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(Wired)   Sundance Film Festival shows movie about the murder of Bill Gates   ( divider line
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3339 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jan 2002 at 9:34 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-15 09:37:22 AM  
Damn, it's not a documentary?
2002-01-15 09:38:29 AM  
i bet the popcorn is organic at Sundance
2002-01-15 09:39:10 AM  
I submitted this two weeks ago.
2002-01-15 09:39:45 AM  
"It is shocking to depict the assassination of Bill Gates...."

Is it now?
2002-01-15 09:40:35 AM  
i can pretend i know stuff about computers by hating bill gates.
2002-01-15 09:49:42 AM  
"Some visitors to the sites have wondered about the ethical issues -- is it OK to imagine the assassination of a living, breathing mogul, just for the purposes of a film project? Flemming -- who works on a Macintosh -- saw no problem with knocking off Gates in Nothing So Strange."

I KNEW working with "pretty" computers would make people go insane...
2002-01-15 09:54:17 AM  
When he (Bill Gates) finally overthrows the government, the first thing he's gonna do is kill everyone that watched that movie. Second, he'll probably castrate everyone with a linux distro.
2002-01-15 09:57:32 AM  
Everyone currently in posession of linux distros, that is.
2002-01-15 09:58:48 AM  
I should have thrown my money at the rule fark for a day. I was worried I wouldn't have enough time to do it. Glad to see those who won didn't have this concern.
2002-01-15 10:07:42 AM  
REEMCO is the coolest fake website somehow connected to the Bill Gates death.
However, their web campaign isn't nearly as cool as was the A.I. "Beast."
2002-01-15 10:09:24 AM  
Capt - I was ready to support you in your quest to rule, seeing that you are the Captain and all.
2002-01-15 10:10:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]!!!!!
2002-01-15 10:15:08 AM  
The director and everyone on the movie set just made the one of the worst enemies of America. Expect everyone involved in this movie to get screwed up royally by Bill Gates goons.
2002-01-15 10:18:23 AM  
Le$$ons of the Blair Witch Project.
2002-01-15 10:18:48 AM  
I tried to submit this last week from . The director was also the co-writer on Bat Boy: The Musical!
2002-01-15 10:21:43 AM
2002-01-15 10:26:09 AM  
Bill Gates has already taken steps to stop the movie. Just didn't the lawyers out of their cages quick enough to stop the film festival.

Caboozy: Yeah, the Captain should rule. Of course then I might have to become Prez_Sheridan. :-)
2002-01-15 10:52:31 AM  
I think its cool...I wanna see it
2002-01-15 10:54:28 AM  
Ole' Billy shouldn't worry, it's not like films like these plant ideas in people's heads or anything silly like that.

PS - If there are any Vietnam vets out there, and you still have some of your old equipment (ie, sniper rifle)...and you are looking for someone to stalk.....or just obsess over....please go see this movie....maybe it will have you find some motivation
2002-01-15 10:56:16 AM  
The title to the link says "Sundance". The article says it was at "Slamdance", which was started (I believe) by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (someone can correct me on this). Which is true?
2002-01-15 11:03:48 AM  
Death by banana cream pie!
2002-01-15 11:25:41 AM  
Maximal -- "...Second, he'll probably castrate everyone with a linux distro."

Why would he bother? It's not like people with Linux distros are getting laid, after all.
2002-01-15 11:40:27 AM  
ScullyToo, I belive that is true. I think I heard so on the interview with at the beginning of "Cannibal: The Musical." It was first started with that movie and only that movie because they would not accept it at Sundance. By the way, if anyone gets a chance to see it, it's one of the funnier movies I've seen.
2002-01-15 11:42:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available].

Oh, it's just a movie?
2002-01-15 11:55:26 AM  

It's Slamdance NOT Sundance. The two are entirely different film festivals. They just both happen in Park City Utah this time of year. I know because I've been going to films at both all week. This particular film is a slamdance flick though.
2002-01-15 01:07:13 PM  
Heck with bill gates. At least he has made an honest living. Kill that bastard ted turner. Media=mind control
2002-01-15 02:51:08 PM  
43%: i can pretend i know stuff about computers by hating bill gates.

2002-01-15 04:07:28 PM  
ScullyToo & Plankton:

Give the Slamdance co-creators credit -- Jon Fitzgerald and Dan Mirvish. Sundance is now mostly taken over by the 'mini-majors' 'tho at least Redford's starting a documentary channel.
2002-01-15 05:13:09 PM  
"It is shocking to depict the assassination of Bill Gates.... (But) the shock gives way to a story about class, power and the search for truth," he says.

Dear Director,

How can you teach others about 'class' when you don't have any yourself? If your suck story was worth a damn, you'd create a character instead of attacking B. Gates.
Gates, so far, has given over 9 billion to charity. Wonder how much you, a no-talent media hooker, will give?

P.S. to socialists:

Jealous of or don't like Gates or Microsoft? Shop elsewhere or design your own OS and hit the free market.
2002-01-15 06:50:16 PM  
How about just switch over to MacOS X?
Running since August without so much as an error... weeeeee!
2002-01-15 07:31:49 PM  
sir chevron: i could not have said it better myself.
EQAddict, Maximal, Mrshark, Level Zero & the rest of you spineless, self-hating, jealous, asshole, anti-microsoft commies: if you don't like capitalism or you think it's good that the producers in this world suffer by irrational means then please eat a big bag of shiat.
2002-01-15 10:24:36 PM  
Agree Mawam...

I bet most of them are using windows....

So stop your biatching make a better product, and then let the masses but it, OH? cant do it? then STFU!
2002-01-15 10:38:33 PM  
I am typing this on a Linux machine. I get laid, and I get backrubs, and dinner cooked for me, so there!!!! AND a very pretty girl asked me about XP today, and I told her not to bother with it.
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