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(Sun Sentinel)   High school for sale on eBay. Included: Slightly used electronic devices worth several million dollars. "Thanks for playing in the 2004 senior prank"   ( divider line
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24249 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jun 2004 at 1:07 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-06-09 09:35:38 PM  
It's not funny unless there's a dead pig in the vice principal's office and something's on fire.

/my high school ROCKS
2004-06-09 09:47:55 PM  
Wow. That's amazing. Not the whole selling-your-school-on-ebay thing, but rather the administration's reaction. Or lack thereof. I can't believe they didn't blow it all out of proportion. I bet these people would even let a dude do a backflip at graduation...
/still resents high school...
2004-06-09 09:52:37 PM  
My senior year some idiots let go rats and cut the heads offa chickens.... ha ha!

2004-06-10 12:12:03 AM  
This guy has got to be a farker.
2004-06-10 01:12:12 AM  
2004-06-10 01:13:08 AM  
Meh, it would have been more interesting if somebody got pissed off about it. It's now fun playing a prank when everybody plays along.
2004-06-10 01:13:56 AM  
Selling funny shiat on e-bay was so last week.
/didnt even show up to HS grad.
/biggest waste of 3 years yet to date.
2004-06-10 01:14:43 AM  
I've got a high school in a jar for sale on ebay. Any takers?
2004-06-10 01:14:54 AM  
I can offer you a great deal on a bridge...
2004-06-10 01:15:43 AM  
A++++++++++ will do business with again!1eleven
2004-06-10 01:16:12 AM  
We use to turn the skylights upside down then fill them with water and goldfish. That was one of the coolest ones that didnt really hurt anybody.
2004-06-10 01:18:02 AM  
My old high school was up on eBay a month ago or so... "students included". Made the local news piece. But really pissed off the administration for some reason, and he got in trouble with the feds somehow, too. It's rumored there was more going on, like was also trying to sell software with viruses or some crap.
2004-06-10 01:18:13 AM  
Yeah, what's with the everyone laughing and finding it funny? Where's the uptight parent who wants to sue?
2004-06-10 01:18:29 AM  
Oh my GOD this is soo funny. Give these grads a reward for orgiginality, and being funny. I can't stop laughing! I mean LOL, the really funny thing is not a whole building on ebay, but these grads didn't even own it! This is incredible. LOL
2004-06-10 01:20:26 AM  

And you were so clever as to come up with Lamest.prank.ever. I think youre just a pretentious douche bag so lighten up
2004-06-10 01:21:40 AM  
Easy, Raptor_1.4G, easy now.
Don't get too giddy on us.
2004-06-10 01:22:20 AM  
mwsku83 I will buy your bridge if you buy some land I have for sale.... ;)
2004-06-10 01:24:47 AM  
Why the fark did this end up in the news?
2004-06-10 01:26:39 AM  
spooter - yes

Anyone want to buy a nice clean '61 Mustang coupe?
VERY low miles. Back seat never used. Never smoked in.
Will trade for a '49 'Vette.
2004-06-10 01:27:28 AM  
I went to high school a few miles away from this place. They should have thrown in New Trier West for a... nevermind.

/rock over London, rock on Chicago
2004-06-10 01:27:59 AM  
DUDE !!!!! I DID THIS FIRST! !!! back in November!!!! I put my school on ebay and was majorly busted... shiat.

also sent around fliers... I'll have to post it here in a minute. but there were hundreds around the city. good times.
2004-06-10 01:29:12 AM  
We need a voting enabled thread on senior pranks - assuming that has not already happened.

We stole a Bob's Big Boy statue and buried it up to the hamburger in the senior lawn (yes - we had our own lawn). We also filled up the principal's office with styrofoam packing peanuts. It was completely filled through his skylight.
2004-06-10 01:29:14 AM  
Not half as funny as the MIT grads who took the profs car apart and put it back together in his office not too long ago...but still a pretty damn cool stunt for HS'ers.
2004-06-10 01:29:37 AM  
Wow. Kudos to everyone involved, including the administration... they were very cool about it.

I just wish I had thought of this as a senior prank. Of course, I probably would have been suspended for it or something equally stupid.
2004-06-10 01:30:13 AM  
knowing the greed that is Gov. Jebby Bush, he would sell a high school on ebay if he could.
2004-06-10 01:31:00 AM  
Mitch Mitchell....Weebl? says it's a woman. But s/he's from California, so you never know.
2004-06-10 01:31:25 AM  
Our senior prank plans at high school got ROYALLY farked.

We'd been planning for a week, and it was totally school-sanctioned. But then at the last minute, the asswipe Vice Principal told us plans were off, and asked the police to send a patrol car to check the parking lot every ten minutes that night.

Soulless bureaucrat.
2004-06-10 01:37:47 AM  
I went to a catholic high school...mmm short all we did the last day was sit in the parking lot and launch water balloons at the girls in white dress shirts...ohhh good times
2004-06-10 01:40:16 AM  
I guess a couple of years ago the prank at my old high school was for everyone to piss themselves when the homeroom bell rang. Only about ten kids did it and had to walk around soggy all day.
2004-06-10 01:43:56 AM  
What was the intended prank, lunarworks?
2004-06-10 01:49:10 AM  
a few years before i reached High School, a friend's brother and his buddies went to the school at like 6 AM towards the end of the school year.

there, on the sidewalk leading right into the school, they cemented a toilet. thereafter, each of them proceeded to leave the school a graduation gift of their own to show their appreciation for four years of mediocrity.

all of the students and staff showing up that morning got to see a toilet full of sh*t. now that is some funny stuff!
2004-06-10 01:49:31 AM  
Dude, we were gonna do this but my friends got in trouble for pelting the junior parking lot with water balloons...they were gonna put for sale signs up and have kids call in about the school for sale. We were also gonna put it up on ebay...jerks
2004-06-10 01:52:58 AM  
Ahh, good 'ole senior pranks. My graduating class didn't really have one as we were in deep shiat due to some...unpleasant-ness that occured during the homecoming parade involving a toddler and a water ballon. The previous graduating class, however, flexed their collective artisic muscle, and created an outdoor living room cemented to the sidewalk. There was a couch, a couple of chairs, and a dryer among other things.
2004-06-10 02:01:17 AM  
My class (97) didn't have a senior prank, due to the fact that the previous class had done great amounts of damage to the school with their senior prank. It was promised that if a senior prank occurred, no matter how harmless, prom would be cancelled, senior trip would be cancelled, etc.

I didn't care about any of that, but it was usually the jocks who go in on the prank, but were too afraid of losing their precious fun.
2004-06-10 02:06:55 AM  
I did this about ten years ago, except back then we had to use the newspaper.

Some friends and I took out an ad in the Dallas Morning News, advertising a business facility for sale, 100,000 sq. ft., ample parking, 1 mile from the interstate, auditorium, courtyards, and library, for the low low price of $300,000. The number we gave them was the principal's secretary's. By noon, I felt sorry for her; by 3:30, I hated myself.
2004-06-10 02:11:51 AM  
Should've just put the payphone number on it instead. At least most HS in California have them.
2004-06-10 02:21:08 AM  
My grade had a pretty lame prank (crickets in the ventilation ducts, the school must have gotten wind of it because they were all removed by the time school started). Some of the grades below me had some pretty good ideas, but never were able to get them into action.

Someone worked on a farm. They were going to get 3 pigs, each of them would have a number on them - #1, #2, and #4. Not only would the kids get the fun of seeing the pigs start up trouble, but until they figured it out, they'd watch everyone go searching for the nonexistant pig #3.

Another one was going to be during graduation. Everyone who was graduating was going to take a marble. When they went up to get their diploma, they'd shake hands with the principal, dean, etc. In general, no one ever really likes the dean, so when they went to shake his hand, they'd give him the marble. With a class of 400 students, by the end of it, that's a lot of marbles that he's on the spot to figure out what he has to do with. That one is cute, no harm done. Just difficult to get everyone to participate.
2004-06-10 02:21:37 AM  
2004-06-10 02:21:40 AM  
Hell of a lot better than when my class unbolted and switched around the license plates of the underclassmen.
2004-06-10 02:23:59 AM  
The high school I went to is overcrowded because district U-46 is run by a bunch of dumbasses, so there's a couple trailers outside for extra class space. The senior prank this year was to blow up one of the trailers. Someone was a narc, though, and some kids are gettin charged with felony type stuff. Stupid high-schoolers were planning on starting a fire with diesel fuel. Yea, good thinking morons.

/hated high school. loves college
2004-06-10 02:24:00 AM  
We used the newspaper for this way back in '82. Made up a phone number to go with it. The lady to whom the number actually belonged was not amused.
2004-06-10 02:27:33 AM  
Alas, my class had no Senior Prank. The administration was a bunch of killjoys on the issue. Always as we neared graduation for another year, the administrators would warn that anyone caught pulling a senior prank at the school would not walk at graduation. I don't know if they could have actually pulled that off but no one felt the need to test them.

/hated high school, hates college too
2004-06-10 02:37:22 AM  
I didn't do anything for my senior prank. fark high school.
2004-06-10 02:38:50 AM  
kuranes Pigs #1, #2, and #4 is an awesome idea. I gotta procreate so I can push my kids into pulling that off when they get to HS.
2004-06-10 02:47:45 AM  
Hmmm... I sort of like this idea from an adult point of view, but I feel sad that the children can see this point of view as well.

BTW, the pigs with the missing number is a prank that goes back at least into the 1960s and is well documented. The odds that NOBODY has ever heard of that is pretty close to impossible.

Skylights one is really good though.

Here's a good prank. Save your tassels (or is it tassles) from grade school and or middle school and substitute them in your HS graduating class if they match the tassels of the honor students. I bet that would be fun.

Another fun thing would be to fill dixie cups of water all over the teachers lounge... imagine the hilarity that would ensue!
2004-06-10 02:50:52 AM  
I was at the graduation ceremony of that school today. One guy actually attempted a backflip (he did more of a cartwheel). The school principal said at the end of his speech something along the lines of "... and one more thing, our school worth more than 14 thousand dollars, kids."
2004-06-10 03:26:30 AM  
I'm with Raptor_1.4G on this one! OMG, toooo funny... and ORIGINAL to boot! I mean, no one has EVER tried putting their school up for sale on eBay as a senior prank. OMG soooo good.

Seriously, this is the lamest crap I've ever seen. I hate people who rip off others' ideas and get recognition for it. Articles like this have been popping up every year for the past few years. This is a played out senior prank that was cool the first time it happened and has been dumb and unoriginal since. (And Raptor, at least I understood your post was sarcastic.)
2004-06-10 03:55:21 AM  
It would have been better if they would have opened their school up to have the neo-nazis march through the halls.
2004-06-10 04:03:37 AM  
Hmm, did this my senior year in 2000. Advertised an attic aviary (there were several instances of birds coming into classrooms through the ceiling), antique fire escapes that would be more likely to kill you than the fire, etc.

The school got fairly uptight, it got local radio and newspaper coverage, nothing major. Never was (officially) traced back to me. My advanced math teacher knew it was me, I did it instead of a final in her class. I can't remember how that option came about, some sort of dare I think from her.
2004-06-10 04:05:12 AM  
And yes, it probably had already been done many times before 2000.
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