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(Local10)   Man decides to look for keys in the middle of interstate. Darwin-arity ensues   ( divider line
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11219 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Jun 2004 at 4:28 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-11 04:30:40 PM  
2004-06-11 04:30:58 PM  
2004-06-11 04:33:27 PM  
He's never gonna live that one down.
2004-06-11 04:34:01 PM  
farking Cadillac driver think they own the road.

/pissed off SUV driver who missed him
2004-06-11 04:34:06 PM  
I once stopped the car in the middle of the road took a leak in the on the center line on westbound I-80.

Granted it was in the middle of Nebraska.

At 2:30am.
2004-06-11 04:34:16 PM  
He will never live that one down.....
2004-06-11 04:34:17 PM  
oh look, a shiny penny out in the middle of I-95... if I time it right, I can run out there, pick it up and be back to the shoulder in no time...

2004-06-11 04:34:24 PM  
cut from life
2004-06-11 04:35:19 PM  
Someone please photoshop Darwin behind the wheel...
2004-06-11 04:35:46 PM  
How could someone possibly think this is a good idea?

Can't understand people sometimes...
2004-06-11 04:36:40 PM  
I'm sorry, but I just had to laugh at "he was struck and killed by a Cadillac."

On a similar story, last weekend I came across clothing strewn about the highway, and a little further down, a guy had pulled off because one of the boxes he had in is truck had fallen out. I really felt sorry for the guy, because he was an older man, and there was little chance he was going to be able to recover the clothes with all of the traffic.
2004-06-11 04:36:45 PM  
Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering how in the hell he could be driving while he lost his keys? Shouldn't they have been in the ignition?

I'm guessing he was friends with the guy who took the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.
2004-06-11 04:37:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-11 04:37:50 PM  
Limited_IQ Maybe another set of keys? His house keys maybe? Or car keys?
2004-06-11 04:39:15 PM  
I guess the "key" (no pun intended) to living is, DO NOT WALK IN FRONT OF MOVING TRAFFIC.
2004-06-11 04:40:37 PM  

Maybe the keys to his liquor cabinet?

I could pop a blood vessel trying to figure it out. Stupidity has a way of defying Laws of the Universe.
2004-06-11 04:41:02 PM  

A lot of newer bikes do not require a key.
2004-06-11 04:41:10 PM  
Ironically, the man was the "Frogger" champion at his local arcade.
2004-06-11 04:41:21 PM  
Was it this guy?
[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-11 04:41:36 PM  
Open your arms, opens your arms,
Open your arms, baby, let my Cadillac come rolling in.

/Too obscure?
2004-06-11 04:42:59 PM  
"...called a family friend to report what he was about to do."

Reminds me of a song lyric.

"What do you say in a moment like that?"

/you fail it!
2004-06-11 04:43:02 PM  
Majewski... that's Polish right?
2004-06-11 04:43:07 PM  

for my money, it's the canyonero of automobiles.

/nuthin but the best
2004-06-11 04:43:10 PM  
A better question would be how in the frak did he know he lost his keys in the first place?

When I am riding my bike I can't hear shiat.
2004-06-11 04:44:33 PM  
As usual you guys didn't says "motorcyclist"!!
Maybe he had a different set of keys that fell off his jacket pocket etc? who knows !!
Poor sumbiatcch! Personally I wouldn't know what I'd do if I do drop a set of keys on the rd. Do I chance it or just break into my own house/office/car etc !!
2004-06-11 04:45:27 PM  
Looks like a frog.
2004-06-11 04:45:59 PM  
I lost my keys on the freeway once. I heard it loud and clear, checked to see where exactly I was, got off the freeway and circled back. They were sitting on the shoulder.
2004-06-11 04:47:24 PM  
2004-06-11 04:48:57 PM  
Hmmm, alot of darwin candidates today​l

Tried to post this earlier but someone beat me to it, though it was never greenlighted.

Gave it the headline "Darwinism How-To filming cut short"

/bitter cause still have no approved links
2004-06-11 04:50:52 PM  
He should've looked where the keys were, got back on the bike and rode up to them with his flashers on.

Then again, he was a Pole.
2004-06-11 04:51:02 PM  

I actually keep all my shait in my saddle bags for that very reason.

2004-06-11 04:51:06 PM  
Didn't he have another set of keys anywhere else?
2004-06-11 04:51:17 PM  
Reminds me of the time I saw a woman get rear on the expressway in Chicago. She stopped right away and parked her car in the right lane and proceeds to get out of her car and inspect her rear bumper. All this while cars are flying by her a foot away and having an entire lane blocked. The worst part is that she was right at an off-ramp, she could have pulled forward 20 feet and gotten out of the way, but she had to stop and look at it right in the middle of traffic. She's lucky no one ran her over.
2004-06-11 04:51:42 PM  
If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, forget em', cause, man, they're gone.
2004-06-11 04:52:01 PM  
You don't know what you'd do in this situation? How about fark the farking keys and get a new set at your local Ace Hardware???!?
2004-06-11 04:52:44 PM  
Poor guy.. If he only had said "Pardon me, excuse me, my fault" as he was getting in the way of the 75 mph traffic, this whole thing could have been avoided.
2004-06-11 04:52:53 PM  
No, It's Jewish
2004-06-11 04:53:12 PM  
When Majewski walked out to the center lane to get his keys, he was struck and killed by a Cadillac. The driver stopped. Majewski died at the scene.

Apparently the driver did not stop fast enough.

by the by, this Darwin thing doesn't even make sense. This is just stupidness. It's not really a trait. And you don't know if the guy has spread his seed. Unless you know him. Because the article doesn't say.
2004-06-11 04:54:07 PM  
"He pulled onto the shoulder and called a family friend to report what he was about to do, according to investigators."

Hey Bob, I'm about to go run out into traffic. Just thought you should know. What's that? You think I should just close my eyes and dart in? OK!
2004-06-11 04:54:51 PM  
Those keys really tied the room together.
2004-06-11 04:55:24 PM  

*All* bikers/cyclist I've ever know keep their bike key separate from the rest.

A fully laden keyring will do an ugly number to the paint job on the tank (where the ignition often is).
2004-06-11 04:57:52 PM  
Aha! So that's what that old blues song meant!
2004-06-11 04:58:55 PM  
...and he's buying a stairway to heaven.
2004-06-11 05:04:50 PM  
I saw the accident and i was stuck on the highway. It made me late. He should have been more considerate and choosen a better time to run out into traffic.
2004-06-11 05:06:31 PM  
A motorcyclist who tried to dodge traffic on a South Florida interstate

No sir that is an ex-motorcyclist
2004-06-11 05:07:09 PM  
Reminds me of a guy by me who missed his exit on the interstate, and decided to back up to get it, in the left lane. Asshat made it 50 feet before a car came up and clobbered him at 65 mph.
2004-06-11 05:07:54 PM  
communication breakdown - excellent tie in. That was my favorite song of all time. I only occasionally think of the cadillac commercial when I hear it now.

Nice name - zep fan?

for the uninitiated, he was referring to "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin
2004-06-11 05:09:16 PM  
Why was he holding his keys, dontcha think they should have been firmly stashed somewhere.

Then again, the guy wasn't smart enough to not play in traffic...
2004-06-11 05:11:34 PM  
Reminds me of the time I saw a woman get rear on the expressway in Chicago.

She got rear on the expressway? Lucky girl.
2004-06-11 05:13:30 PM  
My house keys are not on the same ring as my car keys. It's a "security/safety" thing. If by some chance I get carjacked, they only have the car keys and not my house/office keys!!

Also, did you know that when stopped behind a vehicle, as long as you can see the rear wheels of the vehicle in front of you touching the pavement, that means you have enough room to manouver around them in the event someone accosts you while stopped.
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