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(Canoe)   Judge orders $137 refund to O.J. Simpson. Fred Goldman wants his cut.   ( divider line
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5040 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jan 2002 at 12:24 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-15 12:36:30 PM  
Nice headline
2002-01-15 12:40:00 PM  
The number of comments on this topic are a pretty good indication of how we don't give a Fark about O.J. (unless it is mixed with Tequila).
2002-01-15 12:41:34 PM  
Me: "Hal, did OJ do it?"

Hal: "I greatly enjoy dedicated educators."
2002-01-15 12:42:05 PM  
I like my OJ with vodka or champagne.
2002-01-15 12:49:46 PM  
One digit away from making OJ a 1337 haXor.
2002-01-15 12:56:15 PM  
Kudos on the headline
2002-01-15 12:56:38 PM  
Somebody just kill that FARKER!
2002-01-15 01:01:32 PM  
Howard Stern played segments of OJ's "documentary" in NYC. Funny shiat. OJ said that he didn't think bin Laden would get a fair trial if tried in the US. Which led to the inevitable question: Why the hell is OJ complaining about a fair trial?!?
2002-01-15 01:03:07 PM  
Fred Goldman can get his cut of my money when he pries it from Nicole's cold, dead hands.
2002-01-15 02:02:32 PM  
Next thing you know he'll claim bin Laden did it.
2002-01-15 02:29:28 PM  
fark that gold digging Fred Goldman. Always trying to make a quick buck at the expense of a terrible tragedy.
2002-01-15 02:36:45 PM  
this is just classic
2002-01-15 02:39:13 PM  
oj sucks dick for 20 buck
2002-01-15 02:39:40 PM  
Coincidentally, I saw a pair of gloves at Neiman Marcus for $137...
2002-01-15 02:47:54 PM  
How come no one calls him "The Juice" any more? *cries*
2002-01-15 04:40:27 PM  
Simpson, 54, was cleared of burglary and battery charges in October in a dispute with another motorist.

Like we didn't see that coming.
2002-01-15 05:11:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
O.J.'s still pretending to "hunt for the real killers", despite the fact that he sees the real killer every the mirror.
2002-01-15 05:24:45 PM  
That dude had a killer moustache. Okay, not a killer one but I liked it.
2002-01-15 05:47:39 PM  


Fred Goldman should get premission to beat this piece of shiat to death
2002-01-15 10:14:38 PM  
Jordy099: The Fred Goldman thing was just tossed into the headline. The asinine part is that OJ's actually getting some cash back.

I'm glad the Browns and the Goldmans won the civil case. Take that crazy psycho for everything he's got. I say they should split the money and give it to those families. Nice bit of pocket change....
2002-01-15 10:42:55 PM  
How many times do I have to tell you people:


The court system even said so.

How come they never investigated whether or not it was a murder/suicide?
2002-01-15 11:28:24 PM  
TLBreer: Have you heard of the term "miscarriage of justice?" That's exactly what happened. Just because the court system said so doesn't make it so. Our "justice" system has a lot of bugs in it, such as letting a killer like OJ walk free.
2002-01-16 01:15:33 AM  
Miscarriage of justice my ass! The goddamned gloves the killer wore didn't even fit OJ's hands!

It just pisses me off when The Man has to try and take a successful black (like OJ, Tyson, Collin Ferguson, Suge Knight, etc.) down with bogus charges.
2002-01-16 01:26:48 AM  
This is the worst post in days. I needed to jump in and make it worse.
2002-01-16 01:37:21 AM  
I don't care what race he is. Fact is he killed two people and walked free. He was wearing rubber gloves under his bloody gloves, and there are people who saw that he was bending his fingers so they wouldn't fit.

I feel sorry for you, trying to make this into a racial issue when it really isn't. As for Tyson, that guy is a farking savage! I don't care what race you are, you do the crime, you should do the time. I see you're one of those who listened to Cochran's BS. Interesting how he screams racism when he has bodyguards who were Nation of Islam--another racist group. Go figure.
2002-01-16 04:20:56 AM  
didnt have to read the article. headline was amusing enough.
2002-01-16 03:34:29 PM  
How can you say that about Tyson?!? The woman freaking' went up to his room with him. Therefore, it had to be consensual.
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