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(Yahoo)   Hanging is now No. 1 form of suicide among American youths 10 to 14   ( divider line
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9428 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jun 2004 at 6:46 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-10 07:06:37 PM  
A person called BondageFaerie telling everyone else that something is unsuitable for them.

/a person called steelbean telling everyone else that a person called BondageFaerie was telling everyone else that something was unsuitable for them
2004-06-10 07:07:18 PM  
Are the separating the auto-erotic asphyxiation cases from the suicide cases? :^)

// hell please...
2004-06-10 07:08:54 PM  
tensai - I agree, a fair number is likely just accidental death in the name of expanding the frontiers of pleasure.

Still, whether masturbating or ending the eternal misery that is your existence, please wear adult diapers at all times. The last impression you want to make shouldn't involve hershey squirts and semen stains.
2004-06-10 07:10:18 PM  
Well, something has to be the number one method of suicide. Even if only one person commits suicide there's still going to be a number one method.
2004-06-10 07:11:44 PM  
10 year olds kill themselves??..
2004-06-10 07:11:45 PM  
2004-06-10 07:08:54 PM DrunkenBob

I agree, a fair number is likely just accidental death in the name of expanding the frontiers of pleasure.

I dunno. You'd think they weed those out, mostly. When Michael Hutchense died, they originally said it was from autoerotic asphyxiation, but later said it was just a suicide.
2004-06-10 07:13:33 PM  
Hanging is a popular form of suicide in Poland too. Of course they put the rope around their ankles and don't die, but to each his own!
2004-06-10 07:14:11 PM  

Yeah, and someone had the nerve to ask earlier what's so scary about it...
2004-06-10 07:15:13 PM  
I blame the Million Moms.

Er, make that the 2,000 moms.
2004-06-10 07:15:24 PM  
I thought it was listening to rock music.
2004-06-10 07:15:53 PM  
Nice Guthrie reference, beakmyn!!

Can I sit with you on the Group W bench?
2004-06-10 07:17:24 PM  
wydok - you have to figure that generally the people who discovers them are their parents. Now, you may not have problems with discovering your kid was careless while diddling, but I suspect a good number would clothe their kid's dead corpse in the name of decency and saving face. Besides, imagine what everyone would say about the parental skills of someone with such 'perverted' young children.
2004-06-10 07:18:25 PM  
i blame bush
2004-06-10 07:19:19 PM  
And people said gun control wouldn't work.
2004-06-10 07:19:40 PM  
In Russia, rope hangs you!

2004-06-10 07:19:59 PM  
will someone PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZ think of the children.
2004-06-10 07:20:53 PM  
It's a good start ... much better than them deciding to go out in a blaze of gunfire a la Columbine.

A few suicides by hangings is good for today's youth. Life sucks? Don't go shoot up a school, just go hang yourself.
2004-06-10 07:21:33 PM  
Hehehe there's a story behind my name steelbean as there prolly is for yours.

But yes, I didn't like being subjected to that picture with out my permission. Also I REALLY don't see what it has to do with this article. Kids hanging themselves is sad .. that picture was just inflammatory and unnecessary.
2004-06-10 07:22:11 PM  

We'd better pass a ban on rope.

Or at least enact a 15 day waiting period on all new rope sales.
2004-06-10 07:26:07 PM  
"What am I doing? I've never even been to New York! Jeebus, I haven't been anywhere!"

2004-06-10 07:26:20 PM  
For added effect set it up in a location where you won't be discovered until you're good and ripe. You'll leave a lasting impression on whoever finds your rotting, dangling corpse.
2004-06-10 07:28:15 PM  
Kids off themselves for the darndest things, remember that kid who, after Battlestar Galatica was cancelled, decided to kill himself because the "world without Battlestar Galactica is not a world I want to live in?"

Where's Paul Lynde to cheer us up with that "Kids" song?
2004-06-10 07:29:23 PM  
To think a 10-year-old would want kill themselves is very disturbing. Disturbing and sad.
2004-06-10 07:29:38 PM  
Suicide rates by age increase as the age rises; i.e, children under ten have the lowest suicide rate while people over 65 have the highest. The reason we dwell on teenage suicide is because we as a society see teenage problems as temporary and they've thrown away a possibly very long life. Suicidal people look for cheap, easy ways and everyone has an extenstion cord and rafters.

/just a book of suicide for class.
//not suicide class
2004-06-10 07:30:33 PM  
For all those interested in how it's done:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-10 07:30:46 PM  
I know 2 people who committed suicide just this year and with 2 months of each other. One girl hung herself and the boy shot himself.

RIP Jennifer and Daniel.

...This article is just farking WEIRD.
2004-06-10 07:32:56 PM  
Anyone who would kill themselves at such an early age is just stupid. Its partly the parents fault, I GUESS, because they need to teach their children to deal with things. Bad things in life will happen...its not all flowers, and roses, and pretty things. On the other hand, I doubt these kids that kill themselves have had a life HALF as bad as they think they did. The thing that REALLY gets me is how many kids kill themselves over their girlfriend/boyfriend at ages like 15!! That just blows my mind.

/incessant rambling...
2004-06-10 07:34:08 PM  
"The angry boy a bit too insane icing over a secret pain, you know you don't belong...."

/Obscure line from a undeservedly obscure band
2004-06-10 07:34:12 PM  
Was it the guy from Joy Division who put a noose around his neck, then stood on a big block of ice until it melted?

Urban Myth? Anybody? Must be some old 80's Goths here....
2004-06-10 07:36:45 PM  
You pansies need to stop being so sensitive to suicides. People do it, big deal. If someone wants to die then just let them.
One of my best friends from growing up committed suicide. Should I waste time being all thenthetive about it? If you want a true tragedy that's worthy of concern why not talk about war? One person who is not an innocent victim versus tens of thousands, sometimes millions who are.
"Life is a lot like a movie. If you're halfway done and it's sucked so far, chances are it's not going to get really good at the end." - Doug Stanhope
2004-06-10 07:37:06 PM  
R O P E Natures way of getting the turds out of the gene pool
2004-06-10 07:39:09 PM  
Haven't we all hanged a 10 year old, in a way?
2004-06-10 07:39:09 PM  
I, for one, welcome our population conscious youth. Way to go kids!
2004-06-10 07:39:22 PM  
Damn, dude. You think a 10-year-old knows what they are doing? That's a lot of pain there and it ain't the kid's fault.
2004-06-10 07:39:48 PM  
I blame the Boy Scouts!!!

Homophobia and knots.
2004-06-10 07:40:23 PM  

Is that really you in the picture on your profile? Did your name come from the comic? Are you Pfil, or the other (can't remember her damn name)?
2004-06-10 07:41:07 PM  
Damn. Even without guns, kids are still killing themselves! We'll have to come up with a new scapegoat!

At least we can still blame this on those damned rock videos and violent video games!

This is Rockstar Games fault!
2004-06-10 07:41:31 PM  
When I was in Middle School, a girl had just hung herself. A bunch of people were upset and stuff, so someone decided it would be funny to play "Jumper" by Third Eye Blind over the sound system during lunch.
2004-06-10 07:43:26 PM  
Owie. Hanging would be a bad way to go if you got it wrong.

Getting it right means setting it up properly so it breaks your neck when you "hit bottom". Kills relatively quickly, although you will probably lose control of your bodily orifices and "soil yourself".

Getting it wrong means a long, slow, agonizing death by asphyixiation. Which is nasty.

2004-06-10 07:43:56 PM  
From my cold, dead neck.
2004-06-10 07:48:56 PM  
This story was just too sad.
BUT....I see some of the parents the kids have that go to school with my daughter & I can understand why they would want to kill themselves.
I wish I could understand why people who hate kids have them? I think that was one reason they created BIRTH CONTROL.
2004-06-10 07:50:22 PM  
The schools should start handing out free cyanide tablets along with the condoms. Maybe not.
2004-06-10 07:51:01 PM  
2004-06-10 07:30:46 PM EvilKimba

I know 2 people who committed suicide just this year and with 2 months of each other. One girl hung herself and the boy shot himself.


2004-06-10 07:37:06 PM DammitDrag

R O P E Natures way of getting the turds out of the gene pool

DammitDrag wins!

/bad taste
2004-06-10 07:54:18 PM  

Parents who should be taking birth control are the same ones who aren't smart enough to realize that.
2004-06-10 07:57:08 PM  
And the rope industry cheers... very, very quietly.
2004-06-10 08:01:55 PM  
Talkin' out of turn...that's a hangin'. Lookin' out the window...that's a hangin'. Starin' at my sandals ...that's a hangin'. Hangin' the school picture...ooh you better believe that's a hangin'.
2004-06-10 08:02:11 PM  
If I were to commit suicide, I'm definitely going out in a hail of bullets whilst gunning down Pat Buchanan or OJ Simpson. Why just off myself when I can make a lot of other people happy at the same time, and make my death meaningful?

Maybe if I were to suicide bomb Yasser Arafat. The irony just gives me the jibblies!

Of course you can't expect our nation's fine young men and women to actually fulfill a purpose with their deaths, oh no. They've got to be selfish and just hang themselves in a closet, instead of doing something useful with their deaths.
2004-06-10 08:02:47 PM  
the article did note that overall suicides among this age group were *down*. This might not have anything to with gun control, but I'd like to know, anyway, if making it more difficult cut the suicide rate.
2004-06-10 08:03:16 PM  
Why? When you can just lay on a train track. Easy and near painless.
2004-06-10 08:03:35 PM  
This article hit home hard. A close friend of mine committed suicide by hanging himself in his dorm room when we were freshmen. That was 20 years ago. He didn't lock the door. Two of us went in to get him for dinner and found him. Something must have been wrong, although he didn't seem depressed, and he didn't leave a note. I still don't know why he did it. It was an absolutely disgusting sight.
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