 01:11:09 PM  
well, the only thing that I can say that she's from Canada, and the courts aren't as quick to award damages for retarded suits like this. Could be why shes representing herself, she got laughed out of a few lawyers offices.
2002-01-15 01:11:15 PM  
Like Sidi said, i bet as soon as she felt the first drop of liquid on herself, she realized she had won the jackpot.

Hell, she probably just loosened the lid herself and dumped it on her, realizing mcdonalds would pay.

but what better excuse to spend a week with your shirt up and pants down. i bet the husband spilled it on her.

fark. i'm defending mcdonalds. maybe it will help me make amends to all the fat people i offended on the fat thread.
2002-01-15 01:12:38 PM  
Sidi, that's exactly what I was thinking. This reeks of "lets sue the megacorporation, it's cheaper for them to settle than drag it through court".

Need a followup to see if she produces pictures.

And who the HELL dumps a whole cup of hot liquid on themselves while sitting at a table? If it's hot, you sip it. If the top's loose in that case you'll get a little spill, but not the whole cup.

Sounds like a complete load of bullshiat to me.
2002-01-15 01:13:25 PM  
"Hmmmmmm -- dangerous pickle -- aahhrrllgghh..."


"Hmmmmmm -- scalded chocolate boobies -- aahhrrllgghh..."
2002-01-15 01:19:00 PM  
she should sue her parents for creating her oxygen wasting ass

2002-01-15 01:21:37 PM  
Now Canada has been infected by the American tort law "lotto" mentality. Sorry about that, Canucks.
2002-01-15 01:26:57 PM  
Jesus.... If she wins this case, I'm Heading to Micky D's and Booger King for some cock and ball torture and I'll get 2 million bucks and I can pay some chick to rub salve on me all day... :) Wow what a great country...
2002-01-15 01:29:59 PM  
Grivas: damnit man, stop posting or I'll never quit laughing. Then I won't be able to enjoy the other posts, and I'll eventually burn myself, blame you and seek damages in the high 6 figures.

GetterMeshman getter

Make sure to take pictures of the carcass too, for posterity and all.
2002-01-15 01:30:20 PM  
I wonder if I receive gratification orally from one of the dumb biatches at the local McDonalds if I can sue them for making me cheat on the old lady...hmmmmm

2002-01-15 01:34:55 PM  
2002-01-15 01:37:08 PM  
You know what they say, "You can't legislate common sense". You can, however, piss off everyone who HAS common sense by letting shiat like this happen!

Isn't it nice, by the way:
She says her husband bought some salve that she applied to her burns for five days, allowing her skin to heal without blistering or scarring.
I'd like to see some of that salve! Considering the scalding liquid was in excess of 500 degrees in temperature, I was sure she'd be scarred for life. This woman could very likely go to a car wash, have it done, and then sue the car wash if she starts her car and it smashes into a pedestrian because it's already in 1st gear. It's a shame when Darwin's force is thwarted!
2002-01-15 01:37:19 PM  
Coming soon ... * * * Nerf World * * * ... a world built, not for the best know idiot, but the perfect idiot. Self mutilation? Impossible. Suicide? Impossible. Emotional Distress? Impossible.

(note: inhabitants will be placed under sedation for the duration. Possible side effects include nausea. Big time. "But you'll be too high to notice" (TM))
2002-01-15 01:40:27 PM  
At least she is suing for something that can actually be construed as negligence and not just becase the coffee was hot.
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