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(Click On Detroit)   White men can't jump. Larry Bird disagrees, saying NBA not "white enough"   ( divider line
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12685 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jun 2004 at 6:54 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-10 09:03:02 PM  
The thing that no one will say out loud is that people of different races are different. That's not saying any one is better or worst, just different. They are, that's life.
2004-06-10 09:03:57 PM  

Larger ice in Hockey would make the game tilt towards different sets of skills such as speed and passing ability rather than checking and close-quarter puck handling. However, less seats... not more would be the result since two-thirds of hockey teams are losing money bigger stadiums would not be built. There would only be modifications to existing stadiums that would reduce the total number of seats. That is the major reason that the owners would never agree. It isn't just less seats... it is less primo seats that earn a lot of money.

European hockey is entertaining... to Europeans. However, the attention span of an average North American is much lower. The hitting, checking, and fighting of North American hockey is much more entertaining to North Americans. The Olympics kick ass but, aside from the novelty, I don't think it is better than NHL hockey.
2004-06-10 09:06:01 PM  
In today's PC world steel, I would imagine you can scream racism against some company by going to the press and get the job like that. Or you can start at a lower job, and work you way up if you prove worthy, did you try and set your personal goals too high? Unless you tried multiple above-average level jobs at many companies, I doubt one company who won't give you a job because you think they are being racist is really grounds for saying that just because you are black means you have no chance for some high executive at some conglomerate
2004-06-10 09:07:51 PM  
VMoon: Care to elaborate? Different how? Social circumstances? Position on the ladder? Cock size? Please, enlighten.
2004-06-10 09:08:54 PM  

The level of competition was arguably better in halcyon days of Bird-Magic, basically because the league was less athletic and more guts -- which was certainly more dramatic and interesting.

Actually, in interviews Magic has said that, if he and Bird were playing, it wouldn't even be close... they'd dominate. Remember, when Bird was putting up insane numbers in terms of outside shooting percentage and other shooting categories players were allowed to be much more physical on defense. Shooters were able to get touched a lot more back in the day. Now the slightest contact results in a foul. In the 1980s that was not the case and players got used to shooting under poor conditions. These days players whine about the smallest infractions. The rules have been skewed to benefit the superstars these days.
2004-06-10 09:11:21 PM  
No, I don't really care to elaborate. Certainly there is not a blanket difference but there are certain characteristics that one can see. Alot of it may be a culture thing but I do think there are other differences. Why is it that some diseases occur more often in one race over another? Not all, but some. I'm not saying I have the answers I'm just presenting my opinion, as vague as it may be.
2004-06-10 09:14:33 PM  
Jack Squat

Not quite Eddie Murphy, but still got a laugh out of me.

2004-06-10 09:18:47 PM  
Having been forced to grow up with PC, I think my generation is farking OWED a high percentage of White basketball players, male Hooters servers, heterosexual fashion designers and fifty-year-old skateboarders.
2004-06-10 09:19:29 PM  
I agree, i doubt A.I would play through some of the injuries that hockey players get. I like when a player gets hurt the announcers will stay stuff like: he will he back in the game hes a hockey player.

I guess you missed the 2001 NBA Season, huh?
2004-06-10 09:20:04 PM  
Would he have been a dumbass had he been a former black golf pro stating that golf could use more black superstars? Didn't think so...

//poster is a hypocrite
2004-06-10 09:22:00 PM  
His comments are racist. But there's nothing wrong with being racist.
2004-06-10 09:24:19 PM  
Basketball could use more basketball players instead of what they have.
2004-06-10 09:26:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-06-10 09:26:52 PM  
Improve the NBA in three easy steps: cut the schedule to 52 games, knock off one round of the playoffs (four teams per conference instead of eight), and make all the playoff series best of five.

Imagine going to a mid-December game and seeing two teams blazing away at each other because a win really matters for a change, instead of the usual malaise until the last five minutes of the fourth quarter.

Heh, here's another bizarre thought. Track each team's points scored minus points allowed and make that a tiebreaker stat in the standings.

Any changes that could be made to make the game higher scoring would be a bonus. 69-65 playoff games are a tedious farking bore to anyone but the most rabid NBA fan.
2004-06-10 09:27:30 PM  
He's obviously racist... to think, some white-boy suggesting we need more crackers playing monkeyball...!
2004-06-10 09:28:45 PM  

I understand that padding allows for hockey injuries to be wrapped to hell and, thus, played through but to compare AIs many injuries comparable to some of the injuries that hockey players play through is wrong.

Yes, he played through some pretty painful crap. But come back when he plays through a game with a broken back or half an eye socket or under the crushing burden of Canada's tax system.
2004-06-10 09:31:38 PM  
"I guess you missed the 2001 NBA Season, huh?"

Somehow i doubt A.I. gets the type of injurys that most hockey players play through. NBA isnt nearly as physical as the NHL. However if i saw A.I get hammered into a wall more often then i might just start likeing the NBA more.
2004-06-10 09:38:31 PM  
This should have had the "Obvious" tag..
2004-06-10 09:38:38 PM  
the guy spoke the truth...and gutless americans get offended about nothing again...we have turned into a bunch of liberal pansies in the country... and yes, i hate republicans as well
2004-06-10 09:38:53 PM  
"Larry isn't white, Larry's clear"
-Bill Murray
2004-06-10 09:41:51 PM  
Jeez, submitter could have at least posted the ESPN link:

And the video here but you gotta download some shiat:​30

/this sorry white ass plays basketball but can't html.
2004-06-10 09:42:04 PM  
I second that Super Bee...this begs for the "OBVIOUS" tag and giving it a "DUMBASS" tag is assinine. Clearly though, political correctness has even set in amongst the high school set...
2004-06-10 10:07:10 PM  
what about woody harrelson?

/ nothing
2004-06-10 10:11:52 PM  
I think they should force the sports leagues to reflect the nation. That means mostly white players, an equal number of blacks and hispanics, and a few asians for good measure.

OK, that idea is as stupid in sports as it is in any other field. Let's just pretend that there are superstar white players and call Bird a racist instead.
2004-06-10 10:18:29 PM  
He's got a point. How man asians like b-ball becuase of Yao?
2004-06-10 10:21:01 PM  
"Larry isn't white, Larry's clear"
-Bill Murray

I thought for sure I was gonna be the only one to remember/post that. Great Murray Quote. Good movie. Most fitting quote ever. :p
2004-06-10 10:22:53 PM  
If you ask me, this explains 95% of hockey fans.
2004-06-10 10:24:27 PM  
I love it when people get in trouble for speaking the truth.

Welcome to the insanity that is PC in America.
2004-06-10 10:27:48 PM  
Larry Bird is an asshat. He fired Isiah Thomas because he didn't play sucky white player Austin Croshere.

Austin Croshere sucks my left not. I could beat him one on one.

Any, Bird hires his new white coach, and he doesn't want to play suckass Croshere and now its ok.

Bird sucks, if he was black he would have been just another good player.

/signed a white guy
2004-06-10 10:32:51 PM  
I think that the sorts of differences Entine was talking about are really only a factor at the very limits of performance, i.e. olympic level sprinting, marathon running, straight up power lifting, etc.

For team and rule based sports like basketball, cricket, soccer, even tennis, I think individual training and social considerations are more important. (except that basketball does have the feature that height makes a big difference.)

Soccer is the most popular sport in Brazil because it's CHEAP to play. All you need is a ball and a flat space. This doesn't mean that brazilians are born to play soccer, just that anybody with ANY athletic ability will probably be playing the local game.

Basketball is making inroads in Asia because it's well suited to urban areas (small court size) and once you have the nets, like soccer, all you need is a ball (no, you don't need the $150 air jordans to make that jump shot). It could very well be that in 50 years sportscasters will be talking about the overabundance of hoopsters from Jilin province (They grow people tall up there), and wondering when there will be a resurgence of black basketball.
2004-06-10 10:34:48 PM  
shiat. In the NFL teams have to interview a certain amount of minority coaches but Larry Bird is in trouble for saying that the NBA could use some good white folks playing. I love it when the media makes a big deal out of a non issue.
2004-06-10 10:47:01 PM  
the nba does have one white superstar and his name is christian laettner. go duke!
2004-06-10 10:48:22 PM  
Larry bird once shot a three-pointer and missed. He then sprinted through the group of the other nine players, caught his OWN rebound, and then laid it up for a 2 while STILL IN MID AIR. Words can not describe his bad-ass-itude. People loved him because he was one of the best (probably THE best right before before MJ came up), and that would have been true, white or not. Personally, I like to see good white players. Not because I'm rooting for whitey, but because they're generally the smallest guys on the court, and their game is different as a result. Mark Price could hit threes the way some centers hit layups. Dan Majerle could shoot from inside the paint all the way back to the half-court line, literally. Stockton, say no more. These guys all became super-talented, well-rounded players and they were more fun to watch IMO.
2004-06-10 10:53:55 PM  
Nuke Laloosh:


[image from too old to be available]
2004-06-10 10:56:05 PM  
"Larry isn't white, Larry's clear"
-Bill Murray

I thought for sure I was gonna be the only one to remember/post that. Great Murray Quote. Good movie. Most fitting quote ever. :p,

That's eating me up inside, I know that quote, but I can't pin it down on a specific movie. Must... purge... memory...
2004-06-10 10:56:47 PM  
"Bird sucks, if he was black he would have been just another good player."

You can't possibly be serious.

/hated Bird myself, but come on now
2004-06-10 10:58:26 PM  
In other news, Some Bowling Guy said there needed to be more college graduates in the league whose belt size is smaller than their IQs.
2004-06-10 11:01:17 PM  
Pau Gasol from Canada

For clarification's sake, Pau is Spanish.
2004-06-10 11:02:35 PM  
Bird was one of my favorite athletes growing up. He'd kill you to win no matter what color you are, purple included. Keep in mind he's the GM in Indiana and it's not the most culturally diverse state, outside of Gary.
Basketball has become so focused on matchups and athleticism, most of the guys in the league can't hit a 15 foot jumper. Hell I just want to se a team have more than 44 points with 3 minutes left in the third quarter in the FARKING FINALS.
They need to lengthen the hockey season.
2004-06-10 11:38:50 PM  
2004-06-10 11:41:46 PM  
25.5% of the city of Indianapolis, which is outside of Gary where the Pacers play, is African American and 69% White. Sounds pretty damn diverse to me.
2004-06-10 11:43:28 PM  
Dont worry, white guys, you'll always have Nascar........................................................................ ...what?
2004-06-10 11:48:04 PM  
as i see it according to affirmative action! there should be 6 white guys 3 mexicans 2.5 black rest other on any team. a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
2004-06-11 12:01:11 AM  
How can anyone say Larry Birds comments were ignorant? Im pretty sure he knows what hes talking about, sure as hell knows more than anyone on this thread, seeing has how none of us are pro atheletes.
2004-06-11 12:09:18 AM  
I'd just like to point out the awesomeness of John Stockton. It doesn't matter what race he is, he was the last player to base his play on perfectly executing fundamentals and unselfish teamwork.

That's why he scored a lot of points, got a lot of steals, and got a gajillion assists.
2004-06-11 12:19:39 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

You'd rather look good and lose than look bad and win!
2004-06-11 12:20:32 AM  
It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with how good of an athlete you are. If you're better than the next guy, you get the job plain and simple.

You can analyze the different reason why but the only reason is that one guy performs better than the next. White, black, asian, latino, indian, it doesn't matter.

Oh and people are overreacting, as usual, to a comment made about race. What he said wasn't racist at all. If the league takes any kind of action against Bird, I'd be surprised.
2004-06-11 12:46:04 AM  
Larry Bird says that the NBA needs more white stars?

[image from too old to be available]

2004-06-11 12:47:31 AM  
Lemme let all the White people know that this dont offend us Blacks, who's getting all antsy are stupid Whites, suffering from "White guilt", who feel the need to champion our cause and trump up every little statement made. It's these fools that make the so-called race card the joke that it is.
2004-06-11 12:48:25 AM  
It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with how good of an athlete you are. If you're better than the next guy, you get the job plain and simple

Replace "athelete" with "professional" and you're a farking racist, according to the tenants of affirmative action. I think because I'm white I should only have to be 6 ft, dammit!
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